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Assignment One

Orange is the New Black (Season 2 Episode 10)

3:00 min: (Flashback) Alex and Piper are seen making out and an unknown person enters the
room and starts attacking Piper.
3:30 min: It is revealed that the unknown person is actually Alexs girlfriend named Sylvie and
Alex had been cheating on her with Piper without Piper knowing. Sylvie is then seen leaving the
condo after Alex reveals who she is. Piper is then seen storming out of Alexs condo as well and
is very upset at her for not telling her about her relationship.
4:30 min: The show jumps back to real time and Piper is seen being checked for drug smuggling
into the prison. She has a pleasant conversation with one of the guards and returns to her bunk.
Once arrived, she and her bunkmate, Red, start talking about Pipers return from furlough and
Red asks about her shop. Piper lies and tells her that her shop is doing great but in reality, the
shop had been closed for several years. Red then asks Piper about her relationship with her
fianc, Larry. Piper tells her that he had had sex with another woman but Larry only gave the hint
that it was someone who Piper knew. The conversation continues until Red stands up and hands
some letters to Piper from Alex. She also rewards Piper for visiting her shop by promising her
8:00 min: The show moves to other inmates, in particular, Vee and her crew. They are seen being
excused to cut the cafeteria line because Vee gave Aleida, a cafeteria worker, extra cigarette
contraband. The crew then proceeds to sit at a table that is already taken by inmate Rosa but
makes her move, so the group can sit. The group then starts talking until another crew member
brings the table snacks from commissary.
10:00 min: The show moves to Red and another inmate, Sophia, who are seen talking about
Sophias new haircut. It is revealed that Sophias son is coming to visit her for the first time since
Sophia had been put in prison. Shes nervous because she doesnt think hell accept her for being
transgender. She also reveals that her son is the one who turned her in.
11:00 min: The show moves on to more inmates, inmate Soso being the one protesting against
cafeteria food for not being healthy for the inmates. Shes seen trying to convince other inmates
to go on strike with her for better food conditions in the prison but no one is convinced.
Everyone keeps telling her off until she eventually sits down without eating any food.
12:00 min: The show moves to inmate Nicky who is seen talking to Piper. Nicky also proceeds
to ask about her furlough as well. At first, Nicky teases Piper but becomes serious as she sees
that Piper is serious. Nicky asks about the content of the letter Piper received from Alex but she
hasnt opened it, nor any of the other letters Alex has sent her since shes been out. Nicky tries to
read the letter but Piper snatches it, insisting that thats what Alex wants. Piper still refusing to
read the letter, proceeds to talk down Alex and her antics.

Zariya McFayden, 2016, Pg. 2

15:00 min: (Flashback) Piper is seen at a bar where she meets Alex again and seduces her before
the two engage in sexual intercourse.
19:00 min: The show moves to Vees crew whom are seen talking in their bunks. One of the
crew members, Poussey, proceeds to ask another crew member, Taystee, to talk to her privately.
Poussey tells Taystee that she doesnt like the fact that theyre following Vee and selling
contraband around the prison. Taystee then calls Poussey out of her name and tells her to leave
her bunk.
21:00 min: The guards of the prison schedule a search through the inmates bunks. Many
inmates are seen hiding contraband but inmate Nicky is seen hiding away heroin contraband.
Inmate Gina, who is a close friend to Nicky, sees this and gives Nicky a dirty look. More
searches continue and one inmate is found with cigarette contraband and is thrown away in the
24:00 min: Inmate Gina is seen finally approaching inmate Nicky after the search. Nicky insists
that she hasnt tried to take the heroin but Gina doesnt seemed convinced.
26:00 min: Vee and her crew are seen going into the library where inmate Poussey works. Vee
tries to convince Poussey to move her shift into the basement but she doesnt budge. Vee
proceeds to threaten Poussey if she doesnt switch jobs.
29:00 min: Inmate Sophia is seen visiting with her son and her wife. At first, her son doesnt
seem to want to talk but then he starts to get comfortable with his new mother and they start to
Piper Chapman: The main protagonist of the show. Piper, previously having a relationship with
a woman whom sold drugs, got her put in prison. Kind but assertive, Piper stands to fight over
her past in her new relationship with her fianc, Larry Bloom and overcome her past relationship
while also being in prison.
Alex Vause: A woman who smuggled drugs and got caught up in a relationship with Piper
Chapman. She and Piper both served time but Alex got let out early by telling the truth in trial
while Piper lied.
Inmate Red: An inmate that Piper Chapman bunked with who also smuggles contraband
through a tunnel in her shed behind the prison. She and inmate Vee start a war when one of the
elder inmates accidentally kills another inmate, intending to kill Vee.
Inmate Vee: Enemy of inmate Red and also has a contraband business. She has crossed many
people in and out of prison for drugs and sexual favors. She starts a crew in the prison and bribes
people with her contraband to get what she wants.
Inmate Soso: An inmate who enters the show late in the series but brings an interesting topic to
the show: prison conditions. She, along with other inmates, create a protest to try and change
conditions within the prison to make it a better place for the inmates.

Zariya McFayden, 2016, Pg. 3

Prison Relationships: Throughout the whole series, there are changes constantly occurring
within relationships and that is an ongoing theme that appears in every season. For example,
Piper and her fianc were a pretty happy couple until Piper went to prison and dabbled in an old
relationship which created massive tension and ultimately led to their separation. These types of
occurrences changes either persons perspective on characteristics such as trust, communication,
honesty, etc.
Prison Conditions: This is an arising problem that is also being seen all throughout the season
and the main reason why all of the inmates are able to get away with illegal activity. In the show,
Head of the Prison, Dr. Kaputo, is the head staff worker giving orders to the prison guard staff
and inmates but his lack of assertion and leadership puts him in a predicament because most
inmates and guards take his kindness for weakness. In short, Kaputo does not hold the prison to
its standards simply because he isnt cut out for the job.
Contraband Smuggling: Before Piper arrived at the prison, many inmates used pathways and
outside people to collect materials, food, makeup and such to compensate for their lesser valued
items in the prison. This illegal activity is always being brought to the plate because the
conditions of the prison arent allowing higher valued items for the prisoners. In retaliation, the
inmates have come up with this idea to smuggle the items that they value into the prison.
Inmate Privileges: This artifact isnt seen much in the show but its absence creates conflict for
the inmates as they want to gain incentives but also want the conditions of the prison to change.
Although, inmate Piper was rewarded furlough to see her grandmother, no other inmate has ever
gotten that privilege before. This also creates conflict because this makes it seem like certain
inmates get special treatment, whereas everybody should be treated equally and should receive
the same privileges/punishments.

Orange is the New Black (Season 2 Episode 11)

2:00 min: The show starts off with the inmates in a room that of the equivalent of a living room
discussing personal matters. Then the show zooms in on inmate Soso and other inmates, Leanna,
Angie, and Yoga. They are all discussing changes they want made to the prison in response to
their protest. Here, we see that inmate Soso has finally convinced some inmates to protest with
her against conditions in the prison. They are seen arguing about which conditions they agree
and do not agree on. Then, Sister inmate intrudes to tell the protesters to protest in a quiet
manner but inmate Yoga snaps back at Sister Inmate, hinting at the reason why shes in prison in
the first place: for protesting. It is then revealed that Sister Inmate had chained herself to a
flagpole at a nuclear test site to protest against the church. Sister Inmate then proceeds to justify
her actions and explains to them why she had done so. Then inmate Leanne challenges her,
calling Sister Inmate a pussy.

Zariya McFayden, 2016, Pg. 4

6:00 min: The show moves to Piper and another inmate, Daya, whom are discussing their new
newspaper article that theyve started writing for the prison. They are seen talking about Dayas
contribution to the paper. While Daya thinks its bad, Piper insists that it gives humor to the
paper. Then inmate Soso appears and asks Piper if she could put their protests in their paper.
Piper immediately rejects her request and tells her that Counselor Healy would never allow it.
Piper also justifies her answer by telling Soso that the Paper was already done and laid out. Soso
then begs Piper to put the protests in the paper and Piper gives in but insists that Healy will
probably throw them away.
8:00 min: The show moves to inmate Poussey in her work space in the library. Inmate Vee is
seen approaching her and Poussey tries to proceed with her job, ignoring Vee. Vee then tries to
offer Poussey contraband for her pain that she caused when she had her crew jump her. Poussey
then challenges her, asking if she the big dogs outside of prison didnt take her seriously enough.
Then Vee threatens her but Poussey stands up to her, seeming to not be scared of Vee and her
9:00 min: The show moves to Counselor Healy and Piper discussing Pipers new newspaper
article. She proceeds to hand the paper to him and without hesitation or even reading it, Healy
gives the paper to another guard to publish it and then gives Piper more advice on topics she
could put in the paper. Piper, in astonishment, proceeds to ask Healy a question but Healy cuts
her off and asks her to write down a feeling and put it in The Feelings Jar. Piper then asks her
question, pertaining Alex, whom Healy hates. Healy does her favor and Piper writes her feelings
down and puts it in the jar. She puts grateful on the paper.
11:00 min: The show moves to Red storming to an elder inmates bunk, accusing them of ratting
out her contraband business. The elder inmate insists that she did or said nothing of the sort and
inmate Nicky steps in to pull Red away from the inmate. Inmate Nicky is then seen following
Red to the bathroom, claiming that Red needs to calm down and stop accusing her people of
doing her wrong. Red proceeds to call the elder inmate out her name and Nicky tries to tell her
that Red doesnt know who ratted her out and wants to place the blame on somebody. Then, Red
calls out another inmates name, seeming to think it was that inmate instead. Nicky then calls
Red paranoid and tells her Vee probably figured it out for herself. Then inmate Black Cindy
appears out of a stall, telling them that inmate Big Boo ratted her out to Vee.
15:00 min: The show moves to the protesters discussing matters of agreement and disagreement.
Then, second head of the prison, Kaputo, barges into the living space and asks who the leader of
the protesters are. Kaputo then proceeds to tell the inmates that their demands are confusing.
Inmate Yoga then explains the reasons for their requests but Kaputo exclaims that he cannot
make these changes. Sister Inmate then steps in and joins the protest with the other inmates.
Making a stand, Kaputo walks away, angrily.
19:00 min: The show moves to Vee and her crew seen teasing inmate Jana, whom was caught
with cigarette contraband. Janae snaps and exclaims that the inmate have no idea how it is down
there and that she should shut her mouth. Another inmate, inmate Pennsatucky, appears and is
trying to persuade other inmates to join Counselor Healys new counseling session. Black Cindy

Zariya McFayden, 2016, Pg. 5

then explains to Janae and the crew that Healy only created the session to get other inmates to
snitch and in return, will receive a shot off their record. Intrigued, inmate Crazy Eyes decides to
sign up to be a snitch for Vee and Vee happily accepts, applauding her good thinking.
21:00 min: The show moves to Pipers ex-fianc, Larry and her best friend, Polly. They are seen
talking to Pollys fianc, Pete, trying to break some bad news to him. The two have decided to be
together and in turn, Polly has to break up with Pete. Devastated, Pete voices his opinion only to
be more heart-broken by what Polly says to him. Pete tries to explain himself for his leave of
absence but Larry interrupts him, telling him that wasnt really his reason. Pete, now angry,
punches Larry and leaves the house.
25:00 min: The show moves to Alex, out of prison and receiving a phone call from Piper. Piper
still mad about their court case, asks Alex to explain herself. Its revealed that Alex wouldve
gotten more time than Piper if she wouldve lied. Its also revealed that the drug lord that they
use to work for also didnt receive jail time and Alex claims that he is after her. Frightened, she
exclaims that she needs to see Piper and asks her to put her on her visitation list. Piper agrees but
the phone runs out of credits and the call ends.
28:00 min: After the call ends, Alex is seen going into her refrigerator and then hearing a loud
knock on her door. Fearful of the unknown, Alex grabs a knife and approaches the door. She asks
what the mysterious man wants and to her relief, he says recyclables. She unlocks the door and
speaks to the man outside of the door. He apologizes as hes mistaken Alex for another neighbor
who use to live in her apartment. He welcomes her only to scare her more by telling her that a
group of Arab guys are looking for her.

Orange is the New Black (Season 2 Episode 12)

1:00 min: Red and two elder inmates are seen discussing matters of their contraband business.
Inmate Freida feeling bad for inmate Jimmy, another elder inmate with dementia, doesnt think
she can handle the SHU and hopes shell survive. Red, scared for their safety, exclaims that Vee
will now know that shes their target. Freida insists to handle the incident as a fair warning to Vee
if she decides to mess with their family or their business again. Red insists that they need to
parley with the enemy.
4:00 min: The show moves to inmate Janae, whom is seen working in Pousseys original work
space but is also seen selling cigarette contraband to another inmate. Poussey sees this
transaction and does not approve. She cuts off Janaes vacuum and asks if Janae actually learned
her lesson. Janae brushes her off but Poussey tries to get through to her. She fails to do so as
Janae explains to her that the system, the inmates, and Vee will always come down, its just up to
the inmate to accept it. She walks away in pity of Poussey.
5:00 min: The show moves to inmate Piper who is seen working on a television but is visited by
inmate Lorna. Piper vents to Lorna, explaining her reasoning of why she thinks shes getting
transferred. Her reasoning being that Counselor Healy made sure she got furlough, which never

Zariya McFayden, 2016, Pg. 6

happens. Head of the Prison, Figueroa, didnt like that or Piper for that matter and is personally
dealing payback to her in return. Lorna tries to give her advice but Piper intrudes and expresses
that her parents would actually be relieved to hear this news and it makes her feel like a burden.
Lorna having a job to attend, gives Piper subtle advice and leaves for her job.
7:00 min: The show moves to inmate Gina and inmate Vee, who now works in commissary. Gina
is seen giving Vee a black flag, as symbol for parley. Vee takes it as a joke but then Gina tells her
to meet at the Greenhouse. Trying to make everything look normal, Gina tells Vee what she
wants from commissary loud and clear.
8:00 min: The show moves to Poussey in the cleaning unit, where the rest of Vees crew works
and home to their cigarette contraband. Poussey, seen drinking homemade alcohol previously,
stumbles into the unit looking around for the contraband. Unclear of where it is, she starts to
rummage through the boxes. She successfully finds a can of tobacco and starts breaking the rest
of the cans apart. She then pours bleach on the destroyed cans and curses Vee.
11:00 min: The show moves to Vee and her crew discovering Pousseys vandalism. Vee turns to
inmate Taystee and immediately blames her for Pousseys actions. Vee claims that Taystee
should take responsibility for costing her so much because it wouldnt have happened if it wasnt
for Taystee joining Vees crew in the first place. Taystee calls Vee crazy and Vee immediately
threatens her. Taystees relationship she once thought she had with Vee has now turned into
nothing more than a rivalry.
18:00 min: The shoe moves to Reds gardening shed and Red is seen associating with Vee on
terms of parley. Vee calls her pathetic for sending an old fool on a job that she couldve done
herself. Red claims that it was meant to be a warning shot. Reds elder crew back her up by
saying they couldve killed Vee if they wanted to. Vee, indifferent, claims that she could just take
the contraband pathway for herself unless Red was willing to give it up.
Interview Questions:
1. What is Alex hiding from Piper at the beginning of the episode?
a. The fact that shes in a relationship with another woman named Sylvie.
2. What hint does Larry give to Piper about his affair?
a. That it was someone Piper knew.
3. Does Piper lie or tell the truth to Red when she is asked about Reds shop?
a. She lies and tells her that business is good when in reality, the shop has been
closed for several years.
4. Why is Vee and her crew able to cut the cafeteria line?
a. Because they gave extra cigarette contraband to one of the inmate cafeteria
5. What does Vee and her crew do to inmate Rosa?
a. They make her move to a different table so the rest of the crew could sit with Vee.
6. Who turned inmate Sophia in?
a. Her very own son.
7. Which inmate protests against the food in the prison?
a. Inmate Soso.

Zariya McFayden, 2016, Pg. 7

8. Does Piper read Alexs letter?
a. No.
9. What doesnt Poussey like about Vee and her crew?
a. The fact that they will cross people in order to get what they want.
10. What is Nicky hiding and who doesnt like it?
a. Heroin and inmate Gina doesnt like it.
11. Who does Vee and her crew try to convince to move job spaces for their contraband?
a. Inmate Poussey.
12. Does Sophia bond with her son during visitation? How so?
a. Yes, by playing games with him.
A. Within this prison, there are several rules and conventions that are understood and that
everyone, for the most part, follows. We learned that two inmates, Red and Vee, are the big
dogs in the contraband selling war. They are not to be reckoned with as they will have their
crew find you, tortore, and/or kill you. We also learn that if you are not in the contraband
war, then you are a consumer. But, if youre a consumer whom has a relationship with one of
the crew members, then you are conflict of interest. Conflict of interests are either beaten or
treated poorly by the crew if said persons do not join the crew. You can also become conflict
of interest if you snitch, do not consume, and/or try to compete against the crew. If youre a
consumer whom has a good relationship with one of the big dogs, then you are second in
command. Second in command takes orders from the big dog but can also give orders to the
other crew members. With that being said, it can be good or bad to know people but it does
not help to be ignorant. Ignorance will either get you killed or taken advantage of and neither
is a good outcome. The best possible outcome for these rules and conventions is to be a
consumer whom has no relations to either crew or big dog and who does not snitch. The
worst possible outcome is to be conflict of interest and/or competing against one or both
B. Areas of Interest
a. Each prisoners relationships with each other
b. Prisoners living conditions and provided food
c. Mafia war-style within the contraband business
d. Prisoners incentives and punishments given
e. Prisoners availability of illegal contraband
f. Prisoners right to remain silent
Prisoners Privileges

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Prison Conditions

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Contraband Smuggling

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Prisoners Relationships

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Overall, Im interested in how all of my areas of interest correlate together and bring
forth a cycle of chaos. Does everything one does go into account when youre in prison? Its not
an easy question to answer but I do think that most of everything one does is taken into account
whether it be being nice to an inmate one day or sitting back and watching everything happen. It
starts with the prisoners privileges, one privilege being able to go around the system and bring
contraband into the prison. These activities arise from the prisons conditions and nothing being
done about them. Contraband creates war between the big dogs who have access to it and
conflict between those who want it but dont have access to it. Thus, creating multiple good and
bad relationships with different prisoners and staff. These relationships can give incentives for
certain prisoners which goes back to prisoner privileges, starting the cycle all over again. All
outcome possibilities interests me because one could be the best person there was but if they
become friends with the wrong person, their future could change for the worse. In conclusion, I
would like to research how prison conditions can affect ones behavior, relationships and can
ultimately change their life.

Zariya McFayden, 2016, Pg. 9

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