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1. I do accept that for any reason I got a sickness called addiction. It

is a brain disorder like epilepsy, or diabetes or asthma. Is a
chronic situation but can be treated properly.
2. From time to time my brain doesnt work normally, and it is very
difficult to my family, loved ones and closer friends understand my
behaviors and they suffer for it and we the addicts suffer in a
worse way. The only people that really understand us are other
addicts like us, thats why our assistance to a 12 steps programs
like A.A. is highly advised.
3. We have to do several arrangements in our relationships and we
need to have a real supportive circle
4. As much we stay clean and sober the normal function of our brains
will start to recovery
5. Even when we developed this sickness, that is deeply installed I
our long term memory, the same memory that help us to do things
automatically like drive a car, or to swim etc. we can with the
proper treatment and guide to learn how to stay clean and sober.
6. Rage, loneliness, and other painful states are dangerous to us.
Maybe those intense fallings are the commonest triggers among
7. We the addicts have to be humble, and ask help before the use,
not after. For most of us and honest conversation with our loved
ones will help to the go out the oppression inside us
8. We need to believe in a Higher Power, the way we understand it.
9. We addicts are different from other people and it is ok. We have to
be vigilant not just with things happening outside us, but what is
going on inside us.
Addiction like other brain disorders is characterized by
impulsivity, so we have to find substitute conducts
Our emotional or sexual relations are, many times a source
of conflicts, and fights that always send us to the craving process.
That is the reason why in our very beginning a therapeutic
separation should be considered.
The euphoric state is during certain period of time a normal
state we want to re-experience.
Nobody is guilty about what is happening, but many are
responsible to do healthier conducts or things in order change the
Recovery is a process not an event.
Life can be full of joy once we have learned how to live
without substances
The worst for us is let increase our inner tension, instead of
talk about it frankly

Getting high is just an illusion, that always ends with
suffering to us and to the ones around us
We have to learn that happiness is not related with pleasure
Pleasure is like a coin with two faces and the hide face of
pleasure is pain
We have to create a balanced life structure. And many times
we need and sponsor. For a male patient a male sponsor and for a
female patient a female sponsor.
For most addicts there are a lot of nice things to come and
the obstacle is precisely the substance (substances) we used.
We need to have a friends circle that dont use.
The best days are yet to come!