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Project Report:



Presented to:


Submitted By:

Kashif Javid EE053052

Muhammad Shohaib Hassan EE053053

Dated: O3-05-2010
Table of Contents

1. Introduction

• Acknowledgement
• Declaration
• Group Introduction

2. About Organization

• History And Background Information

• Products And Packages
• Mission, Vision Of telenor
• Structure And Hierarchy

3. TQM

• Definition
• Six Basic Approaches

4. Conclusion

• Suggestions And Recommendation

• Conclusion

First of all, our most sincere thanks are to our ALLAH, the merciful, without
whose benign consent this piece of research work would have been
impossible. Our special thanks goes to our parents and kind teachers whose
help and support and special prayers went along each and every stage.

Then of course, the Instructor, Total Quality Management Dr. Fayyaz ur

Rehman , who was generous enough to spare his precious time and was always
accessible and also Senior MBA student, Mr. Rizawan Saleem, who made
himself available every minute we met him for questions and for the vital
information regarding the company and all the employees whom we met for
our queries.
We will also like to thank our Analog Electronics Lab attendant Mr. Amir
Mehmood, who gave us the opportunity to Sit and Work in his Lab.

We Kashif Javid and Muhammad Shohaib Hassan , student of Total

Quality Mangement at Muhammad Ali Jinnah University hereby declares

that the project report entitled “TQM in Telenor ” is an original document

and has been done with sole knowledge. Feasible suggestions duly

incorporated have been incorporated in consultation with the project guide.

Group Introduction

This is a group assignment done on the practices of Total Quality

Management and its Basic Concepts in Telenor, by two students of
Electronics Engineering (Telecom Engineering) Final semester, of Muhammad
Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad.

• Kashif Javid
• Muhammad Shohaib Hassan

Students of Electronics Engineering, Final Semester, Spring 2010.

We visited the company for several times and make interviews with the
management and staff of the company.
We will also Like to mention that as We belong to Technical Background, So
please forgive our mistakes, if any.

Telenor Group is the incumbent telecommunications company in Norway, with

headquarters located at Fornebu, close to Oslo. Today, Telenor Group is mostly an
international wireless carrier with operations in Scandinavia, Eastern
Europe and Asia, working predominantly under the Telenor brand. It is
currently ranked as the sixth largest mobile phone operator in the world, with more
than 172 million subscribers

More than 150 years of accumulated experience within telecommunications, coupled

with a pioneering spirit and a quest for knowledge and development – are what have
brought Telenor to where it is today. Telenor Group has operations in 13 markets
around the world and is still expanding. Go ahead and explore our history – in text,
film and pictures.

Telenor started off in 1855 as a state-operated monopoly, named Telegrafverket as

a provider of telegraph services. The first ideas for a telegraph were launched
within the Royal Norwegian Navy in 1848, but by 1852 the plans were public and
the Parliament of Norway decided on a plan for constructing the telegraph
throughout the country. Televerket began by building from Christiania (now Oslo)
to Sweden (Norway was at that time in aunion with Sweden) as well as between
Christiania and Drammen. By 1857 the telegraph had reached Bergen (west coast)
via Sørlandet (south coast) and by 1871 it had reached Kirkenes (north coast). Cable
connections were opened to Denmark in 1867 and to Great Britain in 1869. The
telegraph was most important for the merchant marine who now could use the
electric telegraph to instantly communicate between different locations, and get a
whole new advantage within logistics
Products And Packages

Telenor is a Company providing wide variety of services:

These service can be divided on basis:

Prepaid Services:

Telenor talkshawk A1:

Telenor’s this prepaid package – Telenor talkshawk A1, has amazing call
rates, freedom to recharge through Easyload and a lot more

Telenor talkshawk 30 second:

The smartest package to call any network, anytime
Telenor’s Telenor talkshawk 30 second, has also amazing call rates, freedom
to recharge through Easyload and a lot more

Telenor's talkshawk Har Minute:

With Telenor's talkshawk Har Minute, you have the freedom to avail
unlimited validity throughout the year. With simple and economical call
rates, flexible loading of air-time, high value content and GPRS products -
Telenor talkshawk Har Minute becomes an exciting offer

Postpaid Services:
There are two Post paid Packages:
• Persona Personal:
Telenor Persona includes three basic
• Simple
• Easy
• Free
• Persona Business

Special Rates for Friends and Family

Hour of free calls
Best connectivity Excellent International Roaming
No daily charges
Low outgoing rates
Now life time validity of Jazz Scratch Cards.
Both the products have their own salient features:



To provide total solutions to our Valuable Customers through quality in

people and services to get the optimum financial result.


To be the leading telecommunication services provider in Pakistan by

offering innovative communication solutions for our customers while
exceeding shareholder value and employee expectation.

President and CEO

Chief Finance Officer

Chief Information Officer

Vice President Administration & Human Resources

Vice President Customer Services

Vice President Corporate Affairs

Chief Technical Officer

We met the Customer Services manager and Customer Center Manager for
our discussion and queries about Telenor. They discussed about the
Customer Services department in detail.

Customer Service is divided into three zones

• North,
• Central
• South

Every zone has its own Director. Centrally there is one VP (Vice President)
of Customer Service and three Directors. Further these zones have its own
• North has two Regions.
• Central and south has four Regions.
Every region has its own manager who is known is RM (Regional Manager)
Service Center Managers and all the franchises report to the Regional

Customer service Directors:

• North Side
• Central Side
• South Side

Vice President
Customer Services

Customer Services

Region Region S
North Central Region
Telenor’s Operations:

The main focus of Telenor is on the development in the area of mobile

industry and the development of mobile activities, which is vital to the
group’s positioning as an international telecommunication player. Telenor has
now ownership interest in 12 mobile operations geographically concentrated
in selected countries in Europe and Asia. In 2005, 57% of Telenor’s external
revenues were derived from the mobile operations.

Country Company Ownership Share

Norway Telenor Mobil 100%

Sweden Telenor Mobil 100%
Denmark Sonofon 100%
Hungary Pennon GSM 100%
Montenegro Pro Monte 100%
Pakistan Telenor Pakistan 100%
Bangladesh Grameen Phone 62%
Malaysia DiGi 61%
Ukraine Kaviystar GSM 56.5%
Thailand DTAC 40.3%
Russia VimpelCom 29%
Austria ONE 17.5%
Connection Services:

Telenor provide communication services in shape of GSM connections both

• Prepaid package
• Post paid package

These connections include following offers to its subscriber:


The GPRS service on your Telenor subscription gives you continuous

connection to the Internet on your mobile phone or your personal computer.
You can have the information you want and it’s just a few clicks away.

And to make it even simpler the GPRS Service has been activated on every
Telenor Prepaid and Postpaid subscription by default; all you need to do is
configure your handset!


Wireless Application Protocol or WAP allows you to browse the internet on

your mobile phone. The websites appear on your WAP enabled phone screen
so you can browse your favorite sites whenever you want. The Telenor GPRS
service will speed up access to WAP sites.


Share the moment instantly with Telenor's Multimedia Messaging Service!

You can send and receive real photos, color pictures, audio clips, text or a
combination of the three with your MMS phone to another MMS phone or to
any e-mail address. And if you cannot take photographs with your mobile
phone you can select and download one from a wide range of pictures

Easy load is that facility through which one subscriber can recharge his
balance from min to max this offer is not yet offer by any cellular company
in Pakistan.


Smart Share is that facility through which one subscriber can recharge his
balance from any other subscriber mobile by sharing his balance.


Send text messages to your friends and family with Telenor's Short
Messaging Service. It's a great way to keep in touch! You can also send text
messages to your friends and family living abroad. The maximum length of
one text message is limited to 160 alphanumeric characters. If your message
exceeds 160 alphanumeric characters you will be charged for multiple text


With Telenor's Missed Call Alert service you will never miss any of your
phone calls! If your phone is switched off or you are outside Telenor's
network coverage area you will receive a missed call notification via SMS
telling you which number called you and when.


You can call your friends and family living abroad with Telenor's
International Direct Dialing Service offered on your Telenor Prepaid and
Postpaid subscription. International Direct Dialing is activated on your
Telenor subscription by default. All you need to do is dial the relevant
country code, area code and the telephone number you wish to call!


Telenor’s WAP Portal keeps you up to date with the latest news and
information. Now you can read the latest news, get sports updates, read
your horoscope, search the web and more! The Telenor WAP Portal is
organized to give you information under the following categories:

And many more like:

• Conference calling
• Caller Line Identification
• Call Forwarding
• Call Waiting


TELENOR is using various softwares for their working in all the departments
and their details are given below:

Siebel partner

This Soft ware is being used for Entries recording purpose. All the
clients’ name, their whole data, the phone numbers allotted to them and the
number of SIMs issued by the TELENOR is recorded in this software. But
this software is not only used for this it is used fro several company tasks in
fact it play a vital role in the working it is used for several objectives.

Shop Tool
The financial department in any business plays the important role as it
tells about the profit and loss of the company at any time. This software is
used for the financial transaction In TELENOR. The entire amount received
by the client by loading the card and the amount he paid is recorded in this.
It also tells us about number of daily transaction and the profit and loss of
the company daily or monthly or yearly.

Chris express

It is read only file I which information can get but not changed employee can
see all the desired information from that but cant alter it For getting the
best result of the company keeping the data in detail for a long time is very
necessary it is made for the purpose of keeping the information about post
paid connections and having the details of postpaid subscribers like their
records of all the calls and billing paid to the company this data is updated
frequently according to the transactions so in total it keeps all the record
related to post paid connection


A telecommunication firm record all the call and message made by the
callers from the first day when they start using a particular telecom
services. For this purpose TELENOR uses this software it is used for
prepaid connections along with all the details about prepaid. It is very
necessary for minimizing the junk calls or messages. It’s very necessary to
record the calls as if someone complaints of junk calls, company can trace
the origin and can handle the situation data is recorded in it for one month
and after that new one replace the old one when prepaid subscriber charge
his account for how much money is also shown by it


it is used for those matters which relates with the voucher and easy
load it provide all the information that when and from where a subscriber
get recharge his balance along with the ID of that retailer

TQM may be defined as the philosophy and a set of guiding principles that
represents the foundation of a continuously improving organization. And
philosophy of management that is driven by continual improvement and
responding to customer needs and expectations, in short TQM is a
management philosophy that seeks to integrate all organizational functions
to focus on meeting customer needs and other organizational objectives.
TQM empowers an entire organization, from the most junior employee to the
CEO, with the responsibility of ensuring quality in their processes. In
particular, TQM provides management with the ability to ensure quality
through more streamlined and effective process improvement channels. A
great range of organizations have deployed TQM, including small companies,
large companies, and government departments 2 TQM is no more relevant to
any one type of organization than any other; on the contrary, it is a
philosophy appropriate to any situation in which quality assurance is
TQM aims to go beyond simply meeting customer requirements or responding
to the customer feedback on the products and services offered by the
organization. TQM is most effective when operating throughout an entire
organization. Prior to the availability of TQM, testing was usually the norm
for controlling quality during the final phases of a process (e.g., product
development or service provision). If faults were found, the supplies were
held back, reworked or rejected, and additional funds were usually required
to produce the needed quantity and quality. The aim of TQM is to 'get it
right the first time every time' while avoiding the cost associated with
other quality management techniques such as simple testing

The purpose of TQM is to provide a Quality Product or Service to

customers, which will in turn increase productivity and lower cost. With a
higher quality product and lower price competitive position in the market
place will be enhanced.

There are six basic approaches of TQM. We will apply all these on Telenor
and see how successfully Telenor practices these basic concepts of TQM.


In every organization, the management is the heart and soul. It is the

management, which runs and looks after the organization’s activities and its
welfare, and provides a long-term organizational support. At Telenor there is
a well shaped and supporting management team, which works in a friendly
environment. There is an excellent flow of communication. The over all
atmospheres in a model Customer Service Center is very friendly, open up.
There is a culture of Self-Service and employees share different
equipments. Communication is mostly written and formal. There is software
known as E-Point, which allows the multiple users to see communication going
on throughout Pakistan. Any communication which is done may be seen
anywhere. There is a self-service culture, which means that everybody does
his work without calling peon or assistant always. There is a strong and
healthy co-ordination among different departments, which results in good
service and follows up for the customers.

The key to an effective TQM programme is its focus on the customers. An

excellent place to start is by satisfying Internal Customers. It is the
Internal Customers or employees which if satisfied will try to satisfy the
external customers. Telenor is aware of this fact. It takes good care of its
internal customers. A special team is made for this purpose, known as Call
Co-ordination Team, a nationwide team that looks only after employees help
lines and solve their problems of network. There are 15 Members from
different departments. It has a helping attitude towards its employees.
Telenor is not that much into expanding its customer bank rather it gives
much attention to retaining the existing clientele.

As for external customer Telenor gives superb Customer Service. It never

lets a customer leave Telenor. Customer Services Officers take good care of
the customer’s complaints no matter where it is coming from, a top
executive of a multi-national or a farmer in the remote northern areas. We
were told that if a Telenor customer wants to discontinue Telenor services,
the customer services provide him/her with a free Sim to be used any time
in future, so that a customer is not lost even then.


TQM is an organization-wide challenge that is everyone’s responsibility. All

personnel must be trained in TQM, so that they can effectively participate
on project teams.
Telenor is very responsive to this challenge. It knows the importance of the
employees training. It gives thorough training programmes to its employees
on different levels and make sure each and every body is well trained and
fully equipped with the latest technology so that they can work better for
the organizational goals. Every manager tries his team members are punctual
in timings.

There is a “Zero Tolerance” policy for Absenteeism. An employee is given

two warnings for absenteeism and on third he/she is fired.

Working Hours:
Working hours are 09:00 to 17:30 hrs with a 45minutes lunch break but
usually it is shrinked depending on the customer’s presence.


There must be a continual striving to improve all business and production

processes. Quality improvement projects such as on-time delivery; order
entry efficiency, billing error rate, customer satisfaction, and supplier
management are a few good examples to begin with.

Telenor is extremely sensitive to customer satisfaction by promptly

answering their quires and complaints and keeping a good follow up on it. A
complaining customer is usually called every 20 minutes to check whether
the problem is solved or not. Over-billing or any such complaints are dealt
with at once and follow up is given to customers.

New Connections:

New Connections are made functional as soon as possible to avoid customer’s

displeasure; calls are monitored so that any complaint regarding over-billing
can be easily answered. High tech computerized systems keep a track of call
records that is accessible throughout Pakistan by any customer service
representative through his/her personnel ID entry.

In any organization, suppliers are of vital importance. A partnering

relationship rather than an adversarial one must be developed and
maintained with suppliers. It is suppliers, which can boost a business or sack
it by timely or delayed supplies.

Life Time Relationship:

Telenor believes a lifetime relationship with its suppliers. Right from the
scratch when optical fiber is fixed underground to the final stage when Sims
is made for customers, Telenor stays in good terms with its suppliers
knowing its importance. Main servers technically known as HLR (Home
Location Registers) and VLR (Visitor Locator Register) are made by Motorola
and Alcatel, two U.S. firms and Siemens a German firm, well known for its
quality and performance.

Sims Imported:
Sims is imported from Germany and China by long time suppliers of the same
product. The Antenna or towers as usually known (BTS) are manufactured by
companies like Nokia and Siemens. With passage of time, these towers are
now locally manufactured by small Pakistani companies and Telenor
encourages them also.


Performance measures such as up-time, percent non-conforming,

absenteeism and customer satisfaction should be determined for each
functional area. These measures should be posted so that everyone can see
At Telenor, all these measured are seriously dealt with. Customer
Satisfaction is on top of course. Employee’s performance is monitored.

They are given targets to achieve and upon successful completion they are
given rewards for motivation. For example on achieving 10 Million customers
the salary doubles or triples. Basic salaries are being enhanced.
Categories are set for pays Group known as A2, with basic of 30,000 and A1, which is

Appraisals are given every year even if no promotion is given.

7.Human Resource

Being partially in pure services and goods production sector, Telenor

exercises a good strategy for its human resources.

Right Person on Right Job:

Telenor allocates its human resource in different areas according to the
abilities, qualifications and experiences of employees

Telenor provide training opportunities for its employees who need training in
a particular area. So it enables the organization to achieve its goals

Separate Departments for Different Functions:

Telenor has different departments for different functions. Marketing
department consists of marketing experts who perform marketing analysis
and finance department consists of finance experts who arrange and manage
finance and a technical department, where technical experts do their job.

Employee’s Job Satisfaction:

Telenor provides training opportunities to its employees to improve their
skills. So it results in enhanced employee performance and they become
more interested to work in good manner, which gives a good reputation to
the organization

We Suggest and recommend the Telenor GSM company the following points
(which we got from our research project on this Particular company) so that
by paying attention to these point Telenor can go further in the long way to
success and can get a stabile stand in the market.

1. Telenor must pay attention to such a competitive market they r at and

take step toward it.

2. Telenor Only Focus on their current customers and they don’t pay
attention to prospect customers and that is why no prospect customer
switch to TELENOR they go for other connections due to following

3. The high call rates, and Sms Charges, and also they high charge for
the Connection Parches compare to its competitors.

4. Company must hire experts People in it’s administration to compete

with environment.

TQM is a proven technique to guarantee survival in world class economy. As

we have seen the purpose of TQM is to provide a quality product or service
to customers which in turn will increase productivity and lower the costs. For
any company to be successful in today's competitive world, following the six
basic concepts of TQM is simply indispensable.
We also conclude from above all discussion the communication plays a vital role
in any organization as well as in Telenor . It is a life blood of Telenor we visit
website of Telenor
as well as Telenor sale center, which is situated in Sargodha, we talked with
its representatives in detail and we come to know about the importance of
internal and external communication, communications flows, chain of
command, attitude building processes, departmentalization, human resources
department We got this information with the help of following methodology.