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IT Problems Internet at school
During the first evaluation, there were Along these last years, the internet at
some problems with the project that 4º school is slow, and none-one has look
year of ESO group were going to do for after this information. I asked Iker some
the little children. Although they had 4 question and he told me the problem is
months to do the project they only used caused because the Telephonics' antenna
two days to do is far away from our school, so all
them. this area has the same
This problem problem.
began with the Afterwards, he was
change in teacher. asked why the wifi
The first teacher without password
made them work can't be used, so he
for an hour and explained me that
then, they could only the technicians
do whatever they can make your computer able to
wanted until the use those wifi.
bell went. In addition, the second teacher
made them do some word documents Change of mentality in IT
work that didn't relate to doing the
This year in the 4th year there has been a
radical change of
In the end they were able to finish the
mentality. At the
beginning Igor
was the new
4th ESO disappointment teacher but
On wednesday 3 of february some afterwards
students were going to begin the IT class. Isabel came to
Almost all the students were thinking we give IT classes.
were going to start talking about The only work
how to do the games, the IT students
however we only did some did were
word works and a power powerpoint
point as the ones we did presentations
with Simon in 1º ESO. (something that
we knew how to do). After Christmas
holidays students worked on new
( C h a n ge o f m e n t a l i t y c o n t i n u e d ) (Looks like a drum but... is a barrel!
material. 2 months af ter Isabel’s continued)
beginning of Isabel came to give (Change previous barrels barrels were very little
of mentality continued)them classes, and and children broke a lot of drumstick on
the students thought they would learn the edge. On the other hand some people
more. Instead of this they continued think barrels were much prettier.
making power point presentation. Before
By Ainhoa Uribarren
Christmas the teacher made a
LAST YEAR !! ! ! ! NOW
questionnaire about her classes and she
found out that students were not happy.
Therefore the teacher started to give
more interesting lessons. “We learn more
in those 3 weeks that in the whole
course” said Asier Amenabar. This is a
story with a happy ending.
By Asier Amenabar

Carnival at school! Football tournament
The 27th of January the 4th of E.S.O
This Februrary just like every year, we are
students organized a football tournament
going to celebrate the extraordinary
at the hockey field
festival called Carnival. We, the students,
The tournament was very interesting and
love this day, because we all get dressed
peo ple of all
up as fantastic characters which appear in:
ages turned up
books, films, television or real life. We
to watch good
enjoy this day at school and it is also one
fo ot b a l l. T h e
of our favourite days, because we have lots
teams we re
of fun, looking at some of the most original
chosen randomly
outfits you can ever imagine! “We usually
and each team
spend a lot of time searching for the most
was made up of
suitable dress”, said Marta Arriaga a
by 5 players.
student from the 4th Year.
The referee
By Pablo Carbonero
was Adrian
A g u e r o s. T h e
Looks like a drum but.... is a barrel! i n it i a t i v e o f
making this
This year, in the drum parade, the school
tournament was
has decided that is better to use normal
Ignacio´s idea: "
drums with a wooden slice on top in the
I had this idea
official performance on San Sebastian day.
because i thought lot of people like
In the past, the school has used normal
football and by making this tournament all
barrels since it appeared for the first time
the people could play,and have a good
in the drum parade.
This decision was taken by the school
By Iñigo Fernandez
council, who thought it was better because
drums would weigh less, furthermore,
The trip organizer, Tim Buckwell, says that the
Special Events only possible
drawback is
When we came back from our winter holidays, a was
woman and a man in a wheel chair, came to the organized
school to talk to us about what the car belt can do over a long
for us and how much do we have to take care of weekend
ourselves, and how a simple “Can you drive me and he said
home on your scooter?” could change completely it is quite
our lives. hard for him
to spend so
much time
by students without having a day to relax.
By Adrian Agueros

Burka Por amor

Since the 11th of February, fourth year students
have been watching a film, that since the first time
it was broadcast on TV it
has created a great deal of
interest, not as much for
the actors performance as
It seems everyone listening to them was very for the story itself.
impressed because the man could tell us about a At first sight it seemed the
really unfortunate experience with a car accident, film had nothing to do
and we could see the consequences of being with us, but as the movie
distracted for the shortest of times when went on, you start to
someone is driving. think about whether it is
They explained how a spine is constructed and possible that the
the consequences if a little nerve that goes conditions in those
through the spine, breaks. countries are really like
By Susana Santaolalla they are shown in the
We did not watch this
Liverpool Trip film just because of
Last 5th of December, as happens every year, the coincidence, fourth years
first of Bacaulerate students went on a school tutors, had a clear objective, see a reality that is
exchange with Liverpool students with the near to us but which we do not necessary see.
apparent objective of improving their English. By Adrian Agueros
"The journey
was very well
organized" said Psychological tests
Tim Buckwell. In November the school psychologist went to the
He says that 4th year´s class to examinate them.
this year's group He only came for two Thursdays, in the maths
were the best he hour and the students did two exams, one intelli-
has ever gone gence test and the other one of what they like.
with. With the results of both tests, the psychologist and
Moreover, this the tutor of the students are going to meet the
year's trip has a parents and the student, and together they are go-
little bit special, ing to decide what to study next year and in the
in particular for future.
Mikel Bravo, " The tests were very easy" said Ainhoa and
because he met Kaiana.
Fernando Torres, and went to his house. By Patricia Porta
DINING ROOM ISSUES ago. He wrote himself into school history!
said Iñigo Fernández.
No d on u t s be ca u s e o f s in g in g The negative view of this new record was
4th year students got punished in the dining that the people that were encouraging
room without donuts because we sang San Ander to beat it, were disturbing the others
Sebastian's March and used the tables as and producing an unpleasant atmosphere
drums. for the dinning room, However, the main
Usually, 4th year ESO students are really problem was that students ignored the
chilled while dinner ladies. Tim commented that he
eating, but thought it was a crass and vulgar and very
as it was much a late 20th century phenomenon-
t h e 1 9 t h consuming far too much while other people
J a n u a r y , don’t have food.
S a n By Pablo Carbonero
E v e , w e
w e r e a l l
r e a l l y Cliona's gone
excited. The new girl in 4º B after sharing 5 months
T x e m a with us, left this school on the 20th January,
d o e s n ' t giving as a reason that her father has had a
n o r m a l l y job offer in Pamplona.
p u n i s h u s However deep within us, we all know that
b u t J o h n perhaps the real reason was that she had been
Philips was there so we couldn't even marginalized, but this is just a rumor,
speak while we were eating! nobody knows exactly why she went away.
Only 3 tables out of 5 got punished, even By Kaiana Aizpurua
though we all sang!
"I found it really unfair, we all had sung so
everyone should have been punished" said
Kovacevics Back at School
Sara Ifrim, a 4th year ESO student. After Christmas, we
B y G u i n e a had the news that Ko-
Fernandez Dans vacevic’s children were
coming one more time
to Saint Patricks to
New Record! study, three years after
On the 3rd of they had left this
M a r c h , A n d e r school. Stella, the older
Goitia a student of the two, was born in
f r o m t h e 4 t h Italy in 1996. When
Y e a r a t e t h e her father, Darko, was
incredible number of 35 croquets! He beat going to play in the
the last record of the school that was 34 Real Sociedad, they
croquets and that was set by Juan Félix, a moved to St. Sebas-
student that was in this school a few years tian.
Three years ago, they
moved to Greece, because Darko started play- expelled is that
ing in the Greak team, Olimpiacos. Recently, h e was shouting
he had had a heart-attack, and he isn’t play- and talking while
ing any more. That’s why they have returned Josean was
to St. Sebastian, because they like this city trying to speak. He
as a place to live. w a s talking
”I am happy to be back with the friends I had because w a s
three years ago” Stella said 2 months ago. b o r e d . U r k o
Now, both Stella and her little brother Darko said “I am always
have left school. Nobody knows for certain out,it is not fear”. Patricia
exactly why. Porta said “ It is always the same,all
Prefect or Perfect! the people shouting in every maths class”.
Manuel Santos is a student from the 4th By Iñigo Fernandez
Year of St. Patricks and he is his second year
as the class
Last year
he was also ACADEMIC NEWS
elected to
the school Reaching a higher
council for level of Basque
all the
It is not a secret that the
students at
level of English in this school
school, but is much higher than the Basque
this year level, but teachers are trying to
there aren’t make up for this imbalance. This
a n y year the students of the fats
students track of Basque are expected to
selected at do the P.L.1, an exam equivalent
the moment to the P.E.T. This is the first
for this time that the students in the 4th
year E.S.O. are going to be
responsibility. “He represents us very well, sitting this exam, but are they
because he is a responsible and serious prepared enough?
person”, said Adrián Tejeda a student in his We have tried to find out
class. what one of the students taking
By Pablo Carbonero the exam, Manuel Santos, thinks
about this issue:” We are the
Urko Out first year group that is
going to do this
The week from the 25th of January a
exam so early,
student called Urko Mendieta was expelled for
b u t I
class the whole week.

Urko Mendieta was expelled from Maths

class al the week. The reason of why he was BASQUE
don’t think there’s any problem. passed the exam, but they got
I think it’s a good opportunity higher results.
to practise and later on to try In the fast track, where Tim
to pass the P.L.2. Buckwell teaches, there were 5
By Asier Amenabar As, 13 Bs and 5 Cs, and all of
this with only being 14 year old,
Basque teachers attend where the average age of the
whole people presenting the exam
a course is 23 year old.
From Monday to Friday the Basque O f c o u r s e t h i s h a s b e e n
teachers of the 4º year ESO went devastating for the 4 year of
to Bilbao to a Basque course so
they could practise their Basque.
Ibon and Alazne left their 4º
year students of Basque, from
Monday 1st February until the 3rd
February afternoon, so they could
attend to the course. “We had a
great time at Bilbao although we
didn’t have enough free time to
visit Bilbao” said Ibon.
By Carla Aldabaldetrecu

Amazing First E.S.O students, as we presented

it later and we had worse marks,
with only 1 A. "They're not
normal people, they all have
these amazing marks" said Marina,
a student of 4 year of E.S.O.
By Kaiana Aizpurua

No extra hour for the

Fast Track
This year 4th year ESO fast track
students are going to take the
CAE exam in June, That’s why our
teacher hoped to give us an extra
class on Monday afternoon.
Certificate Results
The group of 3 year of E.S.O, on
During that hour we were going to
the 12 december of 2009 in the
improve our
hotel Amara Plaza and Costa
writing and
Vasca, did the first certificate
practice for our
exam, although they presented to
oral exam. Susie
this exam 7 months earlier than
also thought
the students of 4 year of E.S.O,
that as this
not only every single student
year is the
first one that
students only have 4 hours to students who study Latin. He
prepare for CAE, it would be a usually comes really early and
good way to try to pass the exam. when we come from the playtime he
has already been in class for a
H o w e v e r , t h i s few minutes and ready to begin.
was all a dream “He teaches differently but he
as the English does a good job” says one of his
D e p a r t m e n t students.
turned down the By Carla Aldabaldetrecu
proposal. Now we
would only have MOCK EXAMS
four hours per A few weeks ago,the forth year
w e e k a n d o n e students did the MOCK exams for
mock oral exam preparation. the first certificate in english
“It’s a pity that we don’t have a n d C e r t i f i c a t e i n a d v a n c e d
this extra hour, because we are english. Some of them did the
going to be less prepared for
the exam” said Pablo Carbonero,
a student of the fast track.
“However, I think that people
who work hard would have enough
with those four hours, and
they’ll pass it. I’ll bet for
it” said Tim Buckwell, 4th year
ESO English teacher.
By Guinea Fernández-Dans

New teacher for 4th

In October Iñigo Elias came to fist exam and others the
substitute Txema Arbe in Latin advanced. In general the results
classes. Txema had to teach the of CAE MOCK exam were quite good,
Baccalaureate however they could improve with a
students and lot of hard work. The students
he didn’t that did the FIRTS exam last
have any year and did not passed, this
other time to year the FIRST MOCK exam they did
do it so we it really well, and the students
can say that that did not do t last year the
he changed exam because they did not want to
his 4º year or because they were not as
ESO students prepared as to pass the exam,
for the they had work hard and in the
Baccalaureate MOCK exam they did it really
ones. well, with effort an working
Iñigo comes from the German hard they could get a good mark
school, where he used to teach. in the exam.
He comes on Tuesday, Thursday and By Marta Arriaga
Friday to teach the San Patrick’s
near. Now
is the
m o m e n t
Danger! Reyes in bad when they
mood! have to
t h i n k
As students seriously
it is not what they
unusual for want to do
us to hear in the
teachers future,
telling us and in a couple of weeks they
that we are will need to have decided. As
the worst this decision has to be taken
class they very seriously by both school and
have ever students, the teachers have
had. However, prepared some activities for the
this time students to see what their
Reyes seems to be really options are for next year, as
disappointed with her 4th year different types of baccalaureate
ESO class. She has even said or professional training (a more
things like “There is a lack of practical way of studying) also
work and responsibility that exist.
can’t be By Ignacio Mayoz
allowed” or
“I’ve no
regrets of SURPRISING
people who
failed in the
f i r s t NEWS!
evaluation”. As
a result there Cariñograma
is a bad During the last
atmosphere in
almost every 2 years, a new
mathematics te c h n iq u e h a s
class. She had been used with
even told us that she would pre-
the o nly
fer to stop teaching us. The
classes go on, and although she obj e ctive of
is really unhappy with us, we impro ving t he
hope she would continue teaching re lat i o n s h ip
us. Whatever happens Sanpa Times
t h at s t u d e nt s
will keep you informed.
h av e b e t w e e n
Orientation each other, this
The fourth year ESO students are r e v o l u t i o n ar y
already in February and they are t e c h n i q u e i s
seeing the baccalaureate really
calle d "Car iñog rama". glass, another glass has to be
this technique making a panel, lifted first. after some minutes
where the good things the student the caretaker Txema managed to
have done are. This technique will repair it.
help the little students to do "I think Gaiztarro did a stupid
good things instead thing" sai d Iñigo Fernandez,
doing bad things. This will also from 4th Year of ESO.
help children relationship and not By Ainhoa Uribarren
being d iscriminated for their
color or their intelligence.
By Adrian Agüeros and Sergio False Alar m Number
On Friday at school suddenly the
fi r e a l a r m
Fal s e fi r e
s t a r t e d
alarm ringing.
Last tuesday 4th At 11:30 p.m.
o f f e b r u ar y at the alar m
1 2 : 4 5 t h e fi r e went off while
al ar m r a n g i n we were doing
school. The a his tor y
alarm started on exam, it rang
the second floor. b e c a u s e
So m ebo dy had someone had
broken the fire broken the
g l a s s . A t fi r s t g lass of t he
te ac h ers d i d n' t fi r e a l a r m .
k n o w w h o h ad A f t e r t h a t,
done it, but as John Phillips
there were only 3 w e nt to all
p e o p le i n t h e the classes to
corridor at the find out who
time it rang, at had do ne it.
4:30 they found out that it had T h e g u i lt y p e r s o n i s s t i l l
been Borja Gaiztarro. from 3rd unknown.
year of ESO. "I was very scared, I thought it
Teachers knew it had been on was a real fire" said Kaiana.
purpose because to break the fire By Patricia Porta
by snow for four days. This made
us very happy, because we enjoyed
Toro XL
these strange conditions and had
Du r ing t hese co nd ter m o u r
really good fun playing with the
snow. “It was amazing, everybody
R ag a N o g a l ,
thought that we were in another
fo u nd so m e
town!” said Ignacio Mayoz a stu-
ca n s o n t h e
dent from the 4th Year in the
black field.Up
to this point it
does not seem
anyt hing o ut
of o r d e r.
H o w e v e r, t h e
issue is the
kind of
drinks the
cans contained.
This drink is called ''Toro XL'' the
problem is that on the can it
Music tames the beasts
clearly states that children should
B eg o ñ a h a s b e e n u s i ng n e w
not drink it, and the ones that
teaching techniques throughout
are doing so are the 5th and 6th
this ter m.
year primary school stu dents.
Among these
They should not be drinking it
because the amount of caffeine
we should
that one of the cans contains is
hig hlig ht
the equivalent of seven coffees.
p u t t i n g
''This severely affect the student
music on at
ability to study'' said Tim.
t h e
By Adrián Agüeros
beginning of
c l a s s e s ,
San Sebastián white w h i c h h a s b e e n g e n e r at i n g
applause. Recent stu d ies have
demonstrated that classical music
Like last year at the beginning of
stimulates some parts of the brain
the New Year in Janurary, there
and they are even using it in
were some terrible cloudy days,
o r d e r to h e l p p e o p le w i t h
which make the city white covered
intellectual problems. We’ve been but it seems that the average of
asking pupils what they think b o t t l e s used are 2/3 per class
abo ut t he u se of mu sic and and t here’re
they’ve told us that having five n o t
minutes to relax at the beginning p ar t i c u l ar ly
of class helps them to carry on c h e a p, t h e
working. There is no doubt from normal bottle,
o ur po int of view abo ut t he one litre,
success of this new technique, so costs 5.7
through this article we encourage euros and
all teachers to start using it. ad d ing t he
By Pablo Gabilondo t a x e s m i g ht
reach to 6.6
Swine flu
euros, so
Swine flu, has already affected to
students must consider it price
1,545,000 people all over Spain
b e fo r e u s i ng i t. P r e s c h o o l
and the numbers still growing.
children are specially “forced” to
Meanwhile, in our school missing
wash their hands properly before
people due to illnesses are quite
the meals and when returning
noticeable amongst us, and most
from breaks. The kitchen has also
of them are not affected by Swine
worried about getting any type of
flu. Could
ingredient that might carry any
i t b e t h at
type of illness, such as eggs that
stu dents
might carry salmonellas.
are taking
Finally the long term plan for the
ad va nt ag e
school is to maintain the actual
of Swine
o n e s, but not h ing relate d to
flu to miss
closing the school is thought.
classes? It
S u r e ly , t h i s i l l n e s s a n d i t s
i s
problems might be forgotten due
i m p o s s i b le
to its controversy whether its true
for the school to know the exact
or not.
n u m b e r o f p e o p le a f f e ct e d ,
because the diagnoses are private
and not all the people missing Underpants!
have Swine flu. Thro ug ho ut t he centur ie s
The most noticeable decision that different clothes have come into
school has done was putting a fashion and after a while gone
bottle of alcohol gel in each class out. For example fifty years ago
leather jackets were cool and
St Patrick’s Day
nowadays those who wear them
The 18th of March each year, we
are labelled as people with no
celebrate St’Patricks Day. On this
taste. However this time fashion
day there is a competition in which
has gone too far,
the class that wins most points,
becau se f ro m
goes to the beach in June. In such
w hen yo u leave
competition there are a couple of
your house until
activities to have fun. Each activity
you return, you
has its own points and not all the
see about a
activities have the same number of
hundred teenagers´ underpants.
p o i nt s d u e to t h e fact t h at
Although you might believe this
depending on the difficulty and
new fashion was created by an
how many people win them they
exhibitionist, it has its origins in
give 6 or 3 points to the winner.
prisons in the USA.
Normally the class that wins is one
Once you are in prison there are
of the 4 th
several rules you must obey: as a
y e a r, b u t
general rule prisoners are not
this time
allo w e d to
the 3rd year
h a v e b e lt s
group A
o n becau se
won with X
they may
points. They
use them to
won activities such as: ping-pong
c o m m i t
(6 pts), basketball (6pts), and 3
suicide and
points shoot-out (6pts). 2nd year
they must
also got lots of points and nearly
wear a uniform. These uniforms
won. `` I think that the two classes
are quite big so it is normal that
in the 4th year were so focused in
they don’t fit prisoners perfectly,
what each other that did not mind
and because of the prohibition of
what the other classes did’’ said
belts, there is no other alternative
for prisoners than wearing their
At the moment to going to press
trousers down low. This is the
4th year is unhappy with the results
reason why many teenagers that and has t he intentio n of
have never been in prison or challenging the results. ‘We won
ignore the origin of this fashion football and we got 0 points, we
wear low-cut pants as sign of are disappointed! Said a 4th year
them being tough guys. student.