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Blitzkrieg Readme File

February 2003
2003 Nival Interactive. All rights reserved. Blitzkrieg is a trademark of Nival
Interactive. Published by CDV Software Entertainment AG.
Welcome to Blitzkrieg!
This file contains information to help you install Blitzkrieg and troubleshoot p
ossible issues with this product. It also includes late-breaking information not
included in the manual or in-game Help.
1. System Requirements
1.1 Minimum configuration
1.2 Recommended configuration
2. Installation
2.1 Installing Blitzkrieg
2.2 Installing DirectX 8.1
2.3 Installing GameSpy Arcade
3. Troubleshooting
3.1 DirectX Issues
3.2 Video cards Issues
3.3 Configuration Issues
3.4 Multiplayer Issues
3.5 Map Editor and Resource Editor Issues
4. Keyboard Shortcuts
4.1 Intermission Shortcuts
4.2 In-mission Shortcuts
5. Corrections
6. Contact information and web sites
1. System requirements
1.1 Minimum configuration:
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
DirectX 8.1
Pentium II 366 MHz
AGP Graphic 3D accelerator Riva TNT class, 8 MB video RAM
Monitor supporting 1024x768 resolution
Sound adapter
2150 MB free hard drive space plus about 500 MB for Windows swap file an
d save games
1.2 Recommended configuration:
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
DirectX 8.1
Pentium III 800 MHz
128 MB RAM

AGP 4x Graphics 3D accelerator GeForce DDR class, 32 MB video RAM

Monitor supporting 1024x768 resolution
32x CD-ROM
Sound adapter
2150 MB free hard drive space plus about 500 MB for Windows swap file an
d save games
2. Installation
2.1 Installing Blitzkrieg
2.1.1. Turn on your computer and start Microsoft Windows 98, Windows Millennium
Edition, Windows 2000, or Windows XP.
2.1.2. Insert Blitzkrieg CD #1 into the CD-ROM drive.
2.1.3. If AutoPlay is enabled the installation menu will appear. Follow the onsc
reen prompts.
- or If AutoPlay is disabled, then click My Computer on the Start menu. In the My Com
puter window, double-click the CD-ROM drive icon, and then double-click AutoRun.
exe, then follow the onscreen prompts.
2.1.4. You'll be prompted to select directory to install the game (default direc
tory is C:\Program Files\Nival Interactive\Blitzkrieg). By default "Nival Intera
ctive\Blitzkrieg" program group will be created in your Windows Start menu. It w
ill include links to Blitzkrieg game, "Uninstall" command to remove the game fro
m your computer, links to Nival Interactive and CDV web pages, and the link to B
litzkrieg lobby in GameSpy Arcade.
2.2 Installing DirectX
Blitzkrieg is a Microsoft DirectX application. Version 8.1 of Microsoft DirectX
is included on the CD and you have the option to install it when Blitzkrieg is i
nstalled. If you do not have DirectX 8.1 or later installed on your computer and
you chose not to install it when you installed Blitzkrieg, you will not be able
to play the game. You can download the latest version of DirectX from Microsoft
web site:
2.3 Installing GameSpy Arcade
You can play Blitzkrieg online either through in-game GameSpy lobby, or through
the external GameSpy Arcade that comes conveniently bundled with the game. If y
ou haven t done so during the installation, insert your Blitzkrieg CD #1, launch A
utoRun.exe and install GameSpy Arcade by selecting "Options", then "Install", th
en "Install GameSpy Arcade" option. See Blitzkrieg manual for more information o
n how to play Blitzkrieg through GameSpy Arcade.
If you have problems using Arcade, whether installing the program, registering i
t, or using it in conjunction with Blitzkrieg, consult GameSpy help pages, locat
ed at or e-mail GameSpy technical support by
using the form located at
3. Troubleshooting

3.1 DirectX Issues
Ensure that you have the proper version of DirectX installed on your computer. I
f you don't have DirectX 8.1 or later installed, the game may crash right after
showing Blitzkrieg logo. Although DirectX 8.1 comes bundled with the game, you m
ay want to install the latest version of DirectX by downloading it from http://w
3.2 Video cards Issues
Matrox G550 - if combat screen resolution is changed through in-mission options
menu the picture of the mini-map in the left bottom corner may appear corrupted.
At present time there is no known solution to this problem. Try switching resol
ution in Main Menu instead.
Matrox G550 - there might be some artifacts displayed when playing the mission.
It is a known bug in Matrox drivers version 4.xx. If you have Windows ME/2000/XP
installed update to the latest video drivers to fix this problem. There is curr
ently no solution for this problem for Windows 98 because there is no update to
version 5.xx drivers for Windows 98.
Some nVidea cards may have problems leading to game crash right after Blitzkrieg
logo is displayed. Installing the latest certified drivers for the video card a
nd DirectX 9.0 solve these problems.
Make sure that you have the latest drivers from the manufacturer of your video c
ard. Many video issues will be resolved if you install your video card's latest
drivers. Please contact your video card manufacturer for updated drivers or inst
all the latest reference drivers for your video board. Note that many reference
drivers are not supported by the chipset manufacturer. Listed below are some com
mon video card manufacturers' Web sites. Blitzkrieg may not support some or all
of the cards produced by a particular manufacturer.
Aztech Labs
Gateway 2000
Hercules (see Guillemot)
I/O Magic
S3 Incorporated
VIA Technologies
3.3 Configuration Issues
Mouse pointer moving slowly.
The movement of the mouse pointer depends on the frame rate and might be too slo
w on low-end computers. To fix this problem from the "Main Menu" go to "Options"
menu, select "Settings", switch to "Video" tab by clicking "Video" button on th
e left and change "Cursor" setting to "System" value.

Keyboard not working.

The cause of this problem might be that there is more then one keyboard device i
nstalled on your computer. To fix this problem click on "Keyboard" in Windows Co
ntrol Panel, select "Hardware" tab and make sure there is only one keyboard devi
ce installed.
3.4 Multiplayer Issues
You might have problems hosting an Internet game or joining one if you are behin
d a firewall or have some programs that block network traffic installed on your
computer. This section describes what TCP/IP ports are used by Blitzkrieg and Ga
meSpy. If you are having troubles connecting to GameSpy master server or hosting
a game, make sure the following ports are open.
Blitzkrieg is using UDP ports 8889 & 9089.
GameSpy is using the following ports (unless specified otherwise, they're TCP):
6667 (IRC)
80 (HTTP)
27900 (Master Server UDP Heartbeat)
28900 (Master Server List Request)
29900 (GP Connection Manager)
29901 (GP Search Manager)
13139 (Custom UDP Pings)
6500 (incoming, UDP, default roomquery port; can be customized with roomquerypor
t=<port #> in svc.cfg)
Further explanations on firewalls are available in the user help section at http
When starting a multiplayer game make sure that the map that you selected has en
ough slots for the number of players in the Staging Room. For example, you shoul
dn't start a map designed for 4 players if you have 5 players in your Staging Ro
om. One player have to leave the room or the host of the game can kick one playe
r out before starting the game.
3.5 Map Editor and Resource Editor Issues
Map Editor and Resource Editor have slightly higher system requirements then Bli
tzkrieg game itself. Video card with at least 16 MB of video memory is required.
Your desktop resolution should be set to 1024x768 or higher. If you are getting
message like "Direct3D does not have enough display memory to perform the opera
tion. Can't create D3D device." when starting Map Editor, then your computer doe
sn't have enough video memory to run Map Editor or Resource Editor in current re
solution of your desktop.
If your video card have at least 16 MB of video memory, but you are still gettin
g the above error when starting Blitzkrieg Map Editor or Resource Editor, then c
heck your current desktop resolution by right-clicking somewhere on desktop and
selecting "Properties" from the menu. Select "Settings" tap and check "Screen Ar
ea" properties. If your "Screen Area" resolution is set to "1024 by 768 pixels"
or higher, set it to "1024 by 768 pixels" setting and click "OK", then confirm t
he resolution change.
4. Keyboard Shortcuts

Key combinations are indicated by + sign; to activate the command, press and hold
the first key and then press the second.
4.1 Intermission Shortcuts
<Enter> - OK, equivalent to clicking on OK button (indicated by "V" symbol);
<Esc> - Cancel, equivalent to clicking on Cancel button (indicated by "X" symbol
<F1> - Help, equivalent to clicking on Help button (indicated by "?" symbol).
4.2 In-mission Shortcuts
General Commands:
<F1> - Help on control keys;
<F5> - Quick-save current game;
<F8> - Load last quick save;
<F9> - Make screen-shot (saved into "shot####.tga" file in the screenshots
<F10> or <Esc> - Call up <Esc>-menu;
<Tab> - Display list of mission objectives;
<O> - Display last mission objective;
<Backspace> - Delete informational messages;
<~> - Toggle Console window (commands history and chat with players);
<PgUp>, <PgDn> - Scroll through the list of messages in Console window.


Camera Controls:
<up>, <down>, <left>, <right> - move camera in corresponding direction;
<Ctrl>+<F2>...<Ctrl>+<F4> - Remember map position;
<F2>...<F4> - Recall map position.
Single Player Game Speed Commands:
<Space> - Toggle game pause mode (you can issue commands to units while the game
is paused);
<Num +> - Increase game speed;
<Num -> - Decrease game speed.
Combat units controls:
<Left-click> - Select object on screen; on free area - unselect object;
<Right-click> - Issue default command (move to point, attack target, etc.);
<Double-click> - Select all units of this type currently visible on the screen;
<Ctrl>+<Right-click> - Issue forced "Attack" command;
<Alt>+<Right-click> - Issue alternative command, for example, "Line up" when cli
cking on terrain, or "Storm house" when clicking on the house;
<Shift>+<Left-click> - Add unit to current selection;
<Shift>+<Any Command> - Add command to command sequence; all queued commands are
executed one after another after <Shift> button is released; note, that some co
mmands, such as Ambush, might be blocking the rest of the queue;
<Ctrl>+<0>...<Ctrl>+<9> - Assign number 0...9 to selected units;
<0>...<9> - Select group 0..9;
<Alt>+<0>...<Alt>+<9> - Select and center the screen on group 0..9;
<Alt>+<R> - Show ranges and arcs of fire;
<Alt>+<Z> - Show ranging areas (visible only when "Range area" command is issued
Multiplayer commands:
<Enter> - Enter chat mode;
<Enter> - Enter chat mode with allies only;

<M> - Place marker on minimap visible to your allies only.

5. Corrections
Manual incorrectly states, that pressing <Alt>+<Q> leads to exiting to Windows.
In fact, this key combination was disabled. Press <Alt>+<F4> to exit to Windows
6. Contact information and web sites
Check the last page of Blitzkrieg user manual for technical support contact info
Blitzkrieg web site:
CDV Software Entertainment web site:
Nival Interactive web site: