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Schism in the Catholic Church Padre Santiago Martin, F.M.

One can easily find this article on the Web in Italian (such as: I have translated this article into English to help people realize the gravity of the situation. Very few
Catholics today realize the great devastation that will be caused if it becomes widely accepted, or even officially
approved, what Cardinal Kasper proposes, as well as many bishops and cardinals in agreement with Cardinal
Kasper who have been promoted in the last three years, such as the new General Secretary of the Italian Episcopal
Conference, Monsignor Nunzio Galantino, and the new Archdiocese of Chicago, Monsignor Blase Cupich. Cardinal
Burke who stanchly explained that you cannot change Church Doctrine, the Truth, Who is Christ, was demoted.
Our Lady of Akita, Japan (1973), told us: The work of the devil will infiltrate even the Church in such a way that one
will see CARDINALS OPPOSING CARDINALS, bishops against other bishops. The priests who venerate Me will
be scorned and opposed by their conferees churches and altars sacked, the Church will be full of those who accept
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Have we truly arrived to a SCHISM?
Father Joseph Dwight

Have we truly arrived to a SCHISM?

Transcription of the summary of the conference of Padre Santiago Martin, F.M., entitled "Love, Truth and
Mercy", in May of 2014.
I want to address, in the meditation this afternoon, a question that worries me extraordinarily. I am so worried that I
think there is at stake - as has never been in two thousand years - the future of the Catholic Church. I see on the
horizon the real possibility of a schism with grave consequences.

Of course, my opinion would not have greater value if there was unity with the opinions of people much more
important than me.
The use that is being made of the concept of Mercy, is a use that is absolutely demagogic, therefore false and
dangerous. The concept of Mercy, misunderstood, separated from the concept of Truth - thus from the concept of
love - can be harmful, tremendously harmful. Also for the person for whom mercy is theoretically being asked as a
Thus, all together, the Body of the Church is going toward a schism.
I confide, we are praying very much so that this does not happen, but already people are openly talking about a schism
as a real possibility.

I think there are times in life when there is need to have the courage to speak. And to speak frankly, honestly, because as we say in Spanish - "He who warns is not a traitor."
So that certain things do not happen - but there are many, many possibilities that it will happen - it is the decisive hour
to talking. Others are doing this, I repeat, elsewhere: from the theological aspect, patristic, dogmatic, canonical. And I
would like to confront it, this afternoon, from the spiritual perspective.
The New Testament is not the only Testament. The Revelation of Christ, the NT, is a revelation that completes
another revelation. To forget this is to remove the foundations from the building, provoking, therefore, ruin.
God is love, yes, but first of all He did not teach that He is love. First of all, He taught us that He is the Almighty,
who is the Lord, who is the Judge. A loving judge, a Father Judge, a merciful judge, but a judge.
To despise the concept of God as a judge, to treat the Judge as if He were a criminal: we have arrived to this!
Jesus affirms that He is the way and takes on the Decalogue as something that you can not suppress. No one can do
And so, to despise morality as is being done right now, saying - as many say - that Christianity is not a moralism and by this they mean that you can be a Christian at the margin of ethical behavior - is to translate Christianity into
I have a sentimental relationship with God, more or less effusive, I should say not sentimental, but sentimentalist o ,
"sensibiloide". According to which I do what I want with my life and I pretend that God is pleased with me.
To affirm that Mercy should be applied to the margin of Truth or against It, now that is against the teachings of
Christ. And He is the truth!
Moreover to affirm that the Truth does NOT exist or is unattainable, or is relative, or that there does not exist
absolute truth, or no objective truth, is not only to deny two thousand years of Christian thought - based on what I'm
saying, from a definition of God given by He himself - but it is also to deny millions of years of thought of humanity
itself. This means to go backwards culturally to a time before Socrates. It takes a lot of courage - or a lot of ignorance to dare to say this.
To remove the truth from the discussion of love is indirectly a demagogic falsification of love itself, ending up
doing harm to the person.
The Lord DOES NOT USE BY CHANCE this definition in this order - since it is the order in which one must put it
into practice - "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life." One cannot arrive to the Life except through the Truth along a
Way. And this the Church has always understood.
When we take in this concept of Mercy in the Old and in the New Testaments, we realize that the Mercy of God, being
infinite, is limited. Not limited from Gods side, but from the human side.
You do not condition the forgiveness of God, you condition the restriction of God's forgiveness.

In addition, this forgiveness of God, this Divine Mercy, can be understood only as a gift, NOT AS A RIGHT. This
is another point where there is being made demagogic confusion.
"I have rights ..." ... Rights to that? To the Eucharist? The Eucharist is a gift. "I have rights ..." ... Rights to what? To
the priesthood? The priesthood is a gift.
The man's approach to God can not be an approach of rights. It must be solely an approach of gratitude. I do not have
Divine Mercy is always one millimeter from my skin. Always. But in order to gain entry, to be able to go beyond this
millimeter, I must cry out: "FORGIVE ME!". I must open the door of repentance. "Forgive me!". And I have to keep
the door open with the purpose of amendment and to sin no more.
So this Divine Mercy - that came from the Heart of God - arrives to me. And I experience it as something wonderful,
but which I do not merit. A gift to which I have no right. And I give, as a response to this Divine Mercy, my thanks. A
THANKSGIVING which must be of works, not only of feeling.
The FIRST ACT OF MERCY from Gods side for us is to tell us the TRUTH. We have reached a point in which
we consider as mercy lies and deception. And we think we are merciful to people, when we deceive and lie to them.
"I have to give you bad news and good news: you're sick, but there is a remedy." Jesus says this. Instead we say: "No,
you cannot give me this bad news. You can tell me that I'm healthy."
Forgive me, but if I tell you that you are healthy and not sick, you will not cure yourself, the sickness will grow, so
you will not be able to recover your health - happiness - either here nor in the hereafter.
You will be able to receive the Body and Blood of the Lord if you are ethically prepared - "I am the Way" - if you are
dogmatically prepared - "I am the Truth" - if you accept the teachings of the Church and if you are in the Grace
of God - "I am the life". This has been the tradition of two thousand years! For this reason the Church can not admit to
Communion, for example, the Protestants.
Let us apply this to specific cases. We are talking about the "divorced and remarried" which, without having
obtained the nullity of marriage, can receive Communion. However, there is being proposed a problem that, in the first
place, is not the problem of the family; there is being proposed, in the context of the synod on the family, so much so
that Cardinal Kasper - the one to whom Pope Francis commissioned to speak to a consistory of bishops in preparation
for the synod even came to say: "If you do not allow to divorced and remarried to receive Communion - these are his
words - it is useless to bring to fruition the synod, because it would be a great defection".
In addition, to address such an issue in an isolate way, means to fall into a shameful trap, that one must know because
you can not think that the one who promotes it is ignorant of this.
To open the door of the Holy Communion to the margins of two points said earlier to be in the Grace of God, and to
accept the Dogma, that is, on the edge of the Way and of the Truth, to pretend to arrive to the Life; which is union with
God, without passing by the Way and the Truth to accept that in this particular case is to open the door to all other
Open the door, the door remains open.

He is presents himself as merciful the one who accepts the request of that particular person who wants to receive the
Eucharist, but this person is not in the proper conditions. He tells the person: "Yes, receive it". But who are you to
say this? When Christ himself sets the conditions. Who is he? Is he Christ? More than Christ? Are you the master of
the message? Have you dismissed Christ as the founder of Christianity, to put yourself in his place?
One has to invent, we need to be innovative, to solve the problem. One invents, one makes innovations that are
necessary, but never by way of going against the Word of God, against the doctrine of the Church of two
thousand years.
This will generate, I repeat, HARM TO THE PERSON who will be deceived - it will hide God's Word - who will
eat and drink unworthily the Body and Blood of Christ; this person will be made to eat his own condemnation.
Concealing the truth to this person, will not do good to this person, because receiving Communion in this state will not
do him good, but will hurt him.
In addition, ONE SERIOUSLY DAMAGES THE COMMUNITY, which will clearly go toward a division, a
schism. It is necessary to warn about this. I repeat: "He who warns is not a traitor." And it's time to say it, before it's too
late. Before you commit to many things that will say to many, and rightly so, you're going against the Word of God,
against the two thousand year old teaching of the Church.
I feel the duty, in my conscience, to speak very clearly. I think many of us are doing it - I do not know if it is helping
- but this is the time to say it.
No one, absolutely no one, in the Catholic Church, can say: "You heard that Jesus said, but I tell you", because only
Jesus is the Son of God. And no one in the Catholic Church, is God or above God. Above Jesus Christ, in the Catholic
Church, there is no one!
If someone claims to be more than God, Jesus Christ, he is automatically out of the Catholic Church.
Let us take a moment for prayer in silence.
------Father Joseph Dwight