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File Name: Stress Be Prepared -4-Exam 2013

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(Training Tips)
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Be Prepared -4- Phil HITCHEN Oilfield TRAINING (PHOT)

IWCF Rotary Drilling Well Control Course...
We are sure most of you will know the Checklist 1 instinctively.
We also hear you say, Cant do a Refresher or 2 day, 3 day course anymore...
Got to sit in the class all 4 days... We are, however, trying to create for the class in
general a better learning atmosphere of Small & Relaxed Classes..
To achieve a happier/higher pass rates plus hopefully enjoy your W/C course...
DO YOU REMEMBER YOUR FIRST W/C COURSE? Nobody helped me, we hear you say... Sorry

we werent around then. Phil was on the rigs and remembers his W/C courses, the stressful settings.
So we are working for you and the rest of the class...
1...Some First-Timers before you come...TTs; try to know your Calculator with Confidence... Not just
for working out your pay check from $s to s... Or what you have made on your Stocks and Shares...
TTs; At the beginning, when youre learning, get used to writing it on a separate piece of paper in long
hand... So you can see how the numbers develop... work out... TTs; Oh... and Double-Check All Your
2... If you are... a First-Timers or someone with any learning difficulty or any form of disability... You
are not alone... Im disabled... One form of my disabilities is dyslexia... Im sure you know that Einstein
was dyslexic so there is no shame and I have been in your place many times... The stress this can causes...
TTs; Maybe you should read the whole PDF file. We had a dyslexic trainee First -Timer on our first
Well Control Course ever run and he scored mid 90s... Dont worry just you just need a pause...
3... Get A Head.... TTs; Ask US for a Phil Hitchen Oilfield Training BE PREPARED-PACK to,
state the obvious... Be Prepared; this gives you a head start so you are not lost on your first day of the
W/C Course...
TTs THERE IS NEVER A SILLY QUESTION... Years ago we found out why they invited older students

on courses in learning instructions... A friend went on a course amongst all young things... At one point
she hadnt understood what the teacher had said so asked for the teacher to re-explain. Out of class she
asked her young class mates did you understand...? No... Was the reply.
4...There is never a silly question... TTs; When working with the PHOT Be Prepared-Pack... Ask a
Drilling Superviser or Toolpusher, Driller or friend... Someone who knows their stuff... TTs If they
laugh, and dont answer, maybe they dont know how to answer with confidence... TTs Carry a Tally
Book or Small Note Pad around to jot down answers... When you attend the course ask classmates or
Instructors on the course... TTs For quality time try asking during lunch, before or after class...
5...Please detach your phone from your Ear and turn your phone off before you enter the classroom put
it out of sight. TTs Also turn off your phone before you start to study at home or at your hotel. We dont
want to be the cause of a divorce... However, Respect the fact that we have created a relaxed
environment for you to pass your exam and that your company or even you has paid... Take the
opportunity to pass with flying colours and you will be able to respect yourself on Friday...!
6...Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit.... Please, no excuses as to why you have not done your homework,

unless a catastrophic event has happened!!!...TTs Please do your homework its a basic and
vital part of the course.

7... TTs Take lots of notes during lectures & while studying... Use Post it Notes to hi-light points
with hi-lighter pens... All this helps to jog your memory when it comes to revising work... Having written
copious notes... You may only understand 75% of what you have written, however, usually 90% has sunk in...
TTs Make Scribe sheets... Of formulas you need to remember... Go over and over it. Get it down to one scribe
sheet... (NOT ALLOWED IN THE EXAMS...) A must for revising... Write/type formulaes off the Board in the
classroom IWCF Rounding Rules * over and over again until you know off by heart. You wont need the
scribe sheet in the exam if you follow these instructions

IWCF Rounding Rules

2. Do NOT Round UP MAASP
3. Do NOT Round DOWN - Kill Mud
4. STROKES/ TIME/CAPACITIES 1% Leeway Either Way

8...TTs While on PHOT Well Control Course outside of class should be mostly spent studying.
Dont forget to have a good evening meal... Try group study sessions and do not drink or go out for the evening...
Or any other of the things we have heard stories about... You are here because you need to pass your Well Control
Exam. Remember; get a good nights sleep... This helps you relax... Get some more TTs from Booklet 2...

9...TTs Exam Day if Uneasy... Take a deep breath let it out slowly to the count of 10... Are you feeling
stress as you enter the exam room... Breath deeply... It puts oxygen in your blood. Count in your head/mind.
You might knock someone else off their stride if you started counting aloud. Haa ha lol...

For Exam TTs



2. Fill out Exam paper in Pen... NOT in Pencil... Use the scratch Paper Provided
3. Check how many answers required... This Causes Loss of Vital Marks
4. DOUBLE-CHECK before looking at the first question...
5. A large percentage of questions on P&P Papers will come from figures calculated on your Kick Sheet...

Be Prepared... for whatever life throws at you... In YOUR Case its an exam...
10... If you need any more help with Stress Management/Emotion Control read Booklet/Checklist 2Or read on...

The End of Booklet/Checklist 1

(Training Tips)
Get A HeadStudy

Full PDF Version Booklet/Checklist 2 Emotion/Stress Control TTs

Phil HITCHEN Oilfield TRAINING - Rotary Drilling - Well Control Course...
WHICH ONE ARE YOU...? Let us know if think you are not one of these... If there is
many way we can help you let us know... If the sentence below does not strike you with fear... Good. We still
would love you all to read both Booklets/Checklists 1&2 so you can say the sentence without worry, stressed
or troubled.

Im afraid Ill lose my job if dont pass my Well Control Exam...

If it does start you worrying just a little read on...
We are not making light of this statement by saying, one... We want to create steps towards you being able to say
this yourself with Confidence... I was looking for a job when I found this... You are no good to yourself or your
company unless you can say this without FEAR... The steps will help with your Stress/Out of Control
Emotions... What you need to do is deal with the words such as... Worry, Fear, Guilt and Panic... These create
BAD FEELINGS on the outcomes of passing your exam... We need to replace with calming positive words &
feelings such as... Self-Control, Confident, Upbeat, Positive Thinking and Self-assured...
This Is for You the Person who knows that it is Stressful Passing Exams. This exam is more usually stressful
for (1) First-Timers / Subsea or Completions Candidates /Non Drilling Personnel... Who havent taken the
IWCF Rotary Drilling Well Control course before... (2) Someone... who hasnt taken an exam since leaving
school, and maybe didnt do well there either... (3) Someone...who learning difficulties...
In my case Kerin Hitchen MSc am dyslexic... It didnt stop me becoming an American Bar Paralegal in Houston
was two a week for 6 months having to get 70% past rate on all... Also left school with below average pass rates...
The beauty of age is that you can ask that Phil and I know there is no stupid question... Just remember TTs There
Are No Stupid Questions... So the first question you ask is, Can I Have My Phil Hitchen Oilfield Training Be
Prepared Pack Please... When you receive it get started... Until then read on...

You are the person who would like to, maybe, improve your scores... And maybe receive Amazon vouchers from us,
for the extra effort of higher scores... We have received a Congratulations Letter from IWCF for the way we run
our classes. This is the first time IWCF has done this... We are giving out Amazon Vouchers for scores anything over
95%... We have also given Amazon Vouchers to First-Timers who scores of over 80%...
The Old Timers... (Phil Hitchen is counted here in this sector...) Someone who finds it harder to achieve very high
scores... They are people that may have forgotten more about the oilfield than most of you have learnt... Professor
stated when asked why he didnt know his telephone number; I have more important things in my head, I have a telephone book
for that... We have help you relax and then youll do it... Convinced? If so and you want to learn simple stress relief

idea go to the top of last page... LEARN THE CHOICE OF PRESIDENTS...

Need more convincing how your mind and body works with stress? Read on... Yes we do know, your job can depends on this
W/C Certificate...Well as you know, you were looking for a job when you found this one...
You are no good to yourself or your company unless you cant say this without angst...

First a little bit about the taboo word of stress...

HANS SELYE SAID, There is no one person without stress. The only person is A DEAD PERSON...
It how you handle It!
A response, Cannon (1935) wrote, stems from a cavemans basic instinct to take Flight
or Fight... Its how ones own body reacts at the time of facing imminent danger...
We want you, instead of, as they did in times gone by, prepare for lifes stressful emotions to take Flight or Fight... A lot of you may know
the story of the Caveman coming out of his cave picking his breakfast out of his teeth with a twig... Suddenly faced with a
Tooth Tiger... FEAR!!! Which does he do, take Flight or Fight Why do you react this way with normal everyday things? They are not
going to Kill You for not paying a bill... There are a lot
more technical descriptions for how your body actually reacts.
(email me, Kerin if you would like the notes that go
with this...) We do not have to react in the same way these
days. Its all about how you handle it... Being
severely dyslexic I went into sales and marketing from
school, not much writing, and lived off stress. Ended
up running sales teams, ran myself ragged inside...
I was the best at what I did and enjoyed it... Until
one day... My back problem became a permanent
problem in the late 80s caused by a major car
accident. However, self-hypnosis help me two ways...
Physically and Mentally Stress. As at the ripe old
age of 57 I finished the last 6 months of my 23,500
word dissertation on Managing Emotions for my
MSc at Glamorgan University in South Wales, whilst
living in Scotland. Like WOW! Im the kid
who left school below average...! The stress of
studying and driving up and down the map... What changed my life is the use of Self-hypnosis or Self-help as I like to think of it as...

Emotions are ruled by the mind reinforced by my Doctor...

....Who said, If we chopped off your head You wouldnt feel the pain in your back...
Look, we all have problems, some more than others... However, the mind can be controlled with Self-hypnosis... It IS simple... Not
supernatural. It doesnt cure an illness or pay the bills... But it can help in calming you down and pick up the phone to the debt
collector, make arrangements to pay the bill over a longer period or have a time break. Can help you with a migraine brought on by
having to do a presentation to go on and do the presentation. It works, trust me. If you want more details for individual problems
email me, Kerin. The first time I used it was to lose weight, the second time it helped me to get to sleep when in...
...LOTS of pain, when hubby snored for the UK... It gives you a better quality of life. Help with the passing of your W/C exam...

YOU can have major reactions from Stress/Emotions that you would never have expect........
.... The first example, a child was having major problems for many years and all of a sudden things went so
right... Just in the period of a week... Everything in the garden became rosy... The childs stress level rose as it didnt
know how to handle/manage/control the good feelings... Instead it had a day mare... Seeing out the corner of the
eye what the child thought of as a road accident Driver & bike going through a car window... The child relaying
the story in great detail and visibly shaken in great distress... Swore it was real... There was no consoling the child...
This is RARE... Dont go worrying for the sake of worrying.
....The second example, you may be able to relate to... Facing an exam where you have been taken out of your
comfort zone of the Rig... Where you know your job... A guy came into do his exam... We gave him harder papers
for a Surface Supervisor and he got in the 80s. The following morning he came in like a Sabre Tooth Tiger
pacing in his cage... He FAILED his Surface Drillers papers... Getting mid 40s... Are you the same you hear the
words Well Control Course...
Does Fear strikes when you hear the words IWCF PHOT Well Control Course... Feel Guilt that you didnt
Worry enough, before the course, during and when doing the exam... Worry because you might lose your job, before
the course, during course and when doing the exam... Panic, how are you going to pay the bills before the course etc.
Woo, stop!!! It hasnt even happened yet... And most people can feel this way but bury it deep. You cant see the
control it takes to do this... As you can see above... This can harm you more... SO YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

TTs At the moment you are using Instinctive Behaviour...

We need to teach you Learnt Behaviour... It is as simple as that... (Questions email Kerin)

Look..., no one is asking you to balance a piggy bank on your head, or something as silly as
that, during exams... OR try to stop dead or control your Stress/Emotions just like that... Going
to give you a few simple steps to get you started... Have you heard of these things? Worry Beads,
Crosses, Lucky Rabbits Foot or a Rubber Stress Ball... My choice has the same principles...
MY CHOICE IS THE CHOICE OF PRESIDENTS... A SIMPLE PAPER CLIP... All you have to do is keep it with you.
Pop it in your pocket... Put all your guilt, worries, fear feelings into it... Then get on with the task at hand...

Pick a Paper Clip... PINK, Blue, Silver... Feel the paper

clip... Push in the bad feelings, worry, fear, guilt... You
can Replace it with a feeling of congratulations for passing...
Yes you can feel good... Use your chosen Item... And start to
think about studying, Be Prepared, when you get the work
pack/Before/ During class and then in the exam think when I
pass... like a train running along the rails.... WHEN I PASS... And set about studying in a quiet place, asking questions, taking notes,
breathing deeply... Think of Sun on your head as you sit on a beach and Warm lovely feeling when its over. Dispel any bad feelings
into the paper clip... Breathe deeply
If you have stressed as you enter the exam room, breath deeply... let it out slowly to the count of 10,
it puts oxygen in your blood... Improve your brain power... Just feel the paper clip... When I Passs...
OUR JOB at Philip Hitchen Oilfield Training is to make you relaxed for your Well Control course... Here we like to
adopt you... and help you relax... ONLY for the week, not for life, couldnt afford to feed you all...
In return we want you to BE PREPARED...
Here is an abbreviated list of TTs from Booklet 1.
Dont forget to take, TTs Lots of notes during lectures and
while studying. Use Post it Notes & hi-lighters. All helps to
jog your memory when it comes to revising work. Ive written
copious notes. You may only understand 75% of what you have
written, however, usually 90% sinks in. TTs Make a Scribe sheets. Not allowed in the exams. Found them a must for revising.
Write/type a formula or informative examples formulas off the BOARD in the classroom and such as IWCF Rounding Rules * over and
over again until you know them off by heart. Hopefully you wont need the scribe sheet if you follow the Rules.


IWCF Rounding Rules



2. Do NOT Round UP MAASP

3. Do NOT Round DOWN -Kill Mud
4. STROKES/ TIME/CAPACITIES 1% Leeway Either Way


Can I have my....

Phil Hitchen

For Exam - TTs

Oilfield Training


2. Fill out Exam paper in Pen... NOT in Pencil... Use the scratch Paper Provided
3. Check how many answers required... This Causes Loss of Vital Marks
4. DOUBLE-CHECK before looking at the first question...
6. A large percentage of questions on P&P Papers will come from figures
calculated on your Kick Sheet...

Be Prepared
On receipt please
get started...

Most Vital-Recap from Booklet 1 with added TTS

!) Please turn off your phone before you enter the classroom and put out of sight. Also before you start
to study at home or the hotel.
!) Please, Please, no excuses as to why you have not done your homework... (If you have a problem with
Homework Instructors/Assessors will take questions on +44 (0)7527 880713 anytime...). The only excuse
is if theres a bereavement in the family...
!) Time on the course week should be spent studying; study together, if you wish, as a group...
!) Do not study for too long as you reach a point when nothing sinks in.
!) Earlier Nights... Make it a reasonably early night before the exam...
!) When entering the exam room or to help you relax... Take deep breaths let them out slowly...
!) To go to sleep... Use your paperclip. Think of yourself as a Lazy Lion on a Beach in Bali. Start counting to
10 drawing the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, in your mind. Lose count or get to 10..., start again/Repeat... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7,8,9,10.., 1,2,3,4,5...


By Kerin MSc

& A-Train (UK) Ltd Group

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