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EST Field Services

A global manufacturer and designer of pipe and tube pressure
testing and plugging equipment, EST Group is a business unit of
Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Company, headquartered in Hatfield,
PA. Since 1968, EST Group has specialized in the development,


Hydrostatic Test & Isolation



Hydrostatic Test Pumps


Plumbers & Specialty Tools

manufacturing, and marketing of tools and systems that greatly

simplify the maintenance of shell and tube heat exchangers and
that speed-up the in-service inspection of pipe, pipelines, piping
systems, and pressure vessels. Our plugging systems have saved
our customers millions of dollars in maintenance and downtime.
In 2009, EST Group was acquired by Curtiss-Wright Corporation.
We continue to serve the power generation, upstream oil and gas,
refining, petrochemical, fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Quality Assurance System:

Manufactured under QA program
certified to ISO-9001.
Can be supplied under ANSI N45.2,
10CFR50 Appendix B.


Pop-A-Plug II (P2)
A proven long-term performer in fossil and nuclear stations, the P2 features patented internally serrated rings
designed to maintain a leak tight seal under extreme thermal and pressure cycling. The P2 tube plugging system
reduces downtime, eliminates welding and explosives, and will not damage your tubes, tubejoints or tubesheet.
Pressures to 7,000 psi (480 Bar). Sizes 0.400 to 1.460 (10.16mm to 37.59mm) tube I.D. Proven helium leak tight to
1 x 10-11cc/sec. It installs quickly and easily, and a controlled installation force eliminates damage to tube joints and
epoxy coated tube sheet. Larger and smaller sizes available. Removable for retubing. Manufactured under a quality
system that meets ANSI N45.2, 10CFR50 App B, 10CFR21, and certified to ISO9001. U.S. patent number 5,437,310.

Perma Plugs
Perma Plugs use proven Pop-A-Plug technology to provide a leak tight seal while eliminating the potential of
damage to tubejoints and tubesheets. Once installed, Perma Plugs stay installed until its time to retube. Operating
pressures to 1,000 psi (68.9 Bar). Sizes for 0.472 to 2.067 (11.99mm to 52.50mm) tubes. Helium leak tight to
1 x 10-11cc/sec. Removable for retubing. Designed for the rigors of power plant condensers. No more leaking or lost
plugs. A controlled installation force eliminates damage to tube joints and epoxy coated tube sheets. Manufactured
under a quality system that meets ANSI N45.2, 10CFR50 App B, 10CFR21, and certified to ISO9001. U.S. patent
number 5,437,310.



EST Group offers Go/No-Go gauges in a variety of sizes to determine the correct plug size
needed. Contact Customer Service for more information.
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CPI Pop-A-Plug
Designed to meet the rigors of the Chemical Process Industries, CPI Pop-A-Plugs
are resistant to thermal cycling and are able to provide a seal that is helium leak tight.
CPI Pop-A-Plugs install using a controlled force. This protects against damage to
tubesheet ligaments and adjacent tubesheet joints, extending the life of your heat
exchanger and reducing total operating cost. Operating pressures to 1,000 psi (68.9
Bar). Tube sizes for 0.472 to 2.067 (11.99mm to 52.50mm) I.D. tubes. Helium leak
tight to 1 x 10-11cc/sec. Larger sizes available. Removable for retubing. Manufactured
under a quality system that meets ANSI N45.2, 10CFR50 App B, 10CFR21, and
certified to ISO9001. U.S. patent number 5,437,310.
Pop-A-Plug Boiler Tube Plugs
Reliably plug boiler tubes without welding, and the time consuming preheating
and post weld stress relieving on the weld inspections that go with it. The unique
breakaway controls installation force to ensure a positive seal without damage to tube
and tube-to-tubesheet joints. Operating pressures to 1,000 psi (68.9 Bar). Sizes for
1.579 to 1.823 (40.11mm to 46.30mm) I.D. tubes. Larger sizes available on request.
Helium leak tight to 1 x 10-11cc/sec. Use in either water or fire tube boilers. Ideal for
HRSGs. Manufactured under a quality system that meets ANSI N45.2, 10CFR50 App
B, 10CFR21, and certified to ISO9001. U.S. patent number 5,437,310.

Vibra Proof Condenser Plugs

A metal, expandable elastomer condenser plug, ideal for temporary plugging
applications. Available for tube I.D. ranges from 0.280 to 1.309 (7.11mm to
33.25mm). Maximum pressure rating is 150 psi (10.3 Bar). Brass or stainless steel with
elastomers of neoprene, silicone, or fluoroelastomer.

Pop-A-Plug Tube Stabilizers

Effectively stabilizes weakened or fractured heat exchanger and condenser tubes.
Ideal for any type of shell and tube heat exchanger from high pressure feedwater
heaters to surface condensers. Sizes to fit tubes ranging from 0.501 to 0.960 I.D.
(12.73mm to 24.38mm). Available in either rod or cable type configuration. Available in
any length.


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Unique to EST Groups Pop-A-Plug system, the Through-The-Tube Plugging

procedure allows a tube plug to be passed the length of a straight through-tube
heat exchanger, without having to remove the bundle or far end cover. Contact
Customer Service for more information.


Pop-A-Plug System Ram Packages
There is no better way to install Pop-A-Plugs than with our hydraulic installation
equipment. Our small and large ram packages are designed to hydraulically install
Pop-A-Plugs in seconds. The rams are compact, lightweight and easy to use. Installs
Pop-A-Plug tube plugs quickly, safely and easily. Ram packages include a hydraulic
ram, pump, pressure gauge, high pressure hose, and a metal storage tool box.

Pull Rod Assemblies

EST Group maintains a significant inventory of Pull Rod assemblies, Channel Head
assemblies and extensions for both near end and Through-The-Tube Plugging

Close Quarters Ram (CQ Ram)

The Close Quarters Ram lets you install Pop-A-Plugs even when theres only minimal
clearance around the tube end. Ideal for tubes in the outermost row of tubes of closed
head feedwater heaters, or in tubes adjacent to a pass partition, or divider plates.

Pop-A-Plug Manual Installation Tool (MIT)

Providing fast, reliable installation in situations where no air or electricity are available.
Each MIT comes complete with a Pull Rod and Positioner to install the size and style
Pop-A-Plug identified in the tools model number. By interchanging pull rods and
plug positioners, the MIT body can be used to install P2s up to 1.160 and CPI/Perma
Plugs up to 1.149. The MIT can be used with manual wrenches or sockets, as well
as with electric or pneumatic impact wrenches.

Brush Kits
Tube preparation is vital to successful tube plugging. EST Groups full complement
of unique tube preparation brushes deliver fast, consistant tube preparation. Tube
preparation brushes size the hole and make it round, quickly remove leak causing
surface defects, and provide a roughened surface, improving the Pop-A-Plugs
pressure holding capability and leak tight integrity.

Pop-A-Plug Removal Tool (PRT)

Quickly and easily remove installed Pop-A-Plugs with the Removal Tool. A dual
function tool, the PRT features a nose piece that threads into the pin of an installed
plug, enabling you to drive the pin from the ring. The tool retains the pin while a
serrated spear grabs the rings I.D. An integral slide hammer then lets you pull out the
ring and pin in one operation.
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G-150 / G-150A Tube Testers

Designed to pneumatically test individual heat exchanger tubes for leaks. Either the entire tube bundle or an isolated
number of tubes in the bundle can be tested using standard plant air supplies. Interchangeable seal and washer sets
allow the G-150s to test tube I.D. sizes from 0.28 to 1.23 (7.1mm to 31.2mm). The larger G-150A testing guns will
operate on tube I.D. sizes to 2.50 (63.5mm). The G-150 tube testing gun set includes one G-150 air injection gun
and one G-150 tube plugging gun. The G-150 air injection gun and G-150 plugging guns weigh less than 2.4 lbs.
each. Replacement seal and washer sets, channel head extensions, and digital gauges are also available.

G-250 Vacuum Tube Tester

Designed to quickly seal off and evacuate individual heat exchanger tubes to test the tube for leakage. The G-250
set is supplied with a vacuum test gun, plugging tool, and two sizes of interchangeable conical seal and washer
sets in a compact toolbox. The seal and washer sets allow the G-250 to be utilized to test heat exchanger tube
I.D.s ranging from 0.28 to 1.45 (7.1mm to 36.8mm). The G-250 gun is machined from high strength aluminum alloy
reducing the fatigue associated with heavier testing equipment. Each G-250 set weighs less than 2.5 lbs (1.1kg).
Optional seal set is available to test tubes to 2.50 (63.5mm). Replacement seal and washer sets, channel head
extensions, and digital gauges are also available.

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G-450 Tube Tester

Designed to allow testing of straight tube heat exchangers when access is restricted to one end of the tube. Ideal
for testing tubes in floating head heat exchanger applications with the tube bundles in place. The G-450 utilizes
standard plant air supplies. Its interchangeable support rod, tube extension assemblies, and seal and washer sets
allow the G-450 to test tube I.D. sizes from 0.5 to 1.23 (12.7mm to 31.2mm). Digital gauges are also available.

G-650 Vacuum Tube Joint Tester

Designed to quickly test expanded tube-to-tubesheet joints for leakage. Ideal for heat exchanger manufacturers
or companies performing retubing operations. The G-650 gun seals the tube I.D. and the tubesheet face, then
evacuates the tube end at the joint. A loss of vacuum indicates a leaky tube joint. The G-650 gun operates on
standard plant air supplies. A highly efficient venturi typically creates 21 to 24 in-Hg (707 to 808 mBar) vacuum on
an inlet air supply of 100 psi (6.8 Bar) and 10 SCFM. Interchangeable manifolds, and seal and washer sets allow
the G-650 to test tube-to-tubesheet joints on 3/8 to 1 (9.5mm to 31.8mm) O.D. tubes. The larger G-650A Joint
Testing Gun will accommodate tube O.D. sizes from 1 to 2 (38.1mm to 63.5mm). The G-650 guns are not
suitable for testing excessively belled / flared tube ends, or tubes with welded tube-to-tubesheet joints. Digital
gauges are also available.

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EST Field Services provides a complete range of on-site services
for your shell and tube heat exchangers, condensers and oil
coolers. We also provide hydrostatic testing services for pipe, piping
systems, and flange connections. Our trained service technicians
have the experience and know-how to handle the most demanding
jobs, safely, competently and on-time. We can quickly respond
and meet the tightest repair schedules. Join our growing list of
satisfied customers in the nuclear and fossil power generation,
chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, pharmaceutical, industrial gas,
shipbuilding, and boiler manufacturing industries.
Tube Inspection and Testing
Pipe and Pressure Vessel Inspection and Hydrostatic Testing
Tube Cleaning
Tube Sleeving, Lining, and Plugging
Tube Removal

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High pressure pipe testing is safer than ever before. Unlike other plugs that can loosen and eject under high
pressure, even becoming dangerous projectiles, the GripTight high pressure test plug actually uses test pressure
to grip and seal more securely against the pipes inner diameter. The greater the pressure, the greater the grip!
The result is a quicker installation, better sealing, and all around safer testing. Operating pressures to 13,900 psi
(960 Bar), depending on plug size. Sizes from 1 to 24 (23.6mm to 603.0mm) in stock. Larger sizes through 42
(1066.8mm) available. For smaller sizes, see the SQ2 test plugs.

Double Block and Bleed

The DBB plugs allow an operator to positively isolate and monitor potentially explosive vapors during hot work, then
effectively hydro test the new weld connection with one easy-to-use tool. The aluminum/steel construction makes
the tool highly portable, and easy to position. The volume of water required for testing is so small that testing can
be accomplished using a simple hand pump. This greatly facilitates testing in remote areas of the facility. through
24 in STD wall, schedule 40 and 80 pipe sizes. Other sizes available. Pressure rated to 2,250 psi (155.1 Bar). Back
pressure rated to 10 psi (0.7 Bar).



EST Group offers safety gags and pipe restraints for test plugs. Safety gags indicate
excessive movement of GripTight high pressure test plugs during hydro testing. Pipe
restraints clamp to the O.D. of a tube or pipe to act as secondary plug restraints during a
pressure test. Contact Customer Service for more information.
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Reverse Pressure GripTight

The RPGT is the solution to the growing concern over inadequate longitudinal stress when testing welded flange
connections. By isolating the test area between a test flange and our RPGT plug, the weld joint is subjected to both
radial and longitudinal stresses during hydrostatic testing. Operating pressures to 2,250 psi. Available in sizes 2 to 12
- larger sizes also available. 4 and larger plugs provide up to 0.5 (12.7mm) pipe clearance.

High Lift Flange Weld

The High Lift Flange Weld test plug lets you monitor downstream conditions, isolate and purge the weld area,
perform the weld, and hydro test the weld joint with one easy tool. No blind flanging upstream, no vacuum truck
for evacuating the line, and no X-raying. Each test requires less than 2 gallons of water, and there is no need to
fill the entire line. You will use less water and minimize your environmental liabilities. Operating pressures to ANSI
B16.5 requirements. Pipe sizes from to 24 (DN20 to DN600). Larger sizes also available. Flange classes 150 to
600 lb. Higher classes available. All flange types. High Lift seal design provides improved seal-to-pipe clearance.

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High pressure testing is faster and easier, thanks to the SQ2 high pressure test plugs.
The twin cone design allows our SQ2 plugs to be easily installed and removed without
causing extensive damage to the pipe wall surface. Operating pressures to 6,500 psi
(446 Bar). Sizes from 0.47 to 0.93 (11.9mm to 23.6mm). Shown with an optional
thread protector.

Socket Weld (SQS)

SQS test plugs are designed to facilitate testing socket weld fittings and couplings.
During installation, the grippers expand within the socket holding the plug in position
while the seal element expands and seals off the bore of the fitting. Designed for ASTM
A105 3000 LB carbon steel socket weld fittings. Sizes to fit through 2 fittings,
operating pressures to 5,000 psi, depending on plug size. Larger sizes available. Shown
with thread protector.

Auto GripTight Testing System (GTA)

The AutoGT testing system speeds the plug installation and testing process.
The system hydraulically energizes the test plug by simply activating a hydraulic
pump, which eliminates the need for manually tightening the plug. Ideal for testing
applications in pipe or tubing I.D.s ranging from 0.50 to 4.34 (12.7mm to 110.2mm)
and operating pressures to 13,900 psi (960 Bar). Contact Customer Service and let us
help you design a system.

O.D. GripTight
The O.D. GripTight uses EST Groups patented self-gripping, self-sealing design
and reliable dual seal mechanism to provide unparalleled speed and safety in hydrotesting. The GripTight design grips and seals along the pipe O.D. Since pipe O.D.s
are constant, one O.D. plug often replaces several different sizes of I.D. sealing plugs
providing an economic advantage and lower inventory. Operating pressures to 5,000
psi (343 Bar). to 4 ANSI pipe sizes. to 3 tube sizes. Metric pipe and tubing
sizes available.



EST Group offers pipe caps for all test plug models and vents for GripTights. Caps allow
ported test plug designs to act as blind plugs. Vents help vent air or gases through plugs
as the vessel or piping system is being filled for testing. Contact Customer Service for more
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GripTight PE
No more having to square and round pipe ends to fuse on end caps. Just slip the
GripTight PE plugs in the open ends of a section of pipe, tighten, and begin testing.
Testing can be performed on an installed pipe or while it is still on the spool. Available
in 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 pipe sizes (DN50 to DN200). Plug sizes to cover 9 to 17 SDR
applications in either HDPE or MDPE pipe - other sizes available. Patented dual seal
design. Conservatively rated to 150% of maximum operating pressure required under
49 CFR 192.513. Shown with thread protector.

The Economy low pressure test plugs are designed for simple and reliable testing of
pipe and tubing, without the tube wall damage associated with other test plugs. Thats
because our Economy plugs features a neoprene seal - the only part of the plug that
comes in contact with the tube I.D. Simply install the Economy test plug into the open
end of a pipe and tube tighten the wingnut (2 to 4 sizes use a hex nut) to expand the
seal. Begin pressure testing. Operating pressures to 35 psi (2.4 Bar), depending on
plug size. Sizes for 3/8 to 4 (11.2mm to 101.6mm).

Bolt Type
The Bolt Type medium pressure test plugs are designed for simple and reliable testing
of pipe and tubing, without the tube wall damage associated with other test plugs.
Our Bolt Type plugs feature a neoprene seal - the only part of the plug that comes in
contact with the tube I.D. To use, simply install into the open end of the pipe or tube
and tighten the large compression nut to expand the seal element; then begin testing.
Operating pressures to 250 psi (17.2 Bar), depending on the plug size. Sizes for 0.28
to 10 (7.11mm to 266.7mm). Shown with thread protector.

Threaded Pipe Stoppers

Ported hand tightened stoppers provide a face seal on NPT threaded connections
without the use of sealants or hand tools. NPT size ranges from 1/8 to 4. Operating
pressure ratings vary by size and range, from 500 to 5,000 psi (34.5 to 344.7 Bar).


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EST Field Services offers piping system and pressure vessel hydrostatic testing and
inspection. EST Field Services also provides on-site training courses for all EST Group
products. Contact EST Field Services for more information.


Medium Pressure Inflate-A-Plug
A medium pressure ported test plug, ideal for testing and plugging sewer lines,
storm drains, pipe lines, and cooling water intakes. Features an aluminum body with
an inflatable seal. Nominal pipe sizes from 4 to 36 (DN 100 to DN 900). Medium
pressure rating to 100 psi (6.9 Bar).

Low and Medium Pressure Rim Bolt

Low and medium pressure ported test plugs. Typical uses include vent plugs, purge
plugs, or nite caps. Sizes from 8 to 36 (DN 200 to DN 900). Operating pressures to
70 psi (4.8 Bar) but vary depending upon size and style.

Wing Nut
A low pressure, low cost ported test plug. Nominal pipe sizes from 2 to 12 (DN 40 to
DN 600). Operating pressures to 10 psi (0.7 Bar), depending on the plug size.

The Tri-Light isolation plug allows you to quickly isolate open pipe ends while
performing hot work. The triple seal design creates three separate contact points
while sealing against the pipe wall, affording your pipe crew a considerably safer work
environment. With its one man installation, the Tri-Light speeds up pipe modifications
and repairs. Its vented design allows monitoring of upstream conditions.

Inflatable Stoppers: Round, Cylindrical, and Pillow

Used to seal gas lines, water lines, purge and containment. Available in sizes from 2
to 72 (DN 50 to DN 2400), depending on model stopper selected. Operating pressure
ratings from 1 to 69 psi (0.07 to 4.8 Bar), depending on size and style selected.

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P Series
Ideal for hydro testing heat exchanger tubes, pipe and pressure vessels in the field
or in the shop. Available in a number of output pressures ranging from 2,500 to
10,000 psi (172.3 to 689.4 Bar). All stainless steel water side. Easy to read 4 (100
mm) diameter pressure gauge. Completely enclosed in a lockable aluminum tool box.
Supplied with 10ft (3.1 m) high pressure hose with quick couplings for air and water
inlet connections.

Q Series
A fully self-contained and portable hand pump for testing tubes, pipes, or various
pressure vessels. It is integrated into a 5 gallon attached resevoir which is easily
refilled. The pump is hand operated, which eliminates the need for compressed air.
With the turn of a knob, the pressure output can be adjusted to either 1,000 psi, 2,000
psi, or 3,000 psi for the appropriate application. It has a silicone-filled gauge for all
weather use and minimal moving parts for durability and longevity. High pressure
bleed valve and hose with swivel fitting included.

Blue Max 3
Suitable for all hydrostatic testing applications. Available in a number of output
pressures ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 psi (68.6 to 686.3 Bar). Higher pressures
available. The Blue Max pumps features include all stainless steel high pressure sides
and an easy to read 4 diameter pressure gauge. Its self-contained in a tool box that
has storage for hose, fittings and plugs. Its also supplied with mating quick connect
couplings for air inlet, water inlet and high pressure outlet connections.

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DutchFinger Valve Changing Tools: O-Series, TBD Series, FPT Series
The O-Series is used to repair or replace a full port ball or gate valve while under
pressure. Pipe sizes range from to 4 (DN 15 to DN 100). Pressure ratings 200 to
15 psi (13.8 to 1 Bar). The TBD Series is used to repair full port ball or gate valves in
piping systems under medium pressure. It incorporates a seal and a gripper to lock
itself into position. Pipe sizes range from 1 to 4. Pressure ratings are from 600 to 250
psi (41.4 to 17.2 Bar), depending on size. The FPT Series is used to repair and replace
full port ball or gate valves on tanks and headers. This is an ideal tool to replace
leaking tank bottom valves. Available in size ranges from 2 to 10 (DN 50 to DN 250).
Pressure ratings are from 600 to 250 psi (41.4 to 17.2 Bar), depending on size.
DutchFinger Watergate Tools
Prized by plumbers for simplifying soldering copper pipe. Available for to 4
pipe sizes.

H-Series Hot Tap Kit

Allows manual or power tapping of existing lines and extends service without
shutting off existing pressure. Available in individual tools or a variety of kits from
to 6 (DN 15 to DN 150) line size. Max pressure for all tools is 150 psi (10.3 Bar).

D-Series Tapping Tools

Ideal for decontamination and disposal (D&D) work, D-Series Tapping Tools facilitate
tapping, sampling and draining the contents of pipe and pressure vessels. The
large NPT outlet on the tools body provides sampling and drainage port. Simple
bolt-on installation no welding or pyrotechnics are needed. All stainless steel
construction with titanium nitride coated drill bit and GoreTex gaskets. Available
for pipe sizes from through 3 at working pressures to 285 psi (19.7 Bar). Tubing
sizes and larger pipe sizes are available.

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