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1st Edition of Carrefour Market Magazine

April 2015


Welcome to
insider, the first
Carrefour Market
magazine about
achievements and
our communitys

Dear All,
After my experience in many countries
and now with over 32 stores in GCC,
I am pleased to announce, the launch of
insider, the first edition of Carrefour

magazine. The adventure of

supermarkets started 6 years ago and

with your valuable contribution, we are
now experiencing a healthy growth in
the UAE, Qatar and in many countries
where Majid Al Futtaim operates. I take
this opportunity to congratulate all of
you for all the achievements presented in
insiders first publication which
I consider a line of unity for all of us.

Franck Rouquet
VP Carrefour Market


1st Edition of Carrefour Market Magazine

Where we are today?

Carrefour Market has opened several stores in different cities across UAE
(Dubai, Sharjah, UAQ, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain)our map of expansion has
fulfilled an excellent image in leading and benchmarking for supermarkets
concept. Supermarkets have extended its operations into Qatar with the
successful openings of Lagoona, Ezdan, and Dar Al Salam stores.


Carrefour Market



2 stores, Dubai

Carrefour Market


Union Metro Station

& Al Barsha




Al Quwain

Al Salam








Ai Ain


April 2015 ISSUE


In an effort to fulfill our mission of building awareness and fostering interaction

amongst departments and staff, I am pleased to welcome you to the first issue
of our Supermarkets magazine insider. The magazine will bring you our latest
news, events, and projects. We will provide you the latest updates on Carrefour
Market events that have been launched, new appointments, and promotions,
across different departments.
We hope that you will find it useful and we do encourage you to
get in touch for any questions or comments you may have.

Juma Beljafla
GM HR Carrefour Market, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain

I joined Carrefour Market in 2010. Since then, I discovered a great country and
shared good moments with people from different cultures and nationalities
I had the chance to be part of a new project within a small team.
Together, we made the supermarket successful, and the best
is yet to come.

Pierre Etienne Alline

GM Carrefour Market, UAE


1st Edition of Carrefour Market Magazine

Career Growth

Hello, I am Stephane Mailly, I am serving the company for almost 4 years.

I have started my career in Majid Al Futtaim Company as Operation Manager in
Sharjah District.
Since 2010, we built together with a small team the success story of Carrefour
Market. Im very proud to be part of this challenge.
Since 2014, I am dedicated to Carrefour City format expansion in the UAE. Its
a concept of convenient store with a new essence THE BEST OF CARREFOUR

Stephane Mailly
Operations Manager Carrefour City UAE

I am a member of the Carrefour family since 2001. Throughout my career in

Carrefour, I had the opportunity to grow in various positions and currently I am
working as an Operations Manager for Carrefour Markets in Qatar.
It is a very interesting experience that keeps me motivated in building a
successful career.

Mr. Mohamed Kochou

Operations Manager Carrefour Market Qatar

April 2015 ISSUE


Career Growth
My name is Caroline Durand
In June 2012, I decided to challenge myself, after 7 years as store
manager in France! In August 2013, Majid Al Futtaim Carrefour market gave me
the chance to open my first store in DIP. In January 2014, I was promoted to the
position of Area manager! Definitely Majid Al Futtaim - Carrefour Market gave me the
opportunity to grow.

Caroline Durand
Area Manager
It is a very inspiring experience that keeps me going into the right direction.
I joined Carrefour market in 2010. I see myself becoming self-initiative and resultoriented. Over the years, I got the opportunity to work as Area Manager of Sharjah
District since 2014. This is an opportunity to work with talented leaders who continue
to drive success with proper trainings and effective Team ManagementBeing
together and working as one team is what makes Carrefour Market a success. We
will continue to be guided by the company vision,
mission and value, Lead by Example.

Feras Ramadan
Area Manager
My name is Loic Guermeur, Ive joined the Majid Al Futtaim Carrefour Express team
as store manager in Dec 2010. After a rebranding to Market and stores openings
later, the group tripled its size to reach 31 stores today! Promoted as area manager in
Jan. 2014, Im currently handling 8 stores and 1 more will open soon! Our 7 Carrefour
values are definitely the key of personal and professional success!

Loic Guermeur
Area Manager

My Name is Ahmed Sofiane Larfi. Currently, I am working as an Area Manager for

Carrefour Market. I acknowledge my 15 years of experience in Carrefour as a real
opportunity for career growth. The company offered me the chance to improve my
skills and talents. Starting as a store staff, I was promoted to a supervisor position,
Section Manager, Head of Department, and Merchandise Manager and lately as an
Area Manager in Carrefour Marketand the success story will continue.

Ahmed Sofiane Larfi

Area Manager


1st Edition of Carrefour Market Magazine

2014 Stores Opening

ADCP, Abu Dhabi

June 15th 2014, 800 sqm

JBR Murjan, Dubai

May 21st 2014, 500 sqm

Nasseria, Sharjah

Tecom I-Rise, Dubai

November 13th 2014, 900 sqm

Al Wasl Road, Dubai, September 13th, 2014, 1700 sqm

April 2015 ISSUE


New Carrefour Format

First in the UAE

The Carrefour City model, succesfully started in France. It is launched in the UAE by Majid Al Futtaim, as the neighboring store
concept for daily and weekly shopping needs of the residential & business community.
In 2014,2015 Majid Al Futtaim has opened 2 stores in Dubai, one in Union Metro Station and one in Al Barsha,
Arenco Building with a plan to expand nationwide.

Union Metro Station, Dubai

November 1st 2014, 126 sqm
In partnership with RTA Metro


1st Edition of Carrefour Market Magazine

Al Barsha, Arenco Golden Sands Building, Dubai

January 13th 2015, 206 sqm

Innovation in Stores

Carrefour Market has brought a new idea in Al Wasl Branch by offering Cooking Classes inside the store in partnership with
Scafa Petite cooking school.

Self Check-out

First Time in Dubai, Wafi Carrefour Market provides the basis for business success and corporate excellence through self-checkout with
modernity, convenient and rapid transactions. Self check-out is already implemented in Al Wasl store, Jumeirah and Wafi in Dubai.

April 2015 ISSUE


Rewarding Our People

In Carrefour Market we ensure the possibility of growth and success in a comfortable environment, providing challenging jobs and motivational
compensation. We do recognize and reward team spirit and employees active involvement in the workplace.


Central Cashier Office (CCO) Traning sessions for stores staff. Investing in peoples training and education remain
a top priority of Carrefour Market yearly agenda.



1st Edition of Carrefour Market Magazine

Community & Social Activity

Clean up the world activity November 2014, Jumeirah, Dubai. An initiative of Dubai municipality supported by Carrefour Market employees.

Blood donation
with the
of Carrefour

April 2015 ISSUE



Community & Social Activity

Carrefour Market offering products and

support to Bringhton Colleges school
activities - Abu Dhabi.

Supermarkets are great platforms of learning for the

young generation. In collaboration with UAE schools, the
little ones have a chance to explore the fresh produce
and learn more about healthy eating.



1st Edition of Carrefour Market Magazine

Community & Social Activity

Carrefour Market supporting Emirates British Nursery events in Motor City, November 24, 2014.

Carrefour Market active

participation in Shelters for
victims of human trafficking,
organized by Sorbonne
University,in Al Reem Island,
in Abu Dhabi.

April 2015 ISSUE



Sharing Moments

At Carrefour Market, we are sharing moments. A fun day to get together, Ski Dubai, Mall of the Emirates.

We brought our challenges outside the box to share

ideas and thoughts.

Ramadan Kareem gatherings.

We encourage employees initiatives to get together and exchange ideas within the working invironment.



1st Edition of Carrefour Market Magazine

A Taste of the World

A taste of Philippine cuisine.

Travelling to Philippines.

The key ingredients

in any authentic
recipe for Filipino
chicken adobo are
vinegar and soy
sauce. The word
adobo is derived
from a Spanish word
meaning sauce or
marinade, and the
word has been used to refer to this traditional
dish since Philippines was colonised by Spain
in the late 1500s.

Visiting El Nido is an eternal dream which

could survive inside everyone. El Nido is a
protected area in the province of Palawan in
Philippines; it is about 420Kms southwest of

Exploring Morocco.
In case you find yourself in a place where the
Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean,
where a Western Charm appear with Eastern
flavor, where the river fascination combined
with oasis desert beauty, be sure that you are
in Morocco. The kingdom of Morocco is one of

the most diverse country in the North African

Region. Morocco is also known in arabic as
Western Kingdom. The country has two seas
borders sides with 33,000,000 of population.
Morocco is well known for its variety in the
daily cuisine which reflects the richness of
cultures, different customs and traditions.
Couscous is a dish universally popular that
made Morocco together with other traditional
dishes, rank in the top in terms of diversity in
gastronomy and ingredients quality used in
With the contribution of Samira Jerada, HR Manager, Carrefour Market

How to be an
Outside the Box
problem solver
A solution to a seemingly impossible problem at work may appear by thinking outside the box.
This is a learned skill anyone can master, not a mysterious attribute of brilliant minds and cutting-edge companies.

To be an outside-the-box problem solver, master these three principles:

Principle 1

Principle 2

Principle 3

Free the Brain.

Eliminate Roadblocks.

Be a Resource and Inputs.

This means stop thinking about the

problem and get some breathing
room by participating in a completely
unrelated activity, this detachment frees
your brain from the stress being created
to find a solution.

You wont find solutions with inhibitions,

your ego, close-mindedness, fears, and
negativity getting in your way. Let loose,
and give yourself permission to get
sloppy and get messyallow discovery
to take place without restrictions and

Reading books, studying solutions to similar

problems, thinking backward, drawing the
problem on paper, and brainstorming with
othersall these tactics supply you with
informational inputs that can speed the
way to your solution.
With the contribution of Juma Beljafla, GM HR Carrefour Market

Contributors of Insiders first edition

Juma Beljafla

General Manager HR SM GCC

Samira Jerada

HR Manager - Carrefour Market - UAE

Helen Spei

Advertising & Communication Manager

UAE, Qatar, Oman & Kuwait

Abdul Lateef

Head of Merchandise
UAE, Qatar, Oman & Kuwait

April 2015 ISSUE