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Silas Henton

Professor Doty

Philosophy 101

April 15, 2010

The Brighter Side of Life

Have you ever gotten to that point in your life, that you feel

completely lost and confused? Even think about how you want to live

your life, or what kind of person you want to be? Or possibly, what you

want you get out of life, your bucket list before you die? Living life does

not just mean living and breathing, it involves thinking, feeling, and

believing and doing. Life should be about finding true fulfillment and joy.

The things we take the most pleasure out of and the beliefs and truths

we seek out. The purpose and meaning to ones life may be more

significant and important to oneself than you may think. It is what defines

our nature and what we become. So why are we here?

We live in a time where life feels like it never stops and we get so

consumed by societies ways of living that we often forget about what life

is about and how important it is to take care of ourselves and grow as

human beings. Our inner selves, our will, heart, and spirit, is the core to

our well being. It is where we find our truest self, our essence of who we

are. This is where the need for more comes from.

When our hearts are in disorder, our world and life are in disorder.

For those who feel like there is more to life and want more, the heart has
questions and desires the need to be known. To answer these questions,

a person may not find them in reality, but in the non-physical sense.

In life, a way of finding meaning and purpose, we seek more than

what really exists. According to Professor Doty, a person “cannot do what

they do not know.” The Philosophical branch of Religion is about finding

purpose in a higher power. To seek knowledge and wisdom through the

divine. For those who believe in God, and have a relationship with him,

people find acceptance with life and our humbled by love and grace. A

relationship with God is not just about believing, it is about living a life

with meaning. Through God, a person searches to live a life with a

humbled spirit, loving heart, and strong will. A relationship with God will

grant a person freedom of suffering, and be forgiven of their sins. With

the love of God, people feel like they matter, which gives their life


It is built upon faith that allows this relationship to exist. Faith is a

spiritual belief in a transcendent being. Through the study of theology,

and belief in the Bible, Jesus Christ was born as the Son of God, in which

followers of the religion Christianity and Catholicism worship him and try

to follow and learn the kind of life he lived. Jesus Christ was the perfect

being, and lived a righteous life. If followers accepted Jesus Christ as their

personal savior, they will eternally rest in Heaven and in the presence of

God. A relationship with God fills the heart and soul of a person, and

gives the heart fulfillment, meaning and purpose for living a holy life.
As well as having a relationship with a higher being, or God, a

person will have a better understanding of who they are and what their

heart longs for. The heart not only needs spiritual and nonphysical

fulfillment, but also a real life presence in order to find joy, and to that

person, a form of happiness.

For those who do not “know thyself,” a direction in life may be a

challenge. If a person is in touch with him or herself and wants to live a

life with more purpose, they may follow their passions and what their

heart, or soul desires. To follow ones heart, a person may live a life giving

back to others or put others first in importance instead of living selfishly.

It is a lifestyle, a way of living. Passions are what people love and love to

do. It defines their character and who they are as a person. They are

often hobbies or ways of living. To one it may be a certain career or life

challenge. Life is about fulfillment and joy, so living to what a persons

heart desires, will give them satisfaction and gives their life meaning.

Unfortunately, most people forget about what they really want to do or

do not pursue it, and focus on having to do what is necessary to live in

society, like working a job that is not fulfilling.

Besides living life through passion, we as humans long for so much

more. We live to be loved. It is a horrible feeling to be alone and we

desperately have a need for companionship. We search for a mate,

someone whole understands the “essence” of who we are. To look within

someone else’s soul and emotionally and intimately connect, with the
hopes of marriage and potentially a family. The desire to create life and

teach and pass on knowledge fills the heart with meaning. To give

unconditional love to a child who will grow and learn the purpose and

meaning themselves, gives life a purpose.

In today, it is so easy to be consumed in the materialistic world we

live in. Never having enough or ever being satisfied, one will never bring

true fulfillment and joy. Money is only an object and is never forever. The

desire for fame and fortune will only please the present, but not the

spirit. It is really important that what we forget about the things that do

not matter and look within ourselves to find the things that do matter.

The question is, how are you going to chose to live? Live a life

without feeding the inner desires of your soul will only lead to a life that

is not finished. Who wants to life a life without direction and desire for

fulfillment, or a life without a purpose and meaning?

The purpose and meaning of life is not easily found. It must begin

from learning what is within the deepest part of our inner being; our

heart, spirit and will. Life is about finding out what makes us who we are

as individuals and live our lives through our passions. Following what

your heart longs for and actively living on it. We may also find more in

life from having a relationship with an ultimate being, who promises the

gift of an eternal, everlasting life in Heaven, in the presence of God

himself. Life is not about material things and we should never give into

selfish desires but by living a life by loving and giving to others, it will
make our lives more purposeful and meaningful. This is the brighter side

of life.