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Part II

Court of Appeal File No.

Vancouver Registry

CA 43509


The Law Society of British Columbia

Respondent (Plaintiff*)


Marc Pierre Boyer

Appellant (Defendant)


Reasons for Judgment submitted by Madam Adair

It's actually hard to find a point where Madam Adair is not flaunting her power to impose slavery on me

Frankly the proof of Madam Adair's malfeasance is not in what she said BUT in what was not mentioned
as relevant; [as in] other than the bravado of insisting that she could continue to trample on this long history of
abuse of a now defunct Sec 279 CC, she makes no mention of my inalienable right to deny consent to be
persecuted [governed under Admiralty Rule], after this law expired.
ON THIS: The nature of this appeal being pressed as a mandamus is to proceed to have a Higher
Authority /court fix what constitutes a conspiracy between the Law Society of BC and a BC Judge, who are
caught in a trap that constitutes a clear violation of a: total failure of an entity to comply with the law, [under S17 of the 1998 Police Act] because at face value page 2 of Bill C-46 [under the Consolidations Act] clearly states
that there is no excuse for omitting the default nature of Sec 279 CC, which is exactly what she was been called
on to review, and that's just the way it is.