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The Grapeshisha UAE Typical Salaries Spreadsheet

1 This spreadsheet has been compiled to assist the numerous expats who venture to the UAE to live and work in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
2 Salaries have been taken from a various advertised sources and sense checked between 2006 and 2010
3 Data provided is accurate as of the relevant advert and should be used with a pinch of salt to understand benchmarks
4 If you have any suggestions, additions or corrections please email
5 Any significant ammendments to the spreadsheet will be announced at the website
6 This document is a working document and we hope to build it to provide you with as much data as we can.
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The Grapeshisha UAE Typical Salaries Spreadsheet Information Insight on the UAE

The Grapeshisha UAE Typical Salaries Spreadsheet 2006

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Figures quoted in AED/month
Job title Industry Location Salary (AED/month) Language Nationality Qualification Experience
Administrator Real Estate Dubai 4,000 2 years similar
Advertising Executive Dubai 11,500 English Western
Airline Captain Airline Dubai 30,000 plus significant benefits
Area Manager Fashion UAE 20,000 Eng/Ara 5 years similar retail
Business Analyst Multinational Abu Dhabi 20,000 plus benefits 5 years project management
Business Development Manager Regional Leader Abu Dhabi negotiable 24,000 Eng/Ara 5 years similar
Business Development Manager Steel Abu Dhabi 20,000 Eng/Ara 8 years experience
Call Centre Agents Real Estate Dubai 5,500 plus benefits English Fresh Graduate
CFO Banking Dubai negotiable 52,000 plus benefits Arab CA/CPA 14 years experience
Chief Project Manager Construction Dubai between 48-55,000 plus benefits Western 10 years similar international
Commercial Manager Real Estate UAE between 18-25,000 plus benefits 10 years contracts experience
Compliance Manager Banking Dubai 32,000 Eng/Ara
Electrical Engineer Dubai negotiable 10,000 plus benefits 8 years relevant
Event Coordinator FMCG Dubai between 9-10,000 plus medical plus tickets (female) 3 years similar
Finance Manager Local Company Dubai up to 25,000
Finance Manager Multinational Dubai up to 15,000 CA/CPA 5 years post qualification experience
Financial Analyst Multinational DMC between 15-18,000 plus benefits CA/CPA 3 years post qualification
Financial Analyst Banking Dubai circa 24,000 plus benefits Arab MBA/CPA 5 years experience
Financial Controller Real Estate Dubai 20-25,000 CA/CPA
Financial Controller Multinational Abu Dhabi between 15-20,000 plus benefits
First Officer Airline Dubai 20,000 plus significant benefits
Head Chef Food Dubai up to 12,000 English 10 years hospitality
Head of Operations Banking Dubai up to 50,000 Eng/Ara
Head of Portfolio Management Islamic Bank Abu Dhabi 35,000 plus benefits MBA/CPA 10 years banking, 5 years senior ME
Head of Quality Services Dubai 28,000 ISO experience
HR Manager Multinational DMC negotiable 23,000 plus benefits English UAE/Arab 10 years HR
Insurance Consultant Insurance Dubai 6,500 plus commission Graduate 2-3 insurance industry
IT Administrator Publishing Dubai 6,000
IT Manager Banking Dubai up to 25,000 plus benefits finance IT experience
IT Manager Hospitality Dubai up to 20,000 plus benefits English Western MCSE 5 years similar
IT Project Supervisor Technology Dubai between 4-6,000 plus tickets Indian Project Management
Key Account Manager FMCG Abu Dhabi 17,000
Mechanical Inspector Architecture & Engineering Dubai 12,000 plus benefits 5 years in construction
Network Administrator Multinational Dubai between 9-11,000 Arab Graduate in IT 3 years
Oracle Consultant 20,000
PA to CEO Conglomerate Dubai 16,000 plus benefits Eng/Ara
Product Development Officer Banking Dubai negotiable 12,000 plus benefits 5 years similar
Project Manager Banking
Project Manager Consultancy Dubai 45,000 top tier strategy experience
Purchasing Officer Abu Dhabi 10,000 plus benefits Arab Strong Oracle
Quality Manager Semi Government Abu Dhabi between 10-13,000 UAE/Arab Business 2-3 similar
Quantity Surveyor Real Estate Dubai between 20-24,000 plus benefits Western
Receptionist Interior Design Dubai negotiable 8,000 plus benefits English Western
Receptionist DIC 7,500 plus benefits English MS Office
Regional Marketing Manager FMCG Dubai 30,000 plus medical plus tickets Eng/Ara Business 6 years sales and trading
Research Analyst Marketing Research Sharjah 14,000 plus benefits
Resident Engineer Architecture & Engineering Dubai between 22-25,000 Civil Enigineer
Restaurant Manager Food Dubai 15,000 plus benefits Arabic Arab Hospitality Management
Sales Manager FMCG Dubai 13,000 plus commission
Sales Manager Technology Dubai 14,000 Arab UAE experience
Sales Manager Multinational Dubai 35,000 Western 8 years top tier consultancy experience
Secretary Multinational Dubai 6,000 English Western 5 years similar
Senior Contracts Manager Government Development Abu Dhabi 40,000 plus benefits Relevant Engineering 10 years relevant international
Senior MIS Officer Banking Abu Dhabi up to 18,000 plus benefits
Senior Office Manager Abu Dhabi 25,000 Arab
Senior Risk Manager Banking Dubai up to 30,000 Treasury Experience in the ME
Software Sales Engineer Mechanical Engineering Dubai between 6-7,000 plus car 2 years material handling
Store Manager Luxury Fashion Dubai between 12-16,000 plus benefits Eng/Ara
Strategy Business Analyst Consultancy DMC between 30-35,000 plus benefits Western 5 years relevant experience
Teacher (secondary) Education Abu Dhabi 12,000 plus housing plus benefits English Western UK curriculum
Technology Officer Technology Dubai up to 14,000 plus benefits
Training And Development Manager Local Company Dubai 20,000 plus benefits Eng/Ara CIPD qualified
Training Manager Multinational Dubai between 18-20,000 plus medical plus tickets English Arab 3 years regional
Training Officer Banking Dubai between 10-13,000 plus benefits Arab 5 years banking

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