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Lester Joseph P.


My FS School Experience
Being a unit taker in Degree of Bachelor of Secondary
Education it is my first time to experience FS subject that are part
in curriculum of education students. In first I feel nervous being
observe a high school student in different subjects but when I am
observing I see the real situation or simulation of teacher
sacrifices to learn their students includes motivation, teaching
strategies approach that are relevant the objectives in the subject
matter with which are content cognitive, affective, and
psychomotor. Also I appreciate for the teachers patience,
hardworking, in order to improve their students in a holistic way.
During observation I learned many, Now I improve myself for
those experiences I wish someday I can also apply it for my
students. Adding I become more interest, inspire, and determine
to learn in order when I am become a professional teacher I can
share my knowledge and skills for motivate also my students to
study hard.
In my FS experiences each episodes I learned very much
experiencing expose in the different school communicating
different teachers that I can learned different teaching styles or
strategies. Communication between students and teacher are
also important , being a fair for each students , respect their
opinion, belief, culture, norms, traditions, diversity, also to feel
each students being belong so they boost their confidence and
the teacher must consider the principle for individual differences
and teach them not only the fact but also related in the real world
situation which may apply not easily to forget or remember by
the students. Each students have different learning styles we
must consider teaching approach that caught their attention for
better understanding of the students. I can see that attention is
critical role in learning first when I observe the effective teacher
must gain the attention of each students to fully understanding
the lesson and the objectives, also they can participate in active
process of discussion.

My experiences during observing in different school we must

reinforces them in positive side even the students did wrong we
must try to motivate them in proper approach develop them in
the whole aspect or holistic . The teacher also teach them good
manner and right conduct for good citizenship of our country.
Teach them values and participating in the society in a good way
as a role model for the other people , time management which
can they consume wise in which can develop their talents, skills
and pursue their dreams encourage . They engage them in active
learning process which participating in the teacher learning
process and the teacher must make a assessment for evaluating
if the students have a growth or progress. For identify what is the
weakness of the student and their strength . Giving summative
test and formative test help to evaluate students performance.
Also portfolio which make students creative imagination.
Most of teacher that I observe improve the students not only
in academic field but also includes social like cooperative
learning, group activity, which can develop their social learning
aspect collaborating each of their ideas , opinion , and respect
each others. Also psychomotor likes pe, dancing and cognitive
aspect includes problem thinking ,drill method, it is intellectual
development many other aspects. I admired all the teacher to
share all their knowledge for the seek of their students in order to
learn and they feel happy in their face when they see if their
students understand the content of the lesson even they are tired
this is the priceless moment of the teacher when they are
teaching .
Now I can said that this FS experiences enhance me to
become more competent, flexible, complex, and creative in the
field of teaching and realize the authentic situation of the
teachers so it is why become the the teacher is the nobles of all