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Al-Quran requires all parents to make some efforts in ensuring their children know
deeply about Allah and all things about Islam. This is not a choice. But this task is the duty of
every parent to a child. And this obligation will be questioned by Allah SWT in the Hereafter.
Allah has warned the parent who does not honor the obligation. It is stated in Quran ;
O you who have believed, protect yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is
people and stones, over which are [appointed] angels, harsh and severe; they do not
disobey Allah in what He commands them but do what they are commanded.
( Surah At-Tahrim 66 : 6 )

Islam is a perfect religion. Islam has taught all aspects of life, including the right of
children to be met by both parents. One of the childrens right is the parents should find a
good partner for their future generations. Prophet has taught young people who want to get
married to choose righteous women or men.
Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH ) said,A woman is married for four things; her wealth,
noble descent, beauty and religion. So, marry a woman for her religion or you will be a

( Bukhari )

Secondly, during the pregnancy, the mother shall take care the baby within the
mother's womb. Note that about the health of the baby, or even traits that will be passed from
mother to child because it may become the behaviour of that child later on. That is why some
mothers especially those who are previously outspoken, at sudden they are very careful when
they want to say something. They believe that whatever they say and do, it will pass to their
child. Thus, most Muslim mothers will listen to Quranic ayat during the pregnancy as they
want their child to become hafiz and hafizah.


Other than that, the parents must glad in accepting the baby the mother has delivered
either baby girls or boys. It is because there are some couples who do not like when his wife
gave birth to the daughters. This attitude is characteristic of ignorance which must be avoided.
The Quraysh during Jahiliyyah, when the birth of their daughter, they killed her. Similarly,
sometimes Allah examines the mothers and fathers with children who are not perfect as blind,
dumb, or deaf sons or daughters. If parents accept it with an open mind, then they will feel
happy. However, if parents are not happy to accept it, it can lead to divorce or death of the
Giving good names to the child is one of the parents responsibilities in developing
their childs behaviour. Indeed, all children are entitled to be given a good name which people
are pleased to hear it. That names will represent them in the future. Therefore, do not
mistakenly gave the name. Never give the name which represents the sinful person or the one
who is known for his bad attitudes. That may lead to the character of the kids in the future.
The Muslims are encouraged to give names of their children with the name of the prophets
and the righteous. Therefore, before giving the names, the parents should refer to the experts
and ask for their opinions.
The most important thing is giving the child with the proper education either related to
the world or the Hereafter. The education is the one of the main keys to developing the childs
actions. Prophet Muhammad SAW has guided us how to educate the children. One of its ways
is the parents have to understand their child's ability. They need to understand their children
capabilities before they start teaching them something new. Every child has different needs,
abilities and powers. It's important to understand their own child. Never comparing it with
other children. In this life, nobody is perfect. Some people have capabilities to understand
something easily. Some are easy to understand something through actions or verbally.
As a conclusion, the impact of the presence of children in a devout Muslim family will
not only be felt in the Hereafter but also will first be felt in this world. Parents will feel the joy
and peace where they are far from sorrow and hardship in the world. Feelings of joy exist
because of seeing their children become obedience slaves and they adhere to the principles of
religion. If they are pious children, they will not cause any troubles to the people around then
even more so against their parents.