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DSHZ-8 Proton Magnetometer



DSHT-1A MT Electrical Geophysical Instrument



Price Validity: 60days
Payment terms: 30%TT as a deposit, 70%TT balance payment before shipment
Warranty :1 year
Deliver time:20 days

DSHZ-8 Proton Magnetometer

Main features
Built-in GPS, coordinate record, navigation lights, and the connection is more simple,
and the instrument is more reliable.
Full-scale automatic tuning or artificial manual tuning.
Built-in precision clock, GPS timing to ensure the clock of base stations and mobile
stations is accurate synchronization.
Each point is stored with the information of the magnetic field result, point coordinate
time and temperature etc., directly output all the data with a U disk.
English interface, and automatically displays the magnetic field value curve, the
operation is more easier and convenient.
Portable and light, one person can finish all the work.
Equipped with the software to do the diurnal correction and create the contour map
and profile map.

Main Applications
1. Widely used in mineral exploration(such as iron ore, lead and zinc, copper etc.).
2.With mining exploration, research the ore bodys buried depth, occurrence and
continuity, and study the shape and size of the ore body, estimate the deposit, oil and
natural gas exploration, research the geological structure and tectonics of oil and gas
3. The diurnal correction of aviation and marine ground magnetic survey, fault
location, archaeologic, engineering exploration, such as pipeline detection, earthquake
precursor monitoring, and volcano observatory, as well as other environmental and
disaster geological work.

Technical specifications
Measurement range: 20,000nt~100,000nt
Measurement accuracy: 1nT
Resolution: 0.1nT
Allowed gradient: 6,000nT/m
Measurement interval of the base station: 2~60s, set as your requirement
GPS positioning accuracy: 2.5m
Data storage capacity: 100,000 points
LCD: 320x240 graphic LCD with backlight
Input keyboard: 16 keys
Data transport: USB
Power supply: built-in big capacity recharge lithium battery
Working temperature: -10~+50

DSHT-1A MT Electrical Geophysical Instrument

The Principle of ADMT-1Geological Detector

It uses relative parameters like resistivity variation produced by different geologic
substance to determine underground water location. The principle is nearly the same
with traditional resistivity prospector, but it enhances the speed more than 10
times.DSHT-1applies 25Hz, 67Hz and 170Hz as basic frequencies. It judges and
analyzes the geological abnormity we need to search by measuring relative
parameters change as resistivity generated by different structure. And we can estimate
underground geological formation nature (water) and mineral conditions like location,
buried depth, shape and volume etc. after doing interpretation to abnormity.

Main features
Fast and high efficiency
Easy to carry
Easy operation
Good precision and high accuracy
Very practical and low cost
Flexible arraytraditional and unique array method

Main Applications
Metal and non-metal ore survey;
Decrease mineral invest venture and increase exploration success rate;
Underground water detect in all kinds of the geological conditions;
Meet demand of drinking water, industrial usage and agricultural irrigation;
Engineering geological prospect and disaster geological detect;
Coal goaf, archaeological mining, city exploration and non-metal pipe survey.

Main Technical Parameters

1. It can store 30 curves measuring data of "Two-pole profile", "Two-pole sounding"
and Annual profile measurement.
2. Data and abnormal curves can be introduced by a 4G U-disk storage to computer w
ith the USB port, which is very convenient for data analysis.
3. Power supply: by 4 dry batteries or 4 rechargeable batteries.
4. Measuring range: 0.001mV~2550mV (auto range transfer)
5. Resolution: 0.001mV
6. Measuring accuracy: 2% 3 LSB
7. Input impendence: 10M
8. Working temperature: -10~+50
9. Working humidity: 95%
10. Whole weight.1.5kg, size: 24cm*13cm*16cm.