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Social Projects

AIESEC in BraZil

Our projects

The Smarketing Project consists in interns from

different countries with background on marketing
and communications working on the creation and
improvement of all the communication of an NGO, in
order to boost the organizations positioning. The
volunteers will work on activities such as
Marketing Plan development, building a visual
identity, social media management, fundraising
events organization and promotion of the NGO and
positioning in the city.

The Project aims to develop in children and teens

awareness about the environment around them,
giving them the chance to learn about the subject
and play an active role in creating a more
sustainable and environmental friendly community.
The intern will work to develop and prepare
sessions for the students about the environment
and how we can have more environmental friendly
and sustainable habits in our daily life.

Work in Brazilian public schools and NGOs with

underprivileged youth to develop and present
workshops and practical lessons using
Olympic sports as a tool to teach life skills
and themes such as the following: diversity,
tolerance, healthy life, social responsibility,
leadership, teamwork, etc. These topics are
related with sports, when the youth learn to
play fair and respect others and their own

Looking for taking awareness about

Millennium Development Goals to middle and
high school students from 12 to 17 years, the
Project brings students from different
countries to discuss the issues and to think
about solutions to the world biggest
problems. Trough lectures and workshops the
interns will take the Millennium Development
Goals linked with the current context to
students so they can reflect about it.

The Talk Project aims to bring international

students to the university environment in
order to lead discussion groups about
international and national issues, relevant
and important to the improvement of critical
analysis and global awareness of Brazilian
students. This is also a great opportunity for
the students to improve their English and/or
Spanish speaking skills, besides all the
cultural experience involved.

the X4Change Project aims to bring

international volunteers to provide basic
English and Spanish classes and also basic
computer classes. The idea is to provide
complimentary education and bring a cultural
environment to the public of the NGO, impacting
directly the Brazilian society.

General conditions
- no transportation
- Tr fee: us$30-60*
- portuguese class*
*these conditions may change IN EACH CL