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Are you considering applying for a position with care industry in the UK in the
TEST your English skills, medical vocabulary and knowledge of British
Decide which answer a, b or c is correct. To obtain a reliable result dont use
any help and try to complete the test in 30 minutes. RECORD YOUR
1. Nursing Home residents may also be called:
a. Clients
b. Old patients
c. Grandfathers

2. Nurses who work in Nursing Homes dont supervise performance of:

a. Healthcare Assistants

b. GPs
c. Auxiliary Nurses

3. What can you see in the picture:

a. a capsule
b. a vial
c. a pill

4. Rights of medications administration involve:

a. proper documentation, medication, day, place and patient.
b. proper nurse, dose, time, documentation, route and patient.
c. proper patient, drug, route, time ,dose and documentation.

5. Immobile patients are at huge risk of:

a. bedsores
b. constipation
c. bronchitis

6. What can you see in the picture:

a. a wheelchair
b. a walker
c. a walking stick

7. Dementia affects patients:

a. hearing
b. vision
c. brain

8. An example of mechanical transfer tool is:

a. Transfer belt
b. Sliding board
c. Bath lift

9. Which item is soft and protective:

a. Bed cushion
b. Bed rails
c. Bedpan


A bruise at patients body may indicate:

a. Infection
b. Neglect
c. Abuse

Never call a paralysed person........., as it is a rude and offensive
a. Disabled
b. Cripple
c. Impaired

Patients transfer with a use of mechanical lifts is..............than
manual lifting.
a. much safe
b. much safer
c. more safe

Which of the tools would you use if you wanted to perform a bath for
a quadriplegic patient?
a. Manual bathing hoist
b. Transfer bath bench
c. Bath tub with hoist


A senior with visual impairment has problems to:

a. hear
b. speak
c. see


An amount to be carried is called a:

a. load
b. heavy
c. weight


Complete lack of sight is called:

a. Deafness
b. Blindness
c. Mutation


He cannot have a conversation because he is .......:

a. non vocal
b. visually impaired
c. immobile


Substance that is killing germs is called:

a. Sterile
b. Antibacterial
c. Hypoallergenic


The least invasive surgical procedure among below is:

a. Cholecystectomy
b. Kidney transplantation
c. Hip replacement

Which numbers would you dial to call an ambulance in case of
emergency in the UK?
a. 222 or 989
b. 121 or 888
c. 111 or 999


Which word is not an adjective:

a. Confusion
b. Confused
c. Confusing

The most important to prevent developing bedsores with bedridden
patients are:
a. using body lotions, oils and daily bath
b. repositioning patient frequently and avoiding moisture on skins
c. using gel cushions and avoiding dehydration


Dementia affected patients suffer from:

a. memory loss
b. weight loss
c. hair loss


Cardiopulmonary restitution is not performed while:

a. patients breathing stopped
b. patients heart stopped working
c. patient is in coma and breathing


Symptoms of angina would be:

a. sore throat
b. chest pains
c. fever
26. Cerebrovascular disease is also known as:
a. heart attack
b. coronary disease
c. stroke

27. What can you see in the picture:

a. sphygmomanometer
b. pulse oximeter
c. glucometer

28. Which is not related to extremities:

a. arm
b. neck
c. toes

29. Osteoporosis leads to

a. kidney failure
b. stroke
c. fractures

30. Which of the diseases cannot be described as chronic and progressive?

a. Alzheimers
b. Parkinsons
c. Pneumonia

31. Which of the diseases does not affect only older adults?
a. Huntingtons
b. Alzheimers
c. Parkinsons

32. Which activities are not included in BALDs?

a. getting dressed and undressed
b. brushing teeth and combing hair
c. paying bills and doing shopping

33. Polypharmacy is a risk of:

a. drug-drug interaction
b. drug-food interaction
c. dosage or drug confusion

34. Symptoms of hypoglycaemia are:

a. hunger, shaking, sweating

b. sweating, fever, nausea
c. palpitations, cold sensation, diarrhoea

35. Reasons for developing hypoglycaemia can be:

a. too many meals
b. eating junk food
c. missed or late meal

36. A disposable supply is not a:

a. test strip
b. cotton swab
c. sharps disposal container

37. Patient with a comorbidities would suffer from:

a. coronary disease and loneliness, boredom

b. Alzheimers disease, arthritis and diabetes
c. Arthritis, pain and common flu

38. What can you see in the picture:

a. blister
b. bruise
c. incision

39. HCA can be also called:

a. Nutritionist
b. Nursing Auxiliary
c. Geriatric Nurse

40. NVQ qualification training is designed for:

a. Health and social care workers
b. Doctors specialists in geriatrics
c. Registered Nurses

41.The head supervisor of nursing in a care facility is:

a. NIC
b. HCA
c. DON

42.The role of a staff nurse in Nursing Home is to:

a. oversee medical care and supervise HCAs
b. supervise NIC and report to HCAs
c. oversee kitchen staff and report to doctors

43. Occupational Therapist works with dementia patients through

providing fe:
a. Physical therapy
b. Art and crafts activities
c. Psychotherapy

44. Enema is performed in case of:

a. Diarrhoea
b. Constipation
c. Incontinence

45. A key challenge in elderly nursing care is:

a. Complexity of health problems growing with age and fragility
b. Changes of mood or behaviour and agitation
c. High blood sugar and swallowing problems

46. Elderly Care Nurse has to be able:

a. Lift heavy weight
b. Drive a car fast
c. Evaluate care needs

47. Insomnia is:

a. Oversleeping
b. Sleeplessness
c. Narcolepsy

48. His handwriting is difficult to decipher due to:

a. wearing dentures
b. trembling hands
c. memory lapses

49. Protecting dignity of the vulnerable adults means:

a. looking after their medical problems on time
b. doing what we think is best for them
c. respecting them and protecting their safety

50. A set of food poisoning symptoms wouldnt be:

a. Vomiting, diarrhoea, nausea
b. Nausea, constipation, anxiety
c. Throwing up, stomach ache, nausea

51. While performing CPR you do:

a. squeezing
b. massage
c. compressions

52. If patient collapsed it means that he/she:

a. fell
b. left
c. flew

53. POVA regulations and procedures have been established to:

a. supervise standard of hygiene in care industry
b. prevent abusers from working in care industry
c. train personnel to work in care industry

54. Nursing Homes provide .care for the elderly patients.

a. 24 hours
b. 24-hour
c. 24-hours

55.The resident didnt recognized his grandson. He faced a state of:

a. confusion
b. aggression
c. agitation

56. What can you see in the picture:

a. dentures
b. teeth
c. tooth

57. Confused patient is:

a. unconscious
b. disoriented
c. incontinent

58. Extremely angry person can be called:

a. Embarrassed
b. Confused
c. Mad

59. Cognitive functions are related to:

a. Thinking and perception
b. Moving and mobility
c. Sensory functions for example vision, hearing.

60. Incontinence does not refer to:

a. Urine
b. Blood
c. Stool

61.Terminally ill persons life expectancy is:

a. less than 6 months
b. more than 6 months
c. more than 9 months

62. Person who feels guilty can be described as:

a. bad-tempered
b. confused
c. embarrassed

63.Mr Taylor bought a toothbrush for 3.75, then a newspaper for 0.50
and he wanted to get a packet of crisps for 2.50 but changed his
mind. How much did he spend?

a. 4.50
b. 6.50

c. 4.25

64. Which word is not a synonym of help :

a. Support
b. Advice
c. Assistance

65. Patients in a ...........stage of dementia can care for themselves without

a. mild
b. moderate
c. severe

66. Ms Glenns husband Jim passed away two years ago, her daughter
Shannon visits her weekly, her best friend Carla Stevenson is 88 years
old and they are roommates. Who is Ms Glenns next of kin?

a. Jim Glenn

b. Shannon Glenn
c. Carla Stevenson

67. What can you see in the picture:

a. Mobile lift
b. Ceiling lift
c. Bed rails

68. Mr Brown cannot chew as he lost his:

a. dentures
b. glasses
c. crutches

69. You found an elderly resident lying on the floor. What do you do first ?
a. call an ambulance
b. fill in accident/incident form
c. check if he/she is conscious
70. Frail is a synonym of:

a. Strong
b. Vulnerable
c. Healthy

71.To prevent developing pressure ulcers an immobile patient should be

repositioned at least:
a. every 2 hours
b. every 2 days
c. once a day

72. What can you see in the picture:

a. liver
b. kidneys
c. lungs

73. Mr Chandler was prescribed an antibiotic, it must be taken after having

a meal. Which abbreviation would state that fact in his chart?
a. pc
b. po
c. ac

74.Renal problems are related to:

a. lungs
b. liver

c. kidneys

75. An anxious patient would be:

a. calm and apathetic
b. uneasy and worried
c. moody and sleepy

76. In my opinion an acute health problem is:

a. diabetes mellitus
b. respiratory failure
c. mental disorder

77. Which disease cant be described as chronic ?

a. Allergy
b. Bronchitis

c. Asthma

78. Which is the odd one:

a. Disability
b. Impairment
c. Ability

79. Whats the name of the................female patient admitted yesterday?

a. 97-year-old
b. 97 year-age
c. 97 years old

80. If heparin comes in 25000 units in 1 ml and X patient needs 5000 units
how much will you administer ?
a. 0,5 ml
b. 0,2 ml

c. 0,25 ml

Thank You for completing the test.