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POEs Platform

-Poverty alleviation
We should promote an environment of inclusive growth, focus anti-poverty programs on the family, and
mobilize the support of all sectors. This will happen when there is good governance, when government
has the capacity to generate resources, when our leaders have the will to use these resources for the
most vulnerable sectors, when our people feel safe in their homes and the communities, and when even
our culture reflects our peoples desire to break away from poverty.
*Opportunities for our children we should provide opportunities for our children so that they will grow up to
become productive citizens and active participants in our countrys development. We should give special
attention to children who are victims of poverty. They deserve a better future.

*Electoral Reforms. Never again should we allow any group, no matter how powerful they are, to deny
our people of our right to choose our leaders. We should put I place the necessary electoral reforms,
provide sufficient funding for implementation, and rekindle our peoples trust in the electoral system.
*Poverty Alliviation.

Sustainable Inclusive Growth. In 2003, 3.3 million Filipino families (or 19.8 million people) were

considered poor. In 2009, the number rose to nearly 3.9 million families (or23 million people).
1.1 During the period between these two years, the economy was growing at an average of 4.2 percent in
real terms. Yet poverty remained. Economic growth is not enough to help the poor.
1.2 For economic expansion to make an impact on the poor especially the vulnerable sectors- indigenous
people, detainees, people with disabilities ,elderly, women, internally displaced people, and overseas
Filipino workers. I believe that growth should be inclusive, i.e. sustained, substantial, broad-based, and
participative. This growth will happen in an environment of microeconomic stability, with investmentfriendly policies, and supported by infrastructure development and timely capability- building interventions.
2. Focus on Family. Poverty is a problem that can break the family ad bring great harm to our children. I
consider the family as the focal point of our poverty alleviation efforts. The importance of the family is also
enshrined in the Philippine Constitution (Art. II section 12 of the Philippines Constitution: the state
recognizes the sanctity of family as a basic autonomous social institutions.)
2.1 We should provide incentives to institutions that promote family-oriented programs.
2.2 We should strengthen and affirm the Filipino family as a basic social institution of the Philippines society.
3. Mobilizing Goodwill. I believe that poverty alleviations is a shared goal. No poverty alleviation effort
will become successful if it does not harness the goodwill of our people and convert good intentions into
effective actions.
3.1 We should mobilize the local government units, the business sector, international support agencies, and
civil society organizations so that the anti-poverty initiative will be sustainable.
3.2 We should empower our people to take part in anti-poverty programs rather than just become passive
recipients of help. We should not encourage a culture of dependence among our poor.
4. Good governance. I believe that good governance is the key to make government an effective tool for
poverty alleviation. I support the administrations efforts to make tuwid na daan as the benchmark in our
Philippines political and economic life.
4.1 We should encourage private sector initiative to build anti-corruption integrity circles in government and
private companies.
4.2 We should further promote transparency and accountability in government through the enactment of laws
that provide access to information about government transaction.
4.3 We should provide capability- building programs for local government units and encourage inter-LGU
sharing of good practices .I support the national government s program that gives a seal of good
housekeeping to local government units that are able to institutionalize the values of transparency,
accountability, participation, and performance
4.4 We should promote the use of information technology to provide government service and engage our
people in dialogue. We should use the internet as an expanded arena for policy making. Our peoples
right should be properly protected in online discussions.
5. Resource Generation and Use. We should improve governments capacity to generate resources and
to use these resources for the most vulnerable sectors
5.1 Government should expand its revenue base but it should also provide safety nets to vulnerable sectors
that will bears the greatest burden of adjustment.
5.2 I support the existing government programs that develop the capacity of the poor to improve their lives,
such as the Pantawid Para sa Pamilyang Pilipino, expansion of health insurance, skills training,
education, and social housing. These programs should be properly targeted and its beneficiaries regularly
5.3 Government should provide sufficient funds for infrastructure facilities that advance food security and
encourage competitive trade, such as farm-to-market roads, post- harvest facilities, and air and sea port.
5.4 We should increase the share of local government units in the revenues to be generated from natural
resources in their areas. The additional revenues should be used to provide economic and social services
and capability-building intervention s of families effected by such activities.

5.5 Asset reform is an important aspect of poverty alleviation.I support the agrarian reform program as means
to empower small farmers. We should continue providing adequate institutional support, capabilitybuilding assistance, and funding for agrarian reform communities.

6. Peaceful Communities. We need peaceful communities in order to promote inclusive growth and
undertake anti-poverty initiatives. Only when our people feel safe and our communities are peaceful can we
focus our attention on the things that matter: that of creating a better future for our children.
6.1 Government should execute our laws effectively in order to deter crimes. Erring officers of the law should
be removed and punished so that peoples confidence in our justice system will be upheld. Police visibility
should be increased and sustained.
6.2 We should encourage community organizations to participate in programs to build peaceful and orderly
communities. Government should provide capability-building interventions and protection when needed.
6.3 We should work for lasting peace by building communities of peace based on trust, social justice, and
development. I believe that any effort towards the negotiated settlement of conflict should be anchored on the
bigger goal of realizing our peoples dream of a good life.

7. Anti-Poverty Culture. We should develop and promote a culture that liberates our people from
hopelessness, generates intolerance of corruption, revives our passion for the common good, and enhances
awareness of our nations heritage. In line with this, we should provide more incentives to independent
producers who capture Filipino values in their films and strengthen government agencies that protect the
Philippine film industry.Opportunities for Our Children

8. Institutional Support for Children . According to the basic sectors survey of the National Statistical
Coordination Board, there were 12.4 million poor children in 2009. Children ranked third (after fisher folk and
farmers) in the incidence of poverty among the basic sectors. I am deeply concerned about the impact of
poverty on children because poverty can destroy their future and bind them to a life of misery.
8.1 We should provide stronger institutional interventions for street children and abandoned children.
8.2 We should establish more day-care centers in barangays and private companies.
8.3 We should have a more comprehensive and standardized feeding program for children of poor families.
8.4 We should create additional governmental programs that protect and ensure the future of children with
special needs and disabilities.
8.5 We should advance the interest of those people who take care of the welfare of our children. I believe that
we should have additional comprehensive support programs for our domestic helpers, health workers, and
other professionals who are working hard to look after the interest of our children.
8.6 We should be with our teachers in shaping the future of our children. I would like to ensure that their
welfare is also protected especially when it comes to their salary, benefits, professional development and job

9. Legal Framework for Children. We should review the legal framework that deals with children.
9.1 We should strengthen the anti-child-labor law. Parents should take care of their children and not allow their
children to become exploited for the sake of economic gain.

After reading Poes platform my reaction to this is that she focused more on the one of the biggest
problem in our country which is poverty. She never loses hope that Philippines can still stand up again
from scarcity. She gives hope to every Filipino citizens that in behalf of all the ups and downs we have
been encountered still we can survive as we Filipinos got a helping hand and to mind others and not for
our own sake only. In behalf of all the issues about her citizenship she fight for her right for her candidacy.
She is a strong and brave woman that can make our country more progressive. She proves that woman
can also run governments through a honest and responsible leadership. But in everything she said still
people have a right or freedom to choose on the running Presidentiables.

BINAYs Platfrom

VP Binay promised to provide more access to information Technology to promote and regulate
high speed Internet all over the country. Access to more advance IT, he said, also aims to benefit smaller
businesses to link them further to development. He has pointed out that traffic has been a recurring
problem in to country even before today. So he would like to introduce reform in (faster) enforcement,
education and engineering to come up with better infrastructures for the countrys future. Saying that even
if we win the UNCLOS agreement for the territorial disputes against China, there will be problems
implementing it. So VP Binay pushes for a joint exploration in hopes to come up with a more peaceful
solution to the impending problem with china. He also said that 60-40 law for foreign ownership should
definitely be abolished, but foreign investments will surely be of help the country, especially with todays
living condition.
VP Binay also made a firm ground when he said he was against death penalty simply because it
wasnt the only way to prevent crimes. Aside from increasing the budget of the Technical Education and
skill Development Authority (TESDA), VP Binay promised to formalize the curricula of the Department of
Education, Commission Higher Education and TESDA. After recalling that the Philippines had the highest
income tax rate in Asia, VP Binay then said that he would pursue that tax rate from 30 to 20.
VP Binay said that the current administrations Daang Matuwid was slow and causing more delays
and that the country should have a malapad at mabilis na daan intead. Despite this, he cited three
programs from administration that he will continue if elected: the anticorruption campaigns, the
continuation of the 5% GDP allocation on infrastructure spending, and the Conditional Cash Transfer
program which will include health care

Comment/ Reaction:
VP Binay`s platform was quiet interesting as for a country`s leader. He used to persuay voters or
citizens by having a project which is more on improving the information accesses and in a way which is
against to the former DILG Sec. Roxas. He also focused on Business Industries which is other
candidates accused him for corrupting money in our country. But beside of this issues still most people in
Makati trust him because of his works toward his place and to the people of Makati. The seniors, students
and poor families adore him much and his hard works to his country. His project to have a fastest internet
connections would be helpful especially to students and business industries. It would be a great privileged
to every Filipino to improve their way of living.

MARs Platform
1. From a President who tolerates corruption to a President who is the nations first and most determined
fighter of corruption;

2. From a government that merely conjures economic growth statistics that our people know to be unreal to
a government that prioritizes jobs that empower that people and provide them with opportunities to rise
above them with opportunities to rise above poverty;
3. From relegating education to just one of many concern to making education the central strategy for
investing in our people, reducing poverty and building national competitiveness;
4. From treating health as just another area for political patronage to recognizing the advancement and
protection of public health, which includes responsible parenthood, as key measures of good governance;
5. From justice that money and connections can buy to a truly impartial system of institutions that deliver
equal justice to rich or poor;

6. From government policies influenced by well-connected private interest to a leadership that executes all
the laws of the land with impartiality and decisiveness;
7. From treating the rural economy as just a source of problems to recognizing farms and rural enterprises
as vital to achieving food security and more equitable economic growth, worthy of re-investment for
sustained productivity;
8. From government anti-poverty programs that instill a dole-out mentally to well-considered programs that
build capacity and create opportunity among the poor and the marginalized in the country;
9. From a government that dampens private initiative and enterprise to a government that creates conditions
conducive to the growth and competitiveness of private businesses, big, medium and small;
10. From a government that treats its people as an export commodity and a means to earn foreign exchange,
disregarding the social cost to Filipino families to a government that creates jobs at home, so that
working abroad will be a choice rather than a necessity; and when its citizens do choose to become
OFWs their welfare and protection will still be the governments priority;
11. From presidential appointees chosen mainly out of political accommodation to discerning selection based
on integrity, competence and performance in saving the public goods;
12. From demoralized but dedicated civil servant, military and police personnel destined for failure and
frustration due to inadequate means to perform their public service missions;

13. From a lack of concern for gender disparities and shortfalls to the promotion of equal gender opportunity
in all spheres of public policies and programs;


14. From a disjointed, short-sighted Midanao policy that merely reacts to events and incidents of the Moro
and other peoples of Mindanao to one that seeks a broadly-supported just peace and will redress
decades of neglect;

15. From allowing environment blight to spoil our cities, where both the rich and the poor bear with congestion
and urban decay to planning alternative, inclusive urban developments where people of varying income
levels are integrated in productive, healthy and safe communities;
16. From a government obsessed with exploiting the country for immediate gains to the detriment of its
environment to a government that will encourage sustainable use of resources. This platform is a
commitment to change that Filipinos can depends on. With trust in this leaders, everyone can work and
build a greater future together.

As for the social and political side, Roxas platforms are the following:
I. Further implementation of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, which provides conditional cash
incentives and other health and education benefits to the poor. With this, he believes that poverty
incidence in the country could be reduced to low level;
II. The improvement on disaster risk reduction and management;
III. Supports the passage regarding the Basic Bangsamoro Law and eventually wants to resolve
disputes occurring in Mindanao in order to lessen possible negatives social consequence;
IV. Lastly, as for political side, Mar Roxas vows to fight corruption, which has becomes the biggest
issue in Philippines politics; and in the Aquino Administration, Pork Barrel Scam emerged; but
Roxas in his campaign, promises to make the government efficient again by implementing orders
and laws with regards to anti-corruption. At the 41 st Philippines Chamber of Commerce and
Industries (PCCI) conference held last October 27 Mar Roxas laid the following: will not amend
economic provisions in the 1987. Constitution study proposals to lower income tax very carefully
appoint Cabinet mambers based on trust and confidence and integrity will not create new
departmets focus on tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing for job generation continue
transparency and rules based governance continue anti- corruption efforts

Comment/ Reaction

Mar Roxas was once ran as a Vice President last years election and sad to say
that he didn`t made it, and his lose doesnt made him not to lead a one of the branch of
a government. He was appointed by Pres. Aquino to be the DILG Secretary in replace
of former DILG Sec. Robredo. He was quiet good in leading, so as the 2016 election is
now fast coming, Pres. Aquino doesn`t hesitate to point him as a party`s representative
as a candidate for a president. On his platform he mentioned almost of the country`s
crises. He wanted every steps will go through the right way or they used to call it as a
Daang matuwid. Since Roxas was a representative of a liberal party I think it will give
him a bigger chance to wins people heart to vote him for a president.

He said that his administration would be left learning and he a socialist principle. Duterte said
that he would push for an end to the insurgency problem with communist rebels, having direct contacts
with the NPA-NDF leaders such as Joma Sison.

Duterete also said that he was against contractualization of laborers and would push for reforms
in the income tax law which will cover more exemptions such sa fo those earning below P20,000 a month.
The Davao chief executive also said that he would not declare martial law- unlike the doomsday
scenario painted by his opponents. But I tell criminals not to push me to go the extreme, Duterte
warned. Duterte also specifically said that he would end the problem of illegal drugs in just three to six
months into his administration.
Organizers and supporters of Duterte said that it would be the first time for the tandem to lay
down their platform of government

Comment/ Reactions:
Mayor Duterte was one of the bravest candidate for a president. He focused more on crimes
which we can see and hear in a T.V or radio. If he will win as a president I think bully people will not
anymore be afraid of, ladies will be safe in going home late at night, drug users/pushers will be afraid to
do transactions and it will prevent crimes. It would be possible that we Filipinos can live quiet and
peaceful. But still as a child of God I am not agree on this bloody way to prevent crimes because only
God can judge us.

DEFENSORs Platform

Senator Santiago said the Philippines will be much better than it was before if she becomes
president in the very near future. She also guaranteed that all Filipinos will feel secure if she becomes
president in 2016.
Here are some of the advocacies Senator Santiago laid down in her interviews and speeches
from the past 2 months: During Presidential forum in Pasay City (41 st PCCI conference)- her
administration will aggressively fight the war against the illegal drugs that proliferate in most cities and
towns in the city. Her administration will bequeath to the next President a better and stronger nation than
what she will inherits from this administration.
In 2022, she will turn over to her successor a nation that is more prosperous, a people more
united and prouder of their leaders and political institutions that more stable. She will reform the 19-yearold tax system to make if fairer, more responsive to changes in the economy, simpler to administer, and in
sync with Asean-5-competitors
Takes a swift review of all the programs and projects of government. Keep government deficits
manageable by keeping government deficits manageable by keeping it below three percent of gross
domestic product. Invest in public infrastructure, agriculture sector and government institutions. Continue
to fine-tune conditional cash transfer program, but pass a law to allow use of public funds to support
dominant political parties. Restore meritocracy in government. Political parasites, incompetents and
unproductive workers will have no place in her administration. Support passage of Freedom of
Information act. Invest in people, educate them, take care of their health, and feed them. Support the
Supreme Courts rulings on PDAF and the DAP. Passage of Customs Administration Act. Solve corruption
at the Bureau of Customs. Cut red tape. Reward well-performing LGU`s. Build a modern International
airport. Build an entirely new railways system from Manila to Sorsogon. Build a modern, integrated urban
transit system in Metro Manila to Bulacan, Rizal, Cavite and Laguna. Establish a one mixed- use project
for all 17 regions. Reduce traffic. Lower pollution. Amend restrictive provisions in the 1987 Constitution.

Comment/ reaction
Sen. Santiago is also one of the bravest and I think the most intelligent one thats why most of the
student adore her. I like her way of saying that governments should be manage very well and they should
do their responsibilities without corrupting the country`s fund. As a voter I can say to her that, she should
do what she promised to the people not only Santiago but also the other candidates in the president. She
must do it for the people not for the power and money. She must do what she promise to the country and
to the people who trust on him.