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All People Christian

“A Ministry OF All People, THROUGH All People, TO All

April 16, 2010

Dear Friend,

“Do you think the work of harvesting will not begin until the summer ends four months
from now?” John 4:35

The answer Jesus gave was “no!” Instead He said - Look around you! Vast fields are
ripening all around us and are ready NOW for the harvest.” And the exciting news is that,
just as Jesus promised, we are seeing this season of harvest now, during Easter season
and springtime, not at the end of summer, or fall, as is so often the case with church
plants and campus outreaches. Let us tell you more…

Community Egg Hunt Outreach

We hosted an egg hunt for the families of this community and hoped
we would see 100 people show up. Well, we ended up having over
300 people attend and 50 of them fill out a survey indicating
they would like to hear more about our church and about God!

We are currently following these people up right now and some of

them have already responded, including a precious woman named Danielle, along with
her two children, who told us “I have so many questions about the Bible and spirituality. I
want my kids to learn too. Can you help me?”

Easter Sunday Service and Outreach

On this one Sunday when so many people decide to finally attend
church we had a record crowd of 112 people – our first time
over 100 people at a service! It was so exciting to see all of the
people whom we had been following up with, as well as a host of
new faces from our Egg Hunt and other outreaches.

Baptisms of New Disciples

As encouraging as the crowds can be, the most rewarding time is

when people commit their lives to Christ and begin walking with Him
as new disciples. This past Sunday we baptized four new
disciples, bringing our running total to 40! These are all people
who were either not saved when we met them, or who had never
walked in a committed relationship with the Lord.

Two of these new disciples are now leading a Bible study themselves, through which
they are reaching and mentoring others in the faith, while a third has started a 12-step
Bible study that is helping some of our new disciples who are overcoming years of
alcohol or drug abuse.
Bret & Jorie Holman • 3503 Eureka Coast Way, Las Vegas, NV 89141 • 702.982.6398 •
The most exciting part is that YOU are a major reason why all of this is happening.
Without your invaluable partnership in this ministry, we would not see the harvest being
reaped in this city. May God abundantly bless you for the eternal investment you’re

P.S. We hope you had a blessed Easter! Your

partners in the harvest,
We appreciate you very much! Bret &

Bret & Jorie Holman • 3503 Eureka Coast Way, Las Vegas, NV 89141 • 702.982.6398 •