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Laura Howard
OMDE 610 9040
Module 1
Beginning Entry (Bulleted items/questions taken directly from the OMDE 610 9040 Syllabus)

Early in the module, identify what you want to learn:

The Module 1 information will be an important foundation to the direction of the class
information and learning. I will need to figure out how to manage and balance the module
activities and assignments, to give myself time to focus and understand all the
information required. I would want to learn more information on the various theories and
have an intense understanding of their concepts. Can these theories be applied to only
specific types/groups of people, or are there theories that can be universal? Is learning
predictable? Will we be learning about statistics in online distance education?

What big idea, concept or issue from this module had the greatest impact on your thinking?
After reading the Assignment 1 information, I am now starting to think I need to really
focus on looking for specific references in this modules readings to answer these
questions. Currently, I do not know how to answer these accurately without intense
research. I also need to make sure I understand the concepts of the eLearning theory as
the Assignment 1 paper topic indicates. This is a topic that I am not that familiar with, or
I do not remember specifically from my previous classes, so I am curious to know its

concept and all aspects involved. This assignment will be a challenge but I am hopeful
with proper time management and ambition, I can accomplish the task.

How will this idea, concept, or issue influence your practice as a DE Professional?

After I read more about the Learning Theory and other theories, I hope to be able
to make my own decisions on how to approach, develop, conduct and analyze online
distance education courses. I want to be able to integrate what I learn into building
quality courses and knowing what will be useful and beneficial. I also want to be able to
contribute something to distance education that is worthwhile and valuable.

What questions remain for you from this module? How will you resolve these questions?

Some questions, as I continue in this module, are if I will be able to complete and
understand all the objectives for this module to the degree that I will be satisfied? Will I
be able to discover my own theories about online distance education? Making sure I read
the module readings and conducting my own research will be a primary way to help
answer these questions. More in-depth thinking and writing, as I continue in this module,
should also help to activate my thoughts and ideas and perhaps my own discoveries.