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Gerrys Coco Nectar:

Benefits and Applications
CCN is an Amino Acid Bomb
It delivers a concentrated and complete supply of all the 20 Amino
Acids needed by the Immune System to:

FIGHT DISEASES - Relentlessly bombard and neutralize

intruders/invaders(virus, bacteria,etc.) something the antibiotics in overdose, can never do without damaging the
body. CCN is very safe food and can/should be taken in
megadoses for serious and life-threatening ailments.

REPAIR DAMAGED TISSUES - Supply raw materials

for the immediate repair, rehabilitation and rejuvenation of
damaged tissues and organs. CCN needs no digestion so it
is assimilated in less than 2 minutes from ingestion,
delivering the necessary repair substances to the affected


CCN enhances, and in the case of older people, reawaken the
vitality of the reproductive organs in as much as Amino Acids
comprise all reproductive fluids. It is a natural and much safer
alternative to the so-called colored pills taken by seniors; no side
effects, no overdose, no anxiety. In the words of those who have
tried it, you can be cock-sure with Coco Nectar. Maintaining
some regularity in sexual activities will help prevent Prostate
Cancer and Myoma.
Start with 2-3 tbsp of PureCCN in the morning before breakfast on
an EMPTY STOMACH or 5 mins before meals. You could vary
the intake by taking it as Coco Nectar Juice, mixing CCN with
water. When positive results are experienced, the dosage can be

taken again before sleeping. The Body undertakes undisturbed

repairs while asleep.
CCN delivers Repair Materials to the afflicted organs. Since it is a
powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory, it fights
the infection and swelling, if there is any.
In the case of Diabetics, CCN delivers not only repair materials for
the damaged Pancreas, CCN likewise delivers all the necessary
amino acid ingredients (17 in all) for the manufacture of Insulin.
Regular exercise will go a long way in converting more sugar to
energy, thereby containing, if not preventing, Diabetes. We now
have two cases of Insulin-dependents who stopped injecting
themselves with pharmaceutical Insulin after taking a daily dose of
One of them, a Shipping Executive in Makati, hasnt used the
needle since 2010 after he switched to CCN. He consumes about 2
kilos every 3 months.
Do not be concerned with the sweetness of the CCN.
First off, it has a low Glycemic Index (35); secondly, the sweetness
comes naturally from Fructose and Glucose(a very important food
for the brain together with oxygen), and not from Sucrose (cane
sugar). Both fructose and glucose in CCN comprise the fuel with
which the Human Body manufactures tissues, while the Amino
Acids are the raw materials.

Stroke, Heart Diseases,

CCN is the BEST and SAFEST food for Heart patients and Stroke

Digestion is very stressful to the heart. CCN does not require

digestion. It delivers all the necessary repair materials to the
body without taxing the heart to power the process.
A megadose of CCN (like 150-300gms/day) on an EMPTY
STOMACH has restored the body of some stroke victims in 30-60
CCN enhances blood circulation and lowers blood pressure. It is
therefore an advisable Food Supplement for Heart patients.
It has been shown that a combination of the Amino Acids Proline
and Lysine and megadoses of non-acidic Vitamin C, reverses
Atherosclerosis, a direct cause of high blood pressure and heart
attacks. Proline and Lysine are already present in CCN, among the
20 Amino Acids.

Dengue Fever
CCN is a very effective Dengue Fighter. It has not failed to lick
Dengue since it was first tested in 2004.
It has raised Platelet counts from as low as 6,000, to over 100,000
in 24 hours or less.
Strictly Dengue patients in hospitals invariably get discharged
within 24-48 hours from taking CCN. The dosage is easy to
remember. The cure is very cheap. One only needs 1-2 small
For Adults: Take half a bottle (150gms) immediately on an
EMPTY STOMACH. If it is taken in the morning, follow it up
with the other half before sleeping. If the first dose is taken in the
afternoon or evening, take the other half in the morning BEFORE
breakfast. Then have a 2nd bottle in reserve, for insurance.

For 6-13 years: take bottle (75gms), and follow it up with a

similar dose every 6-8 hrs until the bottle is done or until the
platelets surpass the 100,000 count.
Tots and Infants: Reduce the dosage proportionate to the body
You may use droppers for infants; or mix CCN with water and
There is NO OVERDOSE for CCN, so the dosages do not have to
be exact.

Skin Breaks & Diseases /

External Afflictions / Herpes
CCN can be applied topically on all external afflictions, such as
wounds, ulcers, rashes, allergies, infections, boils, hemmorhoids.
Of late, a Herpes Simplex patient reported healing after only a
couple of days ingesting as well as topically applying CCN on the
affected spots.
You may dab pure CCN on the affected area or dilute it with water
to reduce viscosity as in the case of rashes and psoriasis.

Hair Fertilizer
Hair is made from Amino Acids.
CCN is a potent hair fertilizer, minimizing hairfall, as it
strengthens and thickens hair.
Take a spoonful of CCN in a bowl and dilute with water. Then
massage the solution into the scalp for 3-5 minutes. It is best to do
this before taking a bath.

Check your bathroom drain for falling hair after a couple of days.
It should be much less.
Check your scalp after 2-3 days you might detect baby hair growth.
Hair definitely looks strong and thick.

Throat and Mouth Infections

CCN combats tooth decay and in most instances, relieves
toothache. It also neutralizes mouth sores, as well as infected and
bleeding gums on contact. Some dentists have been using CCN
soaked in cotton to gum wounds right after extraction. It stops
bleeding almost immediately, facilitates blood clot and tissue
repair, allowing extractee to eat after 24 hours. It is the fastest
healer for newly-extracted gum wounds.
Just take a mouthful and guide the CCN to the affected spots.
For tonsillitis and throat infections, swallow slowly with head
tilted towards the back so the CCN hits the infected area as you
swallow. It also eliminates halitosis as you swallow. There is no
bad breath with CCN.

Sore Eyes and Floaters

2 drops of CCN, mixed with water, in an empty vial of EyeMo
or Visine should do the job of fighting eye infection, as well as
repairing torn retinal tissues(experienced as floaters by older
people) caused by high blood pressure. 1-2 drops of the solution 12x a day ought to contain the discomfort, if not totally heal the
infection and repair eye damage in a couple of hours. It stings upon
application but it lasts only for a few seconds. REFRIGERATE
the solution.

Ulcer / Hyperacidity / GERD

CCN has proven to be a very fast worker in relieving pains and
discomfort brought about by less serious cases of Hyperacidity and
Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease(GERD) common among older
people. In case of Ulcers in the stomach sphincter, stomach and
intestines, CCN provides immediate relief upon contact. Hence, in
these cases, it must always be taken in megadoses and on an
Empty Stomach. The delivery of the repair materials must not be
diluted and delayed by food still undergoing digestion in the

CCN is the safest natural sweetener in the world. So (if you can
afford it), you can use it to sweeten anything; and use it as
substitute for any recipe that uses sugar.

CCN as Coco Water

With CCN, no need for procuring Coco Water. Mixing CCN with
water, sweetened to taste, is nutritionally and energetically many
notches better than any other natural coconut water from either
young or old coconut. Creating various kinds of Coco Nectar
Juices could be experienced by simply adding any fresh fruit or
vegetable juice for variety. Adding Braggs Apple Cider to CCN on
a 1-0n-1 basis brings a delectable thirst-quenching quality to the
juice. Best taken when chilled.

Leukemia / Carcinoma (Colon,

Breast) / Blood Diseases
CCN Users have reported relieved symptoms of leukemia, anemia,
colon, cervical and breast cancer and blood abnormalities. A
simple blood analysis can validate the effects of CCN on the health

of the blood and plasma. CCN has been proven as best natural food
fighter against blood-related diseases.

Necessary SUPPLEMENTS to
go with CCN
1) Megadoses of Non-acidic Vitamin C. Necessary ingredient
(together with Amino Acids) for the construction of Collagen for
Tissue repairs.
2) Lots of native Bananas the LATUNDAN Variety. This is the
best, surest and fastest natural food medicine for digestive
problems (IBS,etc). When the digestive process is efficient,
elimination is also efficient resulting in the healthiest-looking stool
to prove it. Take 1-2 Latundan after every meal, at least.
3) Vitamin B-Complex.
4.) Psyllium Fiber
With CCN, Banana, Vitamins C and B-complex, you may not need
to eat heavy meals.
Youve supplied the body with what it naturally needs to keep
itself healthy.
And they are all digestion-friendly.

Coconut Honey vs. Bee Honey

Coconut Honey: Green Honey (Made by the Tree).
Bee Honey: Animal Honey (Made inside the Bee).
Coconut Honey: Contains 20+ (Complete) Amino Acids.
Bee Honey: Contains 9 (only).
Coconut Honey: No Toxins, No Overdose.
Bee Honey: Contains Toxins, Danger in Overdose.

Coconut Honey: Non-regulated natural food.

Bee Honey: Regulated applications.
Coconut Honey: No danger of allergies.
Bee Honey: Can cause allergies.
Coconut Honey: Much lower Glycemic Index.
Bee Honey: Relatively high sugar content, thus higher glycemic
Coconut Honey: Definitely safe, if not beneficial to Diabetics.
Bee Honey: Risky in overdose.
Bottom Line: CCN is Natural Healing Food as raw as you can get,
straight from the essence of the Tree of Life, the Coconut Tree.
Research on Amino Acids Healing or Orthomolecular Therapy. Or
ask for a Free Seminar on The Human Body and its Natural
Healing System. Contact for inquiries.
Dr. Gerrys Coco Nectar is Coconut Honey. Made by a Tree,
Safer than Bee.