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Q1) For how many days Interface is being organized?

Interface 2016, Management Convention, Bits-Pilani will be held for two days March
5th, 6th 2016 in BITS-PILANI campus.
Q2) What is the registration fees for participants outside Bits-Pilani?
The registration fees for the participants is Rs.400/per day. The registration fees include
lodging, registration to all the events as well as the Guests Lectures by various eminent
business Personalities. Along with that a WELCOME KIT will be given to all the
Q3) Is there any travel reimbursement?
No, there would be no travel reimbursement provided to participants.
Q4) What is the breakup of the Prizes to be won in various events?
The breakup of prizes in term of money and gift vouchers is as follow:
30-50 percent Cash prize and 50-70 Percent Gift vouchers of total Prizes to
be won for various events.
Q5) How to reach Bits-Pilani?
There are various modes of Transport that are available from Delhi to Pilani:
1. You can come by trains that run between Delhi Sarai Rohilla Railway Station till
Loharu, Rajasthan.
2. From Loharu, Pilani is 25 kms away and various cabs are available outside
Loharu Railway Station which can be hired to reach to Pilani. They charge
Rs.100 per head.
3. There are continuous buses running between Loharu and Pilani.
4. Timings of train available between Delhi Sarai Rohilla Station and Loharu are :
7.05 am
8.40 am
11.35 pm

1. There are various buses by Haryana Roadways that runs from Kashmere Gate,
Delhi to Pilani.
2. There are almost continuous buses between 5am to 10 pm to Pilani from
Kashmere Gate.
You can also book a cab and come to Pilani directly from Delhi.
By March 3rd, 2016, we will provide you with the details of subsidized Cabs.
There are ample buses from Jaipur to Pilani and even advance bookings can be
done on Rajasthan Roadways website.
How to Reach Delhi from Pilani:
Timings of train available between Loharu and Delhi Sarai Rohilla Station are:
02.55 am
01.50 pm
06.35 pm
Continuous buses from Pilani Bus stop to Delhi of Haryana Roadways starting from
4.40 am.
Q6) Do I need to bring some essentials with me for comfortable stay.
We will try to make your experience at Bits-Pilani a memorable one. Yet we request you
to carry few essentials as mentioned below with you:
LAN cable, in case you need to use internet in your laptop.
Q7) What are arrangements for food?
We will provide you mess coupons on very nominal charges if you wish to choose Mess
food. Else there are various restaurants within campus as well ALL NIGHT CANTEEN
to satisfy your appetite.