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Jeanie in th

New on the Scene...

H ollie Jay Bowes, better

known as Michaela McQueen in
Hollyoaks has teamed up with Behn
Taghinejad and Nick Gozem of the
brilliant League Liege to form a
gested that we all get together to
watch it and so one of the more
bizarre evenings of our lives was
tioned how she'd like to start
singing in a band as she has a great
voice and writes lots of lyrics and
poetry. I said that we'd be more
than happy to write the music for
the lyrics and it worked really well.

Behn – Yeah after getting to know

each other we discovered each
new and unique band, Jeanie in the other’s musical talents. Hollie had
Radiator. heard mine and Nick’s band,
They have only been together since League Liege, and we had heard
November last year and have al- Hollie’s amazing singing voice on
ready built up a loyal base of fans various recordings she had done in
on Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. the past. From then on we started
With a fresh new sound, a blend of working on songs together and the
acoustic melodies and funky elec- results have been outstanding so
tric beats, it’s easy to see why far!
Jeanie in the Radiator are ones to
watch in 2010. With tracks such as Scarlet – So who came up with the
Building 30, Apt. 10, Punchdrunk name Jeanie in the Radiator?
and Scarlet’s favourite Never Again Behn - The name comes from the
already recorded its clear these film ‘Eraserhead’ by David Lynch,
guys have talent! when we first met we planned to
Scarlet caught up with the trio on a watch the film together and discuss
rare day off for a quick chat... its meaning as a sort of bonding
session. When we finally watched
Scarlet – Hey guys thanks for com- it, we were highly inspired. The
ing down. So how did you all meet? Scarlet – What made you decide to name is a reference to the lady in
Hollie - I'll let nick explain this one make music together? the radiator, who sings about her
hahaha!! I secretly fancied Behn at Hollie - Been a singer since I was insecurity and longing to be in a
first so he caught my eye hahaha! little and have always written my better and happier place.
Bet you didn't know that! lyrics since I was about 14! My
mamma is an amazing singer too Hollie – Well me and Nick were re-
Nick - I had seen Hollie a few times and my aunty is an established jazz ally buzzing from making building
having done some work as an extra, singer. My cousin played guitar for 30 apartment 10 and were chatting
and had once overheard her talking Girls Aloud when they were on tour on facebook chat n literally laughed
about a really weird film she had and my other cousin was in the our way through different names
seen when she was little but had no Russian orchestra so you could say but I'll let nick explain a bit more...
idea what it was. From her descrip- it runs in the family!
tion of a 'creepy singing woman Nick - I think me and Hollie were
crushing snakes under her feet' I Nick - Well I have been playing gui- shooting a few ideas around one
knew it to be the David Lynch film tar for nearly 13 years now, and night, and we ended up coming up
Eraserhead which is one of mine Behn and I had been writing songs with Jeanie in the Radiator as refer-
and Behn's favourites. So when together for our band League Liege ences to both Hollie's birth name
Behn and I were out in Manchester for the past 3 years. About a month 'Jean' and the 'Lady in the Radiator'
and bumped in to Hollie, I told her after we met Hollie we were chat- from Eraserhead that Behn men-
what the film was and she sug- ting about music and she men- tioned. We avoided going for the
he Radiator
New on the Scene...

'and the Radiator' as there are far singer/songwriter and producer of Nick - I'd say Behn would be – “in-
too many “And The”s around at the our time! I think that’s why, al- consistent musical genius” and
moment. though grounded in pop, Jeanie in Hollie is a “sensual soupy singer.”
the Radiator has a much less 'com-
Scarlet – Who are your biggest in- mercial' sound Behn - Nick- Perfectionist, witty,
spirations? which hopefully contradictor and Hol-
Hollie - Imogen Heap, Lady Gaga, people will still lie- dauntless, charis-
though the lads aren't impressed find accessible. matic, genie.
with that! Haha, and Kate Bush. I My dad is a big Hollie - Behn- dopey,
like my indie music too so I have all inspiration for dark horse, silent but
different kinds of inspirations re- us aswell. He deadly
ally! is always first Nick- on it like cheese
to hear any on a bonnet. Opinion-
Behn - Mine and Nick’s inspirations new songs we ated. Crap dancer haha
are pretty similar buy they vary make and love you boys! (We’ll let
greatly. We are inspired by all give his criti- her off the 3 word rule for
kinds of music, from rock bands cisms and sheer
such as Radiohead and Sigur Ros, ideas. funniness! ed)
to folk music such as Nick Drake
and Bon Iver, to hip-hop such as Scarlet - Scarlet – So what’s next for
subtle and Aesop rock. Who, if any, Jeanie in the Radiator?
artists Nick - Well we are cur-
Nick - For me, my biggest music in- would you rently writing and record-
spirations would have to be Thom say you are ing material so that we can
Yorke and Doseone (an American similar to? start gigging in the next few
alternative hip-hop artist). Both Nick - I don't months. We'll be doing
have taught me to strive to think really think about things like that, some open mic nights
outside the box more than anyone mainly because no matter what around Manchester and then get
other people say I very the full band together to play some
rarely see the similarity. bigger venues around Manchester
and further afield.
Behn – I agree we are
unique but maybe similar Behn - We are going to keep writing
to Florence and the ma- songs, each one will be better than
chine, Imogen heap, their the last. And once we are ready, we
style of music. are going to start gigging as much
Scarlet – Which artists as we can and spreading the word
would you most like to work of Jeanie until the whole world kno
with? ws who we are!
Behn - Thom yorke,
U.N.K.L.E, Bjork, Jonsi, We also discovered that...
Doseone Nick loves eating cheese in bed
Nick - I think a week in the Hollie has a phobia of goldfish
else is doing at the minute. With studio with Radiohead would be Behn loves Tim Robbins!
Jeanie in the Radiator especially pretty amazing
though I think, along with Hollie
that Kate Bush is a big inspiration Scarlet – Use three words to de- Check the band out on
as she's got to be the best female scribe eachother....