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From Joy Lewis: Chairman Bromsberrow Shop
I hope you all had a lovely Easter Weekend. Isnt it good to have the clocks springing forward
bringing longer days. Its also the start of my chairmanship at The Shop at Bromsberrow
which is very exciting, and scary for me!!! I am sure I will learn lots from all the existing
volunteers who are amazing at what they do. We have a great team and if you would like to
join us please let us know; you will be very welcome. Thank you for all your support with the
Big Breakfast recently that was a great success and lots of fun. We will continue to have these
special events so please keep supporting and enjoying them. If you have any constructive
feedback, please let us know. Thats all for now until the next time
From Paggie Jones: New stock for you to enjoy:
Last month we introduced the 2-ltr bottle of Barnstormer Cider that has proved to be a very
popular product. Now we are adding another cider to our range, Westerns Old Rosie Cloudy
Scrumpy Cider, a 2-ltr bottle costing 5.70 as an introductory offer. It comes in a handsome
glass flagon style bottle, making it an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys cider. More special
offers commencing Friday 1st April: Hardys Wines: Chardonnay & Pinot Grigio at only 5.50
per bottle. Carlsberg Larger 568mls size priced at 5.25 for 4 cans. Other products introduced
recently are the bottles of locally made Bentleys Juice at 1.50. This is a totally new line
made by Bentleys and flavours include Apple Juice and Ginger Apple Juice and Raspberry
Apple Juice and Beetroot. Kerrs frozen meals all at the great value price of 1.59 including
Fish and Chips Sausage and Chips Chicken Dinner Steak Pie Steaklet and Chips
Beef Dinner, for when you are in a hurry, a meal within minutes. Bargain of the week: a 24
pack of Blossomsoft toilet Rolls at a cost of 8.50, making each roll only 35p.
From Mavis, Hi Dot, I said, I hope you are getting things ready for the shop AGM?
AGM Mav?, I saw that on the telly! said Dot: that bloke in the wheelchair with the
robot voice was on about it, what was it? Anti-Gravity Material?, Anti-Gravity Matters?, I
dont know, it was all too klever for me! No Dot, I said, you mean Professor Stephen
Hawking, and yes, the Shop AGM does matter! It is in the village hall on 24th May so you
had better be ready! (I wonder if anti-gravity would knock some common sense into you,
Dot, I thought!)
From Monica Butler: Note the date: FARMERS MARKET / BOOT SALE
Saturday 18th June is the day planned for the Farmers Market combined with a boot sale and
will be in an area to the right of the car park as you drive in. Anyone can have a stall so if you
have surplus fruit, vegetables, plants or flowers, or would like to have your own boot please
book a place. You will need your own table or car boot. Coffee and snacks etc will be
available as usual in the shop. Final details will be in May newsletter.
Our Prize Easter Egg: Lydia Beagles of Bromsberrow Heath agreed to the important task of
drawing the winning ticket for the monster Egg at the Community Shop. Assisted by resident,
John Chandler and witnessed by customers the winner was announced as Mrs Sue Farr who
lives in Ledbury. Vice Chairman of the Shop at Bromsberrow, Mrs Monica Butler said; we
are delighted that so many people had participated in buying raffle tickets and all the money
raised (almost 100!!), will help to improve the Shop infrastructure that in turn benefits our
customers. Thank you to everyone who supports our community shop and to Lydia for
drawing the ticket.
Parish Council: There will be a report from the Parish Council in the next issue.
Village Litter pick: Mothering Sunday was also Clean for the Queen day and residents in
the village donned their hi viz jackets and picked up litter along the lanes and hedgerows of

Bromsberrow Heath. Volunteers Monica and Jan expressed disappointment about the amount
of litter there was in the village and particularly on the A417.


On 12th March we had our emergency First Aid course with training provided by
Elisha from the Red Cross. She was brilliant and so down to earth. We all felt we
learnt a huge amount which would stand us in very good stead should we ever need it.
In essence she encouraged us to " do something rather than nothing", staying calm
and talk to the person in need of aid to calm them is helpful as well.
From Judith Britton: Bromsberrow Gardening and Social Club
Our March speaker was Chris Evans from Dundry Nursery, well known for his annual seed
potato weekend, and more well known for being the founder of the Butterfly Garden in 2002
at his Nursery. The scheme started with six young autistic people and has now grown to offer
education and recreation to 183 students each week, these include people with autism,
Downs Syndrome, cerebral palsy and mental health problems. We were all moved listening
to his amazing story tracing his journey over the previous thirteen years in his endeavours to
now offer a safe environment for students who attend, giving all a chance in life to discover
themselves and make a contribution. Chris said; The scheme caters for those looking to
escape the world, those looking to re-enter it and some who are just still looking. The
competition a bowl of spring bulbs was well supported and prizes were: First: Ann
Newman, Second: Celia Greatwood, Third: Monica Butler. Our next meeting is on Thursday
April14th at 7.30pm in the Village Hall, featuring Nathalie Mignotte and the subject is
Islamic Gardens. A raffle will be held. Visitors and /or new members welcome.

BBC in Dymock: There was a wonderful piece of publicity for our region on
Country file recently that featured a special item on Dymock and the famous
daffodils. Footage showed local people planting the wild species of daffodil along the
hedgerows and relocating the domestic variety. It was a delight to see the ceramic
daffodils being created at Eastnor Pottery with some nice shots of Horace reciting his
poem, Glenis Coates, Jackie Tweedales hands, and Sarah Williams from Eastnor
Pottery who recently gave a pottery demonstration at the Shop! Well done to
everyone for such a great piece of publicity.
Using the Caf Area for functions: A group of our mature residents from the Good
Companions Club, enjoyed high tea at the shop, with dainty sandwiches, cakes and
other delicious eats. The Caf in the Village attracts many groups, including
cyclists, to the Shop so if you want to book the Caf area to use for a tea party or
coffee morning, just speak to events manager, James Dowdall or Paggie Jones on
01531 650744.
The Peace and Hope Charity: Coffee tasting events will be held during April using
Nicaraguan coffee grown by local farmers to create a micro-managed economy that
aids health and education programmes. The Peace and Hope Charity promotes selfperpetuating projects by selling the high-grade delicious coffee and giving the money
back to local people creating an environment of dignity amongst the poor and
marginalised communities. If you enjoy the coffee, we will stock packs of ground or
whole bean coffee at very competitive prices, which benefit you the customer and the
local growers in Nicaragua. As David Livingstone said; sympathy is no substitute for
positive action. See: for more information.

Contact details for the Shop at Bromsberrow: Telephone: 01531 650744

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