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Why should Niners exercise?

Everyone knows that exercise is good for you.
The appropriate balance of exercise and food


Are You Ready To Get

UNC Charlotte


intake helps you live a more healthy life. What

many students never think about is how
exercise can aect other areas in your life. For
example, exercise improves memory by
growing more brain cells. So in theory if you
exercise more you will have a better results
while studying for all those finals! In addition
to your improved memory your sleep will most
likely improve. Exercise regulates your body
allowing for a regular sleeping pattern. People
who have irregular sleep patterns are usually
prescribed exercise as a way to help them sleep.
Finally exercise improves your energy level over
all. Many people dont work out because they
cant get over the mental block of, Its going to
be exhausting. Although exercise isnt as easy
as sitting on the couch it also doesnt have to
be that hard. Most students dont realize that
the suggested amount of exercise is only 120
minutes a week at a moderate level. Even this

V I S I T:
UNC Charlotte Recreational Services

small amount will help improve your over all

online or come into the Belk Gym and

energy level. Now those walking from the

SAC today!

union to the library wont seem so daunting!

Exercise helps improve your

memory, energy level, and
sleep patterns. How would
you like to partner with
UNCC in order to live a
healthy life?


Get involved with your school and your body! Here are just a few of the classes that
UNCC oers. We are promoting a fun and encouraging exercise experience! Take a look:


We always talk about how exercise
is essential, but wouldnt more people
exercise if they actually had fun with it?
Here at UNCC we want to exercise to be
based around an enjoyable environment.
Studies have shown that exercise that
includes imagery attacks more people than
exercise without imagery. Starting in the
fall of 2016 we will have all of the classes
to the right and more, which include some
form of imagery.
The world of exercise is constantly
changing and UNCC wants to change
with it. We pride ourselves with having
updated equipment, classes, and exercise
plans. Stop by for a tour of our facilities
and well help you decide what classes
would be best for you. Go niners!

How to Classes:

Dance Classes:

-How to prepare for hiking


-How to make a workout that fits you

-Modern Dance

-How to Run properly


-How to work out with using only your body



Weight Training:

-Cycling through the forest (on a screen)

-Weight Training synched to upbeat music

-Trick Cycling

-Comedy with weights

-Swerving through the streets of Paris (on a screen)

-New and Absurd sets

-Cycling the greenway on UNCC

-Ice breakers and Lifting

Cardio Classes:


-Running through Uptown (on screen)

-Squats and Talks

-Story telling and Stair climbing

-Every sport that you always wanted to learn but

never did.

-Speed walking