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Curriculum vitae

Name: Gergely Fazakas

Working place: Corvinus University of Budapest, Department of Investments and Corporate
Senior Associate Professor
Responsible for Corporate Finance
Responsible for the Bachelor, Post-degree, second-degree and MBA (in English) courses
Working places:
1992 - :

Corvinus University of Budapest (Budapest University of Economics),

Department of Investments and Corporate Finance
(Department of Finances)
1989 - 1992: Budapest University of Economics, Statistical Department

PhD in Finances
University Doctor in Statistics
1989 - 1992: Fellowship of the Hungarian Academy of Scienses,
at the Statistical Department, Budapest University of Economics
1985 - 1989: Budapest University of Economics, Finances, Master
Other Certificates

Real Estate Valuation, Helsinki-Budapest

IESE International Faculty Program

Languages spoken
MBA, Corporate Finance, (1999 onwards, Hungarian + English)
International Training Centre for Bankers, Budapest, (1995- )
Central European Training Centre for Stockbrokers, Budapest (1996- )
Different Postgraduate Institutes of the Budapest University of Economics (1994- )
Chamber of Auditors, Budapest (2000- )
Secondary Schools (Microeconomics, Financial Statistics) (1991-1993)
CBA analyzis, OTP Bank, (2006)

Guest lecturing (in English):

ESCCA (France) Hungary (1997, 2012)
University of Ingolstadt, Germany (2006)
CEMS, Prague, Czech Republic (2008)
Hochfachschule Emden, Germany (2008)
Nottingham Business School (2012)
University of Economics in Bratislava (2014)
Research Area
Security Markets in Hungary (Evaluating Financial Assets)
Dividend Policy and Capital Structure in Hungary (Corporate Finance)
1990: National Election in Hungary
1991: VNU Ltd. (Press Company)
1991: msz Ltd.. (Electricity)
1992: V (National Property Holding)
1993: Kincstri Vagyonkezel Igazgatsg (Treasury)
1993-94: Csodk Palotja (Palace of Mitracles, Scientic Interactiv Museum)
1994-95: Royal Ltd. (Furniture)
1995: Trsadalombiztostsi nkormnyzatok (Social Insurance)
1998-99: Krptlsi Alapkezel Ltd.. (National Compensation Holding)
1999: KFKI Ltd. (Computer Scienses)
2000: Keler Ltd. (Stock Exchange Clearing House)
2003: CIB Ltd. (Bank)
2005: OTP Ltd. (Bank)
2005-10: IKTA (Joint Venture Fund, Evaluation Companies)
1992- onward: Tanszk Ltd. (Financial Advision)
Other activities:
1990-92: Secretary of Student Science Conferences
1991-95: Head of Postgraduate Education for Secondary Schools teachers
1994-96: Member of the University Doctors Council
1993- : Member of the Hungarian Real Estate Valuation Association
2009-12: Member of the Senate of Corvinus University of Budapest
2014- : Head of the Finance Specialization at Corvinus Unviersity, Business
Management Faculty, BA
1991: Pro Scientia Conference, Economics Section
1992: Young Economists Conference
2010: Remaking the Social. New Risks and Solidarities The First International
Conference of the Society of Sociologists from Romania, Cluj-Napoca

Budapest, 3. Sept. 2014.

Fazakas Gergely