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From The Edditor
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Welcome once again 2 another issue ov Talons! We trust your year has gone as well as Ours, or
even better. Hopefully no1 was hit by the swine or any other flu too bad. We survived the 15th year ov
Our Charter trying 2b eventful here & abroad as We may. While the vulgar year is almost over, We still
have @ least a Mass & Solstice Feast 2 go! It has been hectic & 2010 sounds even more so. I obviously
cannot report on the future (yet), so I will tell U briefly about the last. Afterwards I will ntroduce the
current offerings, & let U submit 2 Our submissions. B4 that though, I wood like 2 thank every1 (old,
new & out ov town members ALike) who made 2009 the year it was.
The 1st moonth ov the vulgar year came on the heels ov an active December. The most notable
events (bsides moonthly Masses) were Minerval Initiations & several Oasis members ordering To
Perfect This Feast by James & Nancy Wasserman (c RaViews). February was a little slow (or were We
planning?), but @ least Agape X4 came out. Really looking 4ward 2 the unabridged, unexpurgated 6-
volume Confessions of Aleister Crowley w/additional volume ov editorial material, the complete AC
diaries from 1896-1947 & definitive Magick Without Tears. Not sure when any r coming out, but I am
March marks the moonth bginning Our Thelemic Year among other things, & plenty occurred.
The 1st main happening was the birth ov a son 3.4 2 a local member who moved. Congratulations Pope
Jennifer & wife! The next event was a Mass-A-Thon & Roundtable Mass discussion n OKC 3.13-15. I
have covered that elsewhere n this current issue (c R U A Traveling Man?), but wood like 2 give thanks
again 2 every1 nvolved. The last large thing ov the moonth was Our 105th Thelemic New Year 3.20,
the dreaded (misunderstood @ least) 4 17 year cycle, or The Emperor & The Star. Frater MSNV
performed a ritual 4 Us, then We had Mass & a Solstice Feast 2 bgin the Thelemic Holy Days. When
these culminated n Our 3 Feasts 4.8, 9 & 10, We had Masses, Readings & Feasts each evening. 2
Brothers were ALso Baptised & Confirmed n2 the EGC on the 1st & last days, so congrats 2 them as
well. The more the merrier.
During May We busied Ourselves w/Open Studies & preparing 4 more Initiations @ the end ov
the moonth (1sts this time). June was not that busy, yet We had a Solstice Mass 6.21 & a Business
Meeting the 30th. July held promise as We had Brethren coming n from Fayetteville, AR 4 2nd Degree
Initiations over the weekend ov 7.18. I unfortunately could not make it due 2 illness, but I know all had
an amazing time. August was more a gust w/Open Studies, Mass, 1st Night Feast 8.12 & a Minerval
Initiation 8.29. Add 2 that some made it 2 NOTOCON! Lucky bastards…
September was a little slow, though We had a Business Meeting, Mass & Fall Equinox Feast.
October seemed 2b Our slowest moonth ov the year. I know a few were moving, plus my father had a
heart attack on his bday (10.10), so We had Our reasons. On Crowleymas 10.12, 3 ov Us met @ the
Thai Palace n Westport 4 dinner & drinks. A few more attended the WateFire Ritual 12.24 on the Plaza,
so We were still doing things. N November things started happening again w/an Open Studies, IV/PI
Test & Mass. Again I was under the weather, yet the show went on.
Finally We come 2 December, Our current moonth, & Talons deadline. I am sitting here after
getting back from celebrating the 62nd anniversary ov AC’s death n 1947, not 2 mention mein n 2001,
writing this Edditorial. Officially the only event I know ov is a Mass & Solstice Feast 12.21, but 12.5 I
plan 2 read The Last Ritual as they did n Brighton & I have done since 1989 (missed 2001 though). N
all a good year I think, & hope U do as well. 2010 can only get better. Thanks 2 every1 local & abroad
4 their wonderful Work, continual support & fraternity.
Now We come 2 the meat ov the matter, Talons. 1st off, thanks 2 King James & Soror Stellae 4
their poetry submissions. If not 4 U, volk wood just have 2 read mein. Many thank as well 2 Soror
Eshet Chayil 4 getting Talons up & online, not 2 mention her Work on Our website. W/that sayd, on2
the matter @ hand.
As a year n review ov sorts, & xplanation ov the issue, my From The Edditor usually starts
things off. I do so mostly that others might bcome nterested & want 2 join Us. Sure what I rite looks
unedited, yet there is a method 2 my madness ov ntentional misspelling (like meus short-a-hand).
Anyroad, From The Master refers 2 AC ov course & is a section I highlight Works ov his witch seem 2
fit. This year it is just a quote ov his & my elucidating & xpanding it 4 general use locally & 4 those not
who read it. If any1 Works w/it please feel free 2 tell me your results. The last From is From Liber
Kronos again, on this occasion On Thelemic Time & So, what did AC change regarding the Tarot?.
Pretty self-xplanatory if the subjects r not me thinks. Unless I rite more, this might b the last section
from Liber Kronos 4 a bit. I have more mind U, but some r just too long. That & I wood like 2 get it
published as a whole 1 day.
Now, as U peruse the contents U might note several poems (13 2b exact). So many that I
thought ov calling this The Poetry Issue. I rethought it though as I am sticking w/the Thelemic dating.
Thanks again 2 King James & Soror Stellae 4 their poetry submissions. The fairest way was 2 list them
alphabetically by author, even though I wood b last. O well, I am not a glory hound so it is kosher by
me. If poetry is your thing, send Us some & I will make sure We use it. We do not eddit content, so use
some common sense. I say that knowing what I submitted. My nerve sometimes.
Next We have RaViews. I had several 2 choose from personally, & went only w/4. I will not go
n2 detail here (I do a little there though), but the books were Initiation in the Aeon of the Child, The
Heretic’s Guide To Thelema, The Weiser Concise Guide Series & To Perfect This Feast. There r no
spoilers, so they r safe 2 read. I might sound shameless, but if there is anything U wood like 2 RaView
send it n. It does not need 2b a thesis or anything, just your thoughts on any subject.
Last but not least We have R U A Traveling Man?, or Out Ov Town O.T.O. Events. 5 ov Us
went down 2 OKC again as noted above & blow, & this is what I remember. About 40 hours w/o sleep.
Boy was that fun. Really, it was! Not sure where We will b going next year, but if I do U can b sure I
will rite about it. R U A Traveling Man?
Spread throughout this issue r a few artavisms & pictures, again by moi. The cover image, TzH,
was ov course nspired by the year, using Atus IV & XVII. Personally I like how both cards 2gether
make a 3rd. The humorous C417 is/was made 2 represent my TOPY title, while Martyr’s Reward
something else comical 2 me (what’s on the plate?). I xplained the poppy picture n RaViews, whereas
Les Masques du Baron speaks 4 itself. The last artavism is blow, simply titled Star ov W77M.
Well volks, that is it. We here @ Heru Behutet Oasis thank U 4 reading & supporting the local
O.T.O.. It has been a great year & We know there will b many more. Thanks as well 2 all the local
members who keep Our body going. U know who U r. Have an amazing 2010! WLLM out.

Love is the law, love under will.

From The Master
AC-Charles Stansfeld Jones
1.25.1921 letter

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

1st off, I wood like 2 give thanks & note how this quote came meus way. N short, I noticed it n a
link through the OTO Community on facebook ov all places. The site has several AC correspondences,
yet this piqued my interest as I am always looking 4 things 2 do locally. AC was doing the same @ The
Abbey n Cefalu & tried a few formulas (c Talons 3 1, The Ritual Ordained For Public Service, &/or
Diary of a Drug Fiend), & this is 1 ov those innocuous gems. I shared it & some notes w/volk locally as
I now do w/U (& probaly them again if they actually read this). So, what is it!?

“We are having great success every night with rituals, the order being the Pentagram, Creed, Collects,
then anything special as occasion dictates, Benediction and O.T.O. applause.
The effect has been magnificent.”

2 reiterate:
1 Pentagram
2 Creed
3 Collects
4 Anything special as occasion dictates
5 Benediction
6 O.T.O. applause

Seems simple enough, even 4 the beginner. Reminiscent ov Our Mass as well w/o technically
being 1, or even a MiniMass like that created by Our late Brother Sir Rusty Sporer. Was AC trying 2
imprint Our Mass on2 Officers & non-Officers alike @ the Abbey? Doing the above (esp Creed &
Collects) wood familiarize volk (cip the Deacon & People) w/their longer parts, plus it can b
personalized as per point 4 more than Our Mass. Anyroad, let Us consider a few other points ov

1 might ask witch Pentagram Ritual? The Lesser Banishing, Lesser/Greater, True Greater, Star
Ruby, regular or group Reguli? Seems like a nice progression ov 7 rituals 2 study & try as your group
progresses. This is where the older members may mentor the newer 1s, keeping Us on Our toes so 2
speak. Personally I think it wood b kosher 2 use The Proclamation ov the Law & response from Mass as
it is a great, yet simple, banishing (& invocation). The “I proclaim” part could b modified 2 reflect the
intent/Will ov the Working also (as may points 3 & 4), or U could just as easily do Will (another Cefalu
suggestion btw). The simple answer seems 2b the Lesser Banishing Ritual ov the Pentagram, but as I
have hopefully shown this should not limit U.

The Creed & Collects r simple enough, but on something outside an official Mass (c The
Collects, I was wondering if all 11 r required
(i.e. 4 Occasional Collects - Birth, Marriage, Death & The End). Just wondering/noting though as I
think they r each integral 2 the whole, plus it is good practice 4 Mass. But, as what We r discussing is
not technically a Gnostic Mass, the point should still b made. If any1 experiments w/this (or has
comments &/or curses), please let me know ov your findings as I will Ours.
Now, the 4th point is the only 1 not so simple, anything special as occasion dictates. This might
nclude divination, dedications, feasts, lectures, meetings, readings &/or more ritual me thinks. A
specific Will/geas might Work as well. I will give an example ov how things might come 2gether (as n
Liber Israfel) b4 ending this piece. Suffice 2 say 1 should not make things too hard 4 themselves.

The last point I will note is 5, the Benedictio from Mass. 4 Our purposes here it is the same, yet
U can individualize it. I will digress then give an example. 2 some The LORD=HGA, so use that if U
know it. Any other divine name (even not so divine) will Work as well, or none @ ALl really. W/that
sayd, here is an example:

+ The LORD bless me.

+ The LORD enlighten my mind & comfort my heart & sustain my body.
+ The LORD bring me to the accomplishment of my true Will, the Great Work, the Summum Bonum,
True Wisdom & Perfect Happiness.

ALrite, how might We put the above n2 practice? Say U wanted 2 do something ov a Thelemic
flavor locally 4 Halloween, like celebrate an All Gnostic Saints Feast Day. Nothing extra really needs
2b done different from any other 10.31. After the obvious (getting volk 2gether & such), announce that
a ceremony ov sorts is about 2 take place. 1 person could take the lead (randomly or by
choice/lottery/skill/etc), directing others &/or doing it themselves. As Halloween technically starts @
sunset & ends midnite, Resh might b sayd @ their appropriate times as well. Once every1 is on the
same page, begin point 1 w/either a Pentagram Ritual or Proclamation ov the Law as noted above (or
even both?). Continue w/points 2 & 3 as usual, all 11 Collects here btw. The obvious thing 2 do @
point 4 here (2 me @ least) is give a lecture on the Saints & how they relate 2 Mass & Our Order n
general (&/or remember friends/family/loved 1s members have lost). U could go over the 3 times (-
Collect title/description) Saints is sayd n Mass, go over that Collect n general/detail & correct name
pronunciation, plus their histories from either Red Flame #2 if U have it (& can keep it, I’ve had 3!?) or
Our Grand Master Sabazius’ website. Seeing that it is Halloween some type ov divination may b done
as well, yet that does not really fit n2 the above scenario. Once that is accomplished, finish w/points 5
& 6. Afterwards volk can go about their typical Halloween way w/o having 2 tear a temple or anything

As I hope U can c from the above, these 6 simple steps can easily b adapted 2 suit any occasion.
There really does not have 2b anything special occurring either. B4 classes & meetings mayb. How
about when 1 or more ov Us come 2gether? Again, if any1 experiments w/this (or has comments &/or
curses), please let me know ov your findings as I will Ours. W/that sayd, b4 ending I wood like 2 share
another Crowley quote w/U. This time from Diary of a Drug Fiend, pg 361. It deals w/another practice
from the Abbey, standing @ the Death Collect:

“Again, after an invocation of the forces of birth and reproduction,

all rose to their feet and addressed Death with sublime simplicity,
masking nothing, evading nothing, but facing the huge fact with serene dignity.
The gesture of standing to meet Death was nobly impressive.”

Love is the law, love under will.

From Liber Kronos
On Thelemic Time
So, what did AC change regarding the Tarot?

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

As briefly noted n Our EdditoriAL, 2009 n Our dating system can b represented by the tarot
trumps The Emperor & The Star. I wrote On Thelemic Time 4 Liber Kronos last year 2 xplain the
system some, yet not by Our 12.1 deadline (12.29.2008 @ 4:18pm 2b xact). I nclude it here as a little
background nfo b4 briefly noting on something not so simple (2 some @ least). The latter was covered
n Liber Kronos’ Korections section 4 March, w/AC’s reasoning from The Book of Thoth. ALl the
problems come from LL I57:

Invoke me under my stars! Love is the law, love under will. Nor let the fools mistake love; for there are
love and love. There is the dove, and there is the serpent. Choose ye well! He, my prophet, hath chosen,
knowing the law of the fortress, and the great mystery of the House of God.
All these old letters of my Book are aright; but is not the Star. This also is secret: my prophet
shall reveal it to the wise.

Since I am not a prophet (advocate mayb), I will let Crowley do the talking. B4 that though I put
the pieces 2gether as they relate 2 their 777 Columns. Some disagree that they should b changed while
others argue how they should. As an Aquarius (2.3.71) it Works 4 me, & U really do not need 2
perform LL III73 2 figure it out. While I did not paste them, I like most have layd them out 2 “divine”
an answer. As noted though, such spiritual sources r not needed. As an aside, @ 1 point I printed the
manuscript vs atus out. The only thing I gained was a printed manuscript. Anyroad, 4 a more detailed
discussion c chapter 5 (Christeos Lucifitias) ov Initiation in the Aeon of the Child by J. Daniel Gunther.
Comments or curses r ALways welcomed by the management.

Love is the law, love under will.


On Thelemic Time

The Thelemic Calender, Year 0, began March, 21 1904 e.v. after AC's performance ov the
Supreme Ritual. Time began anew (well, a new anniversary @ least). The years following are marked
by a count ov 22-year periods (0-21), or a docosade. Each period corresponds to a card from the Major
Arcana Atu, & each individual year w/in the docosade is counted as a Trump. Normally the non-0 #s
are written in Roman numerals w/docosades capitalized (left) & years lowercase (right), plus others
separate the #s w/a colon (me not so much). That would mean 3.20.08 - 3.20.09 is the year ov Atu XVI,
The Tower, in the docosade ov Atu IV, The Emperor (IVxvi 4 short). The # on the left (here IV) is the
count ov docosades since 1904 e.v. & the # on the right (xvi) is the count ov years since the start ov the
current docosade, thus IVxvi is 4 docosades & 16 years. For those w/a mathmatical mind
4*22+16=104+1904=2008. The #s ov the year are often predeeded by Anno (meaning In the year ov) &
followed by e.n. (another Latin abbrev), era novis (new era). I have even seen & used A.L., meaning
Anno Legis. When giving dates in the civil calendar the latter is replaced w/ e.v., era vulgaris or
common era. Some capitalize the Anno & abbrevs as well.
W/in each year, dates & times are also expressed by the positions ov the Sun & Moon in the
Tropical zodiac. The astrological terms can ov course be replaced w/the appropriate symbols as well.
There are several sites online to calculate this, but Cal93 is by far the best to download. Now
(12.29.2008 @ 4:18pm) for example would be Anno IVxvi, Sol 8° Capricorn, Luna 4° Aquarius Dies
Lunæ. As you might note @ the end there, instead ov the common names ov the week We again use the
Latin (something me thinks should use less ov btw). Normally in writing I use Sol’s Day, Moonday,
Tyr's Day, Woden’s Day, Thor’s Day, Frige or Freya’s Day & Saturnday, but that’s just me. W/that
sayd, here are the more commonly used names:

Sunday - dies Solis - day ov the Sun

Monday - dies Lunae - day ov the Moon
Tuesday - dies Martis - day ov Mars
Wednesday - dies Mercurii - day ov Mercury
Thursday - dies Jovis - day ov Jove (Jupiter)
Friday - dies Veneris - day ov Venus
Saturday - dies Saturni - day ov Saturn

Whew. A lot ov words on what to do, but really no why besides it corresponds w/22 w/all its
correspondences (sunspot cycles?) & to commemorate/remember a specific day in 1904. In short it is
most likely the nature ov The Beast. Every people & group have their specific & agreed upon
chronologies plus a myryiad ov methods to denote them (2007 was 2000 in the Ethiopian calendar btw).
Masons have their many "in the year of”s (Anno Lucis, Anno Mundi, Anno Inventionis, Anno
Depositionis, Anno Ordinis, Anno Benefacto, yada, yada, yada), not to mention all the ecclesiastical
kooks. Brother Belarion also has his Year of Babalon, witch is June 15, 1950 (4000 YB 2 U & me).
Who knows? Really, who knows?! Another, final, dating method comes from Frater Faustus’ The
Orators 'ration Of Calendars & Kings. The concept ov “Thoth-years” was/is very interesting. By his
reckoning '08-09 is the Year ov The Tower & '09-10 The Star. Read in full here. As always, Do It
Everyday. Do what U say (or dare I What is It, invoking Faith No More)? Do What Thou Wilt.

So, what did AC change regarding the Tarot?

The Emperor-IV-heh-5-path15 became tzaddi-90-path 28

Justice-VIII-path 19 became Adjustment-path 22
Strength-XI-path 22 became Lust-path 19
The Star-XVII-tzaddi-90-path 28 became heh-5-path 15
The Wheel of Destiny-X became Fortune
Moderation-XIV became Art
Judgment Day-XX became The Aeon
The World-XXI became The Universe


11 Aleph Ox 11th,Kether-Chokmah O The Fool
12 Beth House 12th, Kether-Binah I The Magus
13 Gimel Camel 13th,Kether-Tiphar. II The High Priestess
14 Daleth Door 14th,Chokmah-Binah III The Empress
15 Heh Window 15th,Chokmah-Tiphar. XVII The Star
16 Vau Nail 16th,Chokmah-Chesed V The Hierophant
17 Zayin Sword 17th,Binah-Tiphareth VI The Lovers
18 Cheth Fence 18th,Binah-Geburah VII The Chariot
19 Teth Serpent 19th,Chesed-Geburah XI Lust
20 Yod Hand 20th,Chesed-Tipharth IX The Hermit
21 Kaph Palm 21,Chesed-Netzach X Fortune
22 Lamed Ox Goad 22,Geburah-Tiphareth VIII Adjustment
23 Mem Water 23,Geburah-Hod XII The Hanged Man
24 Nun Fish 24,Tiphar-Netzach XIII Death
25 Samekh Prop 25, Tiphar-Yesod MP XIV Art
26 Ayin Eye 26,Tiphareth-Hod XV The Devil
27 Peh Mouth 27,Netzach-Hod XVI The Tower
28 Tzaddi Fish-hook 28,Netzach-Yesod IV The Emperor
29 Qoph Back of Head 29,Netzach-Malkuth XVIII The Moon
30 Resh Head 30, Hod-Yesod XIX The Sun
31 Shin Tooth 31,Hod-Malkuth XX The Aeon
32 Tau Tau (as Egyptian) 32,Yesod-Malkuth XXI The Universe

Note how Atu #s do not change, just some titles & positions. How does AC explain this? From
The Book of Thoth:

“4. The Nature of the Evidence.

These historical digressions have been essential to the under-standing of the conditions of this enquiry. It
is now proper to consider the peculiar numbering of the Trumps. It appears natural to a mathematician to begin
the series of natural numbers with Zero; but it is very disturbing to the non-mathematically trained mind. In the
traditional essays and books on the Tarot, the card numbered "0" was supposed to lie between the cards XX and
XXI. The secret of the initiated interpretation, which makes the whole meaning of the Trumps luminous, is simply
to put this card marked "0" in its natural place, where any mathematician would have put it, in front of the number
One. But there is still one peculiarity, one disturbance in the natural sequence. This is that the cards VIII and XI
have to be counterchanged, in order to preserve the attribution. For the card XI is called "Strength"; on it appears
a Lion, and it quite evidently refers to the zodiaca1 sign Leo, whereas the card VIII is called "Justice", and
represents the conventional symbolic figure, throned, with sword and balances, thus obviously referring to tile
zodiacal sign of Libra, the Balance.
Frater Perdurabo had made a very profound study of the Tarot since his initiation to the Order on 18th
November, 1898; for, three months later, he had attained the grade of Practicus; as such, he became entitled to
know the Secret Attribution. He constantly studied this and the accompanying explanatory manuscripts. He
checked up on all these attributes of the numbers to the forms of nature, and found nothing incongruous. But
when (8th April, 1904 e.v.) he was writing down the Book of the Law from the dictation of the messenger of the
Secret Chiefs, he seems to have put a mental question, suggested by the words in Chapter I, verse 57: "the law of
the Fortress, and the great mystery of the House of God" ("The House of God" is one name of the Tarot Trump
numbered XVI) to this effect: "Have I got these attributions right?" For there came an interpolated answer, "All
these old letters of my book are aright; but x is not the Star. This also is secret; my prophet shall reveal it to the
This was exceedingly annoying. If Tzaddi was not "the Star", what was? And what was Tzaddi? He tried
for years to counter-change this card, "The Star", which is numbered XVII, with some other. He had no success. It
was many years later that the solution came to him. Tzaddi is "The Emperor"; and therefore the positions of XVII
and IV must be counterchanged. This attribution is very satisfactory.
Yes, but it is something a great deal more than satisfactory; it is, to clear thought, the most convincing
evidence possible that the Book of 'he Law is a genuine message from the Secret Chiefs.
For "The Star" is referred to Aquarius in the Zodiac, and "The Emperor' to Aries. Now Aries and
Aquarius are on each side of Pisces, just as Leo and Libra are on each side of Virgo; that is to say, the correction
in the Book of the Law gives a perfect symmetry in the zodiacal attribution, just as if a loop were formed at one
end of the ellipse to correspond exactly with the existing loop at the other end.
These matters sound rather technical; in fact, they are; but the more one studies the Tarot, the more one
perceives the admirable symmetry and perfection of the symbolism. Yet, even to the layman, it ought to be
evident that balance and fitness are essential to any perfection, and the elucidation of these two tangles in the last
150 years is undoubtedly a very remarkable phenomenon.”

And this:

“It was quite impossible to understand why this reversal should have taken place until the events of
March and April, 1904, which are recounted in detail in "The Equinox of the Gods". One need here give only one
quotation: "All these old letters of my Book are aright; but x is not the Star". (AL. 1.57.) This was making
darkness deeper. It was clear that the attribution of "The Star" to the letter tzaddi was unsatisfactory; and the
question arose, how to find another card which would take its place. An incredible amount of work was done on
this; in vain. After nearly twenty years the solution appeared.
The Star represents Nuit, the starry heavens. "I am Infinite Space, and the Infinite Stars thereof." (AL.
1.22.) She is represented 1 (The old titles of these cards were respectively "Strength" and "Justice": they are
inadequate or misleading.) with two vases, one pouring water, a symbol of Light, upon herself, the other upon the
earth. This is a glyph of the Economy of the Universe. It continually pours forth energy and continually reabsorbs
it. It is the realization of Perpetual Motion, which is never true of any part) but necessarily true of the whole. For,
if it were not so, there would be something disappearing into nothing, which is mathematically absurd. The
principle of Carnot (the Second Law of Thermodynamics) is only true in finite Equations.
The card which must be exchanged for "The Star" is "The Emperor", who bears the number IV, which
signifies Power, Authority, Law, and is attributed to the sign Aries. This proves very satisfactory. But it became
infinitely more so as soon as it was seen that this substitution cleared up the other mystery about Strength and
Justice. For Leo and Libra are, by this exchange, shown as revolved about Virgo, the sixth sign of the Zodiac,
which balances the revolution of Aries and Aquarius about Pisces, the twelfth sign. This is a reference to a
peculiar secret of the ancients which was very deeply studied by Godfrey Higgins and others of his school. It is
useless to go far into the matter here. But the position is made clear enough by the accompanying diagram. It will
be seen at a glance that now, for the first time, is a perfect symmetry established in the Tarot.
The justice of the exchange is evident when one considers Etymology. It is natural that the Great Mother
should be attributed to He', which is her letter in the Tetragrammaton, while the letter Tzaddi is the natural letter
of the Emperor in the original phonetic system, as shown in the words Tsar, Czar, Kaiser, Cæsar, Senior,
Seigueur, Seflor, Signor, Sir.”

King James

Immortals Plight
Here I am, standing alone.
The cold wind blowing upon my face.
It is so cold.
Watching the vastness of the sea.

Here I am, standing alone.

Having memories of a past that is all gone.
Longing for a future that will never be.
Living a present that hurts so much.

Here I am, standing alone.

Thinking on how beautiful love can be.
On how much pain love can give.
On how empty is life when there is none to love.

Here I am, standing alone.

Alone for centuries to come.
Forever sailing the seas of loneliness.
Curse… that shall never end!

Here I am, standing alone.

And now, I cry.
Soror Stellae

Death by illusion

It’s just so sad it is just so sad

getting divorced
the loss of ideals
the death of the love
one thought was there
To lose that love to lose that love
to lose that trust
one thought was there
It's just not fair!
to think it's there
and it's not really there
This HUGE idea
dead after years
or months
or tears
I guess the Broad view
takes more effort
than the narrow ones do
Maybe that's why
Few try
their hearts at it.
There are things that feed my spirit
that no one else can know
How the trees ballet in the wind
How the dance of the seasons goes

Kitty curled into a ball

Jazz on the radio
There are things that feed my spirit
no one else can know

Cookies in the shape of wolf

Grapevine wreaths abound
High ideals generosity
enough to go around

A trip through the darkness

a month of the year
It pleases me no end
to go where "angels" fear

Expounding my long learning

for the eager ears to catch
so the dweller on the threshold
might just lift the latch

Helping when it's needed

observing all the time
Wisdom to keep my mouth shut
except to speak some rhyme

Or song to pass the time

instead of dreary drudge
O wish I would just let go
and gobble down the fudge

(with regrets for that last line)

I thought I had more time
(to the tune of [I can't remember ] )

On my Harley down the street

That really can't be beat
I was just feeling fine
But I heard that magic call
Got no regrets at all
But I thought I had more time

On the beach with my lover

trying to discover
if we were just feeling fine
Well he doesn't know Nuit
but he's good at ra hoor khuit
but I thought I had more time

Now I'm with the other

sisters and brothers
We are just feeling fine
And we're all invisible
we'll answer your call
And now we have lots of time

Now we have lots of time
Now we have lots of time
We’re invisible
We’ll answer your call
Cause now we have lots of time
initiation not very gentle
searching thru the rubble of my life
searching for the beauty I know is there
clawing thru the junk & the mire
a desperate cling to the idea
that there is beauty there

I can feel it, I know its real

but no one else seems to care
about the beauty that is obviously there
if one would only stare
and care
about beauty
anyone could see that its there
perhaps they dare
not see that its really there
for it would torch their very souls

it could be heard in the sound of silence

and seen on the canvas of the invisible

you just want to go grab some robot-slave

and drag them to the threshold
and hold their heads in a vise grip
and scream, look! listen! be transformed!
your life will never be the same!
aren't you glad?

look! hear! shake & be horrified, you shout,

at the lies you've lived
this whole corporeal life
(you just want to gorge all their senses with it);
be the destroyer that shatters your
deadly walls
walls deadly to the spirit you don't know
you have.
and maybe just maybe they won't all
explode into bits with fear
and run away.

but mostly, they would

and I would cry, where are the brave ones?

where are the philosophers?
where are the seekers & the adventurers?
Not on hallowed concrete, fer sure!
Not in the robot halls, Right on!
Not in the copse of shops & money pits, nay!
In those places, where is my human reflection?
I believe in them, but the believe not in themselves.
They know not Hadit, & therefore have no sense of living
They know not Nuit, & therefore have no sense of belonging.
They know not Ra Hoor Khuit, therefore have no sense of eternal existence.
They cannot reflect my humanity, no, not at all.

Les Masques du Baron

Liber brouhaha

I am she! who can't keep an apartment clean!

I am she! With damage to right -- arm rotator cuff assembly!

I am she! The adept afraid of mice!

I am she! Who, trying to conquer Malkuth, invokes Jupiter (HA!)

Hear me, and make all zodiac signs subject unto me, and every animal -- type Hindu god or
deity and every army of pop -- up heretical offshoot order whores, and every miscreant poorly --
formed letter of the English language be obedient unto me!

redone by soror whoop-si-daisy

new years eve poetry
Stiff velvet Boy
You were young
And translucent
Melted magic lingered

Think only
One god
Two eyes
Always celebrate

Celebrate as
Dark salty belly ocean
Stars dazzle
Woman streaming

Steel circle god

Pierce and sacrifice
Big loud voice
Wild smoke desire

feline feline feline

Soft champagne
Fat flower

A single sparrow on a branch

Sugar maple turning bright red
Sure signs of autumn
twilit zone
Just a time of day
or night
with light receding
faster than you thought
with dark coming on
faster than you think
only the brightest lights shine
in dark that's still too light
in light still too dark
leaving the day that is known and past
leading in the dark unknown and future

Just a time of life

between comfort of the known
and dread of the unknown
between surety of purpose
and uncertainty of what to do next

Just a space in time

or a time in space
between desire and manifest
between thought and result

Just a place for courage

and hanging by less than a spider's thread
Just a bare moment
to hang on with all the faith one can muster
to the Star that you really are.

Red male Lion,
White female Eagle,
her retort receives his blood, Elixir.
Steeped n the solvent menstruum ov the White Eagle,
their First Matter is mixed, mingled, united.
The effluvia ov the Lion & the Eagle is Love under Will,
Original, sinless Creation.
Food 4 Gods.
Transubstantiation by imagination, aspiration, inspiration,
& that Holy Fire witch is called Ecstasy.
The Magickal Opus ov the lowly Puffer’s Art,
transforming & transmuting ALl,
Sex in uno, per nomen septum in uno,

Martyr’s Reward
All Pakistani Hero
Pervaiz Mahsi

Gather rounds my friends

& let me tell U the tale
ov a poor, illiterate, Christian janitor,
Pervaiz Mahsi.
A simple man from Pakistan,
yet a hero all the same.
The story yes is sad,
what happened October 20th
@ the International Islamic University n Islamabad.
Synchronized suicide blasts rocked the campus that day,
killing 6 n a cowardly way.
1 bomber barged into the women-only facility from the yard,
pathetically disguised as a woman, wearing a colorful shawl.
After fatally shooting the guard,
1 man blocked his way.
Our hero,
Pervaiz Mahsi.
He could have ran, or even helped the attacker,
there were only grrls & women w/n the cafeteria, no matter.
But brave Pervaiz stood his ground @ the door,
protecting the females nside.
The bastard bomber’s last resort,
his murderous mission ncomplete,
was blowing Pervaiz & himself n2 bits,
killing each nstantly @ the entrance ov the girls' cafeteria.
50 students saved.
All that remains ov the incident
r pockmarks n the pavement
where the ball bearings blasted.
That, & the memory ov a man,
a poor, illiterate, janitor,
leaving bhind a shocked, yet proud family.
His reward, if there can b such a thing?
1 million rupees 4 his family,
roughly $12,000 2 U & me,
4 his bravery & sacrifice.
While not 72 virgins as the suiciders say,
actually 72 white raisins btw,
his memory will remain.
W/those he left & the grrls he saved,
the country he loved & U now.
Pervaiz Mahsi,
All Pakistani Hero.
Know, a hero 4 all.
Final Solutions
So, it has come 2 this.
The mindless mob controlled nvisibly over a distance,
like some remote, needy drone,
by idiots n idiot boxes
plus payd, prejudiced, pretend pontiffs.
Bad magic ndeed, not 2 mention several Ps,
duping the defeated crybabies n2 a lather,
w/only half truths & puerile blather.
Human error repeating itself again, & again,
ignorance ad nauseam I know.
So, what is a man, wombman, child, beast & planet 2 do now, w/o fear?
As Jean Luc himself once proclaimed,
the line must b drawn here!

If u blieve n government run Death Panels,

take the cool aid.
Drink the cool aid.

If u blieve President Obama is Hitler,

take the cool aid.
Drink the cool aid.

If u blieve President Obama is an illegal alien,

& who isn’t really, We & even Our Brother Indians r,
take the cool aid.
Drink the cool aid.

If u blieve any ov the other bullshyte these crazed, crony hacks preach,
that lame old devil legerdemain, practiced political prestidigitation,
or sleight ov hand 2 the uninitiated congregation,
take the cool aid.
Drink the cool aid.

4gotten, as always, as if pushed under a bad rug,

r the little things, kinder-kinde, though not 2 them.
Our small clarion call still sounds, 2 all children ov kind Man.

If u blieve n drug criminalization,

smoke some weed & get over it.
Wood your god make some thing if it was not good?
Don’t bogart the burning bowl though.
To turn one hemp-seed from its proper use
is to disturb the balance of Nature.

If u blieve Man does not affect his nvironment,

take the cool aid.
Drink the cool aid.
Or wait & do nothing.
The cool aid is faster.

If u blieve n constant war & silent violence, far away & @ home,
take the cool aid.
Drink the cool aid.
What r we ever fighting 4?
Don't ask me, I don't give a damn,
some1 else’s next stop is Afghanistan.

If u blieve young girls should b child brides, or worse, out there or here,
or boys similarly cloistered & abused,
take the cool aid.
Drink the cool aid.
Please, take 2.
Better still, let your victim or victims kill U.

These r all but branches, offshoots,

nay, loose dead leaves, ov the tree called ignorance.
The plumb line must b, is, drawn.
By knowledge, razor wit & continual attack ov will,
cut Truth’s foliage foe 4ever free from its blasted base.
The writhing, rotten roots will wither away.
Not by the light ov some vaulted promised day,
but from the flames brought about by the joy ov doing.

If u blieve some tribal god hates fags,

caused Katrina
plus past, present & future disasters & tragedies,
some good god n deed 1 must question,
take the cool aid.
Drink the cool aid.

If u blieve n any tribal god,

Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Moroni, Jesus, Zenu or any other boogieman by another name,
take the cool aid.
Drink the cool aid.

If u blieve I am serious, @ least on some ov what I have sayd,

take the cool aid.
Drink the cool aid.
The world & I will go on, & on.

Aber, this I say proudly & w/o any regret:

If u blieve Beyonce had 1 ov the best videos ov all time w/Single Ladies,
take the cool aid.
Drink the cool aid.
Do not blame poor ol’ man Hennessey, jackass!
As it is not a federal felony to speak about hunting Gubernatorial Candidates,
yet I think,
I present
Good Wex Wammell Hunting!
Uncle Elmer says b very, very quiet,
We’re Hunting Wex Wammell!
Far up Idaho way,
a gem ov a state … some say,
where the women r men
& their men r … happy?
Darn right they’re happy!
Happy around men?
Whenever they can,
n packs or by 2s 4 puberty rituals,
they go off as card carrying NRA maenads n2 the mountains,
compensating with Fire powered penises.
It only costs 11.50 a tag now
2 kill a wolf n the once great Pacific Northwest,
far from the 1s n old grandmother’s tales.
But if you don’t want 2 kill an animal already on the down,
from under population, disease, or general lack ov habitat & resources,
then man is the next best bet!
Strike higher, not lower.
Some Idahooligan actually shouted Obama tags!
Wascally Wex Wammell wavered,
We'd buy some of those.
He actually sayd it, & w/o a sheet & hood!
The hunt is on, though never 4 the good.
Esto Perpetua (Let it be forever)!
But y go 2 DC I say,
where Idadopes have no jurisdiction.
How about Wammell tags?
Yah I sayd hunt Wex Wammell!
Easy 2 track while running his Gubernatorial race I must add.
I would give U his address, but that might make him mad.
What is good 4 the goose is good 4 the poor proverbial gander.
The job U dsire Sir requires U 2 lead, not 2 pander.
Shame, shame Wex Wammell,
shame U 2 your false hell.
Soon the children from your sad state will chant assassinate Obama.
Witch they did n November after the election, n Wex Wammell’s hometown.
Is Hysteria now Ringmaster & Truth the Clown?
I’m w/Uncle Elmer on this 1,
& already own a gun.
Plus, there is no tag yet 2 buy it.
So, b very, very quiet,
We’re Hunting Wex Wammell!
I Am Better Than U
I Am Better Than U
Says the lowest ov the low.
Degrees, titles & possessions
All 2 fill your hole.
Pathetic, pretentious pedagogues.
Hiding your poverty ov heart
Your empty nothing w/n,
Know sight ov a soul.

I Am Better Than U
If more agree w/me
& the louder We say it the better!
Put it n a book & make it sacred word,
nforce it by fire & sword,
better bet by bullet & bomb.
Better 4 every1 though
If U beat Us 2 the tomb.
4 n your own words,
who lives by the sword
will die by the sword.
Hopefully your own.

I Am Better Than U
Bcause I am prettier & better looking
Yet hidden nsecurities & anxieties
Luckily lurk w/n
Like purging, anorexia, diet pills & steroids
Or painting tainted toxins tested on animals
Caked on & cracked lines like a cosmetic death mask.
Worse still
drunken &/or drugged date rape.
Fleeting beauty asks
Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Whose the neediest ov them all?!

I Am Better Than U
Bcause my mommy & daddy give me $
Listen 2 me, listen 2 me
C me, c me
Wa wa wa
What better an argument 4 spanking & the draft!

I Am Better Than U
Is what some say & wish n2 the mirror
2 themselves
so they can b
not better than U or any
1 or thing
just better
4 theirselves, & the many.
If U wood like 2 RaView anything, like Our RaViews,
feel free 2 contact Our local Oasis n care ov the Edditor.
I do not eddit content, so say what U will
(w/n a modicum ov reason ov corpse).

ALl RaViews this issue r mein,


Initiation in the Aeon of the Child

The Inward Journey
J. Daniel Gunther

This is 1 ov those Works where pre-publication student ov Motta), volk tend 2 want 2 pick his
rumors had a lot ov volk awaiting its brain (&/or c his library). His knowledge &
manifestation. When I received my copy xperience will b obvious as U read Initiation in
5.17.09 I devoured it asap. I was going 2 rite a the Aeon of the Child. Another thing witch set
longer RaView 4 Talons, yet that took the form the book apart was that it was not just a
ov a notebook all its own. Suffice 2 say it was a reproduction ov rehashed rituals 4 filler. Actual
great read. Mayb not so much 4 the bginner, but thoughts & questions, things 2 make U think!?
any1 worth their salt will njoy it. If nothing The nerve. N short, a must 4 every library.
else, the diagrams r pretty!
If U wood like 2 contact the A∴A∴, send your
So, y so much hype over just another occult ntroductory correspondence 2 the address blow
book? Well, when the author is an A∴A∴ (what, no e-mail?!):
member as Brother Gunther (not 2 mention x

London WC1N 3XX

The Heretic’s Guide To Thelema

Gerald Del Campo

Now I started this out mentally while reading I thought I had read it, but that was another
the back cover, & it was not positive. Going book ov the same title by Erwin Hessle. The 1st
over the contents I remembered each Work. 2 r not necessarily “fresh” per se, but I dsided
New Aeon Magick (1994) I bought & read a not 2 judge the book by its cover. Bsides, I like
long time ago, & gave it away only 2 buy it the cover & get the title (witch should b A vs
again 4 another who then did not want it. The The me thinks, i.e. he’s not the only 1). After
“controversial” New Aeon English Qabalah actually reading The Heretic’s Guide To
(2001) I know ov & have seen/read/Worked Thelema I liked the sum ov its parts. N short,
w/also, but I am too old 4 mathematical this is what New Aeon Magick should have
masturbations. Every # is infinite ja know. As been. Good 4 bginners & refreshing 4 those a
4 The Ethics of Thelema, that was nu @ least. little more vetted.
The Weiser Concise Guide Series
Edited & Introduced by James Wasserman

Concise Guide to Alchemy

Brian Cotnoir 2006
Concise Guide to Yoga for Magick
Nancy Wasserman 2007
Concise Guide to Herbal Magick
Judith Hawkins-Tillirson 2007
Edited & Introduced by Nancy & James Wasserman
Concise Guide to Practical Astrology
Priscilla Costello 2008
Concise Guide to Aleister Crowley
Richard Kaczynski 2009

When I 1st picked up Concise Guide to Alchemy The following year I looked a few times 4
@ a local occult bookshop (if Aquarius can b Concise Guide to Practical Astrology & no1
called that), I did so as I had everything else had it locally, so I waited. When 2009 rolled
witch was good. My lowest xpectations from around I dsided not 2 chance missing the new
their selection was raised though as I leafed title, go 2 the source & ordered the Concise
through its pages. The book seemed actually Guide to Aleister Crowley 4.26. My 1st
concise, witch 4 others is synonymous w/short mpression was a more readable Portable
& unfulfilling (like Llewellyn’s The Truth Darkness 4 the masses. It was a good read & I
About series). While I am not a puffer think most will like it. I did & wood suggest it
(ALthough I play 1 n my garage), I liked it & 2 newbies as well as crusty old seadogs. After
looked 4ward 2 the rest ov the series. I did not finishing that, I finally found the Concise Guide
have 2 wait long as 2 more came out the next to Practical Astrology. While not really a
year, 2007. subject I am giddy over, I liked it as well. That
is mpressive n itself, keeping some1s nterest
Again @ Aquarius I found the next 2 books n when they have none. The general theme ov
the series, Concise Guide to Yoga for Magick & good 4 bginners applied here as well.
Concise Guide to Herbal Magick. As w/the 1st
I was mpressed & liked them. I am xperienced After reading the complete Weiser Concise
n both, yet they seemed good 4 bginners & Guide Series so far, I can actually say I liked
those who need a refreshing review. It was then them all. Know nothing groundbreaking, but
that I wanted 2 RaView both & started 2 the series is called concise, not comprehensive.
(Herbal Magick as a 777 ov Wortcunning), but They make great reference material on their
it hit me 2 RaView the complete series when respective subjects, & even better ntroductions 4
they all came out. W/that n mind I waited. B4 those w/o a clue. I have not gone n2 much
that though, the cover image ov Herbal Magick detail n this RaView as I want U 2 read them &
I especially liked as I know where the real thing find out 4 yourselves. Whatever the case, they
grows. That nspired me 2 take some pictures & deserve a place n your library & make great
use 1 n the RaView I was riting. I nclude it here gifts as well.
@ the end ov RaViews 4 your viewing pleasure.
U should c the datura & lotuses!
To Perfect This Feast
A Commentary on Liber XV
The Gnostic Mass
James & Nancy Wasserman

Great minds think ALike they say. Last year I was Working on a few Mass papers & booklets,
when after completing them I noticed the Studio31 site. @ that time (1.8.09) their book was not out yet,
so I sent an e-mail nquiring when it wood b. Long story short, We happily ordered several 4 local Oasis
members witch promptly came n 1.29. Not sure how many got signed copies, yet I was glad 2 get 1 (an
early 2.3 bday surprise 4 moi btw). While I had already written similar papers & booklets, Brother
James & Soror Nancy beat me 2 publication. No hard feelings though as I think their Work was
wonderful. Not just 4 the bookshelf either, meaning it can actually b used.
The 1st thing I noticed & liked was the book itself, a gorgeous Altar picture w/golden cover.
Even though U cannot judge a book by that criteria, U don’t want it looking like crap either. The
contents I was very familiar w/as I have written similar 1s (6 actually). Here is what U can xpect:

Disclaimer The Temple Prior to Admitting the Congregation

The Gnostic Mass & this Commentary Suggested Deacon Pre-Mass Talk
A Word on Interpretation & Innovation Liber XV Mass Missal
Keys to Improving as a Mass Officer Liber XV Performance Commentary
Logistics of the Mass From Mama Nuit’s Cosmic Cookie Kitchen
Liber Oz

As U can c, their book is intended 2 help Mass Officers &/or those who strive 2b (or just a better
1). The closest book I know 2 it is Red Flame #2, & I am surprised no1 did it b4 (witch is y I was
Working on it). Sure there have been/r online papers like it, but not published as a book. I might
disagree n some places, like volk n “a horseshoe around the Temple” holding hands, but only ALLA is
perfect. Another reason I like it is bcause it gets every1 on the same page. Need a guide 4 a Mass
Class? Buy the book as the scienwhoseatoologists say. Anyroad, BUY THE BOOK!
R U A Traveling Man?
I Was Here
Out Ov Town O.T.O. Events

Sekhet Bast Ra Oasis

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Welcome 2 another installment ov R U A Traveling Man, or Out Ov Town O.T.O. Events.

While several such events happened this year, like the Musicka Mystica Maxima festival n NYC &
Mass-A-Thon @ William Blake Lodge (not 2 mention NOTOCON), 4 others & myself headed down
south once more 2 Sekhet Bast Ra Oasis n the Valley ov OKC. This time We went 2 participate in a
Mass-A-Thon & Roundtable Mass discussion presented by Bishops Hunahpu & Ixel Balamke. 6
Masses n 1 day, by 6 different Mass teams! Trust me, it was even more amazing than it sounds.
B4 I get started, I wood b amiss if I did not thank Brother Wes & Soror Susan 4 driving the 3 ov
Us there & back again. The 5.5-hour trip down is always the longest, yet having others 2 talk
w/certainly helps. Add 2 that We left late Freya’s Day nite (early Saturnday morning actually), meaning
no1 was sleeping. Little did We know slumber wood not come 2 Us till late Saturnday nite, or early
Sol’s Day morning 4 this insomniac! Many thanks as well goes 2 the volk @ Sekhet Bast Ra Oasis 4
hosting another amazing event. Always something 2 strive 4 (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Add 2 that
thanks 2 both Bishops Hunahpu & Ixel Balamke 4 their fraternity & informative Mass discussion. N
short, what a weekend!
Okey-dokey, the plan was this: even though there was a welcome reception/meet & greet 3.13
nite (witch Soror Isha & Brother Mesniu drove down 2 b4 Us), We left KC about 3:34 am 3.14. Given
the late departure time, I went 2 a certain burlesque show & met a few new female friends b4 having 2
meet up w/Brother Wes & Soror Susan. W/such a positive portent, We met, packed what We needed &
took off south. Thanks 2 APA 4 driving both ways btw. The drive seemed even longer @ nite, yet the
company made up 4 that. We dutifully made it, as usual, 2 their Temple Saturnday morning b4 they
opened @ ~9:30 am. The 1st Mass was slated 4 10:30 am w/the 2nd @ noon. Afterwards wood b a
break 4 lunch, time 4 Us 2 get Our rooms & prepare a bit. Soror Susan & myself did not have 2 do the
3rd Mass ov the day till 3 pm, so this gave Us (myself @ least) a little grounding time. Brother Mark &
Soror Isha had the 4th Mass, w/Brother Wes, Soror Susan & myself the 5th @ 7. The 6th & last Mass
ov the day was @ 8:30 pm, w/Brother Mark & Soror Isha as the Children. After such a long & glorious
day 4 ALl, We had time 2 socialize a bit, get something 2 eat & finally crash b4 the next day’s
Roundtable discussion.
Soror Molly was 1st 2 arrive & open their space. It is always a joy seeing her & hearing her
laugh, reminding me ov my blood Oklahoma family. 93s & hugs were distributed w/others arriving. As
more & more showed, the Oasis filled w/volk & fraternal camaraderie. This is 1 ov the reasons I love
Out Ov Town O.T.O. Events, meeting old & new acquaintances ALike. The Temple was mostly set up
& the Officers prepared the final touches while the People socialized a bit more. 2 save time the 1st 5
Masses wood b celebratory, i.e. only the Prst Communicating, w/every1 partaking n the last Mass. The
1st Mass team ov the day was Brother Dann as Prst, Soror Tina Prsts, Brother Brian Dcn, w/Brothers
Chris & David as the Chldrn. Xcitement gathered as We the People did the same, awaiting the Dcn 2
lead Us n2 the Temple.
What else can I say other than amazing. Adding 2 the ambiance was their Temple space (&
meus road wear). Seeing how others interpret & perform Our Mass helps Ourselves, obviously. I was
surprised by its loudness, but that did not distract me away from their amazing Mass. Afterwards We
had a brief break b4 the next team could do their noon Mass. This time it wood b Brother Stephan as
Prst, Soror Aedria Prsts, Soror Tina Dcn, w/Brothers David & Bryan as the Chldrn. Simply beautiful, 2
4 2. Having a female Dcn was refreshing & Worked well. I have noticed more males n this Office, yet
as U know it does not have 2b so. Anyroad, I & other volk liked it. It too was a little louder than We
usually do, but it was beautiful none the less. W/the 1st 2 Masses accomplished, We broke 4 a late
lunch & so We might get Our rooms b4 doing Our 1st Mass.
Brother Wes, Soror Susan & myself drove 2 Our lodgings & checked n. They had already
reserved theirs & luckily they had rooms @ their inn 4 me. We separated, unpacked & prepared 4 Our
turn up (think We ate something also). 4 me it was a mixture ov joy from the 2 previous Masses plus
event n general, punch drunk exhilaration from lack ov sleep & the usual calm witch settles over me
when I am on. I was prepared & had confidence n Our team. We got Ourselves ready, joined up @
their room, loaded things up again & headed off 2 do Our part.
We arrived @ the Temple a little b4 2:30 pm I think so We could unpack & prepare. Our lineup
wood b Soror Susan as Prsts, Brother Stephan as Dcn, Brothers Bryan & Chris as the Chldrn & myself
Prst. Know We had not Worked w/the Dcn or Chldrn b4, yet We were confident We could Work
2gether well as each knew their part. Previously We had met & chatted, but then We went over things
while We prepared & suited up. Again nothing different n content, just execution/style (bet they’d never
seen a 1 armed Prst b4!). Anyroad, volk showed back up & settled n 4 Our Mass. Officers went 2 Our
Stations & Brother Stephan marshaled the People n.
I will not completely go over the details ov this experience here due 2 space restraints put n place
by me the Edditor (nside joke btw, not misspelling). Suffice 2 say she went off w/o a hitch. Mayb not
as loud as the previous 2 Masses, but I remember each did their part perfectly I must say. Never 1 2 toot
my own horn (n public @ least), I was & am very proud ov each Officer. That part ov it was over w/as
We unsuited & cleared things 4 the next team n this block @ 4:30 pm. Getting feedback after a job well
done is ALways nice, & is a great reason 2 go 2 such events. I am 1 ov those “tell me what I did wrong”
kind ov people though, plus my own worst critic. Anyroad…
The next Mass team was Brother Mark as Prst & Soror Isha Prsts from Our Oasis, Brother David
Dcn, w/Soror Tina & Brother Dann as the Chldrn. After fulfilling my Prst duties 4 the day it was nice
seeing local members again perform Mass w/Our OK Brethren & others. They did great as expected &
the 2nd block ov Masses came 2 a close. There was time 2 break things down a bit so the next team
wood not have 2 as after the previous Masses & volk did their things b4 having 2 return 4 the 7 pm
Mass. I really looked 4ward 2 being Dcn, as next 2 Prst it is my favorite Office (sorry Chldrn).
We got back 2 the Temple a little b4 6:30 pm & began preparing 4 the 3rd & final block ov
Masses. As w/the last break, volk started filing n & ready 4 the 5th Mass. Brother Wes wood b Prst,
Soror Susan Prsts, Brother Stephan & Soror Aedria the Chldrn & myself the Dcn. Every1 settled n &
Mass got underway. I ushered the People n2 the Temple & We bgan. N short, the Mass & all the
Officers were wonderful (nmhoal). By this time I knew the 3 ov Us & others were extremely tired, yet
the energy witch had been building all day kept volk going & was about 2 climax n the next & final
Mass ov the nite. Hats off again 2 the other Officers & People 4 a wonderful Mass. We changed &
cleaned up so the final team could get ready 4 their Mass.
After a bit ov socializing, the final Mass ov the nite began around 8:30 pm (cell phones off n
Temple all day btw). The Officers were Brother Dann as Prst, Soror Tina Prsts, Brother Chris Dcn,
w/Brother Mark & Soror Isha as the Chldrn. As noted, energy had been building all day, & now all the
People wood get 2 Communicate. The 5 Prst Officers had ov course (Brother Dann now twice, 1st &
last), but not the People yet. On an aside, I feel the Mass is ncomplete w/o the Prst & Ppl
Communicating, however I do understand how circumstances dictate. Anyroad, the last Mass &
Officers were magnificent. Not sure even now what it was, but @ The Collects the Dcn Brother Chris
started crying. Ov course he carried on, yet the outpouring ov emotion was palatable. This was his 3rd
Mass n an Officer position, yet I am not sure that contributed 2 his show ov passion. I am not saying n
any way it was a problem, quite the contrary. The shared experience is a key part ov Mass & a very
good reason 2 participate n such events as Mass-A-Thon. Words r skew wise n these cases. & w/that,
the last Mass came 2 a close w/joy & beauty. While every1 was tired yet elated @ the same time it
seemed, the Temple was broken down a little 4 the next day’s discussion while volk helped & socialized
b4 heading Our separate ways 4 the nite.
W/the day done (~9:45 pm, on a Saturnday nite!?) We headed 2 Our lodgings, stopping 4 some
food on the way. By that time I was starting 2 crash, yet We chatted 4 a bit, sayd my 93s & headed 2
my room. Once n I just threw my things on the floor & myself on the bed, reeling punch drunk, ecstatic
& beat. Good times. I took it all n 4 a bit, then popped up rejuvenated & began 2 rite b4 the spirit left
me. After doing Midnite Resh I pecked @ my food some b4 trying 2 sleep. That did not come soon so I
turned on the idiot box 2 do the job. That did not do it, so I chanted the Gayathri Mantra. That Worked
& I drifted off n2 sweet slumber around 2:45 am. We wood need 2 check out b4 heading over 2 the
Temple, so We could sleep n a bit. Anything after 40 hours plus w/no sleep helped.
Sol’s Day morning came early, but after doing Morning Resh & my meditations I slipped back
n2 bed until 10:30ish. The Roundtable Mass discussion presented by Bishops Hunahpu & Ixel Balamke
did not start till noon, so We could take Our time getting ready & there. We made it (1st notes @ 11:45
am), sayd Our 93s & socialized some b4 the discussion began @ noon (12:13 actually). While I am not
really sure what I can report on, I think it is safe 2 say the subjects covered were administrative,
symbolic & technical aspects relating 2 Our Beloved Mass & Holy Order. Suffice 2 say it was very
nformative. As ALways, thank U both very much 4 your nsights, xperience & fraternity. Come 2 KC
any time.
Their Roundtable Mass discussion wrapped up about 1:50 pm or so & brought the weekend’s
events 2 a close. As last time We were down (where I bought the etched Stele front shown n the last
Talons), Sekhet Bast Ra offers nteresting items 2 purchase. I had been eyeing a full set ov large blank
Enochian Tablets 4 only $60 & dsided 2 buy them. Money was xchanged & I loaded them up b4 We
headed out @ ~ 2:25 pm. As after such events, it was hard leaving yet We had 2 get home. 93s, hugs,
thank U’s & contact nfo were xchanged b4 heading back north 2 KCMO. After another fun 5.5-hour
trip We arrived @ the Oasis around 9 pm something I think. I still had another 45 minute drive ahead
ov me so I shuffled my things from their car n2 mein. I hugged & thanked Soror Susan & Brother Wes
4 driving, putting up w/me, doing such great Masses & their fraternity n general. Thank U both again.
Well volks, I think that is about it 4 this 2nd nstallment ov R U A Traveling Man?. I would like
2 thank again Bishops Hunahpu & Ixel Balamke, every1 @ Sekhet Bast Ra Oasis n general, all the Mass
teams & every1 else nvolved n such an amazing weekend. If I named all those who made it so I wood
go past my self-mposed submission limit. Suffice 2 say it was well worth the 11-hour trip & sleep
deprivation. I look 4ward 2 further xcursions next year, but I am not sure ov what or where. We r
trying 2 put on events here & will keep volk posted. The thought ov an AIT (Advanced Initiator
Training) is bginning 2 manifest, so suggestions wood help. Lastly again, Great Work 2 every1
nvolved. W/that sayd, until next time.

Love is the law, love under will.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

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