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: Bahasa Inggris
: IX ( Sembilan )

Choose a, b, c, or d as the best answer.
5. Squeeze your nose until it stops bleeding.
1. Jack : Yesterday tom didnt come to school. He
had a bad fever.
Bob : . . .
Jack : Definitely. I saw his mom brought him
to a clinic.
a. Are you sure?
b. What did you say?
c. Do you tell a lie?
d. Is he okay?
2. Shania : Hello, can I speak to Lisa?
Lisas mom : Sorry, I cant hear you. The signal
her is low
The italicised sentence shows . . .
a. certainty
c. Agreement
b. uncertainty
d. Giving interesting
Read this simple dialogue and answer the
questions from 3- 5
Riana : Hi, Angga. Care to taste this?
Angga : What is it? It look so delicious.
Riana : Well, I call this fruit kebab.
Angga : Oh I see. How do you make them.
Riana : Its easy. I saw the recipe in my
moms magazine.
Angga : Great! Of course Ill taste it.
3. As made a . . .
a. cookies
c. Snack
b. juice
d. fruit
4. Anggas expression to show his admiration is . .
a. Whats that?
c. Oh I see.
b. It looks so delicious! d. Of course
5. Anggas expression to show his attention is . . .
a. oh, I see.
c. Ill taste it.
b. It looks so delicious. d. Great!
06. . . . have a drink!
a. Come on
b. Let us

c. Let she
d. Let he

Read the unarrangement sentences and

answer the questions no 7 - 9
1. Put a cotton pad in the bleeding nostril.
2. First, loosen the clothing around your neck.
3. If your nose continues to bleed, call a doctor
4.Then sit down with your head leaning
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07. Which is the best arrangement for the

sentences above?
a. 2 1 4 5 3
c. 2 3 4 1 5
b. 2 4 1 5 3
d. 1 2 3 4 5
08. What the purpose of the text about?
a. To make nose bleeding.
b. To stop nose bleeding.
c. how to squeeze your nose.
d. how to stop influenza
09. From the text we know that the last thing to do
to stop bleeding is . . .
a. See a doctor for professional help
b. change the cotton pad in the nostril
c. lay down on the floor to stop bleeding
d. keep on squeezing the bleeding nosetril
Read the text to answer no 10 to 11
Milk Cleanser
1. Apply it on the face and neck, make a
slight massage.
2. Wipe it off with tissue/cotton.
3. Remove it with astringent.
4. Use before make-up and bed time.

10. What does the text tell you about?

a. The method to make a milk cleanser.
b. The instruction to use the milk cleanser.
c. The information to get a milk cleanser.
d. The instruction to keep the milk cleanser.
11. Which statement is NOT TRUE based on the
a. We rub the milk cleanser on the face and
b. We should wipe the cleanser with tissue or
c. We should clean it with astringent.
d. It is good to use the cleanser after make-up.
12 . What is procedure text?
a. A text which gives instructions on how to do
b. A text that has a particular meaning and
c. A text which gives people an information
about something that has happened
d. A message that tells the particular of an act
or an occurrence or course of events

Read the text and answer question 13 and 14.

Dear Mira,
I am sorry I have to tell you that I cant
come to your house to work on our project
as we have planned before. Unexpected
thing happens. My grandma must be
hospitalized soon. Ill tell you about our plan

a. Himachal is famous for its snow.

b. Himachal is a travelers paradise.
c. Himachal is a land of gods, goddesses,
and saints.
d. Himachal has spectacular and beautiful
17. The text generally talks about.
a. The photos during the traveling
b. The writers traveling experiences
c. The hotel where the writer stayed
d. The best destination for travelling
Look at the form of the letter below.

13. From the message above we know that.
a. Dinda and Mira have to work together
on their project
b. Dindas grandma involves in the project
c. Dinda and her grandma will meet Mira
at the hospital
d. Dinda expects Mira to stay in the
hospital with her.
14.What is Dindas purpose to write such kind
of message?
a. To tell about her sick grandma.
b. To give information about the delay of
an activity.
c. To ask Mira to work on their project.
d. To persuade Mira to change the project.
The following text is for questions number 15 to
Dear Jean,
I would like to share my travelling experiences. Last
holiday, I went to India. If you like walking, Shimla is
a great destination. Its located in Himachal. I went
there with my family.
The most spectacular and beautiful landscape can
be found there. Himachal is a travelers paradise
lofty snow peaks, deep gorges, lush green valleys,
fast flowing rivers, enchanting mountain lakes,
flowerbedded meadows, and beautiful
temples. Himachal is especially famous for snow. It
is also a land of gods, goddesses, and saints.
We reached the hotel in the morning. We took
some rest for a while and then headed for our
destination. We visited many places. I cant tell you
the detail one by I attached many photos.
If you want to visit Himachal, please tell me. I will
happy to be your guide. Free. Just send the ticket
to me.
15. How are the meadows in Himachal?
a. Lofty
c. flowering
b. Beautiful
d. enchanting
16. What is the main idea of the second

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18. In what number will you put your own address

based on the form of the letter above?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4 and 5
Read this letter and complete the sentences no
19 24

Dear Lala,
How are you? Im doing good here. One
week ago I 1.) _________ to Batam island
for business. Im so sorry I could not 2.)
_______ to Jakarta, because it was only a
short visit.I only stayed for 3.) _______
night. My colleague picked me up at the
airport. Then we continued our journey to the
hotel. It was a very hot day. I remembered
that I had five cold 4.) ________ in one our. I
also visited Nagoya, Batam Centre and
Galang Island. I 5.) ________ forget to go
shopping there. OK, Lula. Thats enough for
now. Dont forget to write me soon.
The best verb for no 1 is . . .
a. go
c. gone
b. went
d. be going
20. The best word for no 2 is . . .
a. come
c. coming
b. came
d. comes
21. The best word for no 3 is . . .
a. four
c. two
b. three
d. One
22. The best word for no 4 is . . .
a. drink
c. drinks
b. drank
d. Drunk
23. the best auxiliary for no 5 is . . .

a. isnt
b. doesnt

c. dont
d. didnt

Read the text carefully and answer the

questions no. 23 - 29
Rock music is part of popular music today. It
is played and listened in almost every countries in
the world. Rock and roll was the name given to the
music that developed in early 1950s. It is believed
that the term rock and roll was first used by a disk
jockey, Alan Freed.
In 1955, records of a young singer from
Tennessee, Elvis Presley, were heard across the
US. After he appeared on nation wide television,
Elvis Presleys singing and his performing style
came to mean rock and roll all over the world. Then
came Bill Haley and the Comets. Rock mainly
became the music of the young. They understood
its beat and sound, and its lyrics.
The 1970s were the time of big
developments in the rock industry. Rock became a
very big business, earned more money annually
than any other form of entertainement including the
film industy

a. Rock is popular among young people.

b. The term rock and roll wasnt first used by a
disk jockey, Alan Freed.
c. Rock became a very big business at the time
d. Bill Haley and The Comets sang rock and roll in
their times
Look at and read the poster below to answer no
31 34

Taken from The Book of Knowledge, 2007

24. What kind of text is it?

a. procedure text
b. descriptive text

c. narrative text
d. report text

25. What is the best title for the text above?

a. Music
b. Kinds of Music
c. Rock Music
d. Music from Time to Time
26. What is the main idea of the first paragraph?
a. Rock and Roll was the name given by Alan
b. Alan Freed was the one who used the term
rock and roll.
c. Rock music is played and listened in most
d. Rock music is part of popular music today
27. What does the word it in paragraph one line
1 refer to?
a. popular music
c. Rock music
b. Rock and Roll
d. All countries
28. The main idea of paragraph two is . . .
a. in 1955
b. young singer
c. Elvis Presleys voice was heard across the US.
d. Young singer from Tennessee, Elvis Presley
29.The supporting idea of paragraph two is . . .
a. Elvis Presleys singing and his performing style
b. After Elvis appeared on nation wide television
c. Bill Haley and the Comets
d. Elvis Presleys performing style
30. Which statement is not true based on the text?
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31.Where will you see the poster below?

a. at cinema
d. on the road
b. at park
d. in the hospital
32. When will the movie be played?
a. on Saturday, 2 March 2008
b. on Sunday, 2 March 2008
c. in the weekend
d. in summer season
33. What will you get from watching the movie?
a. popcorn and mineral water
b. free tickets, popcorn and mineral water
c. ice cream and pop corn
d. free tickets and snacks
Choose the correct words to complete the text.
( no. 34 36 )
My cat name is Pussy. She is a beautiful
grey Persian cat. She has a small body and
smooth (34) . . . . She spends most of her time
watching television, eating and growing ( 35) . . .
Pussy is picky about her food, (36) . . . she
refuses to eat food that does not suit her taste.
34. a. Fur
b. hair

c. feather
d. quil

35. a fat
b. fame

c. strong
d. smart

36. a. Hardly
b. rarely

c. seldom
d. usually

Read the following text to answer no. 37 40

Riding on a canal bus is an enjoyable and
relaxed way of getting around Amsterdam
canals and it takes you to pass all the citys
sight. Youll see many kinds of buildings, from
historic ones to the city narrowest houses. Canal
bus boats also cruise along the most famous
canals, bringing you to Amsterdams major
museums, such as Van Gogh Museum, the
Rijkos Museum and the Ann Frank House.
On board we provide a multilingual
commentary. Our comfortable boats offer a
frequent and regular service with four routes and
20 stops, including 6 transfer points.
The stops are located near the museums,
shopping district and tourist attractions. Your 24
hours ticket allows you hop and off as often as
you like.
37. What is te text about?
a. Tourist Resort
c. City boats
b. Amsterdam canals
d. Canal bus boats
38. How many routes does the canal have?
a. 24
c. 6
b. 20
d. 4
38. The passangers of the canal bus boats may
hop and off as they like because it . . .
a. provides amultingual commentary
b. sell tickets for 24 hours
c. has 4 routes and 20 stops
d. has enjoyable regulation
39. What is paragraph two about?
a. The schedule of canal bus boat
b. The canal bus boats services
c. the cost of canal bus
d. Routes of the bus
40. From the text, we know that . . .
a.The canal bus boats offers only regular
b.Passangers can enjoy the beautiful
museums as well.
c. Passangers are not permitted to hop and off
as they like.
d. the canal bus boats provides only a bilingual
Read the text to answer questions 41-42
Jl. Boulevard Barat Raya Unit 2735
Kelapa Gading
Jakarta 13570
November 10, 2011
Dear Sabrina,
Please let me express my deepest sympathies
to you and the children. I was shocked and
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shattered when I heard about Frank's horrific

accident. I can't even imagine what you have
been going through for the past ten days.
As you know, Frank and I have been
colleagues and friends for the past eight years.
His tragic loss leaves a terrible void in our
office. He was so well-liked and respected by
everyone who came into contact with him, both
colleagues and clients alike. He had
tremendous people skills, and as such, was a
role model in our company and the industry at
I trust that, when they are older, the children
will be made aware of what an outstanding
person Frank was in his professional life.
Sabrina, please feel free to contact me if I can
help in any way while you go through this very
difficult period. I will support you in any way
that I can should you reach out to me.
Also, please tell the children how terribly
devastated all of us are here at the company
due to their Father's tragic passing.
Sincere sympathy,
Darlene Francis
41. What kind of letter is it?
a. friendly letter
c. business letter
b. pen pal letter
d. condolence letter
42. What'`s the relationship between Darlene and
a. They were clients.
b. They were colleagues.
c. They were schoolmates.
d. They were neighbors.
43. I trust that, when they are older,..
The underlined word refers to
a. people.
b. Franks friends.
c. Sabrinas children.
d. Sabrina and children.
44. The word tremendous in the second
paragraph line seven means . . .
a. very big or great
b. enchanting
c. smooth
d. famous
45. Dika : Have you heard that we will be going to
Dunia Fantasi next holiday?
Tina : Really? How wonderful!
The first italicized phrase is an expression of . . .
a. pleasure
b. happiness
c. giving interesting news
d. asking for information
46. The second italicized phrase in the dialogue in
number 9 is an expression . . .
a. responding to pleasure

b. responding to happiness
c. responding to interesting news
d. giving information
Read the procedure text carefully to answer the
question no 47 - 49
Meat Floss Porridge
250cc hot water
50 grams instant porridge
1 spoon soya sauce
1 spoon chili sauce
10 grams meat floss
Suggested Preparation:
1. Put instant porridge into a bowl.
2. Pour 250cc hot water, stir well.
3. Add soya sauce and chili sauce (as much as
you like).
4. Then, spread crackers and meet floss. The
porridge is ready to be served.
47. How much instant porridge do you need to
make the meat floss porridge?
a. 250cc
b. 50 grams
c. 1 spoon
d. 10 grams
48. What should we do after stirring the porridge?
a. Put the instant porridge into a bowl.
b. Add soya sauce and chili sauce.
c. Add crackers and meat floss.
d. Wait for about 3 minutes.
49. . . . . until the porridge thickens.
What is the meaning of the underlined word?
a. to become solid.
b. to get weak.
c. to raise the volume.
d. to become powder.

Dear Tio,
Congratulations on your success in the final
Always do the best for the future.

50. Why does RIA congratulate TIO? Because . . .

a.Tio will face the final examination.

b.Tio still has the final examination.
c.Tio has passed the final examination.
d.Tio should prepare for the final examination.
Good Luck

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