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Southend Council elections 5 May 2016

The local choice for
West Shoebury

As a local Shoebuyness resident I am

standing to represent our local
community. I will always put West
Shoebury residents first.

Action for residents all year round

What we have campaigned for in West Shoebury

Public toilets at East Beach and

Campfield Road were set to close
under this Administration. Following a
campaign led by local Conservatives
with the support of Shoeburyness
residents, these proposals were
An alternative budget was put forward
by Southend Conservatives which
would have seen parking charges
frozen and the Administrations death
tax axed.

Car parking charges have risen by 20%

under this Administration. Derek has
also unearthed secret plans by the
Administration to start charging for
parking at the spaces on Ness Road
down to Shoebury Common.
Residents have complained that the
parking situation around Shoeburyness
High School has got worse. Derek has
worked with residents and the school
to try and get a resolution to the

Traffic flows have increased on Ness

Road. Shoebury Conservatives have
been working with a local architect for
improvements to be made at the
Campfield Road and Maya Close
Regeneration plans for Southend
published earlier this year removed all
reference to Shoeburyness making it
the Forgotten part of Southend.
Derek Jarvis forced the Administration
to rectify this oversight.

If you would like to raise an issue of concern, or help my campaign, please contact me on:
01702 292 744 or at

Your priorities are my priorities


I support the review at Shoebury Common If a better scheme

comes out of the review then it will receive my full support .

Although there is a need for new homes I will fight to ensure

unsuitable plans for new homes and developments are opposed.

The waste service budget has been cut I will oppose any further
waste service cuts or plans to change the weekly collection service.

Not a single penny has been spent on roads and footpaths in

Shoebury in the last 2 years I will fight for more improvements.

The Leader of the Council still threatens to close public toilets in

Shoeburyness I will fight any plans to close our public toilets and
look into how we can improve these facilities.

Shoeburyness resident and

candidate Derek Jarvis

Local issues, local action, local Conservatives

Promoted by Tony Cox on behalf of Derek Jarvis at, 11 Weston Road, Southend on Sea, Essex, SS1 1AS. Printed by Solopress, 9 Stock Road, Southend on Sea SS2 5QF

Cuts to Services, higher taxes and charges

The Independent/Labour/Lib Dem plan for Southend
The Independent Party, Labour and Lib Dem plan is one of
wasteful spending, more borrowing, higher taxes and charges.
The Conservative way is one of delivering high quality value for
money services that Southend can be proud of. This is the
choice at this election.
Left: Council Tax
The Administration have raised
Council Tax by 3.99%.
Conservatives would have
asked residents in a local
referendum if these rises were

Above: Car Parking

Charges Up
Despite claiming that high
parking charges hit local
businesses, parking charges
have been raised by over
20% in the past two years. A
Conservative Administration
will freeze car parking
charges and pledge to reduce
them where possible.

Right: Public Toilets Under Threat

The Administration proposed closing two public
toilets in Shoeburyness. This proposal was
dropped following pressure from local
Conservatives but the Leader has not ruled out
closing them in the future. A Conservative
Council will keep our public toilets open.

Left: Southend Councils

Death Tax
Under this administration it will
cost you extra 150 to bury
loved ones. The Leader of the
Council even referred to the
dead as a commercial
commodity during the budget

Right: Cuts To Waste Services

The administration have axed our waste
contractor Cory, taken over 1 Million out of the
waste budget, made 5 Envirocrime Team
officers who investigate fly tipping and issue on
the spot fines for dog fouling redundant and
increased garden waste collections by up to
37% for 19,000 households

Above: 25% Of Kids To

Go To A Failing School
Over 150,000 has been
taken out of the School
Improvement budget. This
Administration also voted to
make it acceptable for a
quarter of our children in
Southend to go to a poor or
failing school.

Conservatives: Working for you in West Shoebury