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What access level is required for partners to use PPE?

For partners to be able to create enrollments in PPE, they need to have PPP Partner
Admin Access. This access is provided from PSS (Partner Self Service tool). This access is
automatically granted when a partner contact gets CSAPP Admin access. Without this
access, the partner will not be able to see the Eligible Programs and Potential Programs
tabs in PPE.

Which external users can login to PPE?

All Users who are associated with a valid partner in PSS and are active can login.

Why would I see a blank page after logging into PPE?

This will happen if the partner contact is not active in the system.

Can a partner contact see enrollments created by other contacts belonging to the same
Yes, a user can see enrollments created by contacts belonging to same partner.

Can a partner contact see enrollments for different partners?

No. A partner contact will have visibility to only its own partner enrollments. These may
have been created the by same user or any other contact of that partner.

Can a partner admin edit an enrollment created by another partner admin?

No. A partner admin can edit only the enrollments he owns.


How do I create a new enrollment?

Goto the Eligible Programs tab on the home page. Select the program by clicking on the Select
button. Select the Track from Eligible Tracks tab,thencomplete the enrollment by filling details in
various tabs as mentioned below. Submit the enrollment through the Review and Submit tab.
Involved parties
Additional Information(Program Specific)
Terms And Conditions
Banking Information(Program Specific)
Review and Submit

How do I find the reason for ineligibility for program enrollments that tell me the partner is
Goto the Potential Programs tab. Click on the Check Eligibility button for the program youd like to
check.The reason will be displayed beside the program.

Where do I view the existing enrollments for a partner?

On the home page, goto the Enrollment Dashboard tab to view the partners existing
enrollments. Any enrollment can be opened by clicking on the link on the lefthand side.

How do I change the language in PPE?

The default language depends on the geography associated with the partner. A user can switch to
a different language by clicking on the Change Language link and selecting the language, then
clicking the Change Language button.

How do I add a proxy user?

Goto the My Proxy link on the righthand side of the home page.You can add a proxy user to
perform activity on behalf of the associated user.

How do I re-enroll for a program?

A partner will receive notification three months before the previous enrollment expires. Once you
receive the notification, login to PPE and goto the Enrollment dashboard tab. There will be a ReEnroll link beside the previous enrollment . Click this link to complete the enrollment process.

How do I upload the Business Plan document?

To upload the Business Plan document, you need to goto the Additional Information tab in PPE.
Click on the upload link at the bottom.


What do I do if the button for the program I am trying to select is grayed out?
If the button to select program/track is grayed then it means enrollment already exists for the
partner for that program/track. The existing enrollment can be in NOT-SUBMITTED,
Enrollment Dashboard and search for that particular enrollment.

Can a partner contact create an enrollment for a different geography?

It depends on the Program Setup. If a program has been configured to show multiple geographic
regions, then the user will get a pop-up displaying the list of geographies during enrollment. The
partner can select any geography for which they need to create enrollment.

Who can edit a particular enrollment?

Only the enrollment owner can edit the details of an enrollment, and only he can resubmit it.

Can one partner have multiple enrollments for same program?

This depends on the program setup. The program may be setup to allow multiple enrollments or
to restrict to only one enrollment.

When is a particular program visible in the PPE interface?

The Program must satisfy the following criteria:
2. Have a Program Start date and Program End date that circumscribe the current date
3. Be launched in the geography to which the partner belongs
4. Have On-boarding Setup completed
If the partner satisfies the Eligibility criteria, then the program will be displayed in the Eligible
Program tab. Otherwise, the program will be listed under Potential Programs.

Can enrollment be created or submitted outside the enrollment window?

If the enrollment window for enrolling into the program has passed, the partner will not see that
program under the Eligible Program tab, even if it satisfies the eligibility rules. However, if
Enrollment Override setup is done, then the partner can goto the Potential Program tab to begin
the process of creating an enrollment. This will get rejected on submission and will need to be
overridden by the approvers.

Should all programs display the same tabs during enrollment?

No. The tab setup is specific to the particular program. Not all programs will display the same tabs
while enrolling.

What do I select if my CAM is not listed in the dropdown?

You can search for your CAM in the CAM locator through an available link. Alternately, select
Other in the dropdown, and mention cco id in the text box provided.