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Speech about kartinis day

Assalamualakum Wr. Wb.

Honorable Mrs. Andri and Mrs. Ifa as my teacher
Dear brother and sister, ladies and gentelment

First of all, lets pray and thank into our god Allah SWT, who has given us mercies
and blessing so we can attend and gether it this place in good condition and happy situation.
Secondly, may peace and salutation always be given to our prophet Muhammad SAW,
the masseger of god who has guided us from the darkhess to the cleverness, from jahiliyah to
islamiyah namely islam to religion.
Thirdly, I dont forget to say thanks very much to the master of ceremony who has
given me chance to give my speech in front of you all. Standing in front of you all I would
like to deliver my speech under the tittle Kartinis Day

In my opinion Kartinis day celebration not only means that we have to wear
traditional clothes. The most important thing we have to remember about the stunggle against
of women discrimination. Kartinis day also means that we cannot take for granted and the
idea of quality between men and women. However, there are natural differences women and
men. Kartinis day should an inspiration for women get the same rights as women, education,
and accomplishment.
The name of Kartini is not taken from foreign anymore. Even, this life has carved out
a position, especially mother in the position. The position of teenage girls and young women
reflects our ideals of Kartini. As a women who will not leave nature as women, it appearsthet
that the seat is the same with a fellow warrior nation. Indonesia is able to develop itself as a
fighter who doesnt want to say against one.
The psychology of women reflects the majesty of Kartinis aspiration directly. This
situation also explains how human rights in Indonesian. In addition, the right women
estabilish themselves and build a homeland of Indonesia. It is not exaggerating when she says
that she is now able to speak on equal terms with men. This shows that our nations foremost
women alredy relized the importance of the role and cappacites of women maintanig the life
of the nations.

We always celebrate Karinis day each year. But you should allow that we currently
only displays a warning and copyright for females. But more than that, we hope that the every
day, every women Indonesia, continue to fight and build a picture, as a fregerence in the
country. We hope may god continue to blass us particulary Indonesia and the nation State in
enforcemen. We hope that we women flourished, grew up in maintaining the name of the
nation and the State and society, and dont forget may remain in keeping the family name.
Well audience, thats all my speech about the juvenile Delinquency and I say thank
you very much for your attention.
Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.