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Asthma and diabetes treatment

Just as there is an immense rise in the population of our

country, so is the rise in diseases and aliments. Out of all
kinds of disease that prevail in our country, diabetes and
asthma are some that occupy the top most position and
many number of people fall victim to them. The count of
patients affected by these two diseases is on the rise
and it is high time that attention is paid towards their
prevention and medication.

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Diabetes mellitus is a disease which if not taken care of can prove

to be fatal and cause death of the patient. This is a kind of disease
for which there is no cure that is known except in some situations.
Diabetes is a situation in which, there is rise in the blood sugar
level that is beyond control. This is due to the malfunctioning of
the pancreas to produce enough insulin which plays the main role
in controlling the sugar level of the blood. The normal
management of this disease is by taking a healthy diet, doing
regular exercise, weight management, and the use of the
appropriate kind of medicines. The medication is usually insulin in
case of type 1 diabetes and some type of oral medications in the
form of tablets in case of type 2 diabetes.

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We at the apple pulmonology and sleep centre are guided by a

USA trend Dialectologist. With Dr. Mohan K.T US trained
Dialectologist, on the panel of serving doctors; the patients are
well treated and assured of the best results by the US trend
Dialectologist. Apart from diabetes, asthma is another of the
health eating away element of the society in the current day
scenario. Asthma is a disease that is caused due to the
inflammation in the bronchioles of the lungs. This inflammation
may be due to the various amounts of dust and dirt that is present
in the air that we breathe and all this dust and tiny drops of dirt
float around everywhere in the air that surrounds us.

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The major symptoms of this disease are wheezing which

a whistle like noise while breathing, acute pain in the
chest, inability to breathe freely, coughing. The usual
treatment that is suggested by all the doctors and also
by Dr Mohan K.T. USA Trained Asthma and Alergy
specialist is the use of inhalers. These inhalers that are
usually taken in the form of medicated puffs re of the
medicine called asthalin. This medicine, when it comes
in contact with the surface e of the bronchioles soothes
them and lessens the swelling in them leading to
clearance in the passage of air.

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These medications are suggested to the patients only

after the full and through examination of the patient and
his past medical history.So, in case you or any of your
family members is suffering from diabetes or asthma,
you can get treatment from the most eminent of all Dr
Mohan K. T. USA Trained Dialectologist and USA Trained
Asthma and Allergy specialist.

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