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Title:Report(How to Save The Environment)

Written by:Chong Pei Choo

To:The Principal SMK Canossian Convent Segamat
Date:16 October 2015
Venue: School Hall
Title: How to Save the Environment
On 7 October 2015, our environment club members had attended
a talk on how to save the environment in our school hall. The talk
was given by Dr .Lim, a professor of university.
In his talk, we knew that, we faced many pollution around us such
as air pollution, water pollution and sound pollution. Many of the
factories which build nearer to the river had cause the air and water
pollutions. This is because the poisonous gas from thee factory are
being exhausted into the air and the toxics chemical substances are
also pouring into the river. Therefore, these are the main idea why
the environment are getting not worse. Besides, global warming
also one of the problems we face today. This is because many of us
turn on the air conditioning that contain chlorofluoro carbon almost
for 24 hours. It makes the ozone layer become the thinner until it
leads to global warming.
Furthermore, nowadays people who are selfish and ignorant
always do the stupid things towards environment . For example,
they like to throw away their rubbish at everywhere and anytime.
However, most of them throw the rubbish into the river. This causes
the flash flood always occur. This is because the rubbish they throw
was store at the riverbed from little to many. Thus, once the rain
pour heavily, it will then cause the flash flood. Besides, also bring
many effects to the environment. For example, green house effect,
landslide and also acid rain. This is because when the number of
trees decrease, the wasted gases such as carbon dioxide will spread
everywhere and hence the temperature increases.
Mr .Lim also had also reminded us that one of the biggest
environmental problems facing is climate change. Wasted gases
such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide are
produced in huge quantities by cars and industrial processes. This

increases the levels of temperature known as climate change or

global warming. It will then probably cause the glaciers and ice from
To minimize the environmental problems from being occur, here
are some solutions to save the environment to save the
environment. First of all, we can carry out the concept of 3R which
are recycle, reduce and reuse. For example, we must recycle all the
things at all time. As we know, government had introduce three
recycle bins which are brown, blue, and orange in colours. We can
base on their colour to recycle the certain things. Besides, we must
also participate ourselves actively in the campaigns that organise by
government. This is because through the campaigns, we will able to
know more about the importance of having a healthy environment.
Thus, we will then make our own contributions towards environment.
He also told us, government should carry out law enforcement
towards the person who always tries to damage the beauty of
environment. For example punishment about RM500 or penitentiary
for years can carry out to the factory and the person who often
carries out deforestation. Besides, we can always replanting thee
trees to maintain the levels of temperature. This will not only
prevent the global warming but also can reduce the probability of
being occur he landslide, acid rain or green house effect. By the
method of replanting the trees, it may lead us to the healthy
environment that free of fresh air.
Last but not least, individuals can help in many small ways such as
cutting down on car journeys to reduce the carbon dioxide, carbon
monoxide or sulphur dioxide. We must also pick up the rubbish
around us that might harm the environment and properly disposing
the harmful chemical substances.
Lastly, I would like to thank Dr . Lim for giving the talk and the
guidance given. I have the confidence that we will succeed in saving
the environment.

Prepared by,
( Chong Pei Choo)

Environmental Club,
SMK Canossian Convent,

Title: Online Learning

Written by: Chong Pei Choo

What is online learning? To me online learning s where we learn

something new online. Besides, online learning is also where we
need the internet to further our study. Online learning is now very
important to everyone as it has many advantages. I believe that
very house has internet. Therefore, we can make use of this modern
technology to participate in learning.
First and foremost, Internet has played a vital role in our daily life.
Without internet, we cannot do our work efficiently. Internet has
information that we can learn from it such as new knowledge. For
example, we can learn some cooking skills from more information.
They can acquire knowledge from the internet that teachers do not
teach them. It may also help them in solving problems, in a speedier
manner when they are facing some problems. Not only that, when
the exam is around the corner, students can also have some
exercises from Internet to improve themselves in those weaker
subject. Thus, online learning brings many advantages to people
nowadays. We must appreciate what we have now before it turns
into what we had. It is good that people should have online learning.
Furthermore, online learning is free of charge. We can use it
whenever we are by only needing the internet. Online learning gives
people freedom. This is because it will not limit our usage. We can
use it based on our own convenience. Thus, it is a good choice for
the white collars to have their freedom after working for a whole
day. Besides, it also helps in minimising the rate of getting alzhimer.
This is because we can use the internet for fun. For example, we can
learning something which is meaningful and joyful from the online

learning. Then, we can also get the first hand information from
internet without knowing them from friends. Online learning is good,
fast and suitable for everyone. Therefore, we can have online
learning everyday.
On the other hand, online learning also brings some
disadvantages. Nowadays, people are spreading more time with
their gadgets such as computer and others. They are too dependent
on them until they cannot control themselves all the time. If there is
free time, they will definitely spend all time they have with their
handphone. This brings many effects to them. For example, they
always live in their own country, ignoring what has happened
worldwide. They also spend all their time wisely in playing until they
forget to eat and drink. Thus, this may lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.
This is because as a human beings , we need food and drink to
survive. However, people nowadays feel that going online is
important than everything. Therefore, they do not pay attention on
their healthy lifestyle. So, online learning also brings disadvantages
to people.
As a conclusion, I personally feel that online learning brings many
advantages than disadvantages. This is because online learning can
make e acquire more knowledge from time to time. By having online
learning, I am able to become a more knowledgeable person and
even possess a brighter and successful future. Therefore, we cannot
deny that online learning is beneficial for everyone nowadays.

Title: There is a lack of freedom given to teenagers today. Do

you agree?
Written by: Chong Pei Choo

For me, freedom means that we can do what we want to do at

anytime and anywhere. Freedom of the teenagers come from
parents. Parents nowadays are strict to their children on doing
anything. Therefore, teenagers always complain that they are
stressful and have no freedom. However, there are some questions
that parents ask. Are the teenagers today lacking in freedom?
Nowadays, teenagers really have a lack of freedom. As the
parents, they have their responsibility to take care of their children.
They always make sure that their children are not involved in wrong
activities. Thus, they will always care about their childrens circle of
friends. This is because teenagers today easily affected by their ad
influences to do stupid things. For example, they will involve
themselves in illegal racing, drug abusing, smoking and other social
problems. Besides, people who are under the age of 133 to 18 years
old are classified as teenagers. They are too young and cannot
make their own decision. So, their parents will also care about their
future. This is because the past is dead and the future is unborn.
Thus, they will make a decision for their children to have brighter

and successful future. Therefore, by doing so, teenagers will feel

that they have a lack of freedom in doing anything they want.
Furthermore, surveys show that crime rate in the country is rapidly
rising. Therefore, parents will be more aware and control the
activities of their children. As we know, nowadays teenagers will
probably be exposing themselves to unknown danger such as
robbery or kidnapping cases. This is because teenagers are curious
to those activities. Thus, without thinking too much, they involve
themselves in those activities to satisfy their curiosity. However,
they do not care about their own safety. They do not know those
kind activities will lend them to death. Therefore, parents are scared
and care about their children. So, they control the activities of their
children. By doing so, teenagers have a lack of freedom.
On the other hand, teenagers have freedom. Parents nowadays
are too busy with their career. They hope to earn more money to
have a better quality of life for their family. Thus, they have no time
to be with their family members until the teenagers involve
themselves in bad activities to attract their parents attraction. For
example, they will hang out with their friends all the time such as
caf, cyber caf and shopping mall. They will also make use of the
time in hobby such as playing badminton, cycling and swimming
with friends. Therefore, teenagers are not lack of freedom .If they
can manage their time properly, they will be able to do what they
In addition, parents ape pampering their children. Parents will buy
them the gadget with a lot of money. For them, they think that by
offering them the gadget is one of the ways to express their love.
However, I totally disagree with it. This enables the teenagers to
spend their time with gadgets for almost 24 hours. This is because
technology is getting modern as days pass by. They can just use
their gadgets to search for games and other apps such as Facebook
and Wechat. They can also chat with their friends and play the
games to release their tensions. Therefore, this clearly shows that
they have freedom too with the modern technology.
As a conclusion, I totally disagree that teenagers today lack of
freedom. This is because of the modern technology now, they can do
whatever they want at anytime and anywhere they like.

Topic: Extra classes

Written by: Chong Pei Choo

Extra classes are the classes students attend after school. In my

opinion, extra classes are necessary in school. This is because extra
classes are needed for some. It brings many advantages to the
students especially for those who are sitting for public examinations
Therefore, I totally agree that extra classes are necessary.

Extra classes in school can help parents save money. This is

because extra classes in school are free of charge. This may help the
students who are. For example, some of the students may not be
able to afford to attend private extra classes. Besides, the extra

classes in school are also useful for those students who have a good
relationship with their teachers. For example, some of the students
feel more comfortable in approaching than private tutors.

Besides, extra classes in school also help students in many ways.

This is because the school teacher has more experience than other
teachers. For example, the teachers will be able to know the
marking skills. Besides, teachers in school get an opportunity to be
an examiner too. Therefore, they manage to know everything about
examination and can share with the students on the spot.

On the other hand, teachers in school will understand their

students better. This is because students spend half their day in
school with teachers. Therefore, the teachers can understand the
students weaknesses. Hence, the teachers enable to teach the
students. The private tutors may not understand the students
problems compare to the school teachers.

In conclusion, extra classes are necessary in school. This is

because it really brings many advantages compared to the private
extra classes. Therefore, every student is able to attend it regardless
for financial background. Students can also focus well compared to
the private tutors.
Topic: Money Is Not Everything
Written by: Chong Pei Choo

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the term money is defined as

what you earn by working or selling things, and used to buy things.
Nowadays, money is important to everyone. This is because we
cannot do anything without money but it does not mean money is
everything. For me, I totally agree with it because money cannot buy
knowledge, time, friendship and health although we have a lot of

Money can pay for medical bills but not health. Because of money,
people will work harder to earn money. However, people will not only
earn money but also unhealthy body. Once the body is bugged by
illness, it is useless for one to have a lot of money. This is because
people who do not have good health will not be able happy too even
though they are rich.
Furthermore, money cannot buy happiness too. For example,
parents who also work harder because of money will not make their
children happy. This is because the parents feel that using money to
buy something for their children action of the ways to make their
children happy. At the same time, have the parents realized that
actually their children are not happy? The answer is No. The
children become very unhappy because they lack of love and care
from family despite the parents effort. Thus, relationship among
family members also become meaningless.
On the other hand, can money buy friendship? Yes it can but what
kind of friendships are we buying? For me, the friendship that can be
brought from money is not sincere at all. This is because once we
have no money, they will probably leave us. Not only that, people
with a lot of bad attitude but rich also cannot maintain their
friendship too. Therefore, money is really not everything in life.
Besides that, money can buy clock but not time. This is because
we have only 24 hours in a day. Therefore, having too much money
also cannot stop the clock. Once we miss the opportunities in our
life, no matter how much money we have, we cannot buy it back.
Thus money is not everything.
In conclusion, I think is not all of our purpose in life. This is
because with money, we can buy a doctor but not health., we can
buy a clock but not time, we can buy a book but not knowledge.
Therefore, money is really not everything in our life.

Topic: Formal Letter ( A Complaint About The Problems In Bandar

Written by: Chong Pei Choo
Residents Association,

77, Jalan Putra 2/23,

Bandar Putra,
85000 Segamat, Johor

The director,
Local Municipal Council,
85000 Segamat,Johor

Dear Sir
A Complaint About The Problems In Bandar Putra
Referring to the above matter, I would like to complain about the
problems we are facing in Bandar Putra.
The Local Municipal Council does not collect the rubbish. This
causes terrible stench. The stench spreads everywhere. The residents feel
uncomfortable with those terrible stench. Besides, stray cats and dogs
scatter rubbish. The rubbish have clogged the drains. It becomes a
breeding ground for mosquitoes. This may increase the cases of dengue
In addition, the street lights are not working. Many accidents
happen at night. It also increases the number of crime. The playground is
not well-maintained. Besides, the overgrown grass makes children
uncomfortable. The playground equipment is also damaged. The children
cannot play in the playground.
Lastly, I hope the Local Municipal Council will solve these problems
immediately in Bandar Putra. Thank you.
Yours, faithfully

( Chong Pei Choo)

Secretary of Residents Association

Topic: Informal Letter (Benefit Of Co-Curricular Activities)

Written by: Chong Pei Choo

77, Jalan Putra 2/23,

Bandar Putra,
85000 Segamat,

28 September 2014
Dear Jenifer,
How are you getting on? I hope you can enjoy your studying in
Malacca and past your examinations with flying colour. Last Saturday, I
had received your letter but sorry for replaying it late.
In the letter, I found that you felt tiring in the compulsory co-curricular
activities. Actually, co-curricular activities are very beneficial for us. Let
me share some benefits with you. First, co-curricular activities help you
become a better person. This is because co-curricular activities instil a
sense of discipline in everyone. This also prevent us from joining negative
Besides that, through co-curricular activities, people can learn good
values from it such as being responsible, polite and co-operative. By
having such good values, you will be able to respect others. Next, it helps
you to get an opportunity in developing leadership skills. To become a
leader, first we must learn to organize activities. We can use our
knowledge and experiences that we learnt to organize it more efficiently.
On the other hand, co-curricular activities also provide opportunities to
develop social skills. You can also take part in competitions from
participating in the co-curricular activities. Moreover, co-curricular
activities not only can help in maintaining our healthy lifestyle but also get
a good testimonial after leaving the school.
Thats all from me. I hope you will understand the benefits of cocurricular activities. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

Yours sincerely
( Chong Pei Choo)

Topic: Memories
Written by: Chong Pei Choo
Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.
Remembering is easy but forgetting is hard. I had some very
unforgettable memories with my family members.
Last holidays, my parents decided to bring us to our grandparents
house at the countryside. As we have not gone back in a long time
to visit them, our grandparents welcomed us with open arms and
delicious food. After having lunch, we went to the farm happily. The
farm is big and greenish. In the farm, my grandparents reared some
animals such as pigs, chickens and ducks. We had the opportunity to
feed those animals. When I saw the ways of the chicken grabbed for
food, it reminded me when I was young, my siblings and I liked to
feed the chickens and at the same time we had the opportunity to
see the chickens grabbing the food by using their beaks and claws
without fighting. It seemed that the chickens had a team spirit with
each others. These became a moral value for us as my mother said
that if chickens had such spirit, what about human being? Therefore,
from such incident, my siblings and I had learnt an important lesson.
The next morning, My grandparents brought us to the orchard. In
the orchard, there were many fruits which were grown by our
grandparents such as rambutans, durians and mangosteens. At the
same time, we also did not forget to taste it. After my grandparents
told us that they will sell the fruits at the market twice a week.
Therefore, they have loyal customers waiting for them, This is
because the fruits are nice to eat, cheap and also my grandparents
are honest.
In the evening, my mother and grandmother were busy preparing
the food for dinner. For that night, we had joy and fun while having
steamboat together. At the same time, my father advised us for not
be so happy while eating. This is because, I remembered that my
father had to rescue my younger brother who choked on the fishball

during the last steamboat party. Thus, we all enjoyed our steamboat
without playing because we did not want unpleasant incidents
happened again.
Those are my unforgettable memories when I was 10 years old.
Those are sweet memories of my life will remain in my heart forever.
I hope I will have more unforgettable memories with my family in
the future.