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About Calvary DFW Society

About us

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Edwin Oppong-Boateng

Rev. Charles Fiifi Acquah



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Rev. Charles Fiifi Acquah is an

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ordained minister of the

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Methodist Church Ghana.He is

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an evangelist by Calling and an

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International Conference
Speaker whose passion is to
empower men and women for Evangelism and Mi

Methodist Church Ghana
Ghana Methodist - North America Mission
Latest news from Ghana

ssions. His initial ministerial training comes from

the world known Trinity Theological Seminary
Legon, Ghana.

About us
Calvary is one of the new societies that the The North America Mission of The Methodist Church Ghana
recently added to its number. Serving the greater community of the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolis, the society
was born out of a desire of some brethren to worship God the best way they know - the Ghana Methodist way.
Under the auspices of the Mission a two-day Revival was organized led by Mission Evangelism Co-ordinator,
Rev. Charles Fiifi Acquah. A team of Mission Officers including Mission Lay Chairman, Bro. Baffour Amoateng
and Treasurer, Bro. Victor Joel Yamson and representatives from the Societies and Mission Organisations
travelled to Dallas, Texas for that purpose. The Society held its inaugural Divine Service to climax the occasion.
In a Congratulatory Message to the new Society, Mission Chairman, V. Rev. Kofi Bart-Martin stated: From New
Testament times through the earliest expressions of Wesleyanism in Ghana, Lay men and women who caught
the spirit of evangelism and mission went forth to expand the church in general and the Methodist Church
Ghana in particular. So in our day, God having opened doors for us, has given us the opportunity to expand the
work of the Methodist Church Ghana in North America. We are indeed fulfilling the great commission by going
to the ends of the earth to proclaim the good news of Christ. To all of you who have put in heart and soul, sweat
and brawn, hardened knees and sleepless nights, it is my greatest honor to salute you. You have made the
Mission proud. You have made our mother church proud. On this day when you formally give birth to a
Methodist Church Ghana society in Dallas, TX, I pray that the favor and anointing of God will greatly fall upon
the whole congregation. May the spirit of God move mightily in all your efforts. May many souls come to find
healing, renewal and fellowship in your midst.
On behalf of the Methodist Church Ghana, the North America Mission, the Standing Committee, all our
ministers and members, the Mission Chair welcomed the new Society into the Mission and TMCG. Adding Our
common prayer is that you will be a dynamic presence amongst us and propel all of us to greater service for
Lay Chairman, Bro. Amoateng presented a Bible, a copy of The Constitution and Standing Orders of The
Methodist Church Ghana and the Church Almanac to the Societys leadership led by Caretaker Evangelist
Oppong Boateng after the inauguration. Leaders of the Society were introduced to the Congregation after
prayer and anointing by Rev. Charles F. Acquah.
An elated Sis. Jane Ashun of Wesley Methodist Society, Brooklyn, NY, told this Reporter: By God's grace the
North America Mission has once again been able to 'strike gold' for the Kingdom of God. The chorus still
remains "Not to us, O LORD, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.
[Psalm 115] Ghana Calvary Methodist Society has come through fire but it has come out as gold and will be a
great blessing to many in the sub region. We thank God for the leadership of the new Society especially Evg.
Oppong Boateng who will serve as Caretaker.

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11/28/12 4:38 PM

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11/28/12 4:38 PM