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Teaching Course

Flipping the world of medical education


July 1115, 2016 Melbourne

The Teaching Course

is designed to build superior medical
educators because we believe that better
educators lead to better patient care. The
course is open to any medical educator
(physician, nurse, prehospital provider,
physician assistant etc) who seeks to
enhance their skills as a teacher.

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The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains.

The superior teacher demonstrates.
The great teacher inspires.
William Arthur Ward

The Teaching Course

The Teaching Course is a medical
education, social media, and digital media
extravaganza that will quite simply blow
your mind! Just wait until you see what we
have planned for 2016.

1-hour lecture, you have come to the

wrong place. Our teaching format is fun,
interactive, and tailored to the specific
group of learners at each course.

Why this Course is Awesome

The course is open to all health care

professionals (physicians, nurses,
physician assistants, paramedics, etc.)
looking to make a difference in medical
education. The overall aim of the course
is to give attendees the tools necessary to
change the world of medical education.

The Teaching Course features amazing

hands-on social media and medical
education labs, livestream broadcasting,
a Resuscitating your Power Point slides
workshop, a 2-hour workshop on flipping
the classroom, enhanced sessions on
making our own podcast, a new bedside
teaching lab called the Osler Lab, and
amazingly talented guest speakers.

If you are looking for a course filled with

hour long Power Point presentations
with lots of bullet points and boring

In addition, we have great new simulation

content that has been added to the
course. Paid registrants will receive a

flip the course learning packet prior

to the course. This course is all about
being social. Attendees will have tons
of networking opportunities with course
teaching faculty and with other attendees,
group dinners and social events, life-long
mentoring from emergency medicine
faculty, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Course Objectives
3 Give educators the skills to reinvent the
didactics they deliver to their trainees

3 Explore how educators can harness

the power of technological innovations
and social media to create interactive,
learner oriented curricula

3 Empower medical educators to

develop and grow their personal brand

Dont take our word for it . . .

Best education course I have ever attended!
Anyone involved in education should attend this week long course
Faculty are fantastic and very enthusiastic
Awesome Course, superstar line-up! I highly recommend it to anyone
interested in EM education!
An excellent course with fabulous teachers covering interesting and unique material in a
comfortable setting. Wonderful interaction with international participants. As a young physician,
the material I learned in this course is definitely a jump start for my career in academics!

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The Faculty
The faculty for the teaching course are enthusiastic, energetic,
and well-known educators in emergency medicine and critical
care medicine.

Course Outline
3 Simulation in medical education
3 Teaching with blogs and podcasts
3 How to resuscitate your slides
3 The Osler Bedside Teaching Lab

Rob Rogers

Salim Rezaie

George Willis

3 How to painlessly teach evidence based

3 How to make video screencasts
3 The Twitter Lounge
3 Teaching, Learning, and Thriving with Social
3 Delivering a damn good talk

Jesse Spurr

Chris Nickson

Natalie May

3 How to develop your own personal learning

3 How to expertly deliver feedback
3 Teaching medical students (and other types of
3 How to build FOAM content

Ross Fisher

Jenn Williams

Clare Richmond

3 Using stress inoculation in training-possible?

3 The Development of an Educator
3 Dealing with trainees with difficulties

Course directors from all over the world

should attend this course just to find out
how to run an educational experience

3 Teaching procedures
3 Using technology to flip the classroom
3 Use of Apps to Teach and Learn
3 How to Learn and Create an External Mind Castle

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Mike Cadogan
Mike Cadogan is the father of FOAMed
and a very close friend of Rob and
Salim. Mike has taught us many things
about medical education, social media,
and FOAMed, and we owe him a debt
of gratitude for being such a wonderful
friend, mentor, and advisor.

Fellow Incubator Scholarship

Fuel the FOAM

We have formed a partnership with the

Academic Life in Emergency Medicine
(ALiEM) crew to support a scholarship
for one Fellow INcubator from the US to
attend The Teaching Course.

This is a new program where we take

course profits and fuel peoples FOAMed
projects-like podcasting, blog development,
server space, etc. We have started the
1st two Fuel the FOAM projects, the
CRIncubator and ALiEMU, and we will be
actively pursuing other projects. More
information visit

Tuition, flight, and hotel will be paid for by

The Teaching Course.

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