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The Daily Illini

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Teams pair up to assess UI’s system
Two of the University’s Stew-
arding Excellence project teams Gifa\Zk[l\[Xk\j1
will submit their written sum-
mary reports Friday to Inter-
im Chancellor and Provost Rob-
ert Easter and Vice Chancellor
for Academic Affairs Richard
The two project teams, IT@
Illinois and Public Engagement,
are part of a 15-team initiative
started by the University to con-
solidate resources within the
University system.
The initiative comes as a
result of $466 million in state


Nonpartisan group
Efkk_\`iZlgf] attempts to spread
its conservative
message at rally
9P;<I<B9<@>? throughout the country,” he said. to show their patriotism,” Olsen said.
JK8==NI@K<I Barham added that fiscal transparen- Meanwhile, a competing group
The Champaign Tea Party held a Tax cy, political accountability and reduc- called the Counter Tea Party Protest,
Day rally at Westside Park on Thursday ing spending are part of the group’s was present at the rally to inform the
to promote the conservative views the platform. community about alternatives to the AFJ?L89<:BD8EK?<;8@CP@CC@E@
organization hopes to spread locally The Tea Party is a nationwide move- messages of the Champaign Tax Day I\e\\;liXZb#c\]k#Xe[DXkk?\Y\i\i#Yfk_j\e`fij`e8?J#[`jZljjk_\`i
and beyond. ment formed after Tax Day rallies in Tea Party. i\j\XiZ_gifa\ZkXkk_\Le[\i^iX[lXk\I\j\XiZ_Jpdgfj`ldfeK_lij[Xp%

Frank Barham, Champaign Tea Par- 2009 drew interest. Karen Olsen, the David Amerson, the group’s organiz-
ty chair, said rallies are important for Champaign branch’s secretary-trea- er and graduate student, was one of sev-
getting the word out about the Tea Par- surer, said rallies offer citizens the eral University students who debated
ty and its goals. opportunity to express themselves with the Tea Party activists at Westside

“People are hungry for information while learning about the party. Park for the fi rst half of the rally.
about what the Tea Party movement is “We’ve had an outpouring at the
doing to promote conservative values demonstrations from people wanting J\\K<8G8IKP#GX^\*8

9PD<C@JJ8<C<>8EK Peter Mortensen, associate pro-

Dfi\fec`e\1Kf_\XiXeXl[`fjkfipfek_\K\XGXikpiXccp#gc\Xj\^fkfnnn%;X`cp@cc`e`%Zfd JK8==NI@K<I vost fellow and a coordinator of
Students and faculty took a the event.

¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ break from classes and sun-

shine Thursday to attend the
Mortensen said the sympo-
sium has seen an increase in

third annual campus-wide number and diversity of par-
Undergraduate Research Sym- ticipants. This year’s sympo-
posium sponsored by the pro- sium had more than 65 percent
vost’s office. greater participation from last
“It grew out of a plan that was year’s, including students from

part of a Campus Strategic Plan all colleges and class levels.
initiated a number of years ago “We broke the 200-participant
to raise visibility for undergrad-
uate research on campus,” said J\\JPDGFJ@LD#GX^\*8

¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ EXk`fen`[\ZXdgX`^e
Õfn\ij_fn li^\j]fi^le$]i\\Zfcc\^\j
K?<8JJF:@8K<;GI<JJ lege campuses - in classrooms,
NEW YORK — Three years student centers, sporting events,
9P9IPEEKN8@K ago on April 16, 2007, Seung-Hui student dormitories and fraterni-
JK8==NI@K<I Cho, armed with two semiauto- ty houses. Even in pro-gun state
Instead of getting flowers for their moms matic handguns and several hun- capitols, those radical bills contin-
for Moms Weekend, students could take them dred rounds of ammunition, shot ue to be consistently voted down.
to a flower show. and killed 32 people and wounded Utah is currently the only state
The Horticulture Club, a registered stu- many more on the campus of Vir- that allows students to carry con-
dent organization, is hosting the 55th Moms ginia Tech before killing himself. cealed weapons on its nine state
Weekend flower show, “Horticulture Around The gun lobby’s immediate reac- supported colleges.
the World”, on April 17 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. tion was to call for permitting the The Campaign to Keep Guns
and April 18 from 10 a.m. to 2:20 p.m. at the carrying of loaded handguns on Off Campus, a project of Gun-
Stock Pavilion, 1402 W. Pennsylvania Ave., D@:?8<CJK<@EK?<;8@CP@CC@E@ college campuses., is urging colleges
in Urbana. Jfg_`\Ife\p#]i\j_dXe`e9lj`e\jj#nXk\ijgcXekj`ek_\JkfZbGXm`c`fe`egi\gXiXk`fe]fik_\,,k_ In the three years since the Vir- and universities to band together
Daniel Warnock, professor in crop sciences XeelXc?fik`Zlckli\:clYDfdËj;Xp=cfn\iJ_fnfeK_lij[Xp%K_\j_fnn`ccfg\efeJXkli[Xp% ginia Tech shooting, legislation to oppose the gun lobby’s agenda
and an adviser to the Horticulture Club, said has been introduced in at least to push guns onto college cam-
there will be thousands of flowers, including 20 states that would allow anyone puses. To date, the American
native prairie plants and tropical plants. Dfi\fec`e\1Kf_\XiXYflkdfi\\m\ekj[li`e^Dfdjn\\b\e[# with a concealed handgun permit, Association of State Colleges and
Zfek`el\kfcf^fekf;X`cp@cc`e`%Zfd including students, to carry and

¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾
J\\=CFN<IJ?FN#GX^\*8 possess loaded handguns on col- J\\M@I>@E@8K<:?#GX^\*8

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@EJ@;<   ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾
G f c ` Z \  ) 8  s  : f i i \ Z k ` f e j  ) 8  s  : X c \ e [ X i  ) 8  s  F g ` e ` f e j  + 8  s  : i f j j n f i [  , 8  s  : f d ` Z j  , 8  s  J g f i k j  ( 9  s  : c X j j ` ] ` \ [ j  , 9 $. 9  s  J l [ f b l  . 9
)8 =i`[Xp#8gi`c(-#)'(' K_\;X`cp@cc`e` s nnn%;X`cp@cc`e`%Zfd

The Daily Illini GFC@:<

Check it out!
HOLIDAY VIDEO ,()<%>i\\eJk%
QDeceptive practices were re-
According to the police report,
multiple offenders attacked the
victim and stole his wallet. The
ADULT ARCADE, THEATRE, & ETC. )(.›**.›/*'' ported at the 900 block of West victim was battered during the
THE217.COM 213 S. NEIL ST. • 351-8897 Marketview Drive on Tuesday robbery and was taken to the
afternoon. hospital for treatment.
K_\;X`cp@cc`e``jk_\`e[\g\e[\ekjkl[\ek According to the police report, QA 25-year-old man was ar-

e\njX^\eZpXkk_\Le`m\ij`kpf]@cc`ef`j the victim was riding her bike rested at the 1400 block of West
XkLiYXeX$:_XdgX`^e%K_\e\njgXg\i`j and lost her wallet. Her link card Park Street on Wednesday morn-

was stolen and used at Sam’s ing.
fi`egXik#k_\m`\njf]k_\Le`m\ij`kpf] Club and Wal-Mart without her According to the police report,

@cc`ef`jX[d`e`jkiXk`fe#]XZlckpfijkl[\ekj% permission. the offender was found open-
8cc@cc`e`D\[`X:f%Xe[&fi;X`cp@cc`e` QTheft was reported at the ing up merchandise and conceal-
BU S SE RV ICE Xik`Zc\j#g_fkfjXe[^iXg_`ZjXi\k_\gifg\ikp
f]@cc`e`D\[`X:f%Xe[dXpefkY\i\gif[lZ\[ 900 block of Crescent Drive on
figlYc`j_\[n`k_flkni`kk\eg\id`jj`fe]ifd April 7.
ing them in his pant pockets at
Meijer, 2500 S. Philo Road. When
k_\glYc`j_\i% According to the police re- police attempted to stop the of-

K_\;X`cp@cc`e``jXd\dY\if]K_\ port, the victim left her purse
fender and the offender didn’t
\ek`kc\[kfk_\lj\]fii\gif[lZk`fef]Xcc and wallet on the MTD bus. The comply, the officer placed the of-
CHICAGO cfZXce\njgi`ek\[`ek_`je\njgXg\i% purse was recovered but the fender on the ground and in do-
5)634%": INDY
<[`kfi`eZ_`\] G_fkf\[`kfij wallet and its contents were ing so separated the offender’s

D\c`jjXJ`cm\iY\i^ N\jc\p=Xe\ missing. shoulders. The offender was tak-
)(.›**.$/*-, E\[DlcbX
\[`kfi7;X`cp@cc`e`%Zfd QBurglary from a motor ve- en to the hospital and arrested
DXeX^`e^\[`kfi g_fkf7;X`cp@cc`e`%Zfd hicle was reported at the 1300 after receiving treatment.
block of Fairfax Drive on Tues-
4&&*5)&3& QTheft was reported at the
i\gfik`e^ Fg`e`fej\[`kfi

8e[i\nDXcfe\p day afternoon.
IXZ_\cJdXcc 100 block of South Busey Ave-
d\ni`k`e^7;X`cp fg`e`fej7;X`cp@cc`e`%Zfd According to the police re- nue on Wednesday morning.
;\j`^e[\jb\[`kfi port, the victim left his vehi- According to the police re-
DXeX^`e^\[`kfim`jlXcj D`Z_\cc\Ifk_\`j\i cle unlocked overnight and an port, an unknown offender stole
#&5)&'*345504&&'3*%":µ4 :_Xic\jKXeC`d )(.›**.$/*+,
01&/*/('*-.4"5". )(.›**.$/*+* [\j`^e7[X`cp`cc`e`%Zfd
unknown offender stole his CD the victim’s bike overnight while
&7&3:5)634%":/*()5 player. it had been left unlocked in the
;XeepN\`cXe[k QRetail theft was reported at carport of the residence.
  LOUIS E\nj\[`kfi
Colonial Pantry, 211 W. Universi-

ty Ave., Wednesday night.
)(.›**.$/*,' O`O`K`Xe
ZfgpZ_`\]7[X`cp`cc`e`%Zfd Le`m\ij`kp
*)')"*"')*!* 217t352t6682 e\nj7;X`cp@cc`e`%Zfd
;Xpk`d\Xjj`^ed\ek 8jjk%ZfgpZ_`\]
According to the police re-
port, an unknown offender stole QTheft was reported from
\[`kfi BXiX>`XZfYXqq`
&)$) (*&(%'*&)%('# * CatchaLEX tcom <d`cp9XpZ` N\Ygif[lZ\i a case of beer. a room in Forbes Hall, 101 E.
/% 0/ +/0"0.+/0.0* /+0.+$.%0".%// e\nj7;X`cp@cc`e`%Zfd DXibI`m\iX Gregory Drive, April 5.
According to the police re-
*-#'&)-0'(* #)-0 8jjk%e\nj\[`kfij
n\Y\[`kfi7[X`cp`cc`e`%Zfd LiYXeX port, an unknown offender stole
Carmike’s Stimulus Tuesdays $1 Popcorn & $1 Drink 8jjk%N\Ygif[lZ\i
EfiX@YiX_`d QRobbery and aggravated a laptop valued at $700 and a cell
– SHOWTIMES FOR APRIL 16-22 – Af\NXi[ Jk\m\C\je`\njb`
battery were reported at the 800
DEATH AT A FUNERAL R (1:53) DLP 10:30 – 1:00 =\Xkli\j\[`kfi M`[\f\[`kfi phone valued at $410.
– 3:15 – 5:30 – 7:45 – 10:00 (12:15 Fri & Sat) JXdNX^e\i Af_eGfkk\i block of East Fairlawn Drive on
THE RUNAWAYS R (2:05) DLP 11:00 – 1:30 – 4:00 Wednesday afternoon.
– 7:00 – 9:40 (12:10 Fri & Sat)
)(.›**.$/*-0 [`m`[\f7[X`cp`cc`e`%Zfd :fdg`c\[YpGXpXcJ_lbcX
]\Xkli\j7;X`cp@cc`e`%Zfd 8[m\ik`j`e^jXc\j
DATE NIGHT PG13 (1:48) DLP 10:30 – 11:00 – 12:45 D\c`jjXD`Z_XcXb
)(.›**.$/*/) :FII<:K@FEJ
– 1:15 – 3:00 – 3:30 – 5:15 – 5:45 – 7:30 – 8:00 – 9:45 jjd7@cc`e`D\[`X%Zfd
– 10:15 (12:00 – 12:30 Fri & Sat) Gi`ekjgfikj\[`kfi N_\eK_\;X`cp@cc`e`dXb\jXd`jkXb\#n\n`ccZfii\Zk`k`ek_`jgcXZ\%
LETTERS TO GOD PG (2:14) DLP 11:00 – 1:35 – 4:10 8c\o@e`^l\q
– 7:00 – 9:35 (12:10 Fri & Sat) )(.›**.$/*-*
CLASH OF THE TITANS 2D PG-13 (2:06) DLP 10:45 jgfikj7;X`cp@cc`e`%Zfd :i\Xk`m\dXeX^\i gc\Xj\ZfekXZk<[`kfi`e:_`\]D\c`jjXJ`cm\iY\i^Xk**.$/*-,%
- 1:15 - 3:50 - 6:30 - 9:00 (11:30 Fri & Sat) 8jjk%jgfikj\[`kfij B\cc`\9\Zb_Xd
CLASH OF THE TITANS 3D PG-13 (2:06) DLP 3D Gif[lZk`feXjj`jkXek
In the Thursday, April 15, 2010, issue of The Daily Illini, the article
B\m`eBXgcXe :Xik\i?\ei`Zbj “Students prepare acts for annual India Night” incorrectly stated
ACCEPTED 11:00 - 1:45 - 4:15 - 7:00 - 7:30 - 9:30
– 10:00 (12:00 – 12:30 Fri & Sat) JXdXek_XB`\j\c <[`kfi`XcX[m`j\i the date of the event. India Night 2010 is Saturday, April 25, 2010.
THE LAST SONG PG (2:07) DLP 10:30 - 11:00 - 1:00 >iXg_`Zj\[`kfi D\c`e[XD`cc\i The Daily Illini regrets this error.
- 1:30 - 3:30 - 4:00 - 6:30 - 7:00 - 9:00 - 9:30 (11:30 J_XeefeCXeZfi GlYc`j_\i
- 12:00 Fri & Sat) [`^iXg_`Zj7[X`cp`cc`e`%Zfd DXip:fip
10:30 -1:15 – 4:00 – 7:00 - 9:45 (12:30 Fri & Sat) 8[m\ik`j`e^
@]pflnflc[c`b\kfgcXZ\XeX[#gc\Xj\ Kf[Xp E\nI`[\ijf]k_\
ACCEPTED 11:00 – 12:00 – 1:30 – 2:45 – 4:00 – 4:50- ZfekXZkfliX[m\ik`j`e^[\gXikd\ek%
6:30 – 9:00 (11:30 Fri & Sat) Q :cXjj`Ô\[X[j1)(. **.$/**.fi\$ C@M<DLJ@: ?lY\iËjN\jk<e[ K_fl^_kj
HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2D PG (1:58) DLP dX`c[`ZcXjj`Ô\[j7`cc`e`d\[`X%Zfd% 9XZ_ËjCleZ_ Jkfi\#(*()N%:_liZ_ D`b\ÊeËDfccpËj#(',E%
12:15 - 3:00- 5:05- 7:30- 9:55 (12:15 Fri & Sat) Q ;`jgcXpX[j1)(. **.$/*/)fi\$dX`c Jgi`e^\i:lckliXc Jk%#Xk/g%d% DXib\kJk%#Xk('g%d%
HOT TUB TIME MACHINE R (1:53) DLP 10:30 – 1:00
[`X[jXc\j7`cc`e`d\[`X%Zfd% :\ek\i#*'(E% Ile=fi:fm\i
– 3:15 – 5:35 – 8:00 – 10:15 (12:30 Fri & Sat) ;A
THE BOUNTY HUNTER PG13 (2:10) DLP 11:00 – 1:30
E`^_kjpjk\djkX]]]fikf[XpËjgXg\i IXe[fcg_Jk%#Xkeffe Ifj\YfncKXm\ie#Ck[%#
– 4:05 – 7:00 – 9:40 (12:15 Fri & Sat)
E`^_k\[`kfi1DXi^l\i`k\;Xp A\]]?\c^\j\eAXqq ('-E%IXZ\Jk%#Xk0
DIARY OF A WIMPY KID PG (1:51) DLP 10:30 – 12:45 :_\jk\iJki\\k#-*$-,
– 3:00 – 5:15 – 7:30 – 9:45 – (12:00 Fri & Sat) NO G_fkfe`^_k\[`kfi1E\[DlcbX Hl`ek\k g%d%
:fgp\[`kfij1;Xm`[DXik`ej\b#8eeXJ_\idXe# :_\jk\iJk%#Xk0g%d%
7:30 MON ONLY @ifeGfjk#()'J%IXZ\ ;\ckXB`e^j
ALICE IN WONDERLAND 3D PG (2:09) DLP 3D Bi`jk`e9fii`ef#Jk\m\Cfi[#CXli`\J_`eYXld# ;AK`dN`cc`Xdj
Alc`XC`kq Jk%#Xk,g%d% D\dg_`jfeDX`e#,,
ACCEPTED 11:30 – 2:00 - 4:45 – 7:30 – 10:00 (12:30 ;\j`^e\ij1D`Z_X\cD`flo#C`qBXcbfnjb` C`m\AXqq <%DX`eJk%#Xk0g%d%
N\Ygfjk\i1Jk\m\C\je`\njb`#JXdB`\j\c JfdXLckiXcfle^\#*)'
FRI & SAT) NO 7:30 WED & THUR A`d>flc[I\jkXliXek# AfYl
ALICE IN WONDERLAND 2D PG (2:09) 11:00 – 1:30 GX^\kiXejd`jj`fe1:_i`j=X`iÔ\c[ E%E\`cJk%#Xk('g%d%
(<%DX`eJk%#Xk.g%d% IX[dXb\iËjIfZb
– 4:00 – 7:00 – 9:30 (12:00 Fri & Sat) NO 11:00am =lYXi=i`[Xpj
SAT & SUN @D:=\jk)'('$;Xp IfccKXm\ie#+<%
CARE BEARS KIDS TOONS G (1:20) DLP 11:00 Sat & LiYXeX$:_XdgX`^e ?fc[\e#Xk0g%d%
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(')&*'# $)*") )%(")* #()#(*!*  *! k_ifl^_=i`[Xp[li`e^Le`m\ij`kpf]@cc`ef`j]Xcc I\]c\o
9ifX[nXp8m\%#Xk. MXe[\im\c[\
Xe[jgi`e^j\d\jk\ij#Xe[Dfe[Xp#Kl\j[Xp# 9fck`e`Cfle^\#)((E%
N\[e\j[XpXe[=i`[Xp`ejldd\i%E\n g%d% :fnYfpDfeb\p#-
Jkl[\ek>l`[\Xe[N\cZfd\9XZb<[`k`feXi\ GXk?`ckfeK_\>iXe[ KXpcfiJk%#Xk01*'g%d%
glYc`j_\[`e8l^ljk%=`ijkZfgp`j]i\\2\XZ_ >ifneB`[Q=leb
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Champaign Cycle Champaign

(217) 352-7600
K_\;X`cp@cc`e` s nnn%;X`cp@cc`e`%Zfd =i`[Xp#8gi`c(-#)'(' *8

=CFN<IJ?FN K<8G8IKP said. “We want the Republican

Party and the Democratic Party M@I>@E@8K<:?
=IFDG8><(8 =IFDG8><(8 to adopt our conservative values =IFDG8><(8
and turn the government back
“We try to get stuff that you Amerson said while he hopes to the people.” Universities and more than 130
won’t get at a local garden cen- others across the nation will Olsen said being politically individual colleges and universi-
ter,” said Racquel Ardisana , protest the Tea Party, he’s not nonaligned is critical to the Tea ties in 31 states have joined the
senior in LAS, vice president of aware of a larger backlash, nor Party’s goal of educating the Campaign.
the Horticulture Club and the is he interested in getting one public, especially when bring- Andy Pelosi, Director of the
flower show’s chairman. started. ing in experts to speak at rallies Campaign issued the following
The event garners a lot of atten- “I don’t expect this (protest) and monthly meetings. statement:
tion, Ardisana said, as about to have any ripples past here. “We’re trying to bring con- “America’s colleges and univer-
10,000 people walk through the You act locally and you think servative facts to people in the sities cannot afford to sit on the
show in two days. globally,” Amerson said. “It’s area on current issues,” she said. sidelines on this issue or they will
Club members and students just hard for me to sit back and “We’re trying to get people who have their right to maintain gun-
enrolled in horticulture class- let these people get this mes- are knowledgeable about cer- free campuses trampled on by the
es grew some of the flowers in sage across in the public square tain topics to come in and speak. gun lobby. Strong opposition from
the show, including annuals and and not have someone there to Being nonpartisan, we don’t care students, professors, and univer-
perennials, Warnock said. just ask why.” if that person’s a Democrat, or a sity presidents will continue to
“Our students connect with While the Tea Party is a long- Republican or a Libertarian, as 9I8;D<P<IK?<;8@CP@CC@E@ defeat the gun lobby’s radical agen-
some local growers for green- term initiative with conserva- long as they have the knowledge =iXeb?fnXi[#f]DX_fd\k#jg\Xbj[li`e^k_\K\XGXikpiXccp_\c[XkN\jk da to push guns onto the nation’s
house space,” he added. tive views, Barham said it is that people need to make a good J`[\GXib`e:_XdgX`^efeK_lij[Xp% colleges and universities.”
Students do everything con- important that it is not charac- decision about the issues.” “As we remember the third
nected with the show, such as terized as another governmen- Barham said the Tea Par- “We’ll be active until we get majority is fi nding out that they anniversary of the Virginia Tech
the growing, the concept of tal third-party. ty will continue its rallies and politicians in Washington and do have power, when they assim- tragedy, let’s honor the victims and
landscapes and the installation, “We’re not interested in meetings until its goals are state governments to listen to ilate, to make their opinions families by striving to keep our
he said. Students also work with becoming a political party,” he met. the people,” he said. “The silent known.” campuses gun free,” said Pelosi.
businesses from Champaign-
Urbana and elsewhere.
“For the very large items, the
students contact industry repre- <O:<CC<E:< opportunities with the Champaign-
Urbana community. JPDGFJ@LD faculty members, senior graduate students or
advanced doctoral students. The symposium
sentatives throughout the state,” =IFDG8><(8 Also announced March 5 was the =IFDG8><(8 also featured a presentation for faculty inter-
Warnock said. “It really allows project team for Academic Unit ested in mentoring undergraduates.
the students to connect with funding owed to the University. Reviews. mark this year around,” Mortensen said. “It’s very important to help students
industry and faculty. It is a learn- On April 2 , the administration The project team was created “to The topics of research varied greatly from and faculty members make the connection
ing opportunity.” received written summary reports explore structural and organization- the Super Bowl to medicine. Matthew Heber- between the teaching and the research mis-
Ardisana said she the show from the project team for the Institute al changes, including possible con- er, senior in AHS and participant in the sym- sions of our institution,” Mortensen said.
gives students hands- on of Aviation, which is exploring wheth- solidations, to realize budgetary sav- posium, said his research on the Super Bowl “They go hand in hand and we need as many
experience. er to continue freshman admittance ings,” according to the team’s charge originated from a class project that took a demonstrations of that as possible.”
Candice Miller, senior in ACES into its Professional Pilot program letter on the Stewarding Excellence health perspective on the subject. He said Renique Kersh, honors dean for AHS and
and a grower for the show, said as well as other changes within the Web site. they looked at health-related Super Bowl symposium organizer, said James Scholars
though they have been working institute. Summary reports were also The Academic Unit Reviews team advertisements from 1999 to 2010, search- are required to complete a thesis in the col-
since January, it has been worth submitted by the Refocusing Schol- will focus specifically on colleg- ing for general trends. lege and, as seniors, must participate in the
it. arships project team by the April 2 es with fewer than 40 faculty mem- “Even though America is becoming much symposium. She added this year’s symposium
“I got a lot of experience I deadline. bers, including the Graduate School of more health-conscious, Super Bowl adver- had many AHS students participate.
wouldn’t get anywhere else,” The project team for Revenue Gen- Library and Information Science, the tising does not reflect that at all,” Heberer Kersh said she was impressed by the num-
she said. eration, announced by Stewarding School of Labor and Employee Rela- said. ber of interdisciplinary projects among this
A floral design competition will Excellence on March 5, is set to submit tions, the College of Media and the Julie McDaniel, junior in Business, said year’s research, which is the direction she
be held Friday, and winning flo- its summary report May 17. Chaired School of Social Work. she did research on Anderson’s disease, a thinks research is headed.
ral designs will be displayed at by Mary Kalantzis, dean of the Col- “I believe that it’s fundamentally retention disease that causes patients to stop “These students are also a part of the com-
the show. lege of Education, the team is look- looking to see if there might be part- absorbing vitamins with only 40 cases world- munity of scholars that are adding to the body
Kathy Barnes, senior in ACES ing into alternative revenue sources nerships with other units on campus, wide. Her research consisted of a case study of knowledge that exists,” Kersh said.
and event coordinator for the to “build on our strengths to maintain or rearranging units in such a way on a Japanese boy with the disease. “In the end it’s about making a change in
Floral Design Club, an RSO, said our mission,” Kalantzis said. that they accomplish savings while “I was working with Dr. Michio Miyashita, the world, and all of the students who are a
there will be a judge handing out “We can’t just wring our hands and preserving and enhancing what we who’s a visiting scholar from Japan, and he part of the symposium have a tremendous
prizes in three categories: stu- cut everything to the bone to survive. do,” said Walt Harrington, interim is the pediatrician of the patient that we’re opportunity to do that.”
dent, mom or other, such as broth- The University has an extraordinary dean of the College of Media. working on,” McDaniel said. Emily Pinheiro, junior in LAS and intern
ers or dads. heritage,” Kalantzis said. “To main- Vice Chancellor Wheeler said that “It’s an exciting opportunity to share the in the provost’s office, said she worked with
The overall winner and people’s tain our mission we have to find alter- the organizational changes will be results of my fi ndings and raise awareness Mortensen to help fi nd the best ways to inform
choice winner will receive gift native revenue sources.” expressed in the Academic Unit for a very rare disease.” students about the event.
certificates to Blossom’s Basket, Kalantzis said the revenue team has Reviews summary report that will Mortenson said the symposium brings more “It gives students a chance to showcase
a floral shop in the Champaign- broken into subgroups that will look be delivered June 1. visibility to some departments that have their work and to say that the University
Urbana area. at changing the revenue-raising mind “There have been no decisions “robust” undergraduate research. He said thinks that the work that undergraduates are
The cost to participate is $8 for set, expanding program offerings about any of the possible organiza- although individual departments offer small- doing here is important,” Pinheiro said.
one design and $15 for two. online, expanding research income tion changes, including no change at er symposia, the campus-level one allows stu- “There’s a connotation when you think of
“The money goes to sending a and retention of royalties from intel- all, that could emerge from such a dents to present their work to audiences out- research to think of the hard sciences, and it
student (in Floral Design Club) lectual property. review,” he said. “And none will be side their area of specialization. was great to get proposals from English and
to the American Institute of Flo- The team will continue to have made until after the project team has He added that each participant, selected dance majors and to see how much work is
ral Design National Symposium, weekly meetings as well as outreach completed its review.” through a proposal process, was mentored by going on in every discipline on campus.”
which is in Boston this year,”
Barnes said.

The flower show is also a fund-
raising event for Horticulture
Most of the money made goes
to funding next year’s show, War-
nock said. ;8@CP@CC@E@JK8==I<GFIK ernment agencies to promote the As of Wednesday, Champaign because of major benefits, such and talk to other people, they will
Ardisana added that the rest of The Champaign County census, making sure the informa- County’s response rate was 69 as increased tax dollars allotted too. Also, I think it’s important
the proceeds will go toward edu- Regional Commission is work- tion is out there,” said Andrew percent, which encompasses all to Champaign. for funding and things. It’s really
cational workshops. ing to get 100 percent participa- Levy, planner for the Champaign Champaign County residents, For each person counted, an easy — two minutes tops.”
Miller said the Horticulture tion for the 2010 census. County Regional Commission. including students. extra $100 comes in from the However, Anne Gilot, soph-
Club will be selling their plants, According to its press release, He added that the Commission According to Levy, students state, she said, which is why they omore in ACES, doesn’t share
with prices ranging from $2 for the Commission urged resi- is working closely with the Uni- who live in Champaign County lobby for all students to complete Manning’s enthusiasm.
a pack of vegetables to $100 per dents to participate in the cen- versity and media to get press should be fi lling out their cen- their paperwork. “No, I haven’t fi lled out the
tree. sus because a complete count is releases to the public. sus forms here, not in their Students’ opinions concern- form yet,” she said. “The real
There will also be a Floral important for decision-making. “Right now we’re targeting the hometowns. ing filling out their census forms reason is it’s not on my priority
Design to Music presentation on This includes how tax dollars are campus area,” Levy said. “We’ll “Students that attend school vary. list. I have school-related tasks
April 17 at 10 a.m. distributed back to communities focus on other areas of the county here are supposed to be counted “I sure have filled out my form,” to be done. I haven’t even looked
This consists of a person based on population and grants when students leave.” here,” Levy said. “If they don’t said Amanda Manning, senior at it yet.”
choosing a song and creating an that fund programs for social The 2000 census yielded less fi ll it out here, they essentially in LAS and resident advisor at Students like Gilot should be
arrangement that goes with the services to the C-U Mass Tran- than 50 percent student response, won’t be counted.” Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall. contacted soon, said Levy, as they
theme of the song as it is being sit District, or MTD. said Lacey Rains, Champaign Rains said it is important “Because number one: I should attempt to notify all students to
played, she said. “We’re working with local gov- city planner. to be counted in the census lead by example. If I fi ll it out return their paperwork.

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student ID, or use your Go Illini Card for the whole family.

Notice to Graduating Students

Graduates participating in Commencement ceremonies are required to wear appropriate
!"##$%&!"'($))*+,- &
academic attire. Graduates have until 11:59 p.m., April 19, to order regalia at

Tuesday, April 13
- or -
Stop by the Illini Union Bookstore during one of the following times:

10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Monday, April 19 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Campuswide ceremony tickets will be available at these on-campus ordering sessions   FRPPLWWRDVXEOHDVHFKHFNLWRXWDWWKH7HQDQW8QLRQ
Orders must be placed by April 19 &




Do you think Moms weekend is a good K`d\kfkXb\

idea? What are you planning to do?
JFIFLJ?8I;<B8E@# 0,000. You got that kind of money lying around?
ale`fi`eC8J That’s the average cost for four years of in-
state undergraduate education at the UI, and
it’s still going up. Perhaps you’ve heard that two-thirds
of students graduate roughly $23,000 in debt? In reality,
some of your fellow students will graduate more than
$100,000 in debt. With the proposed 10 percent increase
in undergraduate tuition, the debt of the incoming
freshman class will be even higher. At the same time,
and against the better judgment of our instructors,
class sizes are growing and discussion sessions are
being eliminated. It seems that the more our educa-
tion costs, the worse it gets.
È@k_`eb`kËjXi\Xccp^ff[`[\X#@Ëd^f`e^kfY\[f`e^k_`e^jn`k_ È@k_`eb`kËjX^ff[`[\X#@Ëd^f`e^kfXgXikpn`k_dpdfd#Xe[ WTF?
dpjfifi`kp#c`b\XYileZ_%É @d`^_k^fkfk_Xkjn`e^[XeZ`e^k_`e^Xkk_\Le`fe%É In times of crisis, people normally pull together
8EE88M>FLJK8B@J# 9I8EKJ:?I8><# as a community and return to traditional values of
jfg_fdfi\`eC8J j\e`fi`e8?J respect and responsibility, but in the crisis at hand,
the University administration seems to be making
decisions that flout our school motto of “Labor and
Learning” and the state Legislature is neglecting its
responsibility to fund the UI.
So where is our money going? In the past decade,
administrative positions at the UI have risen more
than 50 percent, whereas all other positions (e.g.
research, teaching) have increased 20 percent.
Administrative salaries have risen much more than
the paltry 1.5 percent increase that was standard
on campus. We’re seeing academic buildings fall to
ÈDpdfdXe[Y\jk]i`\e[ËjdfdXi\Zfd`e^[fnekf^\k_\i% È@k_`eb`kËjX^ff[`[\X#Ylkn\c`m\`eB\eklZbpjfdpdfd ruin, while bell towers constructed with University
@ËdgXik`Z`gXk`e^`e8k`lj#XDfdËj;XpJ`e^%É ZXeËkZfd\lg]fi`k%É funds spring up on the South Quad.
I8:?<C;F?<IKP# :?8E;E@J?8?# In the current crisis, the trend of undervaluing
]i\j_dXe`e;>J ]i\j_dXe`eC8J education is continuing. The attitude now is to cut
costs irrespective of the effect on the quality of edu-
cation and research, as the recent misguided foray
into furloughs dem-
onstrates. You might
N\Ëi\j\\`e^ hear that these budget
decisions are being
XZX[\d`ZYl`c[`e^j made to keep the doors
of the University open,
]Xcckfil`e#n_`c\Y\cc but the changes that
are being made are
kfn\ijZfejkilZk\[ not short-term stopgap
È@c`b\k_\`[\Xf]`k#Ylkdpdfd`jeËkZfd`e^[fne%@kËje`Z\ ÈDpdfdc`m\j`ekfnejf@j\\_\iXcfk%@Ëd^f`e^flkkf
kf_Xm\Xcfkf]\okiX\m\ekjjf`k^\kjg\fgc\kf[fXcfkf]k_`e^j [`ee\iXe[kfXeXZXg\ccXj_fnn`k__\i%É n`k_Le`m\ij`kp They are perma-
nent structural chang-
k_Xkk_\pnflc[eËkfk_\in`j\%É ;8E8N<JK>I<E# es that will affect the
ale`fi`e9lj`e\jj ]le[jjgi`e^lgfe University for decades
(e.g. closing depart-
k_\Jflk_HlX[% mental libraries and
eliminating autono-
mous cultural houses).
However, the degradation of our public higher edu-
cation is not solely the responsibility of the Univer-
sity administration; the state of Illinois must also be
held accountable.
In 1970, for every tuition dollar a student paid, the
state of Illinois put in $13. Now, on paper, the state
doesn’t even match your tuition and fees dollar for
dollar. Of course, on paper, the University got a 1
percent increase in its budget, according to the state.
ÈDpdfdËjZfd`e^feJXkli[Xp#Xe[k_\i\ËjXÕfn\ij_fn È@cfm\DfdËjN\\b\e[%DpÔijkp\Xi_\i\#dpdfd[`[eËk In reality, Springfield has not paid more than
dp]i`\e[jXi\glkk`e^kf^\k_\ifeG\eejpcmXe`X%N\Ëi\^f`e^kf Zfd\#Xe[@nXja\Xcfljf]\m\ipfe\n_f_X[k_\`idfdj $480 million that it owes the university so far this
^fj\\k_Xk%É _\i\%9lkefnj_\ËjZfd`e^%=i`[Xpn\Ëi\^f`e^flkkf=`i\_Xlj year, and that number is still rising. You think that
;8M@;?8<=B<# fijfd\k_`e^%JXkli[Xpn\Ëi\^f`e^kfk_\ZiX]k]X`i#k_\e@Ëd they’d still let us attend school if we owed half of our
jfg_fdfi\`e8:<J k_ifn`e^dpdfdXi\kifgXikpY\ZXlj\j_\kfc[d\j_\c`b\j tuition to the university?
^f`e^kfk_\YXijYlkj_\[f\jeËkbefnXepf]k_\dlj`Zk_\p It is clear that some kind of action needs to be tak-
gcXp%É en. The state can make painful funding cuts or they
E@:FC<N@EBC<I# can raise taxes progressively. Most importantly, we
ale`fi`e8?J need the Legislature to be honest about the current
budget crisis, and to take seriously their responsibil-
ity to spend the money they have.
So what can you do about it? Start talking to fam-
ily, friends, teachers and lawmakers about this issue.
GFC@K@:8C:8IKFFEG<K8IG@JD<JKIFM@:#BC<@E<Q<@KLE>#8LJKI@8 On Wednesday, thousands of people will be heading
to Springfield to demand that the Legislature fund
public education. If you want to join us, there will be
free buses leaving at 8:30 a.m. Sometimes it’s neces-
sary to ditch class to save your education. To reserve
a seat on the bus or to find other ways to get involved,
e-mail the Undergraduate-Graduate Alliance at Illi- There are more than 40,000
students on this campus. If we put our voices togeth-
er, we will be heard.




I\X[\iËjfg`e`fej1 K_\;X`cp@cc`e`i\j\im\jk_\i`^_kkf\[`kfii\a\ZkXepZfeki`Ylk`fej%C\kk\ijdljkY\c`d`k\[kf*''nfi[j%:feki`Ylk`fejdljkY\kpg\[Xe[`eZcl[\k_\Xlk_fiËjeXd\#X[[i\jjXe[g_fe\eldY\i%
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8i`\jDXiZ_)($8gi`c(0 1Kf[Xp`jXe/%
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>\d`e`DXp)($Ale\)( 1Kf[Xp`jX-%
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D\dY\ijf]k_\FiZ_Xi[m`cc\D\eefe`k\:_liZ_j`e^`eXZ_f`ifek_\HlX[feK_lij[Xp%K_`jnXjk_\]`ijk Xkk\ek`feXe[Zi\Xk`m`kppflglk`ekfpfli cf^j Nfic[?\i`kX^\J`k\
16 :flij\`eIljj`Xe
k`d\k_\^iflg_X[Zfd\kfk_\Le`m\ij`kpkfj`e^Xe[kfÈjgi\X[k_\nfi[f]k_\Cfi[#ÉXZZfi[`e^kfd\dY\i gcXe%=c`ikj_Xd\c\jjcp% ^\f^iXg_p6 53 ÈK_\M\e^\XeZ\ 20 =Xejjgfik`e^X]ffk$
N`cd\i<j_YXZ_% C`YiXJ\gk%)*$FZk%)) 1Kf[Xp`jX.% 17 K_\`igf`ekjXi\dX[\ f]VVVÉ1968Ôcd n\Xicf^f
PflËi\kfieY\kn\\enfibXe[gcXp%Pfl Yclekcp j\hl\c 24 DXb\XZfd\YXZb
i\Xc`q\k_Xk`]pfl[feËk^\kk_\nfib[fe\# 18 Jfd\k_`e^gXjj\[ 56 Fggfj`k\f]m\ip 26 PfdB`ggliNXi
9I@<=J pflnfeËkY\XYc\kf]fZljfe]le%>\k n`k_flk_\j`kXk`fe 58 Fe\jljg\e[\[]fiX gXik`Z`gXek
]i`\e[jkf_\cg% 19 Kfg`Zf]KMËjÈK_`j ^Xd\ 27 GXpj
DXekXb\e`ekfZljkf[p Q`gZXi\oZ\\[ji\m\el\# which makes their fleet come to JZfig`fFZk%)*$Efm%)( 1Kf[Xp`jX,%
21 IfpXc:ifne#feZ\
61 Nfib\[kf^\k_\i
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a total of 10 cars.
]figfjj\jj`fef]_\if`e X[[j+ZXijkfÕ\\k \ek`i\cpfek_\dXk\i`Xcjpfllj\%8eXk$
22 Jcfnkfd`o#jXp 65 ;\YXk\
66 NXjjeX`c$c`b\
30 K_\pd`^_kjgXe
23 DXk\i`Xc]fidXep
The narcotics unit of the Zipcar, the car sharing pro-
C`YiXipf]:fe^i\jj \XidXp]X`c%Lj\j`cb%
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25 G\XbËjZflek\igXik
67 ?fXo
68 ÈVVVkiflYc\É
32 Kffcf]k\elj\[n_`c\
Champaign Police Department gram that offers an alternative XZhl`i\jKn`kk\iXiZ_`m\ /%@]pfl_Xe[c\Ylj`e\jj[`c`^\ekcpkf[Xp# 27 8kkXZ_d\eklj\[ 33 C`b\jfd\ZXm`k`\j
took one man into custody for to car ownership, has exceeded le]fi\j\\eXe[XdXq`e^e\nfggfikle`$ n`k_ZXi\6 ;FNE 34 :_X`ec`eb6
possession of heroin at about 3 its minimum guaranteed reve- According to the Library of k`\jY\Zfd\XmX`cXYc\%8e`em`j`Yc\[ffi 29 ;\[`ZXk\[c`k\iXkli\  1 JZ_nXcd$VVV>\i$ 36 :flekipj`e^\i8b`ej
p.m. Thursday at 503 E. Stough- nue before planned. Congress’s Web site, every tweet fg\ejkfi\m\Xc\oZ`k`e^gfjj`Y`c`k`\j% 31 J\kjf]] dXe[`jki`Zk 38 Ild#kfjfd\
:Xgi`Zfie;\Z%))$AXe%(0 1Kf[Xp`jX 35 VVVY\]fi\  2 È@oeXpÉ 43 NffcZfm\i$lgj
ton St. apartment 5. The program was backed tweeted since March of 2006 will
,%@kj\\djXj`]pflËm\^Xk_\i\[Xccpfli 37 Fe\jkXik`e^\Xj`cp6  3 =`^_k\i`efc[jki`gj 47 9l^
Officers with the narcotics financially by Champaign-Urba- now be housed at the Library. \^^j`efe\YXjb\k%C\kk_\YXkk\iÕp2pfli 50 ;f`ekX^c`f#\%^%
39 :ipf]  4 DX^`ZZ\ek\i#feZ\
unit arrived at the apartment na Mass Transit District, the The digital archive will hold Zfe]\Zk`fejn`cci`mXck_fj\f]k_\^i\Xk\jk Xek`Z`gXk`fe 52 ?Xi[\e1MXi%
 5 8[d`jj`fejkXk\d\ek
to serve a search warrant at City of Champaign, the City of the roughly 50 million tweets Z_\]j% 40 DfiXcfYc`^Xk`fe  6 Nfi[]ifdfe\n_f 53 @kkXb\j]fcbj`e
about 2:20 p.m., said Sgt. Den- Urbana and the University of per day. 8hlXi`ljAXe%)'$=\Y%(/ 1Kf[Xp`j 41 ;fd`e`ZXe `jeËk]fccfn`e^ 54 N\[[`e^i`e^6
nis Baltzell. Illinois. The Twitterblog posted spe- X.%G\ijfeXcdX^e\k`jdZXii`\jpflX ZXg`kXc  7 È<Xjkf]<[\eÉjfe 55 D\Z_%dXjk\i
He said the team recovered Zipcar was under a three cific arrangements, including a cfe^nXpkfnXi[jXk`j]p`e^pfli[\\g\jk 42 >\kjle[\ijfd\$  8 @eefnXpe\n 57 N\[[`e^Zflgc\6
a quantity of heroin from the year contract and will release six-month delay for archiving [\j`i\j%9\jli\pfli\XccpnXekjfd\k_`e^ fe\Ëjjb`e6  9 @kjc\kk\ijdXpY\ 59 Jfd\k_`e^kf^\k
Y\]fi\pflXjb%K_\e#i\m\c`ek_\gfj$ 44 Fc[`dg\iXkfi Yfck\[[fne ZXl^_kfe
first-floor apartment but had not its partners from their financial Tweets, archiving of pub-
j`Y`c`k`\j% 45 M\i\e`^[\VVV8d\i$ 10 C`b\dlZ_Ôc\kd`$ 60 GcXpj\k
weighed it yet. duties. lic Tweets only and the use of G`jZ\j=\Y%(0$DXiZ_)' 1Kf[Xp`jX,% 62 DXb\XZXj\X^X`ejk6
`ZX#`e8djk\i[Xd ^efe
The warrant and search were “We wanted to bring a car Tweets for internal library use, Jg\e[k`d\n`k_]Xd`cpfiZcfj\]i`\e[j 46 D\kifgfc`kXe_Xe^$ 63 2000I`Z_Xi[>\i\
11 =i`\[
the result of an investigation sharing program to Champaign- public display by the library kfi\jfcm\Xg\Zlc`XigifYc\dk_XkXi`j\j% fm\i6 k`kc\ifc\
12 Ifc\jfeÈ<m\e`e^
that had been ongoing for about Urbana to increase mobility on itself, non-commercial research <m\ipfe\nXekjkfglkXc`[fe`khl`Zbcp% 48 @e[`XejË_fd\#]fi J_X[\ÉXe[ÈE`g&
a month or a month-and-a-half, and off campus,” Jay Rank of and general preservation for his- )''/Ki`Yle\D\[`XJ\im`Z\j@eZ%;`jki`Ylk\[Yp
Baltzell said. MTD said. torical reference. Be`^_kI`[[\i$Ki`Yle\@e]fidXk`feJ\im`Z\j% K_\Zifjjnfi[jfclk`fe`j`ek_\:cXjj`Ô\[j\Zk`fe%
At this time, Baltzell said there He said the Zipcar added four
are no other suspects. cars because of its success, =ifdK_\;X`cp@cc`e`jkX]]i\gfikj D8I:F8E;D8IKP 9@CCP=FI<

9P:8IC8B%AF?EJFE requiring hospitals to make the the time and energy to do what
K?<8JJF:@8K<;GI<JJ data public. we need to do.”
CHICAGO — Consumer advo- “The laws in Illinois have The site’s price information
cates are giving Illinois fairly required reporting on an exten- won’t help people with private
good marks for an online report sive amount of information and insurance find out how much
card meant to allow patients to here it is — finally,” McGiffert they’ll pay, or even how much
choose hospitals based on their said. “We’ve been waiting for their insurance company will
quality and safety records. But this for a long time.” pay, said Catherine Jacobson,
the report card doesn’t get an The report card can be found chief financial officer of Chica-
A-plus. at HealthCareReportCard.illi- go’s Rush University Medical ;FFE<J9LIP >8IIPKIL;<8L
Patients can use the Web- Center. That’s because hospitals
based tool to see how their hospi- Whether consumers will use make different agreements with
tals measure up on safety, nurse it to shop around isn’t clear. For each insurer. Consumers would
staffing levels and even pric- one thing, patients don’t always be better off calling their insur-
es. But national patient safety have a choice in hospitals. They ance company or the hospital to
experts say they want the report may live in areas where there is ask for price information.
card to use plainer language. only one hospital. Or their insur- The prices give a general idea
Diane Pinakiewicz, president ance company may not cover of how much hospitals charge.
of the nonprofit National Patient care at every institution. The report card says Rush’s
Safety Foundation in Boston, But even in an area with only median charge last year for a
praised the Illinois site, but said one hospital, the report card vaginal birth was about $16,000
it contains jargon that’s hard to is useful, McGiffert said. Con- and Northwestern Memorial
understand. sumers can compare hospitals of Hospital’s median charge for
For instance, the report card similar size and ask tough ques- the same service was about
says: “Better processes of care tions if their community hospital $13,000.
may reduce mortality for heart doesn’t measure up. That public Jacobson said Northwestern 9<8I;F ;8E;FL>?<IKP
attack, which represents better pressure could improve quality, delivers more babies so it can
quality.” she said. spread its costs out more. Rush
Here’s a consumer-friend- Not surprisingly, hospital lead- has more Medicaid patients, and
ly translation, offered by ers cautioned consumers about because reimbursement from
Pinakiewicz: the report card’s limits. Medicaid is lower, the hospital
“When hospitals follow proven Like many other hospitals, Car- shifts the costs to other patients,
guidelines, patients get better le Foundation Hospital in Urbana she said.
and safer care and, in this case, scores below the state average “We do try to relate our charg-
that can mean fewer people die on a few safety measures on the es to the cost of what it takes to
from their heart attacks.” report card. Consumers should do the services,” Jacobson said.
“A bit clearer, right?” she keep in mind the numbers used The Illinois Hospital Associ-
asked. are a year old, said Dr. Napolean ation has launched its own site
Lisa McGiffert of Consum- Knight, who oversees quality at with similar quality information.
ers Union’s Safe Patient Project the hospital. Patients can search for hospitals
agreed. She said the site is easy “That’s where we’ve been, not that offer particular procedures
to navigate and allows patients where we are,” Knight said. The and see how satisfied patients
to compare several hospitals at hospital continually analyzes were with their care. That site
once. But she’d like to see sim- cases of accidental cuts, sponges is
pler language and clearer indi-
cations of why some scores are
left inside patients and bleeding
after surgery, all areas where
A separate Illinois law in 2005
compelled hospitals to report pre- @KËJC@B<?8M@E> LOWER BACK PAIN?
good or bad. the hospital’s numbers were ventable errors with potentially
The report card launched slightly worse than the state life-threatening consequences; PFLIG<IJFE8C;A
in November, six years after average. “If we see something that reporting may be delayed Chiropractic Honors the Body’s
the Legislature passed the law that makes us unhappy, we take by the state’s budget crisis. NG>LGcXpc`jkfek_\)(.%Zfd Ability to Heal Itself, Naturally


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Kn`ej%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% / 9cl\AXpj%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% .

Men’s basketball head coach Bruce

Weber announced Wednesday that
Stan Simpson will transfer.
Weber said in a press release that
the redshirt freshman is looking for
increased playing time and a fresh
“He can block some shots; I think
he can be a rebounder,” Weber said
9P>I<>Q<:B after the game against Presbyterian
JK8==NI@K<I on Nov. 21, 2009. “He has a good base
For the past four years, the Big Ten inside; he just always gets himself in
men’s tennis champion has been the Ohio trouble by not always taking care of
State Buckeyes. Sunday provides Illinois
with an opportunity to improve its chanc-
es to reclaim the Big Ten title.
business off the court, and that’s put
him in a bind.”
Simpson finished his Illinois career
“Ohio State has proven themselves not having played 17 minutes and tally-
only the past few years, but this year ing four points, three rebounds, two took second on parallel bars with
as well,” head coach Brad Dancer said. assists and a block. 15.200 and third on pommel horse
“There are big challenges being on the After Tuesday’s Ultimate Basket- with 14.500, and senior Tyler Wil-
road in the Big Ten. We know that from ball Challenge, Weber spoke briefly liamson took third on rings with a
Purdue, Northwestern and Wisconsin.” about Simpson’s status. 14.950.
But fi rst, No. 17 Illinois will travel to “I’ve said from the beginning, The overall performance was
University Park, Pa., to take on No. 61 he’s got a lot of talent,” Weber said. subpar for Illinois, which post-
Penn State on Friday. “He’s trying to get himself straight ed a national qualifying aver-
After that, the stage is set for the Illi- academically, and then we’ll have to age of 358.030 during the regular
ni (14-8, 6-0) to head over to Columbus, make a decision, he’ll have to make a season.
Ohio, to take on the No. 5 Buckeyes (25- decision, and we’ll go from there.” The team fi nals begin Friday
1, 6-0) for the possible lead in the Big According to the press release, night in Westpoint, N.Y., at 6 p.m.
Ten standings. Simpson plans to complete the spring
“I don’t want to make that the decider semester at the University.
if this is a good season or not,” senior
Marek Czerwinski said. “But, I’d love The women’s basketball program
to win there. That would be good to get
D\eËj^pdeXjk`ZjX[mXeZ\jkf announced Wednesday that guard
some payback, but we have to take it one D@:?8<CJK<@EK?<;8@CP@CC@E@ E:88:_Xdg`fej_`gjk\XdÔeXcj Fabiola Josil will transfer.
step at a time.” @cc`ef`jËDXi\b:q\in`ejb`i\kliejk_\YXcc[li`e^k_\dXkZ_X^X`ejkD`ee\jfkXXkk_\B_Xe After posting a score of 354.050 The sophomore point guard played
However, Illinois cannot afford to over- Flk[ffiK\ee`j:fdgc\ofeJXkli[Xp%K_\k\Xdn`cc_\X[kfG\eeJkXk\Xe[F_`fJkXk\k_`j on Thursday, the No. 1 Illinois men’s in 62 games in two seasons with the
look a young Penn State squad, which is =i`[XpXe[Jle[Xp#i\jg\Zk`m\cp#_fg`e^kfgi\j\im\k_\`ile[\]\Xk\[i\Zfi[`ek_\9`^K\e% gymnastics team was among three Illini. She averaged 3.2 points and
14-7 overall and 2-4 in the Big Ten. teams to advance to the NCAA team 1.7 rebounds per game as an Illini.
The Nittany Lions come in with a 2- impressive in wins over Minnesota and to pick up a win. fi nals. “I would like to thank the coach-
7 record against ranked opponents but Iowa last weekend. “Every single match we’ve seen him The Illini fi nished second to No. ing staff, especially Coach Law, for
are very hard to beat at home, as they Penn State will also send out Guillau- play we’ve seen good things,” Danc- 4 Stanford (359.000) and ahead of the opportunity that they blessed me
hold a record of 12-1 at the Sarni Ten- me St-Maurice, who has been plagued er said. “It’s just not constant enough. No. 5 Ohio State (346.800), both of with,” the Coral Gables, Fla., native
nis Center. by inconsistency recently. He holds a You’ve seen these amazing things, great whom also made the cut. Three said in a press release. “I also want
They are led by No. 98 Eddie Bour- record of 13-6 in the dual season, usu- athleticism and everything else. You just more teams will join them after to thank the players for always being
chier, who has a record of 13-4 on the ally playing at No. 5 singles, but has also have to stay real constant and Connor Thursday’s evening session. there for me and all of the fans for
dual season and usually plays at the No. lost his last three matches. It will be just has to do a better job at that.” Junior Daniel Ribeiro fi nished their support.”
1 singles spot. He will likely face off a prime opportunity for junior Connor fi rst on the pommel horse with a
against No. 37 Dennis Nevolo, who looked Roth, who has also battled inconsistency, J\\D<EËJK<EE@J#GX^\/9 15.700, sophomore C.J. Padera =ifd;X`cp@cc`e`jkX]]i\gfikj

Guy starts out
shaky but recovers
Freshman starting pitcher Jackie Guy
demonstrated her resilience and maturi-
ty when she didn’t let a rocky start turn
into an early rally in favor
of Eastern Illinois as the
Illini snuffed the Panthers
8-0 in five innings Thurs-
day night at Eichelberger
@CC@EF@J After the young pitch-

/ er hit two batters sand-

wiched around a sacrifice
bunt, the Panthers threat-
ened with two on and one
out early in the first. Guy
ended the threat unscathed
<%@CC@EF@J by forcing Hailee Hanna to

ground out to second before
striking out Amanda Bili-
na, ending the inning and
the potential rally for the Panthers.
“Honestly, I didn’t feel the pressure,”
Guy said. “My defense has always got
my back. I knew we were getting out of
it, I just focused on hitting my spots.”
Guy settled into a rhythm mowing
down the next eight consecutive bat-
ters she faced before her no-hitter was 9I8;D<P<IK?<;8@CP@CC@E@
@cc`ef`jË?fcc`\G`eZ_YXZb*( `jZfe^iXklcXk\[Yp_\X[ZfXZ_K\ii`Jlcc`mXen_`c\ilee`e^[fnek_\k_`i[YXj\c`e\X]k\i_`kk`e^Xk_i\\ile_fd\iXkk_\_fd\jf]kYXcc^Xd\X^X`ejk<@Lfe
J\\JF=K98CC#GX^\/9 K_lij[Xp%K_\@cc`e`_\X[kfG\eeJkXk\k_`jn\\b\e[kfgcXpXknf$^Xd\n\\b\e[j\i`\jX^X`ejkk_\E`kkXepC`fej%

9`^n`ej_\cgYl`c[ @m\ijfe1K_\8ejn\ikfiXZ\`eLJ
@cc`ef`jËZfeÔ[\eZ\ I@:?D8PFI
love with Allen Iverson. It was
his third college game ever. I
was six years old. I`Z_ËjZfcldeXYflk8cXe
Early runs key to success 9Xjb\kYXcc
So over the next few years,
naturally, I read up on him. ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾
I learned that Iverson, as a
9P:F;PN<JK<ICLE; junior in high school, had been son has become, over his illus-

JK8==NI@K<I ou are Allen Iverson. jailed for four months in his trious NBA career, pound-
For the fi rst time since 2008, the Illinois base- For those of you who hometown of Hampton, Va., for-pound one of the greatest
ball team enters a Big Ten series having won didn’t see it, Steve James for taking part in a racially- players to ever step foot on
a pair of midweek contests. A big key to that? (of “Hoop Dreams” fame) made charged brawl at a bowling any court anywhere. He has
Scoring early runs. a documentary for ESPN’s “30 alley. The primary charge was also become, in my opinion,
After being outscored a combined 7-0 in the for 30” series called “No Cross- that Iverson, a blue-chip bas- the strongest lightning rod of
fi rst inning of three games at Iowa last weekend, over: The Allen Iverson Trial.” ketball and football player, had racial relations in America
the Illini got the early advantage in wins against The film premiered Tuesday allegedly thrown a chair at an today.
Eastern Illinois on Tuesday and Southern Illi- night on ESPN. innocent white girl in the midst If you watched James’ phe-
nois on Wednesday, grabbing 4-0 leads within
the fi rst three innings of each game.
“Scoring early runs is huge, and our pitchers
I knew exactly how I was
going to feel after seeing it,
because I already knew the
of the melee, knocking her
I don’t remember if I told
¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ nomenal documentary, you’d
know what I mean. Iverson is
every black stereotype rolled
throwing strikes is huge,” said sophomore cen- story. I’ve been a fan of Iver- my parents that I had learned into one. He is the embodi-
ter fielder Willie Argo, who has a .396 average son’s since his very first days this information at such a ment of black American cul-
and leads the team with 30 runs and 26 stolen D@:?8<CJK<@EK?<;8@CP@CC@E@ at Georgetown. My family is young age, but I doubt it. When ture over the past 30 years. He
bases from the lead-off spot. @cc`ef`jËN`cc`\8i^f+) kXb\jf]]kfnXi[k_`i[feXÕp friends with Tommy Klein- I played NBA Live 97 on Sega is basketball, he is hip-hop. He
Illinois (15-13, 3-3 Big Ten) would be wise YXcc[li`e^k_\^Xd\X^X`ejkD`jjfli`Xk9ljZ_JkX[`ld schmidt, a phenomenal play- Genesis, Iverson was the only is everything that is right with
to grab early leads again this weekend, when `eJk%Cfl`jfe8gi`c.%8i^fc\X[jk_\k\Xdn`k_*'ilej er in his own right, who, at guy I made sure I had. I even sports, and everything that is
Michigan (20-11, 4-2) invades Illinois Field for Xe[)-jkfc\eYXj\jk_`jj\Xjfe% DePaul, played against Iverson. got the first Reebok “Question”, wrong with it. He is a threat
a three-game conference series beginning Fri- I remember Tommy’s senior Iverson’s signature rookie shoe, to whites and a triumph for
day night. year, when he met freshman before he became The Answer. blacks. He is a threat to blacks
The Wolverines sit in a three-way tie for fi rst doing well, and that’s also giving us a lot of Iverson’s Hoyas early in the I loved him then, because and a triumph for whites. He’s
in the bunched-up Big Ten standings, with the confidence.” season. Up until that point, he played the game hard and everything.
Illini trailing just a game behind . Indeed, the pitching has been solid of late, Michael Jordan was my favor- did it with no emotion spared. Let me take you on a little
With the midweek success, the Illini say they giving up 15 runs in the last four games after ite player and Tommy was sec- Iverson joined my other favor- sidebar. My friend Courtney
are building confidence. allowing 25 in the previous three. ond. Nobody else was close. ite professional athletes of the and I, who have gone to Six
“These two wins give us a lot of momentum,” Echoing Cappetta’s sentiments was freshman But, being the dedicated Blue time, Jordan and Ken Griffey Flags: Great America at least
junior Pete Cappetta said. “We’ve already got Matt Milroy, who played his part on the mound Demon fan I was, I sat down Jr. All three were — and five times together in the past
two more under our belts going into the big week- and watched that game with my remain — black.
end series with Michigan. Our pitching’s been J\\98J<98CC#GX^\/9 dad — and promptly fell in fan- Flash forward to today. Iver- J\\D8PFI#GX^\/9
)9 =i`[Xp#8gi`c(-#)'(' K_\;X`cp@cc`e` s nnn%;X`cp@cc`e`%Zfd

9PI@:B>8EF this year.” Weber tied for second among
K?<8JJF:@8K<;GI<JJ Hossa, who needed shoulder NHL defensemen with 16 goals
CHICAGO — Marian Hossa surgery after joining the Black- this season, including three game-
knows how difficult it is to get to hawks, finished with 24 goals and winners. Suter has been an iron-
the Stanley Cup finals. He also 27 assists in 57 games this season. man for the Predators. He played
knows how heartbreaking it can After scoring 40 goals for the Red in every gem this season and has
be once there. Wings last season, he played with a streak of 203 straight games dat-
Two years ago, playing with the sore shoulder during the play- ing to Jan. 23, 2008.
Pittsburgh, his team lost to Detroit. offs. He managed just six goals “They play well defensively.
Last season, while with the Red in 23 postseason games — none They play a team game and they
Wings, he fell short against the in the finals. try to kind of frustrate you,” Hos-
Penguins. Two straight trips to the “He’s a guy who wants to win sa said. “They try to play a simple
championship round, two losses. and play for good hockey teams. game. Nothing is open basically
Now he’s in the postseason for He’s done that his whole career,” because they play so tight.”
the third season in a row with a Nashville center David Legwand Although the Blackhawks and
third team after signing a 12-year, said. “That’s something to say Predators are in the same division
$62.8 million contract with the Chi- about him. He always wants to play and played six times this season,
cago Blackhawks, who open Friday for a winner. ... He played through they haven’t faced since Dec. 27.
against Nashville Predators. pain in the playoffs last year.” The Predators were 2-4 against
“You’re always hungry,” Hossa Hossa and top scoring threats Chicago this season with one vic-
said. “In one way it was disappoint- Patrick Kane (30 goals, 88 points) tory at the United Center. Their
ing. ... But I consider myself lucky and Jonathan Toews (25 goals, 68 biggest challenge starting Friday,
because not too many players go points) will have to deal with Nash- other than dealing with the Black-
to the final anyway. It was a great ville defensemen Shea Weber and hawks’ home crowd, will be their :?8IC<J:?<IE<PK?<8JJF:@8K<;GI<JJ
experience, a tough finish, and I’m Ryan Suter and try to solve 6-foot- own playoff history — they are 0- :_`ZX^f9cXZb_XnbjË;ljk`e9p]l^c`\e#i`^_k#Xe[;\kif`kI\[N`e^jË?\ei`bQ\kk\iY\i^m`\]fiXcffj\glZb[li`e^
looking forward for a better finish 5 goalie Pekka Rinne. 10 in road playoff games. k_\Ôijkg\i`f[f]X^Xd\`e:_`ZX^ffeJle[Xp%

DXij_Xccn\cZfd\j Nfd\eËj^fc]cffbj
Zc\XejcXk\`eD`Xd` ]fiZfej`jk\eZpn`k_
Receiver ready to
right thing off the field and stay
on this positive track I’m on, the
move forward after things I’ll do on the field are just
habit to me.”

mistakes in past In Denver, Marshall caught at

least 100 passes each of the past 9PA<JJ@:8>C8;< chmann took the individual title
three years and made the Pro JK8==NI@K<I after playing near flawless golf.
9PJK<M<EN@E< Bowl the past two seasons, yet The Illinois women’s golf team Koschmann says the win has giv-
K?<8JJF:@8K<;GI<JJ he still wore out his welcome. He utilizes the downtime between en her more confidence and that
PLANTATION, Fla. — Bran- clashed with coach Josh McDan- tournaments to help recharge its “it feels great to be playing well
don Marshall walked into the iels and has a long legal record batteries and focus on its next going into the end stretch of the
room with a clean slate and a new that leaves him one strike from ;8M@;Q8CL9FNJB@K?<8JJF:@8K<;GI<JJ tournament, especially focusing season,” but she plans on main-
contract that makes him one of a yearlong suspension. ;\em\i9ifeZfjXi\kiX[`e^Gif9fncn`[\i\Z\`m\i9iXe[feDXij_Xcckfk_\ on the next course it will play. In taining her mind-set.
the NFL’s best-paid receivers. “Early on I made my mis- D`Xd`;fcg_`ej]fiXgX`if]j\Zfe[$ifle[[iX]kg`Zbj%DXij_Xccn`ccÕpkf this case, the Illini had the lux- This tournament features a
No wonder he wore a grin from takes,” the 26-year-old Mar- D`Xd`feN\[e\j[Xp]fiXg_pj`ZXc% ury of less than a week between field that is slightly smaller, with
earring to earring. shall said, pausing to take a deep tournaments. only 12 teams, but the level of
One day after being traded by breath, “and worked through said. “He has learned from his No. 15, worn in Miami by new Despite the short time between competition is still high. Nine of
the Denver Broncos to the Miami those things. I continue to look affl ictions and has accepted the teammate Davone Bess. Mar- events, the Illini spent this week the 12 teams are in the Big Ten,
Dolphins for two second-round myself in the mirror and try criticism that came with that. shall said he’ll be fi ne with a dif- focusing on the course they will including Indiana, Iowa, Michi-
draft picks, Marshall held a 20- to better myself. I’m excited But he also knows that’s his his- ferent jersey. face in the Lady Buckeye Invi- gan State, Minnesota, Northwest-
minute news conference Thurs- about my future. The past is the tory, and not who he has grown “The only number I’m wor- tational in Columbus, Ohio. The ern, Ohio State, Penn State and
day. Charming and gracious, past.” into today.” rying about now is the number team centered its practices on Wisconsin — schools Illinois is
he said all the right things: He Recently married, Marshall The Dolphins haven’t com- of wins we’re going to get next preparing for the par 72, 6,275- going to face again next week at
wants to be the best receiver in credited his wife with much of mented on the trade, but Mar- year,” he said. yard Scarlet Course at the Ohio the Big Ten Championships.
the NFL while helping his new his growth as a person. What has shall said football czar Bill Par- The trade suggests the Miami State University Golf Club. Even though the Lady Buckeye
team win, and because he has he learned from his mistakes? cells’ message to him was simple: regime has embraced the notion “We spent a lot of time with Invitational comes just a week
learned from past mistakes, the “To be more patient, to think “Let’s win some games.” teams win with the pass these putting,” head coach Renee Slone before the Big Ten Champion-
Dolphins need not worry that things through,” he said. “And Parcells had a rocky relation- days in the NFL. Marshall gives said. “Short putts as well as break- ships, with a field that consists
he’ll get into further trouble. the biggest thing is to be more ship with diva receivers Ter- the Dolphins a chance to do so ing putts because the greens do mainly of conference foes the
They’re gambling he won’t. of a professional on the field and rell Owens, Keyshawn Johnson against AFC East rivals New have contours, so we’re really Illini are going to stay focused
Hours after the trade, the Dol- off the field. Having that spot- and Terry Glenn, but Marshall England, with receivers Randy focused on those two things.” on what they can control this
phins gave Marshall a four-year light on you at all times, you have expects no issues with the Dol- Moss and Wes Welker, and the In their last outing, the Illini weekend and not get ahead of
contract extension , and he’ll to make the right decisions and phins regime. New York Jets, with newcomer placed 10th in a 16-team field themselves.
make an average of about $10 say the right things. That’s some- “This may shock you guys, Santonio Holmes. due to a slow start and lack of a “The thing about golf and our
million a year through 2014 . thing I’ve learned. This comes but I’m no prima donna,” he said “Yeah, they’re pretty good,” solid fourth score. In addition to tournaments is that we’re on
If that makes Marshall the with a lot of responsibility.” with a laugh. “I like to get dirty. Marshall said. “I’ve always focusing on the physical aspects different courses and face dif-
face of the franchise, he’s fi ne Marshall’s agent , Kennard I’ll hit the D-end or crack back thought I was in a league of my of the course, Slone said working ferent conditions each week, so
with the role. McGuire, expressed confidence on the linebacker. Mr. Parcells is own. My goal is to be No. 1. Am I to get consistent play and turning everything changes,” Slone said.
“It’s easy for me,” he said. there will be no major missteps the type of guy where if you bust that now? No. But with work and in solid scores is something the “We’re just going to utilize this
“I’ve been playing football since in Miami for his client. your butt and do your job, you’ll dedication I’ll get there. Hope- team will continuously be striv- weekend and focus on ourselves
I was 6 years old. I think I was “He has a sense of peace, he has get along just fi ne with him.” fully it will be this year. I want ing for. and get in three good rounds of
born with a football in my hand. gotten married, things are com- Marshall made no prima-don- to be the best receiver to play Despite the team’s 10th-place golf so that we can go out on a
As long as I continue to do the ing together for him,” McGuire na demands about keeping his this game.” fi nish, sophomore Hailey Kos- good note.”

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• Saturday, April 17 at the Activities & Recreation Center (ARC) on

the U of I campus in the Clements Auditorium at 7pm!
• Free of Charge

Executive Producer, The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric

• Q&A session to follow
*Refreshments to follow

• Come hear this deliberately funny presentation that explains why

laughter genuinely does matter and genuinely does us all good!

• Analyses of how we use humor as a deliberate diversion

• Learn the many functions of humor
Dr. Robert Buckman is an
oncologist in Toronto and professor
Monday April 19th, 2010
• How we cope with the top 4 threatening aspects in our lives: at the Department of Medicine
1. Illness at the University of Toronto. His
many accomplishments include:
2. Airlines Canadian Humanist of the year

5:00 p.m.
3. Sex (‘94), 14 published books, current
4. Mothers-in-Law foci on doctor-patient relationships
and breaking bad news, and

 "'s Ballroom

a second career in television
broadcasting. The I-Hotel & Conference Center 1900 South 1st St. Champaign, IL         COLLEGE of MED
K_\;X`cp@cc`e` s nnn%;X`cp@cc`e`%Zfd =i`[Xp#8gi`c(-#)'(' *9

Nfd\eËjk\ee`jj\e`fij Have you ever wondered how a

i\Õ\Zkfe[\m\cfgd\ek multi-media
operation is run?
Illini confident If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you!
going into final
home matches
Last season, when the Illinois
women’s tennis team hosted the
first few rounds of the NCAA
Tournament, senior Megan
Fudge got a surprise visit by
her parents from Germany, •The Board of Directors of Illini Media is looking for two UIUC undegraduate student
who saw her play for the first to serve on its Board.
time in six years. The surprise,
Fudge remembers, brought her
•The Illini Media Board owns and publishes the Daily Illini, Buzz alternative weekly magazine,
to tears. the Illio yearbook, the Technograph magazine, and owns and operates WPGU-FM.
With the Illini set to host their •Among other essential duties, the Board establishes general guidelines for the operation
final home matches of the regu- of the company, selects student managers, sets advertising rates and publication schedules,
lar season this weekend — and and approves the budget.
unsure yet if they’ll host the first •Applications may be picked up at Illini Media, 512 East Green Street, Champaign,
few rounds of the NCAA again —
it will be a bittersweet weekend
or email for an electronic copy.
for Illini seniors Fudge, Kristina •All applications are due by 5pm on Monday, April 19, 2010.
Minor and Christine Stromberg.
It may also be Fudge’s parents’
last chance to see their daugh- AFJ?L89<:BD8EK?<;8@CP@CC@E@
ter play college tennis. @cc`e`D\^Xe=l[^\Z\c\YiXk\jX]k\in`ee`e^Xgf`ek[li`e^k_\dXkZ_X^X`ejk



“I highly, highly doubt that Gli[l\Xkk_\B_XeFlk[ffiK\ee`j:fdgc\ofe8gi`c+%K_\knfdXkZ_\j
they’re coming this weekend, k_`jn\\b\e[n`ccY\k_\j\e`fiËjcXjk_fd\dXkZ_\j`e_\iZfcc\^\ZXi\\i%

unfortunately,” the Kaarst, Ger-
many, native said. “It’s a long nationally heading into the week- Wednesday’s practice. “We’re    

trip over, and both my parents end. “We barely won any match- in a good place, we’re prepared,

are going to be working, that’s es; we barely had any players to we’re ready to go. We actually
what they told me. You never play in matches. It was a total- wish today was Saturday. We’re    
know, though, they surprised me ly different team than we have itching to play Ohio State. We’re

last year. We’ll see.” now. Now, we have enough play- excited for our seniors.”
After win- ers. We have “Ohio State, you know, the last

ning two too many play- couple of years we’ve always had
matches last
ÈK_`jk\Xd`j ers that want an intense rivalry with them.
weekend, the
Illi ni (11-7,
to play. That’s So we expect nothing less than
the problem. that,” she added.

5-1 Big Ten) That’s a good For junior Marisa Lambro-
ju mped
spots in the
i`^_kefn%N\Ëi\`e problem. We poulos, that rivalry stems from
work harder. her memory of the last two sea-
national rank- Our work ethic sons playing the Buckeyes.
ings. Now sit- has increased Back in 2008, the Illini upset
ting at No. 26, tremendously the Buckeyes twice, once dur-
the Illini have gi\gXi\[#n\Ëi\ over the last ing the regular season and again
their highest
ranking of the i\X[pkf^f%É
four years.” with a 4-3 comeback during the
Illinois will quarterfinals at Big Tens. When   
season. take on No. 33 the teams met last season, the
Fudge still D@:?<CC<;8JJF# Ohio State (16- Illini again upset the Buckeyes.
remembers nfd\eËjk\ee`j_\X[ZfXZ_ 6, 3-3) on Sat- On Saturday, Illinois no longer
four years ago urday and Penn plays the underdog and hopes to
when the Illini State (4-13, 0-6) make the weekend special for
just wanted to be ranked. Now, on Sunday. With just four match- its seniors.
she said her team is “looking es left in the season, Illinois is

top 20.”
“To be in their positions, like
at a program that wants to be tied with No. 9 Northwestern for a year from now, it would be sad
second place in the conference that it’s your last home match,”
“My freshman year, we standings. Lambropoulos said. “Like, I
weren’t ranked; we weren’t even “This team is extremely con- can’t believe I have one year
close to getting ranked,” said fident right now,” head coach left, and for them, I don’t really   
Fudge, who is ranked No. 90 Michelle Dasso said after know how they’re feeling.”

9PA<==B@IJ?D8E Wisslead said. “I’m hoping that “Now is the time to step up in
JK8==NI@K<I someone is going to push me order to put yourself in a position
One of the perks of compet- pretty hard. I don’t care if I get to run at Big Tens,” Turk said. “I
ing in collegiate athletics is that beat, I just want to run a (per- expect to see some quality perfor-
the athletes get to travel to plac- sonal best).” mances and for the guys to keep
es that they otherwise may not While the meet will have tough climbing up the ladder.”
have. competition across the board, Turk is also challenging his
“Being taken to another part McHugh is looking forward to 4x100 meter relay to show what it
of the country I’ve never been competing against last year’s can do against Iowa’s relay team
is always cool,” junior Matt NCAA runner-up in the hammer with Riley running at LSU. Fresh-
McHugh said. throw, Walter Henning of LSU. man Bai Kabba will replace Riley
McHugh, along with two other “I don’t look at how big a meet for the meet.
Illini, will venture south to Baton is or how many people are there, “Iowa is a solid, well-round-
Rouge, La., to compete at LSU’s I look at where I’m supposed ed team,” Turk said. “It’ll be
Alumni Gold Invitational. to be according to my seasonal close. I expect to see some good
Outside of the nice weather, progression,” McHugh said. “At performances.”
the meet will also bring some of the same time, I’m really look- Others competing at Iowa are
the top competition for the trio of ing forward to throwing against the 4x400 meter relay made up
McHugh, sophomore All-Amer- Walter Henning, and the compe- of Kabba, juniors Dan Jones and
ican Andrew Riley and junior tition at LSU will be better than Shane Daniel, and freshman Mal-
Cody Wisslead. most meets.” colm Taylor. The relay is current-
McHugh is ranked 29th in the The rest of the Illinois team ly ranked third in the Big Ten.
nation and tops the Big Ten in the will head to Iowa City for the Iowa Junior Oz Lifshitz is scheduled
hammer throw, while Wisslead is Invitational. The Orange and Blue for the triple jump and junior
ranked fourth in the Big Ten in will join Western Illinois, Drake, Casey Fonnesbeck will be in the
the 400-meter hurdles. Riley is Marquette, Northern Iowa and shot put and hammer throw.
looking for a performance that Chicago State at Iowa’s Francis “While they might not be at
could get him into the rankings X. Cretzmeyer Track. LSU this weekend I never want
after false starting in the 110- Interim head coach Mike Turk the guys to take an opportunity
meter hurdles in last week’s Pepsi said Iowa will serve as an opportu- lightly,” Turk said. “No matter
Invitational. nity for his athletes to gain expe- what the conditions, you never
“There hasn’t really been any- rience with the Big Ten Outdoor know when you could have some-
one that’s pushed me so far,” Championships approaching. one qualify for nationals.”




+9 =i`[Xp#8gi`c(-#)'(' K_\;X`cp@cc`e` s nnn%;X`cp@cc`e`%Zfd

Wisdom teeth bugging you?

When wisdom teeth come in, the result is often painful and damaging to other
teeth. This time of year, it is not unusual for students to have trouble with their
wisdom teeth. Stress and lack of proper rest and diet seem to act as a catalyst
for wisdom tooth flare-up.

At Affiliates in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, the removal of wisdom teeth is

done as an outpatient surgery and is often covered by student insurance.

Affiliates in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Michael Ozment, D.D.S.

3112 Village Office Place Theron C. Waisath, D.M.D.
Champaign, IL 61822

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9P8E;I<NJ<C@>D8E Del Negro twice in the chest,
K?<8JJF:@8K<;GI<JJ grabbed his tie and had to be
512 E. Green Street, In The Heart of Campus CHICAGO — It may seem like restrained in a confrontation Store Hours: a colossal mismatch, a four- or over Noah’s minutes after the
217.337.3116 Mon–Sat: 9am–6pm, Sun: Noon–5pm five-game exercise before this March 30 home game against
wild season ends for the Chica- Phoenix. Del Negro, according
go Bulls. to the site, did not retaliate fear-
The way Joakim Noah sees ing his contract would be voided
it, everyone else could be in for and it would hurt future opportu-
a big shock. Particularly LeB- nities. The Bulls also hired law-
ron James and the Cleveland yers to interview witnesses.
Cavaliers. The Bulls got a crucial victo-
“Everybody thinks we’re going ry over Boston on Tuesday and
to get our (butts) whipped. And secured the eighth seed in the
you know what, we’re going to try playoffs by beating Charlotte on
to shock the world. That’s what Wednesday, after another chap-
we’re going to try to do. That’s ter got added to the Del Negro-
pretty cool, I think.” Paxson story.
Beating Cleveland in the first report-
round of the playoffs would be ed Del Negro initiated the con-
nothing short of stunning, the tact, which he denied. And
most dramatic and unlikely general manager Gar Forman
twist in a season that’s seen its acknowledged an altercation in
share. a statement.
The most recent, of course, The players, meanwhile,
was the altercation between shrugged it all off.
coach Vinny Del Negro and exec- Kirk Hinrich called it “a non-
utive vice president of basket- issue to us.”
ball operations John Paxson, but “We still had to go out and do
there were plenty before that. what we had to do,” he said. “That
There were struggles early was our focus.”
in the season and a lukewarm Derrick Rose added: “Usually
endorsement of Del Negro from when you come into the game or
management, fueling speculation you practice, your normal life
that his days in Chicago were goes away. Basketball is where
numbered. There was a run by you can escape all the things
the Bulls. Then, there was a 10- you think about normally in the
game losing streak. day.”
Noah was sidelined during that On Thursday, the Bulls had a
stretch because of plantar fas- day to rest, if not reflect on this
ciitis in his left foot, an injury wild ride.
that kept him out of 18 games “It feels good,” Rose said. “It’s
and ultimately sparked the alter- supposed to feel good like we’re
cation between Del Negro and supposed to be here. All the hard
Art • Music • Performers • Dance • Film • Photography Paxson.
Yahoo! Sports reported Tues-
work you put into it, we’ve had
some ups and downs during the
day that Paxson walked into season, but we fought through it

Friday Is Campus Day the coach’s office and shoved and we’re in the playoffs.”


1301 S Goodwin
8pm: 2 musicians + 2 dancers (Kirstie Simson, Sarah
512 E Green
9am-5:30pm: exhibit highlighting the collaborative
701 S Gregory Place, Suite H
Christopher Logan GraFX Airbrush Art. Airbursh art on
Haas, Liliana Carrizo and Anne Clark) join forces to ÀOPDQGGLJLWDOHIIRUWVRIPHPEHUVRI8,8&9LQWDJH shirts, canvas and other surfaces.
perform for world peace and equality for all women, Analogue/Manual Photographers (VAMP), with a
W Oregon near corner of S Gregory 1103 S Sixth
by Audra Ziegel, part of the Center!s series “Beyond
CENTER, traditional tunes & songs from America, Ireland, French
1210 W Nevada Canadian, Cajun, more.
K?<8JJF:@8K<;GI<JJ Ginobili’s play since February
8:30am-9pm (reception 7-9pm): “Celebrating Asian
SPURLOCK MUSEUM, SAN ANTONIO — Forget that forced the Spurs to sign him to
American Heritage Through Art” showcases mixed KRANNERT CENTER FOR THE the San Antonio Spurs are coming a 3-year, $39 million extension
media by local artists including Hermia Soo, Hua Nian, 600 S Gregory
Lei Zhang Shanbhag, Siti Mariah Jackson-Sullivan, PERFORMING ARTS, 9am-9pm: “International Art” exhibit by the Half-Day off their worst regular season in last week, after it long appeared
Dennis Roberts, Daniel Smith, Ian Wang, Annie Sit, 500 S Goodwin 4!s Class at the U of I Child Development Laboratory. 13 years, or that Tim Duncan was they would let him become a free
4-8:30pm: Robert E Brown Center for World Music
Rajni Shinghal, Kuldeepa Vartak Mehta, Mei Ling Film Showings, Knight Auditorium: 1:45, 4:30 and 6pm: a rookie when they last began the agent this summer for the first
Spring Concert @ KCPA Ampitheatre
Johnston, Sujata Dey-Koontz and Rashmi Kapoor.
6:30-7:30pm: Duke of Uke @ Panera Courtyard, 616
“Through the Lens of History: Teaching, Learning, and playoffs on the road. time in his career.
Using History in the 21st Century,” 2009 documentary, Coach Gregg Popovich, in his The Spurs had been skittish
Green St., Champaign 58 min, by Anne Lukeman and Dr. Carol Symes.
BELLA MIA BOUTIQUE, 8:45pm & 9:30pm: They!re in There @ building Examines how students and teachers interact with and
typically dry we’ll-win-or-we- about Ginobili’s health and dura-
1422 S Neil stairwell, KCPA west stairs & patio learn from history, using the U of I as a case study. won’t way, flatly summed up why bility. Now they’re counting on
9am-8pm: hand-painted silk scarves, ties, framed 7:30pm: “Stuck Like Chuck” (not suitable for children, that doesn’t matter. him to get them through the play-
paintings and women!s clothing by Loba C. Chudak. mature content), by Jerry Cavallaro. Dialogue-heavy “I always feel better going offs as a No. 7 seed, the lowest in
LUTHERAN CAMPUS CENTER, romantic comedy about two college students – an into the playoffs when Manu is the Duncan era.
ST ANDREWS, 909 S Wright DZNZDUGÀOPPDNHUDQGDKRWÀOPJHHNWKURZQ healthy,” he said. “What happened in the last cou-
CANOPY CLUB, 7:30-10pm: Champaign Arts Showcase, featuring a together for a single night. He hasn’t been able to say that ple months made them think I had
708 S Goodwin display of visual arts/architecture and a series of musical
7-11pm: PechaKucha Night Champaign-Urbana, performances in 2 rooms, samples of cooking and poetry in two years. to stay,” Ginobili said.
hosted by Champaign-Urbana Design Organization. readings. UNIVERSITY YMCA, For the first time since San So important is Ginobili, whose
Cover charge $5/advance, $7/door. Doors open 7pm 1001 S Wright Antonio won their last cham- brilliant second half of the season
with music by DJ Mertz; show starts 8:20pm. 11pm 4-6pm: “Strategic Planning for Activists: Personal Maps pionship in 2007, Ginobili will has carried San Antonio to a 17-8
after-party with sketch comedy troupe Fishing with RARE BOOKS AND MANUSCRIPT for Social change,” an open workshop with Change begin the playoffs fully healthy record since March, that Popov-
Dynamite. PechaKucha Nights are informal, fun LIBRARY/MAP AND GEOGRAPHY of State Performance Project. Want large-scale social Sunday in Game 1 against Dallas, ich sat his second-leading scorer
gatherings where creative people get together for a change but don!t understand how to make the leap
LIBRARY in a rematch of last year’s first- in Wednesday’s regular season
live, high-energy event to share their ideas, works, from "big picture! to daily life? Learn how to create
passions, holiday snaps – just about anything – in the 1408 W Gregory, Rooms 346 and 418 a personal map that connects today!s actions to round series that the Argentine finale against the Mavericks.
PK format: 20 images x 20 seconds each. 9am-5pm (3pm reception), Room 346: “The Mysterious tomorrow!s social movements. missed entirely. The Spurs still had a chance at
Stranger: The Marketing of Mark Twain,” to mark the No more sore left ankle. No moving up to No. 6 in the West.
175th anniversary of Mark Twain!s birth and the 100th fractured right ankle. No strains Duncan also sat out, though over
FAT CITY BAR AND GRILL, anniversary of his death. 9am-4pm, Room 418: “Meet URBAN OUTFITTERS, or aches. the last two years, San Antonio
505 S Chestnut the Atlas,” celebrating the acquisition of “Earth Atlas,”
the world!s largest limited edition atlas ever produced
507 E Green What the Spurs have instead has seized every chance to rest
10pm-2am: DJ Mondo, hip hop dj, and Miss Bri, hip 12-9pm: “Songbirds,” exhibit of original pieces by
hop female vocalist. Sound/effects by Knox Array and exploring various contemporary award-winning is Ginobili playing through one his creaky 33-year-old legs when-
S.J. Hart, courtesy of Kasia Kay Art Projects. Highly
Event Production. atlases & more. the most dazzling stretches of his ever possible.
composed scenes alluding to traditions in Victorian
portraiture, botanical illustration and printmaking. eight-year career. The 32-year- Ginobili was fine, but Popovich
old is averaging 21.4 points since took no chances.
the All-Star break, eight points “We’ve had playoffs where Tim-
better than the first half. my hasn’t played, where Manu
“That’s the kind of play we hasn’t played, where Timmy’s
expect from him,” Duncan said. been half-speed, where Manu’s
“I know he’s been working hard to been half-speed for a variety of
get back to that level. To see him reasons,” Popovich said.
K_\;X`cp@cc`e` s nnn%;X`cp@cc`e`%Zfd =i`[Xp#8gi`c(-#)'(' ,9


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employment rentals Furnished/Unfurnished Furnished Furnished Furnished Furnished Furnished
Available Fall 2010
BEST OFFER 209/211 E. Clark, St., C. 1107 S. 508, 510, & 5th & 807 to 809
Full time Furnished/Unfurnished 1 BR Loft $625-$650/mo W. ILLINOIS, U
2 BR
3 BR
pets allowed
Aug 2010. 1 bdrms near Armory &
ARC. Window A/C, laundry, rents STOUGHTON, August 2010. The BEST LOCATED
Aug 2010. 1 Bdrms corner of Lin-
coln & Illinois. Window A/C, Laun-
1405-1407 W. KIRBY, from $395/mo to $420/mo. Parking campus - period. Here's the best
Individuals needed to paint campus C.
4 BR
Campus. 367-6626
211 E. Clark St., C.
$35/mo. Call for showing times. C. part: (8%+'/%+'3 $400/mo to $425/
mo & 1 bedrooms $550/mo. Parking
dry, Rent $550/mo. Parking $50/mo.
Call for showing times.
BARR REAL ESTATE, INC August 2010. Huge 1 bdrm plus den. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC.
apts. from mid-May to mid-August. Attractive Colonial building, on bus- Available August 2010 available at $50/mo. Call for show-
4 bed/1 bath 356-1873 Close to Engineering & C/S. A/C, 356-1873
Previous experience a plus. line. Available Now and April 1st 2 Laundry, Parking $55/mo. Rent from ing times.
$9.50/hr. Stop by Roland Realty, BRs from $460 to $525/mo. Also $620/mo to $655/mo. Call for show- BARR REAL ESTATE, INC.
313 E. Green (corner of 4th and available, apartments for August pets allowed
2 Bedroom Units ing times. 356-1873
%"&#",##% 2010. 1 bedroom from $415/mo.
Various locations: Colony West, BARR REAL ESTATE, INC.
Large 2 bdrm corner apts approx
739 sq. ft. $460/mo, Remodeled 1316 Alms, 1600-1700 W. Union St., 356-1873
Champaign and 701 W. Indiana,
$1000-3200/month to drive new cars
with ads.
$480/mo. Interior 2 bdrm apts. from
$440/mo, Remodeled $460/mo. Urbana. Rents range from $700 to
$1000 per month depending on
103 E. DANIEL, C.
Avail Aug 2010.  0#'/ %(* +(
$50/mo to furnish. Central A/C, car-
pet, laundry, parking avail. Call for location and amenities. Frat Park. '+  &( Call () LOCUST, C 906 W. Clark, U. APARTMENTS, C.
City of Champaign showing times. Call 384-0333 or 840-6860.
Aug 2010. Huge one bdrms, Win- GIGANTIC Aug 2010. 1 bdrms at Third & Greg-

Computer Services Specialist

dow A/C. Rents from $380/mo to
$405/mo. Parking $20/mo. Call for
509 W. MAIN, 1 Bedroom
Fully Furnished one bedroom
ory. Window A/C, laundry, rents from
$390/mo to $415/mo. Parking $35/
METCAD Department
Starting Salary: $51,160 - APARTMENTS 420 ...)))(& showing times.
URBANA apartment only 2-1/2 blocks from
mo. Call for showing times.
$57,102/year Furnished BARR REAL ESTATE, INC.
Aug 2010. 1 bdrm apts. From campus! High speed Internet
included. Washer and dryer in the
Deadline: April 25, 2010
205 EAST 105 E. John, C.
$415/mo to $445/mo. Laundry, Win-
dow A/C, Parking, $45/mo. Call for apartment. Available Aug 2010.
For full job information, or to apply, Now Leasing! Fall 2010. Large 1, 2 bedroom fur- showing times. $640/month.
City Employment section
HEALEY, C. Gentry Square Apartments
Quiet Community in SW Champaign
nished, great location. 352-3182.
!0 , $*+, 
Advantage Properties
August 2010. Huge 1 bdrm apts.    GROUP
Window A/C, Parking $40/mo. To 2 Bedroom Apartments & Townhom-
JOBS IN PUBLISHING furnish $50/mo additional. Rents
from $425/mo to $495/mo. Call for
es 10 Gold Bus Route to Campus 311 E. WHITE, 1107 S.
Full-time openings for
general and technical copy
showing times.
1006 S. 3rd, C. CHAMPAIGN 1005 S. Second, C. EUCLID, C
Avail Aug 2010. Large !1$ ($ , 
       Fall 2010 studio and 4 bedroom Aug 2010. 1 bdrms near Armory &
editors and project managers. Fall 2010 1 bedroom.
356-1873 &), -)  %'(  (- +. +)' A  penthouse. Secured building. Pri- ARC. Window A/C, laundry, rents
Go to Location, location. Covered parking, 
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for details. 3rd and Clark laundry, furnished, patios. Value +* -&&!)+,#)0$("-$' , At 401 E. Chalmers! Rent includes:
*+$$("!1 - $+,-  $35/mo. Call for showing times.
Not for summer only. August. Beautiful, furnished, 3 and 4 *+$$("!1 - $+,-  ALL utilities and 70 channels of
Graduates encouraged to apply. bedroom apts. Plasma TV, wood    GROUP
808 S. )!!#$ Excellent. $800-$1100/month
Ted. 766-5108
000+++ )'
ternet. or
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HELP WANTED 020 Aug 2010. Classic Building- across

from Jimmy John's on Lincoln Ave.
April Hot Pick
FULLY ACCESSIBLE April Hot Pick NEW 3 BDRM April Hot Pick April Hot Pick
Part time APARTMENT!
Great Summer Job
Hardwood Floors, Laundry, Call for
showing times.

52 E. Armory

2 Bedrooms from $599

NEWER 1BR! 813 W. Springfield

2 Bedrooms $475/person
103 E. Chalmers

2 Bedrooms
104 N. Lincoln

4 Bedrooms
808 W Illinois, U. C/A, W/D, D/W
Top Pay 
 4 Bedrooms from $899
From $579 1st & John - Campus! From $600 From $729
Lifeguards "0+*.(
-/ No Pets $750 Available Aug 2010
All Chicago Suburbs BARR REAL ESTATE, INC Call BMI today! (217) 390-9900
Call Today • 217.898.5989 Call Today • 217.898.5989 Call Today • 217.898.5989 Call Today • 217.898.5989
No experience/will train and certify   WWW.PPMRENT.COM · 351-1800
Look for an application on our web-
630-692-1500 x 103
34 MAIN, C.
Available August 2010. Amazing 2
bedroom units in the heart of
downtown Champaign. Units fea-
WORK ON CAMPUS ture hardwood 4++-. designer kitch-
The Daily Illini and Buzz "") ens with granite +0*/"-/+,. central
Advertising Department is seeking  !&.%2.%"-.  20' ceilings
enthusiastic representatives. Appli- with 10' windows and much more!
cants should be organized, depend- Rents from $1300/mo to $1500/mo.
able, motivated and possess strong Call for showing times.
written and verbal communication BARR REAL ESTA
skills. Email resume, spring and 356-1873
summer availability to Tim Aden at or come to
512 E. Green Street, 2nd *! for an
510 S.
Pia's Sports Bar and Grill
Summer bartending and wait staff
Aug 2010. Beautiful luxury 1230 sq.
needed. Perfect job for students! No ft. 2 bedrooms & 3 bedrooms town-
experience necessary. Apply within homes in great location with 2.5
at 1609 W %
 baths, washer/dryers, ceramic tile,
ceiling fans, garages. 3 Bdrm now

$650/mo. and Aug 2010 $825/mo. 2
Learn "$how Me the Cash" System! bedrooms Aug 2010 $800/mo.
#1 TEAM: Call for showing times. BARR REAL ESTATE All of our apartments are 1-4 blocks from Campus
ILLIO 609 W. MAIN, U. • Free Internet 1 Bedroom Apartments
YEARBOOK August 2010. 2bdrm Townhouses-
Furnished $620/mo, Unfurnished • Washer & Dryer in 2 Bedroom Apartments
The Illio yearbook is looking for a
Managing Editor of Writing, Photo $600/mo. 2 bdrm apts- Furnished every unit 2 Bedroom 2 Bath Apartments
Director, Design Director and Writing $545/mo. Parking optional, Central • Dishwasher in most units 3 Bedroom 3 Bath Apartments
Section Editors. A/C, Carpet, Laundry, Call for show-
Go to and ing times. • Furnished
% out part one and part two. Click BARR REAL ESTATE, INC • Air Conditioning


on Illio Yearbook Editorial to % out 356-1873
part two. April Hot Pick


507 S. Fourth
Smith Apartments
self-motivated, goal-oriented stu- 1 & 2 bedroom, furnished or unfur-
nished, FREE gas heat, water, trash 2 Bedrooms Now Renting for August 2010
dents to be a part of our radio adver-
tising sales team, Summer 2010 and removal, basic satellite TV & FREE
From $659 217-384-1925
into the Fall. This is an +0/.% !5
sales position; student salespeople
parking! Pool, tennis court, inside
laundry. On 4 MTD bus routes. Corner of Lincoln & University / 406 N. Lincoln Ave., Urbana
will be actively talking with and pre- Small pet O.K. Ask about our stu- Call Today • 217.898.5989
senting advertising ideas to busi-
nesses in the Champaign-Urbana
dent leases. M-F 9-5:30, Sat. 9-12.
Call 359-3713 or just stop by our of-
area. Students must be able to work 6!# in the red barn, at 2106 W.
a minimum of 15 hours per week. White, C. 201 E. Armory, C................................... $395
This is a major resume-building op-
portunity. A number of WPGU sales
alumni have used this position to
catapult themselves into major mar-
ket radio sales positions in Chicago 203 S. Wright 1 Bedroom
and St. Louis immediately after 1 and 2 BR, Best Rates on Campus.
graduation. 610 W. Stoughton, U ........................... $480
If you are serious about preparing

ENORMOUS 1004 S. Locust, C .................... $530, $640

yourself for the world beyond col-
lege, please email Kshipra Datar,
WPGU Student Sales Manager, to
schedule an interview. Please in- ONE BEDROOM · AUG 2010
clude a resume and only apply if you
are serious about taking 305/307/311 W Birch, C. 2 Bedrooms
on new challenges. On-site laundry, 1 parking spot
incl., No Pets from $485
WPGU is a 3000-watt, commercial-
ly-licensed, student run radio station
58 E. Armory, C ..................................... $835
with a listening radius of 45-miles. WWW.PPMRENT.COM · 351-1800
WPGU is a subsidiary of Illini Media, 604 W. Stoughton, U ....................... $1,000
publishers of the Daily Illini, buzz,
Illio, Technograph, and    
  1004 S. Locust, C .................. $730 - $770
Send resumes to
  1009 W. Clark, U ................................... $720
HELP WANTED 030 %"#%"# 511 W. Church, C .................................. $660
Full/Part time  "#"!%#
 '$ ' !
3 Bedroom House (near DT Champaign)
508 W. Park, C ....................................... $850
## ! !$#
& #
Parking available, laundry available

The Champaign Country Club is
now accepting applications for: (FT/
COOK. Provide top notch service to
our members. Experience is preferr-
ed, but we will train the right per-
son(s). Apply in person 9am-5pm:
1211 South Prospect Avenue,

Fall 2010 Apartments

Champaign, IL


Seasonal Jobs Efficiencies 2 Bedrooms 1 Bedrooms
104 E. John 104 E. John 508 S. First
Quick Cash for Summer
May 19 - June 2 1103 S. Euclid 208/210 E.White 108 W. Charles
15 days to clean/paint 312 E. White 104 E. John 1005 S. First, C: Studio
Apply at 1st and Daniel 1103 S. Euclid 103 E. Healey 1009 S. First, C: 4BR
Roland Realty, Inc. 4 Bedrooms 11 E. Logan 105 S. Fourth 202 E. White, C:
807 S. Locust 310 E. Clark 2BR, 3BR, 4BR
208/210 E. White 3 Bedrooms 507 S. Elm, C. 202 S. Lincoln, U:
merchandise 1103 S. Euclid Studio, 1BR, 2BR
807 S. Locust House 209 Griggs, U: 1BR, 2BR
208/210 E. White 108 E. Daniel
303 E. Clark, C: 1BR
312 E.White
GARAGE SALES 280 905 S. Locust, C: 2BR

ANNUAL HUGE Call for an appointment

Fri. April 16 - 5 to 7:30 - $2
351-1767 217-359-6400
Sat. April 17- 8 to 2 - FREE!
Refreshments served! rentals@
First United Methodist Church
304 S. Race (Green & Race), Urbana 1817 S. Neil, Champaign
-9 =i`[Xp#8gi`c(-#)'(' K_\;X`cp@cc`e` s nnn%;X`cp@cc`e`%Zfd

Furnished Furnished Furnished Furnished Furnished Furnished Furnished Unfurnished

KARMA 706 S. 102 N. GREGORY, U. Reduced: 502 W. 2 BEDROOMS 605 S. Fifth, C. 105 E. Green, 115 W.
Aug 2010. Close to Illini Union. 1 Green, Urbana Near Engineering Campus Fall 2010 WASHINGTON, U
One Bedroom Residences
Downtown Champaign.
LOCUST, C. bdrm $440/mo, 2 bdrms $540/mo.
Carpet, Laundry. Parking $45/mo. Fully furnished 4 bedroom, 2 bath
with ,$# -&%$! tv, full-size
Covered Parking, Cable TV. $750 5th and Green location
Outdoor activity area. 1 bedrooms
CHAMPAIGN August 2010. 1 bdrms. Window A/C,
Aug 2010. Window A/C, covered Call for showing times. Shlens Apartments Aug 2010. Studio apts at First & Laundry. From $360/mo to $495/mo.
August 2010. A Complete regenera- washer/dryer. Walking %&! to 217-344-2901 available. Garage off-street parking, Green. Wall A/C units, laundry. From Call for showing times.
parking $45/mo, laundry. 1 bdrm BARR REAL ESTATE, INC.
tion of living space in DT Cham-  #'%  ""! laundry.%-)*##'! 0,  $315/mo to $325/mo. Parking $35/ BARR REAL ESTATE, INC
$400/mo, 2 bdrms $550/mo. Call for 356-173
paign. These artistically inspired res-  
 S. First, C. mo. Call for showing times.
showing times. 356-1873
idences are fully furnished and fea- "!"%&$" %&!& THE UNIVERSITY GROUP BARR REAL ESTATE, INC.
ture IKEA furniture and cabinetry,
"*/((1((*+.#(+-*#,0, off 356-1873 1007 S. FIRST

street parking and laundry on site. 1108 S. Lincoln, U Aug 2010. Near First & Gregory. 2
511 -513 S. ELM, C.
KARMA is designed to be a fusion of
art and living in a contemporary
Avail Aug 2010. +"% & 1 906-908 bdrm apts from $595/mo. Window A/
C, Carpet, Laundry. Parking includ- Aug. 2010. Corner of W. Green and
urban environment.
$##! "  %% # $ ' "
+"*  !# " 1 $##! S. Locust, C. ed. Call for showing times. 509 Bash Court, C. Reduced: 502 W. Elm in quiet, attractive building with
BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 202 E.  !# '"$* " ' " Call Locust III now offering #" and BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. Fall 2010
Great 3 and 5 bedrooms, Behind Green, Urbana locked security entrance. Large 2
1 bedroom apartments for 2010. bdrm. apts with approximately 770
SPRINGFIELD, C. #$%#)"&!
$$ %&&" Some pet " units. Schedule an
356-1873 Legends. Fully furnished, dishwash- Fully furnished 4 bedroom, 2 bath sq. ft. Free covered parking, laundry
August 2010. 1 bedroom units con- " ers, laundry. Off-street parking. with ,$# -&%$! tv, full-size in building, Central A/C, Gas Heat,
veniently located close to campus. 356-1873 0.0'+%0

-#./,+$5!#0 washer/dryer. Walking %&! to Carpet. On busline. Rent starts at

 #'% #$%"!"!
Rent from $410/mo. Central A/C,
dishwashers, balconies. Call for
www " Balcony in the Trees 309 S. First, C.
$540/mo. Call for showing times.
706 S. FIRST, showing times.
BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. 404 W. HIGH, August, Elm on campus 1+'2#./'04%.,1--.0*#+0/!,*
"!"%&$" %&!& 356-1873
CHAMPAIGN 356-1873 URBANA LARGE 3 217-840-5134 Available Now 4 BR House
Aug 2010. 1/2 blk south of Green. 1
bdrm $430/mo. 2 bdrms from $475/
mo. Window A/C. Parking $40/mo.
Aug 2010. Huge 2 bdrms- 1,100 sq.
ft. W/D in each unit. From $695/mo
BEDROOMS Pretty Good
411 HEALEY, C.
Best Location - Fall 2010
furnished - w/d on site - dishwasher
free parking
512 W. GREEN, C.
Near Engineering Campus Aug 2010. Double security brick
Call for showing times. Ideal for students
to $735/mo. Parking. Call for show- Covered Parking, Cable TV.  
  Spacious 4 bedroom apts. Fully building in excellent location. Large
101 N. BUSEY ing times.
Shlens Apartments
August, Clark on campus furnished, dishwasher, laundry, and
value pricing. Covered parking.
505 S. First St.
on campus
2 bdrm apts with approx 800 sq. ft.
Parking, Central A/C, Carpet, Laun-
217-840-5134 & 102 N. 356-1873
$375/person. Phone 352-3182.
Call 352-7712 dry facilities. On busline. Rents
$530/mo to $550/mo. Call for show-
LINCOLN, U. 209/211 E. Clark, C.
HEALEY COURT Aug 2010. Near Green & Lincoln. 2
bdrm apts from $540/mo. Window
203 S. Sixth, C. 2 bed/1 bath furnished
711 W. MAIN 356-1873
APARTMENTS August 2010. Large 4 bedrooms, 2 111 E. Chalmers, C.
307-309 Healey Court, C.
A/C, Laundry. Parking $45/mo. Call
for showing times.
bath. Balconies, laundry, covered
parking. Starting at $250/person. Of-
August 2010 studio, 1, 4 bedrooms.
$495 until August 2010
Green Street Realty 203 Healey, C. URBANA
BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. Furniture, skylights, off-street park- 24 E. Green St. Suite 10 Fall 2010. Great location on the Furnished studio apartments. Corner
Fall 2010. Behind FU Bar. 2 6#%!2
bedrooms. Parking, laundry. Starting

ing, laundry. Starting at $295/person.
Champaign, IL 61820
(217) 356-8750
park. Private balconies. Fully fur-
nished 3 bedrooms, $310/person.
of Busey Ave and Main St., $495/mo
Leasing for August 2010.
605 S.
First, C.

Parking, laundry, value pricing. Of-
Wampler Property Management
Avail Aug 2010. Upstairs 1 bedroom
352-3182 604 E. White, C. 111 S. BUSEY

1&2  GROUP in converted house. Hardwood 1))+,
and free parking. $425/mo. Call for
Security Entrance MODERN 3 STORY, 2 BATH. GAR-
Bedrooms 352-3182 showing times.
Fall 2010, Large studio, 1, 2
bedroom, Loft Apartment. Furnished,
602 E. Stoughton, C balconies, patios, laundry, off-street 1700 sf 4 BR $1180 Washer/Dryer
307, 310 E. White, C CHAMPAIGN
Fall 2010. Unique 1, 2 bedroom +,&%)#0'/!+,%%)#"2!.  2 Bath, CA, WD 3 BR $990 104 N. Fifth, C.
apartments. Furnished, laundry, in- S. First, C. 1 Block to campus New Kitchens 217-841-5407 307, 309 Clark, C Furnished studio apartments. Block
ternet. 2 Bedrooms starting at $387/ Fall 2010. Large studio, double clos- east of Beckman. Leasing for
person. Parking available. Must see! $1125.00
Flat Screen TV et, well furnished. Starting from August 2010. $395/mo 703 W. Church, C.
106 E. Daniel
 398-1998 217-352-3182
408 E. White, C. $350/mo. Behind County Market. Of-
6"$ 1
Wampler Property Management Aug 2010. Close to downtown in Furnished 2 bedroom apartment for 217-352-1335 quiet location on busline. 1 bdrm August 2010. No pets. $720. THE UNIVERSITY GROUP $440/mo. 2 bdrms. $500/mo. Patio/
352-3182 Balconies, Central A/C, Gas Heat,
714 W. Elm Steve Frerichs
352-3182 Carpet, Laundry in building. Call for
John Street QUIET, MODERN ENGINEERING (217)369-1182 showing times.
April Hot Pick Apartments CAMPUS, 2 BEDROOM, 2 STORY 207/211 John C. 509 E. White, C. BARR REAL ESTATE, INC
402 N. Gregory 58 E. John, C. August 2010. Studio,
2, 3 BR. Great Location, on-site
laundry)*$#'"!0 , 
104 E. Armory August 2010. Large Studio and 1
bedrooms. Security entry, balconies,
two, three bedrooms, fully furnished. 906 S. Oak Fall 2010, 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths
2 Bedrooms Dishwasher, center courtyard, on-
site laundry, central air, parking.
First C.
 GROUP Furnished 4 bedroom (3 bedroom Skylights, leather furniture,
patios, furnished. Laundry, off-street
parking, value pricing. "2! at 309
2 bathrooms Starting at $298/person. with study) apartment. For August #T.V. S. First, C.
398-1998 705 W. CHURCH, C.
From $859 THE UNIVERSITY GROUP 352-3182
2010. Recently remodeled. Laundry
in the apartment. No pets.
Utilities included
$350 per person
THE UNIVERSITY GROUP Aug 2010. Very attractive apts locat- $1340(1200) ed near downtown. On busline.
Call Today • 217.898.5989 352-3182 QUIET The University Group 352-3182
Steve Frerichs !"  Large apts. Balconies or patios. One
TOWNHOUSE GREAT VALUE 217-369-1182 bdrms from $425/mo. Two bedrooms
from $475/mo. Call for showing
April Hot Pick 2 BR quiet townhouse. 1000 SqFt, 306-308-309 White, C
C/A, D/W. Grad neighbors,campus August 2010. Furnished studios, 1, 702 W. Washington, C. 705 W. Stoughton, U times.
48 E. John busline. August $750. 398-1998 2, and 3 bedrooms. Balconies, pati- 1 Bdrm apartment near downtown Fall 2010 BARR REAL ESTATE, INC

4 Bedrooms os, laundry, dishwashers, off-street
parking. Behind County Market. John/Healey Champaign. $526/month. Heat,
water, sanitation, trash and parking
3 bedroom apartment. Spacious liv-
ing area. Communal balcony, great
Furnished 1 & 2 bedroom near John
April Hot Pick Starting at $265/person. included. Lease, deposit, ref requir- backyard. Plus a bar area in kitchen,
From $829 57 E. John
THE UNIVERSITY GROUP & Second $495/mo., Healey & Third
$395/mo., Studios on Healey and
ed. dishwasher, washer/dryer in each

Call Today • 217.898.5989
First $345/mo. Available Now. Call
unit, value pricing.
722 S.
1 Bedrooms from $499 BROADWAY,
2 Bedrooms from $599
BRAND NEW April Hot Pick 352-3182
+ +
+ April Hot Pick
107 E. Springfield
+ + 608 E. White Call Today • 217.898.5989 BUILDING IN 2008! 2 Bedrooms from $525 506 E. Stoughton, C.
August 2010. 1 bdrm apts close to
Campus. Window A/C. Rents $400/
For August 2010. Extra large !1- mo. Call for showing times.
309 N. Busey – August 2010
2 BR Fully furnished, W/D, ethernet
3 Bedrooms 503 E Springfield, C. W/D, D/W,
1 BR walk-in closet, C/A, No Pets
3 Bedrooms from $599
4 Bedrooms from $759
ciency apartments. Security building BARR REAL ESTATE, INC.

From $599 2BR ON FRATERNITY ROW entry, complete furniture, laundry, 356-1873
& parking. Close to Beckman. From $765 Avail Aug 2010 off-street parking, value pricing. Of-
$625/mo. Call Chris anytime. CHAMPAIGN · AUG 2010 WWW.PPMRENT.COM · 351-1800 Call Today • 217.898.5989
1 , #*+,
Call Today • 217.898.5989
+ 841-1996 or 352-3182 + 109 E Chalmers,
on-site laundry, C/A, D/W, balcony, SOUTHWEST
April Hot Pick
ENGINEERING April Hot Pick  

No Pets, $895 PLACE APTS, C.
Deluxe 202 E. Chalmers
CAMPUS · AUG 2010 402 S. Fifth August 2010. Located in SW Cham-
3 BR WWW.PPMRENT.COM · 351-1800
2 Bedrooms from 795 $ 2BR, 1BA, from $655.
4 Bedrooms Old Town paign near Windsor & Mattis. 2 bdrm
Duplexes, Fourplexes, Townhouses
711 W Elm, Urbana
Townhouses 4 Bedrooms from $1500
1BR - $635
located at 1003 W Stoughton C/A, From $959
Champaign and 1 bedrooms. Carpet, gas heat,
central a/c. Some units have w/d's in
• 3 & 4 Bedroom Townhouses 510 S. Elm, C. Available Now & Fall
206 E. Green, C. • Engineering Campus
on-site laundry, Ethernet Incl., No Pets 2010. 2 BR close to campus, units, or laundry in bldg, garages,
dishwashers, disposals, patio/balco-
• 3 Level Townhouse Call Today • 217.898.5989 WWW.PPMRENT.COM · 351-1800 Call Today • 217.898.5989 hardwood 9//12 laundry, W/D, cen-
1 Free Parking Space • 2 Bathrooms
tral air/heat, off-street parking, 24 hr. nies, parking. 1 bdrms from $490/
mo. 2 bdrms from $610/mo to $690/
maintenance. Value pricing. '8$& at
New Energy Efficient
• Balconies off Bedrooms 309 S. First, C. mo. Call for showing times.
Contact Justin at 618-304-8562
• 1 Covered Parking Included BARR REAL ESTATE
A/C and Heat HUGE 1BR
• Additional Parking Available 356-1873
503 - 505 - 508 White Completely Furnished
Ethernet Access • Laundry Onsite
ON GREEN ST • AUG 2 Bedroom with den $790 On-Site Parking & Laundry
• AC/Dishwasher
$420/person/month • Garbage Disposal APRIL SPECIAL•FREE INTERNET
3 Bedroom $830-950 On-Site Resident Manager
1901 Karen Ct, C
Call 621-3430 337-1565 205 E Green, Champaign theuniversity group
706 S. Aug 2010. 2 bdrm apts in SW
Champaign neighborhood near
Water Included · On-site laundry WALNUT, U. Windsor Rd & Mattis Ave. 1 bdrm
from $495/mo, 2 bdrms $530/mo.
No Pets · A/C · Starting $515 August 2010. Close to Downtown
1107 S. Sign a 4 or 5 bedroom lease
Carpet, central a/c, dishwashers,
Urbana, 1 bdrms $510/mo. 2 bdrms
disposals, laundry in building, gas
$540/mo. Central A/C, Laundry.
Fourth and get second for 1/2 price!
heat. Call for showing times.
Parking. Call for showing times.


Place Apartments

Great location. 2 blocks from main

610 W. Elm, U 208 N. Harvey, U 610 W. Elm, U
quad. Leather furniture, hardwood '+!,)+. + Now Leasing for Fall 2010
floors, & flat screen TV. Loft style +%'+##.'+%*-1/
705 W. Elm, U 604 1/2 W. Elm, U
711 W. Elm, U
1 Bedroom Studios 1, 2, 3 Bedrooms. Free Heat
4 and 5 bedrooms, each with 2  #".,,*/1.+'/&#" Luxury Apartments and Water. Landmark Apartments.
Place Apartments

502 W. Main, Urbana IL.

full bathrooms. Great location! #01.#/ #+0.)'.#0
1 BEDROOMS: 4 BEDROOMS: 605 E. Clark 217-384-5876.
Just across from the +0#.+#0.,2'"#" '/&3/&#.'!.,32# 1308 Grandview, C 711 W. Elm, U
U of I Armory. 
.('+%-!#-0 .,/0.###$.'%#.0,. 703 W. Oregon, U ---

1+".4!')'0'#/  #/(/&'./ 2 Bedrooms
theuniversity Available Fall 2010:  )#,,(1- +/'0#+%#*#+0 Hunsinger Enterprises Inc. Green at Lincoln 213 W. Illinois, U
4BR Loft $1520 .-#0#" 3+#.+%#"
Call 337-1565 for an appointment. 102 S. Lincoln, U. Avail Aug 2010. 2 bedroom with 5BR Loft $1800 GREGORY hardwood/vinyl +""$% free parking.
217-352-3182 TOWERS Lincoln
--- Rent $500/mo. Call for a %")!
1 Bedroom Apartments with time.
Now Leasing for Fall 2010!   


1, 2, 3, and 4 Bedroom Properties TennysoN Courtyard ---
804 S. Race, U
Apartments and Houses         3&4 Available August 2010. 1 bedroom
with hardwood +##%& free parking.
D/&&3"/,(%-$! -+ ". 
On or Off Campus
! ,))' .$ 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom Bedroom Rent $460/mo. Call for a showing
Furnished or Unfurnished
&&.%&%.%!-(&/ !
 from $525
48" TV & JACUZZI %% &''"
205 S. Sixth, C.
/''!,*!%& ,))'
Green Street Realty
%( )),*))&
&& ,))' ,))'
 2 Bedroom/1 Bathroom ---
www%%%#!  ,)/*)"&& &/( ,3"%&%.!-

from $600 3 & 4 Bedroom


-!,0%! New Security UNIQUE TRI-LEVEL
24 East Green St., Champaign, IL 61820
D( -%.!'(#!'!(.
TennysoN Courtyard
808 S. Oak, C.
PET FRIENDLY 2BR, 1.5BA, on busline, on-site
111 .,%/' *,.'!(.- )'
--- laundry, Avail July/Aug, limited off
FREE INTERNET IN MOST UNITS street parking, from $675 308 E Iowa, U

Castle on Locust K_\)(.%Zfd
WWW.PPMRENT.COM · 351-1800
*Spring Break Special!!! APARTMENTS 430
Corner 4 Bedrooms - Only $490/person
111 S. Busey Unfurnished


3 Bedroom 1 BR Apts
Townhouse $1125 available now
r+BDV[[JT#BMDPOJFT r$FOUSBM)FBUBOE"JS 2 Bedroom 314 and 316 S. State St.

Bob 217-840-1070 2 Bedroom Units

Loft Townhouse $1050 Rents - $450-$550
2 Bedroom Call 352-7712 CAMPUS · AUG 2010 also Available! Townhouse $860 108 E John, C, huge apt with
hrdwd floors, security door, water incl,
HARDWOOD on-site laundry, No Pets from $585

398-1998 FLOORS WWW.PPMRENT.COM · 351-1800

Near Campus Locations!

2, 3, 4, and 5 Bedroom
610 W Oregon, U · 2BR Houses and Apartments
Just remodeled · New windows
New kitchen · New bath · No pets
W/D in unit · Off-street parking
Now Leasing for the Fall 2010 On engineering &
computer science WWW.PPMRENT.COM · 351-1800
(217) 840-3266
1 Bedroom 2 Bedrooms
311 E. John, C. $435 911 S. Oak, C. $850*
308 N. Orchard, U. $450 609 S. Randolph, C. $830** (Urbana Side)
315 N. Orchard, U. $490 501 W. Springfield, C. $485 Union 3 1/2 Blocks
609 S. Randolph, C. $385** 305 W. Park, U. $450 Grainger 2 Blocks
301 W. Park, U. $500
401 W. Park, U. $565 3 and 4 Bedrooms
403 W. Park, U. $475 609 S. Randolph, C. $1540** 1 Bedroom
405 W. Park, U. $475
901 W. Springfield, U
407 W. Park, U. $550 Houses
610 S. James, C. $1050 $ 540-595
• Laundry Facilities *= Furnished
**= Furnished, utilities and 911 W. Springfield, U
internet included
• Dishwasher/Microwave $ 570-610
TAKE • Intercom Entries All apartments are walking distance to campus. 1004 W. Springfield, U

$1,000 OFF • 24 Hour Emergency • Spacious apartments • Parking available at all

$ 495
3BR LEASE* Maintenance
• Washer & dryer in most units
• Dishwasher in most units
• Apartments can be furnished 2 Bedroom Old Town/Downtown
• Parking • Air conditioning for additional $25-35 per 901 W. Springfield, U Old Town & Downtown locations
$ 695 Convenient to Campus • 1 & 2 Bedrooms
111 S. Lincoln, U Available June - August 2010 • Rents from $405/mo
*Must sign by May 14, 2010 217-359-3527 or 217-841-1481
$ 795-895
Take a virtual tour at Office located at:
610 South Randolph, Champaign For Info: (217) 344-3008 See our website for more info:
For showings call 217.328.3770 to set up an appointment 911 W. Springfield, Urbana
Monday - Saturday 217.328.3770 217.352.8540
K_\;X`cp@cc`e` s nnn%;X`cp@cc`e`%Zfd =i`[Xp#8gi`c(-#)'(' .9




502 East John Street, C. 2 F     630-877-0378. Great Location! 54 E. Chalmers , C. 3 U    847-373-0798: $300, 1-3 BR available in 4 BR apartment
309 E. Daniel St. Apt. 13, C. 2 F    630-651-0482, Beautiful four bedroom 309 E. Green St. , C. 4 F, Walk to the Quad
505 E. Stoughton, C. 3 F, Leasing from Aug '10 - Dec '10 1901 North Lincoln Ave, U. 1 F $450, 1 BR available, utilities incl.
512 S. Third Street, 216, C. 3 F, 847-409-1873, 1 block from Green 502 W. Green St., U. 4 F $350, 1 BR avail, bus(5 Green)

404 1/2 E. White Apt. 1, C. 0 F    217-840-0260: $410, 1 block away from County Market Green Street Towers, C. 4 F $400, 1 block from Quad
616 E Green St, C. 4 F $500, utilities incl, 4 BR 705 S. First St., C. 4 F $350 (negotiable), 1 br available
1109 S. Third Street #202, C. 1 F    219-561-1575: $420, parking available, 1 block from ARC 501 N Randolph, C. 2 U 2 BR, 1BA available now until July 31
307 E White St, C. 1 F This is a lovely studio, very spacious. 202 N Coler , U. 3 U $1200, water/cable incl., semi furnish
103 E. Chalmers, C. 4 F 2 bath, 2 parking spaces incl., loft 806 West Green Street, U. 2 F    Multiple sublets at
410 E. Green St. , C. 3 F $375, parking avail., lots of storage 605 S. Fifth Street, Apt 16, C. 2 F Available for Summer 2010-Convenient
505 E. Healey Apt #117, C. 3 F Looking for 1 more person to fill a 3br 714 W. Elm, U. 2 F Summer sublease available from May 15th
503 East Springfield, C. 2 F, 1 year-old apartment near Legends 1103 S Euclid #50, C. 1 F $400, parking spot incl.
903 S. First St APT 311, C. 2 F $600, parking spot/internet included 508 E. White #4, C. 3 F     708-525-0564: $800, 1 bath, available mid May-August

908 S. State St , C. 1 U $425, Dec-Mar 15, 2011 310 East Springfield Ave, C. 2 F    (626)217-2072,, Burnham 310
606 West Ohio, U. 24 F    217-202-4688: 24 bedrooms, 14 parking spaces 505 E. White St. apt 3, C. 3 F, Walking distance to Engineering

Unfurnished announcements announcements
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BARR REAL ESTATE, INC. Business Chinese

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!"#$%$&"''%()&*++,-.- 1 6
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&311A63D<;E &988:&93;<=>12 A1@=*884712 ?6=151;@ F6=>13CG3:13
(163G47;@47; B1;@368*CB A1@=*884712
F6=>13CG3:13 &311A63D<;E B1;@368*CB
2 7 6
(163!1==18A63D &311A63D<;E
6 8 9 4

Enter the numbers 1-9 in the blank spaces so that
8 1


each row, column and 3x3 square contains only one

of each number. There is only one solution. (solu-

tion in Classifieds and online at

The Daily Illini

/9 =i`[Xp#8gi`c(-#)'(' K_\;X`cp@cc`e` s nnn%;X`cp@cc`e`%Zfd

Coach still hopes to see
improvement in relay
9PD@:?8<CEFID8E Buford-Bailey said. “Alexandria
JK8==NI@K<I Smith was a scorer last year in
The outdoor season has put the triple-jump, so those are cer-
a spring in the step of Tamika tain areas that we are hoping
Robinson. The Illinois women’s can do well outdoors for us.”
track and field junior has won Last weekend, McCaugherty
the 100 meters and 100-meter won the high jump at the SeaR-
hurdles each of the last two ay Invitational with a personal-
weeks. best of 1.75 meters.
Robinson said last weekend’s In the relays, Ryisha Boyd ,
race at the SeaRay Invitation- Ashley Kelly, Latoya Griffith,
al in Knoxville, Tenn., was and Melissa Bates will hope to
more nerve-racking than usual win the 4x400 meter relay for
because of an Olympian running the second week in a row. Mean-
in the same race. while, the 4x100 relay of Cheria
9I8;D<P<IK?<;8@CP@CC@E@ “I ran against her in indoors Morgan, Kelly, Kayla Smith and
@cc`ef`jË;Xe`\cc\Qpdbfn`kq- ]fiZ\jflk<Xjk\ie@cc`ef`jË8e^`\;XeZX(' Xkk_\_fd\jf]kYXcc^Xd\X^X`ejk<@LfeK_lij[Xp% and she helped me run my fast- Robinson will look to fi ne-tune
est time at that indoor meet,” their race.
JF=K98CC “(With) eight strike outs in
five innings, you can’t ask for
I was just really trying to jack it
and it happened to go out.”
back slapped her fi fth home
run of the season in the fourth
Robinson said. “At this meet,
I knew she was an Olympian
“Last weekend, we actually
had some baton exchange prob-
=IFDG8><(9 too much more.” Howell led the Illini offensive- inning — a monster, three-run because she beat me in that 60 lems in the 4x100,” Buford-Bai-
Danielle Zymkowitz got things ly going 2-for-3 with two runs and hit, which increased the Illini’s (meters) and seeing her again ley said. “Hopefully, we can run
broken up in the fourth inning started early for the Illini (29-5) two RBIs. lead to seven. was kind of like, ‘Dang, she’s 44 (seconds), which we haven’t
by a leadoff double from Denee’ in the first inning with a lead off With two outs in the third, a “Our offense has been stel- here!’ I was in lane one and she done in two years.”
Menzione. single and a stolen base — her botched ground ball by EIU’s sec- lar all year,” Guy said. “It’s was in lane five, so I couldn’t see Smith, who will also run in
Illinois head coach Terri Sul- 26th of the season. Next up was ond baseman Jen Saucier kept been pretty awesome knowing her in my field of vision during the 100 and 200 meters, said she
livan has high hopes for her Hope Howell, who took Natalie the inning alive for Illinois. After that no matter what happens out the race.” has been working on her form to
freshman pitcher, and Thursday Wunderlich’s 2-1 offering over two hit batters by Wunderlich there, they are going to put up This week, the Illini will split hopefully help her achieve per-
night’s performance only bright- the center field fence, giving brought Audrey Gallien to the the runs.” between two meets: the Dave sonal bests.
ened those hopes, as Guy pitched Howell her fourth home run of plate with the bases loaded, Gal- Next up for the Illini is a trip to Rankin Invite in West Lafay- “When I get tired, my form
five innings giving up zero runs the season and Illinois the 2-0 lien smacked an RBI single scor- University Park, Pa., where they ette, Ind., and the LSU Alumni just gets sloppy and goes away,”
and only two hits. lead. ing two runs, doubling Illinois’ will face the Nittany Lions of Gold in Baton Rouge, La. Smith said. “I have been run-
“I think Jackie has a really “When we play teams like this, lead to 4-0. Penn State in a two-game week- “Each (meet) kind of high- ning to bring up my knees and to
high ceiling to shoot for,” Sulli- they are obviously not going to The Illini’s offensive firepower end series. lights the areas that we need move my arms when I get tired,
van said. “I think she is going blow it by us,” Howell said. “So was just too much for the Pan- Penn State comes into the to work on,” head coach Tonja so I can make it.”
to develop into a pretty special you really just have to work on thers. They could not stop the series with a record of 26-12 and Buford-Bailey said. “The LSU At Purdue, the distance team
pitcher for us. not getting ahead of yourself ... bleeding when Hollie Pinch- a 5-3 record in the Big Ten. meet is not so much of a dis- will be without senior Ange-
tance meet, so we are sending la Bizzarri , who attended the
some of our distance runners 80th AAU Sullivan Awards
D<EËJK<EE@J 98J<98CC threw three scoreless innings
in a win Tuesday against East-
catcher Chris Berset’s .405 aver-
age, four homers and 29 RBIs.
to Purdue.”
Aja Evans, fresh off her sec-
on Wednesday night. Bizzarri
did not win the award, but was
=IFDG8><(9 =IFDG8><(9 ern Illinois, and he is 2-0 with Head coach Dan Hartleb hopes ond consecutive Big Ten Out- among the five fi nalists chosen
2.35 ERA. his team’s midweek success is a door Field Athlete of the Week to attend the ceremony at the
Ohio State should be a much Wednesday, allowing one run in Strack struggled in his first two sign of the maturity of his squad, award, will make the trip to New York Athletic Club in New
tougher matchup for Illinois as four innings. Big Ten starts, giving up a com- but there’s still work left to do. LSU to compete in the shot put. York City.
the Buckeyes have been a per- “It’s real good to get back- bined 12 runs in seven innings “Every game is important ... I The award was the fi fth of the With the Big Ten Outdoor
fect 17-0 at home this year, with to-back wins going into the big against Penn State and Iowa. don’t think there’s one game more senior’s career, but Buford-Bai- Championships only a month
their only loss on the season weekend with Michigan,” Mil- The rest of the rotation will stay important than the other,” Hart- ley is confident that Evans will away, Buford-Bailey said she is
coming to No. 1 Virginia. roy said. “We’ve got a lot of the same, with freshman Kevin leb said. “I think once players and not be the only Illini field ath- surprised by where her team’s
The Buckeyes have five play- momentum going our way, so Johnson scheduled to pitch Sat- teams understand that and come lete to score points at the Big progression is heading into the
ers ranked nationally and hopefully the whole staff con- urday and Lee Zerrusen set to go out with the same intensity every Ten Outdoor Championships, weekend.
have won each of their past 16 tinues to pitch well.” Sunday. day, that’s when you have great May 14-16. “I think we are ahead of where
matches. In a deviation from the regu- The Michigan team is led by teams. So that’s something we “Kendall (McCaugherty) can we expected to be at this point in
They are led by No. 12 Chase lar rotation, senior right-hander Alan Oaks, who is 3-4 with a 4.02 need to learn.” step up and score some points the season,” Buford-Bailey said.
Buchanan, who has won his last Kevin Manson will get the Fri- ERA, and Brandon Sinnery, who is this year outdoors, and Kawanna “We had such a great meet last
12 matches, usually at No. 1 sin- day start instead of sophomore 3-0 with a 3.34 ERA. Offensively, G\k\iQ\imXb`jZfeki`Ylk\[kfk_`ji\$ Brooks has looked really good weekend that we just want to
gles. It will be another tough righty Will Strack . Manson the Wolverines are paced by senior gfik% in the long and triple-jump,” keep improving off of that.”
matchup for Nevolo to take him
No. 64 Czerwinski has a tough
task of going against No. 41 Jus- D8PFI The jokes aren’t funny,
because people still buy this
to treat human beings precisely
the exact opposite way human
Iverson is shown toward
the end of the film, sitting at a
ica. He has done things he’s
proud of, and things he’s not.
tin Kronauge of the Buckeyes at =IFDG8><(9 stuff. beings should be treated.” Um, small banquet. The gathering is He has a number of great
No. 2 singles. It was weird then, but when I are you kidding me? I have a celebration of the Allen Iver- accomplishments under his
Kronauge has won each of his six years, have a little Great think back at it now, I’m dumb- enough guilt about that, should I son Endowed Scholarship. One belt, and more than one black
last 16 matches and is 24-1 on the America-related inside joke. In founded. This is SIX FLAGS, have to throw it on my four-year- of its most recent recipients, eye. He’s far from perfect.
dual season. the “Southwest Territory” gift one of the most popular (well, I old cousin, too?) a young black male, is giving And, as I was taught right
At the No. 3 spot, the Illini shop, Confederate flags, belt guess formerly popular) amuse- The items may just add flair; a speech for Iverson, thank- around the time I fell in fan-
will send No. 76 Abe Souza, who buckles and cowboy hats are ment chains in the country and a but they might not. They might ing him for everything he’s love with him, that’s what
has won his last seven matches. sold. haven for children. And they’re mean to be offensive; but they done and allowing him to go to makes him special.
Going against him will likely be Since we were 15, we thought selling Confederate memorabilia might not. You don’t know what college. Iverson is crying the Shortly after the scholarship
a player who has won his last six this was odd. We’d make fun in their park? to think. This is the world we live entire time. scene, Joyce Hobson, a black
matches, No. 91 Dino Marcan. of anyone who would buy this I can just imagine a little cous- in. This is the world Allen Iver- “When (the student) talked female teacher at Hampton
While Ohio State is a huge “memorabilia”, imagine talking in of mine wandering into the son personifies. about people acknowledging High simply said, “Allen Iver-
opponent for Illinois, Souza to prospective buyers and say- store, seeing all the bald eagles Said James of his film: “I me for things that I do, I don’t son’s story is a sad story with
pointed out that there are still ing things like, “Robert E. Lee and American flags, then stum- would like viewers to maybe look need people to praise me for an unwritten ending.”
two regular-season matches would be proud of that choice,” bling upon a red flag with a blue at race and sports in a fresh way. that,” Iverson says slowly, tears So I guess, after further con-
after the trip to Columbus. “Didn’t anyone ever teach you “X” across and asking me: “Hey, How the community is changed streaming down his face. “God sideration, Allen Iverson is
“Ohio State is a great oppor- that you can’t succeed if you what’s this mean?” (“Well Ron- by this, why did it happen? knows what I do, and the per- more than just you.
tunity for us,” Souza said. “But secede?” “I didn’t realize we nie Paul, it’s actually the flag Because I do think what went on son that I do it for, they know. He’s us.
we’d still have to beat two more were in Savannah, Ga. circa representative of the Southern in Hampton is a microcosm of And that’s the only thing that
good teams. We’re still undefeat- 1860” and “Guess you didn’t get states that seceded from the rest all that we struggle with around matters.” I`Z_DXpfi`jXj\e`fi`eD\[`X%?\
ed in the Big Ten and we take a the memo: Jefferson Davis isn’t of the country in the mid-19th race in sports, and maybe, race Iverson will always be a sym- ZXeY\i\XZ_\[XkidXpfi)7`cc`e`d\$
lot of confidence in that.” president anymore.” century so they could continue in America.” bol of race relations in Amer- [`X%Zfd%

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