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Dear Sir,

Youth participation in this election was seen at a much larger face. Many Young
leaders rose and many got a majority support in the political competition. It clearly
displayed the desire of the young generation to pass the administration to a new
era. But still, the government is unaware about the demand of their future voters.
Thus the only way to satisfy both the end is to develop an innovative interface for
communication between the sides.
MyIndia is a virtual simulation game that is all about to administer a
country that mimics the condition in India. It will be an online gaming competition
directly administered by the government. Today around 56% of Indian youth are
daily using internet for gamming purpose. Thus MyIndia will be a good way to know
how the country wants the governance should be.
MyIndia will mimic the situations of all the ongoing actual
problems (such as criminal cases, water shortage), international deals,
economic and militarily scenario, etc. in India. Players have to combat the
situation by using their strategies. As it will be a real-time planning competition,
players will be allowed to frame laws, implement laws and solve disputes between
different communities (just like the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary). Factors
ranging from environment to poverty, all will be precisely mirrored to the real-time
condition of the India.
Achievement shall be displayed online and the strategy of the
best player can be studied by our government to provide a suitable
environment for the youth. This will not only help the government to understand
the demand of the upcoming generation and win votes but will also help the players
to understand the governance pressure and be a good citizen.
This simulation will be a good method of interaction between citizens
and government in a country of a billion people. This simulation will act under an
encrypted proxy server and shall be logged on by the Unique Identification Number
of the citizen allotted to it by the server and a user-defined password. As this
simulation would require heavy data, its offline version could be downloaded and its
game updates can be updated by the internet.
Pros of MyIndia simulation game for our country1. Help the government to understand the need of youngsters and plan their
projects according to it.
2. This game shall act as an external consultant to the government.
3. Help the players to recognize the pressure of governance in such adverse
4. Help the players to co-operate with the government after experiencing the
situation in the simulation.
5. Will aware the players about individual team-work to improve our actual
6. Will make the players a good citizen.
7. Players will develop governance skill much need in our country.
8. An Online module for faster response by the government.
With all this the real-time simulation game will also develop the leaders
of tomorrow who
will lead the India to its supremacy.

Thanking You
Yours Sincerely
Aditya Vishwakarma