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Use combinations of protocol.

To learn how to use this technique, first select a combination in relation with
the state you want to work, then activate the numbers with this protocol.

This protocol is designed to:

activate a device that is invisible but real use quantum entanglement and
open a time portal, put your body in harmony with the best astrological
period for changes in DNA.
Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon observed in quantum mechanics in
which the state of two objects, must be described generally, unable to
separate an object from the other, although they may be spatially separated.
Video quantum entanglement The next step is to ask your conscience to
make holographic stem cells in your spinal cord and teleport and impose
them on the area you want to regenerate or modify. While doing this,
visualize a sphere of white-silver color in front of you, and see inside your
combination. Then ask your soul to begin healing and integrate. Finally,
transfer the ball with your Grabovoi number in your solar plexus or your
pineal gland and ask your higher initialize the cell that specializes in a
particular type, in the physical world.

If this is a lot to remember, try the guided meditation below.


Wait 30 seconds to three minutes in silence.
When you start to feel tingling sensations in the hands say DEVICE, I trust
you completely heal me and integrate my thoughts, my body and my mind.
Wait for the Stargate (vortex connecting to other worlds or parallel
realities) appears when you see it, say the following sentence: Stargate I trust
you COMPLETELY. DEVICE activate door fashion star AND INCREASE.
Say: Automatic Mode
Say DEVICE activate, fashion TRANSIT time in ASTROLOGICAL IDEAL

This changes the timetable so that you are in tune with the ideal
astrological time to complete this exercise.

View a micro wormhole connecting the antennas of scalar waves in DNA.

Mitochondria are specialized structures found in most cells. It is toroidal or
buoy in the DNA of cells in the mitochondria. See two intersecting waves of
energy and providing access to infinity in the field of zero-point energy.

Holography is a method of visualier three-dimensional image of an object.

Visualize the holographic DNA out of this portal of light and merge with your

View a holographic copy of the body you want to regenerate. This image
must be the right size, and represent the full health and body with vitality.

Visualize a sphere or a silver-white color cube in front of you. Combinations

that contain nine or more figures come with a sphere but for five to eight
digits using a 3x3 grid on each side of a cube.
Grabovoi decompose the number as required and fit the 3x3 grid. When
you rotate the cube, numbers have to send light to the outside, and while it is
running and must be repeated on all six sides of the cube. This is called
quantum your transfiguration chamber.

Treat a sprain






Development of clear clairvoyance


INTEGRATED MY SOUL for healing and integration.

The pineal gland in the middle of the human brain is considered the "THIRD
EYE" or the 6th chakra. The solar plexus is the third chakra. It has a
membrane that captures images such as the back of the retina of the eyes,
the pineal gland is filled with water and it is the magnetic part of the human
body. Now transfer the sphere or the number cube, in your solar plexus or in
your pineal gland and ask your higher initialize cell differentiation; the fact
that the cell specializes in a particular type, in the physical world.

Now, we will accelerate the timetable for increasing the rate of

development of these cells. Recite DEVICE ASSETS, TRANSPORT MODE
ACCELERATION TIME to regenerate organs instantly.
This will help decrease the time it takes to regenerate the development
area, so that instead of taking him 7 years to grow new bone, it will take 7
months, instead of taking him 6 months to heal his eyes, he will now take 3
weeks, and so on.

At this point, you can pause for a moment and allow the cells to begin the
regeneration process. Permeter them to become what you want them to be

as a blood vessel, nerve, muscle cell or another. While doing this, visualize
the light pulsating massage your organs. Your cells have all the genetic
information needed to create new tissues. They are programmed to do. So
your heart cells are programmed to make more heart tissue, bladder cells are
programmed to make more cells of the bladder. Meanwhile, keep the healing
idea focused on the area you are trying to regenerate, while allowing you to
enjoy the moment, focusing on achievements and miracles that you are
about to reach .

Then send the light with which you come to work in a flash of light, far to
the left in the universe, then an arc of light will return to the right.

Timestamp of the date and time and recite:

Thus is the __ / __ / ____ AND IS __: __ DEVICE END OF SESSION

Note that it is not necessary to recite and memorize it all word for word, let
your intuition guide you to do that.