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Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration

Equipment, Systems, Components & Products . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-10
Heating Equipment (Boilers, Burners, Exchangers, etc.) . . . . . 11-14
Ventilation Equipment (Fans, Blowers, Diffusers, etc.) . . . . . . . 14-16
Instruments & Controls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17-18
Building Automation & Control Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19-21
Energy-Saving/Renewable Energy Equipment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21-22
IAQ Products (Filters, Humidifiers, etc.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22-24
Plumbing Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24-25
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Miscellaneous Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28-29

A I R - C O N D I T I O N I N G & R E F R I G E R AT I O N E Q U I P M E N T, S Y S T E M S , C O M P O N E N T S & P R O D U C T S

Air Filter

Flange Band Protector

3AC CO., Ltd / BOOTH 1197

Advance Products & Systems, Inc.

3AC CO., Ltd offers a microfiber prefilter with a low

pressure and high dust collect. The activated carbon
filter is immersed into chemical catalyst, maintaining
high absorbent performance in specific gas.
MARKETS: Commercial

A-Gas Americas / BOOTH 2397
A-Gas Americas carries a complete line of refrigerants
for the automotive, HVAC and transport refrigeration
industry. A-Gas Americas is an independent distributor
of CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants. Facilities can also
sell their new or used refrigerants to A-Gas Americas.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Advance Cutting Systems / BOOTH 2119
Advance Cutting Systems offers a system which
incorporates the back end of a Full Coil Line, a
freestanding dual head TDF/TDC Rollformer and a Clip
Rollformer into a small stand-alone system. Rollforms
the TDF/TDC flange onto both sides of seamed, flat,
notched duct, then brakes into L or full wrap sections.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

BOOTH 2147
The Kleerband protects your flange against corrosion
and allows for visual inspection of the flange cavity
without removing the protector. The new Kleerband
design features new wire with tensile strength of 600
lbs., new bridge and new T-connection. Operating
temperature is min -13F to max 167F.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial


ALP srl / BOOTH 1734

R-22, Full Line of Refrigerants, Buybacks and

Reclamation Services
Airgas Refrigerants Inc

ALPACTIVE is the unique antimicrobial ductwork with

certified and granted long-lasting antimicrobial efficacy.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation, ALPACTIVE
is the solution for all those environments in which air
quality is a critical priority. ALPACTIVE protects peoples
health and the production processes.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Filter Bypass Blocking System Refrigerant and

Air Filters, Inc / BOOTH 1574
Refrigerant Services
Bypass Blocking System locks the filters together with a
new innovative patented flap and insert on the filters. It
stops premature changing of 2nd and 3rd stage filters,
equipment stays clean longer and reduces energy and
labor cost. It offers easy removal of filters all at one
time and is constructed of heavy duty board to prevent
collapsing from moisture and high volume air intakes.
The system stops dirt particles from bypassing your
first stage air filter and is available in standard and
high capacity.

Airgas Refrigerants Inc / BOOTH 2819

Airgas Refrigerants is your trusted nationwide refrigerant
supplier and EPA-Certified reclaimer. Airgas offers free,
next day delivery on popular and hard-to-find CFC
refrigerants. Their reclamation program features analysis,
high buy-back prices, on and off site reclamation using
their patented technology, clean-up and exchange.

Air Oasis LLP / BOOTH 4387

ALPACTIVE Antimicrobial Ductwork

ALP srl

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Pipe Insulation

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Gasketed Plate Heat

Alfa Laval / BOOTH 3817

According to recent case studies, the Bi-Polar 2400

has proven its ability to quickly and safely reduce the
growth of slime and mold within ice machines. There
is no glass, no UV, no cutting holes, no mercury and no
replacement parts.

The T35/TS35, Alfa Lavals latest gasketed plate heat

exchanger for HVAC heating and cooling, comes with
several innovations that minimize maintenance costs
and ensure high uptime. These include the CurveFlow
distribution area, which reduces fouling, and glue-free
ClipGrip gaskets, which facilitate regasketing.

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

AutoFold Fabri-Flange TDF/TDC System

Advance Cutting Systems

Antimicrobial Pre-Insulated

Armacell LLC / BOOTH 4029

Armacell offers original flexible elastomeric pipe
insulation with a new and improved lap. This provides a
seal for greater seam security and increased protection
against condensation, mold and energy loss. The new
durable, low-profile lap seal with wider release tab stays
closed and looks neat for quick installation.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial
AP Armaflex
Black LapSeal
Armacell LLC

A I R - C O N D I T I O N I N G & R E F R I G E R AT I O N E Q U I P M E N T, S Y S T E M S , C O M P O N E N T S & P R O D U C T S

Air Conditioner

Condensate Removal Pump

Air Handling Units

Bard Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Blue Diamond Pumps Inc. / BOOTH 5710

Buffalo Air Handling / BOOTH 2500

The UL plenum rated MegaBlue, which incorporates

the Blue Diamond patented and proven thermistor
technology, offers a reliable alternative to stuck or
sunken float switches, only running when condensate is
produced. Available as a dual voltage pump, operating
between 110V-240V and 50/60hz, its reliability backed
by a multi-year warranty has led it to be installed in
environments that are both demanding and expensive
to access for maintenance.

Buffalo Air Handling offers custom air handling systems

to address specific project requirements. They are ETL
rated and IBC certified with AMCA, ARI and UL rated
components. Featured are all aluminum construction
with injected foam panels, multiple fans, IAQ drain
pans, factory testing, stacked units, KD construction,
SolidWorks, Revit and BIM design.

BOOTH 3442
The DC-Free Cooling Unit from Bard offers rugged
durability, dependability and smart innovations for
equipment shelters. Features include the telecom
industrys first self-addressing unit, sleek and flexible
Bard-Logic PLC, Web-Link and the exclusive hand-held
TEC-EYE. The product line is available in 3-5 ton with
efficiencies of 10+ EER.
MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential,
Commercial, Institutional,

Control Valve
BELIMO Americas / BOOTH 1431
Belimo ZoneTight sets new performance standards
for pressure independent (1/2) and pressure dependent
(1/2, 3/4) zone valves with a 5-year warranty. Being
compact insures installation in tight spaces, and the
brushless DC motor runs at 0.3W, saving energy. It
operates after powered-closed during off periods
and the zero leakage eliminates energy loss. The ball
valve technology avoids clogging as well as being
field adjustable.
Belimo ZoneTight
Zone Valves
BELIMO Americas

MegaBlue Pump
Blue Diamond
Pumps Inc.

Braeburn Systems, LLC / BOOTH 2249
Connect with comfort from virtually anywhere with
the new, value priced Braeburn 7320 Wi-Fi thermostat.
Braeburn Systems, LLCs free BlueLink Smart Connect
app, is available from Apple and Android stores, as well
as for PC. Program with multi-color groups, receive alerts
and contact service from one application.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial
7320 Wi-Fi Thermostat
Braeburn Systems, LLC

Scroll Compressor

MARKETS: Institutional, Industrial

Ceiling Mount Ductless Spit


Wine Cellar Cooling System

Condensate Neutralizer
Calefactio / BOOTH 3489
Commercial CondenSAFE is a condensate neutralizer.
It can treat the condensate issued from an appliance
having a capacity of 3, 000 MBH and can be manifolded
three times to treat 9,000 MBH. Its convenient format
and heavy plastic design with internal by-pass permits
quick and fuss-free installation and maintenance.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

CellarCool / BOOTH 3391

The CellarCool Ceiling Mount can be recessed into the
ceiling or flush mounted. Available in three capacity
sizes, all systems come with a built-in condensate
pump, remote control and liquid temperature sensor.
All CellarCool systems measure the actual wine
temperature, not the air temperature of the room.
Add-on features include Active Humidity and Cold
Weather Start Kit for when condensers are installed
outside to -15F.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial

HVAC Coils
Capital Coil & Air / BOOTH 2892

Heat Exchanger

Capital Coil & Air offers a wide range of special features

for chilled water coils, hot water coils, steam coils, DX
coils, condenser coils and other HVAC replacement coils.
Every coil is available for quick ship programs. Their coil
software selection program allows you to work with your
customers to meet their specific needs.

PolyCoil heat exchangers transfer all of the heat and

do not rust or corrode. They are now manufactured
in a wider range of polymers for greater chemical
compatibility. More applications, air to air, liquid to air
and liquid to liquid can all be supplied.

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Cesaroni Technology Inc / BOOTH 3077

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

BITZER US, Inc. / BOOTH 2253

BITZERs 20-ton R410A Scroll Compressor is a frame
size smaller than their GSD8 20-ton model. It offers high
efficiency and low sound levels, is lighter in weight and
shorter than competitor models by 18% to 37%, as well as
being rated at 11.3 EER. Its wide operating envelope also
makes it ideal for heat pump applications, and it can be
piped into trios and even or uneven tandems.
MARKETS: Commercial

Acoustical Equipment

Photo A9

BRD Noise and Vibration Control, Inc.

HW-8521-12F HVAC Coils

Capital Coil & Air

BOOTH 2589

Heat Exchanger
Blissfield Manufacturing Co. / BOOTH 4335
Blissfield Manufacturing Co offers spiral fin gas cooler
and condenser solutions, which feature small tube
diameters ideal for CO2, propane and other refrigerants.
They have all steel continuous tube construction
with compact tube pattern for optimal performance
and limitless bend geometries. High pressure rated
copper connectors are available. They are designed for
beverage applications and
are suitable for commercial
refrigeration equipment.

The HUSH GUARD PVC acoustical barrier wall is an

extruded PVC all weather, lightweight modular design
used to attenuate radiated outdoor sound from rooftop
and grade mounted chillers, packaged air conditioners,
generators and all mechanical equipment. The product
is wind load rated to comply with code requirements.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Single-phase VRF
Carrier / BOOTH 2204
Carriers Single-phase variable refrigerant flow (VRF)
heat pump system allows individual temperature control
and flexible design, matched up with multiple style
indoor units and a variety
of control options. This
system provides energy
efficient solutions for small
commercial and large
residential applications.
MARKETS: Residential,
Commercial, Institutional

MARKETS: Residential,
Commercial, Institutional,
Spiral Fin Condenser
Blissfield Manufacturing Co.

PolyCoil Heat Exchanger Model HFC

Cesaroni Technology Inc

HUSH GUARD HG-270 Barrier Wall

BRD Noise and Vibration Control, Inc.

Equipment Supports
Chicago Clamp Company / BOOTH 5784
Chicago Clamp Company offers a simple and safe
method for supporting pipe. Just cut to length and
bolt in place. It is a pre-engineered and tested system,
adaptable and cost effective, rated for 1,000 lb. per
Clamp/2,000 lb. per Header. It features proper transfer
of loads to the joist top chord and is easily installed
without welding.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

38WA, 40WA Variable

Refrigerant Flow


A I R - C O N D I T I O N I N G & R E F R I G E R AT I O N E Q U I P M E N T, S Y S T E M S , C O M P O N E N T S & P R O D U C T S

Leak Test Instruments

and Systems

Freeze Protected Coil

Temperature Control

Duct Sealant

Cooney Coil & Energy, Inc. / BOOTH 4591

Danfoss / BOOTH 2404

Design Polymerics / BOOTH 3087

Cincinnati Test Systems Inc.

The new Cooney Freeze Block Technology is designed

to protect HVAC steam and fluid coils from freeze
related damages. This is achieved by sensing changes
in pressure and temperature of the system, which allows
for a controlled volume of water to be discharged from
the coil.

The KPU 19 temperature controls are designed for

easy installation and service. These thermostats feature
bottom and rear knockouts, differential adjustment dial,
temper resistant design and a robust thermoplastic

DP 1010 Water-Based Duct Sealant is independently

laboratory tested to Zero VOC. DP 1010 allows the
installer to meet all LEED emission standards and
other green building requirements. Design Polymerics
provides a full line of Zero and Low VOC sealants,
adhesives and insulation mastics.

BOOTH 3092
New TracerMate CS Leak Location System provides leak
isolation for production and repair loop applications. The
system utilizes the TracerMate for gas management and
sequencing and the INFICON Sentrac hydrogen leak
detector. A probe monitors for hydrogen in the air to
pinpoint the leak, higher than normal background, as well
as providing high sensitivity and leak locating accuracy.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Pipe and Fittings

CT Piping Solutions, Inc. / BOOTH 4592
CT Piping Solutions, Inc. offers PESTAN High
Performance PP-RCT Pipe for applications including
hot and cold potable water, hydronics, chillers, boilers,
compressed air and geothermal and industrial
applications. It is used inside or outside the building or
direct buried. Featured are a 50+ year service life, no
corrosion, no scaling, superior chlorine resistance and
permanent leak-free fused joints.

TracerMate CS Leak Location System

Cincinnati Test Systems Inc.

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional


DP 1010 Zero VOC

Water Based Duct
Design Polymerics

Danfoss Drives / BOOTH 2123

With a wide range of standard pump and fan features,
the VLT DriveMotor FCP 106 provides efficient control
of motors in the 0.55 7.5 kW range. By mounting the
drive directly on the motor,
owners are free to choose
their own manufacturer and
design the optimal system
for their application.
MARKETS: Residential,
Commercial, Institutional,

Refrigeration System
Dongin Thermo Co., Ltd. / BOOTH 2696

VLT DriveMotor FCP 106

Danfoss Drives

Sedona Open Building


MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial

Contemporary Controls / BOOTH 1326

The BAScontrol22 has a built-in 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
switch with auto negotiation and Auto-MDIX. The device
has a mix of eight universal inputs, four binary inputs,
four analog outputs and six binary outputs, as well as
complying with the B-ASC device profile. Supported
protocols include: HTTP, IP, UDP, TCP, BACnet/IP, NTP,
DNS, DCHP, FTP and Sedona SOX.
MARKETS: Commercial

Polypropylene (PP-RCT) Pipe and Fittings

CT Piping Solutions, Inc.

Current, Inc. - Silent Running
BOOTH 4193

Energy and Power Meter

Continental Control Systems, LLC
BOOTH 1250

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

WattNode Meter
Continental Control
Systems, LLC


Silent Running offers the SR 500 Coating that can be

sprayed, brushed, or rolled on to reduce unwanted noise
and keep unwanted heat out.

Design and
Optimization Service
Deinde Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.
BOOTH 5062
Deinde Engineering Services offers design, verification
and optimization of HVAC systems in datacenters and
other industrial, commercial, residential applications
where precision temperature control is necessary.

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Continental Control Systems will highlight their low-cost

energy meter module, promoted specifically as an
OEM design-in. This new meter on a board concept
is designed for high volume production, but can be
customized with the specific features required by the
OEM. The WattNode Module is the ideal solution for
energy monitoring in HVACR equipment, including
RTU, PTAC and CRAC units, VRF heat pumps, chillers,
fans, compressors and refrigeration racks. Current
transformers are available in many different styles and
ranges; boar-mounted or standard.

TOPCOLD Refrigeration Units consist of a condenser,

evaporator, compressor and install kit. Applications
include vans, trucks, and other special vehicles.

Automatic Purging Device

for AC Condensation Lines
Drain Shield / BOOTH 3090
Now with Safe-T-Flush, you can have peace of mind,
knowing that water condensation will flow normally
and constantly out of the drain line. With the patented
floating ball system that seals the path to the air handler,
the safety valve signals the Safe-T-Flush trigger system
the CO2 cartridge deploys a powerful Drain Shield AC
drain purge, unblocking the obstruction in the line. The
system resets itself, and the water has a clean line to
safety flow.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Residential and Light

Commercial Heat Pump

CFDA, FEA, CAE Analysis

Deinde Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.

Daikin / BOOTH 4604

Daikin launches the next generation VRV IV-S heat
pump for light commercial and residential applications,
operating up to nine indoor units with VRT control, 23%
footprint reduction on 3 and 4-ton sizes, a new 5-ton
offering and improved cooling and heating efficiencies
of up to 18 SEER
and 11.8 HSPF.
Cooled Heat
Pump (RXYMQ)

Waterless Trap
Des Champs Technologies / BOOTH 1292
The N-Series negative pressure waterless trap allows
liquid condensate to drain from the HVAC equipment
and simultaneously prevents air from entering or
escaping. One advantage is that the N-Series operates
in a horizontal position. No more issues with the dry
trap syndrome or burst pipes from freezing. Less space
required, the vertical distance between center lines of
unit connection and the center line of the trap is equal
to the negative plenum pressure.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional

Drain Shield

A I R - C O N D I T I O N I N G & R E F R I G E R AT I O N E Q U I P M E N T, S Y S T E M S , C O M P O N E N T S & P R O D U C T S

Combustion Analyzer
E Instruments International LLC
BOOTH 2669

Semi-Hermetic Chiller
Drake Refrigeration, Inc.

Drake Refrigeration, Inc. / BOOTH 2059
Drake Chillers represent high-quality, durable, standard
units with cooling capacities ranging from one to 200
tons. Along with a complete line of standard products,
Drake Refrigeration, Inc. has the ability to custom build a
chiller to your specific needs.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Low Power/Wide Voltage Range

Power Module for Solenoid/4Way Reversing Valves
DunAn / BOOTH 5444

DunAns new valves have been added with inner or

outer smart controlling module. With this module, those
valves can save 80% of the power, decrease temperature
70% respectively and decrease the holding voltage-70%
to the most. The new products can supply broader
opening voltage range, e.g. rated 220V with one range
of 70V~264V.

E Instruments International LLCs ALL-IN-ONE BTU1500

Combustion Analyzer now includes new android
Smartphone/tablet APP, a built-in
non-fading printer, Bluetooth, a
draft meter and a built-in pressure
manometer. Also featured are a
built-in differential thermometer
and built-in CO leak detector.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial,
Institutional, Industrial

Construction Aerial Services

Electro Static Technology ITW/AEGIS

Erickson is a global aviation provider of aerial lift services

for precision load placement, specializing in construction
and special projects. Lifting up to 25,000 pounds, our
S-64 Aircrane is the platform of choice for heavy-lift
missions, including HVAC rooftop placement and
specialized lift projects that require safety and precision.

BOOTH 1447
AEGIS High-Frequency Ground Straps ensure a verylow-impedance path to ground for the high-frequency
currents generated by VFD-driven motors and systems.
Used in conjunction with AEGIS Rings, which provide
a path for damaging VFD-induced currents from motor
shaft safely away from bearings to motor frame, AEGIS
HF Ground Straps complete the path from motor frame
to ground.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

BTU1500 Combustion Analyzer

E Instruments International LLC

Commutated Electric Motor
EC Fans & Drives / BOOTH 1498
EC Fans offers an entry level, single speed, electronically
commutated electric motor. While shaded pole motors
do allow some small savings in the purchase price, the
savings are quickly absorbed in electric bills at todays
high power costs. Using the EConomy motor in new
equipment, or as a retrofit to replace shaded pole OEM
motors, can save the user up to 65% in energy usage.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

EConomy Motor
EC Fans & Drives
Electric Expansion
Valve with Internal
Check Valve

High Frequency Ground

Strap for Motor-Drive

DunAn Microstaq, Inc. / BOOTH 5444

Improve system efficiency with the MSEV USHC Retrofit
Kit, which consists of the Modular Silicon Expansion
Valve (MSEV) and Universal Superheat Controller
(USHC). The MSEV is a 250 millisecond responding
valve that is compact and refrigerant-agnostic. It
is connected to a stand-alone USHC that controls
superheat precisely at varying
load conditions

Non-Chemical Water

Ground Strap
Electro Static

EVAPCOs Pulse~Pure Water Treatment System offers

an environmentally responsible, non-chemical alternative
for treating cooling water. The Pulse~Pure system is
designed for open evaporative cooling systems and
can even be factory mounted
on new closed circuit coolers
and evaporative condensers. For
existing equipment, Pulse~Pure
can be provided as a retrofit.


MARKETS: Commercial,
Institutional, Industrial

Embraco North America, Inc.

Pulse~Pure Water
Treatment System

BOOTH 2459
To ensure commercial equipment manufacturers reach
premium energy efficiency levels in their applications,
even above the levels of DOE 2017 regulations,
Embraco will showcase at AHR Expo 2016 solutions
featuring Embraco Fullmotion technology using R-290
refrigerants. These solutions can provide energy savings
up to 40% when compared to on-off compressors
with HFCs.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

Mass Dehumidification
and Air Conditioning
Excel Air Systems / BOOTH 5254
The Evolution Series air system is designed for
environmental control. Designed specifically for
sealed room application, it provides ultimate control
in temperature, humidity and air quality.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Refrigeration Condensing Unit

The AE9440N-1C Condensing Unit is a R290
Condensing Unit that offers electrical: 115 V/60 Hz. 1
Phase, 4,265/7,302 BTU/Hr, MBP/HBP; EER 5.76/8.30
BTU/W-Hr; and has a 3 Speeds EC Motor with a range
600rpm 2300rpm.

Energy Recovery Ventilator

Fantech / BOOTH 2029
Fullmotion Compressor
Embraco North America, Inc.

MARKETS: Commercial

Air Barrier/Air Curtain

Fantech/Systemairs ERV are specifically designed to

reduce the energy required to heat or cool outdoor
air by up to 80%. This allows you to effectively and
economically accommodate the increase in outdoor
air quantities, which is recommended by the ASHRAE
Standard 62.2.
MARKETS: Commercial

Enershield Air Barriers / BOOTH 1476

Retrofit Kit
Microstaq, Inc.

MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial

EVAPCO, Inc. / BOOTH 1525

elco / BOOTH 2084

Expansion Valve and

Controller Kit

Erickson / BOOTH 5477

AE9440N-1C Condensing Unit


Microshield (MCS) Air Barriers are ideal for most foot

traffic doorways up to 7` high. They are equipped
with a high and low speed setting and can also be
manufactured with an optional keyed switch and
automatic activation package. Applications include
retail doorways, employee entrances and exits, patio
doors, foot traffic receiving doors, food preparation and
refrigerated areas.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional

Topvex Energy Recovery Ventilator


A I R - C O N D I T I O N I N G & R E F R I G E R AT I O N E Q U I P M E N T, S Y S T E M S , C O M P O N E N T S & P R O D U C T S

UV Light for Ice Machines

Air Filter

Condenser Water Treatment

Corrosion Resistant Coatings

Fresh-Aire UV / BOOTH 4804

Glasfloss Industries / BOOTH 4926

Griswold Water Systems / BOOTH 1674

Heresite Protective Coatings, LLC

Ice UV Mini is designed to kill germs in countertop

ice/water dispensers. These machines are common in
medical settings and are ideal breeding grounds for
mold, bacteria and viruses. Ice UV Mini uses smaller,
lower-intensity UV lamps and will pay for itself in
maintenance savings and reduced liability risk.

Glasfloss Industries Z-Line Series pleated filter line

now achieves a MERV 10 per the 2015 ANSI/ASHRAE
52.2-2012 Supplement Standard. The new MERV 10
performance will upgrade their Z-Line Series: SB, ZL,
HV, ZXP, HVXM and air cleaner replacement filters
with no increase in initial drop and at no extra cost.

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Griswold Water Systems IntegraClean 2.0 advances

include a smaller footprint skid and a weather-proof
Integrated Control Panel that incorporates conductivity
control (with thru-panel touch pad), Wave 2.0 chemicalfree water treatment with internal remote monitoring
and all requisite pump controls to facilitate single-point
wiring. The result is comprehensive water treatment
and solids management in an economical packaged
system that facilitates low-cost sidestream installation,
enhanced solids capture with reduced energy
consumption and higher cycles of concentration for
significant water savings. GWS brings IntegraClean 2.0
to market as either a 3-4 year rental contract or for
outright purchase.

Ice UV Mini
Fresh-Aire UV

Z-Line Series
Filter Line

Mini-Split System
Fujitsu General America, Inc.
BOOTH 2229
Fujitsus 9RLS3H wall mounted ductless split system
offers 33 SEER, a mini-split operating with optimal
efficiency at ambient temperatures of -15F. System
9RLS3H is an inverter system available with these
capabilities right off the shelf, with no modifications
needed for low ambient operation.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Cooling Tower Fill Cleaner

Goodway Technologies Corp
BOOTH 3444
The TFC-200 Cooling Tower Fill Cleaner is designed
to quickly and easily clean cooling tower fill of scale,
dirt, algae and more. Dirty, scaled fill can be a perfect
breeding ground for bacteria like Legionella. TFC-200
makes it fast and easy to keep cooling tower fill clean
and safe.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional

Introduced in 2014, Energy Star rated HealthyAire
DH70 & DH95 dehumidifiers introduce several product
enhancements, which include the filter drier trapping
excess moisture to protect system, Schrader Valve
improving service access, sturdier chassis improving
durability and control enhancements improving

Tower Fill

Fluid Pumps

DH70 & DH95 HealthyAire Dehumidifiers


Designed for the circulation and transfer of fluids, GRIs

Integrity Series Magnetic Drive Pumps offer a flexible
and robust pumping solution to OEMs. By manufacturing
the motors and the majority of the pumps components
in-house, GRI can precisely configure the pumps to meet
an OEMs specific flow and pressure requirements.
MARKETS: Residential, Institutional, Industrial
Integrity Series
Magnetic Drive
Circulation Pump
GRI Pumps
(A Gorman-Rupp


hilmor / BOOTH 2272

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

The Dynamic Series provides up to 28 SEER with Haier

Heat Plus Technology, including heating down to 15
and providing 100% rated heating capacity at 5F and
WIFI controls.
MARKETS: Residential

Commercial Grade
Condensate Pump
Hartells PlenumPlus Commercial Grade pumps have
been tested to, and yielded results within, the acceptable
criteria of UL standard 2043, Third Edition, Fire test for
heat and visible smoke release for discrete products and
their accessories installed in air-handling spaces. This
rating assures the PlenumPlus pump is an
optimal choice.

Plenum Plus Pump

Hartell Pumps

1926598 Compact Bender Kit with Reverse Bending


Inverter Compressor
Hisense USA Corporation / BOOTH 4394
Hisenses up to 20 SEER TG Series features design,
efficiency and functionality in a ductless mini-split
system. It is available in 9K-36K Btu/h capacities with
wireless and wired control, low ambient operation (5F)
and low temperature hold (46F).
MARKETS: Residential

Sealed Pipe
Heating & Cooling Products Mfg. Co.
BOOTH 5026
TotalSeal Pipe is sealed on the transverse and the
longitudinal seams, which eliminates the need for tape
and mastics. This product exceeds SMACNA Class 3
Leakage Standards. It is available for residential and
commercial applications and is listed on the International
Code Council PMG Listing.
TotalSeal Pipe
Heating & Cooling
Products Mfg. Co.

Compact Bender Kit

Haier America / BOOTH 5331

GRI Pumps (A Gorman-Rupp Company)

BOOTH 5497

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Ductless Heating System

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Commercial,
Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential

With 50 years of coating history, Heresite was the first

to apply coatings to HVACR heat exchangers. They
continue to innovate with their latest addition to the
Heresite product family P413px.

The hilmor Compact Bender Kit, now available with

a reverse bending attachment, features a universal
crossbar and color-coded mandrels for simple setup and
easy size identification. It offers small-space capabilities,
one-handed operation and precise bends. An advanced
mandrel design and quick-release mechanism allow for
an easy tube release.

Hartell Pumps / BOOTH 3044

GeneralAire / BOOTH 4313

BOOTH 2535

AS-24UR3SDBTG Mini-split System

Hisense USA Corporation

A I R - C O N D I T I O N I N G & R E F R I G E R AT I O N E Q U I P M E N T, S Y S T E M S , C O M P O N E N T S & P R O D U C T S

Refrigeration Control

Tube Processing System

HVAC Tapes

Line Sets

Hoffman Controls Corp. / BOOTH 1423

HVAC Machine Company, LLC

Intertape Polymer Group / BOOTH 3859

JMF Company / BOOTH 3587

Intertape Polymer Groups Acrylic-Based BOPP is

designed for seaming, closing and repairing flexible
ducts. Superior flexibility allows the conforming ability
to a variety of shapes.

JMF Company offers high quality and certified materials,

100% fill rate commitments and performance, custom
lengths and packaging options, short and dependable
lead times and net/net pricing for maximum sales. They
have two dedicated line set production facilities, order
consolidation and flexible rebates as needed.

Model 759-ECM is a digital variable fan speed controller

for ECM evaporator fans for walk in and reach in
coolers or freezers. The 759 is plug and play with LED
indicators for ease of set and installation. Key features
are fault detection, alarm output, status indicators and
ice detection.
MARKETS: Commercial,
Institutional, Industrial
759-ECM Digital Variable
Fan Speed Controller
Hoffman Controls Corp.

BOOTH 2792
HVAC Machine Corps machine uncoils, straightens,
feeds to correct length, cuts off and transfers to end
former to end form one or both tube ends, transfers to
CNC bender and bends required shape, then transfers
to collection area. The system is programmable, servo
controlled and operates continuously and automatically.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial
Integrated Machine,
Model # TBCM20 - R1
HVAC Machine
Company, LLC

Honeywell Refrigerants / BOOTH 2417
Honeywell Solstice N40 (R-448A) is an option for new
supermarkets or R-404A retrofits. It is a hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) blend designed to replace R-404A in low
and medium temperature refrigeration applications.
Features include being U.S. EPA SNAP-listed and UL
listed, a GWP of 1273 that is 66% lower than R-404A,
as well as being approved by major compressor
MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial

Axial Flow Fans

Hudson Products Corp. / BOOTH 3793

Spot Air Conditioner

i-Lift Equipment / BOOTH 2092
i-Lift Equipments industrial strength portable air
conditioner offers energy efficient cooling of spots
in the warehouse, server room, assembly line, auto
shops and much more. It features sleek, compact
design and zero installation.
MARKETS: Commercial,
Institutional, Industrial

Hudson Products Corp. designs and manufactures high

efficiency molded FRP axial flow fans. Tuf-Lite III fans
are constructed of light-weight, corrosion resistant,
fiberglass reinforced vinyl ester resin, incorporating
patented Tuf-Edge leading edge protection. Standard
sizes are available from five to 40 feet in diameter for
heat exchanger and cooling tower applications.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Industrial Portable
Spot Air Conditioner
i-Lift Equipment

The SST, with its removable panel, gives the servicing

contractor the needed space to properly inspect,
diagnose and maintain the evaporator coil and furnace
heat exchanger. It offers true system access to the
heart of the system, while eliminating block offs and
diminished airflow, without disassembly or cutting into
the system.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial

Flammable Refrigerant
Compliance Service
Intertek / BOOTH 3438

Piping Systems
Insul-Tek Piping Systems, Inc.
BOOTH 4952
Dual-Con FRP is both a thermally efficient and a
corrosion resistant preinsulated piping system. DualCon FRP features include being dryable, drainable and
an air testable system, which mean reliability. Exterior
filament wound FRP casing has much higher heat
limitations than HDPE casing. The Dual-Con FRP has
an exterior layer of spray applied void-free polyurethane
foam insulation.

Elastomeric Insulation

As the use of alternative refrigerants increases, so does

the need for laboratories and programs that can reliably
test such products. Interteks new service provides you
the assurance to prepare your lab for testing products
with flammable refrigerants, including protocols and
advisory on required procedures, safety needs and

K-FLEX Solar is a composite product of flexible,

polymeric jacketing coextruded over elastomeric tubing
(available with NBR/PVC or EPDM insulation), providing
resistance to UV, weather and abrasion. K-FLEX Solar
is designed for outdoor applications with service
temperatures of -70F to +300F and complies with
IECC 2012 requirements for protecting insulation.

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

Connection Device
Isil Muhendislik Mak. ve Insaat San Tic.
AS-Flexiva Ventilation Systems


BOOTH 3691
ISILTAK is a connection device between the flexible
duct and the main steel ventilation duct, the connection
points, the fans and the air handling units. The main
advantage, and the difference from other connection
equipments, is allowing the flexible duct to be connected
to the ISILTAK without any assistive equipment, such
as aluminum tape and cable tie. It is more airtight,
economical and more aesthetical by screwing the
flexible duct to ISILTAK only. This option lets the
connection become like a natural seal.
MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial

JB Industries, Inc / BOOTH 3029

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

SST083/093 - System Service Transition

HVAC Innovations, Inc.

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Refrigerant Recovery Unit

System Service Transition

HVAC Innovations, Inc. / BOOTH 2387

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

The F6 recovery unit combines proven industry features

to achieve fast recovery, reliable heat dissipation and
ease of use. It features a full one horsepower, dual piston
compressor for fast recovery, as well as a micro-channel
condenser and oversized cooling fan for lower discharge
pressures and sustained speed under the hottest
ambient temperatures.

Flexible System
KeepRite Refrigeration/National
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Canada Corp / BOOTH 4704
These systems redefine flexibility in commercial
refrigeration solutions. LINK indoor units provide a
conveniently centralized package for compressors,
electrical and controls, allowing for maximized
merchandising space. LINK+ outdoor units combine
elements found in the indoor unit with condenser
components into a single package featuring our
weather resistant housing.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential,

F6 Recovery Unit
JB Industries, Inc
LINK/LINK+ Multi-Compressor Refrigeration System
KeepRite Refrigeration/National Refrigeration and Air
Conditioning Canada Corp


A I R - C O N D I T I O N I N G & R E F R I G E R AT I O N E Q U I P M E N T, S Y S T E M S , C O M P O N E N T S & P R O D U C T S

KoolDuct Ductwork System

Kingspan Insulation

Pre-insulated Duct System

Brazing and Soldering Rings


Lucas-Milhaupt, Inc. / BOOTH 5417

McElroy / BOOTH 5482

Sil-Fos 15 Rings are designed for brazing copper

tubular components for HVACR installation
applications. The Sil-Fos rings use a calculated alloy
volume for use with standard size copper tube from
1/4 inch to 1-1/8 inch. The advantage of using these
rings is consistent and repeatable joint quality while
controlling alloy usage. Braze rings are easy to use,
with minimize waste, and provide visual verification of a
complete, sound braze joint.

The Acrobat 160 by McElroy is a low-force fusion

machine for 63mm to 160mm polypropylene pipe. The
lightweight, compact device delivers easy access when
performing vertical or overhead fusions in tight work
spaces. For even tighter spaces, the carriage can be
reconfigured from three to four jaws without using tools.

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Kingspan Insulation / BOOTH 1538

Cooling Tower

The Kingspan KoolDuct System is an advanced and

innovative pre-insulated HVAC ductwork system,
which offers benefits such as reduced installation
time, low weight, space savings through flush-toceiling installation, increased performance and energy
efficiency. KoolDuct is UL 181 listed and can easily
achieve a SMACNA Class 3 air leakage.

Marley - SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc.

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Line Set Duct Kit

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

BOOTH 4842
SpeediDuct kits are now available in the color white.
This includes the Starter Kit XL and Flex Hose Kit, as
well as the new 4-1/4 Optimal Duct. These new items
expand the versatility of SpeediDuct and Optimal
Duct to meet an even wider range of options.


MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Motor Start Capacitor

LM Caps / BOOTH 3992
X series are ultra heavy duty motor start capacitors
designed for very demanding applications and/or at
elevated temperature (up to +85C). Based on LM Caps
technology, these X capacitors are very competitive,
even compared to classic heavy duty motor start
MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial

Custom Made Air Handling

LSB Industries, Inc. / BOOTH 1276
ClimateCraft is a leading manufacturer of custom air
handling equipment specifically for hospital, institutional
and industrial facilities. Equipment features include
knockdown AHUs, advanced fan arrangement
technology that lowers energy and maintenance
costs, extensive flexibility and IBC Seismic Compliance.
ClimateCraft ACCESS offers site assembled
knockdown AHU systems for difficult-to-reach
renovation projects.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial


Hydraulic Flaring & Swaging

Mastercool Inc / BOOTH 2631
Mastercool introduces the newest members of its
hydraulic line of tubing tools. These new kits are an
upgrade to the existing Hydra-Swage expanding kit. The
Hydraulic Flaring and Expanding kits make fabricating
copper, aluminum and soft steel tubing simple. The
patented hand-held hydraulic press creates 410A flares
and easily expands tubing up to 2-1/8. Reference Parts#
71675, #71676 and #71680.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Comfort Pack
Universal Series
National Comfort

Mexichem Fluor Inc. / BOOTH 5679

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Marley NC 8400 Cooling Tower

Marley - SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc.

National Comfort Products offers a choice for new

or existing multi-family construction. Comfort Pack
Universal Series offers better appearance, any weather
servicing, no vandalism, separate meter savings, less
expensive installs and the elimination of ground clutter
caused by pad mounted units. New features include
slide out furnace for all gas models, standard dual drain
on both gas and electric models, 5-Speed DC motor with
5-Speed terminal board and standard chassis for
all Comfort Pack models.

Acrobat 160 Fusion Machine


KLEA 407A is an energy efficient, low GWP refrigerant

designed for use in medium and low temperature
supermarket applications. It is suitable for both new
installations and retrofits, making it an ideal replacement
for use in existing R-404A units affected by SNAP
delisting from as early as January 2017.

Little Giant/Franklin Electric

National Comfort Products / BOOTH 2059


BOOTH 2614
The Marley NC cooling tower has performance
enhancements that contribute to greater cooling and
energy efficiencies, validated acoustic measurement and
operational reliability. It offers significant gains in single
cell cooling capacity and ASHRAE 90.1 performance,
sound data independently validated by CTI-licensed
test agents and lower drift rates driven by the MarKey
drift eliminator.

Thru-the-Wall Heating and

Cooling for Multi-Family

Air Sourced Heat Pumps

Mits Airconditioning Inc./AERMEC S.P.A.
BOOTH 1672
NRK air sourced heat pumps are capable of producing
water up to 150F and runs down to -4F, optimized for
heating and designed for production of chilled/heated
water in residential and commercial buildings. The NRK
is equipped with high efficiency scroll compressors,
axial fans and plate heat exchangers. Desuperheater
is an option.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Industrial Water Chillers

MTA-USA, LLC offers enhanced range of the former
TAEevo range with added feature such as R410A, user
friendly controller with dynamic dew point control,
more standard options and eco-friendly with single side
condenser for space savings. Units are stocked with
standard materials of construction and also a completely
non-ferrous version.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Refrigeration Ball Valve

NDL Industries, Inc. / BOOTH 4374
NDL ACR-CO2 Copper Fittings Series with increased
weight is specially designed to be used in commercial
refrigeration and HVAC system. NDL has the recognition
of the TSSA and the approved Canadian fitting line for
high pressure systems. The NDL Ultimate Protection
warranty covers loss of refrigerant and labor. The Full
Port Ball Valve Series has sizing from - 4-1/8, all
with Full Port. Our ball valves are specially designed
and engineered for refrigeration applications, including
R410 and CO2. The valves are made with Teflon seals,
including the Schrader valve. Features include a design
working pressure of up to 900PSIG, a temperature range
of -58F to +300F and a forged body and seal cap
made of Teflon.
MARKETS: Commercial

VRF Commercial HVAC System

Nortek Global HVAC / BOOTH 4900
Nortek Global HVAC offers a DC inverter VRF system
for large buildings, with the ability to connect up to 80
indoor units with one bank of outdoor units with optional
heat recovery. It features an all DC inverter, multi VRF
heat pump with precise temperature control, is easy to
install, network and maintain, with up to 1,000 meter
total piping length, up to 80 indoor connections and
with coated fins for increased performance and greater
corrosion resistance.
MARKETS: Commercial

A I R - C O N D I T I O N I N G & R E F R I G E R AT I O N E Q U I P M E N T, S Y S T E M S , C O M P O N E N T S & P R O D U C T S


Wall Mounted Heat Pump

Leak Detector

VRF Accessories

Nueva Generacion Manufacturas SA de

CV (NGM) / BOOTH 3794

Panasonic Heating and Air Conditioning

Group / BOOTH 2284

Pfeiffer Vacuum / BOOTH 1677

Pumphouse Ltd. / BOOTH 2546

Nueva Generacion Manufacturas SA de CV (NGM)

offers power factor correction and harmonic filters
capacitor cells, which include individual correctioncorrecting the power at one specific piece of equipment,
and group correction-correcting the incoming power to
a facility or multiple pieces of equipment.

Panasonic introduces a new line-up of EXTERIOS E

with 9k to 24k BTU heating and cooling models. The
EXTERIOS E Series comes with the option of locking
out heat mode to operate as low ambient cooling only.
Features ECONAVI technology, SEER up to 23, inverter
technology and is Energy Star Rated (expect 24k).

Type 2 Brackets provide a professional finish and quick

installation of wall mounted outdoor condensing units
and air source heat pumps. Featured is integrated sight
level for leveling and scratch resistant powder coating to
match most all condensing units.

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential

The Pfeiffer Vacuum ASM 340 leak detector offers

full flexibility for detecting helium or hydrogen and for
use in either vacuum or sniffing modes of operation.
The ASM 340 will detect leaks as small as 5x10-9
mbar.l/s (0.001oz/yr refrigerant equivalent) in sniffing
mode and 5x10-12 mbar.l/s in vacuum. The ASM 340
is an easy-to-use, high performance and durable leak
detector. It is used for testing components including
coils, compressors, valves and hoses and for testing
refrigeration and air conditioning assemblies.

Plastic Pipe and Fittings

NIRON is a complete PPRCT polypropylene pipe and
fitting system for the distribution of hot and cold water in
plumbing and air conditioning systems, for the transport
of drinking water, alimentary fluids, compressed air and
chemical substances. New in 2016 is the saddle with
threaded spigot outlet, quick and easy to install.
NIRON Pipe and
Fitting System

E12RKUA Mounted
Heat Pump
Panasonic Heating
and Air Conditioning

ASM 340 Leak

Pfeiffer Vacuum

Braze-free Fittings

Foam Tapes and Gaskets

MAC Cooling
Radicon Co., Ltd

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential,
Institutional, Industrial

Mini-split Installation Tool

U6300 Series
Foam Tape

ZoomLock Braze-free Fittings

Parker Hannifin - Sporlan

PTI Plastic & Rubber Gasket
BOOTH 5980

Zone Control Damper

The new CZRD damper is a patented product that
eliminates the need to install a bypass duct and damper
in a zone control system. This is accomplished with
a built-in static pressure relief mechanism that will
modulate open once the static pressure within the duct
has reached an unacceptable level.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional

PTI Plastic & Rubber Gasket is tailored to meet

customers gasketing, insulation, soundproofing, sealing,
filtration and other related needs. They regularly update
and adapt their wide range of products and services
to accommodate their customers ever-changing
development requirements.

Germicidal UVC Lamps

Pre-insulated Copper Pipe

PTubes Inc. offers White Ryno SINGLE pre-insulated
copper pipe for HVAC. It is pre-insulated copper
pipe suitable for every application concerning airconditioning, such as ductless mini-split, heat-pump
unit, ducted unit and VRF systems.


MARKETS: Residential,
Commercial, Institutional,
CZRD Combination Zone Relief Damper
Performance Aire

RectorSeal Corporation / BOOTH 2842

RectorSeal introduces the Mighty Bracket, the minisplit installation support tool. The contractor-grade
yellow, patent-pending Mighty Bracket clips to mounting
brackets of all mini-split brands in less than a minute to
support the evaporator coil for hands-free lineset and
electrical connecting. Afterward, the adjustable bracket
folds up into a compact 12 x 6 canvas carrying bag.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Mighty Bracket

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

PTubes Inc / BOOTH 5963

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial

Pres-On U6300 is a cost-effective alternative to highdensity foam tapes that eliminate window float or
creep. Its uniform, medium-density, open cell foam is
coated with polyester film (mylar) supported, high-tack,
pressure sensitive, acrylic adhesive and is ideal on
plastic, metal and powder-painted surfaces for door
and filter gasketing.

Performance Aire / BOOTH 3598

OSRAM PURITEC HNS Germicidal Lamps are

ultraviolet lamps used for disinfection in water and air
purification applications. Examples for water include
swimming pools, aquariums, ultra-pure water systems
and food processing. Examples for air include hospitals,
doctors offices, clean rooms, offices without airconditioning systems and public areas.

MAC (Multi Advance Cooling Cells) is a dry, air cooled

closed loop liquid cooling system by RADICON. It is
designed to replace traditional cooling tower and offers
no water loss, very low water foot print, is clean and
has no fouling and no decease. Also featured is no
requirement of chemical, ozone treatment, etc. and low
maintenance cost and time.

Parkers extensive line of ZoomLock braze-free pipe

connectors are a fast, easy and safe way to join copper
HVAC/R tubes. ZoomLock fittings work with exclusive
crimping technology, so theres no brazing needed. One
technician can quickly do the connecting job without
a torch, hot-work permits, safety equipment or special

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

OR-04-IE Water Filter

Orival Water Filters

Radicon Co., Ltd / BOOTH 3797

Parker Hannifin - Sporlan / BOOTH 2442

Orival Water Filters / BOOTH 1848

Photo A62

Dry Cooler

Pres-On / BOOTH 1387

Water Filtration System

Orival Water Filters has the answer to most of your
TSS problems in HVAC, refrigeration or special cooling
systems. If you have a cooling tower, Orival has a water
filter to meet your needs. Thousands of Orival automatic
self-cleaning filters are installed on cooling systems
around the world. Sizes from to 24 are available.

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional

Hydraulic Expander Tool Kit

REFCO Manufacturing US Inc.
BOOTH 3642
REFCOs new one hand operated Hydraulic Expander
Tool Kit comes standard with six expander heads to
cover all size tubes up to 1-1/8. Using hydraulic power,
the lightweight expander makes a perfect expansion
of copper, brass and aluminum tubing with only a few
pumps. The kit includes a deburring tool.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

White Ryno PreInsulated Lineset

PTubes Inc


A I R - C O N D I T I O N I N G & R E F R I G E R AT I O N E Q U I P M E N T, S Y S T E M S , C O M P O N E N T S & P R O D U C T S

Air Conditioner

Explosion Proof Actuator

Flow Switch

Refrigeration Industries Company and

Storage Company RIC / BOOTH 4368

Rotork-Schischek / BOOTH 1259

SIKA USA Inc. / BOOTH 2067

ExMax series actuator is a good solution for hazardous

or industrial applications. Both for dampers and valves,
the specifications include Class 1 Division 1 rated
(explosion proof), self-adapting power supply 24v to
240v, low ambient operating conditions (-40F), fast
operating speeds & spring return and NEMA 4X, IP 66
Housing. Also featured are optional fusible link for fire
dampers, emergency manual
override and being small,
compact and rugged.

Sika USA offers Series VK 300 Flow Switch and other

small, low cost switches to protect heat exchangers.

The wide variety of products which COOLEX offers

include concealed ducted split for use in residential and
commercial buildings. This product is an advanced and
efficient replacement for mini splits. Central ducted split
air conditioners are designed for use within apartment
buildings and small office units. They provide excellent
flexibility in temperature control. Central package air
conditioners, air-cooled packaged chillers (ACS), air
handling units (AHUs) and fan coil units (FCUs) are
also offered.

MARKETS: Industrial



COOLEX Air Conditioning

Refrigeration Industries Company
and Storage Company RIC

Flexible Duct

Coil Cleaner
Refrigeration Technologies / BOOTH 5204
Viper HD can be used as a non-rinsing condenser coil
cleaner that is ideal for situations where no water is
available for rinsing. Viper HD is supplied as a super
concentrate and applied using any high or low pressure
spray equipment. Simply dilute 20:1 with water, wash
down the coil with the solution and allow to dry. Even at
high dilutions ratios, Viper HD will provide aggressive
cleaning action that will easily degrease oily surfaces and
remove stubborn soils. Viper HD can also be used as a
non-rinsing evaporator coil cleaner at dilution ratios of
4:1, where condensate production provides the rinsing.
MARKETS: Residential,
Commercial, Institutional,
RT390G Coil Cleaner
Refrigeration Technologies

Electronic Temperature
Robertshaw / BOOTH 2859
The Ranco Electronic Temperature Control now
features a backlit display and a new sensor rated IP67 for
dust and water (<1m) resistance. This popular control
is used in many commercial refrigeration applications
due to its wide temperature range,
one and two-stage capability and
selectable heating/cooling modes
and multi-voltage input.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial,
Ranco ETC Series Electronic
Temperature Control


Royal Metal Products / BOOTH 2695

Royal Flexible duct contains 30% more scrim weight in
the jacket for less tear. The flex has narrow wire spacing
on Core to provide a stiffer product with less static
resistance. It is available in R4, R6, and R8 and in silver
jacket, black jacket 2 mil, mobile home jacket 4 mil and
grey jacket.

MARKETS: Commercial
RERV Energy Recovery Ventilator
Spinnaker Industries, Inc.

Fluorescent Leak
Detection Kit
Spectronics Corporation / BOOTH 3538
Spectronics Corporation offers the OLK-400BEZ/E, a
complete BigEZ Kit For medium to large size systems.
Versatile, multi-dose dye cartridge treats up to 16 gallons
(60.6 L) of lubricant or 400 lbs (181 kg) of refrigerant.
The kit includes BEZ-50 BigEZ dye injector, BEZ-25
hose/coupler with check valve, low-loss and purge
fitting, BEZ-4/E 4 oz (118 ml) BigEZ universal/POE
dye cartridge and (3) Drip plugs for hose/coupler. Also
featured are 8 oz (237 ml) spray bottle GLO-AWAY
dye cleaner, versatile AC/DC charger, fluorescenceenhancing glasses and rugged carrying case.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

OLK-400BEZ/E Leak Detection Kit

Spectronics Corporation

Ruskin Co. / BOOTH 4404

Fire Damper
Ruskin Co.

RERV Series rotary energy recovery ventilators range

in standard sizes from 250 to 20,000 CFM and custom
sizes even larger. Units are available with integrated air
or water-cooled D/X cooling, heating, dehumidification
and water source heat pump capability.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Utility/Energy Measurement
Spire Metering Technology LLC
Spire Metering offers a wide range of industrial,
commercial and residential products, such as ultrasonic
flowmeters, magnetic flowmeters, water meters, heat
meters, electrical energy meters, steam meters and
wireless telemetry systems, as well as AMR/AMI systems.
The meters and metering systems manage water
resources and energy consumption in commercial
and residential buildings, conserve resources, improve
efficiency and reduce costs.

901 Flexible Duct

Royal Metal Products

Ruskins new DFD-LP dynamic fire damper is the perfect

fire damper for all applications, vertical or horizontal
installations. The DFD-LP also has an easy fuse link reset
for any vertical/horizontal fire damper.

Spinnaker Industries, Inc. / BOOTH 4478

BOOTH 3496

MARKETS: Residential,
Commercial, Institutional,

Dynamic Fire Damper

Energy Recovery Ventilators

Coil Cleaning System

SpeedClean / BOOTH 2910
The CoilJet Coil Cleaning system is the ultimate tool for
cleaning coils in residential and commercial systems. It
is a portable, battery operated coil washer that carries
water and coil cleaner with it and cleans with 125 psi of
water pressure. Use anywhere, such as attics, rooftops
and tight spaces.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Decorative Registers
and Grilles
SteelCrest Architectural Accents /
BOOTH 1576
SteelCrests new Bronze Series of decorative HVAC
products is specifically designed for projects where
budget is a concern. Series options include three
beautiful designs, four finishes and more than 30 sizes.
The Bronze Series offers supply registers, return grilles
and return-air filter frames.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial

Protection Device for


Water Conditioner
Superior Manufacturing Corporation

Sealed Unit Parts Co., Inc. (SUPCO)

BOOTH 2804

BOOTH 4831

The LBK500 protects compressors and fans by

ensuring out of tolerance capacitors are identified
and notification is provided to confirm and replace the
capacitor. It isolates each run capacitor and quickly
checks to ensure that it is within tolerance before the
motor/compressor starts. If either capacitor is out of
tolerance, the red LED will light and the motor will not be
allowed to start.

The Superior Water Conditioner controls scale and

corrosion without the use of chemicals in boilers,
cooling towers and other HVAC and industrial cooling,
heating and steam process applications. Superiors
Environmentalist/Zero-Bleed system eliminates 100%
of daily bleed requirements in cooling towers necessary
with conventional or all other alternative water treatment

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

CoilJet CJ-125 Coil Cleaning System


MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

A I R - C O N D I T I O N I N G & R E F R I G E R AT I O N E Q U I P M E N T, S Y S T E M S , C O M P O N E N T S & P R O D U C T S

Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

Control Valve

Motor Mounts

SWEP North America, Inc. / BOOTH 4038

Tiger Controls Equipment Co., Ltd

Triangle Manufacturing Company

BOOTH 1312

BOOTH 4189

When the valve opening is small and differential pressure

between two ends of the valve is large, flow rate cannot
be effectively controlled. The DPCV/TYL series and TYF
Series Control Valves can automatically balance the
differential pressure between two ends of electric control
valve so it can regulate flexibly with more precise flow
rate and lower noise. It can also be installed in branch
pipes to achieve the constant differential pressure
between supply water and return water automatically.

Heavy-duty TS motor mounts come in distinct arm

shapes and mounting options for both impeller and
propeller blower fan applications. Triangles knockeddown solution is more sustainable, efficient and cost
effective compared to a wire form mount. This creates
less warehousing, decreases shipping and consumes
less diesel fuel, reducing carbon emissions.

The D310 model is a highly effective True Dual brazed

plate heat exchanger (BPHE) that is a natural choice
for chiller and heat pump applications. Its advantage
is having the ability to offer maximum performance at
both full and partial loads. This versatile BPHE can be
used as an evaporator or a condenser, is optimized for
extreme performance with R410A & R32 refrigerants and
is approved for pressures up to 710 PSI.
MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial

Modular Self Contained

Indoor Unit
United Coolair Corporation / BOOTH 3253

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

VariCool EZFit now features a Danfoss energy-saving

variable speed compressor option. EZFit system is
designed specifically for cost-effective replacement of
existing floor-by-floor VAV or constant volume units.
Capacities 12 to 70 tons can be changed out over
just one weekend with factory charge and no costly
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial

Tandem Chillers Inc / BOOTH 5737
Tandem Chillers introduces pre-piped Duplex pump
packages with air-cooled or water cooled chillers. Easier
to install and more economical, these combination units
can be used with all models of indoor or outdoor chillers.
Packages can include expansion tanks, buffer tanks,
glycol or pot feeders.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Wireless Bluetooth Pressure

Transducers Direct / BOOTH 1682
The TDWLB Wireless Bluetooth Pressure Transducer,
with its free downloadable App (Apple & Android), is
used for monitoring refrigerant pressure in all types
of systems. It is the first of its kind to allow you to set
alarms, view pressures both on your smart device and
remotely, data log and timestamp, as well as being suited
for permanent installations.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Head Pressure Control System

Trenton Refrigeration / BOOTH 3125
Air Cooled Chiller with Pump Package and Water
Cooled Chiller with Pump Package
Tandem Chillers Inc

Protective Sleeving
Techflex Inc. / BOOTH 4893
F6 Self Wrap protects foam insulation from degrading
from UV damage, abrasion, birds and other animals. It
wraps around the foam insulation to form a superior
barrier and is suitable for AC installations.

LIMITROL+ combines various technologies into a

responsive system that floats head pressure, saving
energy and reducing environmental impact. It also
combines variable speed EC motor technology,
condenser portioning and various systems modifications
to provide performance and control. LIMITROL+
functions in much colder ambient where previous
systems have proven ineffective.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

The Whalen Company / BOOTH 2925

Whisperline Vertical Stack Water

Source Heat Pump
The Whalen Company

TSI Supercool / BOOTH 4761

TSI Supercool offers HVAC Leak Stop + U/V Dye,
featuring Patented BOV HFC-Free Aerosol Technology.
Supercool HVAC Leak Stop will repair small leaks in
both metal and rubber A/C and refrigeration system
components, including evaporators, condensers, hoses,
gaskets and seals. HVAC Leak Stop also contains a
full charge of U/V dye to detect possible future leaks.
Attached application hose allows easy, single step
application to the low side of A/C system without
additional tools. Supercool HVAC Leak Stop does
not contain potentially harmful polymers, so it is safe
for all A/C systems and will not harm or clog system
components or reclamation and recovery machines. One
can (3oz) will treat units up to 6 tons. It is also available
in 1 oz can for smaller units up to 1.5 tons.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Heat Pump
UTL Air Conditioning Technology Co.,
Ltd. / BOOTH 2692
UTL Air Conditioning Technology Co., Ltd. offers a
DC inverter air to water heat pump, DC inverter air
conditioner heat pump, with capacity from 9KBTU to
100KBTU, a strong cooling performance in hot weather
and excellent heating performance in cold weather,
even temperature down to -4F. Also offered is a DIY air
conditioner with quick connecting lineset for easy, quick
and cheap installation.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional

Metal Filter
Vantech Co., Ltd / BOOTH 2992
Vantech Co., Ltd produces any kind of metal strainers
and filters that are high quality and can be supplied
within a short time. With over 60 years of experience,
Vantech has the ability to solve any of your filtration
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve

Tyco Mechanical Products / BOOTH 5100

MARKETS: Residential,
Commercial, Institutional,

Water Source Heat Pump

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial,


Leak Repair Aerosol

GRINNELL Model B480 Stainless Steel Butterfly Valves

are designed to provide accurate and efficient control
of fluid in piping systems. The valves are furnished with
grooved ends for use with grooved couplings and can be
easily adapted to flanged components, and is suitable for
use with stainless steel domestic water systems.

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Whisperline Vertical Stack Water

Source Heat Pumps from Whalen
are an efficient way to provide quiet,
comfortable cooling and heating to
high-rise multi-floor buildings. All new
unit controls, increased serviceability
and reduced sound levels make the
Whisperline Vertical Stack from Whalen
even more reliable and user friendly.

TS Motor Mounts
Triangle Manufacturing

Model B480 Stainless Steel

Butterfly Valves
Tyco Mechanical Products

Variable Frequency Drive

WEG Electric Corp / BOOTH 5042
WEG, a supplier of drive technology and automation
solutions, has enhanced the line of variable frequency
drives for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and
refrigeration. The CFW701 was designed with the
features and functions required for HVAC systems, with
the same reliability, robustness and energy-efficient
control known in WEGs industrial lines. WEG now brings
this technology to hospitals, airports, office buildings,
hotels, shopping centers or other similar facilities.
MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial

Limitrol+ Floating Head Pressure Control System

Trenton Refrigeration

Leak Detector
ULVAC Technologies, Inc. / BOOTH 5584
The new HELiOT 900 leak detector has high pumping
speed to find small helium leaks faster. It also works with
hydrogen. An auto valve inlet gives this very productive
leak detector high sensitivity, while the 7 Android
controller makes it as easy to use as a smart phone.

CFW701 Variable
Frequency Drive
WEG Electric Corp

MARKETS: Industrial



A I R - C O N D I T I O N I N G & R E F R I G E R AT I O N E Q U I P M E N T, S Y S T E M S , C O M P O N E N T S & P R O D U C T S

Portable Air Conditioner

Gas Heat Pump

Variable Frequency Drive

Cushioned Clamp

Weltem Co., Ltd. / BOOTH 5872

YANMAR America Corporation

Yaskawa America, Inc. / BOOTH 1814

ZSI Foster / BOOTH 4089

Yaskawas next generation Z1000U HVAC Matrix drive

brings a synergy of innovation and green technology to
the forefront of building automation. With the advanced
simplicity of a direct AC to AC design, the Z1000U
HVAC Matrix delivers harmonic performance, network
compatibility, outstanding reliability, reduced overall
footprint, improved efficiency and a lower cost
of ownership.

The Cush-A-Nator cushion is manufactured in the

United States and made from a new incredibly durable
thermoplastic rubber that resists high heat and provides
longer life against vibration fatigue. The Cush-A-Nator
is made from a proprietary thermoplastic vulcanized
material cross-linked with high performance rubber
and thermoplastic elastomers, which produces a high
operating temperature range.

MARKETS: Commercial,
Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

The Weltem Portable air conditioner features spot

cooling for large areas where cooling of the entire area
is not practical, such as in a factory, open area, etc. It
also provides a room cooling function for closed areas to
control the temperature of the area.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

Westric / BOOTH 1180
Westrics Wall Mounted AM Series fulfills all precision
cooling needs. Manufactured with state of the
art components ensures year-long use. Specially
designed units are suited for electrical cabinets,
switch cabinets and telecom shelters, where
continuous operation is required.

BOOTH 2291
YANMARs Gas Heat Pump (GHP) Variable Refrigerant
Flow (VRF) air-conditioning units provide high efficiency
heating and cooling for commercial buildings. By using
natural gas and reversible air-source technology, these
world-class engines deliver low running costs, reduced
CO2 emissions and use minimal electricity.

Heat Pump
YANMAR America

Matrix Drive
Yaskawa America, Inc.

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

H E AT I N G E Q U I P M E N T ( B O I L E R S , B U R N E R S , E XC H A N G E R S , E TC . )

Condensing Boiler

MFC Hydronic Boiler


Control Ball Valves

Advanced Thermal Hydronics-A Mestek

Co. / BOOTH 3229

AERCO International, Inc. / BOOTH 3417

AquaMotion Inc. / BOOTH 5738

AERCOs Multi-Fuel Condensing (MFC) Hydronic

Boiler has the capability to fire on #2 fuel oil as back-up,
making it ideal for the healthcare market, military bases,
emergency shelters, industrial operations and other
projects. The series is available in six models from threeten million BTU/hr capacities.

AquaMotion introduces its new series of patented

higher head and flow Eco friendly pumps with flushable,
replaceable cartridge. Now, AquaMotion offers a
complete line of residential and commercial pumps
designed for long life
and recycling and with
high efficiency. They are
available in cast iron and
stainless steel, as well as
120 and 230 volts.

Bray Commercial, Division of Bray

International / BOOTH 5097

The KN-Series condensing boilers are engineered

using a high mass, durable and resilient cast iron heat
exchanger. Able to hold valuable latent heat longer than
traditional materials used in other condensing boilers,
cast iron provides superior longevity and reliability,
while increasing the cost effectiveness of installation,
maintenance and energy consumption. Features
include 5x more wall thickness than stainless steel and
aluminum, accepts 10:1 range of water flows (Variable
Volume Systems), 100 PSI maximum working pressure
and HeatNet integrated cascade control platform with
easy to program touchscreen panel.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential,
Commercial, Institutional

Photo B2
Multi-Fuel Condensing (MFC) Hydronic Boiler
AERCO International, Inc.

Heat Exchangers
AIC Heat Exchangers / BOOTH 5035

KN-Series Condensing Boiler

Advanced Thermal Hydronics-A Mestek Co.

Developed for flexibility, JAD Heat Exchangers can

be an integral component of any sophisticated heat
recovery system, while just as suitable for every day
use. One of the most characteristic features of the JAD
family is the closely packed, circular layers of helically,
corrugated tubes that constitute the tube bundle.
Each layer is positioned in the opposite direction to
the surrounding layer, resulting in an overall criss-cross
pattern. The effect is a high heat transfer surface area
within a compact space. Additionally, the inherent
spring-like characteristics of the coiled tube bundle
enable these heat exchangers to withstand high
temperature differentials. The JAD angular connections
accommodate smooth, gradual flow entrances and exits.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial



Axiom Industries Ltd. / BOOTH 3187
The Puropal disposable cartridges are ideal for
demineralizing fill water for closed hydronic systems.
The quality of water, especially when mixed with
antifreeze (glycol), can have an impact on system
performance. Marginal water quality can lead to
scaling, sediment deposits, accumulation of sludge
and increased corrosion rates.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

Puropal-300 Demineralizer
Axiom Industries Ltd.

Brays new BV and BVM Industrial Ball Valves have

carbon steel bodies, stainless steel balls and stems and
advanced packing materials. These valves are ideally
suited for high temperature and high pressure water or
steam applications. The BV series is threaded up to 4
and the flanged BVM is available from 2-1/2 up to 12.
Industrial Control
Ball Valves
Bray Commercial,
Division of Bray

Magnetic Dirt Separator

Caleffi Hydronic Solutions / BOOTH 1857
The ASME registered flanged DIRTMAG provides 2-1/2
times the magnetic particle removal performance of
standard dirt separators with 100% elimination efficiency.
DIRTMAG separators remove
ferrous and non-ferrous impurities
continuously. Magnetic particles are
captured by a magnetic field created
by neodymium rare-earth magnets
inside a brass dry-well below the flow
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional,
DIRTMAG Dirt Separator
Caleffi Hydronic Solutions

H E AT I N G E Q U I P M E N T ( B O I L E R S , B U R N E R S , E XC H A N G E R S , E TC . )

Polypropylene Vent Piping

Gas-Air System

Brass Forged Parts

Boiler Controller

Centrotherm Eco Systems / BOOTH 3687

ebm-papst Inc. / BOOTH 4629

FIMA srl Brass Forging / BOOTH 4862

IBC Technologies Inc. / BOOTH 4272

Centrotherms InnoFlue product lines are the only

UL-1738 listed plastic vents in North America. InnoFlue
offers diameters in 2-12 single wall residential, single
wall commercial, and 2-4 Flex and Concentric lines.
The vent itself fits together without any primers or glues
for optimal results and 75% faster installs than PVC and
CPVC. It is 100% recyclable, LEED compliant and has
a 10 year limited warranty. Furthermore, InnoFlue has
a large list of OEM approvals for boilers, furnaces and
water heaters.

Developed for high efficiency gas-fired boilers rated

up to 35kW (120,000 BTU/H), the NRV77 includes a
modulating premix gas blower, air-gas venturi and zerogovernor gas valve. All three components are designed,
manufactured and pre-assembled at their factory to
provide a measured air-fuel mixture to the burner.

FIMA srl Brass Forging produces valves and fittings

based on customers drawings.

IBC Technologies Inc. offers a new IBC V-10 touchscreen

boiler controller, with express set up, remote monitoring
and diagnostics, easy USB programmability and true
native BACnet. It has an intuitive alert system and easy
homeowner DHW temp adjust.

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential

Colmac WaterHeat / BOOTH 2531

The Colmac WaterHeat HPW Series water source
heat pumps offer commercial and industrial users of
potable hot water and energy efficient means of heating
water to temperatures as high as 160F, by utilizing the
refrigeration cycle to deposit heat into potable water.
This makes the WaterHeat HPW an efficient means of
heating water in a single pass.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional

Polypropylene Vent System

This UL S636 vent system for type BH gas venting
is long lasting, lightweight and easy to install. ECCO
Polypropylene Vent is resistant to aggressive
condensed water, reducing contaminant pollution
of the boiler.

Gravity Wall Furnace

MARKETS: Residential,
Commercial, Institutional

Gravity Wall Furnace

Cozy Heating Systems LLC

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

High Efficiency Water Heater

Ilios Dynamics / BOOTH 2510
Ilios offers the gas-engine driven heat pump to allow
an intelligent choice between water and air as the
evaporator source. The machine can be programmed to
intelligently chose the source based upon demand for
cooling, source temperatures and on the cost of energy
(natural gas and electricity), offering great cost savings.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Rotary Wheel Exchanger

Duct Heater
Eichenauer Inc. / BOOTH 3664


Duct Heaters

Cozy Heating Systems LLC / BOOTH 3459

Cozy Gravity Wall Furnaces
can mount on inside or
outside walls, providing both
circulated and radiant heat
in an economical package.
Available in single or dual
wall models, each fits
between any standard 16
center stud space. They are
available in 25,000, 35,000
and 50,000 BTUs.

Turbulators are specifically designed to improve the

inside heat transfer coefficient in firetube boilers,
cast iron sectional boilers and shell and tube heat
exchangers. Available in a variety of configurations to
fit most any tube size, their turbulators help to create
and maintain turbulent flow on the tube side of the heat

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Eichenauer offers in stock shipping of duct heaters

featuring Eichenauers Zig Zag heater technology. They
feature enhanced heat transfer, low pressure drop,
dynamic heating behavior with quick heat up and cool
down, higher power outputs possible vs conventional
round wire, enhanced efficiency, lower watt densities for
long life and no brittle ceramics.

HPW Series Water Source

Heat Pump
Colmac WaterHeat

Fuel Efficiency LLC / BOOTH 4097

ECCO Manufacturing / BOOTH 3787

Heat Pump Water Heater

MARKETS: Residential

System Filter
Fernox / BOOTH 1562
The TF1 Delta Filter is a high performance 2 brass and
nickel-coated light commercial filter. It optimises system
performance and protects
against system breakdown,
has triple action: magnetic,
hydrocyclonic and air
separation, is fast and simple
to install and maintain and
makes servicing the system
easier, with minimum
system downtime.
MARKETS: Residential,
Fernox TF1 Delta Filter

Heatex America / BOOTH 5324

Model E is a unique rotary air-to-air heat exchanger,
primarily designed for comfort ventilation applications.
Model E offers an exceptional efficiency and
performance, thanks to its extremely compact casing
and completely new matrix geometry. A new sealing
solution reduces leakage significantly compared to
sealing systems in conventional rotary heat exchangers.

HEWH-500-MS Water Heater

Ilios Dynamics

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional

Closed Loop System

High Efficiency Boiler
HTP Inc / BOOTH 1657
The UFT is HTPs medium mass high efficiency boiler.
This advanced modulating gas condensing boiler has
a 316L stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger with a
95% AFUE rating. It is
equipped with a state of
the art gas leak detector
and has ultra-low NOx
emissions, making the
UFT eco-friendly.

Karl Dungs, Inc / BOOTH 5214

The Dungs Dynamic Combustion (DDC) system
provides a closed loop solution for optimum combustion
in premix systems. Incorporating the Dungs MBC gas
control, a modulating shutter, O2 sensor and a custom
PCB board, the DDC can provide increased efficiency
and reliability, while reducing emissions in high efficiency
heating systems.
MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential

UFT Boiler

Dungs Dynamic
Karl Dungs, Inc

Boiler Option
Hurst Boiler & Welding Co., Inc.
BOOTH 5014
The internal stack economizer is a factory-optional
device designed to increase the operating efficiency of
a boiler. Integrated directly into the boiler, it functions as
a waste heat recovery device, ensuring utilization of all
available heat. The option is available on all Hurst Scotch
Marine, Euro and Heat Recovery boiler models.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Hurst Boiler & Welding Co., Inc.



H E AT I N G E Q U I P M E N T ( B O I L E R S , B U R N E R S , E XC H A N G E R S , E TC . )

Line Voltage Thermostats

Wall-hung Boiler

King Electrical Manufacturing Co.

Marathon International / BOOTH 3842

BOOTH 1787
Kings Atmos Bluetooth enabled thermostat combines
the latest in Bluetooth technology with a sleek modern
design, offering user control. Its highly accurate sensing
technology saves up to 15% on heating costs. This
feature achieves higher comfort levels with reduced
temperature swings as compared to economy models.
With its simple, intuitive Iphone and Android App
interface, you can control all thermostats in your
home with ease.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional

Marathon International offers a high efficiency wallhung boiler. Available in combi or heating-only, it sets
up automatically and is
continuously self-calibrating
for optimal efficiency. The
boiler is gas-adaptive with
multiple built-in safety
components and is a proven
saver of living space, fuel use
and utility costs.

Kospel SA / BOOTH 3896

The NextGen Boiler is a hydronic appliance that allows
for consistent, professional installation for radiant
heating applications. All boiler components are housed
within the unit for an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
MARKETS: Residential

Steam Boilers
Lattner Boiler Manufacturing Co.
BOOTH 4226

Coils, Tube Bundles

Multitherm LLC / BOOTH 4897
Whether its new, retrofit or replacement coils,
MultiTherm Coils can successfully and economically
accommodate a customers heating or cooling
requirements, however exacting they may be. They build
HVAC Coils of all types, Industrial Coils, Tube bundles
and Heat Exchangers. Specializing in quick ship, they are
capable of three, five or 10 days on most custom, new
and replacement coils.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Lattner is showing their steam boiler with a new and

efficient 20ppm low NOx burner. Applications include,
but are not limited to, humidity control, breweries and
MARKETS: Industrial

Lochinvar, LLC / BOOTH 4300

Lochinvars exclusive CON-X-US remote connectivity
platform, now offered on the KNIGHT Boiler family and
the FTXL Fire Tube Boiler, allows most smart devices
to be linked with compatible SMART SYSTEM controls
from around the corner or halfway around the world.
Using a wired or wireless connection, CON-X-US offers
the ability to login to a boiler, monitor its current status
and modify operational settings from a remote location.

Modulating Wall Hung

Condensing Boiler
The Navien Condensing Gas Heating Boiler (NHB) is
now available in 4 sizes: NHB-55, NHB-80, NHB 110 and
NHB-150 with turn-down-ratios respectively of 7:1, 10:1,
11:1, and 15:1. With a 95%
AFUE rating, the NHBs
carry Energy Stars Most
Efficient designation.
MARKETS: Residential,
Commercial, Institutional,


To increase efficiency and reduce NOx emissions,

Polidoro developed an air-gas MIXER able to provide
a modulation, up to 1:10, with the traditional systems/
pneumatic valves. The commercial size (inputs up to
1,5MBtu) will be shortly available. Polidoro manufactures
all kinds of PREMIX burners: tubular, flat, steel or metal
fibre ones.

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

and High
USA, Inc

Powerhouse Equipment / BOOTH 5664
Powerhouse Equipment offers boilers that are
completely enclosed and an easily transportable solution
for steam and hot water applications. They feature
800HP, 27,600 PPH, 250 PSIG and 33,500,000 BTU.

Steam Condensate
Return Station
Roth Pump Co. / BOOTH 3526
Roth 212F (100C) Steam
Condensate Return Stations
are designed to handle water
near or at the boiling point.
Low NPSH submerged
pumps provide full capacity
at any liquid temperature
up to 212F (100C). These
units will deliver hot water
at temperatures up to 212F
(100C) and will not vapor
bind at 212F (100C).
MARKETS: Commercial,
Institutional, Industrial
212F Steam Condensate Return Station
Roth Pump Co.

Powermaster Boiler / BOOTH 1884
Powerhouse Boiler offers a high or low pressure steam
boiler and a three pass wet-back and packaged boiler.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial


Heat Exchangers
SPX Flow, Inc. / BOOTH 2936
SPX offers one of the widest ParaFlow plate portfolios
in the market, offering solutions for almost any HVAC
application. Benefits include competitive frame range
prices, compact design, superior heat transfer efficiency,
glue-free gaskets and being easy to clean.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Firetube Boiler
Oilon US Inc. / BOOTH 4391

RBI Water Heaters A Mestek Co

BOOTH 3229

Oilon introduces a new hybrid burner, also known

as the Stream. The Stream comes standard with a
separate industrial quality (pre-wired by choice) control
cabinet. Using the latest technology, the Stream uses
WiseDrive100/200 to achieve the best air/fuel ratio for
combustion. Low NOx heads and FGR are also available
to meet your emission needs.

Flexcore Symmetrical Firetube boilers bring hydronic

heating products to high levels of operating efficiency.
From start to finish, Flexcore was designed, developed
and engineered and built for performance and longevity.
Flexcore combines full modulation and HeatNet 3.0
integrated controls with a perfectly temperature
balanced adaptive heat exchanger that provides high
efficiencies and durability.

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Stream Burner
Oilon US Inc.


Maintain business operations and peace of mind

with Rinnais C199 Commercial Condensing Tankless
Water Heaters. C199 models feature a heat exchanger
designed for the demands of businesses. The Energy
Star certified C199 comes standard on Rinnais Tankless
Rack and Wall Mounted System. New room air common
venting options streamline installations.

NHB Series Boiler

Navien, Inc.

MARKETS: Residential,
Lochinvar, LLC

Polidoro USA, Inc / BOOTH 5335

Rinnai Corporation / BOOTH 1642

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Navien, Inc. / BOOTH 1648

Boiler Remote
Connectivity Platform

Tankless Water Heater

MARKETS: Residential,
Commercial, Industrial
Baxi Luna Duo-Tec Boiler
Marathon International

Electric Boiler

PREMIX Burners and High

Modulation Mixer

SPX Flow ParaFlow Gasketed Heat Exchangers

SPX Flow, Inc.

H E AT I N G E Q U I P M E N T ( B O I L E R S , B U R N E R S , E XC H A N G E R S , E TC . )

Unit Heater

Room Heater

Plate Heat Exchangers

Brass Valves

Sterling HVAC-A Mestek Co / BOOTH 3229

Toyotomi USA, Inc. / BOOTH 1750

VAU Thermotech GmbH & Co. KG

Webstone Company, Inc. / BOOTH 3482

Xcelon UH brings condensing heat exchanger

technology to Sterling HVACs unit heater product
offering. A durable 316L stainless steel heat exchanger
with 409 stainless steel combustion tubes brings
performance efficiencies of up to 96% with single-stage,
two-stage or full modulation firing rates. Nexus unit
heaters will be available in 7 sizes (100 400MBH) in
both natural gas and LP gas for application flexibility. All
units are also field convertible to separated combustion.

3000-20200 BTU/H heats an area of 300 to 1000 sq.

ft. Internal thermostat control circuitry communicates
to Zone valve or boiler controller which is an exclusive
feature. Complements todays highest efficiency,
aquastatic controlled boilers.
Heat Convector
Model HC-20
USA, Inc.

Nexus Unit Heater
Sterling HVAC-A
Mestek Co

Boiler Gauge Fixture Set

United Brass Works, Inc. / BOOTH 1389

Gas Fired Infrared

Heating Equipment
Superior Radiant Products Ltd.
BOOTH 3153
The newest hybrid infrared heating system is a
genuine success story. This is the simple but ingenious
combination: TRIGOMAX + SRP unitary heater = highefficiency condensing system. With up to 98% thermal
efficiency, the hybrid system provides 50% energy
savings and carbon dioxide reduction.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

The model 34041 high pressure

gauge fixture set with ball checks
is ASME Compliant per B31.1 and
Section One, PG 60 Appendix A18
of the ASME Boiler Code. The set
features an offset design with union
bonnets and blow-out proof stems.
The union tail pieces incorporate a
1/8 adjustment to aid in alignment.
MARKETS: Commercial,
Institutional, Industrial

BOOTH 3989
Vau Thermotech offers fully welded PHEs with unique
plate pattern, flexible custom design and ASME, PED,
EN, AD 2000. The Hybrid features up to 1112 oF and
870 barg and combines all advantages of Plate and S&T
heat exchangers. The Bloc features up to 572 oF and
464 barg. They offer a Solar water heater with integrated
brazed HE to improve efficiency.

Webstone Company Inc offers quality brass valves with

integrated connections for PP-R pipe, compatible for
use with all Aquatherm PP-R piping systems. The line
includes ball valves, Isolator, Isolator w/ Multi-Function
Drain and the Pro-Pal Ball Drain. Manufactured with
Lead Free CleanBrass, certified to NSF/ANSI 61 & 372,
nominal sizes 1/2-2 and guaranteed for life.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Victaulic / BOOTH 4214
Victaulic introduces the first grooved mechanical pipe
joint designed for use on commercial and industrial
steam applications. Available in 2-8/50-200 mm sizes,
the Style 870 Rigid Coupling is part of a complete
system that eliminates the need to weld, thread or flange
steam systems up to 150 psi/1034 kPa/10 bar.
MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial

Style 870 Rigid


PP-R Pro Valves
Company, Inc.

Package Burner
Zeeco, Inc. / BOOTH 2391
Zeeco introduces new packaged burners specifically
designed for firetube and watertube boilers. As their
standard, the GLSF Free-Jet burner offers high
turndown, low excess air, dual fuel capability, 30ppm
NOx without FGR and 9ppm with FGR.
MARKETS: Residential,
Commercial, Institutional,
GLSF Free-Jet
Ultra-Low NOx
Package Burner
Zeeco, Inc.

34041 Gauge Fixture Set

United Brass Works, Inc.

V E N T I L AT I O N E Q U I P M E N T ( FA N S , B LOW E R S , V E N TS , D I F F U S E R S , E TC . )

Air Curtain

Combination Louver/Damper

Tube Axial Flow Fan

Fresh Air Machine

2VV s.r.o / BOOTH 5198

Air Conditioning Products Company

(ACP) / BOOTH 3299

Air Flow Pvt. Ltd. / BOOTH 5957

Air King / BOOTH 5294

AIR FLOW offers a range of UL listed and AMCA

Certified Tube Axial Fans for safe smoke and heat
extraction in diverse application, including warehouse,
multi-story shopping malls office, multi occupancy
housing/apartment block to special need environments,
such as enclosed or underground car park, etc. Features
include smoke and exhaust extraction for 250C/120
Mins, 300C/120 Mins, 400C/30 Mins and is AMCA
Certified for Air & Sound Performance (FEG Grade).

The QuFresh Air Machine (QFAM) offers homebuilders

and developers a cost effective mechanical ventilation
solution that helps with humidity and temperature.
The QFAM features an independently powered and
controlled 120 volt ENERGY STAR fan that operates
separately of air conditioning and heating units. This
machine requires little to no maintenance.

The INDESSE air curtain

represents the latest model
in 2VVs array of air curtains.
Building on its success with
earlier models, the new
INDESSE features a straw
system grill which allows
for greater air control, longer
air distance, larger area
coverage and lower noise.
It installs either vertically
or horizontally.

The Model ACL offers superior resistance to rain,

while also offering you the ability to completely close
the opening off. The channel frame is four deep with
drainable 45 degree fixed blades in the front, with
adjustable blades with seals for tight shutoff in the back,
all within one frame.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Energy Recovery Ventilator

MARKETS: Commercial,
Institutional, Industrial
2VV s.r.o

MARKETS: Residential

Airia Brands Inc. - Lifebreath

BOOTH 4457

Tube Axial
Flow Fan
Air Flow Pvt. Ltd.

Airia Brands Inc. welcomes the 30 ERV to the Lifebreath

product line. The super compact design easily fits into
closets, cupboards or wherever space is limited. The
two speed unit with selectable high speed and top port
ducting has typical airflows of 32-64cfm @ 0.3w.g.
MARKETS: Residential



V E N T I L AT I O N E Q U I P M E N T ( FA N S , B LOW E R S , V E N TS , D I F F U S E R S , E TC . )

Energy Recovery Wheel

Ceiling Fan

Fabric Air Duct System

Airxchange, Inc / BOOTH 3225

Big Ass Solutions / BOOTH 2057

Airxchange is introducing Expanded Capacity Energy

Recovery Wheels, augmenting their robust product
line. The new range of sizes offers airflow capacity from
15,000 to 60,000 CFM. The largest of the new Energy
Recovery Wheels, the ERC-156, can provide more than
150 tons of cooling at AHRI test conditions.

The Haiku Ceiling Fan is the latest from Big Ass

Solutions family of residential ceiling fans. The Haiku
Ceiling Fan tops Energy Stars efficiency rankings and is
winner of 49 design and technology awards.

Durkee America Inc. (NanoSox Fabric

Ducts) / BOOTH 1429

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Haiku Ceiling Fan

Big Ass Solutions

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Air Handling Unit

Chinafore Co., Ltd / BOOTH 2566

Expanded Capacity Energy Recovery Wheel

Airxchange, Inc.

DurkeeSox fabric air duct system is an end air dispersion

system. It replaces traditional ductwork, insulation,
diffusers and air valves, with more even airflow, better
energy efficiency, lower cost and easier installation and
maintenance. DurkeeSox provides a newer generation
product with optimized performance, value and support.

Being light and handy, Chinafore Co., Ltds single room

air handling unit brings you nature and cozy indoor
atmosphere. It continuously brings fresh outside air in
and exhausts indoor polluted air out. 90% heat recovery
efficiency highlights its essence in environmental
protection. The excellent performance makes the room
filled with fresh and clean air.
MARKETS: Residential

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

SkeleCore Pull-Tight Retention System

DuctSox Corporation

Fabric Ductwork
DuctSox Corporation / BOOTH 5217
SkeleCore Pull-Tight is a suspension/fabric retention
system for DuctSox fabric ductwork. It utilizes internal
hoops and tensioning baskets to maintain fabric shape.
Pull-Tight is suspended from either a Cable or Track
and is tensioned externally utilizing a tension lock to
lock it in place. It improves start-up performance and

Air Curtains
GuangZhou The Third Electrical
Equipment Factory Co., Ltd. / BOOTH 2565
The centrifugal structure of these air curtains ensures
high air velocity, and the classic aesthetically pleasing
design is suitable for most commercial application.
They feature powder-coded Aluminum case with
plastic blowers.
MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Power Roof Ventilator

American Coolair Corp. ILG Industries

Electric Clothes Dryer

Lint Trap

BOOTH 3434
The all-new Motor Outside Kit transforms the JBC
upblast power roof ventilator into a more versatile and
practical roof-mount unit than ever before. Mounting
the motor outside of the airstream allows ultimate ease
of access for simple maintenance, while the addition of
a belt/bearing tube protects key components in various
hazardous environments.
MARKETS: Commercial,
Institutional, Industrial
Roof Ventilator
American Coolair
Corp. ILG Industries

Dundas Jafine Inc. / BOOTH 3050

Flexible Duct
Lambro Venting Products Inc.


This product acts as a secondary lint trap for your

electric clothes dryer and is not intended for use
with gas dryers. It helps to
eliminate excess lint within
the duct and reduces the
risk of a dryer fire occurring.

Dayus Register & Grille Inc. / BOOTH 3724

MARKETS: Residential

Dayus now offers additional options for No Flange Bar

Linears. The new series of grilles can be drywalled over,
mudded in or even fastened into a standard opening.
Clean mitre corners and extruded blades offer a stylish
appearance. It is available with or without removable core.

ProClean Dryer Duct

Lint Trap
Dundas Jafine, Inc.

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial

Kitchen Exhaust Grease Duct

Air Handling Unit

Chinafore Co., Ltd

Utility Panels
American Gas Safety / BOOTH 1079
American Gas Safety will be showing their range of utility
panels that are available to control gas only, gas and
bench electrics or gas, electrics and water. All systems
are easy to install, are available from stock and have a
three year warranty.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial
Merlin SW Plus
Utility Panels
American Gas

No Flange Bar
Linears (DABLJ,
Dayus Register &
Grille Inc.

Suspension System


BOOTH 3589
Lambro Venting Products Inc. offers flexible duct for
commercial and residential applications. Design, comfort
and innovation make Lambro venting products a trusted
manufacturer in Canada.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

DuraSystems Barriers Inc. / BOOTH 2761

DuraDuct KEX is a large 2-hour kitchen exhaust duct.
It is a zero clearance to combustibles system with a
versatile rectangular footprint. DuraDuct SED is the
single wall grease duct version. Both assemblies are
completely pre-fabricated, thereby eliminating the
need for any field welding.

Venting for Condensing

M&G DuraVent / BOOTH 2467
FasNSeal 80/90 is a unique, patent pending system
that exhausts 90+ condensing appliances with Type B
atmospheric units within the same vent.
MARKETS: Commercial

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

DobyCleats Ltd. / BOOTH 3996

DobyGrip, the Wire Suspension System from Doby
Verrolec, the UKs Ductwork accessory manufacturer,
is now available in the US. Available in three sizes for
suspending up to 220lbs, it is supplied with either wire
reels or wire kits. DobyGrip is easy to use, can be height
adjusted and is now SMACNA approved.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial


FM-3509L-Y-V6 Air Curtain

GuangZhou The Third Electrical Equipment Factory Co., Ltd.

DuraDuct KEX/SED Kitchen

Exhaust Duct
DuraSystems Barriers Inc.

V E N T I L AT I O N E Q U I P M E N T ( FA N S , B LOW E R S , V E N TS , D I F F U S E R S , E TC . )

Flexible Connection

Backward Curved Fan

Intake Air Fans

Centrifigal Fan

Modular Framing Systems, Inc

Rosenberg USA, Inc. / BOOTH 4849

Sicflux/Sictell / BOOTH 1377


Modular Framing Systems offers an assembled flexible

connection made to order. It is for use in joining fan to
wall, unit to wall and duct to duct. It has been upgraded
to include a collar for easy attachment to fan housings
that do not have a built in connection flange. Virtually
any size is available with short lead times.

Rosenberg s new high-efficiency B-Wheel backward

curved impeller Spider Module features a smaller
motor mounting plate and thinner support legs, for
use in restrictive environments, and 180 discharge
applications, such as data center cooling, HVAC, medical
systems, power suppliers, air filtration, fan coils and wind
or solar energy generation.

Sicflux/Sictell offers an intake air solution which is

compact, cheap and efficient. Using the MAXX fan with
ION and the ABS plastic filter box FILBOX, its possible to
filter the intake air to the building.

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

ZIEHL-ABEGG presents a new centrifugal fan that sets

new records in air flow and compact design. The new
ZAvblue impeller is up to 20% more efficient than other
standard products in the market. The bionic design of
the new development requires significantly less space
in the customer device. Equipment designers can now
generate the current airflow with impellers that are one
size smaller.

BOOTH 5029

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial

MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial

UL Fire-Rated Ventilation Duct

Zone Controls

Selkirk Corporation / BOOTH 3326

Flex 45/45 Flange
Modular Framing
Systems, Inc

Fume Extractor

Introducing a patent pending all inclusive, UL classified,

two hour rated ventilation duct assembly (with or
without integral sub duct). Great for general common
exhaust ducting in multi-story tenant buildings in
applications such as clothes dryers, bathroom fans and
domestic range hoods. Robust round aesthetic design
and consistent factory production create optimum
safety and performance.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Movex Inc. / BOOTH 2919

The newly designed Movex ME fume extractor with
reduced-angle elbow joints boasts a 50% lower pressure
drop over prior models, thus simultaneously reducing
noise levels. The more energy efficient Movex ME model
allows for multi-system integration without over taxing
cfm demand.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Corrosion Resistant
Plastec Ventilation, Inc. / BOOTH 2738
Plastec Ventilation, Inc. offers blowers and fans made of
polypropylene for corrosion air exhaust. They are used
in many applications and industries where protecting
people, equipment and facilities are required. They are
designed specifically for these applications and have
provided experienced installed systems worldwide
for over 40 years. Many supporting accessories are
available with new models and enhancements for 2015.

Selkirk Model Z3
Ventilation Duct
Selkirk Corporation



Duct for Underground

Spunstrand Inc. / BOOTH 4289

Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc.

BOOTH 2550
E-Z Flange by Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc. creates a
virtually no leakage connection and assembles with ease
utilizing our proprietary barrel clamp. E-Z Flange will save
you time and money on your next spiral pipe project.

Triateks Venturi Valve Upgrade Kit is designed to

upgrade previously installed legacy Venturi air valves to
digital systems with state-of-the-art controls, without
having to remove the valve from the duct work. Their kit
works with competitors valves and is much more cost
effective than a total laboratory renovation.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Williams Comfort Products / BOOTH 2482

PRIHODA Fabric Duct / BOOTH 5731

SquAireTex swirl has been developed by Prihoda as
a fabric alternative to a traditional swirl diffuser. The
construction is based on unique fabric pockets and
perforation technologies for directing airflows. Key
benefits in comparison with regular swirl diffusers
include airflow better sticking to the ceiling, simple
installation, price and attractive design available in nine

E-Z Flange
Sheet Metal
Connectors, Inc.

By-Pass Eliminator

Triatek / BOOTH 1347

Air Curtains

Fabric Ducting and Diffuser

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

BPE Control eliminates the need for a separate by-pass

by bleeding excess into closed zones based on the static
pressure in the duct system. BPE measures static and
can be adjusted to maintain a set pressure range with
simple LCD menu and adjustment. It can be used on
systems up to four zones.

Spunstrand Inc. offers FRP reinforced plastic insulated

and non-insulated watertight ductwork for underground
applications. It possesses superior corrosion resistance
to acidic/basic soils compared with filled resin systems
and now has five different ICC listed and code approved
insulation values that are tested and approved based on
third party ASTM C518 testing.

Venturi Valve
Duct Flange


Max Tech air curtains are the ideal commercial/lightindustrial solution, featuring an aesthetically pleasing,
low-sound design, but high CFM to maximize protection
in difficult environments. Perfect for commercial,
customer-facing environments, in widths from 3 to 12
and up to a 12 opening height.



MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional

Max Tech
Williams Comfort Products




Fixed & Portable Gas

Bacharach, Inc. / BOOTH 4435
Bacharachs advanced MGS-550 Gas Detector can
utilize any combination of sensor technologies, including
electrochemical, semiconductor (MOS), catalytic bead
or infrared, in a single platform. It also features one or
two sensor configurations with remote sensor options to
detect refrigerant or toxic gas leaks. It has standalone or
BMS control system capability, and IP66 or explosionproof housings are available with non-intrusive
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Scroll Compressor
Soft Starter
Carlo Gavazzi Inc. / BOOTH 1059
1- and 3-Phase Soft Starts feature an auto-adaptive
algorithm and control/integrated bypass relays, which
start HVAC scroll compressors rated up to 75Hp
(95AAC). They reduce starting current by up to 50%,
thus increasing compressor efficiency by 10 to 15% and
eliminating light flickering, reducing voltage disturbances
and increasing compressor lifetime.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Gas Detector Controller

Integrated Control Solution

Refrigerant Monitor

Critical Environment Technologies

Canada Inc. / BOOTH 1237

Fenwal Controls / BOOTH 4838

Genesis International, Inc. / BOOTH 1350

Fenwals PIM control is an integrated control solution

combining gas ignition with modulation, temperature
control, high-limit and system functionality in a
configurable, scalable control and central wiring point.
The PIM provides continuous combustion control,
precisely matching heat input to changing loads for
efficiency, and maximizing performance in applications
such as boilers, water heaters, commercial cooking,
HVAC and process equipment.

The Sherlock Infrared Sensor will detect refrigerants

in enclosed spaces. It is factory calibrated to specific
refrigerants and mounted where refrigerants will
concentrate so will eliminate
many false alarms. The IR
Sensor can be a signal source
for a Sherlock Refrigerant
Monitor, Wizard Evaporator
Control or input for an EMS.

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Commercial,
Institutional, Industrial

Flame Safeguard Control

Sherlock Infrared Sensor

Genesis International, Inc.

The QCC is a field programmable controller that offers

four gas channel inputs from digital and/or analog gas
detector transmitters for monitoring toxic, combustible
and refrigerant gases in the HVACR industry. The ability
to customize the configurations in the field to meet your
specific application needs is what sets this controller
apart from the others.
QCC Quad Channel Controller
Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc.

Power Meter
DENT Instruments / BOOTH 1264
DENTs PowerScout 24 networked submeters provide
accurate consumption data over BACnet or Modbus to
gain the upper hand on electrical costs. Capture kWh/
kW energy, demand data and virtually all relevant energy
parameters for monitoring three-phase installations. The
PowerScouts flexibility and ease-of-use makes it an ideal
tool for gathering detailed consumption information.
MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial

Fireye Inc. / BOOTH 4438

The Fireye BurnerPRO is a compact microprocessor
based primary flame safeguard control for single burner
commercial heating and process equipment applications
firing oil and gas fuels. BurnerPRO is a low cost, easily
installed and operated control that provides proper
burner sequencing, ignition and continuous flame
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

BurnerPRO, p/n
Fireye Inc.

Flow Meters
Great Plains Industries, Inc. / BOOTH 1068
TM Water Meters are accurate, economical and
designed to last. Choose TM Water Meters for water
processing and irrigation applications. The TM Series
Water Meters meet Schedule 80 PVC specifications and
come standard with thh low-profile display. Meters come
in seven sizes with three fitting types, offering flowrates
from 1 to 800 gallons per minute.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Handheld Test Equipment

Dwyer Instruments / BOOTH 1617
RSB Series Scroll Compressor Soft Starts
Carlo Gavazzi Inc.

Leak Test Instruments

and Systems
Cincinnati Test Systems Inc.
BOOTH 3092
The Sentinel Blackbelt Pro is our next generation of
multi-test, multi-port, multi-channel test instrumentation.
It manages and simultaneously executes four part
tests, at different stations, and all under the control of
one Blackbelt Pro instrument. The Blackbelt Pro sets
the bar for productivity, flexibility and communication.
It provides leak, flow, pressure and vacuum testing in
one instrument with simultaneous or sequential test
MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial

BlackBelt Pro Test Instrumentation

Cincinnati Test Systems Inc.



The UHH2 Universal Handheld Test Instrument is

primarily used for building commissioning and balancing.
The rugged IP68 Android based UHH2 pairs with
Dwyers wireless probes/modules to display and log
measurements of differential pressure, air velocity,
volumetric air flow, temperature,
humidity, dew point and wet
bulb temperatures.
MARKETS: Residential,
Commercial, Institutional,
Model UHH2 Universal
Handheld Test Instrument
Dwyer Instruments

Gaupu Automation Control Co., Ltd.
BOOTH 1314

TM Series Water Meters

Great Plains Industries, Inc.

GM6-HP WiFi thermostat is used in single stage/

multistage cooling, heating and heat pump system, with
a 4.3 inch screen display. It adopts the wear-resisting
toughened glass design and capacitance touch button.
With various control modes, such as time period/
hold/travel mode, it embodies the comfort and energy

Smart Thermostat

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional

Portable Emissions Analyzer

IVAR US Inc. / BOOTH 3264

The CUBODOMO Thermostat delivers smart remote
control of the heating system with energy savings of up
to 40%. It can work with radiator systems and radiant
heating systems. The temperature sensor replaces the
old chronothermostat. It measures the temperature in
each room and uses a relay to turn the boiler on or off
and open or close a zone valve when necessary.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional

ECOM America Ltd. / BOOTH 5124

ECOM America presents the ecom-D Portable
Emissions Analyzer. The Ds modular design allows it to
be configured to your individual needs. Up to 6 sensors,
including IR technology, provide you with even more
flexibility. To increase your billable hours and decrease
time spent entering customer data or reporting, the
ecom-D allows for a variety of software options, from
their free Apple and Android based App to their fully
customizable and easy to use e-Comply software. You
can calibrate your analyzer in the field with the ecom-D.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

GM6-HP WiFi Thermostat

Gaupu Automation Control Co., Ltd.

CUBODOMO Thermostat


Graphic Touch Screen

Micro Control Systems, Inc. / BOOTH 4392
The MCS-TOUCH-15.4 is a new touchscreen interface
designed to simplify user access with the MCS-Magnum
and MCS-MicroMag, utilizing MCS-Connect to provide
both graphics and service mode access to technicians.
Information and graphics on the MCS-TOUCH-15.4 are
shown on a 15.4 high resolution (1280x800) LCD display
with LED backlighting, which will guarantee long-life
operation. The MCS-TOUCH-15.4 comes preloaded with
the MCS-CONNECT program, which allows you to view
the units status, history, warnings, alarms, setpoints and
more, all in a user-friendly graphic format.

Humidity and Temperature

Data Logger

Capture Hood

Rotronic Instrument Corp / BOOTH 1311

The TSI-Alnor EBT731 Capture Hood is a modular air

balancing instrument designed to meet demanding
HVAC testing, adjusting, balancing and commissioning
requirements. For ultimate profitability on the jobsite,
bundle with capture hood stand and LogDat Mobile
App for real-time remote-monitoring and logging.

Rotronic, manufacturer of precision measurement

instruments, has a new data logger suitable for a wide
range of applications. The HL1D is an inexpensive data
logger that offers accuracy and reliability. Users who only
need to record temperature should opt for the TL-1D.
The HL-1D is intended for applications where both
temperature and humidity need to be measured.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

HL-1D Data
Instrument Corp

MSA - The Safety Company / BOOTH 1126

MSAs Chillgard VRF offers a safe, reliable solution
to detecting risks associated with refrigerant leaks.
Using Photoacoustic Infrared (PAIR) sensing
technology, the Chillgard VRF operates over time
without adjustment or zero drift, providing a stable
zero baseline, while achieving low levels of detection
at 20 ppm minimum detection.
MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial

Smart Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Noncontact Meters, Inc / BOOTH 3697
Use your smart phone to communicate with the NCMPSMART portable clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meter.
Download the app to your mobile device, program and
monitor flow. This portable non-invasive clamp-on
flowmeter is great to monitor flow on liquid applications
with metal or plastic pipe sizes 2 to 24.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Temperature Sensors
QTI Sensing Solutions / BOOTH 1147
QTIs Refrigeration Temperature Sensor Package
combines three of the companys most popular
sensors, the Snap-In Air Sensor and QTIP68 and
QTSSP waterproof sensors. Both waterproof sensors
were designed for reliability in harsh refrigeration
environments, while the Snap-In Sensor measures
temperature precisely and is easy to install.

AccuTrak VPE Leak Detector

Superior Signal Company LLC

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Superior Signal Company LLC
BOOTH 3844

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Gas Detection

TSI Inc. / BOOTH 3017

Environmental Monitor
Sensaphone / BOOTH 5247
Sentinel PRO monitors up to 12 environmental
conditions. The system monitors, delivers alarms
and datalogs input/output points from third-party
Modbus sensors, transducers and programmable
logic controllers. All Sentinel remote monitoring
systems send alerts via phone, email or text. Data
can be viewed in real time via
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Testing Equipment
Staco Energy Products Co. / BOOTH 1994
Staco Provider Power System (PPS) test sets 0-1000
VAC, up to 3500 kVA. It is a precise variable voltage
power supply for all electrical testing application up to
4000amps. The PPS series provides precise voltage
control for any electrical testing application. They can
be ordered directly through the standard modules or
can be customized to meet your exacting specifications.
They offer a range of testing modules for HVAC, OEMs,
quality control, circuit breaker testing, motor test and
production, white goods, engineering/quality assurance
labs and product life cycle testing.

Superior Signal Company announces the latest version

of their ultrasonic leak detector, the 3rd Generation
AccuTrak VPE. The New VPE offers 20% greater
sensitivity, all-new 3rd generation digital circuitry which
is clearer and quieter to detect smaller leaks and faults
than ever before. The new AccuTrak VPE design also
includes Peak Hold Display feature, Over Range Audio
Alarm, plus an even more rugged and reliable design.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Digital Thermometer
Trerice / BOOTH 2231
Trerice offers the Weatherproof Light-Powered Digital
Thermometer. The TRERICE SX9 Solar-Therm replaces
mercury thermometers in boiler, chiller and other HVAC
applications and now comes standard with a NEMA-4X
case, making it the perfect choice
for outdoor applications. Their
Capsule-Tite sealing technology
insures the electronics stay dry, no
matter what the application.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial,
Institutional, Industrial
SX9 Solar-Therm
Digital Thermometer

TSI-Alnor Model EBT731 Balometer Capture Hood

TSI Inc.



MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Staco Energy
Products Co.

Refrigeration Temperature Sensor Package

(QTIP68, QTSSP, Snap-In Air Sensors)
QTI Sensing Solutions




HVAC Thermostats/Controllers Control Sensor

ABIES Technology, Inc / BOOTH 1274
Abies Technology, Inc. offers B-ASC BTL Certification,
CE Certified and BACnet Thermostat/Humidistats/
dew point controllers/Transmitters, BACnet VAV Box
Controller and WiFi Wall Setter + remote WiFi unitary
controller. Also features on-off, modulating, multi-stage
or floating control options. Included are WiFi Modbus
TCP/IP open protocol communication/IEEE 802.11 b/g
and WiFi compliance: USA FCC /Canada IC/ European
R&TTE Directive Assessed Radio, Module/Australia/New
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

Fume Hood Control System

Accutrol LLC / BOOTH 1154
The Accutrol AVC Fume Hood Control package
simplifies fume hood control systems with an intuitive
user interface. This reduces cost of ownership and
makes everyday operations easier.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional

Motor Control
Advance Controls, Inc. / BOOTH 2574
IBYSS 2.0 is the newest, patented version of ACIs full
isolation VFD Bypass Switch. Utilizing a 4-position
switch, LINE-OFF-DRIVE-TEST, the IBYSS 2.0 adds Early
Break Aux. It contacts to protect a VFD by signaling the
drives processor to start a controlled shutdown should
the switch be activated to OFF or bypass positions
abruptly. The IBYSS 2.0 is available packaged or as an
OEM component.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Automation Components, Inc.

BOOTH 1223
A/WPR-LCD provides accurate wet media pressure
measurements across pumps, filters, chillers, boilers and
compressors. The easy to open NEMA 4x enclosure
reduces installation and reconfiguration time, while the
push-button auto zero function allows for efficient field
calibration. LCD displays both high and low pressures as
well as overall differential pressure. It can be ordered with
NIST Calibration Certificate.
Control Sensor
Components, Inc.

Electric Valve Actuator

Bonomi North America, Inc. / BOOTH 5619
The Bonomi Valbia VB008 features a 4-3/4 long x
2-3/4 wide housing, with 71 n/lbs. of torque. It is ISO
direct mount, F-03/05 pattern, 50% duty cycle, CE
certified, 24 and 110VAC motors and has a 3-ft. cable
connection. A manual override, heater/thermostat and
LED on-light are standard.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

CO2 Controller/Monitor


New NMA Series for indoor spaces can both detect
CO2 levels and get the data of CO2 concentration,
temperature and relative humidity. They can reduce
energy consumption inside buildings. SA-K03 is
designed for greenhouses and controls CO2 ppm as
requested. They can bring you high yield and energy
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Protocol Gateway
Delta Controls Inc / BOOTH 1021

IBYSS 2.0 VFD Bypass

Advance Controls, Inc.

Delta Controls enteliBRIDGE gateway utilizes multiple

protocol drivers to acquire non-BACnet data direct
from building systems, enabling this data to be viewed
on Deltas enteliWEB BACnet workstation for building
analytics and control strategy optimization.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

HVAC Cloud
Monitoring System
Dexen Industries, Inc. / BOOTH 1493
Internet of HVAC Things monitors functioning and
performances of HVAC equipment. It collects and
transmits data to process and analysis in the cloud for
preventive and proactive actions. It improves service
call efficiency, cost saving and real-time safety to endusers, distributors and technicians. Big data provides
patterns and trends in the field to manufacturers for
engineering diagnostics, future products development
and marketing.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Lighting Control Network

Variable Frequency Drive

Fuji Electric Corp. of America
BOOTH 1047
Fuji Electric continues to expand their product offerings
for the HVACR industry. FRENIC HVAC slim line Panel
Assemblies are UL/CUL 508 listed and feature multiple
enclosure structures, including
UL Type 1 /NEMA 1, UL Type
12 /NEMA 12 and UL Type 3R /
NEMA 3R with embedded DC
Link Choke and RFI Filtering.
MARKETS: Commercial,
Institutional, Industrial

Fuji Electric Corp. of America

Echelon Corporation / BOOTH 1795

Echelon will demonstrate a converged building and
lighting control network with wired and wireless devices,
communicating with the BACnet/IP, BACnet MS/TP, and
LonTalk/IP open-standard protocols, integrated with
Echelons new IzoT Router 2, and all built with Echelons
IzoT stacks, modules and chips designed for the
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Intelligent Home
Zoning System
Ecovent / BOOTH 1244
Ecovent is an intelligent room-by-room zoning system
that delivers complete climate control through easyto-install, self-configuring, wireless sensors and vents.
Ecovent offers HVAC contractors a more cost effective
and less invasive alternative to installing traditional
zoning. Ecovent constantly monitors HVAC equipment
and static pressure to ensure safe operating conditions.
MARKETS: Residential
Ecovent Intelligent
Home Zoning

Industrial Remote
Access Router
eWON / BOOTH 1172
The eWON Cosy 131(COmmunication made eaSY)
is an industrial VPN router designed to offer easy
remote access across the Internet to machines and
installations on customer sites or in the field. OEMs
and system integrators can troubleshoot machines
remotely without going on-site, significantly reducing
support costs and resources.

Network Sensors/Transmitters
Greystone Energy Systems, Inc.
BOOTH 1235
Greystones NT Series, Network RH/T Sensors feature
embedded BACnet or ModBus communication,
combined with field-proven RH and temperature
sensors, and connect to an RS-485 MS/TP network
to offer a single-point solution for the most efficient
monitoring and control solution.
MARKETS: Commercial
NT Series RH/T Network
Systems, Inc.

Network Gateway
Industrial Control Communications, Inc
BOOTH 1149
The customizable PicoPort allows OEMs to easily
network-enable their products. The 2cm square
modules features include a variety of free drivers, such
as BACnet, Metasys and Modbus, USB 2.0 interface, nine
shared GPIO channels, three shared PWM/analog output
channels and four shared 10-bit analog input channels.
Also featured are dual serial ports up to 115.2kbaud,
host SPI interface, PLC-style database logic functions
and development kit for jump-starting integration. The
PicoPort can be integrated into communicating devices,
as well as simple devices (such as sensors) that provide
only physical I/O.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Industrial

enteliBRIDGE Gateway
Delta Controls Inc



Cosy 131 (LAN, Wifi

& Cellular)

PicoPort Communication Module

Industrial Control Communications, Inc


BEMS Controller Platform

Innotech Control Systems / BOOTH 1369
Innotech is releasing the new Omni Controller platform
at the 2016 AHR Expo. Omni features native BACnet,
cross-platform web-server, alarm annunciation, fully
programmable points (Universal I/O), customizable
HMI and free programming software. The flexibility and
processing capabilities make Omni by Innotech suitable
and affordable for all HVAC & BEMS applications.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Outdoor Snow Melting


Flow and Btu Meters

for HVAC Applications

BMS Monitor

Meitav-tec / BOOTH 1069

ONICON Incorporated / BOOTH 1015

The PYROSELF is the ultimate All in One Snow Melt

Sensor and Control system for light commercial and
residential use, providing Plug and Play solution for
automatic snow and ice detection and melting. Allowing
up to 2 zones activation at 24A each 110-240VAC with
hand held remote control.

The System-40 BTU Measurement System

provides highly accurate and reliable thermal energy
measurement in heating and cooling systems. Its
compact, no-moving-parts design and low cost makes
it ideal for sub-metering applications. Features include
wetted ultrasonic flow sensor with excellent accuracy
and turndown and native BACnet MS/TP. New features
are availability with MODBUS and with an additional
analog output.

Schneider Electric offers a mini-BMS solution for small to

mid-size buildings to monitor HVAC sensors and meters.
Quickly and easily installed with minimal business
disruption, it automatically detects devices and data
points. Its compact design is robust to meet the needs
of any business with applications for lighting and
demand response.

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional

Schneider Electric / BOOTH 1404

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Building Insights
Schneider Electric

Omni Controller Platform

Innotech Control Systems
PYROSELF Controller

Smart Thermostat
IVAR US Inc. / BOOTH 3264
The CUBODOMO Thermostat delivers smart remote
control of the heating system with energy savings of up
to 40%. It can work with radiator systems and radiant
heating systems. The temperature sensor replaces the
old chronothermostat. It measures the temperature in
each room and uses a relay to turn the boiler on or off
and open or close a zone valve when necessary.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional

Merit Sensor Systems, Inc. / BOOTH 1577

The LP Series 1420 digital ultra-low pressure sensor
series is ideal for low pressure uses in industrial
applications. The LP series has excellent linearity,
hysteresis and stability characteristics. Compatible with
a wide variety of media options and operates on a wide
temperature range (-40C +150C)
MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial

Sense & Control Technologies

System-40 BTU Measurement System
ONICON Incorporated

Small Building
Management System
Optergy / BOOTH 1012

BACnet Compatible
King I Electronics Co., Ltd. / BOOTH 1278
King I Electronics Co., Ltd. offers a programmable
thermostat, which includes regular temperature control,
fan coil and floor heating. The devices built-in RS485
can be easily integrated with most third EMS.

Temperature Sensors/

Pressure Sensor

LP1420 Digital Pressure Sensor

Merit Sensor Systems, Inc.

Proton is an innovative software based supervisor/

controller that combines energy and building
management features, uses an intuitive web interface
and can connect to a companion IOS or Android
application. This economical software installs on simple
hardware, manages up to 50 BACnet or Modbus devices
and has built-in programming and tools.

BOOTH 5776
Sense & Control Technologies products offer the
advantages of easy mounting, high protection classIP67 and screwless electrical connector. There are
many types of thermistors and RTDs, such as PT100,
PT1000, NTC10k, NTC20k, NTC3k and NTC1, 8k. The
transmitters have 4-20mA, 0-5V, 1-5V, 0-10V and 2-10V
outputs. OEM is available for all types; duct, immersion,
strap-on and outdoor types.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional

TS and TT Series
Sense & Control Technologies

MARKETS: Residential

Gas Detection

Universal Wall-Mount

Macurco / BOOTH 1129

Neptronic / BOOTH 1613

Addressable Detection and Ventilation Control Panel The Macurco DVP-120M exhaust fan controller provides
automatic control to help maintain an acceptable
environment in parking garages or other facilities.
Using the Macurco MRS-485 Modbus adapter and
Macurco 6-Series detectors, the DVP-120M can
control up to 87 addressable gas detectors.

Neptronic offers a One ControllerUniversal Application.

The TUCB is a wall-mounted controller and thermostat
that can be configured for application specific control of
heat pumps, fan coils, rooftops or other heating/cooling
equipment. The TUCB
also features low-voltage
operation, a built-in scheduler
and menu selectable network
communication: Modbus or

Exhaust Fan

BAS Graphic Services

QA Graphics / BOOTH 1045
QA Graphics has developed numerous symbol library
sets for the building automation industry. They offer
custom BAS symbol library development and have also
created standard library sets, compatible with more than
95% of all major mechanical systems.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

CO2 Sensor

SenseAir North America Inc. / BOOTH 1362

SenseAir offers an extremely low power consumption
CO2 sensor for use in battery powered wireless
transmitters. It has an accuracy of +/- 35ppm +/-3%
of reading and will run multiple years on AA or
Lithium Ion battery power. Also featured are proven
optics excellence, Swedish manufacturing quality and
customer support.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Commercial,
Institutional, Industrial
Networkable Universal
Wall-Mount Controller

HVAC Graphics
QA Graphics




Variable-Air-Volume Damper


WiFi Thermostat

Tate / BOOTH 2687

TE Connectivity/Measurement
Specialties / BOOTH 4366

World Excel Company Limited

TE Connectivity (TE) provides HVACR connectivity

and sensor solutions essential in todays increasingly
connected world. TE collaborates with engineers to
help transform concepts into creations using intelligent,
efficient and high-performing TE products and solutions
proven in harsh environments.

World Excel Company Limited offers WiFi Internet

thermostat, WiFi BMS solution for hotel management
& WiFi for fan coil thermostats as options. They can be
used for building management or home automation
and can be controlled remotely via internet or intranet.
Mobile phone: Android & IOS apps are available.


MARKETS: Residential, Commercial,

Institutional, Industrial

SmartAire MZ dampers offer automatic balancing by

delivering the right amount of air to the equipment to
maintain proper inlet temperature. The units adjust
cooling independently to four separate zones of a rack
to allow for variable loads. Real time rack level monitoring
improves decision making and reduces operating costs.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MZ Dampers

BOOTH 2146

Controls and
Balancing Valves
Increase comfort while reducing energy costs with
NIBCO circuit balancing valves, combination ball
valves and coil-connect kits. Backed by a five-year
warranty, NIBCO circuit balancing valves and coilconnect products are engineered with long-lasting,
dezincification-resistant brass and bronze. NIBCO
Coil-Connect Kits are
bagged and tagged for
worry-free jobsite delivery.
MARKETS: Commercial,

Pressure Sensors: M7100/U7100

TE Connectivity/Measurement Specialties

NIBCO Coil-Connect Kits



Energy Recovery
Re-Heat Control

Waste Heat Recovery Systems Pressure Independent

Cannon Boiler Works Inc. / BOOTH 1594
Control Valve

Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.

Cannon has been providing waste heat recovery for over

45 years and provides a full line of equipment, systems
and controls to
recover sensible
heat, latent heat
of condensing and
clean water from
exhaust streams.

BOOTH 4287
The ACT-TPV (Thermal Passive Valve) patent pending
design passively optimizes a Wrap-Around Heat Pipe
Heat Exchangers capability to capture more energy
under part load conditions. This effectively optimizes a
DOAS systems energy recovery performance.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

ACT-TPV Thermal Passive Valve

Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.

Insulation for
Mechanical Systems
Auburn Manufacturing, Inc. / BOOTH 1793
Save up to 8% of heating costs by using Ever Green
Cut n Wrap Insulation kits. The modular design
allows customization of covers for any fittings on site.
Fabricates and installs in minutes. AMIs Green Up
Project services include estimate turn-key service,
sub-contract/oversee installation, final engineering
report to include BTU savings, dollar savings and
GHG emission reductions.
MARKETS: Institutional, Industrial

rFoil Big 8 Duct Wrap

Insulation Products



Cannon Boiler
Works Inc.

Duct Insulation
Covertech-rFoil Insulation Products
BOOTH 4976
Suitable for wrapping rectangular or round duct work in
HVAC applications for both residential and commercial
use, rfoil Big 8 duct insulation is specially designed to
reduce radiant heat gain/loss and helps control condensation by providing an airtight thermal break around the
duct. Provided an R-8 value- patented technology.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Danfoss Heating / BOOTH 2404

Danfoss ABQM PICVs are compact, partial flow
balancing valves and temperature control valves in
one. The valves ensure the required flow matches the
load, helping to achieve the perfect indoor climate.
When combined with a Danfoss actuator, ABQM
optimizes a heating or cooling system-saving 20-50%
on energy costs.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional

Energy Recovery Ventilation

Metraflex Co. / BOOTH 3726, 2593
The new, energy-saving LPD (low pressure drop)
Y-Strainer has no energy wasting bridge wall. Fluid
flows straight and smooth at a lower velocity and with
less turbulence, minimizing pressure drop and saving
hundreds of dollars in energy costs each year. The 5070% larger screen has greater surface, helping minimize
pressure drops.
LPD Y Strainer
Metraflex Co.

dPoint Technologies Inc. / BOOTH 1887

Gryphon is dPoints next generation of membrane
and ERV cores that meets ASHRAE 189.1 standard of
>60% of Total Energy Recovery Effectiveness, while
allowing no crossover (0% AHRI Certified) of gases,
VOCs or viruses, as well as being mold and bacteria
resistant. Perfect for schools, hospitals, healthcare
facilities and high rises.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Insulation/Corrosion Protection
for Underground Piping

Air to Air Heat Exchanger

Recuperator USA / BOOTH 5644
Recuperator USA offers high efficiency air to air plate
heat exchangers available with integrated face/bypass
dampers. Units feature easy installation with minimal
space requirement and greatly reduced installation labor.
Options include Epoxy coating, high temperature sealant
and high pressure construction. Dampers can exceed
highest AMCA class for sealing.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Gilsulate International, Inc / BOOTH 1410

Gilsulate 500XR is a patented Controlled Density
Insulation and corrosion protection system, engineered
to provide direct buried district heating and cooling
systems an economical, thermally efficient, dry and
stable environment in which to perform. For operating
temperatures between 35 and 800 F, Gilsulate has
been providing long-term, economical solutions for
nearly 70 years.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Integrated BypassHeat Exchanger

Recuperator USA


Heat Pump Water Heater

Air Handling Unit

Sanden International (USA), Inc.


BOOTH 4482
Sanden International (USA), Inc. offers an ultra efficient
split type Heat Pump Water Heater, where the heat
pump is installed remotely from the tank section,
providing a higher capacity while not affecting home
temperature. The system uses an inverter scroll
compressor for maximum efficiency and CO2 as the
refrigerant for increased performance, especially in low
ambient temperatures.

ASCENDANT is a conventional cooling-active

desiccant hybrid system, performance optimized to
deliver low dewpoint air, while minimizing regeneration
energy input. This highly efficient system delivers
dewpoints down to 20F while minimizing the tons
of cooling input, operating with 25% to 50% less
energy cost than conventional refrigeration-based
dehumidification systems.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial

Cooling Tower
Filtration System
VAF Filtration Systems / BOOTH 3262
VAFs LCFX Cooling Tower Filtration System is
designed to overcome water waste inefficiencies and
high power consumption of old technologies, such
as separators, used on cooling tower basins. Energy
conservation is achieved by PLC/
VFD controls on smaller
pumps used on large, or
even multiple cooling
towers, defined as Zones.
MARKETS: Commercial,
Institutional, Industrial

ASCENDANT Air Handling Unit




LCFX Cooling Tower

Filtration System
VAF Filtration Systems

I A Q P R O D U C T S ( F I LT E R S , H U M I D I F I E R S , E T C . )

Air Filter

Fresh Air Ventilator

Air Filter

Air Purification System

AAF International (American Air Filter)

Aprilaire / BOOTH 3617

CLARCOR Air Filtration Products

CosaTron / BOOTH 5669

BOOTH 4813
Utilizing AAFs exclusive Impress pleating technology,
VariCel 2+ filters combine the lowest resistance with
high mechanical strength, while maximizing energy
efficiency. This combination provides valuable overall
operating cost savings. The more efficient airflow,
combined with unparalleled strength, yields a filter
with superior dust holding capacity, low pressure
drop and extended life.

The Aprilaire 8140 Fresh Air Ventilator delivers the

precise amount of outside air required for todays
efficiently designed homes. When properly installed,
it will achieve ASHRAE 62.2 2010, both 2012 and
2015 IECC, 2012 IRC and CEC Title 24. It features
simple contractor installation and easy set up with
integrated control.

Model 8140
Fresh Air

Zoning Systems
BOOTH 1226

Air Cleaning Equipment Inc./Horizon

Dehumidifiers / BOOTH 1791
Designed to fit in the smallest of spaces, the versatile
Titan XG60 Dehumidifier weighs in at a mere 40 pounds
and is only 12 tall. Despite its compact size, the XG60
has a 60-pints per day capacity and can easily maintain
an area up to 8,000 cubic feet.

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Activated Carbon Pleat

Arzel Zoning Technology, Inc.


CLARCOR Air Filtration Products introduces the

LoadTech filter. LoadTech MERV 14 filters are
manufactured with proprietary E-pleat Technology.
These filters have new, exclusive media which holds 2X
more dust with their LoadTech Embossed Design.

MARKETS: Residential

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

VariCel 2+ High
Supported Pleat
AAF International
(American Air Filter)

BOOTH 4791

Columbus Industries, Inc. / BOOTH 1925

Ideal for light commercial applications such as retail

spaces, assisted living facilities and multi-family units,
the LC2000 utilizes CosaTrons patented technology to
control the 98% of contaminants that standard HVAC
units cannot. Testing proves it reduces outside air
requirements (per ASHRAE 62), produces no ozone and
is simple to specify.

Poly-Sorb Activated Carbon Pleated Filters are an

excellent economical choice for molecular air filtration
applications. Each filter utilizes a technologically
advanced media that incorporates activated carbon,
combined with non-woven polyester, to provide odor
and particulate capture. The activated carbon filter
targets applications where odor removal and moderate
molecular filtration is desired.


MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Dectron Internationale Inc. offers an air-cooled DX

Indoor Pool Dehumidifier. No remote condenser is
required; it has increased energy efficiency and reliability,
65% REDUCTION of refrigerant valves/piping/welds
compared to competition, lower refrigerant charge and
simplified user-friendly refrigerant circuit. It also features
a new head pressure control (an industry first) compact
footprint - perfect pool retrofit; lower initial installation
cost, indoor or outdoor installation, and more.

Haven successfully combines energy harvesting and

wireless technology with the reliability you have come to
expect from Arzel Zoning Technology, Inc. Installation
of Haven is easy and quick. The app used for installation
allows the contractor to monitor and adjust the system
with the touch of a finger.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial

Indoor Pool Dehumidifier

Dectron Internationale Inc. / BOOTH 2017

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial

Arzel Zoning
Technology, Inc.

Poly-Sorb Activated Carbon Pleated Filter

Columbus Industries, Inc.




I A Q P R O D U C T S ( F I LT E R S , H U M I D I F I E R S , E T C . )

Electric Humidifier

IAQ Test Instrumentation

Indoor Pool Dehumidifier

Air Purifier

Devatec / BOOTH 1797

GrayWolf Sensing Solutions / BOOTH 5424

PoolPak International / BOOTH 4231

RGF Environmental Group, Inc

The RTH-LC is a small sized resistive humidifier

providing 5.5 to 37.5 lbs/h. This humidifier is equipped
with an upright round stainless steel generator with
Incoloy heating elements, including the latest electronics
that drive the steam production. This is a quality product
that fits many applications.

Among the many new features of this test

instrumentaion is a built-in camera. At the touch of the
screen, add photos/videos directly to your data files
while on-site. This makes for highly efficient and more
secure documentation of collected data; include photos
in printed reports, embed videos in digital reports. WiFi
is standard, and the new WolfMail feature sends data
files (with attached notes) direct to clients from the unit.
Optional remote access to data, and/or alert notifications
via any internet connected device is also available.

The MPK Series sets a high level for efficiency and

the direction of pool dehumidification equipment for
the next decade and beyond. It is a modular design
that combines the functionality of PoolPak large
commercial systems and competitive units into one
outstanding platform. MPK is now available in sizes
ranging from 20 to 90 tons, with airflows from 10,000
to 40,000 CFM.

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial


Pro Portable
Air Quality
Data Collection
Meter Plus
Sensing Solutions

MARKETS: Residential,
Commercial, Institutional,

PoolPak MPK Series Indoor Pool Dehumidifier

PoolPak International

Air Filter Housings

IAQ Testing Equipment

Koch Filter Corporation / BOOTH 1449

Prism Analytical Technologies Inc.

DRI-STEEM Corporation / BOOTH 4817

Koch Filter offers housings to fit your project needs,

which include single stage side access housings, multistage side access housings, V-Stage housings, multistage carbon filter housings and BioMAX
HEPA-lock housings.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

BOOTH 5094
Prism Analytical Technologies, Inc. offers compact, cost
effective sampling media for your indoor air quality
testing needs. Scan for over 500 chemical compounds
with just one sample tube that helps you provide the
comprehensive testing your customer wants.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial



Evolution Air Filter, Inc / BOOTH 5876

The DCF Magic has been designed to eliminate
the troublesome task of cleaning the return air grills.
It protects your ducts, the heating, ventilation and
air conditioning system while decorating the space.
Its design is easy to integrate into different architectural styles.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial



MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional

Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

Rotobrush International, LLC
BOOTH 4025, 4453
The BrushBeast offers a big increase in power that
can handle heavy build up within air duct systems,
while still remaining portable and compact enough
to move throughout a home or business. Its an
easy-to-use system that provides customers with
professional results.
MARKETS: Residential,
International, LLC

Data Logger
Rotronic Instrument Corp / BOOTH 1311

Koch Air Filter Housings

Koch Filter Corporation

Bipolar Ionization Air

Purification System
Plasma Air International / BOOTH 2747

Disposable Air Filter

The REME Halo provides a patented technology of

hydro-peroxides that proactively kills bacteria, mold and
virus in the air and on surfaces while also reducing odors,
smoke, VOCs and particulate by 99%. Featured are the
new quick release housing and cell for fast installation
and no tool maintenance, an adjustable shroud that
offers variable output control for the hydro-peroxides
being emitted and dual ion generators for increased
bi-polar output.

RGF Environmental
Group, Inc

Integrated Electric Humidifier

and Reverse-Osmosis System
This all-in-one, near-zero maintenance steam
humidification system integrates two proven DriSteem
products on a single skid mount, with a single power
supply and user interface controller, eliminating piping
and connection headaches. High-purity water is sent to
the humidifier water tank, reducing operating costs and
maintenance time by preventing scale buildup.

BOOTH 4872

The model 7000 bipolar ionization air purification

system dramatically improves air quality in a variety
of applications, by interacting with pollutants on a
molecular level. The model also meets ASHRAEs
IAQ Procedure in reducing outside air intake. The
maintenance free needlepoint ionizer can be installed
inside an AHU or on a duct.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional
Model 7000
Bipolar Ionization
Air Purification
Plasma Air I

Air Survey Kit-2

Prism Analytical Technologies Inc.

Rotronic Instrument Corp offers a high precision, low

cost logger. This compact data logger for humidity
and temperature measurement offers high precision
and reliability at a reasonable price. The HL20 series
is easy to use and available in a wide range of
applications. Thanks to its integrated batteries, the
HL20 works completely independently and offers its
users maximum flexibility.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

UV Air Disinfection System

Purealizer Industries, LLC / BOOTH 5684
The Purealizer is an unobtrusive UV germicidal troffer
which fits into a 2x 2 drop ceiling. UV light at the
germicidal range is combined with photocatalytic
oxidation to eliminate pathogens, microorganisms, fungi
and VOCs. The fixture was designed with aesthetics,
effectiveness and functionality using the most advanced
technologies for disinfection.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial


Rotronic Instrument Corp

I A Q P R O D U C T S ( F I LT E R S , H U M I D I F I E R S , E T C . )

UV Coil Cleaner

Indoor Pool Dehumidifier

Energy Recovery Ventilator

Sanuvox Technologies Inc. / BOOTH 4219

Seresco Technologies Inc. / BOOTH 4284

Venmar Ventilation Inc. / BOOTH 2847

Sanuvox Technologies offers the first North American

UV Coilclean with an RF remote controller. The unit
works on 24 volts and is equipped with a 15 inch UVC
germicidal lamp, self diagnosis ballast and remote RF
display controller. The product is sold with an additional
free replacement lamp and a magnet multi position
mounting bracket.

Seresco Technologies introduces the three-model NE

Series Compact Cabinets, which are pool/spa room
dehumidifiers with enclosures designed specifically for
mounting above suspended ceilings and other small, tight
spaces. The Compact Cabinet models target humidity
control in small aquatic-centric spaces containing
physical therapy pools, spas, swim-spas and other small
vessels used in healthcare, medical office, assisted living,
condo, small hotel and residential buildings.

The new Venmar S10s ERV features an advanced

electronic control, optimizing its year round operation by
considering the outdoor temperature and humidity. Its
high effectiveness and breakthrough installation method
makes it the perfect choice, ensuring low operating cost
and adequate indoor air quality in production homes.

MARKETS: Residential

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional


NE Series Compact Cabinet

Seresco Technologies Inc.
Venmar S10s ERV
Venmar Ventilation Inc.


Hydronic Balancing Valves

Packaged Lift Station System

Lead Free Faucets

System Descaler

Anvil International / BOOTH 3809

Crane Pumps & Systems / BOOTH 4235

Haitima Corporation / BOOTH 3895

J.C. Whitlam Manufacturing Company

Anvil International introduces the Gruvlok Hydronic

Balancing Solution. Gruvlok now provides a complete
coil kit bag and tag solution for your entire coil hook
up needs. Automatic, Muli-turn and Circuit Setter
Balancing Valves are available with all the accessories
including strainer, ball valves, PT port unions and
stainless steel hoses.

Pre-assembled Barnes Fiberglass Lift Stations provide

a custom solution for residential and commercial
applications. They are available in Pipe Rail Simplex/
Duplex and Hard Piped Simplex Systems and are offered
in a wide range of sizes. Other selection options include
simplex/duplex design, pump, cover and control panel.
Stations can be outfitted with a selection of Barnes
sewage ejectors, effluent, grinder or sump pumps.

Haitima Corporation offers the HT Series Lead Free

Faucets that are NSF certified lead-free.

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial


BOOTH 4599
The Flow Aide System Descaler quickly dissolves
water scale, lime, rust and other water formed deposits,
restoring efficiency to most appliances. It is noncorrosive,
nontoxic, fully biodegradable, safe to handle and Zero
VOC. It is also certified to NSF/ANSI 60 for use as a
cleaner in potable water systems. It is made in the U.S.A.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial

PP-RCT Piping Systems

aquatechnik North America / BOOTH 3842
The new standard of proven PP-R and PP-RCT fusion
piping systems is NSF/ANSI 14 and 61 certified, with
30 years of production success. aquatechnik reliably
delivers higher flow rates than other plastic piping and
is easier to install and less expensive than traditional
pipe. It comes with a 30-year warranty.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

HT Series
Lead Free

Heat Pump Water Heater

Gorenje North America, Inc / BOOTH 5284
Gorenje introduces the latest generation of energy
efficient and cost effective heat pumps. The TC
product range features external exchangers extending
useful life and safety, smart solution medium capacity
wall mounted series enabling installation where
only standard electric water heaters have been and
user-friendly control with LCD touch screen displays.
Gorenjes wide range of Life Simplified water heaters also
include point of use mini tanks, the smart solution for
every space medium capacity series and a standard high
capacity storage line-up which boast state of the art
technology and energy efficiency.

Acidic Condensate pH
Treatment Tank
JJM Boiler Works, Inc. / BOOTH 1297

Cushion Clamps
Hydra-Zorb/Klo-Shure / BOOTH 2547
Klo-Shure 9 series, manufactured by Hydra-Zorb
Company, is now specifically designed for polypropylene
metric pipe. The Klo-Shure insulation couplings create
a vapor barrier at the clamping points on insulated tube
and pipe installations.

The large capacity condensing boiler room acidic

condensate pH treatment tank is rated at 16,000 MBH
and 128 GPH flow. Uses pH Power Pellets as an active
ingredient. It covers IPC, EPA, PHCC, and UPC Codes.
Institutional I

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential
Klo-Shure 9 Series
for Metric Pipe

NB-150 Acidic
JJM Boiler
Works, Inc.

aquatechnik PP-RCT Pipe

aquatechnik North America




End Cap

PEX Plumbing

Socket Fusion Machine

Indirect Water Heater

John Guest USA, Inc. / BOOTH 2282

MrPEX Systems / BOOTH 3959

Ritmo America LLC / BOOTH 4494

Vaughn Thermal Corporation

The unique feature of the Speedfit concept is the ability

to easily connect and disconnect the end cap. End
caps also provide leak-proof seal. They can be used to
temporarily cap-off installations for pressure testing
and rough inspections. With Speedfit End Caps there is
no need for tools, sweating or threading. They can be
used with plastic or copper pipe and are reusable many
times over. End Caps are available in red, white and blue
in 1/2, 3/4 and 1 CTS.

MrPEX Systems is now offering a complete PEXa

plumbing system with pipe sizes of , and 1 in
red, white and blue colors, and in coils and 20 straight
lengths. Full line fittings offered in PPSU and Lead Free
Brass using PEX press with stainless steel sleeves.

PRISMA JIG is a compact socket fusion machine for

HDPE, PP-R pipe from 63 to 125mm. The machine
displays a steel frame that can be used as a support
to the aligning body and distinguishes itself by being
able to work in tight spaces.

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

PEXa System
MrPEX Systems


Fusion Machine
Ritmo America LLC

Speedfit Resuable
End Caps
John Guest USA, Inc.

Pressure Test Pump

Reed Manufacturing Company
BOOTH 2648

Joint Fittings
Jungwoo Metal Ind. Co., Ltd / BOOTH 3178
Jungwoo Copper Press joint fittings, in sizes ranging
from to 4, are manufactured to exceeed the industry
standards for performance, quality and appearance.
Offered are over 350 skus, with certifications and listings
for use in international markets.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential,
Commercial, Industrial

Use of a cordless drill for power keeps weight off

this hydrostatic test pump, making it lightweight and
portable. Included 15-foot high pressure hose allows
for filling the system and features quick disconnect.
DPHTP500 uses a 1/2 chuck on an electric or cordless
drill 18V or higher, capable of 1500 RPM (drill not
included). These pumps are designed for pressure
testing both residential and commercial water systems.

Automatic Water Control Valve

RuB Inc. / BOOTH 1842
RuBs automatic water main control device is
temperature sensitive and turns your water off when
temperatures fall below freezing. This protects your
house from water damage due to freezing pipes. Visibly
identifiable as your water control, it has an easy manual
on off feature and is completely mechanical with no
electricity or batteries.

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Control Valve
RuB Inc.

JWPress - Copper Press Fittings

Jungwoo Metal Ind. Co., Ltd

DPHTP500 Test Pump

Reed Manufacturing Company

Press Ball Valves

Water Heater

Milwaukee/Hammon Valve Co.

Rheem Manufacturing / BOOTH 3414

BOOTH 1808
The UltraPress full port brass ball valves (1/2 to 4) are
used in press-connection systems. The valve is available
in both Press-to-Press (UPBA-480B) and Threaded-toPress (UPBA-490B) ends. Designed for potable water,
mechanical HVAC and process water applications,
UltraPress offers a faster installation alternative to
traditional solder or threaded joints.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Building on the solid foundation

of Rheems award-winning Hybrid
Heat Pump models, the new
Rheem Prestige Series Hybrid
Heat Pump Water Heater is built
to provide more than $4,000 in
savings over the life of the water
heater, paying for itself in less
than two years. It is now available
in 50- and 80-gallon capacities.

UPBA-480B Valve
Milwaukee/Hammon Valve Co.



The Feather Weight indirect water heater by

Vaughn Thermal is new in the water heating industry.
The Feather Weight features a fully pressurized
thermoplastic storage tank that can withstand even
the most demanding hot water applications. This
advancement in tank technology, combined with
Vaughns removable top
mounted high efficiency
heat exchanger, ensures
round after round of hot
water, easy maintenance
and a long lasting water
MARKETS: Residential,
Feather Weight
Indirect Water Heater
Vaughn Thermal

Descaling Kit
WaiWela (ETS) / BOOTH 4276
The Descaling kit is a simple, inexpensive, do-ityourself method of dissolving mineral build-up from
water lines. Includes everything you need to maintain
your tankless water heater. It also works with Tankless
Installation Valves.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial

Plumbing Solder Wire

and Flux
Solder Indonesia / BOOTH 2596
Solder Indonesia offers lead free solder wire and
water soluble flux for plumbing soldering. It features
comparable quality with market recognized products
and a very competitive price. Private label or OEM
for your product is available. Produced in ISO certified
factory with extensive experience with a variety of solder
and flux products.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

WDKIT-4 Descaling Kit

WaiWela (ETS)

Valves, Fittings
Zhejiang IDC Fluid Control Co., Ltd
BOOTH 4487
FloodStop automatic shutoff device avoids water
damage due to potential downstream leakage.
FloodStop stops risk of water damage without
changing the advantage of standard braided stainless
steel hose. It is the only device offering easy and clean
reset by simply turning off and on the supply valve.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential
The Rheem Prestige
Series Hybrid Heat
Pump Water Heater
Rheem Manufacturing

BOOTH 5238

Leaded and Leadfree Solder Wire

Solder Indonesia


Computer Software
(Job Management)

Field Service Software

A & E Specialties, Inc. / BOOTH 5054

TechAnywhere is comprehensive mobile field

service software that gives technicians the power to
electronically fill out job tickets, send and receive work
order updates, generate purchase orders, and much
more, directly from the field. Seamless integration allows
information to be updated in real-time across the entire
SAMPro Enterprise ERP system.

Coordinate Job Tracking, Inventory and Accounting with

multiple offices and warehouses. Combine the bidding
and sales process with the accountability of salespeople
and profitability on individuals or projects, including
commission scheduling. TurboPro allows you to analyze
income to effort ratios of salespeople and product lines.
MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial

Data-Basics, Inc. / BOOTH 5182

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

CAD/CAM Software for

Mechanical and HVAC

Real-time Monitoring

EastCoast CAD/CAM / BOOTH 5147

Smartware Technologies / BOOTH 1151

EC Design to Fabrication CAD/CAM software supports

every phase of the MEP Contractors BIM workflow
and data interoperability requirements with precision
detailing tools, extensive 3D manufacturer content and
complete shop fabrication software. New with Version
6: Take completed 3D CAD As-builts into Revit, and
download estimating takeoffs directly into DuctMaker.

Smartware provides software for building controls

integrators and industries that require real-time
monitoring of temperature, humidity and energy usage.
Our flagship product, Smartware Studio, expedites jobs
through integrated project management, estimating,
document management and design. Smartware
Pangaea is our energy analytics and reporting tool that
features customizable web-based dashboards.

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

IoT Platform
Ayla Networks / BOOTH 4594
Ayla Insights is a cost-effective IoT data analytics and
business intelligence value-added service, which is an
extension to Aylas IoT platform. By transforming realworld data generated by IoT products into actionable
information, the Ayla Insights service provides a feedback
loop that manufacturers can use to improve processes,
iterate and improve product development and to create
and deliver new value-added services to their customers.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial


EastCoast CAD/CAM

(AISLES 5000 - 5100)

Design Software
Load Calculation Software
DCNE-Cool Calc Manual J / BOOTH 5089
Cool Calc Manual J is a 100% free web-based tool
that harnesses the power of Google Maps to remotely
perform ACCA approved Manual J load calculations on a
home. The program is simple to use and quickly outputs
professional reports that are both stylish and informative.

HVAC Solution, Inc. / BOOTH 5074

HVAC Solutions Revit Connection Pro software allows
you to drag and drop super-intelligent objects to design
air systems, including both air handlers and rooftop
units. It provides you with the tools to design complex
hydronic, steam and plumbing systems along with your
control schematics.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Bidtracer-Specialty Software Group LLC

BOOTH 5177
Bidtracer is an easy to use subscription based Bid
Management, Subcontractor Invite Tool, Controls
Estimating Tool, and Project Management system built
by engineers for the construction industry. The software
takes a unique sales approach to the construction
industry by giving estimators and salespeople tools that
help increase sales and saves time hosting plans and
inviting subcontractors.

Web Based Ordering and

Order Processing Platform
Webduct Systems Inc. / BOOTH 5087
Webduct is a cloud-based platform built for mechanical
and HVAC contractors to manage information and
communication to and from the job site. Webduct
provides everything you need to seamlessly connect
your field workers to your shop, office, warehouse and
beyond. No software required.
MARKETS: Commercial

MARKETS: Residential

Cloud Based Specialty

Construction Software

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Management Software
Dexter + Chaney / BOOTH 5257
Spectrum Service Management offers a complete
service management solution to provide customers
with enhanced service. Easy to use, Spectrum Service
Management is powered by complete integration
throughout Spectrum, from accounting and billing, to
purchasing and inventory to payroll.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

Mobile Service Software

SAWIN Service Automation, Inc.

Selection Software

BOOTH 5154

Zehnder Rittling / BOOTH 5004

SAWIN Mobile Web is an award winning mobile

solution for the premier service and installation
contracting firm. Our proven solution provides instant
communication to and from your mobile work force
using the latest technology, providing a direct path
to your general ledger and financials by utilizing our
integrated SAWIN Solution.

Zehnder Rittlings new, intuitive selection software

increases efficiency while allowing you to spend less
time engineering designs. This easy to use selection
software features complete product lines for radiant, fan
coils, heat pumps and hydronic heating. The ability to
create schedules, dynamic submittals and more is all at
your fingertips.

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional

MARKETS: Commercial


Adhesive Tape

Shrink Wrap

Transmitter and Mobile App

Airflow Meter

Berry Plastics-Engineered Materials

Division / BOOTH 3431

Dr. Shrink, Inc / BOOTH 3592

Fieldpiece Instruments, Inc. / BOOTH 2672

General Tools & Instruments

Dr. Shrinks new 8-mil VCI shrink wrap contains

additives which will prevent corrosion on metal and
electrical components for periods up to two years,
providing protection for any piece of equipment being
transported or stored.

The Job Link transmitter and mobile app allows techs

to view live measurements, get insightful diagnostics,
create professional looking reports and email findings to
the office and customer. The JL2 transmitter is required
to link the devices with any Fieldpiece wireless manifold
(SMAN4, SMAN440, SMAN460) and the wireless dual
in-duct psychrometer (SDP2).

New Polyken 335FT joins Berry Plastics line of high

performance extreme temperature foil tapes. With a
1.75 mil aluminum foil backing and specially-formulated
acrylic adhesive, the 335FT is designed specifically
for sealing high temperature flue pipes and furnacecertified plastic vent pipes. Polyken 335FT resists mold
and mildew growth and has low odor, low VOCs and an
operating temperature range -50 to 500F.

MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial

BOOTH 3857
The DAF3009 is a one-piece vane anemometerpsychrometer that can measure all parameters needed
to install, test and fine-tune the performance of an
HVACR system.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential,
Commercial, Institutional,
Polyken 335FT
High Temperature
Flue Tape
Berry PlasticsEngineered

JL2 Job Link

Instruments, Inc.




Airflow Capture Hood

DIY Corrosion Coating

Inspection Camera


Kanomax USA, Inc. / BOOTH 1439

Luvata Electrofin, Inc. / BOOTH 4442

Oasis Scientific Inc. / BOOTH 5861

Sumner Manufacturing Co., Inc.

The TABmaster is the perfect tool for accurate supply

and return airflow measurements. Interchangeable
hoods make it easy to sample the air for any duct size.
The unit is lightweight and easy to handle and comes
standard with a removable handheld micromanometer
with Bluetooth wireless capability.

Luvata ElectroFin expands its line of HVACR Corrosion

Coatings to serve the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) market. Their
new TransBlue & TransGold water based protective
coatings are environmentally friendly and will provide
sea coast corrosion protection.

Connecting VA-800 Digital Borescope Inspection

Camera to a computer or tablet or Android phone via
USB allows you to perform detailed visual inspection
in hard-to-reach areas. 180 degree articulating 8.5mm
diameter probe offers a panoramic view of the area
being inspected. With 0.3M pixels CMOS sensor, and six
built-in LEDs for illumination, this product allows you to
view images, take standard photos, and record videos. It
is suitable for AC, heater, plumbing and other instrument
repair and maintenance.

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial


MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

All Purpose Pliers

with Crimper

Combination Snip

Klein Tools, Inc / BOOTH 2934

Malco Products, Inc / BOOTH 3926

Klein Tools All Purpose Pliers with Crimper (Cat. No.

J207-8CR) is the perfect combination of wire stripper
and long nose pliers plus a crimper. It cuts, strips and
twists both solid and stranded wire and shears bolts and
crimps, as well as reaching into tight spaces. The pliers
save time and room on your tool belt.

Compact 10-inch snip offers full size performance

at only 9.5 ounces. Large protective loops are easy
to leverage. Big 3-inch, carbon steel blades ensure
efficient, controlled straight cuts, circles or squares
in 26-gauge steel. Threaded brass inserts in blade
recesses of polymer frame ensure holding power and
easy blade replacement.
MARKETS: Industrial

LUDECA, Inc. / BOOTH 1851

Keep belts and pulleys aligned with SHEAVEMASTER.
This laser tool is used to quickly, easily and accurately
align v-belt pulleys, with a choice of red or green laser
for optimum visibility under bright sunlight conditions. It
allows the user to quickly ascertain and correct angular,
offset and twist misalignment between pulleys.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential,
Commercial, Institutional,

Position Measuring System

WRA-LC-020 Coating
Luvata Electrofin, Inc.

Belt/Pulley Alignment Tool

The Sumner Series 2400 Lift s light, strong, & handy.

It features compact 12 & 16 lifts, improved 450 lbs
capacity and is easily transportable with one piece
construction and no loose
pieces. It also has auto braking
winch, is perfect for service
techs and rolls into elevators.

Series 2400 Contractor Lift

Sumner Manufacturing Co., Inc.

TABmaster 6715
Capture Hood
Kanomax USA, Inc.

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

BOOTH 2559

Expansion Tool
Milwaukee Tool / BOOTH 4642
The M18 FORCELOGIC 2-3 ProPEX Expansion
Tool is the most consistent way to install. It is powerful
enough to expand 3 Uponor PEX pipe and auto-rotates,
delivering uniform expansions. It is also simple to use,
completing each expansion cycle automatically, as well
as being designed for balanced overhead use.
MARKETS: Commercial

Trimble / BOOTH 3257

Vividia VA-800 Articulating Borescope

Inspection Camera
Oasis Scientific Inc.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group
BOOTH 3361
The Wahl z170 Heat Spy Thermal Imager has a 384x288
detector for more than 110,000 individually calibrated
pixels, with a thermal sensitivity of 0.04C to distinguish
minimal temperature differences. With the 640 x 480,
3.6 LCD Touch Screen display, the 170 presents a clearly
defined image.
MARKETS: Residential,
Commercial, Institutional,

Wahl Heat Spy z170

Ultra High Sensitivity
Thermal Imaging Camera
Palmer Wahl Instrumentation

The Trimble Rapid Positioning System includes the

Trimble RPT600 Layout Station and Trimble Field Link
2D. The system measures distances and finds positions
on the construction job site. It is a tool designed and
engineered to meet all the unique layout needs of an
MEP contractor.
Trimble Rapid
Positioning System

Corrosion Resistant
Metal Framing
Unistrut / BOOTH 1867
Unistrut launches a corrosion-resistant patent pending
product line called Unistrut Defender. Designed for
harsh environments, it provides a service life between
hot-dip galvanized (HG) and stainless steel. Independent
testing shows that Unistrut Defender is three times
more corrosion-resistant than HG products, bringing a
solution to the market that has never been available.
MARKETS: Commercial

Motorized Electric
Hand Truck & Lift Gates

Laptop Backpack Tool Bag

PowerMate/L P International Inc.

Veto Pro Pacs Tech Pac LT is a laptop backpack tool

bag designed specifically for professional tradesmen
who need to climb ladders, frequently go up and down
stairs or walk long distances
on a daily basis, as well
as needing tools and
technology storage.

BOOTH 5524
Expansion Tool Kit (#2633-22)
Milwaukee Tool

PowerMate is a motorized electric hand truck for

moving loads up/down stairs, on/off vehicles, loading
docks and across flat surfaces while keeping the load in
a safe, well balanced position. PowerMate does 100% of
the lifting and is proven to reduce the physical effort to
move heavy loads by 87%.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Veto Pro Pac / BOOTH 5321

MARKETS: Residential,
Commercial, Institutional,
Tech Pac LT Laptop
Backpack Tool Bag
Veto Pro Pac




Certification Training Resource Chainwheel

American Technical Publishers, Inc
BOOTH 1866
Provides the latest information on the safe and efficient
recovery, storage, transportation and charging of
refrigerants. This text/workbook addresses the latest
EPA Section 608 regulations and their implications, as
well as HFC and PFC refrigerant usage. Features include
over 400 sample certification test questions and Type II
refrigerant recovery interactive animations.
MARKETS: Residential,
Commercial, Institutional,
0726-4 Technician
Certification for
American Technical
Publishers, Inc

Gas Saver for Brazing

Area Engineering Solutions / BOOTH 1074
Area Engineering Solutions Gas Saver minimizes gas
waste in brazing applications by automatically opening
or closing gas flow when the torch handle is picked up
or replaced. This works alongside their torch tips that
create a consistent braze joint.
MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial


Oxyhydrogen Brazing System

Babbitt Chainwheels / BOOTH 1436

Duro Dyne Corp. / BOOTH 5614

H2O Weld LLC / BOOTH 4992

Babbitt standard chainwheels are Babbitt Chainwheels

most economical model for operating valves in high,
normally out-of-reach locations. Chainwheels easily
attach to the hand wheel of valves ranging from two to
36 in diameter. They are available in cast iron, ductile
iron, aluminum, epoxy coated and galvanized.

The FG Mach III Pinspotter features a new single

transformer for a wider range of welding capabilities. A
heavy-duty vibrator bowl accommodates pins up to 2.
Also, a manual pin feed option has been added, along
with a wider mouth design, to accommodate pins up to
4 with 4 insulation.

MARKETS: Commercial, Industrial

MARKETS: Commercial

Oxyh-ydrogen flame 3650C/7000F through water

electrolysis. The 30000HD Centralized Brazing System
is a high quality brazing system that is fast, easy to use,
economical, safe, autonomous and ecological - Easy
to use in brazing Cu, AL, Brass, etc., and in soldering,
welding connections up to 3.000 mmq. A Gas-flux
option is available.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional Industrial

Duro Dyne Corp.

Wall Penetration
Seals/Wall Sleeves
CCI Pipeline Systems / BOOTH 4295

Hydronic System Filter

CCI has your solution to all of your sealing needs when it

comes to wall penetration. Our complete sealing system
includes Wrap-It Link Wall Penetration Seals and
Wall Sleeves with water stops. Working together, these
products will provide you with the necessary seal for
your piping system.

Eclipse Magnetics / BOOTH 3892

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

ASHRAE offers several resources to provide the weather
data you need. Available climate data products include
International Weather for Energy Calculations, available
on DVD or individual files, Climatic Design Information
from the 2013 ASHRAE HandbookFundamentals,
Weather Data Viewer DVD, which includes data for 6,443
locations, plus tools and calculators to help use the data
effectively and ASHRAE Standard 169-2013, Climatic
Data for Building Design Standards.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Radiant Floor Panels

Atlas EPS / BOOTH 5662
ThermalStar Radiant Comfort floor panels are precision
molded from expanded polystyrene with a distinct
orange color. Benefits to using Radiant Comfort include
no stapling required, no professional design or shop
drawings needed, one panel is used for the entire
installation, and the interlocking edges provide a secure
placement and prevent concrete from seeping through
the joints.


Dino-Lite Scopes (BigC) / BOOTH 3792
Dino-Lite Scopes offers handheld portable USB
microscopes used for inspection and quality control.
Most models provide 10x-200x magnification, with
higher magnification ranges going up to 500x and 900x.
The included DinoCapture software has capability to
capture images, record videos, annotate and perform
measurements, save and email discoveries. The EDGE
series contain an enhanced sensor for improved
image quality, with features such as Extended Depth
of Field (EDOF), Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) and
Automatic Magnification Reading (AMR). The 5MP
Edge series models are now available, with Flexible LED
Control (FLC) for increased versatility.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

BoilerMagXT combats the age old problem of black

sludge (magnetite) build up in heating systems,
improving efficiency and extending the lifespan of
system components such as pipework, boilers, heat
exchangers and radiators. Designed for easy installation,
BoilerMagXT is ideal for boiler systems in all commercial
and industrial premises.
MARKETS: Commercial,
Institutional, Industrial

Rooftop Support System

Haydon Corporation / BOOTH 4935
The H-Block Rooftop Support System is made from
100% post-consumer material, making it LEEDs
certifiable and compatible with all rooftop membranes
and configurations. Independently tested for freeze/
thaw, compression/deflection and ozone resistance, its
sustainable in most climates. Applications include pipe/
conduit/duct support, HVAC support, solar racking,
cable tray systems and roof walkway support.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Automatic Flow Control Valves

Industrial Label Printer
Graphic Products / BOOTH 4799
Compliance is a click away. The DuraLabel Toro
industrial label printer is IT-independent and will meet
all your labeling needs with its built-in keyboard, color
touchscreen and optional 3-hour battery. Design and
print safety labels with 300 dpi print resolution anywhere
work takes you.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Hays Fluid Controls / BOOTH 2144

Hays Fluid Controls manufactures Mesurflo Automatic
Flow Control Valves in Imperial and Metric sizes, which
operate over a wide range of differential pressures.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

Reusable Shoe Covers

HexArmor / BOOTH 4895
YULEYS are hands-free, reusable shoe covers that keep
dirt and contaminants out of customer homes and clean
areas. They are easier to use than disposables, wont rip,
tear or saturate and will save you money.

5MP Edge Series Scopes

Dino-Lite Scopes (BigC)

Radiant Comfort
Floor Panels
Atlas EPS

30000HD Centralized Brazing System

H2O Weld LLC

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

DuraLabel Toro
Graphic Products




Tape for Insulated Duct Board

Cooling Tower Filtration

Brazing & Soldering Alloy

Training Materials

Ideal Tape Co., Inc. / BOOTH 2048

LAKOS Separators and Filtration

Solutions / BOOTH 3734

Obraze / BOOTH 3492

RSES/RSES Journal / BOOTH 3807

Obraze alloys and filler metals are high quality alloys

manufactured in North America. All of their alloys meet
ASME and American Welding Society Standards: BCuP
and BAg.

With the EPA SNAP program permitting the use of HCs

and other flammable refrigerants in various refrigeration
systems, this manual is designed to assist technicians in
understanding the requirements to safely maintain and
service systems that utilize these refrigerants.

Ideal Tape 729 ASJ+ was specifically designed to match

the new Owens Corning ASJ+ insulated duct board
facing (WMP - white metallized polypropylene). This
product is coated with our Cold Seal acrylic adhesive
for superior cold weather adhesion. 729 ASJ+ is easy to
clean, water resistant to restrict formation of mold and
UL 723 listed.

LAKOS High Efficiency eTCX Tower Clean Systems help

keep cooling tower basins free of suspended solids that
cause scale, corrosion, fouling and biological activity.
Controlling these factors leads to lower maintenance,
improved chemical effectiveness, longer cooling
tower and downstream equipment life and significant
decreases in long-term water and energy costs.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Controls and
Balancing Valves

729 ASJ+
Ideal Tape
Co., Inc.


Under-Slab Insulation
Insulation Solutions, Inc. / BOOTH 4949
Insul-Tarp 1745 offers all of the benefits of Insul-Tarp
under-slab insulation with the inclusion of a layer of
Viper VaporCheck 10-mil cross-woven, premium vapor
barrier. Adding the vapor barrier to Insul-Tarp creates
one of the most effective materials for insulating
commercial slabs.

Increase comfort while reducing energy costs with

NIBCO circuit balancing valves, combination ball
valves and coil-connect kits. Backed by a five-year
warranty, NIBCO circuit balancing valves and coilconnect products are engineered with long-lasting,
dezincification-resistant brass and bronze. NIBCO CoilConnect Kits are bagged and tagged for worry-free
jobsite delivery.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial

Piping Systems
Perma-Pipe, Inc. / BOOTH 4010
Multi-Therm 750 Supreme is a pre-insulated piping
system fortified with Aerogel nanotechnology, making
it an advanced and thermally efficient steam and hot
water transportation piping system. Aerogels Pyrogel
XT reduces cross-sectional size, which provides
cost savings, reduces insulation thickness, improves
thermal efficiency, extends service life and has superior
resistance to water.
MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Expansion Joint
Proco Products, Inc / BOOTH 2974

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Procos 240/242 Style Expansion Joints are excellent

choices for chiller and hot water service in HVAC
applications. The beaded end design with free floating
flanges allow for quick fit up.

Descaler Kit
J.C. Whitlam Manufacturing Company

Transferrable Truck
Service Body
SpaceKaps transferable service bodies used in service
trucks will help you get more organized and save money
at the same time.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial

Wine Cellar Wifi Temperature

and Humidity Control
Vinotemp / Wine Mate / BOOTH 5191
Protect your wine collection from dangerous
temperatures and humidity with an affordable, easy to
use remote monitor and alert system.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial

MARKETS: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

BOOTH 4599
Flow-Aide System Descaler Kit is specifically designed
to improve flow/heating efficiency in Tankless Water
Heaters by aggressively dissolving lime and water scale.
The kit includes a compact 3.5 gallon bucket, 500 GPH
pump, 1-feed/1-drain hose and one quart of Flow-Aide
Descaler. Whitlam Flow-Aide Descaler is non-toxic, biodegradable and certified to NSF/ANSI 60 for use as a
cleaner in potable water systems.
MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

NIBCO Coil-Connect Kits


Piping Systems
Rovanco Piping Systems, Inc

Clinching - Metal
Fastening Machine
Norlok Technology, Inc / BOOTH 1826
Norlok Technology Inc offers the Surelok III clinching
machine. It is a cold drawn process for fastening sheet
metal, as well as an alternative to spot welding and
riveting. It fastens up to 2 ply 14ga, and tool kits are
available for stainless steel and TPO coated material.

BOOTH 3804
Rovanco Piping Systems has been a manufacturer
of pre-fabricated, pre-insulated piping systems for
forty-five years. Rovanco systems are manufactured
to exact standards with their patented methods,
resulting in high-quality, unique products. Rovanco has
a nationwide network of sales representatives and fast
delivery turnaround capabilities. Rovanco also distributes
Rhinoflex Flexible Piping Systems.

LC1001 Monitor Kit

Vinotemp / Wine Mate

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

MARKETS: Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

FLOW-KIT Descaler
J.C. Whitlam Manufacturing Company