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When it comes to radio transmission, Broadcast Electronics' FM transmitters are hard to beat.

Standout features include true proportional VSWR foldback for transmission resiliency and independent IPAs and power
supplies that give you full standby power without having to buy another transmitter. Large, removable panels provide
access to every major assembly for quick repair in the unlikely event of a problem, and advanced controllers offer
more in-field information than ever.
When your priorities include an FM transmitter that will stay on the air with minimal maintenance, Broadcast Electronics
has what you need.

Super efficient, low-noise and cool running

True proportional VSWR
Removable panels for easy access
Redundancy and failsafe protection
Consistent power output with integrated power control
Supports N+1 configurations
HD Radio upgradable; HD only or FM+HD

STXe (5W - 500W)

Providing unparalleled audio performance, the new STXe exciter will continue BEs
dynamically engineered excellence. STXe exciters have a small footprint, are operational in
FM, FM + HD Radio, HD Radio only, DRM+, or FM + DRM+ modes, and range in power
from 5W to 500W. The STXe exciter is now standard in BEs C, S and T Series FM
STX LP Generation II Series (1kW - 5kW)
We changed everything about low-power FM transmission with the introduction of the STX
LP. Now, with the introduction of Generation II, there is now MORE VALUE. The STX LP
Gen II has a new digital exciter with improved audio quality, new GUI, and is capable of HD
Radio and DRM+ broadcasting. The STX LP remains scalable and now has unique
redundancy options to provide the most flexible and most reliable FM transmitter available in
this range.
STX HP Series (10kW)
The STX 10 is the newest solid state FM transmitter in BEs transmitter line and it is the best
in our long history in radio. The STX 10 elegantly but simply provides the best combination
of features in a compact package. The radio broadcaster expects reliability along with
performance and the STX 10 delivers on both accounts. Todays transmitters are expected to
be small and energy efficient. With a size of only 22RU and able to fit in a standard rack and
with 70% AC to RF efficiency, the STX 10 shines in both areas.
C Series (500W to 5kW)
Choose from 500 watts to 5 kW solid-state models with operating efficiency off the charts and built-ins
like FM stereo generator and SCA. Ready for digital; easily changeable between FM and FM+HD

S Series (4kW to 20kW)

These solid-state 10 kW and 20 kW transmitters are among the more efficient in their power class,
and are popular for their robust performance, component redundancy and cost-effective upgrade path
to digital FM.

T Series (20kW to 40kW - 80kW dual)

This single-tube series is built for power with largest tube in class for 41% more effective cooling area.
Features high volume, low pressure air flow for improved heat transfer, no IPA stage for greater
reliability and no plate blocking capacitors and sliding contacts to cause transmitter failures. Available
in 20 kW to 40 kW models with 80 kW achievable in dual combined configurations.

FM Transmitter Accessories
Our automatic exciter switchers, stereo generators, and transmitter diagnostic software are all
designed with one purpose in mind: coupling minimal maintenance with mission-critical stability.