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Hotter ties with Brazil? Tap Obamamania, says

Anthony Boadle (Front Row at Johns Hopkins University’s
Washington) School of Advanced Video: Facebook
Submitted at 5/4/2010 9:02:09 PM International Studies. Security Hole Lets You
“Washington does not get it.
The United States’ influence in The United States is no longer View Your Friends’
its traditional “backyard” is an empire,” he said. Live Chats
waning and needs a boost. “A short visit to South America Steve O'Hear (TechCrunch)
Washington should be forging would make a great deal of
Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:20:45 AM
closer ties with Latin America’s difference. It would be a very
emerging powerhouse Brazil, important way of indicating our You've got to hand it to
says Johns Hopkins political willingness to have a stronger Facebook. They certainly know
scientist Riordan Roett. rapport with the region.” how to do security -- not.
Best way to do that? Send the For more stories from the Today I was tipped off that there
Obamas to Brazil because Reuters Latin American is a major security flaw in the
Brazilians will go nuts about the Investment Summit, click here. social networking site that, with
U.S. First Family. Reuters photos by Sergio just a few mouse clicks, enables
“The White House should send Moraes (a samba school reveller any user to view the live chats
partner and Chinese clout is c o n f i r m a t i o n o f O b a m a ’ s
the Obamas to Brazil. Can you dances among mannequins of their 'friends'. Using what
growing in a region where nominee, Thomas Shannon.
imagine the Obamas getting off
Beijing is lining up long-term Brazil, the world’s 8th largest during the 2010 Rio Carnival) sounds like a simple trick, a user
the plane in Rio de Janeiro? It
supplies of r a w economy, has emerged as a and Jason Reed (the Obamas can also access their friends'
would be extraordinary, a
m a t e r i a l s . M e a n w h i l e , leading developing nation, a walk to Marine One at the latest pending friend-requests
carnival, absolute madness,”
Washington had no ambassador strong BRIC and G-20 voice White House on January 12, and which friends they share in
Roett told the Reuters Latin
in Brasilia for 11 months last that Washington should be 2010). common. That's a lot of
American Investment Summit. potentially sensitive
year, because of domestic listening to, says Roett, who
China has displaced the United information. Unbelievable I
politics: the Republicans held up directs Latin American studies
States as Brazil’s largest trading thought, until I just tested the
exploit for myself. And guess
what? It works.
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Obama promises to work overtime to Ahmadinejad says bin

ease economic impact of oil spill Laden in Washington
Tabassum Zakaria (Front Row “In addition, wherever possible, Deborah Charles (Front Row
Washington) I would like to see the people Washington)
Submitted at 5/4/2010 2:11:02 PM most affected by the disaster Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:55:56 AM
employed in helping in the
There’s not much to offer by cleanup,” Obama said. Iranian President Mahmoud
way of comfort to coastal states “And we will continue to Ahmadinejad has the answer to
threatened by the oil spill that’s explore every possible option to the question that has plagued the
spreading over the Gulf of create jobs and support local United States since Sept. 11,
Mexico like The Blob from economies in the Gulf while 2001.
horror movies past. continuing to monitor any He knows where Osama bin
And then there’s also the threat potential effects on the national Laden is — in Washington.
from the“Loop Current” that economy,” he said. “But In an interview with ABC’S
could carry the oil around obviously this is going to be a “Good Morning America” on They were in the oil business
Florida’s peninsula and north… significant challenge, and we are Wednesday, Ahmadinejad together. They worked together.
So there’s not much by way of going to be working overtime to rejected reports that the al Mr. Bin Laden never cooperated
lemonade likely to come out of make sure that we mitigate its Qaeda leader was in Iran. with Iran but he cooperated with
the lemons of this disaster, but the fishing industry to the impacts.” “I heard that Osama bin Laden Mr. Bush,” Ahmadinejad said.
President Barack Obama tourism industry,” Obama said How would you rate the federal is in the Washington, D.C.,” “Rest assured that he’s in
promised to work overtime to in a speech to business government’s response to the oil Ahmadinejad said through an Washington. I think there’s a
limit the economic damage to executives. spill? interpreter in a contentious give- high chance he’s there.”
affected communities and to try “We are committed to Photo credit: Reuters/Sean and-take with his interviewer, For more Reuters political news
and make sure that jobs created preventing as much of the Gardner (birds fly over oil on George Stephanopoulos. click here
to clean up the mess would go to economic damage as possible by water south of Louisiana), “He’s there. Because he was a Photo credits: Reuters/State
local residents. working to contain the impact of Reuters/Carlos Barria (pelican previous partner of Mr. Bush. Dept handout ( Bin Laden
The oil spill will affect the this potentially devastating flies against backdrop of drilling They were colleagues in fact in picture); Reuters/Molly Riley
“lives and livelihoods of people spill,” he said. platform near Breton Island, the old days. You know that. (U.S. Capitol)
all along the Gulf Coast, from Louisiana)

Options Update: CBOE Volatility Index Increases 18%

Paul Foster (BloggingStocks) 17.99, 200-day moving average Crocs ( CROX) is expected to Options Update is by Stock Please see our terms for use of
Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:30:00 AM is 22.07, according to Track report Q1 EPS on May 6th. Specialist Paul Foster of feeds. Permalink| Email this|
Data. CROX May put option implied Comments
Filed under: Dow Chemical Two stocks with IV rise on volatility is at 97, June is at 77, Options Update: CBOE Option- VIX- Chicago Board
(DOW), Options May 4; Annaly Mortgage ( September is at 70, above its 26- Volatility Index Increases 18% Options Exchange- Business-
CBOE Volatility Index ( VIX) NLY) +5%, Dow Chemical ( week average of 64, according originally appeared on Investing
at 23.84; 10-day moving DOW) +9%, according to to Track Data, suggesting larger BloggingStocks on Wed, 05
average is 19.52, 50-day is IVolatility. price movement. May 2010 08:30:00 EST.
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The 4 Hot Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Know

John Arnold (Business may sound like an antiquated anyone to search real-time
Insider) way to get noticed, but actually availability and local product
Submitted at 5/5/2010 9:18:00 AM display advertising is becoming information on every product,
much more interesting due to on every shelf, in every local
From Entrepreneur: two important trends. business in America.
Sometimes the most important One such trend is better local ad Another outstanding innovation
small business marketing tools targeting. for online retail comes from
and technologies start out as Several companies, such as Pixazza. Pixazza is changing the
expensive enterprise solutions L o c a l . c o m , L i n k e d I n a n d way consumers shop by
exclusive to big brands and Facebook, have announced that allowing people to browse and
agencies; only much later do they're getting into the local buy products that appear in any
they become affordable and targeting game by offering photos.
accessible to small businesses. geography-based advertising For example, let's say you're
During a recent trip to San a l o n g w i t h t h e s t a n d a r d reading an article in an online
Francisco, I stopped by the d e m o g r a p h i c o r k e y w o r d entertainment magazine and you
tradeshow floor at Ad:Tech and targeting you'd expect. Local see a photo of Jennifer Lopez
found myself staring into the not targeting is already prevalent in wearing earrings that are to-die-
-too-distant future of small search engine marketing and it's for. Getting yourself a similar
business marketing. I didn't good to know that display ads pair is easier than ever; as you
have a chance to see everything a r e h e a d i n g i n t h e s a m e How to get ready Get to know to get that information, online
hover over the photo Pixazza
Ad:Tech had to offer, but I did d i r e c t i o n . your acquisition costs on an advertising company Ad Buyer
recommends earrings at
have time to talk with a few The other noticeable trend to intimate level. offers a set of free audience
suggested prices far below what
innovative companies offering g e t e x c i t e d a b o u t i s t h e If cost-per-action advertising profiling tools.
Jennifer Lopez probably paid
solutions that are sure to movement toward ad pricing sounds attractive, you'll need to Innovation No. 2: Online Retail
for hers.
i n f l u e n c e t h e w a y s m a l l based on cost-per-action rather have a firm understanding of Promotions
How to get ready It's time to get
businesses approach marketing. than cost-per-click. what you're willing to pay for Image: AP Selling physical
your inventory database in
Here's what I found that's worth Paying for ads based on CPA each new customer or action goods has long been about
sharing along with some tips for means that you don't pay the your advertising obtains in order driving traffic to your e-
Selling products on websites
getting ready to adjust to new publisher until you get the to know how to bid. If you're commerce store so prospective
owned by other companies will
trends. interested in the possibilities of customers can see and buy your
action you want from the ad. For likely require you to conform to
See Also: targeted display advertising (and products. That trend seems
example, if you want your their database and information
• 5 Entrepreneurship Trends To online display ad to drive you're interested in getting destined for a giant turn in the
technology standards.
Watch In 2010 sophisticated with your opposite direction, because it
someone to an online store to There's no need to get overly
• 5 Keys For Successful Mobile buy the advertised product, you targeting) start building a profile won't be long before smaller
sophisticated here. If your
Marketing of your best prospects and retailers have the ability to sell
won't have to pay until someone company has the ability to
• 10 Ways To Stretch Your actually clicks the ad and customers--including more of their products on other
publish real time inventory and
Marketing Budget geography, demographic highly targeted consumer
completes the purchase. Several product information to your own
information and typical buying websites.
companies--such as Hydra-- website, you probably already
Innovation No. 1: Online have announced an emphasis on behavior. One such website is,
Display Advertising Banner ads CPA tracking and billing. If you need help figuring out where the CEO announced the HOT page 4
how to analyze your customers company's intention to enable
4 Business/ Technology/ E-reader News Edition
HOT Open-source
continued from page 3

have enough technology to

quickly enable a feed of that
announced an interesting video
advertising product with built-in
you won't have the information
you need to make budget-wise
properly on mobile devices--
especially the pages that contain
information to other online games and quizzes to get people choices. contact information for your (CNET
databases. to pay attention and remember Innovation No. 4: Mobile business. Submitted at 5/5/2010 9:17:01 AM

Innovation No. 3: Social Media the content in the videos, and Marketing Advertising and If you have a location-based
Advertising Fan Appz announced access to messaging to mobile phones is business, start making your Google will start selling e-
Image: respres (via Flickr) an integrated suite of social definitely a hot topic among communications more mobile books, Microsoft launches
Social media is arguably the media applications designed to marketers. friendly so people can respond Spindex for your social
most innovative internet tool to attract attention and engagement In the past, most mobile to your offers and information networks, and what happens
emerge since, well, the internet. in exchange for a subscription of marketing tools focused on only while they are on-the-go. when you open source a robot.
There are definitely good just $50 per month. one aspect of mobile marketing, Sending text-messages and e- 2 minutes 55 seconds
reasons to advertise on social How to get ready Test before such as text-messaging, mails with mobile coupons and May 5, 2010 7:17 AM PDT
media sites (this includes your you invest. application development or snack-sized bites of product Five Filters featured article:
own fan pages and networks). Social media advertising is mobile websites. Those tools are information are great places to The Art of Looking Prime
The challenge for a small already accessible and now converging as integrated start. Also, social media users Ministerial - The 2010 UK
business is the same challenge affordable to small business, but solutions. are more likely to become General Election. Available
facing any business: How do affordability isn't the only One such company, 2ergo, mobile savvy than the average tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
you get enough people to pay reason to invest in a particular recently announced plans to internet user, so make sure you Text RSS, Term Extraction.
attention to your ads while they form of advertising. offer a comprehensive suite of have a presence on the most
are busy uploading photos or Don't invest in a new social marketing solutions that include common social sites.
conversing with friends? media tool or advertising SMS, MMS, e-mail and mobile Now, don't miss... 10 Ways To
There are a number of strategy until you are sure you websites. Be on the lookout for Stretch Your Marketing Budget
companies working to make have the ability and the time to companies offering >
social media advertising more track your results and compare comprehensive mobile solutions Join the conversation about this
engaging and even fun, and it them against other priced for small businesses in story »
won't be long before there are a opportunities. As a small the not-too-distant future.
plethora of choices for small business, you can't afford to How to get ready Make sure at
budgets. invest in everything. If you don't least a portion of your website is
At the show, NTB Media track and compare your results, designed to display and function

Senate Reaches Agreement on 'Too Big to Fail'

Connie Madon "too big to fail" provision. The Let's not forget that it was the Wed, 05 May 2010 09:30:00
(BloggingStocks) Dodd-Shelby accord was wild speculation in derivatives EST. Please see our terms for
Submitted at 5/5/2010 9:30:00 AM supposed to include a proposed that caused our financial use of feeds. Read| Permalink|
$50 billion fund, paid by large meltdown. To do nothing on this Email this| Comments
Filed under: Politics, Financial financial firms to cover the costs issue borders on irresponsibility. Blanche Lincoln- United States
Crisis of break up firms when they get Continue reading Senate Senate- Politics- Too Big to Fail
As the Senate moves forward in a bind. Reaches Agreement on 'Too Big - United States
with passing its landmark There are several other to Fail'
financial reform bill, it has at proposals and provisions still b a n k s t o s p i n o f f t h e i r Senate Reaches Agreement on
least reached an agreement on being discussed. A proposal by derivatives business is losing 'Too Big to Fail' originally
one important component -- the Blanche Lincoln calling for steam, but it is still on the table. appeared on BloggingStocks on
E-reader News Edition Business/ Culture/ 5

Users of Facebook's Social Network Are Mostly Anti-Social:

Austin Carr (Fast Company) appropriate)My wonderful
Submitted at 5/5/2010 9:50:11 AM father died last night (57.2%)My
wife left me (10%)
Facebook users are still very Certainly, these are extreme
skeptical about socializing posts, but what's interesting here
online. And they're slightly is that there is roughly an even
confused about what exactly split between the number of
Facebook should be used for, respondents who feel sharing
according to a study of user information about a father's
behavior by Denmark-based death is appropriate and those
Red Associates. They surveyed who do not, suggesting,
close to 500 members of the according to the study, that
Facebook community -- hand- "people are uncertain about
picked from fans of Fast what's okay to express
Company -- to learn more about emotionally without being a turn
how users interact online. -off."
When did you first register for For nearly half of all
Facebook? Has it been that respondents, Facebook isn't
long? Can you even remember considered a social network but
why you registered (Besides: more a public phone book or
All my friends are doing it!)? search engine. Contact is
What did you expect the social minimal and impersonal, and
network to deliver? Facebook instead as a Facebook network simply M a n y u s e r s a p p e a r close to a fourth of all
Facebook's homepage promises relationship-management tool, because it was easy. "Facebook disappointed by this lack of respondents said that Facebook
to help "you connect and share not a useful way to deepen has no intelligent mechanism for intimacy, according to the has not led to a better social life.
with the people in your life." relationships. Just 0.7% see figuring out who your close survey; moreover, they are even So just how social is Facebook?
Red Associates's study, Facebook as only good for friends are or who you would unsure how intimate they can Is it just good for birthday-
though, suggests that users want strengthening friendships. like them to be," the study act on Facebook. For example, reminders and the occasional
far more, with 90% of Should Facebook still be reminds us. "Online social the survey asked users about wall post? Do you agree with
respondents expecting that the considered a "social" networks make it easy for their level of comfort in sharing the study's findings? Share
social network will "deepen or networking site? people to accumulate friends information online. They asked below.
strengthen their friendships." The study points out that even rapidly and to make respondents to rate whether the [Image: Tanya Zommer]
Very few actually believe your "friends" online are not commitments easily," and in following messages were
Facebook delivers on this actually your friends, finding fact, "What define social appropriate to post on
expectation, with more than half that close to 40% of respondents networks most [is] a lack of Facebook: My son graduated
of respondents viewing say they added "friends" to their depth in relationships." from college (92.8% feel this is
10 Ways To Contact A Ghost Videos
(HowStuffWorks Daily Feed) (more info) The Art of Looking Prime General Election. Available Text RSS, Term Extraction.
Five Filters featured article: Ministerial - The 2010 UK tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
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Threadsy Smooshes Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and More Into

a Surprisingly Clean Stream
Dan Nosowitz (Fast interplay between Gmail and
Company) Google Apps (Reader, Maps,
Submitted at 5/5/2010 9:45:32 AM Documents, Calendar, Picasa).
Even worse, you can't upload or
Threadsy has been available in send files of any kind, including
a private beta for a little while photos and documents.
now, but today opened the Threadsy is a good idea, and it's
service to the public. I hadn't got promise. But it's not going
used the beta, so this public to succeed unless it can offer
release is my first exposure to everything a standalone app can
Threadsy, and honestly, I'm a lot (which is going to be a hell of a
more impressed than I expected. challenge in the case of Gmail).
That doesn't mean I'm going to Really, this kind of concept
use it, though. works better in the limited space
There've been social and limited power of a
networking aggregators before-- smartphone, like Larva Labs'
FriendFeed comes to mind--but excellent Slidescreen app for
Threadsy is the best one I've Android, HTC Sense UI's
seen yet. Instead of one Twitter- FriendStream, and the home
like stream a la FriendFeed, screen of Microsoft's upcoming
Threadsy smartly separates Windows Phone 7 OS. Maybe if
messages from live updates. On The Facebook and Twitter and the standalone and amazing. It's a pretty good you're a very rudimentary email
the left, you've got messages, stream section is handled really eventually, necessarily, stop client, don't get me wrong, and I u s e r ( a n d I m e a n v e r y - -
including email (Gmail is well--updating to either or both using the aggregator. like how it integrates Facebook remember, you can't even email
supported handily, and it looks is easy, the interface is clean and One really cool feature: If you messages into the messages, photos) yet a voracious social
like it can handle most email obvious, and combining those click on a message in the left- along with email (because I networking user, Threadsy
services), Facebook messages, two just makes sense. You can't hand column, you'll see a have a tendency to completely would work. And for those in
and Twitter direct messages. On seem to upload photos, which is complete overview of the sender ignore Facebook and thus that category, it's pretty great.
the right are your feeds--so far, a problem; you want an in the right-hand column. Open Facebook messages), but for But I'm going to stick with
only Facebook and Twitter are aggregator to be able to handle an email from a friend, and those of us who use email separate apps for now.
supported, but those are the two absolutely everything a you'll see his photos, links to his extensively, Threadsy just can't
biggies (and, if I'm being standalone app could, otherwise Facebook and Twitter, and all stack up to Gmail. I miss the
honest/selfish, the only two I you'll keep bouncing back and his recent updates. keyboard shortcuts, the speed,
use). forth between the aggregator But overall, email isn't the file previews, and the

Recipe Makeover: Nachos

(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks) Bean Nachos in our exclusive Ministerial - The 2010 UK
online video. General Election. Available
Watch Food Editor Ann Five Filters featured article: tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
Pittman lighten Pork and Pinto The Art of Looking Prime Text RSS, Term Extraction.
E-reader News Edition Business/ Economy/ 7

How to Build a Monument to Nazi Evil Without Celebrating It

Suzanne LaBarre (Fast Until now, visitors to the
Company) Topography of Terror snaked
Submitted at 5/5/2010 10:00:01 AM along a makeshift outdoor
exhibit with informational
Berlin's new "Topography of placards thrown up here and
Terror" exhibition center there. The SS and Gestapo
documents, doesn't honor, the buildings were badly damaged
Gestapo and the SS. in the war then razed (though
These were some of the most some scraps remain and have
evil 11 acres in Germany, a been incorporated into an
place where Nazi leaders informal walking tour). Over the
hatched plans to terrorize years, the site has been both
millions as casually as you home to construction companies
might send an email. Heinrich and a place to practice for your
Himmler had an office there. So driver's license. The Berlin Wall
did Adolf Eichmann, the rose, then fell, just feet away.
"architect of the Holocaust." It Berlin has done an excellent job
was there that, in a matter of commemorating the victims of
months, German democracy Nazi Germany, unlike some
began to crumble. cities(subscription required).
Sixty-five years on, Berlin has vexing one for architects: How minimal to the point of being headquarters after $18 million Daniel Libeskind unveiled his
transformed the Topography of do you document evil without utilitarian, and that's precisely was spent on construction, Jewish Museum Berlin in 2001,
Terror, a cluster of buildings building a monument to it? the point. There's nothing to p a r t l y b e c a u s e o f b u d g e t and Peter Eisenman's Memorial
that housed the Gestapo, the SS, Ursula Wilms with Heinle, consecrate, no one to adulate, o v e r r u n s a n d p a r t l y , o n e to the Murdered Jews of Europe
and other police agencies from W i s c h e r u n d P a r t n e r h a s nothing to be proud of. In the suspects, because the design had opened four years later. But
1933 to 1945, into an exhibition designed an anti-monument of great tradition of Maya Lin's some powerful detractors. One architecture for perpetrators is in
space trained on the elaborate sorts. A box ensconced in a Vietnam Memorial, it exists for m e m b e r o f t h e G e r m a n many ways a trickier feat.
workings and aftermath of the gunmetal gray skin, it crouches the sake of remembering. government's media and culture Wilms's design manages to
Third Reich. The center opens low to the earth, ghost-like, Wilms's design is not the first. department called it, rather point at a dark period of history
this week. It's the site's first practically fading into the Berlin Berlin scrapped Swiss architect d i s p a r a g i n g l y , a " v e r y without prettying it up.
permanent landmark, after more landscape. Save a reflecting Peter Zumthor's plans to plant a complicated and a very artificial [ P h o t o s c o u r t e s y o f t h e
than 20 years of fits and starts, pool in the inner courtyard, it's structure on the old Gestapo plan." Topography of Terror]
and the problem it confronts is a

Latest Oil Slick Projections Show Ominous Circling Of Louisiana Coast

Joe Weisenthal (The Money The NOAA's latest map of the though though there is only story »
Game) oil slick is out. Note the landfall in a couple of small
Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:53:13 AM projections for tomorrow points.
indicate that the slick will encircle the tip of Louisiana, Join the conversation about this
8 Business/ E-reader News Edition
Time Warner's Profits Boosted By Cable, DVD How The Oil Slick Is
Going To Plaster The
And Ad Dollars (TWS) East Coast (BP)
Associated Press (Business Nonetheless, its shares fell 27 Gus Lubin (Business Insider)
Insider) cents to $32.40 in morning Submitted at 5/5/2010 9:30:00 AM

Submitted at 5/5/2010 9:21:52 AM trading as the broader market

fell on European debt worries. Oceanographers at University
NEW YORK – Tim Warner In the network division, which of South Florida College are
Inc. said Wednesday that houses HBO and Turner frantically preparing models to
improving results at its cable Broadcasting, revenue rose 9 forecast the oil slick.
channels and a couple of percent on a 7 percent increase This video ( via The Map
popular DVD releases boosted in subscription revenue, a 9 Scroll) shows how ocean
its first-quarter net income by 10 percent rise in ad revenue and a currents will move the oil slick.
percent. 22 percent increase in content Basically one part is moving
The New York media revenue. west along the coast and into the
conglomerate's premium HBO The filmed entertainment unit, backside of Florida. But another
channels took in more from which contains Warner part is moving south toward
subscription revenue, while its Brothers, reported a 2 percent currents that will push it around
Turner cable networks rode a revenue increase mainly on its Florida and up the east coast.
recovery in ad spending. improved home video sales. Just imagine what this map will
The improving ad market and Revenue for the publishing look like after months of
cost cutting also helped Time division dipped 1 percent leaking.
Warner's publishing segment Comcast Corp., which has E! "The advertising recovery The narrator warns (3:22): "I
despite a 5 percent increase in
reverse its losses. The Entertainment Television, Style benefited both Turner and Time hope people on the East Coast
ad revenue and a 2 percent rise
publishing division includes Network and the Golf Channel, Inc., while the continuing are getting prepared for this and
in subscription revenue.
Time Inc. magazines such as reported a 23.5 percent jump. popularity of The Blind Side in Florida, because it looks like
Join the conversation about this
Time and Sports Illustrated. Overall, Time Warner earned and Sherlock Holmes helped it's going to come your way. It is
story »
First quarter results across the $725 million, or 62 cents per lift Warner Bros.' home video not just a Gulf Coast deal."
See Also:
media business have brought share, for the period ended sales," Chairman and CEO Jeff Don't miss: Here's What You
• Time Inc. Shutters InStyle
evidence that companies are March 31. That's better than its Bewkes said in a statement. Need To Know TODAY About
more comfortable putting profit of $660 million, or 55 The performance surpassed the The Deepwater Horizon Oil
• John Squires: iPad Is Big And
money into marketing their cents, a year ago. expectations of analysts polled Spill
Beautiful But It's Too Expensive
products as the recession fades. Removing one-time items, by Thomson Reuters, who Join the conversation about this
• "The 10 Most Absurd Time
Viacom Inc., whose cable profit was 61 cents per share. forecast a smaller profit of 48 story »
Magazine Covers From The
channels include BET, MTV Revenue climbed 5 percent to cents per share on revenue of
Last 40 years"
and Comedy Central, reported a $6.32 billion from $6 billion, $6.25 billion. These estimates
3 percent uptick in worldwide the biggest increase in almost generally take out one-time
ad sales in the first quarter. two years. items.
E-reader News Edition Business/ 9

David Rosenberg: The Case For Oil Spill: Too Many

Gold Going To $3,000 Is Getting Unknowns for Investors
Joseph Lazzaro
Stronger By The Day (GLD) (BloggingStocks)
Joe Weisenthal (Business broken below 1.30 to Germany Submitted at 5/5/2010 9:00:00 AM

Insider) the U.S. dollar and there is comes through after the vote — Filed under: Exxon Mobil
Submitted at 5/5/2010 9:10:08 AM plenty of room for additional is a case in point. (XOM), BP p.l.c. ADS (BP)
decline going forward. So contagion risks loom and Any institution that says it can
David Rosenberg of Guskin- It’s only at a one-year low — there are simply not enough forecast with any confidence the
Sheff is a deflationist, but unlike wait until it moves to a decade trees on the planet impact of the BP Plc. ( BP) Gulf
some (like Robert Prechter), he's low. that can provide enough paper of Mexico oil spill on energy offshore spill. BP has
also pro-gold. Make no mistake — the currency to backstop countries policy is asking someone to put demonstrated that some oil
Today he argues that the problems in Greece are mirrored like Portugal and a lot of trust in the companies may not -- a reality
breakdown of the euro is very in places like Portugal Spain. Moreover, what organization's powers of that throws into doubt the safety
bullish for gold. and Spain — this is not about investors see is that if there is so prediction -- certainly more than of deep-water drilling for oil.
ECB IS NO BUNDESBANK, liquidity, like Bear Stearns and much political foot- an investor should. How can you drill one, two,
EURO IS NO D-MARK Lehman, it is a dragging in Germany and other And the reason is obvious three miles below sea-level if
In the interim, the ECB has crisis in confidence (Banco EU countries to approve a enough: The scope of the oil it's uncertain that the company
been forced to water down its Santander, widely seen as a bailout of tiny Greece, spill's damage will vary can contain a spill, and even less
charter as it permits barometer of financial achieving a rescue plan for depending on the weather, ocean likely that it can do so quickly?
sub-investment grade Greek health in Spain, cratered 7% other large basket-cases will be currents, the size of the spill, Continue reading Oil Spill: Too
bonds as collateral. Sadly, the yesterday). The FT reports even more arduous technology, the size of the Many Unknowns for Investors
central bank is not a today that there has a task. Have a look at Martin containment and repair effort -- Oil Spill: Too Many Unknowns
remake of the Bundesbank and been some market chatter that Wolf’s column on page 9 of the all of which may vary over the for Investors originally appeared
the Euro is less of a “hard Spain has been “negotiating” FT — A Bailout For coming weeks. on BloggingStocks on Wed, 05
currency” than its with the IMF for Greece is Just the Beginning. What is certain is that the spill May 2010 09:00:00 EST.
architects could have ever assistance (€280bln) too. What a tale of woe. And let’s has damaged the environment Please see our terms for use of
envisaged a decade ago. Now History shows that crises over not forget about Italy and restructured the energy feeds. Permalink| Email this|
there is talk that the confidence are tougher — its public finances are less debate in Washington. Before Comments
E C B i s c o n t e m p l a t i n g a to repair over the near-term dire but still fragile (see Much the spill, the assumption was Oil Spill- Gulf of Mexico-
quantitative easing plan (see than liquidity crunches. The to Play For on page that oil companies had plans in Energy- BP- ExxonMobil
ECB Should Resist QE fact that Greek short- 7 of the FT). place to deal with a large,
Siren Call on page C14 of the term bonds have collapsed in Don't miss: Pictures of today's
WSJ). The case for gold price even more — even though violent greek riots >
heading to $3,000 an the country does Join the conversation about this
ounce is getting stronger by the not have to come to the market story »
day. The Euro has already for the next few years so long as
10 Business/ E-reader News Edition

Starbucks Opens LEED Pilot Shop in NYC

Ariel Schwartz (Fast Hanna, Starbucks' director of Starbucks roasting plants.
Company) environmental affairs, said that Custom artwork by local artist
Submitted at 5/5/2010 9:56:53 AM Starbucks simply aimed to Peter Tunney integrates
create the most sustainable store Starbucks existing marketing
Starbucks is one of those rare possible--LEED certification collateral into the canvases.
food and beverage chains that was an afterthought. Still, the The focus on all things local
embraces sustainability in both possibility of approval from the isn't new to Starbucks--founder
their products (Fair Trade U.S. Green Building Council Howard Schultz has recently
coffee, for example) and in must have crossed Starbucks encouraged stores to feature
retail locations. The latter can be designers' minds at some point. local artists, live music, and
s e e n i n S t a r b u c k s ' n e w l y Starbucks' Soho shop doesn't local bean providers. But the
completed Manhattan Soho pilot skimp on design, either. The sustainability element is a
store, which is up for LEED store attempts to shed the change, and it will likely be
certification in July. Starbucks corporate image with incorporated into all Starbucks
The shop incorporates a laundry l o c a l a n d h o m e y t o u c h e s , stores as part of the five-year
list of green features that including: The countertops of also made of repurposed wood community board is made of renovation cycle. Even if the
increase its chances of getting the Clover® and espresso bar, from Somerset, PA. The metal panels repurposed from coffee chain uses its newfound
LEED certified, including dual- bar cladding, column cladding, bar casework, wood seat retired espresso machines. The focus on sustainable design to
flush toilets, low-flow faucets, chair rail and base are made of roundabouts and metal stools wallpaper next to the Clover® drum up publicity, we won't
water-based paints, and LED repurposed white oak recovered were manufactured locally on bar area is made of reused complain.
bulbs. In an interview with from several barns in Somerset, Long Island. The magnetic burlap coffee sacks from
Tonic's Nadia Hosni, Jim PA. The community table is

Before the Bell: Futures Lower on Fear of Greece

Debt Woes Contagion
Melly Alazraki sovereign debt problem and fear Greece Debt Woes Contagion
(BloggingStocks) of contagion in the euro zone Before the Bell: Futures Lower
Ning Will Remain
Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:15:00 AM continued. Meanwhile, more on Fear of Greece Debt Woes Free for Public
earnings are on tap, as well as Contagion originally appeared
Filed under: Before the Bell, some economic data. on BloggingStocks on Wed, 05 Schoolteachers
International Markets, Time U.S. stocks sank Tuesday in May 2010 08:15:00 EST. Dan Nosowitz (Fast
Warner (TWX), Market Matters, heavy trade, with the Dow Jones Please see our terms for use of Company)
A m e r I n t l G r o u p ( A I G ) , Industrial Average sliding 225 feeds. Permalink| Email this|
Submitted at 5/5/2010 9:50:48 AM
Economic Data U.S. stock points, or 2%, the S&P 500 Comments
futures fell again Wednesday shedding 2.4% and the Nasdaq by rumors that were later denied Dow Jones Industrial Average- Brain Trust: Ning chairman
morning, indicating Wall Street C o m p o s i t e d r o p p i n g 3 % . that Spain asked the IMF for Spain- Wall Street- International Marc Andreessen (he built
may open the session lower, a Worries that Greece's debt help. Monetary Fund- Nasdaq Netscape back in the day), with
day after markets tumbled over problems would extend to Spain Continue reading Before the Composite Bianchini, at the company's HQ
2%. Concerns over Greece's and Portugal were exacerbated Bell: Futures Lower on Fear of
NING page 11
E-reader News Edition Business/ Technology/ 11
continued from page 10

in Palo Alto. | Photograph by per month ($20 per year) and adulation, which is going to be
Gmail returns to the
Art Streiber
Back on April 15th, Ning
going up to $50 per month for
more premium options. But one
an uphill battle since tons of
other nonprofits will be taken U.K.
announced that they'd be group apparently complained offline, but it's a nice gesture (CNET commercial links
moving from both paid and free loudly enough to be heard: nonetheless. Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:35:10 AM Disruptive posting: Flaming or
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BP Upgraded Even as Questions Remain

Mark Fightmaster spill in the Gulf of Mexico is Continue reading BP Upgraded
(BloggingStocks) overdone, citing that it is Even as Questions Remain
Submitted at 5/5/2010 10:00:00 AM unlikely BP will have to cut its BP Upgraded Even as
dividend. Questions Remain originally
Filed under: Analyst Upgrades The oil firm could pay as much appeared on BloggingStocks on
and Downgrades, BP p.l.c. ADS as $2 billion to bring the well Wed, 05 May 2010 10:00:00
(BP), Technical Analysis U.K. under control, the rating house EST. Please see our terms for
b r o k e r a g e h o u s e P a n m u r e said. In addition, BP will have use of feeds. Permalink| Email
Gordon upgraded BP ( BP) to pay 65% of the estimated $10 for destroying the Gulf of this| Comments
Wednesday, elevating the oil billion cost on damage to fishing Mexico (more or less). This fine Gulf of Mexico- Oil spill- BP-
company rating to buy from sell. and tourism along with $75 could become greater if BP is Petroleum industry- Technical
Panmure Gordon contends that million punitive damages. Yes, found grossly negligent or if it analysis
the market reaction to the oil BP could be fined $75 million engaged in willful misconduct.
12 Business/ News Wire/ World News/ E-reader News Edition

NOAA:1 of 3 Gulf well leaks halted

but oil flow same
(Reuters: Top News) and capped it with a valve," riser pipe was expected to plug
Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:27:17 AM NOAA said in a posting on its one of the three leaks, "I don't
web site. believe that will change the total
MIAMI(Reuters) - One of three "While this stopped one of the amount leaking".
leaks from the ruptured Gulf of three leaks, oil continues to U.S. authorities and BP are
Mexico undersea well owned by enter the Gulf of Mexico at a racing to try to contain a huge
BP has been capped, but oil is rate of approximately 5000 oil slick from the ruptured well
still flowing out at a rate of barrels per day," it added. that is threatening four Gulf
5 , 0 0 0 b a r r e l s ( 2 1 0 , 0 0 0 "We made good progress coastal states.
gallons/795,000 liters) per day, yesterday, including the cap on (Reporting by Pascal Fletcher
the National Oceanic and the drill pipe," BP spokesman and Anna Driver; editing by
Atmospheric Administration John Curry wrote in an email, Paul Simao)
(NOAA) said on Wednesday. referring to shutting off one of Five Filters featured article:
U.S.| Green Business the leaks. The Art of Looking Prime
"Remotely Operated Vehicles BP Chief Operating Officer Ministerial - The 2010 UK
Another Reason For People To (ROVs) cut off a section at the Doug Suttles had said on General Election. Available
Loathe Wall Street: Everyone There end of the riser pipe, which used Tuesday that although the
to lead from the well to the rig, undersea repair work on the
tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
Text RSS, Term Extraction.
Thinks Fabrice Tourre A Hero (GS)
Courtney Comstock (Business
said he's a hero for
"masterminding" ABACUS.
Firefighters to the rescue as bear gets
Submitted at 5/5/2010 9:19:00 AM And another said he's just a
political scapegoat. All of them stuck up tree
Just like Oliver Stone's first agreed The Fab Tourre was (World News from Times News International associated International Group. News
Wall Street movie was supposed simply doing his job and doing Online) websites: Milkround| Globrix International Limited, 1 Virginia
to expose the dirty world of it well. Submitted at 5/5/2010 7:31:18 AM Copyright 2010 Times St, London E98 1XY, is the
banking and instead inspired Wall Street historian Charles Newspapers Ltd. holding company for the News
millions to become i-bankers Geisst told Newsweek that Contact our advertising team This service is provided on International group and is
and hedge fund managers, now Tourre will spawn a million for advertising and sponsorship Times Newspapers' standard registered in England No 81701.
Fabulous Fab's is the story of an followers who want careers just in Times Online, The Times and Terms and Conditions. Please VAT number GB 243 8054 69.
a w e s o m e c a r e e r , a t l e a s t like his, sans the fraud charge. The Sunday Times, or place read our Privacy Policy.To Five Filters featured article:
according to Newsweek. So apparently everyone on Wall your advertisement. inquire about a licence to The Art of Looking Prime
The magazine sent a writer S t r e e t d i s a g r e e s w i t h o u r Times Online Services: Dating| reproduce material from Times Ministerial - The 2010 UK
down to Wall Street bars during thinking that Fab is one of the Jobs| Property Search| Used Online, The Times or The General Election. Available
happy hour to find out what losers in the Goldman fraud case C a r s | H o l i d a y s | B i r t h s , Sunday Times, click here.This tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
financiers' opinions are of Fab. winners and losers. Marriages, D e a t h s | website is published by a Text RSS, Term Extraction.
Turns out, they think he's Join the conversation about this Subscriptions| E-paper member of the News
fantastic. Apparently one guy story »
E-reader News Edition Top News/ 13

Giant dome for Gulf oil leak is next best solution (AP)
(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) Class David Mosley said. I'm not resting," U.S. Coast more containment equipment PLC. In lawsuits filed Tuesday,
Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:01:26 AM The capped leak was more than Guard Rear Adm. Mary Landry and repaired some booms three workers say they were
800 feet from the blowout said. damaged in rough weather over kept floating at sea for more
NEW ORLEANS – The best preventer, which sits over the In their worst-case scenario, BP the weekend. They also hoped than 10 hours while the rig
short-term solution to bottling well head on the seafloor. executives told members of a to again try to burn some of the burned uncontrollably. They are
u p a d i s a s t r o u s o i l s p i l l Most of the oil is coming from congressional committee that up oil on the water's surface, seeking damages.
t h r e a t e n i n g s e a l i f e a n d a leak about 460 feet from the to 2.5 million gallons a day possibly Wednesday. Guy Cantwell, a spokesman for
livelihoods along the Gulf Coast preventer, while a smaller leak could spill if the leaks Chemical dispersants piped rig owner Transocean Ltd.,
should be headed out to sea is still allowing oil to escape worsened, though it would be 5,000 feet to the main leak have defended the company's
Wednesday in the form of a from a crack where the pipe more like 1.7 million gallons. In significantly reduced the amount response, saying 115 workers
specially built giant concrete- casing bent about 5 feet from an exploration plan filed with of oil coming to the surface, BP did get off alive. Two wrongful
and-steel box designed to siphon the top of the preventer. the government in February said. death suits also have been filed.
the oil away. Meanwhile, the effort to protect 2009, BP said it could handle a From the air Tuesday, the site While officials worked on
At about midday, a barge will Louisiana coastal wetlands was "worst-case scenario" it of the Deepwater Horizon cleanup, the long wait took its
haul the 100-ton contraption 50 expected to pick up. described as a leak of 6.8 explosion looked similar to a toll on nerves and incomes.
miles offshore to a spot where a In Plaquemines Parish, officials million gallons per day from an week ago except for the In Gulf Shores, Ala., the real
mile-deep gusher from a blown- loaded absorbent boom shortly uncontrolled blowout. appearance of a massive rig estate firm Brett/Robinson
out undersea well has been after dawn to take out to the Containment boxes have never brought in to drill a relief well to Vacations sent a note to those
spewing at least 210,000 gallons mouth of the Mississippi River. been tried at this depth — about shut off the spewing oil. That renting vacation properties that
of crude a day into the Gulf for The barge will be used as a 5,000 feet — because of the will take months. they would not be penalized for
two weeks. BP spokesman John distribution point for local extreme water pressure. If all People along the Gulf Coast any spill-related cancellations,
Curry said it would be deployed fishermen to lay the boom goes well, the contraption could have spent weeks living with but urged them not to jump the
on the seabed by Thursday. around sensitive marshes. be fired up early next week to uncertainty, wondering where gun.
It's the latest idea engineers Parish President Billy start funneling the oil into a and when the huge slick might "There are many questions and
from oil giant BP PLC are Nungesser said the parish has 24 tanker. come ashore, ruining their many `what ifs' regarding this
trying after an oil rig the miles of the boom. Workers in "We don't know for sure" beaches — and their livelihoods. event," the message read.
c o m p a n y w a s o p e r a t i n g yellow rain suits scrubbed air whether the equipment will The anxiety is so acute that "Because changes come about
exploded April 20, killing 11 boats. At a nearby marina, local work, said BP spokesman Bill some are seeing and smelling oil hourly and 30 days is a long
workers. It sank two days later. shrimpers planned to use their Salvin. "What we do know is where there is none. And even way away, we are asking you to
BP is in charge of the cleanup boats to put down boom as part that we have done extensive though the dead turtles and wait before canceling your
and President Barack Obama of a program BP is running. engineering and modeling and jellyfish washing ashore along vacation, especially those of you
and many others have said the In all, about 7,900 people are we believe this gives us the best the Gulf of Mexico are clean, who are scheduled to arrive
company also is responsible for working to protect the shoreline chance to contain the oil, and and scientists have yet to more than 30 days from today."
the costs. and wildlife, and some 170 that's very important to us." determine what killed them, There are legitimate concerns,
BP capped one of three leaks at boats are also helping with the The seas calmed Tuesday, many are just sure the flow of experts say. A second bird
the well Tuesday night, a step cleanup. allowing more conventional crude unleashed by the found in the slick, a brown
that will not cut the flow of oil A rainbow sheen of oil has methods to contain the spill to explosion at BP's Deepwater pelican, is recovering at a bird
but that BP has said will make it r e a c h e d l a n d i n p a r t s o f get back on track as businesses Horizon is the culprit. rescue center in Louisiana.
easier to help with the gusher. Louisiana, but forecasts showed and residents kept an eye on the The rig was owned by National Wildlife Federation
"It doesn't lessen the flow, it just the oil wasn't expected to come ocean currents, wondering when Transocean Ltd. Some of the president and CEO Larry
simplifies the number of leak ashore for at least a couple more the sheen washing ashore in 115 surviving workers who Schweiger says there's no way
points they have to address," days. places might turn into a heavier were aboard when it exploded GIANT page 17
Coast Guard Petty Officer 1st "It's a gift of a little bit of time. coating of oil. Crews put out are suing that company and BP
14 Top News/ E-reader News Edition

Times Square bombing suspect's life had unraveled (AP)

(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) Igor Djuric, who represented would have forgotten him," couple moved out abruptly and Shahzad told him he owed too
Submitted at 5/4/2010 9:34:09 PM Shahzad in 2004 when he was Greenspan said. "He didn't stand left behind a mess of food, much on it and planned to return
buying a home. out." broken dishes and baby formula to Pakistan.
BRIDGEPORT, Conn. – Not Djuric said he couldn't Shahzad was granted an H1-B in the cabinets. They say the Authorities say Shahzad
long ago, Faisal Shahzad had a remember the exact words visa for skilled workers in 2002, couple piled up remaining returned to Pakistan then came
pretty enviable life: He became Shahzad used about Bush but according to the official who possessions in the closet of an back to the United States. He
an American citizen after "something to the effect of he spoke to the AP. He later upstairs bedroom. Tyler said took an apartment in Bridgeport,
emigrating from Pakistan, where doesn't know what he's doing returned to the University of there were bugs on the floors and his landlord told
he came from a wealthy family. and it's the wrong thing that he's Bridgeport to earn a master's in and stains. investigators the apartment
He earned an MBA. He had a doing." business administration, "It was like they just picked up came with a garage that he alone
well-educated wife and two kids "I don't know if he mentioned awarded in 2005. everything they wanted and just had access to. The landlord also
and owned a house in a middle- 9/11," Djuric said, "but In 2004, he and his wife, Huma left one day," Reid said. told police that he spotted two
class Connecticut suburb. something like that, Iraq has Mian, bought a newly built He said Shahzad was generally bags of fertilizer when he saw
In the past couple of years, nothing to do with anything." home for $273,000 at the height friendly but had some quirky Shahzad entering the garage
though, his life seemed to Shahzad, 30, is the son of a of the market in Shelton, a habits, including jogging at May 3.
unravel: He left a job at a global former top Pakistani air force Fairfield County town that in night while wearing dark The SUV Shahzad is accused of
marketing firm he'd held for officer, according to Kifyat Ali, recent years has attracted clothing. driving into Times Square
three years, lost his home to a cousin of Shahzad's father. He companies relocating to Shahzad worked from mid- contained a metal rifle cabinet
foreclosure and moved into an came to the United States in late Connecticut's Gold Coast. 2006 to May 2009 as a junior that was packed with fertilizer,
apartment in an impoverished 1998 on a student visa, Like her husband, Mian was financial analyst for the but police bomb experts believe
neighborhood in Bridgeport. according to an official who well educated. She graduated Affinion Group, a marketing it wasn't a type volatile enough
And last weekend, authorities spoke to The Associated Press from the University of Colorado firm in Norwalk. Company to explode like the ammonium
say, he drove an SUV loaded on condition of anonymity due at Boulder in 2004 with a spokesman Michael Bush said nitrate grade fertilizer used in
with explosives into Times to the sensitive nature of the bachelor of science in business Shahzad held a lower-level previous terrorist bombings.
Square intent on blowing it up. investigation into Saturday's with an emphasis in accounting, position dealing with the Neighbors in Bridgeport said
The bomb didn't go off, and failed car bombing. the school said. company's budget and projected Shahzad kept to himself, rarely
Shahzad was arrested on a plane He took classes at the now- On her profile on the social income and left on good terms. socializing or stopping to chat.
in New York as he tried to leave defunct Southeastern University networking site Orkut, she Still, Shahzad defaulted on a "He usually walks around alone,
the country. He was in custody in Washington, D.C., then described herself as "not $200,000 mortgage on his looking lonely and kind of
Tuesday and couldn't be reached enrolled at the University of political" and said she spoke Shelton home, and the property depressed usually," Nejilia
for comment. Authorities say he Bridgeport, where he received a English, Pashto, Urdu and is in foreclosure, court records Gayden said.
is cooperating and has admitted bachelor's degree in computer French. She listed her passions show. Shahzad took out the Since Shahzad's arrest late
getting explosives training in his applications and information as "fashion, shoes, bags, mortgage on the property in Monday, investigators have
native Pakistan. systems in 2000. shopping!! And of course, 2004, and he co-owned the removed fireworks and fertilizer
Shahzad's behavior sometimes "He was personable, a nice guy, Faisal." She posted a picture of home with Mian. from the property. They also
seemed odd to his neighbors, but unremarkable," said William Shahzad, smiling, with the Chase Home Finance LLC sued recovered a gun from the car
and he surprised a real estate Greenspan, adviser for caption, "what can I say ... he's Shahzad in September, and the Shahzad had driven to the
broker he hardly knew with his undergraduate business students my everything." foreclosure is pending in airport.
outspokenness about President at the University of Bridgeport. Last year, the couple Milford Superior Court. Federal agents also searched the
George W. Bush and the Iraq "He would just come in and take abandoned the home. Frank DelVecchio, a broker empty home in Shelton on
war. the course as needed so he could Neighbor Davon Reid and his trying to sell the home for Tuesday after The Connecticut
"He mentioned that he didn't graduate in a timely manner." girlfriend, Heatherlee Tyler, said Shahzad, said Shahzad told him TIMES page 16
like Bush policies in Iraq," said "If this didn't happen, I probably they were puzzled that the to let the bank take it. He said
E-reader News Edition Top News/ 15

NY car bomb suspect cooperates, but motive mystery (AP)

(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) showing " The Lion King." acquiring materials and an SUV no-fly lists within two hours of U.S. officials said they are still
Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:40:50 AM "Based on what we know so far, he bought with cash in late being notified of changes to the investigating. Federal authorities
it is clear that this was a terrorist April. They said that after his list, a Homeland Security are looking into possible
NEW YORK – A man accused plot aimed at murdering arrest, Shahzad confessed to official said Wednesday. The financing of Shahzad's activities
of trying to detonate a car bomb Americans in one of the busiest rigging the bomb and driving it official spoke on condition of by the group, according to one
in Times Square had found the places in our country," Holder into Times Square. He also anonymity because he was not of the law enforcement officials
stable, suburban life he had said. acknowledged getting training authorized to speak publicly who spoke to the AP. A
spent a decade working toward, A court hearing was canceled in Pakistan, the filing said. about the change. spokesman for Pakistan's army
then abandoned his house in Tuesday in part because of The investigation of the fizzled U.S. Department of Homeland said Wednesday that it does not
Connecticut and decided to Shahzad's continuing bomb attack unfolded quickly, Security Secretary Janet believe the insurgent group was
supplement his business degrees cooperation with investigators, with a suspect in custody in only Napolitano credited customs behind the attempt.
with explosives training in but authorities said they had 53 hours — but it didn't go off officials with recognizing In Pakistan, authorities detained
Pakistan, authorities say. shed little light on what might without a hitch. Shahzad's name on a passenger several people, although the FBI
Faisal Shahzad, the 30-year-old have motivated him. After identifying Shahzad manifest and stopping the flight. said it had no confirmation that
son of a retired official in Until recently, his life in the through the previous owner of Agents apprehended him on the those arrests were relevant to the
Pakistan's air force, was charged U.S. appeared enviable. He had the SUV, investigators had him plane. case.
Tuesday with trying to blow up a master's degree from the under surveillance when he Passengers said the arrest was Shahzad came to the U.S. in
a crude gasoline and propane University of Bridgeport in nearly slipped away. made quietly. late 1998 on a student visa. Not
device inside a parked SUV Connecticut, a job as a budget Authorities initially planned to "There was no commotion, no long after earning his MBA, he
amid tourists and Broadway analyst for a marketing firm in arrest him at his Connecticut general alarm or concern," said took a job at the Affinion
theatergoers. He was in custody Norwalk, Conn., two children home but lost track of him, two Robert Woodward, of Boulder, Group, which does brand-
after being hauled off a Dubai- and a well-educated wife who people familiar with the probe Colo. loyalty marketing, and stayed
bound plane he boarded posted his smiling picture and told The Associated Press. The A gun was discovered in the car there until leaving voluntarily in
Monday night at John F. lovingly called him "my people spoke on condition of Shahzad left at the airport, May 2009, a company
Kennedy International Airport everything" on a social anonymity because they weren't investigators said. spokesman said.
despite being under surveillance networking website. authorized to talk publicly about Kifyat Ali, a cousin of His path to citizenship was
and placed on the federal no-fly But shortly after becoming a the breach in surveillance. Shahzad's father, spoke with eased by his marriage to an
list. U.S. citizen a year ago, he gave NYPD Commissioner reporters outside a two-story American, Huma Mian, who has
Passengers disembarking from up his job, stopped paying his Raymond Kelly played down home the family owns in an a business degree from the
the flight many hours later mortgage and told a real estate the slip on the morning TV talk upscale part of Peshawar, University of Colorado at
described a calm scene as he agent to let the bank take the shows Wednesday, telling Pakistan. He said the family had Boulder.
was removed from the plane. house because he was returning ABC's "Good Morning yet to be officially informed of On her profile on the social
They said he didn't put up a to Pakistan. America" that "it's not unusual Shahzad's arrest, which he networking site Orkut, she
struggle. Once there, according to in an investigation" to briefly called "a conspiracy so the described herself as "not
U.S. Attorney General Eric investigators, he traveled to the lose track of the target. (Americans) can bomb more political," said she spoke
Holder said Shahzad had been lawless Waziristan region and Emirates airlines also didn't Pashtuns," a reference to a English, Pashto, Urdu and
providing valuable information learned bomb making at a initially notice when Shahzad major ethnic group in Peshawar French and listed her passions as
to investigators as they sought to terrorist training camp. purchased a ticket that he had and the nearby tribal areas of "fashion, shoes, bags,
determine the scope of the plot In court papers, investigators been placed on the government's Pakistan and southwest shopping!! And of course,
to blow up the SUV last said Shahzad returned to the no-fly list, according to a law Afghanistan. Faisal."
Saturday night in the heart of U.S. on Feb. 3, moved into an enforcement official. The Pakistani Taliban has She posted a picture of
Times Square near bustling apartment in a low-rent section The government will now claimed responsibility for the CAR page 17
restaurants and a theater of Bridgeport, then set about require airlines to check updated Times Square car bomb plot, but
16 Top News/ E-reader News Edition
Unharnessed anger: Incumbents win in NC, OH, continued from page 14

Post and The New York Times

IN (AP) said its reporters had discovered
a trove of rain-soaked
(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) Democrats quickly piled on, still can influence rank-and-file June 22 runoff, as none of the documents outside the home.
Submitted at 5/5/2010 5:49:41 AM calling Coats a "deeply flawed supporters. six candidates achieved the 40 The Post's find included an old
candidate" and casting him as a At the very least, the outcome percent of the vote necessary to passport from Pakistan, an
INDIANAPOLIS – It turned Washington insider beholden to of Tuesday's primaries — the win outright. academic transcript from
out anger didn't translate at the special interests. first set of contests in the two The runoff will pit Secretary of Southeastern University listing a
ballot box. Turnout was exceptionally light months since Texas held its State Elaine Marshall against grade point average of 2.78 and
Voters in North Carolina and in Ohio and North Carolina, a February primary — set the Cal Cunningham, a former state tax returns showing Shahzad
Ohio kept their incumbents possible indication that voter stage for November's senator who is the favored earned $22,650 income as an
while those in Indiana turned to anger over economic woes, congressional matchups and choice of the Democratic account analyst in 2001.
an old Capitol Hill hand — persistently high unemployment provided early insights about Senatorial Campaign The newspaper also found
Republican Dan Coats— in and Congress itself wasn't voter attitudes ahead of this Committee. greeting cards, including one in
Tuesday's primaries despite the influencing elections — and, fall's elections. In Ohio, Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher, a which someone named Fayeza
nation's bottom-of-the-barrel perhaps, a reflection of the Among the notable House races former state attorney general addressed him as "sweetest
support for Congress and limited influence of the in Indiana, 14-term Republican backed by Democrats in Faisal."
frustration with the Washington conservatives and libertarians Rep. Dan Burton— Indiana's Washington, withstood a "Wish you happiness and joy
establishment. who make up the fledgling tea longest-serving congressman — challenge from Secretary of now and always," the card said.
Coats, who was recruited by the party coalition. struggled but managed to fend State Jennifer Brunner. The two "Praying for your bright future."
National Republican Senatorial "We rebuilt the pyramids and off six challengers for his 5th sought the nomination to fill the ___
Committee, will face Democrat recarved the Grand Canyon in Congressional District seat, and Senate seat of retiring Associated Press writers Eric
Brad Ellsworth, whose our spare time," joked poll Rep. Mark Souder easily won Republican George Voinovich. Tucker in Shelton, Conn., David
nomination is assured. The worker Dina Roberts, who saw the GOP nomination in the 3rd Fisher will face former Rep. Caruso in New York and Dave
candidates are seeking the seat only 147 voters in nearly 12 District after a nasty campaign. Rob Portman, the budget Collins, Stephen Singer, Pat
held by retiring Democratic Sen. hours at her downtown In North Carolina's 6th director and trade representative Eaton-Robb and Stephanie Reitz
Evan Bayh. Indianapolis polling site. Congressional District, under George W. Bush. in Hartford contributed to this
Coats, 66, retired from the By the end of the day, however, Republican Rep. Howard Coble, ____ story.
Senate in 1998, has worked as a the Republican turnout in the who first won his seat in 1984, Sidoti reported from Eds: CORRECTS typos in 1st
lobbyist and was U.S. Indiana Senate primary was the easily beat five opponents. And Washington. Associated Press names of Davon, Heatherlee.
ambassador to Germany under highest this decade, including in the 8th District, first-term writers Mike Baker in Raleigh, ADDS video link. AP Video.
President George W. Bush. He presidential election years. Democratic Rep. Larry Kissell N.C., and Julie Carr Smyth in Five Filters featured article:
overcame spirited challenges In all three states, candidates survived a primary challenge Columbus, Ohio, contributed to The Art of Looking Prime
from four opponents, including backed by party leaders in from one of his former this report. Ministerial - The 2010 UK
state Sen. Marlin Stutzman, a Washington squared off against campaign volunteers. Five Filters featured article: General Election. Available
tea party favorite who was challengers drawing their The state's first-term The Art of Looking Prime tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
endorsed by South Carolina Sen. support from elsewhere. While Republican Sen. Richard Burr, Ministerial - The 2010 UK Text RSS, Term Extraction.
Jim DeMint, and former Rep. it's difficult to draw concrete whose public approval numbers General Election. Available
John Hostettler, who had the conclusions about the state of are lower than expected, easily tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
support of one-time presidential the country from just a few won his party's nomination. Text RSS, Term Extraction.
candidate Rep. Ron Paul, R- races, the results gave some idea Democrats won't decide his
Texas. of whether the national parties general election opponent until a
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Products/ 17
continued from page 13

to know how many birds have line on the Florida side. La., Sarah Larimer in Mobile,
Offermatic Is The Freak
been oiled because the slick is
so big and so far offshore.
The air cleared later, but
Owensby's 28-year-old
Ala., Jennifer N. Kay in Fort
Walton Beach, Fla., Bill Kaczor Love Child Of Mint,
Perdido Key, a barrier island daughter, Stephanie, who tends in Perdido Key, Fla., Holbrook
between Pensacola and the
Alabama state line with sugar-
bar at the lounge, said some
visitors have complained of
Mohr in Venice, La., and Cain
Burdeau who flew over the site
Groupon And Blippy
white sand studded with feeling ill from the fumes. contributed to this report. Michael Arrington
condominiums, likely would be "It's very sad because I grew up Five Filters featured article:
the first place in Florida affect out here," she said. "I remember The Art of Looking Prime Submitted at 5/5/2010 1:50:44 AM

by the oil spill. Perdido — growing up seeing the white Ministerial - The 2010 UK
Spanish for "Lost" — got a sniff beaches my whole life. Every General Election. Available The best way to describe Chegg. Etc. All offers will be
Tuesday morning of what may day I've been going to the beach tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Offermatic is this – imagine if 40% – 90% off normal retail,
be in store. ... a lot of people are out Text RSS, Term Extraction. Mint, Blippy and Groupon went says Offermatic.
"You could smell the smell of it, watching and crying." off to Vegas for the weekend, Offermatic also offers users
real heavy petroleum base," said ___ got wasted and ended up in bed actual cash just for registering
Steve Ownesby, 54, a Associated Press writers Harry together. Nine months later, out credit cards. Each month that
maintenance man at the Flora- R. Weber, Kevin McGill in New pops Offermatic. any of your credit cards has at
Bama Lounge abutting the state Orleans, Ray Henry in Robert, Like Mint, Offermatic is a front least 20 transactions and $1,000
end user interface to Yodlee’s in total charges, you’ll get
CAR Bed Sheets - robust financial network. And $1.25. You can theoretically
continued from page 15
the service digs through your make up to $15/year on up to
Shahzad, smiling, with the
caption, "what can I say ... he's
in Shelton, and Dave Collins,
Stephen Singer, Pat Eaton-Robb
from Consumer credit card transactions just like
Blippy does (although they
each of four credit cards. The
company says they’ll pay that
my everything."
and Stephanie Reitz in Hartford,
Conn., and the AP News
Reports aren’t posted for the world to
see). And like Groupon,
out via check or paypal.
The service hasn’t officially
Christoffersen reported from Research Center in New York. Press Room (Consumer Offermatic is pushing special launched yet and it isn’t clear
Bridgeport and Shelton, Conn. Five Filters featured article: Reports) offers to users. how much, if any, outside
Contributing to this report were The Art of Looking Prime Submitted at 5/4/2010 9:00:59 PM The result is something unique, funding they’ve received.
Associated Press writers Eileen Ministerial - The 2010 UK though, and some people may Normally that might give users
Sullivan, Pete Yost, Matt General Election. Available Bed Sheets - from Consumer love it. Here’s how it works: pause before entering in
Apuzzo and Julie Pace in tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Reports Only four sets of Queen You register your credit cards sensitive financial data on the
Washington, Larry Neumeister, Text RSS, Term Extraction. -size bed sheets tested by with Offermatic via the Yodlee site. But we’ve seen how
David Crary, Colleen Long, Consumer Reports for the May back end (which is secure). eagerly you people jump on new
David B. Caruso and Sara issue performed well enough to Offermatic then downloads your services like Blippy without a
Kugler in New York, Chris be recommended. Bed Sheets - individual credit card purchases care in the world, so do what
Brummitt in Islamabad, Adam CR Podcast Subscribe now! and matches offers from you will. The fact that Yodlee is
Schreck in Dubai, Eric Tucker S u b s c r i b e t o advertisers relevant to your running the back end certainly for expert purchase history. If you buy makes us more comfortable
Ratings, buying advice and something at Home Depot, for about Offermatic, too.
reliability on hundreds of example, you may get a $30 off CrunchBase Information
products. Update your feed coupon from Lowes. You’ve Offermatic Information
preferences spent money on textbooks and provided by CrunchBase
you get a special offer from
18 News Wire/ E-reader News Edition

Euro zone warned of contagion

(Reuters: Top News) unless the rescue for Greece Europe." zone governments for charging drivers of the euro zone turmoil.
Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:59:44 AM succeeds. Without the aid, a chain Greece a 5 percent interest rate Prime Minister George
European Monetary Affairs reaction threatened to on the loans, largely at Papandreou presented an
ATHENS/BERLIN(Reuters) - Commissioner Olli Rehn said it destabilize the European and Germany's insistence, saying austerity bill to parliament on
European policymakers warned was vital to stop the crisis international financial system, they should have lent at the Tuesday which foresees 30
of the risk of "contagion" spreading beyond Greece. she said in a debate on same rate as the IMF, more than billion euros in new savings
spreading the euro zone debt "It's absolutely essential to approving Berlin's 22 billion- half a point less. through deep cuts in wages and
crisis beyond Greece, as unrest contain the bushfire in Greece euro contribution to the The euro fell to a one-year low pensions and a hike in sales tax.
in Athens claimed its first lives so that it will not become a emergency loans for Athens of $1.2936 while the cost of But the conservative opposition
and investors fled to the safe forest fire and a threat to despite German public hostility. insuring Spanish and Portuguese vowed to vote against it,
haven of the dollar. financial stability for the European Central Bank debt against default rose further. dooming hopes of a political
World| Greece European Union and its governing council heavyweight Seeking to calm markets, Rehn consensus.
Three people burned to death economy as a whole," he told a Axel Weber gave a similar said Spain did not need an aid Analysts were watching
when protesters set a central news conference. warning in a statement to mechanism of the kind created Wednesday's protest for pointers
A t h e n s b a n k a b l a z e o n Anxiety over a widening of the German lawmakers, saying that for Greece and he was not going to the degree of mobilization of
W e d n e s d a y d u r i n g a crisis sent stocks tumbling a Greek default would pose a to propose one. But he also said Greece's powerful trade unions.
demonstration against austerity worldwide, and the euro hit a substantial risk to the stability of the deficit levels of all EU states So far, demonstrations have
measures that are the price of new one-year low. European monetary union and were "worryingly high." been limited to tens of
the 110 billion euro ($146.5 Battered Greek bank shares the financial system. Despite official denials, many thousands but anger is
billion) EU/IMF bailout agreed shed a further 5 percent on news "There is a threat of serious economists are convinced mounting, with opinion polls
on Sunday. of the fire deaths -- the first contagion effects for other euro Greece will have to restructure showing ordinary Greeks
Public and private sector casualties in three months of zone countries and increasing its debt, making private believe they are paying the price
workers shut down airports, sporadic strikes and street negative feedback effects for investors take a share of the of the crisis while tax evasion
tourist sites and public services protests. capital markets," he said. pain. and corruption go unpunished.
in a general strike and tens of Shares in Spain and Portugal, VIGILANT "What we are seeing today is "With our strike today we are
thousands of demonstrators seen as the next two targets for The head of the International very classical financial continuing our fight against
marched against the planned investors testing the European Monetary Fund acknowledged contagion effect," said Sebastian harsh and unfair measures that
cuts to wages and pensions and Union's will and ability to the risk of the debt crisis Barbe, head of emerging hit workers, pensioners and the
tax increases. defend weak euro zone spreading from Greece to other markets strategy at Credit unemployed," Yannios
A giant plume of dark grey economies, fell for a second European countries but said he Agricole, Hong Kong. Panagopoulos, president of
smoke rose over central Stadiou straight day. Lisbon had to pay saw no real threat to the big euro "This is because the market is private sector union GSEE, told
Avenue where a two-storey m o r e t h a n f o u r t i m e s i t s zone states such as France and still pricing in some more Reuters.
building housing a branch of previous yield to sell six-month Germany. sovereign crisis problems out of (Additional reporting by Harry
Marfin bank was burning. treasury bills at auction on "There is always a risk of Europe, and for the short term it Papachristou and Lefteris
Hundreds of protesters threw Wednesday. contagion," Dominique Strauss- can continue for some more Papadimas in Athens, Jan
rocks and bottles at police who Merkel, whose foot-dragging Kahn told French daily Le time." Strupczewski in Brussels and
responded with tear gas. many analysts have blamed for Parisien. GREEK AUSTERITY Carolyn Cohn in London;
German Chancellor Angela aggravating the Greek crisis, "Portugal has been mentioned, Concern that Greece's Socialist writing by Paul Taylor; editing
Merkel told parliament in Berlin told parliament the success of but it is already taking measures government will be unable to by Andrew Roche)
Europe's fate was at stake in the the rescue package would and the other countries are in a implement all the deficit-cutting Five Filters featured article:
most serious crisis of the single determine "nothing less than the much more solid situation ... but measures agreed with the EU The Art of Looking Prime
currency's 11-year lifetime, and future of Europe -- and with it we should remain vigilant." and IMF because of potential EURO page 19
other euro countries could be hit the future of Germany in He criticized the 15 other euro social unrest is one of the
E-reader News Edition News Wire/ Culture/ 19
NY bomb suspect probed for links abroad continued from page 18

Ministerial - The 2010 UK

(Reuters: Top News) about him, we want to learn "This is a blow back. This is a identification card from General Election. Available
Submitted at 5/5/2010 9:01:55 AM about the training, who gave the reaction. This is retaliation," he commercial hub Karachi. tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
training, where did it happen." said. "Let's not be naive. They're Pakistani Interior Minister Text RSS, Term Extraction.
N E W Y O R K ( R e u t e r s ) - REMOVED FROM PLANE not going to sort of sit and Rehman Malik said Shahzad's
Investigators questioned the Shahzad was taken off an welcome you to eliminate them. family "are on our radar."
suspected Times Square bomber Emirates plane that was about to They're going to fight back. And "He is not from a radical or
hoping to uncover links he d e p a r t f o r D u b a i l a t e o n we have to be ready for this illiterate family. He is from an
might have had to foreign M o n d a y .
militant groups and U.S. media An Emirates spokesman said on
If links are found between the
educated family. We are looking
into how he got radicalized," he Wise Words:
said he could appear in a New Wednesday that Shahzad's final attempted bombing and told Reuters.
York court on Wednesday. destination was Islamabad. Pakistan's Taliban, Islamabad JPMorgan Chase's mortgage Forgiveness
U.S. Several of Shahzad's relatives could come under renewed U.S. unit sued Shahzad in September
Faisal Shahzad, 30, who was were arrested in Pakistan hours pressure to open risky new last year to foreclose on his over Judgment
born in Pakistan and became a after he was removed from the fronts against Islamic militants. three bedroom home in Shelton, Editors
U.S. citizen last year, is accused plane, security sources said. ACTED ALONE? Connecticut, court documents (Daily Woman's Day Blog)
of trying to kill and maim Kelly said it was the 11th Shahzad told authorities he and county records show.
Submitted at 5/5/2010 6:30:00 AM
people with a car bomb in the thwarted attack on New York acted alone, but officials said he The bomb was in a sports utility
heart of Manhattan on Saturday City since hijacked airliners had spent five months in vehicle that prosecutors said Here's a little bit of inspiration
night. He faces life in prison if destroyed the World Trade Pakistan of late and Kelly said Shahzad bought three weeks ago to make your day fun, fabulous
convicted. Center's twin towers on Shahzad had a wife and two in Connecticut for $1,300. and full of joy.
Prosecutors say Shahzad, the September 11, 2001 killing children living in Peshawar. Street vendors alerted police to I can have peace of mind only
son of a retired Pakistani vice more than 2,600 people. The United States and Pakistan the smoking vehicle that had when I forgive rather than
air marshal, drove a crude President Barack Obama said will try to trace Shahzad's path been parked with the engine judge. -Gerald G. Jampols
homemade bomb of gasoline, the investigation would seek to to Times Square, determine how running and the hazard lights When have you forgiven
propane gas, fireworks and determine whether Shahzad had he ended up in a militant on. Thousands of people were someone instead of judging him
fertilizer into Times Square and any connection with foreign training camp in Pakistan and evacuated from Times Square. or her?
fled. Authorities defused the extremist groups. which group influenced him, in (Additional reporting by Daniel Have a favorite quote? Send it
b o m b a n d l a t e r c a p t u r e d The Taliban in Pakistan on hopes of preventing future Trotta in New York; Jeremy t o u s a t
Shahzad. Sunday claimed responsibility attacks. Pelofsky, Jeff Mason, JoAnne with
CBS News said he would for the attempted bombing, Shahzad, a former financial Allen and Jim Vicini in your name, city and state. You
appear in New York federal saying it was planned to avenge analyst who worked in the U.S. Washington; and William might be featured in an
court on Wednesday. the killing in April of al Qaeda's state of Connecticut, is the son Maclean in London; Editing by upcoming Wise Words post!
N e w Y o r k P o l i c e two top leaders in Iraq as well as of a retired vice air marshal, Chris Wilson) Five Filters featured article:
Commissioner Ray Kelly said U.S. involvement in Muslim affording him a special status in Five Filters featured article: The Art of Looking Prime
late on Tuesday that Shahzad countries. Pakistan, where the military is The Art of Looking Prime Ministerial - The 2010 UK
admitted trying to set off the While some U.S. officials were the most powerful and Ministerial - The 2010 UK General Election. Available
bomb and training in a Taliban skeptical about the claim, influential institution. General Election. Available tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
and al Qaeda stronghold in Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Security officials said tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Term Extraction.
Pakistan. Mehmood Qureshi told CBS Shahzad's parents resided in Text RSS, Term Extraction.
"He's giving us significant News he believed the failed Peshawar, the city hit hardest by
information," Kelly told a New attack was a retaliation for the Pakistani Taliban suicide
York television station. "We United States targeting Taliban bombings. They said Shahzad
want to learn as much as we can followers. also has a residency
20 News Wire/ Technology/ E-reader News Edition
More iPad video
Ash grounds Irish, UK flights torture: 64GB iPad
(Reuters: Top News) number of hours on Tuesday. summer," IAA Chief Executive move drew worries from some
The latest disruption was Eamonn Brennan said. "We are countries over unfair
3G gets microwaved
Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:11:21 AM
caused by ash being blown from probably facing a summer of competition. Steven Sande (The Unofficial
DUBLIN/LONDON(Reuters) - the same volcano in Iceland that uncertainty due to this ash Former Irish state airline Aer Apple Weblog (TUAW))
Airspace over Scotland and caused mayhem for 10 million cloud." Lingus said that last month's Submitted at 5/4/2010 10:00:00 PM
Northern Ireland will be closed travelers last month. EARNINGS HIT shutdown of several days cut its
from early Wednesday because The Irish Aviation Authority Much of European air traffic earnings by about 20 million Filed under: iPad
of volcanic ash that closed (IAA) closed airports from 0600 was grounded last month euros ($27 million). The final It didn't take long for the iPad
airports in Ireland on Tuesday GMT to 1200 GMT due to the because of the spread of ash bill will hinge on the impact on to get tortured, blended, and
and could threaten summer risk of ash ingestion in aircraft from an erupting volcano under passengers' longer-term travel now, microwaved.
holiday travel. jet engines, although overflights the Eyjafjallajokull glacier in plans. Shares in Aer Lingus, Yes, in this YouTube video, a
World| Green Business of Ireland from Britain and Iceland. Some 100,000 flights which also separately reported brand spankin' new 64GB iPad
Britain's aviation authority said continental Europe were not were canceled and millions of encouraging first-quarter trading 3G is lovingly unwrapped,
airports in northwest England halted. passengers stranded. on Tuesday, were down 5 registered, and loaded with data,
and north Wales could also be It was the first test of a Britain's easyJet warned of percent in late trading, while then popped into the Amir9000
affected by the ash from an European system of progressive some disruption on flights to Ryanair, which is much less for a journey into flaming
Icelandic volcano which brought closures, including partial no-fly and from Scotland on dependent on the Irish market, oblivion. Just sad. And we're
chaos to European air travel last zones, introduced after the Wednesday. was down 2.4 percent. crying about it not just for you
month. abrasive ash cloud prompted a Last month's airspace closures Air France-KLM, British broke American friends who
F o r e c a s t s s h o w e d t h e blanket ban that was criticized cost Europe's airlines 1.5 billion Airways, Iberia and Lufthansa haven't gotten one yet, but for
concentration of ash in the by airlines forced to ground to 2.5 billion euros ($2 billion- were all down between 4 and 5 many of our international
a t m o s p h e r e e x c e e d e d thousands of flights in April. $3.3 billion), the European percent in a weak market friends, who would pay a king's
recommended safety levels, it European transport ministers Commission has estimated. because of the possibility of ransom just for a device like
said. have agreed to set safety limits The International Air Transport further chaos. this.
"The situation is very dynamic, for flying through the ash, Association said European (Additional reporting by Marie- These purveyors of microwave-
so passengers expecting to which can paralyze jet engines, carriers would bear the brunt of Louise Gumuchian in Dublin, inflicted iPad violence will
t r a v e l f r o m t h e i m p a c t e d and to unify European airspace. global industry losses which it Michael Holden and Caroline apparently be selling the
airports should contact their Air traffic control agency has estimated at $2.8 billion this Copley in London, Philip cremains of the iPad on eBay
airlines to check whether their Eurocontrol said the six-hour year. Blenkinsop in Brussels, Tim soon, likely in an attempt to
flight is operating," the Civil c l o s u r e s r e s u l t e d i n t h e It also said IATA airlines faced Hepher in Paris and Maria recover a bit of their investment.
Aviation Authority said on its cancellation of 150 flights, but just under 200 million euros in Sheahan in Frankfurt; Editing [via Crunchgear]
website. that flights then returned to food and hotel costs for stranded by Charles Dick) TUAW More iPad video
Airspace over Scotland and normal. passengers. Airlines have been Five Filters featured article: torture: 64GB iPad 3G gets
Northern Ireland will be closed The IAA said northerly winds battling to get some relief from The Art of Looking Prime microwaved originally appeared
from 0600 GMT and airports in forecast for the coming days governments. Ministerial - The 2010 UK on The Unofficial Apple
t h e t w o r e g i o n s a r e a l s o could bring more clouds of ash But the EU transport ministers General Election. Available Weblog (TUAW) on Tue, 04
expected to close. A further from the Icelandic eruption and meeting on Tuesday rejected tools: PDF Newspaper, Full May 2010 22:00:00 EST.
u p d a t e i s e x p e c t e d a b o u t disruption for passengers this financial aid for airlines. Text RSS, Term Extraction. Please see our terms for use of
midnight on Tuesday. week. The EU's executive had feeds.
Airports in Ireland and parts of "We could be faced with this proposed deferring certain air Read| Permalink| Email this|
Britain were closed for a p e r i o d i c a l l y d u r i n g t h e traffic control charges but the Comments
E-reader News Edition World News/ 21

G8 corruption scandal hits Silvio Berlusconi coalition

(World News from Times myself if I carry on as minister. He added, however, that he projects unrelated to insisted he would serve out the
Online) My resignation will allow the could no longer stay in a emergencies such as plans to remaining three years of his
Submitted at 5/5/2010 6:57:22 AM government to move forward.” dwelling “if it was paid for by celebrate 150 years of Italian term. He said there were no
He said he was the victim of a others for reasons unknown to unity next year. doubts about the stability of his
Silvio Berlusconi fears more of “media campaign”, and walked me”. Mr Bertolaso is also under Government, adding: “We will
his close government allies will out without taking questions The left-wing daily Il Fatto investigation over the G8 proceed on the path of reforms
fall victim to a growing from reporters. Quotidiano said this was a contracts but remains in his without any delays caused by
corruption scandal involving “Now Berlusconi fears the “comic explanation” amounting post. He said Ms Guzzanti’s counterproductive in-house
building contracts following the domino effect” was the to “They bought me a house and film was a “distortion of the discussions.”
resignation of Claudio Scajola, headlines in Corriere della Sera I didn’t know about it”. truth” which would put Italy in a Mr Fini claims that Mr
the Industry Minister. and La Stampa. Pierluigi Bersani, the bad light. Berlusconi is a hostage of the
In a blow to the Italian Prime Mr Berlusconi said that he was opposition leader, said the In his two years as Industry increasingly powerful Northern
Minister’s increasingly fragile losing a “very capable” minister, Government was “in a Minister, Mr Scajola oversaw League, the PdL’s coalition ally,
two-year-old centre-right adding that there was “too much quagmire”. the privatisation of the state- which takes an anti-immigrant
Government, Mr Scajola, 62, liberty of the press” in Italy. Mr Berlusconi is not himself controlled airline Alitalia and stance and has angered Italy’s
resigned over allegations of Mr Berlusconi had initially under investigation over the announced plans to reintroduce Catholic bishops as well as
impropriety in his purchase of a defended Mr Scajola over alleged G8 corruption. nuclear power plants to Italy. mainstream Right and Left by
Rome flat with a view of the allegations that the owners of However, he is on trial in two His position became untenable deriding the 150th anniversary
Colosseum. the flat near the Colosseum were other corruption cases, which he after Il Giornale, the newspaper of Italian unity as “making little
Mr Scajola is the first minister paid €900,000 more than the says are the result of a campaign owned by the Berlusconi family, sense”.
to resign since Mr Berlusconi’s €600,000 which Mr Scajola said against him by politically said in a front-page banner Mr Scajola resigned before,
coalition swept to a landslide he had paid. He admitted this motivated left-wing magistrates. headline this week “Scajola when he was Interior Minister,
victory in 2008. was below the market value. He has passed a law excusing must clear everything up or after making disparaging
The allegations arose from a Investigators say the money himself from attending hearings resign”. The right-wing paper comments in 2002 about Marco
broader inquiry into alleged was paid in cheques that could for the next 18 months. Libero took a similar line. Biagi, a government economic
corruption in the awarding of be traced to Diego Anemone, a The G8 scandal is the subject of Mr Berlusconi is publicly at adviser murdered by the Red
contracts for last year’s lavish Rome construction magnate a new film by the satirist Sabina odds with Gianfranco Fini, Brigades, saying he had been “a
G8 summit in L’Aquila, at who was one of four people Guzzanti entitled Draquila, Speaker of the Lower House and pain in the arse” for asking for a
which Mr Berlusconi, 73, arrested in February over which is to be shown at the co-founder of the ruling People police escort.
sought to regain international suspected corruption in the Cannes Film Festival. of Liberty (PdL), who has Five Filters featured article:
prestige after becoming awarding of public works She alleges that the earthquake criticised the Prime Minister’s The Art of Looking Prime
embroiled in a series of sex contracts. which devastated L’Aquila a populist and authoritarian style Ministerial - The 2010 UK
scandals. Mr Scajola said: “I have no year ago could have been and has formed a movement of General Election. Available
Mr Scajola, who is said to have knowledge of money paid by predicted but that the Civil his own called Generation Italy. tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
been in tears as he offered his someone else for the apartment. Protection Agency headed by He insists that the new Text RSS, Term Extraction.
resignation to the Prime I know how much I paid, with a Guido Bertolaso, Mr organisation is not a breakaway
Minister, told a press bank mortgage and a normal Berlusconi’s right-hand man, party.
conference: “I cannot defend contract, without any tricks.” was distracted by grandiose Last week Mr Berlusconi
22 World News/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition

Three killed as Greek austerity protest turns 5 Questions You

Should Ask
violent Your Realtor
(World News from Times A news blackout descended However the left-wing parties in protest against a police killing (HowStuffWorks Daily Feed)
Online) after the politically powerful and the main unions have been of a teenager in December 2008.
Submitted at 5/5/2010 6:21:47 AM journalists’ unions joined the equally adamant in civil Flights to and from Greece -Buying or selling a home can
strike. disobedience, raising serious were suspended at midnight and be daunting. In fact, it can be a
Three people were killed in a Unions claim that spending cuts issues of Greece’s governability trains and ferries were not full-time job. For many people,
firebomb attack on a bank in and tax rises, proposed in return in the coming months. running this morning. it makes sense to hire an expert
central Athens today as protests for £95 billion in loans to the Antonis Samaras, the leader of About 10,000 protesters from to handle the time-consuming
against the Greek Government Government, target the poor. the opposition conservative New the main public and private tasks and the nitty-gritty details.
turned violent. Parliament will vote on the Democracy party, added to the sector unions massed in the Real estate agents can take work
Two women and one man died package tomorrow. uncertainty this week by saying capital for speeches while the off your hands and also help you
in the blaze after a petrol bomb The proposals include pension that his party would vote down PAME communist union drew get a better deal.
was hurled into the bank in the cuts and wage freezes. The aim the austerity programme when it another 10,000 people. Your seller's or listing agent
centre of the capital by hooded is to cut Greece’s public deficit comes up for a vote in the Protesters bore banners reading will advertise your home, walk
demonstrators. It is not clear to less than 3 per cent of GDP Parliament today. The “IMF and EU are stealing a buyers through, answer
whether the victims were by 2014 — today it stands at Government’s 165-strong century of social progress” and questions and help you through
customers or whether they 13.6 per cent. majority in the 300-seat “The rich must pay for the the negotiation phase. If you're
worked at the site. Employees The proposed package includes chamber, however, ensures that crisis”. trying to buy, you can hire a
covered in ash fled the burning cuts worth €30 billion (£26 the package will pass. In Greece’s second city in the buyer's agent who is familiar
building which was destroyed. billion) over three years. Rallies started shortly before north of the country, with your preferred locations.
Demonstrators attempted to Angela Merkel, the German midday during the third general Thessaloniki, about 14,000 He will recommend
storm the Greek parliament Chancellor, urged MPs to back strike among public sector people gathered to protest, neighborhoods that fit your
while riot police used teargas the emergency loan package workers in as many months. police said. preferences, and he'll also warn
against tens of thousands agreed by EU finance ministers. Workers fear that the cuts will Yesterday militant Communist you about possible drawbacks --
protesting against austerity Germany would be required to bring financial pain but fail to Party members stormed the like the nearby factory that will
measures. pay the largest part of the loans. remedy the chronic debt. Acropolis and hung a giant wake you up every morning at
It came in the midst of a 48- “Quite simply, Europe’s future The protests were expected to protest banner over the parapet. 5:00 a.m. If you decide to hire a
hour general strike that is at stake,” she said. The be the biggest since March, Another group burst into a state real estate agent, be warned that
paralysed the country, causing destiny of the EU and when more than 20,000 people television studio on Monday they're not all the same. Some
travel disruption and closing Germany’s place in it depended marched in Athens and police evening, interrupting a live news may take advantage of your
schools and hospitals. on the outcome of the Greek clashed with youths who threw broadcast. inexperience and end up costing
Thousands of civil servants and crisis, she added. stones. Five Filters featured article: you a pretty penny.
private sector workers marched George Papandreou, the Although polls show that most The Art of Looking Prime Five Filters featured article:
under large banners urging socialist Prime Minister who Greeks disagree with the Ministerial - The 2010 UK The Art of Looking Prime
Greeks to defy the strictures of marks 7 months in power this austerity measures General Election. Available Ministerial - The 2010 UK
the International Monetary week, has vowed to keep the demonstrations until now have tools: PDF Newspaper, Full General Election. Available
Fund and protesting what they IMF-mandated austerity been limited and mainly Text RSS, Term Extraction. tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
called a catastrophic rollback of programme in place “without peaceful – nowhere near the Text RSS, Term Extraction.
labour workers’ rights. regard to political cost.” size of the crowds that marched
E-reader News Edition World News/ Technology/ Culture/ 23

Woman dies in Taleban suicide Google Leads $23

bombing of Afghan government Million Round In TV
offices Ad Startup Invidi
(World News from Times He said that during the ensuing provincial court.” Leena Rao (TechCrunch)
Online) fighting eight detonated Officials reported that local Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:54:42 AM

Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:21:40 AM explosives, some after being security forces regained control
shot by police. “The other was at around 11.30am. TV ad startup Invidi has
Taleban suicide bombers shot and killed and his jacket secured over $23 million in
Taleban militants have made investment in Invidi, Google has
a t t e m p t e d t o o v e r r u n t h e was recovered. One bomber series D funding led by Google,
increasing use of small suicide committed to working with the
g o v e r n m e n t o f f i c e s o f a reached to the yard of the with GroupM, Motorola
squads to attempt high profile startup on a number of products
province in south-western provincial council building,” Ventures, Menlo Ventures,
“spectacular” attacks on relating to TV advertising. Of
Afghanistan this morning, said Mr Torgily. “He blew InterWest, and EnerTech
government provincial centres. course, it is expected that
provoking fierce gun battles in himself up and Gul Maki Capital, Westbury Equity
Western officials say a number Invidi’s technology could be
which a female administrator Wakili, a member of the Partners, BDC Capital
of attempts to move squads of integrated with Google’s
was killed. provincial council was killed.” participating in the round. The
suicide bombers into the capital development of an Android-
T h e f i g h t i n g i n N i m r o z The female council member Business Insider broke the news
Kabul have been thwarted in based software for TVs.
Province, a remote desert region was one of a number elected to yesterday evening.
recent months amid signs of Founded in 2000, Invidi
close to the Iranian border, was each province under a quota Invidi provides software
overall improvement in Afghan currently has distribution
heavy, local officials said, system designed to ensure 25 applications that track targeted
security in Kabul and its agreements with Dish Network
r e p o r t i n g d e a t h s o f t w o percent representation for advertising and offers a digital
environs. The last serious attack and DirecTV. Invidi’s
policemen. Ten members of the w o m e n i n t h e Afghan set-top box application that
in the capital was in October last technology was recently tested
Afghan securiuty forces were G o v e r n m e n t . year. delivers targeted advertising and in Comcast’s Baltimore, MD,
also injured in the attack. Contacted during the fighting marketing messages to
Five Filters featured article: system with Starcom
“Around 10.45am nine suicide b y p h o n e , t h e p r o v i n c i a l individual viewers. The
The Art of Looking Prime MediaVest, and the trial showed
b o m b e r s a r m e d a l s o w i t h governor, Ghulam Dastagir technology also facilitates the
Ministerial - The 2010 UK addressable ads to be 65% more
weapons, entered the city and Asad, said: “There have been sales of digital products, digital
General Election. Available efficient and 32% more
a t t e m p t e d t o s t o r m t h e seven explosions so far. Police tiers, and digital services, such
tools: PDF Newspaper, Full effective.
governor’s office,” provincial are engaging with attackers at as VOD, PVR, and pay-per-
Text RSS, Term Extraction. Google just shared updates on
police chief Abdul Jabar five or six locations including view events; Internet, voice, and its venture arm, Google
Torgily told The Times. the provincial council and the wireless services; and triple play Ventures, and announced
offers. additional investments in mobile
Fact or Fiction: Herpes In conjunction withe the
funding, Shishir Mehrotra,
payments startup Corduro.
CrunchBase Information
(HowStuffWorks Daily Feed) common types. But herpes The Art of Looking Prime D i r e c t o r o f P r o d u c t
INVIDI Technologies
really gets around -- there are Ministerial - The 2010 UK Management for Google TV
When you think 'herpes,' you Information provided by
many more versions out there, General Election. Available Ads and YouTube Ads, has
probably conjure up visions of CrunchBase
and many people have no idea tools: PDF Newspaper, Full j o i n e d I n v i d i ’ s b o a r d o f
cold sores or (gulp) genital they're infected. Take our quiz Text RSS, Term Extraction. directors. In addition to its
blisters. And, yes, oral and to find out more -- if you dare.
genital herpes are the most Five Filters featured article:
24 Technology/ E-reader News Edition

Media Relations 101 for Your Startup

Guest Author websites in your niche and has heard of you before. Do space that are doing awesome
(ReadWriteWeb) occasionally take a shot at relationship with a reporter Something Different things. Have an Actionable
Submitted at 5/4/2010 9:30:00 PM medium-sized blogs. Once you before pitching them. In our No one wants to talk about Conclusion to Your Pitch
start feeling more comfortable digital age, this is much easier to something that's been done Do not just pitch your story and
First off, you do not need a PR with your email pitch, and are do too since we have Twitter, before. What's your angle that hope the recipient will email or
firm. The retainer is usually not making decent traction with Facebook and LinkedIn for makes you so special? Sure, you call. Ask them their thoughts on
worth it, especially for a young, small blogs and websites, move interacting with new people. In can do something similar to big the pitch, or prompt them to
growing startup because your onto pitching to medium-sized fact, you can also leverage your businesses, but make sure reply via email or call to further
product is still drastically sites. Then, as you gain secondary network (your there's also something distinctly discuss the story. Be Patient, but
changing and because your experience, and learn a bit more network's network) to get in different about what you do. Persistent
conversion rates are probably about tailoring your pitch to contact with writers. Knowing Always be innovating and let This is very important.
very low. specific authors, you can move people that know people is a people know that! Do a Sometimes it takes a while for a
As a startup that is looking to onto mass-media outlets that can great way to get your foot in the Giveaway journalist to get back to you, and
innovate in your industry, it really increase your exposure door. Always be Reading Blogs and medium-sized sometimes they forget to reply. I
usually does not make any sense because of their tremendous Keep an eye out for relatable websites love this. You are tend to follow up one to two
for you to allow someone else to reach. content or news, and pitch offering value to them and their weeks after emailing a journalist
communicate your vision. PR Here are some pieces of advice writers with a fresh angle since readers because you are giving to see if they received my email
firms do not always get it. Even that will get you featured more they are obviously interested in something away for free that the and their thoughts on it. I've
with stellar communication often. Speak Their Language related subjects. Or, provide publisher and the audience does closed many more stories this
skills, only you and your core and be Concise meaningful commentary not have to pay for. This also way rather than trying to let my
team really understand the As in all communications (typically best with email) that serves as free publicity for you, first email do all of the work.
message and the vision. practices, you want to make sure can help kick-start your so everyone wins. The publisher Even after you've had an
Sponsor that your audience can relationship with the writer gets a new piece of content, the interview or a briefing, it is
Danny Wong is the co-founder understand what you are saying through intellectual dialogue. audience gets a free prize, and important to follow up with your
and lead evangelist of Blank without thinking too much. Do Indirectly Target Reporters you get some eyes on your media contact until the story is
Label, a provider of custom not foolishly use inner-office Sometimes it's not ideal to pitch product and website. NOTE: live because it doesn't count
dress shirts. He has been jargon that no one else directly to reporters. It might be This typically does not work on unless the public sees it! One
featured in publications like understands. Not to insult better to target media outlets bigger publications or mass- recent media hit took a month
ReadWriteWeb, FastCompany, journalists, but pitch as if you that the influentials are reading. media outlets because they are from initial pitch before being
ABCNews, FoxNews, were addressing a 14-year-old. If you know that Om Malik looking for newsworthy content, published live, and I've been
BusinessWeek and more. He is Seriously. This manner of reads some small-time tech or sponsored posts. Be Part of a nurturing one media lead I have
also a 19-year-old evangelist communication should be the blog, you might want to get Movement had since December of 2009!
and rockstar studying full-time same for everyone you talk to featured on that blog to get Om Being part of a movement Do you have any other
at Bentley University. about your brand. You are not Malik's eyes on you without validates what you're doing as a wisdoms on how startups can
If you are a first-timer at PR, condescending them this way; directly contacting him. When business, and sometimes gives power their media relations?
start small so you do not burn you are allowing them to easily you finally do contact him, you reporters more newsworthy Feel free to add your tips in the
any important bridges (but be digest your message. Make will have higher visibility in his content than just a solo feature comments below.
aware that every bridge counts). Some Friends overflooded inbox because he of you because they can profile Photo by magicmarie. Discuss
Start pitching to small blogs and Sometimes it's good to build a other businesses within the same
E-reader News Edition Technology/ 25

MIT researchers print solar cell on paper

(CNET around nanoscale materials at
Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:19:04 AM the Eni-MIT Solar Frontiers
Center. Layers of these
CAMBRIDGE, Mass.-- materials could essentially be
Scientists at the Massachusetts sprayed using different
Institute of Technology have manufacturing techniques to
successfully coated paper with a make a thin-film solar cell on a
solar cell, part of a suite of plastic, paper, or metal foils.
research projects aimed at Silicon, the predominant
energy breakthroughs. material for solar cells, is
Susan Hockfield, MIT's durable and is made from
president, and Paolo Scaroni, abundant materials. Many
CEO of Italian oil company Eni, companies sell or are
on Tuesday officially dedicated developing thin-film solar cells,
the Eni-MIT Solar Frontiers which are less efficient but are
Research Center. Eni invested cheaper to manufacture.
$5 million into the center, which During a tour, Bulovic showed
is also receiving a $2 million one of the center's labs, where
National Science Foundation researchers use a laser to blast
grant, said Vladimir Bulovic, light at nanomaterials for
the center's director. picoseconds. A picosecond is
The printed solar cells, which one trillionth of a second. The
Bulovic showed at a press laser provides data on how the
conference Tuesday, are still in light excites electrons in the
the research phase and are years material, which will provide
from being commercialized. clues as to whether it will make
However, the technique, in a good solar cell material, he
which paper is coated with explained.
organic semiconductor material MIT is focusing much of its
using a process similar to an effort on quantum dots, or tiny
inkjet printer, is a promising crystals that are only a few
way to lower the weight of solar LaMonica/CNET) MIT professor Karen Gleason believes that solar can be a nanometers in size. A human
panels. "If you could use a The materials MIT researchers headed the research and has replacement. At the same time, hair is about 50,000 to 100,000
staple gun to install a solar used are carbon-based dyes and submitted a paper for scientific he said, current technologies are nanometers thick.
panel, there could be a lot of the cells are about 1.5 percent to review but it has not yet been not sufficient. By using different materials and
value," Bulovic said. 2 percent efficient at converting published. MIT and Eni said this "We are not very active (in sizes, researchers can fine-tune
Vladimir Bulovic, director of sunlight to electricity. But any is the first time a solar cell has a l t e r n a t i v e e n e r g y ) t o d a y the colors of light that quantum
the Eni-MIT Solar Frontiers material could be used if it can been printed on paper. because we don't believe today's dots can absorb, a way of
Research Center, hold a solar b e d e p o s i t e d a t r o o m During the press conference, technologies are the answer of isolating good candidates for
cell printed onto a piece of temperature, Bulovic said. Scaroni said that Eni is funding our problems," he said. quantum dot solar cells.
paper to spell MIT. This is the "Absolutely, the trick was the center because the company Quantum dots Researchers at the center are
first paper solar cell, according coming up with ways to use understands that hydrocarbons The paper solar cells are one of MIT page 27
to MIT and Eni.(Credit: Martin paper," he said. will eventually run out and many avenues being pursued
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Ning Announces New Pricing Model, Free Nings ELLE Accessories

for Teachers File Shops Ebay:
Audrey Watters offer advanced customization of Ning Minis sponsored by an Luggage Classics
(ReadWriteWeb) options including the ability to as-yet-unnamed educational (ELLE Fashion
Submitted at 5/4/2010 9:00:00 PM edit CSS, add Javascript and company. While it's unclear at Blogs)
make use of a Language Editor. this time what kind of control
Social networking site Ning Price: $19.95 per month or "Our Network Creators are that company will have over Submitted at 5/4/2010 6:01:33 PM

announced its new pricing $199.95 per year. some of the most passionate and teachers' Nings and whether or
c r e a t i v e u s e r s o f s o c i a l not they will be able to market For your upcoming Summer
scheme today, following its Ning Mini: Offers access to
networking technologies on the or message to their members, travels, we love the timeless
announcement last month that it Ning's core features including,
web, and by focusing on our m a n y t e a c h e r s s e e m e d elegance of a classic hard-back
will abandon the freemium blogs, photos, forums and video
three new product offerings, cautiously optimistic about suitcase or monogrammed
m o d e l a n d e l i m i n a t e f r e e embeds, and the added ability to
Ning will be able to extend the today's announcement and were steamer trunk.
subscriptions. run custom advertising. Price:
power and control we bring to happy that the company had Here are some vintage finds
Sponsor $2.95 per month or $19.95 per
our customers," said Ning CEO responded to their outcry. that might just warrant the
In July, the company will roll year.
Jason Rosenthal. investment!
out three tiers of service - Ning In addition to ending their The website Free Technology
The passion of Ning users was Tools for Teacher noted that Rare Louis Vuitton
Mini, Ning Plus and Ning Pro - p r o m o t i o n a l l i n k s a n d
e v i d e n t i n t h e a f t e r m a t h "Ning Mini won't replace the Tag—Goyard
and subscriptions will range a d v e r t i s i n g , N i n g a l s o
f o l l o w i n g t h e c o m p a n y ' s old free Ning accounts, but they Louis Vuitton Wardrobe Trunk
from $3 to $50 per month. announced they'd be replacing
decision in April to end the free should still be useable for with Cover
These new product packages the Ning ID with a custom sign-
subscriptions. Many educators classroom settings. Though with Louis Vuitton Antique
include the following: in system, as well as support for
w h o f o u n d N i n g t o b e a cap of 150 members it Monogram Wardrobe Trunk
Ning Pro: Offers unlimited Facebook Connect and Twitter
particularly useful for both probably won't be useable for Authentic Vintage Gucci
membership, full control over authorization; adding new APIs
classroom communication and building a community Ning Suitcase
branding, multimedia options to allow mobile and desktop
for professional development around a whole school or PTA." Goyard Red Crosiere Purse,
including music uploads and a p p l i c a t i o n d e v e l o p m e n t ;
were worried about the impact And in a move that echoes what Tote, Hand Bag
branded players, and advanced i n c r e a s i n g s i t e s ' d e s i g n
customization. Price: $49.95 per flexibility; and adding enhanced Ning's decision would have on many users of Ning have been
month or $ 499.95 per year. reporting and analytics their networks, as well as on thinking, the website offered a
Ning Plus: Offers unlimited information. For those who are their limited budgets. link to a list of Ning
membership, full control over currently using the system but In response, Ning indicated a l t e r n a t i v e s . D i s c u s s
branding, and features including plan to move elsewhere, Ning today that K-12 educators would
events, groups, chat, pages and w i l l a l s o o f f e r a c o n t e n t be able to continue to have
Ning Apps. Ning Plus will also m i g r a t i o n t o o l . access to free Nings, in the form

Miranda and Orlando Have a Gala For Two in the City of Love
PopSugar (PopSugar) around the city including a stop babe did make an appearance, Pirates of the Caribbean at an
Submitted at 5/5/2010 4:00:00 AM at Dior yesterday. Miranda and however, in a new V Magazine e v e n t h o n o r i n g J e r r y
Orlando missed out on the spread with fellow swimsuit B r u c k h e i m e r .
Miranda Kerr and Orlando Costume Institute Gala in NYC model Bar Refaeli. As for View 5 Photos ›
Bloom bundled up to step out of Monday night but there were Orlando, he's expected back in
their Paris hotel for a stroll many other hot and sexy couples in attendance. The leggy bikini LA later this month to introduce
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Culture/ 27

The Art of the Twitter Pitch

Audrey Watters your ideas, here are a few things on Twitter and to pay attention
(ReadWriteWeb) to keep in mind: to your tweets. If you only tweet
Submitted at 5/4/2010 9:30:00 PM 1: Pitch Publicly. If you target self-promotional links and
your message using the @ reply blurbs, chances are you aren't
Over the past few weeks, we've function, your conversations going to maintain followers.
highlighted some tips and tricks will only be seen by mutual 4. Don't spam. While Twitter
for polishing your elevator and followers and could be missed can be a great way to spread the
email pitch. If a pitch is b y o t h e r s w h o m i g h t b e message about your business,
designed to deliver a succinct interested in your idea. And if don't repeatedly blast your Finds No-Meat Recipes
presentation of your product or you use the direct message contains compelling and
followers with the same PR
service, then it may be that the function, your tweet just ends up pertinent information about you
From Dozens of Sites
140 character limitation of as an email would, without all and your company. Be sure to [Recipes]
5. Follow up. Twitter provides
Twitter makes it a great venue the care and presentation of a include your URL.
a real-time way to both monitor Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)
for a pitch. 3. Include a URL in your tweet.
full-blown email pitch. Of and participate in conversations.
Sponsor If your tweet is a pitch, drive Submitted at 5/5/2010 7:00:00 AM
course, a public tweet runs the Do make sure that you aren't
Stowe Boyd is often credited risk of being lost in the shuffle. traffic to a webpage or blog post
just using Twitter to broadcast The search engine at Recipe
with the idea of pitching via And one of the drawbacks to with more information about
messages, but that you are Puppy indexes more than a
Twitter. He proposed the " pitching via Twitter is that, you, your company and your
actively engaging your million recipes, but limits itself
Twitpitch" in order to help him unlike the elevator or email service. Consider linking to a
followers as well. to ingredient lists. By stripping
schedule meetings with startups pitches, you can't really craft page with a more elaborate
There are numerous out recipes calling for meat, the
at the Web 2.0 Expo in 2008. pitch, not just merely to your
your pitch to suit your audience. announcements you can pitch search filter now offers
Twitter has grown in use and If you want to have a bit more home page. Whether you're
via Twitter: news, events, vegetarian and vegan recipes,
acceptance since Boyd's idea for precision in your pitch, consider using a URL shortener (such as
product launches, and from sites that aren't necessarily
t h e T w i t p i t c h , a n d t h e including a hashtag to link it or not, it's good to
employment opportunities, for focused on veggies. More »
microblogging service can be a with other conversations on the identify the type of link - a link
example. But remember, as with Cooking- Home- World
valuable site for entrepreneurs topic. (This is particularly useful to a blog post or a video, for
the elevator pitch, it's important Cuisines- Vegetarian- Recipe
to pitch their ideas. But with the when you plan to be onsite for example - so people know what
to sell yourself, not just your Collections
increasing level of chatter there, an event, such as the Web 2.0 to expect when they click.
products. Discuss
you need to make sure your Expo.) 3. Don't use Twitter solely to
pitch stands out. So if you do pitch. There needs to be a
2. Complete your Twitter
decide to use Twitter to pitch profile. Make sure your profile compelling reason to follow you

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also looking at different the country's needs, including a solar power tomorrow. estimated that many of the tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
molecules or biological transition to electric vehicles, "I'm giving you a whole bunch technologies in the labs were in Text RSS, Term Extraction.
elements which can act as solar Bulovic said. For example, the of hype," Bulovic said while the first three years of a five-to-
cell material. easement strip on highways explaining solar's potential seven-year development cycle.
If 0.3 percent of the U.S. were could be coated with material during the tour. "It usually takes Five Filters featured article:
covered with photovoltaics with that could capture energy from 10 years from the time between The Art of Looking Prime
10 percent efficiency, solar the sun. when you invent something and Ministerial - The 2010 UK
power could produce three times But don't expect a revolution in you commercialize it." He General Election. Available
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Blockbuster Video Launches API to Here’s An Easier, Faster

Open the Web, Mobile, Set Top Way To Embed Tweets
Robin Wauters (TechCrunch)
Boxes and More Submitted at 5/5/2010 4:25:31 AM
it here), which you can drag to
Alex Williams part, customers received pitches
(ReadWriteWeb) @robinwauters I made a your bookmark bar and click
like Blockbuster did from the bookmarklet for twitter whenever you’re looking at a
Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:00:00 AM big technology companies to b l a c k b i r d : tweet you’d like to embed.
"blow up the databases," said steps
Blockbuster Video is launching Three steps instead of eight.
Mike Debnar, Blockbuster Vice instead of 9 to embed a tweet),
an API called "Blockbuster Will save you a couple of
President of Retail Systems. could be useful 4 u Wed May 05
Everywhere." The new cross- microseconds. No need to say
And the cost? Some bids came 07:18:34 via Tweetie Xavier
channel API is designed to thanks.
in at $1 million. Damman
deliver films, reviews and real- Also cool: if you use the
In 2009, a convergence came. xdamman
time inventory to devices that bookmarklet instead of
CEO James Keyes became a As we had noted earlier,
include phones, set top boxes, Blackbird Pie, the embedded
strong partner in a customer Twitter yesterday launched a
gaming consoles and other point at the right time on the platform tweet will display the exact date
focused strategy. The company new tool that allows you to
of sale locations such as gas of the customer's choice. For and time of tweets instead of “X
started aggregating its legacy easily embed tweets into a
stations. instance, that may mean doing a minutes ago”, which is
data to integrate into an API that website or blog post. The tool,
The Blockbuster story is check on the availability of a admittedly rather pointless as it
it built with Sonoa Systems. called Blackbird Pie, simply
another example of how film at local stores. It may also doesn’t update the timestamp
Sonoa worked with Blockbuster asks you for the URL of a tweet
companies are re-architecting mean accessing Blockbuster going forward.
to develop API that is built on and lets you “Bake it,” meaning
through open API's to through a smartphone or other Bonus: when you open a
RESTful web services. It can be you get a preview of how it will
reconfigure their businesses. A devices. Blockbuser is limiting T w i t t e r p r o f i l e
easily managed by a small team. look on the Web and a box with
point of sale can be in any the API to its partners but may (say@TechCrunch) or a list (say
The API is integrated with back the code you need in it. Simple
number of places. It may be a open it up in the future. Partners the@TechCrunch team), you
office systems. enough as far as I’m concerned.
store, the Web or through a include Tivo, Samsung and can click the bookmarklet to
Blockbuster is also updating its But as Xavier Damman from
platform like Tivo. HTC. make new links appears
iPhone app to reflect the new Publitweet points out, it takes
Sponsor The new API strategy comes alongside all tweets on that
cross-channel efforts. eight steps (not 9 like he says in
Open API's are lightweight, after two years of work to page. Simply click those links
Sam Ramji of Sonoa puts it this his tweet) to use Blackbird Pie
flexible and relatively consolidate Blockbuster's and voilà, an embed code
way. The API gives Blockbuster for embeddable tweets, and that
affordable. And that's just what multiple channels to represent appears. CrunchBase
greater possibilities to reach is just unacceptable. Well, it’s
Blockbuster needs. Blockbuster its new philosophy: "One Information Twitter Publitweet
across a number of varied acceptable, but there should be
has been close to bankruptcy. Customer, One Blockbuster." Information provided by
channels. an easier way.
The company plans to close The time was right to make the CrunchBase
It mat seem far away but Enter Xavier’s bookmarklet(get
20% of its stores by 2011. transition. API's were on the retailers are preparing for the
An API strategy gives rise. But for a while it looked holiday season. And where may
Blockbuster the leverage to give like it would be a massively customers be doing shopping?
the customer a unified expensive, heavyweight Perhaps in the store or from
experience across multiple integration. their desktop. But it's also likely
channels. It also opens new In 2008, open API's began to they will be on the couch using
ways to sell products as the API appear in enterprise their iPad to buy their holiday
can present the right information environments. But for the most gifts. Discuss
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Culture/ 29

Finding the Right Doctor Made Google ups its TV bet,

Easier: Insider Pages Launches invests in Invidi
Doctor Finder Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:11:32 AM

Frederic Lardinois ability to speak certain date.

(ReadWriteWeb) Google, which is still trying to
languages. figure out how to crack the TV People familiar with the
Submitted at 5/5/2010 12:00:00 AM As Insider Pages' general business, has invested in a tech transaction tell me Google has
Pages has partnered with
manager Eric Peacock told us firm trying to do the same thing. invested between $10 million, which
Insider Pages, which was when we talked to him earlier The search giant is leading a and $15 million in company in
syndicates about 1.2 million
acquired by CitySearch in 2007, today, rating doctors is different $23 million series D round in this round, which brings Invidi's
patient surveys to Insider Pages.
just announced the launch of its from rating a restaurant. While Invidi Technologies, a New total capital raised above the
While most of the company's
new Doctor Finder tool. While Insider Pages allows its users to York City company that works $85 million mark. Other
competitors offer extensive
there are already a few doctor write regular freeform reviews, on "addressable" TV ads. investors include WPP's
databases and reviews, this
review sites available on the the company also asks every Addressable ads are supposed to GroupM, Motorola, Menlo
cooperation with
Internet, most people in the U.S. reviewer 10 questions about target specific viewers, using Ventures, InterWest Partners also gives
still mostly base their choice of their experience, ranging from data from set-top boxes, in the and EnerTech Capital.
Insider Pages access to the
doctor on the location of the how much time the doctor spent same way that Internet ads sniff The Business Insider, which
HealthGrade's database of
doctor's office and the insurance with the patient to how well out specific Web surfers. first reported the investment,
doctors' records. Thanks to this,
the doctor accepts. To find these they listened to the patient's You can see why Google would says the transaction is connected
users can also check if their
doctors and dentists, most complaints. be interested in that stuff, to Google's ad pact with the
doctor is board certified and has
patients still rely on the Privacy, of course, is a major particularly as it tries to Dish satellite network. But I'm
a clean record. For more details
insurances' online directories, concern when it comes to integrate its Android platform told Dish doesn't factor into the
about a doctor's records
which usually don't feature any doctors. As Peacock told us, the into TVs. deal.
(including malpractice and
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completed two market trials to

Street Chic: New York (ELLE Fashion jacket, AG Jeans high-waist Follow ELLE on Twitter.
Blogs) jeans, and Alexander Wang Become our Facebook fan!
Submitted at 5/5/2010 6:00:00 AM sleek buckle boots.
Photo: Jonathan Alpeyrie
Get biker chic with an Think you are Street Chic? E- could appear in's
American Eagle fitted leather mail us your photo and you Street Chic Daily.
30 Technology/ E-reader News Edition

Humble Indie Bundle

offers five great Mac games
for pay-what-you-will
Mike Schramm (The Unofficial purchase, and not only are you
Apple Weblog (TUAW)) supporting developers and
Submitted at 5/4/2010 9:00:00 PM charities, but you're supporting
the decision to release great
Filed under: Deals games like this cross-platform,
A group of independent game without DRM, and without a
developers have released a publisher or middleman getting
"Humble Indie Bundle," and if in the way and taking a cut.
you're a Mac gamer, it's a Excellent deal -- they've already
treasure trove. For a donation of raised over $31,000, and if you
your choice (the retail value is play games on your Mac at all,
set at $80, but you can pay what definitely head over there and
you want, and you can even put ten or twenty dollars in the
TUAW's Daily App: White Lines specify whether your money pot to support the bundle.
goes to the game developers or a TUAW Humble Indie Bundle
Mike Schramm (The Unofficial things can get overwhelming maybe the author will smooth couple of different charities), offers five great Mac games for
Apple Weblog (TUAW)) very fast. There are quite a few that out in the future. you can pick up the indie pay-what-you-will originally
Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:00:00 AM difficulty levels for all kinds of Still, for US$0.99, White Lines classics World of Goo, Aquaria, appeared on The Unofficial
gamers, and the experience of is a fun touchscreen twist on the Gish, Lugaru, and Penumbra Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Tue,
Filed under: iPhone This drawing with a purpose on the memory game, and the stark Overture, all playable on Mac, 04 May 2010 21:00:00 EST.
iPhone game borrows its title multitouch screen does keep it s t y l e i s c o m p e l l i n g . I t ' s Linux, and Windows. Please see our terms for use of
from Grandmaster Flash, but i n t e r e s t i n g . O p e n F e i n t definitely worth a download, Amazing deal, and this is about feeds.
rather than a game about the integration means you can and it might even be good for the most generous and customer Read| Permalink| Email this|
perils of drug addiction, it's challenge friends for high keeping young ones busy while -friendly way to do it. Any one Comments
actually a memory game. Kyle scores, too, which increases the waiting in line or driving around of these games is well worth the
Webster is an illustrator who replayability. The one drawback town.
made this Simon-like drawing I found (and maybe it's just TUAW TUAW's Daily App:
challenge. The game offers up a because I was playing the game White Lines originally appeared
series of white strokes on the on my 1G) was that, at times, o n T h e U n o f f i c i a l A p p l e
screen, and its your job to registering the strokes was Weblog (TUAW) on Wed, 05
replicate them exactly. Get them w o n k y . I w o u l d d r a w i t M a y 2 0 1 0 0 8 : 0 0 : 0 0 E S T .
right to earn a higher score, but correctly, but because the game Please see our terms for use of
get three wrong and your game was chugging along, it would feeds.
is over. miss one of my marks or think I Read| Permalink| Email this|
The game's simplicity is lifted a finger when I didn't. The Comments
outweighed by its speed. As recent update to the game fixes
with the traditional Simon game, some error strokes, though, so
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Food/ 31

Coming soon: Paying for stuff on

Visa by waving your iPhone
Steven Sande (The Unofficial
Apple Weblog (TUAW))
Submitted at 5/5/2010 10:00:00 AM

Filed under: iPhone You've

probably seen contactless
payment terminals before.
They're used in many stores,
Droid Incredible versus
restaurants, and other locations,
with either a smart credit card
containing a secure memory
Nexus One:
card or some sort of fob being
used to make the payment. You cameraphone showdown
just wave it at the terminal, and Vladislav Savov (Engadget) turns out, the Nexus One rather
you've paid your bill. Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:56:00 AM swept the contest in both
Visa and DeviceFidelity are naturally and flash-lit shots,
working on a way to let iPhone Visa credit card account. customers of other card With all this talk of the Droid while the Incredible habitually
users make payments by waving Security is still important: Visa companies will have to figure Incredible ousting the Nexus exhibited a blue hue in less than
their iPhones in front of notes that the mobile payment out their own solutions. One from Verizon Wireless, perfectly lit photos. Both
contactless payment terminals. application can be protected TUAW Coming soon: Paying having a better multitouch cameras were adept at taking
They'll be offering an iPhone with a password, and that users for stuff on Visa by waving your implementation, and just being excellent daylight photos, as is
case with an embedded secure will have to treat the case as if it iPhone originally appeared on newer and shinier, you might to be expected, but the devil is
memory card that hosts Visa's were a credit card, calling the The Unofficial Apple Weblog t h i n k t h i s c o m p a r i s o n o f as usual in the details -- and you
payment application, Visa bank if it gets lost or stolen. (TUAW) on Wed, 05 May 2010 cameras is just mercilessly can find all of them at the source
payWave. Market trials of this service are 10:00:00 EST. Please see our piling on the pain for the link below.
Any place you find a Visa expected to start this summer. terms for use of feeds. original Googlephone. After all, [Thanks, Matt]
contactless payment terminal, It's an interesting proposal, but Read| Permalink| Email this| t h e N e x u s O n e a n d i t s 5 Droid Incredible versus Nexus
there will also be a potential we'll have to see what the case Comments megapixel sensor came out a One: cameraphone showdown
spot for iPhone users to pay for looks like. And of course it's good few months ahead of the 8 originally appeared on Engadget
goods or services using their only for Visa customers so far -- megapixel Droid Incredible, so on Wed, 05 May 2010 08:56:00
surely this battle would be over EST. Please see our terms for
Brunch for Mother's Day before it's even begun? Not so u s e o f f e e d s . P e r m a l i n k |
fast, says Android and Me, Android and Me| Email this|
(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks) us. An asterisk* indicates a The Art of Looking Prime whose diligent testers have put Comments
required field. Ministerial - The 2010 UK the two HTC handsets through a
The rules: Keep it clean, and Your Name General Election. Available side-by-side shootout. As it
stay on the subject or we might Your Comment* 500 characters tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
delete your comment. If you see remaining Text RSS, Term Extraction.
inappropriate language, e-mail Five Filters featured article:
32 Technology/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition

Clear security lanes storming back to airports,

principled travelers high five one another
Darren Murph (Engadget) plopped down $6 million in Continue reading Clear security
Submitted at 5/5/2010 10:16:00 AM order to acquire the assets of lanes storming back to airports,
Verified Identity Pass out of principled travelers high five
D on't call it a comeback. Or b a n k r u p t c y p r o t e c t i o n . one another
do, because that's precisely what According to our hombres at Clear security lanes storming
this is. After Clear shuffled its Gadling, that purchase price back to airports, principled
final incorruptible passenger doesn't include individual travelers high five one another
through a speedy security lane airport contracts, so it'll be an originally appeared on Engadget
i n J u n e o f l a s t y e a r , t h e uphill battle getting these lanes on Wed, 05 May 2010 10:16:00
company closed up shop and back into the places in which EST. Please see our terms for
forced even the nicest of they're needed. If all goes well, use of feeds. Permalink| Fly
travelers to re-join the herds. we could see the first Clear Clear| Email this| Comments
Thankfully for us all, Alclear avenues reopen this fall, with use. Head on past the break for
has decided that life's simply no pricing set at $179 per year for more details on reactivating old
good without a hasty security unlimited individual use or $229 subscriptions and the full
option at airports, and it has per year for unlimited family presser.

A less-than-graceful keynote Threadsy Combines All Your

Mike Schramm (The Unofficial
Apple Weblog (TUAW))
Far be it from us to make fun of
Mr. Steven P. Jobs, of course,
like this: a guy desperately
trying to put a few words
Inboxes and Social Streams
Submitted at 5/5/2010 9:00:00 AM but something funny like this
actually shows off how good he
together about his new product.
It's not nearly as effective, but
on One Page [Inboxes]
Filed under: Steve Jobs really is at doing it right. Seeing it's much funnier. Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)
We've seen the keynote in 60 him up there on stage with his [via MacStories] Submitted at 5/5/2010 5:00:00 AM
seconds, and we've seen the " turtleneck and jeans, all TUAW A less-than-graceful
only the adjectives" 'approach enthusiastic about whatever keynote originally appeared on Threadsy wants to be a
before. Here's a slightly less "magical and revolutionary" The Unofficial Apple Weblog situation room for everything
complimentary way to show off device they've cooked up this (TUAW) on Wed, 05 May 2010 you check online—email,
the keynote, though, with all of time, is half the fun of a new 09:00:00 EST. Please see our Twitter, Facebook, and chat
the "ums," "aahs," and other Apple product announcement. If terms for use of feeds. services. You don't just view
interjections that popped up Steve were any less eloquent Read| Permalink| Email this| them, however—Threadsy lets Facebook- Social network-
during the iPhone OS 4.0 and smooth than he is, you Comments you archive, reply, delete, and Twitter- Online Communities-
keynote a while back. might end up with something otherwise control your web life Trending and Popularity
from one big page. More »
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Culture/ 33

Newsy Raises $2 Million

For Multi-Source Video
News Platform
Leena Rao (TechCrunch)
Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:50:26 AM
Consider Serious Lack
Newsy, a news destination of Sleep Like Being
website that collects and
analyzes perspectives from Newsy offers an i Phone Drunk on the Job [Sleep]
multiple sources, has raised $2 app(my colleague Robin Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)
Sony Ericsson X10 million in funding from
undisclosed investors.
Wauters is a fan), Newsy just
launched a nifty iPad app that
allows you to watch high-
Submitted at 5/5/2010 5:30:00 AM

The funding will be used to Pulling late nights, or an all-

family to get Android grow news operations and to
build distribution and marketing
quality Newsy videos, which
highlight the differences in how
nighter, feels like a badge of
honor you can wear at some
2.1 in 'Q4 2010' partnerships. Newsy monitors,
analyzes, curates and presents
the world’s news coverage
global media outlets report a
story. Users can flip through
videos in a nifty cover flow type
jobs. But given the impact of
sleeplessness on work, at least
Vladislav Savov (Engadget) and its X10 mini and X10 mini one researcher considers it like
through short 2 to 3 minute fashion, which should be showing up at work loaded.
Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:24:00 AM pro siblings, which places the
video segments available both familiar to anyone that uses More »
Android 2.1 delivery in the
on the web and mobile devices. Apple’s iTunes interface. Sleep disorder- Health-
The Xperia X10, one of the big fourth quarter of 2010 -- and
It is useful for quick news CrunchBase Information Conditions and Diseases-
mindshare-grabbing devices of knowing the company that
consumption on the go, but also Information Insomnia- United States
the smartphone world, made us probably means closer to
helpful in understanding context provided by CrunchBase
wait a cool six months between Christmas than Halloween. All
its November announcement around stories covered by media
we can say is you'd better really
and wide retail availability in like that UX platform a great outlets from around the world.
April. One of the secret hopes deal, because it'll be the only
while all that waiting was going
on was that perhaps SE would
Disable Google Reader's Social
thing you'll be seeing for quite a
while on Sony Ericsson's
surprise us and upgrade the
dusty old Android 1.6 base
installation to a fresh and
Sony Ericsson X10 family to Features [Google Reader]
get Android 2.1 in 'Q4 2010' Jason Fitzpatrick (Lifehacker)
creamy Eclair(2.1) or even a they're sharing—this simple
originally appeared on Engadget
hack will strip the social
frosty Froyo(2.2) treat shortly on Wed, 05 May 2010 08:24:00 Submitted at 5/5/2010 6:30:00 AM
after launch. Time to lay those features out. More »
EST. Please see our terms for If you're not a fan of the social
dreams to rest, dear friends, as GoogleReader- Google-
use of feeds. Permalink e l e m e n t s i n G o o g l e
Sony Ericsson has come with an following you and the content Searching- Search Engines-
EuroDroid| Sony Ericsson| Reader—like seeing the people
official schedule for upgrading Companies
Email this| Comments
the firmware on the Xperia X10
34 Technology/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition

Robovie R3 all set to assist, freak out elderly and

handicapped shoppers this November (video)
Vladislav Savov (Engadget) their shopping, providing November (video)
Submitted at 5/5/2010 9:24:00 AM information about nearby Robovie R3 all set to assist,
products, and holding their hand freak out elderly and
The Robovie R3 is the latest in as it guides them through the handicapped shoppers this
a distinguished line of humanoid crowds. Intended as a way to get November (video) originally
bots developed for the purposes elderly and handicapped people appeared on Engadget on Wed,
of research, discovery, and (a back out into the community, 05 May 2010 09:24:00 EST.
tiny bit of) geeky fun. Following this is part of a viability study Please see our terms for use of
its predecessor's footsteps -- the for the robot's usefulness, and if feeds. Permalink Plastic Pals|
R2 secured employment as a it finds success maybe its anime Robomedia 2010| Email this|
guide to lost shoppers-- the R3 eyes and dalek form factor will Comments
Continue reading Robovie R3
will be making its mall debut in find their way outside Japan as
all set to assist, freak out elderly
November of this year, where well. Video of the R3 after the
and handicapped shoppers this
it'll assist people by carrying break.

RIM's BlackBerry T slider pictured Mini Google Calendar Strips

again, shows off OS 6 infusion GCal Down For iCal-Style
Tim Stevens (Engadget) crawls to retail. Deciding
between the two? That should
Minimalism [Downloads]
Submitted at 5/5/2010 9:52:00 AM Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)
not be difficult.
Submitted at 5/5/2010 6:00:00 AM
It's escaped again, the RIM's BlackBerry T slider
mysterious BlackBerry 'T'(for pictured again, shows off OS 6 All browsers: Want your
Talladega) slider that we've seen infusion originally appeared on Google Calendar to look a bit
making the rounds over the past Engadget on Wed, 05 May 2010 more like a desk calendar—all
few months. These new pictures 09:52:00 EST. Please see our appointments, no filler? The
from Mr. Blurrycam (courtesy terms for use of feeds. everything else. More »
Mini Google Calendar user
of BBLeaks) don't show us Permalink SlashPhone| Google Calendar- Google-
flavor of OS we should be script cuts out everything except
anything new on the hardware, BBLeaks| Email this| Comments Companies- Client- Recreation
seeing it before the third quarter your data view, relying on
but do show the phone running
is through -- probably about the keyboard shortcuts for
OS 6. Assuming it's scheduled
to launch alongside that latest same time that godawful 9670
E-reader News Edition Policy/ 35

Our Defunct Commercial Constitution

(AEI.Org: Articles) tenets: originalism and state measures that hobble Maryland. Likewise, no states. The exercise of this
Submitted at 5/4/2010 6:00:00 PM federalism. commerce. Ingeniously, constitutional clause specifically jurisdiction protects parties
The Constitution's individual therefore, the Constitution prohibited New York from engaged in interstate commerce
There is, or there once was, clauses presuppose some entrusts the protection of establishing a steamship against judicial bias in a
such a thing as the "commercial general comprehension of what commerce in the first instance monopoly to the exclusion of a plaintiff's home-state courts. In
Constitution." Most of the the structure as a whole is not to Congress but to the rival steamship operating under commercial cases in which no
powers and prohibitions supposed to do. Happily, the federal courts. a federal license; but in 1824's state statute and no federal law
specified in the Constitution basic thrust of our constitutional The viability of this Gibbons v. Ogden, the Court or constitutional provision
concern commercial matters: commercial arrangement is arrangement depends on the read the license, which applied, the Court decided these
commerce itself, obviously, but perfectly clear: free trade and federal courts' elaboration of the essentially served to free U.S. "diversity" cases under a federal
also patents and copyrights, commerce across state borders. commercial Constitution by way vessels from the obligations general common law--not under
bankruptcy, taxation, tariffs and To that end, the Constitution of doctrine and constitutional imposed on foreign ships, as state law. The constitutional
duties, the coinage of money, prohibits state tariffs and "duties common law. That is essential also forbidding state monopoly guarantee of an unbiased court,
contracts, and property rights. of tonnage," state discrimination because states and legislators and discrimination among the theory went, implied a
Enough of those provisions have against citizens of other states, have every incentive to exploit domestic carriers. This position guarantee of access to an
fallen into desuetude to suggest state laws impairing the the commerce of the United later developed into what is unbiased body of law.
that we no longer have a obligation of contracts, and States and to evade the rules that known as "implied federal If this constitutional universe is
commercial Constitution. states' exploiting the citizens of protect it. The protection of the preemption," a doctrine holding unfamiliar, that is because it was
Conservative jurists should be other states by means of taxation Constitution's guarantees against that, unless Congress declares wiped out by the New Deal's
favorably disposed to restoring or regulation (an implied rule state commercial circumvention otherwise, any federal law very different Constitution.
it, not simply because doing so commonly known as the figured prominently in the operates to the exclusion of any Contrary to the
would help to protect commerce prohibition against Supreme Court's 19th-century state law in the same field, misunderstanding that is
against a government that seems "extraterritorial" state laws). book of business. regardless of whether the two especially widespread among
to know no restraint, but also for Congress can, in theory, block Constitutionally barred from conflict. Further, Chief Justice conservatives, the New Deal did
a deeper reason: "Structure is states' interfering in business taxing imports, the states John Marshall's Gibbons not simply unleash the federal
everything," Justice Scalia has under its power to regulate endeavored to tax importers opinion attributed "great force" government's power on the
insisted, and the basic stuff of interstate commerce. However, instead; the Supreme Court to the notion that the Commerce states and the private economy.
the commercial Constitution is legislative interventions can enjoined them from doing so in Clause, even in the absence of Rather, it expanded government
structure--the allocation of oppress as easily as liberate 1827's Brown v. Maryland, lest congressional legislation, erects power at all levels, state as well
powers to and placing of commerce. In fact, the odds of the constitutional prohibition a judicially enforceable barrier as federal. And to that end, it
limitations on particular protecting commerce by means become an empty letter. against protectionist state effectively repealed the
branches and levels of of federal legislation are much No specific constitutional legislation. This "dormant commercial Constitution that
government. The commercial worse than 50/50. The clause barred states from taxing Commerce Clause" would in had governed the United States
Constitution thus offers an Constitution's checks and the instruments of the United later decades play a central role for roughly 150 years.
antidote and alternative to the balances are designed to make States, including its central in preventing states from doing Supreme Court diversity
airy abstractions and federal legislation deliberate and bank; but because "the power to indirectly what the Constitution jurisdiction became optional in
aspirational "rights" of cumbersome, the better to tax involves the power to bars them from doing directly. 1928, and, over the ensuing
contemporary constitutional prevent factional schemes and destroy," the Supreme Court The Supreme Court's principal decades, the federal courts
law. Implementing a fevered responses to perceived supplied a constitutional means of making the rules of the created a slew of "abstention"
constitutional program along crises. Those checks, though common-law rule, inferred from commercial Constitution stick doctrines that oblige federal
these lines, however, would salutary in the ordinary course the general structure of the was its "diversity" jurisdiction-- courts to defer to state law, and
require a serious rethinking of of business, prove debilitating Constitution, to block the tax in that is, jurisdiction over disputes OUR page 36
two central conservative legal when the task is to beat back the 1819 decision M'Culloch v. between parties from different
36 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 35

to state courts--even when government at all levels, that we protect interstate commerce adequacy of drug labels. In a banking system reflects the 19th
federal jurisdiction plainly owe our current chaotic under the explicit provisions of breathtakingly expansive -century constitutional
exists. The federal general commercial order. Economic the Import-Export Clause, and concurring opinion, Justice understanding, exemplified by
common law was summarily actors must now deal with a perhaps under the Privileges and Thomas inveighed against any M'Culloch v. Maryland, that any
abolished--as unconstitutional, cascade of conflicting and Immunities Clause. Good luck implied preemption and insisted given set of private transactions
no less--in Erie Railroad v. compounding demands and with that: The Import-Export that federally regulated drug should be regulated by the
Tompkins, the 1938 decision regulations, inflicted by a Clause provides protection manufacturers have no federal government or by states-
that effectively commands multitude of semi-autonomous against some, but not all, "unfettered right, for all time, to -but not by both. Justice Scalia's
federal courts hearing diversity institutional actors and a wholly protectionist taxes, while it market [a] drug with the specific 5-4 majority opinion in Cuomo
cases to follow the state law autonomous litigation industry. offers no protection from label that was federally v. Clearing House Association,
chosen by the plaintiff. Of the First prize often goes to the equivalent regulations; the P&I approved." That form of joined by the Court's liberal
entire constitutional edifice, most exploitative regulator. The Clause, for its part, protects originalism recasts preemption bloc, effectively ends that
only the dormant Commerce Erie Railroad regime, for individuals but not corporations. law as something it has never sensible system. M'Culloch
Clause and federal preemption example, pulls lawsuits into the The entire point of the dormant been. Gibbons v. Ogden directly hovers over Justice Scalia's
law survive, and those only in a most pro-plaintiff jurisdiction Commerce Clause is to block confronted the argument that a opinion, but is not cited therein.
greatly weakened form. The available: hence the litigation obvious state maneuvers to federal coastal trading license--a By the lights of Cuomo, it may
dormant Commerce Clause was explosion. At the same time, circumvent the constitutional routine license of far less no longer be good law.
s t r i p p e d o f i t s current practices regarding protections enjoyed by obvious preemptive force than a A jurisprudence that renders
"extraterritoriality" prohibition: preemption law and the dormant businesses. To eviscerate the painstakingly considered and John Marshall's commercial
While outright protectionism is Commerce Clause reward the doctrine is to expose all negotiated drug label--"gives no Constitution obsolete is
still prohibited, states may tax, state that proves most creative in interstate commerce to right to trade." Marshall rejected probably mistaken. And when
regulate, and exploit other taxing and regulating outsiders. unchecked state exploitation. that argument. By the lights of that same jurisprudence turns
states' citizens and businesses What is the correct conservative The Court's avowed originalists Justice Thomas's Wyeth the Constitution and its
virtually without hindrance. response to this transformation? have taken an equally radical opinion, Gibbons was either federalism into a trial lawyers'
(Kansas may regulate the By some conservatives' lights, view of federal preemption. Last decided wrongly or should have Bill of Rights, suspicion hardens
Internet so long as it does not the New Deal metamorphosis year's decision in Wyeth v. been decided under the dormant into certainty. The question is,
overtly favor its own citizens.) hasn't gone far enough. Justices Levine was occasioned by a Commerce Clause--if, pace What went wrong?
Federal preemption lost its Scalia and Thomas have tragic injury to a patient whose Justice Thomas, such a thing One obvious source of error is
presumption of exclusivity: Its denounced the dormant doctor and nurse, in an act of exists. an excessively clause-bound,
post-New Deal touchstone is the Commerce Clause as a pure flagrant malpractice, had Also last year, the Court held literalist originalism. On this
"intent" of Congress, and, unless judicial invention. Justice Scalia administered a drug in direct that the lending practices of view, the specific clauses of the
Congress has made its would still enforce the doctrine, contravention of a warning label federally chartered financial Constitution and their
preemptive intent unmistakably on stare decisis grounds, against that conformed with--and was institutions are subject to open- historically settled meaning are
clear, the Court will construe overtly discriminatory state laws practically dictated by--Food ended fraud investigations and the Constitution, and the will of
federal statutes against and against laws identical to and Drug Administration (FDA) lawsuits by state attorneys the Congress must be the
preemption and in favor of the those invalidated in the past. requirements. Even so, the general. Ever since 1864, the declared will of the Congress.
states' "traditional" police That is not much of a restraint: Court decided that federal law National Bank Act has shielded This is what drives originalists'
powers. Even the stupidest state does not preempt tort lawsuits the banking operations of hostility to the dormant
It is to this jurisprudence, legislator can write a under state law. FDA-approved federally chartered institutions Commerce Clause and to federal
driven by the New Deal's discriminatory statute in neutral warnings, the 6-3 majority said, against state investigation and preemption. It also drives their
eagerness to unleash interest- language. Justice Thomas would are a mere federal minimum; prosecution, leaving state banks enthusiasm for Erie Railroad,
group politics and to enhance abolish the dormant Commerce state courts and lay juries can do subject almost exclusively to
the redistributive power of Clause altogether and instead better in determining the state supervision. This dual OUR page 38
E-reader News Edition Policy/ 37

Congress's Busy Agenda Just Got Even Busier

(AEI.Org: Articles) moved forward with any action. another stimulus. And by the way, Rush path to citizenship for those
Submitted at 5/4/2010 6:00:00 PM This is malpractice on a grand I can't tell at this point whether Limbaugh first suggesting that people who have been here
scale. the catastrophic oil spill environmentalists sabotaged the undocumented for more than 10
The heavy agenda Congress The car bomb is appropriately increases the chances of a oil rig to block any more drilling years. We are not going to round
faces for the remainder of the getting a lot of attention. But so climate change bill moving and then saying that nature up and deport millions of
year has gotten much heavier are two other recent events that forward, or kills it dead. would take care of the cleanup people, most of whom are
over the past week. The botched will force Congress to consider Certainly, the hope of finding by itself demands another hardworking contributors to our
car bomb in New York puts a or reconsider its agenda this some modest bipartisan support Congressional action: a joint society and economy. But we
new emphasis on threats to the year: the oil spill in the Gulf of f o r t h e resolution demanding that also need to clean up our broken
homeland, and it will (or Mexico and the Arizona law Graham/Kerry/Lieberman plan Limbaugh fulfill his public visa system, making sure we
should) require a renewed focus t a r g e t i n g i m m i g r a n t s . rested on the president's promise to move to Costa Rica expand it so people can come
on the threat that exists to the Conventional wisdom has had it willingness to entertain an if the health care bill were here legally and fill jobs where
most endangered places in that there was little chance of a expansion of offshore drilling enacted into law. there are needs, whether
America, namely New York and climate change bill getting (as well as movement on nuclear The misguided Arizona temporarily or permanently, and
W a s h i n g t o n , t h e s i t e s o f enacted this year and no chance power). The need to step back immigration law also demands to make sure we get a strong
previous terrorist attacks. That o f a n i m m i g r a t i o n b i l l . from that pledge, via a Congressional attention--and not supply of the brightest and best
should mean enhanced oversight Conventional wisdom may still moratorium for now, may limit just on immigration. I don't highly trained people in tech,
of our mechanisms in place and be right, but both issues have GOP support for any bill, while blame Arizona for grappling medicine and other fields to
inadequacies in response-- been complicated by these any proposal that might expand with this problem. It is clear that maintain our edge in innovation
including our chronic problems events, and both need at least a offshore drilling could cause Mexican drug gangs are in the world.
of coordinated communication renewed focus, and a wider some Democrats to disavow the growing more violent and more Each of these issues is critical
for first responders. focus, by Congress. legislation. depraved, and their behavior is to the future of the country.
But it should also mean another The oil spill, of course, has But if anything, the spill should spilling across our borders in They can't be put on the back
w a k e - u p c a l l - - a b o u t t h e even broader implications than demonstrate the need both to Texas and Arizona. They burner. It is time for some of our
hundredth--for Congress to do climate change. There will be reduce our dependence on oil represent a threat to governance lawmakers to show some
s o m e t h i n g t o p r o t e c t o u r major economic fallout, which and to focus yet again on in Mexico, to the Mexican backbone and look for genuine
constitutional institutions of w i l l a d d s u b s t a n t i a l l y t o environmental policy. Of people and to our own. cross-party solutions or at least
governance from decapitation government costs for disaster course, Congress needs to get to Congress needs to focus on interim steps, and not leave Sen.
via an attack. More than eight relief and to ameliorate the the bottom of the causes of the ways to help Mexico battle these Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.)
years after 9/11, we still have no economic effects of the spill, spill, including whether threats and definitely needs to twisting alone in the wind.
serious plans in place to deal especially if it spreads across the Norway's requirement of find ways to beef up border Norman J. Ornstein is a resident
with a disruption of government Gulf and potentially up the East acoustic valves on offshore security against drug lord terror. scholar at AEI.
that could follow an attack on Coast. This will add to deficits equipment should be required But border security is not Photo Credit: Brand X Pictures
the House or Senate, no plan to for this year and next and make here. But it also needs a enough to deal with our larger Five Filters featured article:
deal with an attack on the the budget plans for both redoubled focus on climate immigration issues, and the The Art of Looking Prime
Supreme Court, and a wholly chambers more complicated. change and a willingness to turn Arizona law is just awful--any Ministerial - The 2010 UK
i n a d e q u a t e p r e s i d e n t i a l And if, as some experts fear, the to natural gas as a more law that has former Rep. Tom General Election. Available
succession act. Despite private e c o n o m i c c o s t s w i l l b e environmentally safe choice for Tancredo (R-Colo.) saying it tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
assurances to the contrary, substantial and sustained, it our energy as a way to reduce goes too far is indefensible. Text RSS, Term Extraction.
neither chamber has held serious could create another dip in the our consumption of and We do need comprehensive
hearings on the subjects or economy, requiring possibly dependence on oil. immigration reform, including a
38 Economy/ Food/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 36

which originalist justices and the entire nation. In that world, because the justices have so far
scholars have sought to establish "federalism" is more a menace failed to recognize that the task
as a bulwark against judicial than a blessing. What is often of disciplining state-by-state
overreach even when the called for is centralization--not factionalism and exploitation is,
decision manifestly does not the bureaucratic centralization by constitutional design,
apply. Structure may be of No Child Left Behind or principally that of the judiciary.
"everything," but hidebound Obamacare, but legal A jurisprudence that would "let
originalism holds that judges centralization. For example, Commerce struggle for
may do nothing to make airline and trucking deregulation congressional action to make it
structure work: This would worked because states' rights free" has already pronounced it
smack of raw politics and were overruled under a single dead, as Justice Robert Jackson
judicial imperialism. So long as federal rule: The states are wrote in a dormant-Commerce
this Manichean view prevails, categorically barred from re- Clause case in 1941. Not an
the commercial Constitution regulating the rates, routes, or original or particularly
will remain a dead letter. services of common carriers. By conservative insight--but one
A second error, pervasive not
only among jurists but among
the same token, if one wants to
enable individuals to purchase
that originalists would do well
to remember.
conservatives more broadly, is
the misguided expectation that
health insurance across state
lines, the countless interests and
Michael S. Greve is the John G.
Searle Scholar at AEI. Services Misses
federalism will automatically regulators who now oppose that P h o t o C r e d i t :
translate into smaller, more
responsible government. The
reform will have to be stopped
from regulating and litigating it
iStockphoto/dieter Spears
Five Filters featured article:
Vincent Fernando, CFA (The percent, and the Employment
demise of the commercial into the ground after the fact. The Art of Looking Prime Money Game) Index decreased 0.3 percentage
Constitution exposes the Misapplied federalist thinking Ministerial - The 2010 UK
Submitted at 5/5/2010 9:03:00 AM point to 49.5 percent. The Prices
commerce of the United States would make that impossible. General Election. Available
Index increased 1.8 percentage
to relentless exploitation by trial Congress is built to promote tools: PDF Newspaper, Full "The NMI (Non-Manufacturing points to 64.7 percent in April,
lawyers who shop for hellhole interest-group politics and Text RSS, Term Extraction. Index) registered 55.4 percent in indicating an increase in prices
jurisdictions, by attorneys parochial exploitation. The April, the same percentage as paid from March. According to
general and treasurers who have Roberts court, to its credit, has r e g i s t e r e d i n M a r c h , a n d the NMI, 14 non-manufacturing
become rainmakers for their cut back some of liberalism's indicating growth in the non- industries reported growth in
states, and by crusading state more exotic legal flora. If its manufacturing sector. The Non- April. Respondents' comments
lawmakers who inflict costly interventions have remained M a n u f a c t u r i n g B u s i n e s s are mostly positive about
global-warming experiments on diffident and ad hoc, that is Activity Index increased 0.3 current business conditions;
percentage point to 60.3 percent, however, they vary by industry
Superfast Mexican Recipes reflecting growth for the fifth and company."
consecutive month. The New See the full release here >
(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks) us. An asterisk* indicates a The Art of Looking Prime Orders Index decreased 4.1 Join the conversation about this
required field. Ministerial - The 2010 UK percentage points to 58.2 story »
The rules: Keep it clean, and Your Name General Election. Available
stay on the subject or we might Your Comment* 500 characters tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
delete your comment. If you see remaining Text RSS, Term Extraction.
inappropriate language, e-mail Five Filters featured article:
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The Belarus Chokehold -- Transfent's Tokarev Squeezes,

Lukashenko Twists, Timchenko Gains
John Helmer (The Money refinery, where it arrived on lowered the effective tax to
Game) Sunday. Mozyr has output $53/tonne. The transit fee was
Submitted at 5/5/2010 9:05:39 AM capacity of 95,000 barrels daily, cut to a percentage of the export
while the second Belarus tax, amounting to about
The Lithuanians tried it more refinery, Novopolotsk, has $2.10/barrel this year. At the
than a decade ago. The 88,000 bd capacity. Depending same time, it was agreed that
Belarussians are trying it again on the petroleum products Russia would receive 70% of all
– no one in Moscow believes it refined, that output would export duties on oil products
can be done. In fact, the require at least 180,000 bd of produced by Belarus refineries
Russians say it’s childish to try. crude oil feedstock. In annual from Russian crude in 2007, and
When the Russian noose goes terms, that amounts to about 9.5 then re-exported. The annual bill
round your neck, they say, you million tonnes of deliveries. to the Russian oil companies,
either beg forgiveness, or you But Belarus media are which were obliged to pay the
choke to death. If the President forecasting inward shipments of compromise transit fee, came to
of Belarus Alexander up to 10 million tonnes per year $85 million, compared to
Lukashenko weren’t regarded (206,000 bd) for domestic $131.4 million demanded under
more negatively than the consumption, refining for the Belarus proposal. The
Russian leadership in the Anglo- export, and apparently re-export premium for exporting oil to
American press, there might be as crude. The Belarus prime Belarus for refining there was
more geopolitical interest in was pumped across Belarussian petroleum products.
minister, Sergei Sidorsky, was thus significantly reduced.
what is happening – or more territory. That was until In January of 2007, the two
in Lithuania last week to Taking all these terms together,
curiosity about who gains December 2006, when Belarus presidents, Lukashenko and
consider whether the this deal meant that the
commercially. announced it was imposing an Vladimir Putin, agreed to
Venezuelan cargoes may be commercial advantage of
The breaking news is that extra transit fee. That move was r e s o l v e t h i s d i s p u t e b y
delivered via the Baltic Sea to shipping oil to market through
Lukashenko’s government is triggered by a Russian move to preserving some of the new
the Lithuanian ports of Klaipeda Belarus dropped significantly,
testing tanker and rail delivery impose an export duty on the charges each had forced on the
and Butinge, and then sent on by making other routes more
alternatives for the crude oil the oil Belarus kept for its own other that month, while allowing
rail from there. attractive. But Transneft, then
Belarussian refineries need. The refineries. And that in turn was discounts to reduce the pain,
Last year, Belarus reportedly run by Semyon Vainshtok, said
source of this crude is done because, according to the and permit crude deliveries to
imported 21.5 million tonnes of it was opposed to building a
Venezuela, whose President, Russian claims, the duty-free r e s u m e o n t h e D r u z h b a
crude from Russia; that is new 1,015-km pipeline to
Hugo Chavez, agreed in mid- regime on the eastern Belarus pipeline, after Transneft, the
roughly one-third of the total 60 bypass Belarus. Two reasons
March with Lukashenko on a border (with Russia) required s t a t e c o n t r o l l e d R u s s i a n
million tonnes which has been were given — there was no
trial shipment of up to 70,000 Belarus to share with Russia the pipeline company, had halted
piped annually through the crude to pump through the new
tonnes. proceeds of its re-export of oil at p u m p i n g a n d i m p o s e d a
Soviet-era Druzhba line, and the $4.5 billion
The first of these, a 4,400-tonne the western Belarus border b l o c k a d e .
(“Friendship”) pipeline, and financing appeared to be too
cargo, was tankered through the (with Poland). After a fortnight of haggling,
across Belarus to Poland, costly.
Atlantic, the Mediterranean, At the time, Moscow argued Russia agreed to reduce its
Germany and other central But Vainshtok was replaced by
and the Black Sea to Odessa, that Belarus aimed to charge too e x p o r t d u t i e s o n c r u d e
European markets. In the past, Nikolai Tokarev (right figure at
Ukraine, last month; and then much for transit, and pay too shipments to Belarus, preserving
most of that oil has been
despatched by rail to the Mozyr little for the crude it took, the official rate of $180/tonne BELARUS page 40
charged a maintenance fee as it
refined, and then re-exported as but giving a discount that
40 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 39

desk) in September 2007, and “we are happy to make it clear built to ensure, first and three years was missing $10 Dyomin told Fairplay today.
the commercial calculation that when we referred to the foremost, Russia’s export billion due to the fact that the “By putting BPS-2 in operation
began to change. Especially so “new corruption” in today’s interests. coefficient on the export duty we are reaching the following
for Gunvor, the leading Russian Russia, we did not intend to “But we are not planning to on oil deliveries to Belarus goals: we stop using the services
oil trader owned by Gennady suggest that either Gunvor or Mr leave our traditional markets in amounted to 0.33. This is a of transit third-party states, for
Timchenko. For Gunvor Timchenko obtained their southern Europe, Germany and serious amount of big money. example the [Polish] port of
proposed to load the Belarus Russian oil business as a result Poland. That would be quite Belarus certainly would like to Gdansk, and instead develop
bypass oil at the new tanker of payment by them of bribes or wrong. Many plants in Europe continue to live in such a our own infrastructure at Ust-
terminal it was building at Ust- like corrupt inducements. are technologically oriented to comfortable position…But we Luga; also, the BPS-1 pipeline
Luga, just 80 kilometres across Rosneft sells only 30-40% of its processing Russian oil, and it also have retired people, social is currently overloaded, and
the Gulf of Finland from oil through Gunvor rather than would be unwise, un- programs, and thousands of launching BPS-2 will allow us
Primorsk, Russia’s main Baltic the “bulk” of Rosneft’s oil (as businesslike to abandon these problems to solve that need to decrease the volume at BPS-
oil outlet. In December 2008, we described it). We accept markets. All of these Druzhba money. It’s time to bring the 1.”
Putin signed an order for Gunvor’s assurances that neither pipelines will be loaded the situation into line with reality. Some Russian analysts in
Transneft to start construction Vladimir Putin nor other senior same way as they are now. The As a result, an agreement was Moscow believe the Belarus-
of the Baltic Pipeline System Russian political figures have only thing that is realistic is the signed which provides for Venezuela link is “comic”, and
BPS-2, in order to pump the oil any ownership interest in reorientation of the volume from delivery from January 29, duty- will end in costly failure, just as
around Belarus to Ust-Luga. A Gunvor. We regret if any foreign ports – Yuzhny free, of 6.3 million tonnes of oil Lithuania’s attempt to feed its
report by Troika Dialog contrary impression was given.” [Ukraine], Gdansk [Poland] – to for domestic consumption in Mazeiku refinery with non-
investment house the same In February of this year, our site in Ust-Luga.” Belarus. These volumes are Russian crude ended up a
month said this was “politically Tokarev of Transneft told an oil As for the previous charge that likely to be delivered evenly. A decade ago. But Alexei
-driven…It is unclear where industry publication in Moscow the bypass was duplicating the clear timetable for the year will Bezborodov, head of
Transneft intends to find oil for that he plans to complete BPS-2 delivery of oil to Primorsk, and be drawn up, and this amount, a maritime
the new pipeline, given by December of next year. He would lack throughput, Tokarev will be distributed in equal specialist, says Belarus may be
declining oil production and described the priority for now says: “the Primorsk port is quantities. Here we will work able to free itself of the Russian
exports and already ample spare building the pipeline as bypass. overloaded. Its design capacity together with Customs. chokehold. “It is quite logical to
capacity in the pipeline system. “Everyone knows in which is 70 million tonnes a year, and Consideration will now be work through Klaipeda. There
Moreover, some 450,000 bpd of connection we decided to build currently it pumps 74 million organized at two levels — the are no hopeless situations. This
West Siberian crude will be re- it: Russia and the European oil tonnes a year. We cannot first, duty-free oil, the second, is the way the Polish and
routed to fill the first phase of consumers were already tired of operate the facility for a long with duty. One chart, but it will Lithuanian refineries operate, to
the Eastern Siberia – Pacific all this transit trouble. We don’t time in this mode. About 7 all be provided.” some extent. So everything is
Ocean (ESPO) pipeline. want to depend on someone in million tonnes per year could be This is no plan of blockade, possible. Except for the loss of
Transneft therefore faces the this matter. And for the EU removed and redirected to Ust- although the numbers indicate profit margin [that was earned
prospect of paying up to $5 bln these are completely Luga.” deliveries of much lower on] Russian oil. With that
for a project that would bring no unnecessary problems. Negative In the text of his interview, volumes of Russian crude than money Batka [Lukashenko] was
additional revenues.” points accumulate and create a Tokarev is also reported by Belarus would like to receive feeding the retired.”
In July 2009, Timchenko very unpleasant atmosphere. Petroleum Argus as resuming on the old terms. But Transneft The existing oil pipeline
agreed through his London Okay if it was for the the earlier criticism of Belarus’s spokesman Igor Dyomin goes network (Druzhba) running
lawyers to settle a libel suit he atmosphere, but we suffer direct positions during the January further than Tokarev to deny across Belarus (solid red line)
had initiated against the economic losses, and it is true 2007 conflict. “Russia has fairly there is no dispute with Belarus, The new BPS-2 route bypassing
Economist magazine. According not only for us, but for the oil and liberally supplied oil and and no intention to bypass the Belarus (red dotted line)
to the retraction which the companies and European oil products to Belarus… The country. “We do not want to
Economist agreed to publish, consumers as well. BPS-2 is budget of Russia for just the last lose clients in Belarus,” BELARUS page 41
E-reader News Edition Economy/ Politics/ 41
Mayor Says NYC
Think Greece Or Germany Should Ditch The Needs More Homeland
Security Money
Euro? Too Bad It's Illegal (Newsmax - Inside Cover)
Vincent Fernando, CFA (The easily result in the euro Submitted at 5/5/2010 5:04:08 AM
Money Game) strengthening against whatever
Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:20:46 AM new Greek currency was Mayor Michael Bloomberg
created. This would make euro- says he's going to Washington
Even if Greece wanted to leave denominated debt burdens even to make a case for additional
the Eurozone, it's far from clear more onerous to the Greek homeland security money.
how they could do so legally. public and private institutions, The mayor spoke Wednesday at
Risk: since as shown above they an event with members of the
Charles Proctor, a partner at would still need to be honored. bomb squad that defused a
UK-based law firm Bird & Bird, Moreover, it's not just Greece bomb in Times Square on
who worked on a number of the that could have difficulty Saturday.
early bond deals denominated in leaving the euro from a legal He said New York is the
euros, says a unilateral perspective. The above issues symbol of America, "where
withdrawal from the currency, would also apply to Spain, Italy, terrorists come and we need to
without the consent of other Portugal, etc.., even perhaps have homeland security funds."
member states, would be a clear Germany if the country tried to He said Saturday's failed attack
breach of the Maastricht Treaty. do it unilaterally. proved the need. Faisal
“Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty Deep down we feel ejecting Shahzad, a 30-year-old
[signed in 2007] allows a Greece is theoretically the best naturalized U.S. citizen, was
member state to withdraw from withdrew by breaking this one be recognised by courts in long-term solution, but this charged Tuesday with trying to
t h e E u r o p e a n U n i o n a s a treaty, it's not like the nation Greece, but courts in London might be impossible from a blow up a crude device inside a
whole,” says Proctor. “But it would suddenly be free from its and New York would continue practical perspective. parked SUV amid tourists and
d o e s n o t c o n t e m p l a t e a problematic euro-denominated to enforce international bonds More: Why a Eurozone Break- Broadway theatergoers.
withdrawal from the single debts: and enforce payment in euro,
Up Would Trigger The Mother The mayor and police
currency alone. It is not possible If Greece withdrew from the because the new Greek Commissioner Raymond Kelly
Of All Financial Crises >
to infer a right to withdraw from Eurozone, it would have to monetary law could not alter or Join the conversation about this are scheduled to testify
the euro, since the Maastricht create a new local currency and detract from euro-denominated story » Wednesday at a U.S. Senate
Treaty [signed in 1992] stated pass a new law providing for the obligations governed by English hearing on terrorists and guns.
that the currency substitution conversion of former euro debts or New York law.” © Copyright 2010 The
would be ‘irrevocable’.” into the new unit, adds Proctor. One would imagine that a Associated Press. All rights
Worse yet, even if Greece “That conversion would have to Greece exit from the euro could reserved. This material may not
be published, broadcast,
BELARUS rewritten or redistributed.
continued from page 40
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Read more at Dances With The Art of Looking Prime
Bears --> Ministerial - The 2010 UK
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Gartman: Greece Can't Fix Itself, 10 Great iPhone Apps

(HowStuffWorks Daily Feed)
Because Its Culture Is Dependent On simplify and speed the process.
The catch? All applications
To say that Apple's iPhone is a must be approved by Apple and
Government Spending phenomenon is clearly an c a n o n l y b e s o l d o n t h e
understatement. When it was company's App Store. Oh yeah,
Vince Veneziani (The Money introduced in 2007, it caused a and Apple also gets a sizeable
Game) sensation, with eager gadget cut of all sales revenue.
Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:38:49 AM
freaks camping out at Apple The result has been an
stores and AT&T retailers. The explosion of applications (or
As Greek CDSs widen, riots iPhone offered features unheard apps) that range from the
break out, and the county of of in previous cell phones, along sublime to the ridiculous. Not
Greece cheers as the rest of w i t h A p p l e ' s e x p e r t i s e i n long ago, Apple announced the
Europe hands it a big bag of product and user interface one-billionth download from the
money, financial analysts are design. In addition to its cell App Store. And the beat goes
pulling back the curtain to phone capabilities, the iPhone on. New apps appear daily,
expose what's really going on offered a screen big enough to showcasing the creativity (and
across the Atlantic. easily read e-mails, surf the sense of humor) of their authors.
In this morning's The Gartman Web or watch videos. This was It's difficult to select 10 titles
Letter, Dennis tears into Greece the perfect combination of from the thousands of apps
as a country, putting petty things mobile phone and iPod. But available, so we'll take a look at
like billions of dollars of debt there was much more to come. some great applications from
aside and focusing in on the real Apple is known for keeping its different groups, listed in no
problem: the people of Greece. technology close to the vest, particular order. And most of
There will be no end to which is why there are no Mac these iPhone apps will also run
Greece's underlying problem of and businessmen, that we cannot shall be well with the world… clones. For the iPhone, however, on the iPod Touch.
being fiscally irresponsible and see this being resolved short of but we are not naïve. Rather we Apple opened up the vault Five Filters featured article:
that is what must be fixed if we Greece being summarily tossed are realists, and realists know enough to allow third-party The Art of Looking Prime
expect to stop bailing them out out of the EMU, or removing that little other than chaos and developers to create applications Ministerial - The 2010 UK
every other decade. itself voluntarily. Truly we the eventual breaking up of the to add functionality and fun to General Election. Available
The Gartman Letter: The would like to believe that EUR is the way of the future. the fast-selling gadget. They tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
modern Greek culture is do something more peaceful; Now click here to find out how even made it easier by providing Text RSS, Term Extraction.
dependent upon government something more rational; much the Greek bailout is a programming environment to
largesse, and is so used to the something more “modern” will costing YOU ->
fact that Greek fiscal evolve and that all shall be well, Join the conversation about this
irresponsibility will be bailed the egg shells that are the EMU story »
out by the taxes paid by will be patched together and
responsible German workers magically re- glued and that all
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'Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston' Premieres at Tribeca (ELLE Fashion about one of American fashion’s the designer’s plaque on the celebrity designer. movie strutting around in an
Blogs) most tumultuous legacies. Fashion Walk of Fame—“the Ultrasuede maps Halston’s ironic Burt Reynolds get-up, is
Submitted at 5/4/2010 3:25:40 PM Among a swarm of fashionistas seventies belonged to Halston.” spectacular rise in the party just as interested in how the 70's
decked out in vintage Halston His 1973 show at Versailles, the culture of the 70’s, and his created Halston as he is in how
Whitney Sudler-Smith, the dresses, Whitney Sudler-Smith, first year American designers label’s disappointing decline in Halston created the 70's.
creator of Ultrasuede: In Search the film’s creator, posed with were invited to present their the 80’s, when Halston lost the Halston was a talk show
of Halston, poses (sans the Sarah Jessica Parker, while work alongside top French rights to his brand name and regular, a Studio 54 staple, and a
Boogie Nights mustache he Marc Jacobs slipped by fashion houses, was such a hit was ruined by a close friend of Andy Warhol
sports in his documentary) with incognito. But the star of the that Yves St. Laurent apparently disastrous—though, considering and his entourage. But while his
Sarah Jessica Parker on the red evening really was the lost 70’s threw his book in the air with the high-low state of fashion lifestyle was one of excess, his
carpet. icon himself, Roy Halston. excitement. But while Halston today, revolutionary—billion- designs were pure, elegant
Last Friday was the world “The seventies had everything,” put American fashion on the dollar partnership with JC minimalism. Sudler-Smith calls
premiere of Ultrasuede: In Sudler-Smith says in the map, few who grew up after the Penney. Sudler-Smith, who him “an extremist” for living
Search of Halston at the Tribeca movie’s opening, “sex, drugs, era of Studio 54 know about his suffers from self-diagnosed “era
Film Festival, a documentary fashion, and”—to borrow from reign as the country’s first envy” and spends most of the 'ULTRASUEDE: page 47
44 Culture/ E-reader News Edition

Intel Introduces Ultra-Low-Power Processor for Smartphones

Priya Ganapati (Wired Top combines the CPU core with 3-
Stories) D graphics, video encoding,
Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:44:00 AM memory and display functions.
The second is a controller hub
After a few false starts, Intel is that supports system level tasks.
making yet another attempt to The final piece is a mixed-signal
get inside smartphones with the integrated circuit that handles
launch of a new Atom processor the power delivery and battery
designed specifically for mobile charging features.
devices. Together these chips use just
The chips, codenamed 1.75% the power of current
“Moorestown,” will be highly Atom chips, in the idle state:
power efficient, while still Instead of the 1.2 Watts drawn
packing enough computational by current Atom CPUs, the new
muscle to enable features such Moorestown chips will draw
as video conferencing and HD just 21 milliwatts.
video, says Intel. Similarly, Intel is promising 5%
“This is our second generation, the power consumption of
low-power Atom platform that current Atom processors, or 115
can exceed our competition in milliwatts, while browsing the
terms of power and web; and 1/3rd the power
performance,” says Anand consumption while playing
Chandrasekher, Intel senior vice video.
president and general manager These power savings translate
of the Ultra Mobility Group. into more than 10 days of
The system-on chip package standby time, up to 2 days of
will be based on Intel’s 45- audio playback and four to five
nanometer process and will pack hours of browsing and video
140 million transistors. battery life, says Intel.
Intel’s chips run the show in “We can generally dynamically
netbooks, notebooks and detect what the phone is doing
desktop processors, but the and adjust the power
company been sidelined in the consumption,” says Belliappa
fast growing smartphone Intel tried its hand in the phone phone use. an analyst with IDC. “The Kuttanna, the principal architect
market. Processors based on the chip business earlier, but in This time around, Intel says its difference is this time they of Intel’s Atom architecture.
rival ARM architecture are in 2006, it sold its XScale ARM- made major improvements to realize being inside phones is The new Moorestown chip
most smartphones today. For based division to Marvell. More power efficiency so its essential to their long term supports clock speeds of up to
instance, Qualcomm’s recently, Intel has also tried to Moorestown chips can stand up viability so they are being very 1.5 GHz for high-end
Snapdragon processor, which pitch its current generation of or even beat the competition in aggressive with their design and smartphones (compared to the 1
has an ARM-based CPU, is Atom processors to smartphone energy efficiency. architecture.” GHz seen in Qualcomm’s
inside the Google HTC Nexus makers, but the chips were “This is the third time Intel is The Moorestown system-on-a- Snapdragon processors) and up
One phone and HTC’s never accepted because they entering the smartphone chip has three parts. The first is INTEL page 49
upcoming EVO 4G phone. consumed too much power for market,” says Flint Pulskamp, an Atom processor that
E-reader News Edition Culture/ 45

May 5, 1945: Japanese Balloon Bomb Kills 6 in Oregon

David Kravets (Wired Top yards from the car when she Wikimedia Commons
Stories) shouted back: “Look what I See Also:
Submitted at 5/4/2010 11:00:00 PM found, dear,” the Mail Tribune
reported. • Feb. 23, 1942: Invasion!
1945:: A Japanese balloon One of the road-crew workers, They're Coming!
bomb kills six people in rural Richard Barnhouse, said “ There • Jan. 25, 1945: Fluoridation
eastern Oregon. They are the was a terrible explosion. Twigs • Jan. 27, 1945: Nazi Hell on
only World War II U.S. combat flew through the air, pine Earth
casualties in the 48 states. needles began to fall, dead • Jan. 30, 1945: Torpedoed
Months before an atomic bomb branches and dust, and dead • March 9, 1945: Burning the
d e c i m a t e d H i r o s h i m a , t h e logs went up.” Heart Out of the Enemy
United States and Japan were The minister and the road crew • March 19, 1945: Blow It All
locked in the final stages of ran to the scene. Jay Gifford, Up
World War II. The United States E d w a r d E n g e n , S h e r m a n • April 14, 1945: Tweaky Toilet
had turned the tables and Shoemaker, Dick Patzke and Costs Skipper His Sub
invaded Japan’s outlying islands their teacher were all dead, • April 30, 1945: New
t h r e e y e a r s a f t e r J a p a n ’ s strewn around a one-foot hole. Generation U-Boat Too Little,
invasion of the U.S. naval base The teacher’s dress was ablaze. Too Late
at Pearl Harbor. Dick Patzke’s sister Joan was • July 16, 1945: Trinity Blast
That probably seemed a world severely injured and died Opens Atomic Age
away to a Sunday school minutes later, the Mail Tribune • Aug. 6, 1945: 'I Am Become
teacher, her minister husband wrote. Death, Destroyer of Worlds'
and five 13- and 14-year-old The six were victims of Japan’s • Oct. 18, 1945: Red Spy Steals
students near Klamath Falls. so-called Fu-Go or fire-balloon U.S. Atom Bomb Secrets
Rev. Archie Mitchell was campaign. Carried aloft by • May 5, 1992: 'Wolfenstein 3-
driving the group along a 19,000 cubic feet of hydrogen D' Shoots the First-Person
mountainous road on the way to and borne eastward by the jet Shooter Into Stardom
a Saturday afternoon picnic, stream, the balloons were sandbags if it flew too low. nuclear-weapons plant at • May 5, 1809: Hats Off to First
according to the Mail Tribune, a designed to travel across the In all, the Japanese released an Hanford, Washington. U.S. Woman Patent-Holder
southern Oregon newspaper. Pacific to North America, where estimated 9,000 fire balloons. At But the only known casualties
Teacher Elyse Mitchell, who they would drop incendiary least 342 reached the United from the 9,000 balllons — and Five Filters featured article:
was pregnant, became sick. Her d e v i c e s o r a n t i - p e r s o n n e l States. Some drifted as far as the only combat deaths from any The Art of Looking Prime
husband pulled the sedan over. e x p l o s i v e s . Nebraska. Some were shot cause on the U.S. mainland — Ministerial - The 2010 UK
H e b e g a n s p e a k i n g t o a Made of rubberized silk or down. were the five kids and their General Election. Available
construction crew about fishing paper, each balloon was about Some caused minor damage Sunday school teacher going to tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
conditions, and his wife and the 33 feet in diameter. Barometer- when they landed, but no a picnic. Text RSS, Term Extraction.
students momentarily walked o p e r a t e d v a l v e s r e l e a s e d injuries. One hit a power line Source: Various
away. hydrogen if the balloon gained and temporarily blacked out the Photo: Japanese fire balloon/
They were about a hundred too much altitude or dropped
46 Culture/ E-reader News Edition

iPad Keyboard: Pricey and Awkward, But a Must-Have for

Brian X. Chen (Wired Top that way when docking on the
Stories) keyboard. I’m typing this blog
Submitted at 5/5/2010 7:00:00 AM post on the iPad docked on the
keyboard, and I gotta say:
As beautiful as they may be, Writing in a portrait-oriented
virtual keyboards can’t replace screen is weird.
the speed and precision of Although the keyboard will
typing on physical keys. If you enhance your productivity on
actually plan on doing work on the iPad, it won’t completely
an iPad, you should probably solve the tablet’s shortcomings
buy Apple’s integrated keyboard as a work device. Any app you
-and-dock. open takes up the entire screen.
Once you attach your iPad to Not being able to view other
the dock, you can begin typing media and notes while writing a
in basically any app that has a blog post like this one, for
text field: e-mails, URL example, feels stifling.
addresses, documents, etc. No Apple has announced
setup is required. If you want, multitasking is coming to
you can plug your iPad power iPhone OS 4, which will partly
cable into the back of the dock address the problem, because
to charge your iPad while you you’ll be able to switch between
type, but it works just fine even apps much faster.
if the keyboard’s not plugged Bottom line: For what the
into a power source. keyboard dock does, it’s pretty
I’ve had some time to test the pricey at $70. Apple’s wired
iPad keyboard for the past few keyboard for Macs costs $50,
days, and the experience is quite and I would hope the iPad
liberating. Without modesty, I’ll paying bills: Punching in credit functions that don’t work with dock the iPad horizontally onto keyboard matches that price tag
admit I’m a really fast typist card numbers and addresses the keyboard. For example, in a the keyboard to view the screen at some point. Nonetheless, I
(180 WPM is my max), and with a virtual keyboard is a huge drop-down menu, you can’t use in landscape mode. The iPad’s think this is a crucial buy for
typing on the iPad’s soft virtual pain in the butt. the arrow keys to move up or only docking port is under its professionals and students
keyboard was daunting and The experience, however, is down the items in the menu; you Home button, meaning the only planning to do some serious
error-prone. still slightly awkward compared have to just tap the touchscreen. way you can plug it into the work on their iPads.
The addition of a physical to typing with a traditional Apple did say during its iPhone keyboard dock is in vertical See Also:
keyboard transforms the iPad computer keyboard. Though the OS 4 event that improved mode. • Apple iPad Reaches ‘1
from a couch-surfing media keyboard dock is designed keyboard integration is coming A lot of apps that involve Million Sold’ Twice as Fast as
device into a lean-forward specifically for the iPad — in the next OS, so one hopes typing, such as IM+ or even iPhone
productivity tool. I particularly including keys to launch the these issues will be resolved. Apple’s Mail app, look a lot • Ten Things Missing From the
enjoy using the keyboard for Home screen or a Spotlight I also think it’s particularly better in landscape mode, and
chatting, writing e-mails and search — there are some disappointing that you can’t it’s a shame we can’t use them IPAD page 48
E-reader News Edition Culture/ 47
continued from page 43 Taylor, Ashton, Demi, and
only on either end of the dial. In insights of friends and fashion their thoughts on Halston.
the end, though, the film
presents him as a gifted artist.
He starts by meeting Halston’s
Tyrnauer expressed shock that
the announcement of Halston's
Betty Spread Their Influence
Ralph Rucci, whose first job
was cutting muslins for Halson,
best friend, Liza Minnelli, in the
New York apartment he had
death was marked only with a
bit of Kennedy-headwear trivia,
at the Lincoln Center
recalls a particularly stirring decorated for her. Minnelli was ignoring over a decade of six- Molly (PopSugar)
memory of the designer taking a one of the many 70's icons that ply cashmere, "one-note" Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:00:00 AM

pair of scissors to a bolt of r e g u l a r l y w o r e monochrome looks, and flowing

fabric and suddenly turning it Halston—including Bianca winged dresses, all of which New York City's red carpet
into a dress. What other Jagger, Elizabeth Taylor, and Halston brought into vogue. wattage for the week isn't only
designer, Rucci asks the Candice Bergen, who he dressed Rucci lamented that his about the Costume Institute
audience, can so easily see a for Andy Warhol’s Black and mentor’s memory is so often Gala- stars stepped out for Time
piece of fabric in three White Ball. Halston was, in fact, marred by the “provincial” Magazine's 100 Most Influential
People party at Lincoln Center but still flashed a beautiful smile
dimensions and turn it into the person who brought together objections to his elevated, but on her way in. She looked
something beautiful? Roy Minnelli and her one true still somewhat typical 70's last night. Taylor Swift wore a
LBD for the red carpet before flawless both nights and by day
Halston died in 1990 of AIDS- love—sequins—after seeing her lifestyle. And Cleveland, who headed to DC to speak out
related cancer, and he was leave stage soaked in sweat. Halston called “the moth” for changing into a sparkly silver
number to perform and say her against child slavery. Also at the
eulogized on TV news stations “You’re already shining,” he the way she fluttered down the Time soiree, Betty White had a
w i t h o n l y o n e told her, “So you might as well runway, compared wearing his thanks for being included on the
list. The country star and new break from preparing for this
factoid—historical though it shine all over!” clothes to “being wrapped in weekend's highly anticipated
may be—that he designed From there, Sudler-Smith seeks music, and as you move, a face of CoverGirl was also
among the Met ball's best Saturday Night Live where
Jackie O’s famous pillbox hat. the insights of, among others, different part of the fabric she'll be hosting with musical
And now, after a staggering Cathy Horyn, Anjelica Huston touches a different note on your dressed and stopped to talk
about the flooding in Tennessee guest Jay-Z.
number of corporate (one of the Halstonettes), and body”—and what a lovely note
acquisitions and inheritances, Diane Von Furstenberg. But the it was to end the evening on. at both events. Lea Michele also
Halston’s sketches, photos, and movie’s greatest insights come —Nojan Aminosharei earned her way there thanks to
the success of Glee, Elizabeth To see more from Time's 100
designs are stored in a from the personal testimony of Photo: Getty Images Most Influential Gala, just read
downtrodden storage room in Rucci and former Halston model Hurley brought a dose of
glamour and jack-of-all-trades more.
Lipscomb Bible College, the Pat Cleveland, both of whom sat View 50 Photos ›
irony of which would be down for a panel discussion Neil Patrick Harris suited up -
delicious if it wasn’t so after the film, moderated by sadly another of the honorees,
Robert Pattinson, didn't make Images include: Ben Stiller,
depressing. So Sudler-Smith Matt Tyrnauer, director of Leslie Mann, Judd Apatow,
instead recreates Halston’s life Valentino: The Last Emperor. the bash.
Ashton Kutcher joked about his Betty White, Nick Cannon,
and faded legacy through the Together, the panels shared Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher,
powerlessness in getting his
minibar restocked before Taylor Swift, Neil Patrick
stepping out to pose with Demi Harris, Lea Michele, Kathryn
Moore and even once with Bigelow, Martha Stewart, Lorne
Sarah Palin's daughter Piper Michaels, Andy Samberg, Elton
inside. Demi was one of the last John
to arrive at the Costume Gala,
48 Culture/ E-reader News Edition

What's Inside Triple Paste Diaper Daily Buzz: Celebrate

Cream? Cinco de Mayo with
Patrick Di Justo (Wired Top
into lanolin, a wax with a
melting point around human
body temperature, the
This vital component of our cell
membranes is the ur-steroid, the!
Submitted at 5/4/2010 7:00:00 PM Editors themed
moisturizing goo can also material from which (Daily Woman's Day Blog)
Photo: Tim Morris thicken the inner skin layer by progesterone, testosterone, and celebration. Gather up these fun
Zinc Oxide accelerating the growth of new other hormones are derived. But Submitted at 5/5/2010 9:19:52 AM items—from recipes to festive
ZnO is used in everything from cells. while some skin creams are decorations—for a party no one
paint to dental fillings to Stearyl Alcohol Believe it or not, this holiday will forget.
steroid-based, here raw
sunscreen. A dirty diaper Now easily extracted from i s n ' t t h e b i g c h e e s e / b i g Recipes at
cholesterol is most likely just a
contains stuff tantamount to plants, this fatty alcohol used to enchilada in Mexico that it is in 10 Fiesta-Ready Cinco de
moisturizer and emulsifier for
toxic waste, and zinc oxide be distilled from sperm whale the USA. Though inspired by Mayo Recipes
keeping all the other ingredients
provides a powerful barrier oil. Water utilities sometimes the country— on May 5, in Get into the spirit by hosting
properly mixed.
between scum and bum. 1862, Mexico's army defeated your
float a thin layer of stearyl Polysorbate 80
White Petrolatum French forces in the Battle of own casual soirée, replete with
alcohol on the surface of their A food additive from the
This waxy yellow gunk was reservoirs to retard evaporation. Puebla— it's us Margarita- a Mexican-themed menu full of
atomic age, when artificial
discovered coating the surface Note the water-barrier theme. loving Americans who've made delicious
meant better, this chemical has
of oil-well drill bits and filtered Bisabolol it an annual party. That said, foods that your family and
been touted as a baldness cure
into a colorless, odorless, An update on granny’s folk there are many ways and friends will love.
(unproven), denigrated as a
jellylike mass that’s impervious remedy for diaper rash, this reasons to celebrate. ( C'mon, Funny Reads at
carcinogen (not), and held up as
to water. You probably know it c o m p o u n d f r o m t h e h e r b even Obama's doing it.) Just W o m a n s D a y . c o m :
evidence that flu vaccine is part
better by its brand name: chamomile penetrates the skin follow our fun guide, boasting Bigger Is Better: Cinco de
of a vast government conspiracy
Vaseline. Liquids increase the and has anti-inflammatory, easy party-planning tips, recipes Mayo Edition
(isn’t). It’s actually just an
permeability of skin (allowing antibacterial, and muscle- and more. See 10 record-breaking
irritants like urine and fecal relaxant properties. P a r t y P l a n n i n g a t Mexican foods, party favors and
Five Filters featured article:
enzymes into the epidermis — Oat Kernel Extract more.
The Art of Looking Prime
ouch!), so keeping baby’s skin Of all the indignities caused by Plan a Red-Hot Cinco de Mayo Five Filters featured article:
Ministerial - The 2010 UK
dry yet not dried-out is one key sitting in your own poop, the Bash The Art of Looking Prime
General Election. Available
to combating diaper rash. If you’re playing hostess on Ministerial - The 2010 UK
worst may be a Candida yeast tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
Anhydrous Lanolin May 5 (or the weekend General Election. Available
infection. Not merely another Text RSS, Term Extraction.
Sheep exude this stinky yellow skin soother, extract of Avena after), WD has everything you tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
o i l i n t o t h e i r w o o l a s a sativa seeds also contains a very need for the perfect Mexican- Text RSS, Term Extraction.
waterproofing agent. Purified mild antifungal protein.
continued from page 46

iPad • Apple Acknowledges iPad Wi Chen/ 0 tools: PDF Newspaper, Full

• The Wired Tablet App: A -Fi Issues Five Filters featured article: Text RSS, Term Extraction.
Video Demonstration The Art of Looking Prime
• Can Apple’s iPad Save the Product Page[Apple] Ministerial - The 2010 UK
Media After All? Photo: Brian X . General Election. Available
E-reader News Edition Culture/ Food/ 49

Springtime Style: Milliner Gigi Burris Launches Best of 2010

(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks)
Exclusive Collection for Screaming Mimis Coarsely chopped almonds, two (ELLE Fashion a slightly more affordable line kinds of chocolate, and golden
Blogs) allows me to reach a new cane syrup help give Upside-
Submitted at 5/4/2010 10:17:17 AM customer, a customer I am Down Fudge-Almond Tart its
probably friends with since I r i c h f l a v o r
Nothing says “spring garden have been shopping at and our highest rating. "Easy
party” quite like a whimsical Screaming Mimi's since I and beautiful, this tart will
topper, complete with dotted moved here!" satisfy every chocoholic's need
veil and vintage hand-made See all five pieces from the for a chocolate fix,"
flower petals. Hence, a perfect Gigi Burris collection for c o m m e n t s T e s t
marriage of a Sunday afternoon Screaming Mimi's here and Kitchen Professional Deb Wise.
in the Yard at Soho Grand hotel more garden party style below. View Recipe: Upside-Down
and the launch of the Gigi Available at Sreaming Mimi's Fudge-Almond Tart
Burris hat collection exclusive 382 Lafayette St. NYC, 212-677 Next January: Poutine
for Screaming Mimi’s vintage -6464 Five Filters featured article:
boutique. Guests socialized Friends of Gigi Burris and The Art of Looking Prime
under the green-vined pergola Screaming Mimi's. The Ministerial - The 2010 UK
while summertime music filled Elle’s own Kate Lanphear. and Screaming Mimi's buyer designer, bottom right. General Election. Available
the garden space and citrus-y Friends of Gigi donned her Nicollette Santos, who Photos: Sanem Gok and Wayne tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
drinks were passed around. flirty headpieces with floral suggested she create a diffusion Price Text RSS, Term Extraction.
Downtown dwellers there to dresses and sheer rompers, line for the social downtown Follow ELLE on Twitter.
support Ms. Burris included The perfect attire for a weekend girl. "I was excited about fusing Become our Facebook fan!
Misshapes, Sophia Lamar, garden party in the middle of my love of old world craft with
models Cole Mohr and Martin Manhattan. the flirty and forward vintage
Cohn, Genevieve Jones, The collaboration came about essence that is Screaming
designer Timo Weiland and through the friendship of Gigi Mimi's," says Burris. "Creating
continued from page 44

to 1.9 GHz for tablets and other models that will use architecture. • Why Intel’s Processors Aren’t Ministerial - The 2010 UK
handheld designs. The chips Moorestown. Earlier this year, “Intel is trying to move step-by- Big on Cellphones General Election. Available
have been designed for the the company has demonstrated step in the mobile market,” says • Intel Shows Off Future of tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
Android operating system and the use of Atom processors in a Pulskamp. “They did well with Mobile Internet Devices Text RSS, Term Extraction.
for Intel’s Moblin OS. phone produced by LG. netbooks and now they are • Apple’s Core Could Soon
Intel says it is already Breaking into the smartphone looking at phones. But they are Include In-House Chips
producing these chips and market will be tough for Intel, going to face more a challenge
consumers can expect mobile says IDC’s Pulskamp. Intel will in smartphones than they did Photo: Prototype of a
devices that use Intel chips later have to compete with companies with netbooks.” smartphone using Intel
this year. such as Qualcomm, Texas See Also: Moorestown chip/Intel
But so far, the company hasn’t Instruments, and Infineon, all of • Intel, LG Partner To Create Five Filters featured article:
announced any smartphone which use ARM-based New Mobile Internet Device The Art of Looking Prime
50 Culture/ TV/ E-reader News Edition

Jennifer Aniston Kisses

and Hugs on Set But
Needs Pop 100 Love
PopSugar (PopSugar)
Submitted at 5/5/2010 9:00:00 AM

Jennifer Aniston and Adam

Faking a Death
Sandler spent another afternoon
working on romantic scenes for
on 'NCIS: LA'
Just Go With It in Hawaii
yesterday. It was busy day for
both stars - Jen started by Chris Harnick (TV Squad)
rehearsing and looking chummy Submitted at 5/5/2010 5:30:00 AM

Dinner Diary: Turkey with Nicole Kidman and

Brooklyn Decker, and she also Filed under: TV Replay Agent
Callen knows what it takes to
took a few photographs of the
Tacos with Orange and set with her own camera. Adam,
meanwhile, went shirtless to Emma Watson. The match-ups
get answers. On'NCIS: Los
Angeles'(Tue., 9PM ET on
CBS), Callen went to extreme
Avocado film poolside with a few child
actors who ended up being
thrown in the water. Jen's
in the Sweet Sixteen end today
at midnight PDT, so make sure
lengths to get answers, he even
pretended to kill a man to get a Editors grocery store I went to didn't to fill out your ballot and enter
(Daily Woman's Day Blog) surrounded by friends while suspect to give up valuable
have pork to win Chanel!
working on her latest project, information.
Submitted at 5/4/2010 3:00:00 PM shoulder, just a tenderloin and With one swift kick the
some chops. I opted instead for but she's facing stiff competition
in the PopSugar 100. Despite undercover agent went
Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, ground To see more from the set just
having another huge year swimming with the fishes, but
an excuse for everyone to have a turkey, to make a quick taco read more.
between her hot career and busy he was never in danger. The
celebration and eat tacos. I had filling with those same flavors View 20 Photos ›
social life, she's in the result? Information.
selected this recipe for carnitas of orange "Do you know where they're
from Simply Recipes because I and chipotle. Despite a few tournament's closest race against
holding Agent Vale?" Callen (
love the technique: a slow braise bumps along the way, we ended Chris O'Donnell) asked. "No,
followed by spreading the meat up with juicy but I know who does," the
out on a baking sheet and tacos with a nice, subtle flavor, suspect said. Finally, some
roasting it for 15 to 20 minutes perfect for the kiddos. information.
to get some crispy bits. Inspired Five Filters featured article: TV Replay: Watch TV's Best
by this recipe at YumSugar, I The Art of Looking Prime Moments Daily
thought I might add some Ministerial - The 2010 UK Permalink| Email this| Linking
different flavors, orange and General Election. Available Blogs| Comments
chipotle. tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
Alas, it was not to be. The Text RSS, Term Extraction.
E-reader News Edition Culture/ Food/ 51

Sienna Miller and Jude John Mayer Bides His

Law Are Flying High as Time by Blogging
Sexiest and Best Dressed! Down Under
Molly (PopSugar)
PopSugar (PopSugar)
Submitted at 5/5/2010 6:00:43 AM

Sienna Miller and Jude Law

Submitted at 5/5/2010 7:00:00 AM

John Mayer arrived in Sydney

stepped out into the NYC
sunshine yesterday, not looking
any worse for the wear after
yesterday for the Australian
stops on his Battle Studies tour
and he was quick to whip out his
being out late the night before. (Simply Recipes)
camera and capture the view
The two were one of the of the gala's sexiest couples from his hotel balcony. John is Submitted at 5/4/2010 5:49:24 PM

highlights of Monday's Costume headed back to their hotel off to Japan and Europe next, Urban promoting their
Institute Gala- it was their first together. Hopefully this is only but despite the busy travel Crossroads concert airing June It occurred to me a while ago
time stepping out on a red carpet the beginning of Sienna and schedule he's also finding time 18- check out a clip below. The that the site was missing a
as a couple since rekindling Jude going public, as they are to work on new music - he just guitar playing duo will also Quiche Lorraine recipe. Hah!
their romance and their obvious q u i c k l y b e c o m i n g a v e r y shared a peek into his writing reunite this Summer with a An opportunity to cook bacon!
happiness had all eyes on them. welcome sweet sight! concert in Washington state on (Like we don't get enough of
process with a video on his blog. those around here?) Culinary
Sienna's gorgeous Pucci dress August 28.
John's all about his Tumblr trends took an odd turn in the
earned your best-dressed honors View 5 Photos ›
these days, which is handy 70s when quiche gained the
and is among Fab's favorites, To see more Sienna and Jude, considering his anti-Twitter
and Jude has celebrating of his just read more. sentiments. He reverted to the To see a video from John's reputation of being a Ladies-
own to do after being nominated View 10 Photos › interview just read more. who-lunch type of dish. Must
more traditional medium of TV have been because they took the
for a Tony. Even dressed down
for an interview with Keith bacon out and started putting
at the end of the evening, Sienna
and Jude had us smiling as one everything else in ( asparagus,
goat cheese, mushrooms, heck,

Invista's Summer Contest Fun they even took out the crust.)
But the mother of quiche recipes (ELLE Fashion and professional Brazilian big- collection; Gabeira will don the is the Quiche Lorraine, a light
Blogs) wave surfing bombshell Maya swimsuit as she competes and custard with lots of bacon in a
Submitted at 5/4/2010 2:04:28 PM Gabeira have come together to surfs around the world; and, buttery crust. In this version
launch an exciting online finally, the winner will also geta we've included some chopped
As the days start to warm, swimsuit design contest. Swim trip to Hawaii. Gnarly. chives because as of this writing
everyone—including us—is aficionados can participate by —Jade Frampton, Market Editor it is springtime, and the chives
starting to think about swim submitting their bikini designs Check out Gabeira in action on are flourishing in the garden.
season. Invista, the makers of o n l i n e a t the Billabong website. Continue reading "Quiche
Xtra Life Lycra (which is used The will become part of the Lorraine" »
in every Billabong bathing suit), bounty? The winning swimsuit Billabong Cruise 2010
52 Culture/ Politics/ E-reader News Edition

Outsourced Racism
Neera Tanden (The New never, for instance, ads With the Americans for Job
Republic - All Feed) attacking outsourcing to Ireland Security smear, Senator Blanche
Submitted at 5/4/2010 11:00:00 PM with Irish actors, even though Lambert Lincoln wasted no time
that country has made a major in condemning the ad—blasting
Americans for Job Security is a push to become an outsourcing it the very morning it surfaced.
corporate front group. It has hub. Or imagine an ad featuring It begs the question, why hasn’t
spent millions on behalf of Hassidic Jews and klezmer a single Republican politician
campaigns to repeal the estate music and the outrage that stepped forward to do the same?
tax and take down the Employee would generate. Or remember Hey, Michael Steele, you said
Free Choice Act. This week it the storm of condemnation that you cared about the concerns of
unrolled a spot that can’t help rightly rained down on Senator minorities. Sarah Palin, you
but be described as racist. The Bob Corker for his racially- frothed when Rahm Emanuel
ad targets Bill Halter, who is tinged attack on Harold Ford. used a crude term for the
running in the Arkansas Yet, similar treatment of Indians disabled. So, we know you’re
Democratic primary against seems to be perfectly acceptable willing to condemn offensive
Senator Blanche Lincoln. It in many quarters. language, at least when it
features Indian actors—in Of course, this isn’t the first applies to your family and it
Indian outfits, with Indian time that a politician has profits you politically. And what
Cutest Pet of the Day: accents, with images of India
behind them. They thank Halter
dangerously injected Indians
into a political attack. During
the hell does Bobby Jindal, the
most prominent Indian-
Kiwi for his support of outsourcing to
Bangalore while he served as
the Democratic primary, the
Obama campaign attacked
American politician, think about
this? I suppose business groups Editors the site! the director of an unnamed Hillary Clinton for supporting would never target him. But he
(Daily Woman's Day Blog) VOTE for your favorites here company. outsourcing and described her as won’t have much of a moral leg
using our new Cute Pet The poorly produced ad, which “D-Punjab.” But there was a big to stand on, when in a
Submitted at 5/5/2010 9:00:00 AM
Face-Off tool. Ten winners will somehow cost Americans for difference between that incident Republican primary, some
Looks like Kiwi look to dress receive a Harry Barker collar Job Security$900,000, trades in and this one. Senator Obama shady group runs a similarly
up and is ready for the beach. a n d l e a s h s e t f r o m crude cultural clichés and quickly apologized to the Indian racist ad against him.
T h a n k s t o D N e t t a f o r! For official c a r r i e s t h e c l e a r i m p l i c i t community. And we later Neera Tanden is the Chief
submitting! rules click here. message: Don’t vote for that learned from David Plouffe’s Operating Officer of the Center
Each Five Filters featured article: politician who does business campaign memoir (and others) for American Progress. She
day we will post an adorable The Art of Looking Prime w i t h t h e f u n n y - s o u n d i n g that he yelled at his staff for the served in the Obama and
picture or video of some of the Ministerial - The 2010 UK I n d i a n s . attack. At the end of the day, Clinton administrations.
world's cutest pets. Send your General Election. Available Our society strangely tolerates Obama was deeply offended by
furry friends t o tools: PDF Newspaper, Full mocking Indians. There are it.
W D c u t e p e t s @ g m a i l . c o m Text RSS, Term Extraction.
and you might just see them on
E-reader News Edition Politics/ 53

Beating the Street

Noam Scheiber (The New character, promptly slouched in moves toward passage. The Rubin. The two senators would Cantwell finally relented on
Republic - All Feed) his chair at the head of a industry will plead its case with eventually block his nomination, Gensler’s appointment in May
Submitted at 5/4/2010 11:00:00 PM conference table and eased off vehemence, while voters will be demanding assurances that he 2009, after Geithner sent a letter
his loafers. “Let’s do the side-by oblivious to the importance of and his Obama colleagues to Congress committing to a
Shortly after nine on a Monday -side,” he said. “What I’d like to subtle changes. “Words on the planned to rein in the financial hawkish regulatory scheme.
morning in late April, do is, as fast as humanly page are not that critical to the markets. Among other things, he favored
Commodity Futures Trading possible, tell me where we think public,” one derivatives industry The suspicions weren’t requiring most derivatives to be
Commission (CFTC) Chairman the merged bill is.” lawyer told me in March, necessarily unfair. In 2000, the “cleared”—meaning the two
Gary Gensler filed into a Everyone in the room now conveying a general truism. But Clintonites had joined forces sides of each deal would place
meeting room with nine senior considered a 19-page document something unforeseen is with Republicans to exempt so- their bets through a middleman,
aides. The aesthetic was what listing 38 provisions related to happening as Congress wraps up called over-the-counter to which they’d have to post
you might call “bureaucratic derivatives. For each provision, its overhaul of Wall Street: Key derivatives from regulation, and collateral. (That wasn’t the case
drab”—fluorescent lights, beige the document summarized elements of the bill are getting Gensler had played a supporting with AIG, which is why its
carpeting, American flag—and where the Senate bill stood, tougher—in some cases role in the effort. But his housing-market losses could
the mostly middle-aged men did indicating where Gensler could markedly so. And no subplot Treasury experience had also have brought down the banks it
not seem out of place. Their breathe easy and where he illustrates this dynamic more made him appreciate the chaos had bet with.)
suits ranged from gray to should keep pressing. “Foreign vividly than the one starring that derivatives could wreak. In By early summer, though, the
charcoal and the complexions exchange?” Gensler asked. “I’m Gary Gensler. 1998, Rubin had dispatched him Wall Street skeptics had reason
were varying degrees of pasty. putting Senate Ag and a check Gensler’s unlikely derivatives to inspect the books at Long- to worry again. The big banks
Many wore looks of mild mark—we’re fine.” “Swap crusade began only hours after Term Capital Management that trade derivatives had
disbelief, as though at a loss to dealers?” he continued, “We’re Obama named him to head the (LTCM), a hedge fund on the mobilized hundreds of
explain their presence so soon fine.” “Set-aside segregation CFTC. That’s when incoming verge of collapse. Gensler was sympathetic customers—the
after going to bed. requirements. ... This is, like, White House chief of staff startled to learn that LTCM's industrial companies that use
The CFTC is the federal huge. We like this, right?” As Rahm Emanuel informed him derivatives portfolio had tied it derivatives to lock in prices of
regulator whose primary the team worked through the that Minnesota’s Collin to so many firms that its failure inputs like oil and steel—rather
responsibility is to oversee list, it became clear that the bill Peterson, chairman of the House could threaten the financial than do the brunt of the
derivatives, essentially bets on had, if anything, become committee that oversees the system. lobbying themselves. The “end
movements in financial data like stronger. Even the occasional agency, was preparing a And so, when Treasury users” flocked to Capitol Hill to
bond prices and interest rates. In question mark seemed to work statement opposing the Secretary-designate Timothy complain that the new
the past decade, much of the out for the best. “Do we have nomination. The 51-year-old Geithner, Gensler’s fellow regulations would raise their
derivatives market has grown up the Eddie Murphy provision?” Gensler was a former partner at under secretary during the costs. Moderate Democrats on
outside the government’s reach, Gensler wondered, alluding to a Goldman Sachs, and Peterson Clinton years, pitched him on Barney Frank’s House Financial
which helps explain how AIG statute he’d named after the star was wary of his Wall Street ties. the CFTC job, the chance to Services Committee took up
massively overdosed on them. of the 1980s Wall Street Gensler promptly called reform the derivatives market their cause, agitating for an
At the time of the April meeting, comedy, Trading Places. Peterson at home and persuaded held real appeal. As Gensler exemption so wide it would
Congress was on the verge of “Insider trading—that’s the him to holster his statement, but would testify last February, he even include hedge funds.
enacting a package of Eddie Murphy—that stayed in,” he was hardly in the clear. believed the Clintonites hadn’t The administration now had a
derivatives regulations, and he confirmed. Washington Senator Maria done enough to protect the choice: It could accept a wider
Gensler had gathered his team to Basic political science tells us Cantwell worried that Gensler public. “There’s not a day that exemption than it supported in
figure out where the late-inning that, when Congress targets a would be soft on derivatives. goes by that I don’t think what principle, so as to improve the
negotiations had left them. complex industry with billions Vermont’s Bernie Sanders was we might have done bill’s prospects in the House. Or
Gensler, who is short and lean of dollars at stake, the skeptical of Gensler’s tour under differently,” Gensler told me at BEATING page 55
with eyes like a Pokémon legislation should weaken as it Treasury Secretary Robert the time.
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The TNR Reader’s Guide to the British Elections

Alex Massie (The New you to plug in the numbers and South, and John Redwood, MP Times. A former head of the do not yet despair of the Tories
Republic - All Feed) build your own fantasy election. for Workingham. Many MPs Conservative Research being the largest party on May
Submitted at 5/4/2010 3:24:05 PM For instance, a Tory-Labour-Lib now blog but few are better than Department and advisor to 7. Whether they would be able
split of 36-28-27 could leave the these two. Harris for his insights William Hague, the Fink is a to form a government is quite
Overall Best One-Stop Shop Conservatives the largest party into life as an MP; Redwood for must-read. (He blogs here too.) another matter. Whether they
Politics Home. With all the but short of a majority. his clear advocacy of Typical comment: "Whether the deserve to be able to form one is
latest polls, headlines, and Best Blogs Conservative policy. Conservatives have a proper another still. Perhaps the
videos from the campaign trail, Modesty prohibits one from Blogger Who Most Brings to majority or are merely the meltdown at Tory HQ that we
PoliticsHome is clearly the best mentioning one's own blog or Mind the Black Knight From largest party will depend on [the are told is under way, with talk
and easiest-to-use election the work done by colleagues at Monty Python and the Holy public’s] view of David beginning about who or what
portal. It’s got enough detail to The Spectator. But you might Grail Cameron. Because that is all might come next, is an
satisfy political junkies and also want to check in on: Alastair Campbell, previously there is left for undecideds to indication that a moral defeat
plenty of overview material for Nick Robinson, the political Tony Blair's spin-meister, was decide about. They have already has already taken place. We
novices and newcomers. editor of the BBC and thus last heard insisting that being at decided that it is time for a hear little about the ‘big idea’ of
Runner-up: the BBC. perhaps the most influential TV 25 percent in the polls is "only a change. More than 80 per cent the ‘big society,’ which despite
Best Conservative One-Stop reporter in Britain. flesh wound." of voters believe that it is time the efforts of propagandists died
Shop Guido Fawkes. As the name Runner-up: former Brown for a change. This is a very almost the second it left the
Conservative Home. An suggests, he’s happy to see henchman Charlie Whelan, strong political sentiment that is womb. The public knows it is
excellent, even essential, stop Parliament blown up (he’s whose Twitter feed offers up hard for any governing party to inadequate: the big idea it wants
for Conservative news and particularly fond of arguing that unapologetic gems like this: overcome." is about securing prosperity
much more useful than the Fawkes remains the only man to "Not up on 'mikegate' yet out in Best Head-in-Hands and again, and the Tories are
official party website. This is have entered parliament with Brum but calm down. Who has Despairing Labour Columnist nowhere near a credible plan for
where the Tory grassroots honest intentions). Though he not let off steam under stress Polly Toynbee of the Guardian. that.”
congregate for polls, analysis, advocates a plague on all and strain of campaign. He's Typical comment: "Yes, it is the Just About the Last Blairite
tactics, and strategy. houses, he does so from a right- apologised move on.” knuckle-head Labour tribalists Columnist in Britain
Best Labour One-Stop Shop wing perspective. Who is the British Nate Silver? who blocked Tony Blair's John Rentoul of the
LabourList. An attempt to do Paul Waugh, political editor of Scarily, the answer is Nate attempt to bring in proportional Independent on Sunday,who
for Labour what The London Evening Standard. Silver. Everyone's favorite representation. Blame that also blogs here. Typical
ConservativeHome does for the Read by everyone in the boffin has been busy formidable array of comment: “Just because I
Tories—and increasingly Westminster Village so you constructing a statistical model dinosaurs—Gordon Brown, Ed thought Tony Blair was the
influential in Labour circles. might as well read him too. for the British election, too. He Balls, Jack Straw, John Prescott finest peace-time Prime Minister
Best Liberal Democrat One- Iain Martin provides irreverent admits it’s more of a work-in- and most unions. Now—so in our democratic history does
Stop Shop Toryism from The Wall Street progress than his U.S. models, late—Labour would trade PR not mean that anyone who
LibDem Voice. See above, but Journal’s European deputy but if he beats the British for a coalition with the Lib copies his rhetorical and
because it’s a Lib Dem site, Lib editor. pollsters and prognosticators, Dems. People have good campaign techniques gets my
Dem Voice receives a fraction Sunder Katwala, the General our boys will hang their heads in reasons to deny their vote to vote. Blair did all that ‘contract’
of the attention paid to Secretary of the Fabians, offers shame. Elsewhere, the statistical Labour, but why should pro-Iraq stuff in 1997, and it was all right
ConservativeHome and astute analysis from the heart of models at the UK Polling Report war, pro-rich, anti-reform as a device, but what matters is
LabourList. And frankly you the metropolitan, middle-class and the London School of Cameron be the beneficiary?" the content. ... Only by deciding
can see why. Labour tradition. Economics are quite useful. Best Conservative Columnist that Cameron is incompetent, by
Best Swingometer Best Blogging Labour MP and Best Close-to-Project-Cameron Appalled By Cameron allowing this juvenile ‘contract’
UK Polling Report, Electoral Best Blogging Tory MP Columnist Simon Heffer of the Daily TNR page 60
Calculus, and the BBC all allow Tom Harris, MP for Glasgow Daniel Finkelstein of the Telegraph. Typical comment: “I
E-reader News Edition 55
continued from page 53

it could hold firm and risk testified that the proposal “could with the Senate, Treasury to financial reform, derivatives accomplished this by
failure. Treasury opted for the have the unintended noticed that the climate on were rocketing up its priority outflanking the administration
weaker bill when it sent consequence of exempting a derivatives was shifting—that list. One reason was strategic: on the left. The result was an
legislation to the Hill on August broad range of entities,” even the opposition from Wall Street The White House began to apparent lurch from the weakest
11. “The House committee was big financial institutions. “He’s and its industry allies was being recognize that derivatives might derivatives bill in Congress to
where it was,” says one turned a rinky-dink commission matched by a reformist passion be more hospitable terrain than, the strongest.
Treasury official. “We were not into the most powerful agency on the center-left. And so, say, the too-big-to-fail problem, One derivatives-industry lawyer
keen to draft something up that in the federal government when whereas tactical considerations the solution to which I spoke with recently recognized
wouldn’t have worked.” it comes to derivatives,” one had once dictated trimming the Republicans dishonestly dubbed the handiwork of a certain
Gensler, for his part, still industry lobbyist told me. A key bill’s ambition, Treasury now a “permanent bailout.” “Rahm’s federal regulator: “I think
favored the harder-line approach upshot was to galvanize a worked to beef it up. view is: ‘I like the derivatives Gensler drafted it, his staff put it
and told Geithner as much coalition of labor unions and At first, the administration’s issue,’” says one administration together from various pieces,”
behind closed doors. activists who, in meetings with new tack had little discernible official. “‘We’re on better he told me. “It does embrace
This much was hardly Frank and his staff, stressed that effect. For months, Chris Dodd, ground on that than talking [certain restrictions] which the
unexpected, as Geithner had derivatives could cost chairman of the Senate Banking about bailouts. If they talk administration asked not to be
solicited the views of regulators Democratic seats if they didn’t Committee, led a bipartisan bailouts, we talk derivatives.’” included.” When I asked
like Gensler. It’s what came clamp down. negotiation aimed at building a Unbeknownst to Wall Street, Gensler about this role, he
next that raised eyebrows. One By the time the House passed hefty majority on the Senate the new White House focus had downplayed it but didn’t
week after Treasury unveiled its its financial-reform bill last floor, the result of which, many transformed the Dodd bill from disavow it. “Sure, there’s lots of
legislation, Gensler outlined his December, the derivatives feared, would be a porous bill. a legislative ideal—worth language that we’ve helped
reservations in a public letter to provision was far from But, in late March, Democrats striving for but unlikely to pass with,” he told me. “We’ve given
Congress. It was a step Gensler ideal—the new regulations high off their health care victory intact—to a minimally technical advice. It’s inaccurate
had indicated he might take, but appeared to exempt most hedge became frustrated with GOP acceptable standard. Two weeks to say it’s ‘our language.’”
the follow-through caught funds and insurance companies. obstructionism and abruptly later, when Lincoln’s staff Regardless of who deserves
Treasury off guard. “It’s But it was somewhat stronger scheduled a vote. After a mere began circulating the outlines of credit, the bill quickly gained
possible he felt he’d given us a than many would have 21 minutes, all 13 Democrats on a bipartisan compromise, steam: In addition to every
sense of it ... but it didn’t predicted. Still, no one had any the Banking Committee Treasury’s response was Democrat on her committee,
penetrate the consciousness,” illusions about the endgame. It’s supported the measure, which unequivocal: The administration Lincoln also picked up the vote
says the Treasury official. “We an article of faith on Capitol Hill reflected the administration’s couldn’t support the deal of one Republican.
were definitely surprised when these days that legislation from tougher approach to derivatives. because it was a retreat from What explains the unexpected
we read it, that I can say for the House, where the leadership Most lobbyists continued to Dodd’s position. success? The financial-services
sure.” can exert near-ironclad control believe the derivatives piece of That left Lincoln with a industry had counted on public
Whatever the case, Gensler’s over the rank and file, will be Dodd’s bill would disappear problem. Her plan had been to passion subsiding with time. As
zeal served as a counterweight more progressive than what once Senate Agriculture attract enough Republicans to the derivatives lawyer told me a
to the natural rightward drift on passes the Senate, where Committee Chairman Blanche offset defections by a handful of few weeks ago, “The current
the Hill. Every week, he seemed moderates can cut their own Lincoln negotiated a liberals on her committee. Now strategy you’re hearing is
to appear before another deals and Republicans can compromise with her it turned out that a bill forceful basically to keep Republicans
industry group insisting that no thwart action with a mere 41 Republican counterpart, Saxby enough to win Obama’s together till cooler heads
financial company should votes. Chambliss. (The Agriculture imprimatur would almost prevail.” But cooler heads aren’t
escape the new regulations. To anyone who was looking, Committee shares jurisdiction certainly cost her those prevailing. As the bailed-out
When Frank put out a discussion the first sign that the usual logic over derivatives.) What the Republican votes, meaning banks have surged back to
draft that weakened the bill might not apply came in late industry hadn’t realized was she’d need to keep the
further, Gensler promptly fall. As it prepared to weigh in that, as the White House pivoted Democrats united. Lincoln BEATING page 62
56 Politics/ E-reader News Edition

Cash for Caulkers: Another Subsidized Clunker

Nicolas Loris (The Foundry: without the government’s help Potential for Fraud and Abuse
Conservative Policy News.) or those who are on a tight As colleague and Senior
Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:54:45 AM budget in a recessionary Research Fellow David Kreutzer
environment – and could said, “Any program that is going
This week The House of ostensibly default on paying for to run through a third party and
Representatives is set to vote on the rest of the project. If people is going to distribute billions of
a, $6.6 billion home energy are careful however, and make dollars needs to have lots of
efficiency bill commonly cuts in their budget elsewhere, checks and balances to make
referred to as “cash for then there is no increase in sure there’s not abuse.” The
caulkers.” The plan would give economic activity but rather a government’s ENERGY STAR
rebates to homeowners willing shift from one sector to another. program is an infuriatingly
to green their homes by The Wall Street Journal labels perfect example of this. The
installing new windows and it“a federally sponsored sale at Government Accountability
retrofitting homes energy the local Home Depot or Lowe’s Office (GAO) released a report
efficient upgrades. The through 2011, at least for those and exposed the ENERGY
legislation, H.R. 5019, is being products and services that the STAR’S flaws finding that the
sold as a win for the economy, government has decided are government had endorsed 15
the planet and consumers. Its environmentally correct.” fake products of 23 submitted
supporters of say it will create This program is also more of by GAO, including a gasoline
jobs and lower both greenhouse the “we know what’s best” powered alarm clock and an
gas emissions and electric bills mentality that our government electric hammer. Maybe it’ll be
through less energy usage. But has. It’s attempting to change more difficult to commit fraud
the old “If it’s too good to be Americans’ choices by footing a when it comes to greening one’s
true” adage holds up again. portion of the bill with taxpayer home, but if a feather duster
Cash for caulkers is nothing dollars. Consumers are in a taped to a space heater earned
more than a $6.6 billion, much better position to i n d i v i d u a l s , i t c r e a t e s a homes from the passage of the the ENERGY STAR seal of
taxpayer-funded government determine how to be energy dependence that isn’t easily stimulus bill through 2012, approval, who knows.
program that of wealth that will efficient than the government forgotten. which means they’re 1.5% of Seeing Bigger Picture: The
be fraught with fraud and is and we as a country have We Already Have Ineffective the way there towards meeting Next Bubble?
another step in the direction in become a much more energy Cash for Caulkers the goal. Texas Watchdog Sure, it’s only another $6.6
the creating a green bubble. efficient over time. We already have a $5 billion detailed their state’s problem billion added to the national
More Picking Winners and Just like cash for clunkers, the stimulus program to weatherize with the weatherization program debt but we could be on the
Losers auto program deemed successful homes and it is off to a shaky two weeks ago noting that $3.7 verge of something much more
Cash for Caulkers. allows for a by the administration, these start. ABC News reports that at million in taxpayer money had catastrophic. The talks of cap
maximum of$3,000 for programs can have long-term the end of 2009, only 9,100 been spent to weatherize 47 and trade, the creation of carbon
homeowners to weatherize their effects on consumption patterns have been weatherized to save homes – a steal at $78,000 per credit markets, the subsidies and
homes as they see fit. Incentives in the United States. If energy through the American home. The stimulus bill also has mandates for renewable energy
work and surely enough, if you consumers come to expect a Reinvestment and Recovery tax credits for government- and the tax credits for energy
subsidize anything enough, handout from the government, Act. $522 million of the $5 l a b e l e d E N E R G Y S T A R efficiency could artificially prop
people will buy it. But who are they may hold off on buying a billion has been spent thus far, appliances – 30 percent up to up an industry at any cost to the
the taxpayers subsidizing? new product. When the which equates to over $57,000 $1,500. Do we need another taxpayer. Arnold Kling and
Those who would have made government provides subsidies, per home. The goal of the $6.6 billion on top of these
CASH page 60
improvements in their house whether it is to businesses or program was to cover 593,000 programs already in place?
E-reader News Edition Politics/ 57

Bank Bill Could Help Feds Snoop, GOP Warns

(Newsmax - Inside Cover) weeks as two top Republicans agencies. logjam blocking the bill's divest of the parts of their
Submitted at 5/5/2010 3:24:09 AM have questioned the proposed Democratic staffers on the passage. business that made them too big.
Office of Financial Research Senate Banking, Housing and But the overall bill remained "If you are too big to fail, you
Fights over derivatives and and the Bureau of Consumer Urban Affairs Committee didn't stalled Tuesday, and Senate are too big," Mr. Dorgan said.
b a i l o u t s a r e g e t t i n g m o r e Financial Protection, both to be return messages, but during Majority Leader Harry Reid, Another idea, sponsored by two
a t t e n t i o n , b u t S e n a t e created under the bill as written floor debate last week, Sen. Nevada Democrat, accused other Democratic senators, calls
Republicans are planning a by Democrats. Christopher J. Dodd, Republicans of refusing to allow for limiting the liabilities banks
battle over two federal agencies The consumer protection Connecticut Democrat, who is votes on any amendments to can hold.
created by Senate Democrats' bureau, to be part of the Federal chairman of the committee and stall the overall bill. Even as those proposals were
f i n a n c i a l - r e g u l a t i o n b i l l , Reserve, and the financial wrote most of the Senate's bill, The Senate is now racing a mid circulating, Mr. Dodd and Sen.
warning that the proposed research office, proposed within called those charges "totally -May deadline imposed by Mr. Richard C. Shelby of Alabama,
agencies give the government the Treasury Department, could false" and said opponents are Reid, who said that's all the time the ranking Republican on the
new ways to tap into consumers' gather information on financial trying to hook onto anything he can spare, as he must push on banking committee, appeared
personal information. transactions right down to that could tarnish the legislation. to other issues, such as food close to a deal to jettison the $50
As the Senate on Tuesday consumers' loans, according to "That is the intent of all this. I contamination and emergency billion fund to dismantle
slogged through more debate on critics, who said this is the first know what it is," Mr. Dodd said. spending bills. troubled firms.
the far-reaching regulatory time the government would cast "They do not want to take on the "We have no choice but to finish Big financial institutions would
overhaul, the privacy concerns such a wide net. bill itself and what it does, so it by the end of next week," said have paid into the fund, but Mr.
could present another hurdle for "They both have sweeping they are out there Mr. Reid, effectively putting a McConnell and other
Democrats hoping to pass a bill authority to collect information propagandizing with false cap on the debate only minutes Republicans said it would have
by the middle of the month. about financial transactions, and information about this to after Senate Minority Leader enshrined government bailouts
The measure, backed by there's little to ensure they aren't undermine what we are trying to Mitch McConnell, Kentucky — even though Democrats
President Obama, is arguably g o i n g t o c o l l e c t d e t a i l e d achieve." Republican, begged for argued that taxpayers would not
the biggest piece of legislation information, personal financial Separately, liberal lawmakers extended floor time. have footed the bill and the
still left on Congress' must-pass transactions," said Jim Harper, are demanding an audit of the Mr. Dodd faces other criticism, companies would have been
c a l e n d a r h e a d i n g i n t o director of information-policy Federal Reserve and will offer this time from the left. dismantled.
November's elections. The studies at the Cato Institute. amendments to try to break up While his bill seeks to shield © Copyright 2010 The
House passed a regulation bill in With data-mining tools growing financial companies that are on taxpayers from getting stuck Washington Times, LLC
December, but that legislation ever more powerful, he said, the the verge of becoming "too big with the tab should major banks Five Filters featured article:
attracted no Republican support best solution is to stop the to fail." run into trouble in the future, The Art of Looking Prime
and the Senate is considered the government from collecting the Senators also were trying to Sen. Byron L. Dorgan, North Ministerial - The 2010 UK
more critical battleground. information in the first place. seal a bipartisan deal to drop a Dakota Democrat, plans an General Election. Available
The privacy issues bubbled up Senate aides and Republican $50 billion fund Democrats amendment to prevent tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
quietly after Democrats passed operatives helping to coordinate sought to help dismantle companies from getting so big Text RSS, Term Extraction.
their bill out of committee last strategy off Capitol Hill said troubled financial institutions. If that they would need taxpayer
month, but the fears have gained they have prepared multiple that fund is eliminated, it could aid in the first place. His
traction in the past couple of amendments to reel in both prove a major break in the amendment would force firms to
58 Politics/ E-reader News Edition

Morning Bell: The Congressional Assault on Criminal Justice

Ryan O'Donnell (The Foundry: Criminal Defense Lawyers safe from unjustified criminal
Conservative Policy News.) (NACDL), the 109th Congress punishment in such disregard.
Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:34:27 AM alone proposed 446 non-violent Quick Hits:
criminal offenses, 57 percent of • Japan’s prime minister said
If Congress drafts a law and no which lacked an adequate guilty for the first time Tuesday that at
one can understand it, can -mind requirement. The report, least part of a key U.S. military
individuals be punished for Without Intent: How Congress base will remain on the southern
breaking it? Increasingly, to the Is Eroding the Criminal Intent island of Okinawa.
detriment of all Americans, the Requirement in Federal Law, • Iran’s Revolutionary Guard
answer is yes. Since our also reveals that 23 of those Corps is taking control of the
nation’s founding, a core inadequately protective offenses country’s oil industry.
principle of our system of were even enacted into law. • The Dodd-Obama financial
justice has been that no citizen Today on Capitol Hill in a rare regulation bill will be a boon for
should be subjected to criminal display of bipartisanship in President Obama’s home town
punishment for conduct that he Washington, Reps. Bobby Scott Chicago Mercantile Exchange
did not know was illegal or (D-VA) and Louie Gohmert (CME).
o t h e r w i s e w r o n g f u l . T h i s (R–TX) are holding a joint press • According to the Center for
principle is embodied in the conference to announce the law to unaccountable regulators; The release of “Without Intent”
Responsive Politics, British
requirement that the government report with Heritage’s Ronald • Over half of all new criminal will be followed today by The
Petroleum has given more than
must prove a defendant acted Reagan Distinguished Fellow offenses were not sent to the Heritage Foundation book
$3.5 million to federal
w i t h i n t e n t , o r a t l e a s t and former U.S. Attorney House or Senate Judiciary event, One Nation Under Arrest:
candidates over the past 20
knowledge, before subjecting General Edwin Meese and Committees for review. How Crazy Laws, Rogue
years, with the largest chunk
him to criminal punishment. NACDL’s Executive Director Prosecutors, and Activist Judges
going to President Obama.
Unfortunately this cornerstone Norman Reimer. “Without By consistently creating new Threaten Your Liberty. The
• Despite being on the no-fly
of our criminal justice system Intent” reveals several startling criminal laws without consulting book tells the stories of
list, reserving his ticket on the
has been under assault from facts about this Congress’ the special expertise of the two individual who have been
way to the airport, and paying
Congress in recent decades. penchant to overcriminalize. judiciary committees, Congress caught up by these same vague,
cash for his ticket, Faisal
By the end of 2007, the United T h e s e f a c t s i n d i c a t e t h a t is endangering civil liberties and overbroad criminal laws – laws
Shahzad made it onto a jetliner
States Code included over 4,450 i n n o c e n t A m e r i c a n s a r e placing all Americans at risk of that pervert the justice system
bound for the United Arab
f e d e r a l c r i m e s , w i t h a n increasingly at risk of criminal unjust criminal conviction for and transform respectable,
Emirates before Customs and
estimated tens of thousands punishment. For example, in the violating crimes they did not conscientious Americans into
Border Protection officials
more located in the federal 109th Congress: even know they were criminals.
called his flight back to the gate.
regulatory code. Many of these • Over 57 percent of the committing. The one-two punch of “Without
offenses were only recently offenses introduced, and 64 Fortunately, “Without Intent” Intent” and today’s “One
Five Filters featured article:
created, and far too many lack percent of those enacted into also makes several critical Nation” event should finally
The Art of Looking Prime
an adequate guilty-mind (known law, contained inadequate guilty recommendations that, if make clear the extent to which
Ministerial - The 2010 UK
b y l a w y e r s a s m e n s r e a ) -mind requirements; followed by Congress, could Congress is undermining the
General Election. Available
requirement. According to a • Criminal legislation was help ensure all criminal laws are integrity of the American
tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
new and unprecedented study riddled with vague, far-reaching written in ways that average criminal justice system.
Text RSS, Term Extraction.
released jointly today by The and imprecise language; Americans are able to easily Ordinary Americans should be
Heritage Foundation and the • Congress routinely delegated identify the conduct that could outraged that most Members of
N a t i o n a l A s s o c i a t i o n o f its authority to make criminal make them criminals. Congress hold their right to be
E-reader News Edition Politics/ 59

U.S. International Broadcasting in Leaderless Limbo

Helle Dale (The Foundry: the terms of the old board running afoul of other
Conservative Policy News.) members were running out, it management structures. In
Submitted at 5/4/2010 6:30:01 PM took the Obama administration surveys by the Office of
eight months to send up the Personnel Management, the
Well into the second year of the names, including that of the new BBG ranks routinely by far the
Obama administration, U.S. chairman of the board Walter lowest of any U.S. government
international broadcasting Isaacson of the Aspen Institute, entity in job satisfaction among
services remain in a leaderless TIME magazine and CNN. It its employees. And recently a
state of vacuum. Nor are these further took another eight letter from 69 members of
important public diplomacy months to get six of the names Congress went to the BBG
assets of the government likely voted out of the Senate Foreign demanding an investigation into
to emerge from limbo anytime Relations Committee in April. problems with the Voice of
soon, which is deeply Hearings on the other two America Persian News
unfortunate given the board members are pending Network, which was accused of
intensifying global competition hearings — Michael Meehan bias against human rights and
for information dominance. and Dana Perino – have been democracy activists in favor of
At a time when China’s Xinhua delayed due to objections from radical Islamist voices. This was
news agency announced the Sen. Jim DeMint. (Meehan, who only the last in a long series of
launching of a global English- worked as press secretary for letters from members of
language channel, China Massachusetts senate candidate Congress trying to get
Network Corp., or CNC, and the Martha Coakley, shoved a accountability from the BBG.
Russian government’s English reporter to prevent him from Nor is this the first time Sen.
language Russia Today channel asking questions of the Coburn has tried to force the
is building up capacity with 40 candidate. Perino is the issue of oversight. When James
staffers right here in Republican tit-for-tat in this Glassman, President Bush’s last
Washington, the U.S. equation.) chairman of the BBG, was
government appears incapable And now, Sen. Tom Coburn (R nominated for the post of
to getting its broadcasting act -OK) has stated that he is not undersecretary for public
together. about to let the Senate move diplomacy in December 2007,
Observers of U.S. international forward with a floor vote on the Sen. Coburn held up his
broadcasting have been six that have been voted out of conformation vote for months in
watching for the Senate committee unless he has a the hope of shining a light on
confirmation vote of the eight chance to interview each irregularities at Al Hurra
new members of the nominee personally about their organization in the federal receive $755 million.) television, the U.S.
Broadcasting Board of views and qualifications, this government. It’s full of people The Senator is on to something. government’s Arab language
Governors, which oversees the according to Josh Rogin, writing who know nothing about media The board members are political television channel.
operations of Voice of America, in Foreign Policy magazine. or foreign policy. All they are appointees. Over the years, The nomination of the new
Radio Free Europe/Radio The senator has a track record of doing is spending money and some have been well-qualified, BBG provides an excellent
Liberty, Radio Marti, Radio demanding accountability from somebody’s got to look into it,” some ineffective and some opportunity for Congress to
Free Asia, Al Hurra television, the BBG and of delving into the Senator fumed in an focused very much on their own exercise oversight of this
Radio Sawa, Radio Free Asia, mismanagement and waste at interview with the FB blog. (In agenda and business interests. troubled institution. The BBG
and the other entities under its the broadcasting services. “The the President’s FY 2011 budget Some have been so hands-on as
request, the BBG is slated to to function like executives, U.S. page 61
umbrella. Despite the fact that BBG is the most worthless
60 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 54 continued from page 56

to go out under his name, was I if they are to prevail. pornographic films, defends a Nick Schulz liken it to the that the boosters of green-
able to write that I hope he wins South Cornwall: One of many majority of just 2,000 votes. housing bubble: energy programs have their
this election. So that is my key Tory-Lib Dem battles in the What to Say “The echoes of the efforts to hearts in the right place. But
message: vote Cameron; he's southwest of England. Others On Cleggmania: "Remember expand home ownership are then, so did most of those who
useless rather than malign. Let's include Taunton Deane, Torbay, Macauley's wise words: 'We eerie. Expanding the housing were pumping up the housing
see if Conservative Campaign and Somerton and Frome. know no spectacle so ridiculous supply was always justified in bubble.”
HQ put that on their next email Stourbridge: This midlands as the British public in one of its part because it, too, could We Don’t Need the
shot.” commuter seat is number 25 on periodic fits of morality.’" “create jobs.” A little over ten Government to Be More Energy
Where to Watch the Election the Tory target list and losing it On Gordon Brown: "Of course, years ago, then-HUD chief Efficient
C-SPAN. It’ll broadcast the could be the moment when it poor man, he's only the third Andrew Cuomo testified before Motives of cost reduction and
BBC’s coverage on Thursday becomes clear that Labour post-war Prime Minister to Congress that “we must work to increased profits go hand-in-
from 4:55 pm eastern time to 1 cannot win the election. never have won a general do two key things: We must hand with becoming more
am the next morning. Barking: Neo-fascist Nick election...". create housing, and we must energy efficient. If a company
Seats to Watch Griffin is standing in this Essex On Cameron: "If he wins he'll create jobs.” He then asked can find a way to reduce its
Luton South: This seat and its constituency and hoping to pick be only the 19th Prime Minister Congress for billions of dollars energy use, it can lower costs
predecessors have been taken by up support from disillusioned to have been educated at Eton." of loan guarantees and millions and thus the price to consumers.
the winning party in every and, they say, ignored white What Not to Say of dollars of subsidies that For instance, Wal-Mart did this
election since 1951. Margaret working-class voters. On Nick Clegg: "Who's he?" would “help create jobs and by lowering packaging and fuel
Moran, the outgoing Labour Morley and Outwood: The On David Cameron: "Why is leverage private investment.” costs. Overall, energy
MP, was one of the most Tories would love to defeat Lieutenant Commander Data President Bush was similarly consumption per real dollar of
flagrant abusers of the Gordon Brown's protégé and eligible to stand in this enthusiastic about boosting gross domestic product has
parliamentary expenses racket. confidante, Ed Balls. They must election?" home ownership, no matter the dropped dramatically over the
Rochdale: If only to see what overturn a notional 10,000 On Gordon Brown: "Oh dear." costs. His former economics past sixty year and will continue
impact Gordon Brown's person majority to do so and On Britain: "This lot once ruled adviser Larry Lindsey admitted to do so if we allow business to
encounter with that "bigoted have devoted considerable much of the world? How?" one year ago that “No one innovate – not stranglehold
woman" Gillian Duffy has in resources to a "Castration A former Washington wanted to stop that bubble. It them with regulations and
Mrs. Duffy's constituency. New Strategy" to defeat the much- correspondent for TheScotsman, would have conflicted with the mandates.
boundaries make it a "notional" loathed Balls. Alex Massie writes a blog for president’s own policies.” Five Filters featured article:
Labour seat, but the sitting MP Redditch: Jacqui Smith, the The Spectator. And we have now seen how The Art of Looking Prime
is a Liberal Democrat. former Home Secretary who those policies, promoted by both Ministerial - The 2010 UK
Enfield North: Like Watford, was disgraced during the great political parties, have turned General Election. Available
one of the many London Parliamentary Expenses Scandal out. Does anyone doubt today tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
commuter Tory-Labour battles. when her husband charged that if a green-energy bubble Text RSS, Term Extraction.
The Tories must take these seats taxpayers the cost of emerges, President Obama’s
own advisers will stay silent, as
popping such a bubble would
conflict with the president’s
own policies? There is no doubt
E-reader News Edition Politics/ 61
Nick Clegg: Weak-kneed and Clueless on continued from page 59

has the important mission of

National Security presenting the message of the
United States to the world,
Nile Gardiner (The Foundry: would inevitably lead to British b a s e d o n t h e v a l u e s a n d
Conservative Policy News.) decline: principles on which this nation
Submitted at 5/4/2010 6:00:06 PM Clegg’s international agenda was founded. It desperately
bears no relation to the harsh n e e d s t h e r i g h t k i n d o f
UK Liberal Democrat Leader realities of an increasingly l e a d e r s h i p .
Nick Clegg, increasingly a dangerous world. It gives rise to Helle C. Dale is Senior Fellow
darling of American liberals, has a nightmarish scenario of a great for Public Diplomacy at the
come under heavy fire today n a t i o n w i t h a p r o u d a n d Heritage Foundation.
from three leading former distinguished history brought to Five Filters featured article:
defence, intelligence and its knees on the world stage The Art of Looking Prime
counter-terror chiefs. The attack through a combination of Ministerial - The 2010 UK
in The Times of London on pacifism, eurofederalism and General Election. Available
Clegg’s left-wing national anti-Americanism. In reality, tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
security policies comes just two British leadership is needed Text RSS, Term Extraction.
days before the British General more than ever, and the British
Election on Thursday, and people must be prepared to
highlights the glaring confront the dangers of Islamist
weaknesses of his foreign and terrorism and the dictators that
defence policies. back them.
Here’s an excerpt: This post originally appeared
We are concerned that the on National Review Online’s Mich. Rep Says
Liberal Democrats make no
mention of Nato in their
The Corner
Tags: National Security, nato,
Lone Terrorists
manifesto. Almost every
reference to the United States is
Nick Clegg, UK New Threat to US
services to relentless inquiry and unilateral abandonment of You can follow any responses
accompanied by a call for a (Newsmax - Inside Cover)
investigation. The agencies must control orders, with nothing to to this entry through the RSS 2.0
much more distant be held accountable. But how replace them, would leave the feed. Submitted at 5/5/2010 3:28:33 AM

relationship… this accountability is achieved is United Kingdom exposed to Five Filters featured article:
The Liberal Democrats appear critical. The Liberal Democrats’ some of the most dangerous The Art of Looking Prime The top Republican on the
shy of putting forward serious approach lacks balance. Their individuals in the country, who Ministerial - The 2010 UK House Intelligence Committee
new proposals for combating way of doing things would could then be released onto our General Election. Available said Wednesday that lone
terrorism, the No 1 one threat to further jeopardise the close streets. tools: PDF Newspaper, Full terrorists behind plots like the
the safety and wellbeing of the intelligence and security co- As I’ve written previously, Text RSS, Term Extraction. Times Square bombing attempt
United Kingdom. operation of our allies, which is Nick Clegg’s foreign and and the Fort Hood attack are
The Liberal Democrats are vital to preventing terrorist security policy would be part of a growing, more serious
seemingly willing to expose our attacks. disastrous for Britain on the threat to U.S. security.
intelligence and security The Liberal Democrats’ world stage, and if enacted Rep. Peter Hoekstra of
Michigan told CBS' "The Early
Show" that Saturday's attempt in
MICH. page 62
62 Politics/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 61 continued from page 55

Times Square and an earlier plot Pakistani-American arrested in get their arms around this. It's an profitability while Democrats. But, given the
to blow up New York's subways the Times Square bombing individual that by all indications unemployment hovers near 10 public mood, no senator wants
are among the changes in attempt. Officials would not say wouldn't be involved in percent, the public has, if to be linked to its death. At one
strategy that terrorists abroad whether they believe Shahzad something like this," Kelly said. anything, grown crankier. By point, New York Senator
are using against the United acted alone or as part of a © Copyright 2010 The holding the line on a tougher Kirsten Gillibrand filed an
States. conspiracy. Associated Press. All rights reform package, the White amendment simply requiring
Hoekstra says that intelligence Raymond Kelly, New York reserved. This material may not House has been able to ride the federal regulators to assess the
officials have long thought that City's police commissioner, was be published, broadcast, anger rather than get trampled idea before voting to implement
al-Qaida wanted to launch an asked on NBC's "Today" show rewritten or redistributed. by it. In a moment of rising it. But Gillibrand never offered
attack as big, if not bigger than, Wednesday whether Shahzad Five Filters featured article: public frustration, the populist it up because she and other
9/11. But now officials are represents a change in the The Art of Looking Prime argument gains force the longer Democrats didn’t want to slow
seeing people acting profile of the type of terror Ministerial - The 2010 UK the debate continues. the momentum behind an
independently after training with suspect authorities are seeking General Election. Available There’s just one catch: In otherwise solid bill. It’s a funny
groups abroad. The groups in order to prevent such attacks. tools: PDF Newspaper, Full drafting her bill, Lincoln thing about populist fervors:
recognize that even if their "We don't really have an exact Text RSS, Term Extraction. included an idea that Gensler Once unleashed, no one can say
attempts fail, they can spread profile .... These are what we denies authoring—a provision where they’ll end.
fear in America. call unremarkable people who that would force big banks like Noam Scheiber is a senior
The FBI is investigating decide to kill innocent people in Goldman Sachs to spin off their editor of The New Republic.
possible ties between terrorist their own country. So it's very derivatives businesses if they
groups and Faisal Shahzad, the difficult for law enforcement to want access to credit from the
Fed. The administration is cool

McCain: Shahzad Should Not Have to the proposal, which it fears

might make the system less
stable, as are many Senate
Been Mirandized
(Newsmax - Inside Cover) would be a serious mistake [to evidence."
Submitted at 5/5/2010 4:15:30 AM Mirandize Shahzad]... at least "He was Mirandized later and
until we find out as much continued to cooperate and
Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., information we have. Don't give provide valuable information,"
said reading alleged terrorist this guy his Miranda rights until he added.
Faisal Shahzad his Miranda we find out what it's all about." To read the full CBS report Go
rights would be a "mistake," Meanwhile, Deputy Director of Here Now.
according to a report by CBS the FBI John S. Pistole said © All Rights Reserved.
News. today that joint terrorism task Five Filters featured article:
Shahzad was arrested as he was force agents and officers from The Art of Looking Prime
boarding a Dubai-bound flight t h e N e w Y o r k P o l i c e Ministerial - The 2010 UK
at John F. Kennedy International D e p a r t m e n t d i d i n d e e d General Election. Available
Airport Monday. He faces interview Shahzad -- before tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
terrorism charges for parking a reading him his Miranda rights. Text RSS, Term Extraction.
bomb-carrying car in Times Pistole added that the suspect
Square in New York City. was "cooperative" and provided
McCain added, "Obviously that "valuable intelligence and
E-reader News Edition TV/ 63

Mega Buzz: Love Affairs on Grey's and CSI and the 24 Movie
( Breaking made for the film to be I think V needs more lizards,
News) canonical — that is, it won't don't you?— Avi
Submitted at 5/4/2010 10:16:00 PM necessarily be a "sequel" to the MICKEY: Personally, yes. I
TV series. (Double-secret love lizards! But the creators of
Grey's Anatomy, 24, CSI scoop: I hear it might feature a the V remake have been aiming
Every week, senior editors mole.) for more action than sci-fi —
Mickey O'Connor and Adam Anything about the CSI finale hence the shortage of all things
Bryant satisfy your need for TV that doesn't involve Dr. Jekyll? green and scaly. Executive
scoop. Please send all — Beverly producer Scott Rosenbaum says
q u e s t i o n s t o ADAM: Make no mistake: Dr. that won't change. "You won't Jekyll is the main attraction. But see the full-on what the Visitors
I'm tired of Callie and Arizona fans who enjoy seeing Catherine look like underneath [until early
fighting on Grey's Anatomy. Is and Detective Vartan together in] Season 2," he says. Yes, he
there happiness ahead for them? will get another taste of the said Season 2, and he said it
— Nicole pairing in the season's final with confidence.
ADAM: The people behind the episode. Marg Helgenberger When are we going to see more
show are big fans of the Calzona tells us, however, not to assume between Raylan and Winona's
pairing and are committed to there will be a big romantic some potential answers about Temps, which will require other h u s b a n d o n J u s t i f i e d ? —
seeing the couple through their scene. "It's like we usually do Callen's past and who he is," vampires to step in in an B r a n d o n
differences over having a baby. with physical relationships on Barrett Foa tells us, though I advisory capacity. In other ADAM: Very soon. The folks
But don't take my word for it. "I the show — it's all very subtle," wouldn't bet on getting all your words, Jess is so grounded. Raylan investigated for Winona
really do feel like Callie and she says. "But it definitely leads questions answered this season. I've been a fan of Sam Neill for a few weeks ago will come
Arizona are made for each to a continuing relationship. "We do get closer to it, and I years, so I'd love some scoop on looking for the money they gave
other," creator Shonda Rhimes Things are going really well." think the fans will be satiated in Happy Town. — Doris Gary in the May 11 episode.
tells us. "They're one of those Huge Glee fan here! Sue some way." Foa also says the ADAM: As you may have William Ragsdale, who plays
couples that you adore seeing Sylvester scoop, please! — ops center will be seriously g u e s s e d a l r e a d y , N e i l l ' s Gary, says Raylan is reluctant to
together, and when they're in Damon compromised, and that the character, Merritt Grieves, is help. "There's a murky area
pain, you're in pain. ... So I think MICKEY:"I'm going to get my b r e a c h w i l l c r e a t e m a j o r more than just a guy who wants about what Raylan's able to do,
that there's hope." heart broken a little bit, but you headaches for Eric. to sell movie memorabilia. His what he's comfortable doing,
What have you heard about the won't cry because I deserve it," There seem to be a lot of new mysterious past will slowly be and what Gary needs done,"
24 movie? — Cary Jane Lynch tells us. Could she people in the cast of True Blood. revealed, and star Geoff Stults Ragsdale says. "And there's the
MICKEY: There's a script, but be talking about that creepy- What will our old favorites do? says there's an interesting emotional part too — he's
the studio hasn't read or fabulous tête-à-tête that Sue will — TeamAnna connection between Grieves and basically saving his ex-wife's
approved it, so any intel must be have with Neil Patrick Harris' MICKEY: Watch for Jessica to M.C. Gainey's Sherriff Conroy. husband's butt, and that doesn't
taken with a grain of salt. As of Brian Ryan? steal the show a little. While "My character's father and sit perfectly well." Before it's all
now, the movie finds Jack all I love NCIS: Los Angeles. Will Sookie's off looking for Bill, G r e i v e s h a v e s o m e p a s t over, Ragsdale says, "multiple
over Eastern Europe, but we ever know Callen's first and Pam and Eric recommit [history]; my character's father things hit the fan."
particularly in Prague. Of all the name? — Natalie themselves to Fangtasia, Jessica doesn't want him around," Stults Why aren't more people
cast members past and present, ADAM: As luck would have it, is going to be left to her own says. "He might be a good guy, w a t c h i n g C o m m u n i t y ? —
only Chloe ( Mary Lynn that is one of the big mysteries devices for a bit, and by devices he might be a bad guy, or he H a w l e y
Rajskub) is being considered to to be addressed in the Callen- w e m e a n h e r o v e r g r o w n might be a little of both, but MICKEY: Because Advil is
appear alongside Jack. Further, centric season finale. "We have choppers. Her feasting will there's a reason he's there. He's MEGA page 66
I'm hearing that no effort will be this huge trail, and it leads us to cause quite a scene in Bon looking for something."
64 TV/ E-reader News Edition

'The Biggest Loser' - 'Week Sixteen' Recap

Jason Hughes (TV Squad) in that gym. He clearly has some nearly 200 pounds he's already
Submitted at 5/5/2010 4:31:00 AM mental blocks to work through lost, and think about the 100 or
still. Four months may be so still to go.
Filed under: Recaps(S09E16) It enough to transform your body, Still, Michael and all of the
couldn't be more appropriate but it's not enough to get rid of contestants looked great in their
that TV Squad got our makeover the "fat guy syndrome" mucking makeovers. Particularly startling
on the same night that the a b o u t i n h i s h e a d . S e l f - was Daris' transformation. With
remaining contestants on'The confidence is the opposite of his curly hair held down with
Biggest Loser' got theirs. We are weight. It's far easier to lose product he was virtually
i n t u n e w i t h t h e g o d s o f than it is to gain. unrecognizable. You could tell
television. But Daris is getting there, and Ashley was still wearing dark
"Makeover Week" is always an Bob got in his head at just the colors to hide her shape, but she
e m o t i o n a l j o u r n e y f r o m right time to keep him from seemed in a better place about
beginning to end, because we psyching himself right out of the only being halfway through her
spend a lot of time remembering competition. Right to the end of weight loss journey than
where these men and women the episode, we got to see Daris Michael.
were when the competition with his mind fully in the game, The alliance between Ashley,
began, and get to enjoy how far making strategic moves to help Michael and Daris again bore
they've come. push himself closer to that challenge didn't matter in the the inner strength they found. fruit this week in an interesting
As always, there were some finale. s l i g h t e s t . E v e r y o n e w a s Michael in particular is in a elimination. With the end so
absolutely stunning The challenge had the d r o p p i n g b i g n u m b e r s . . . tough place. As he mentioned, close, strategically it would
transformations, while for at contestants on a Jacobs Ladder actually, everyone else was going into this week's episode make far more sense to keep
least one the whole process was ten feet above the pool. It dropping nines, except for he weighed three pounds less Sam than Michael. Sam can
a little bittersweet. After that, clearly favored the smaller Ashely who pushed it up a notch than Daris' starting weight in the barely lose weight anymore,
there was a challenge, a last- contestants, as the heaviest two, to get her long coveted double c o m p e t i t i o n . H a l f o f t h i s having achieved his stated goal -
chance workout, some serious Michael and Ashley, didn't even digit drop. season's 22 starting contestants - another thing that's never been
emotional issues, a crazy weigh- make it six minutes. After that, Like Michael, Ashley has a didn't weigh as much at the start done before on the ranch. But
in and then an elimination Sunshine fell, and then finally long way to go before achieving of the season as Michael did with a promise of his name not
ceremony. I know it's a two Sam. It was two and a half hours her goal, and their time at the coming into this week. being written down, the three
hour show, but somehow this into the competition before ranch is quickly running out. When the contestants were stayed true to one another, and
week it feels like I just watched Daris decided it wasn't worth it. But that same fact makes them shopping for new clothes, and forced a tie vote which pushed
four hours of intensity in half Both he and Koli looked like both incredibly huge threats to enjoying the ability to wear 34" Sam home, as he had the lowest
that time. they could have gone all night, win the prize at the end of the jeans, or looking for smaller percentage of weight loss.
I ' m a c t u a l l y a l m o s t a s but Koli was confident he competition. They could lose than a size 12, Michael was still Sam has everything to be proud
exhausted as Daris after Bob ran woudn't need it. Daris, like Sam, nearly 2/3 of their total body at the big and tall stores, o f , t h o u g h . H e ' s a l r e a d y
him through the wringer in that is so close to his goal weight weight and still be healthy because he's still too big to find achieved his weight-loss goal,
last chance workout. But why that every pound is crucial. simply by how big they started clothes that will fit him in a and he apparently found a love
was Bob picking on Daris? I expected Koli's cockiness to the game. Who could touch traditional story. That has to be connection on the Ranch. One
Daris asked for it. be his downfall in a week of that? Granted, they have to do it an incredible emotional burden so strong that he moved to Los
Not directly maybe, but by makeover distractions, but he first, but the willpower both to carry, especially knowing that A n g e l e s t o m o v e i n w i t h
admitting he quit on the earlier proved me beyond wrong by have displayed lately to stay there are only a couple more Stephanie, eliminated in Week
challenge, Daris told Bob that dropping 15 pounds. The one c o m p e t i t i v e a g a i n s t m u c h weeks to go on the ranch. It can
smaller players is a testament to be so easy to lose sight of the 'THE page 66
he needs to have his ass kicked pound advantage he won at the
E-reader News Edition TV/ 65

Lost Kills Off Fan-Favorites - What Does It Mean for the

( Breaking alone, Sun would only grieve after Locke?
News) for Jin for two seconds and we'd Kim: He is a force to be
Submitted at 5/5/2010 12:00:00 AM have to move on with the reckoned with. It's Locke vs. the
storyline. It was a very romantic castaways. Whoever is leftover
Lost death. will fight Locke to the end. The
[Spoiler Warning: This article The episode conclusion to Locke's story, that
contains details from Tuesday was jampacked with death, is part of the secret last act.
n i g h t ' s e p i s o d e o f L o s t , especially with Sayid ( Naveen Getting Lost: What does the
including which characters died. Andrews) taking one for the finale hold?
Reader, beware!] team. How do you
After waiting nearly two years Kim: Yeah, I think we all feel now that the show is
for a sweet reunion, Sun ( become heroes at the end as far coming to a close?
Yunjin Kim) and Jin ( Daniel as the island story goes. I have a Kim: It's very bittersweet. It's
Dae Kim) took their last breath feeling that's how the series is great that I survived six years of
in the submarine — a Charlie going to end. Sayid's death is Lost, literally meaning my
Pace-like death — in Tuesday very abrupt and ours is very character has survived to the
night's episode of Lost. So, was drawn out. Daniel and I both very end. I'm proud to be a part
that really the end of Sun and had water pouring on top of our they do in the final episodes. Kim: Yeah, they will complete of this amazing journey. I have
J i n K w o n ? Y u n j i n K i m heads while shooting it, so it Lost's Jorge Garcia: The Man in [their sideways] storyline and my emotional days, but some
discusses what we'll see of the was hard to even keep our eyes Black cannot lie fans will be very satisfied at the days I'm really good and I'm
star-crossed lovers in the final o p e n . I t w a s p h y s i c a l l y A lot of fans end. The finale will be a very really looking forward to what's
episodes, along with teasing the d e m a n d i n g . have been waiting two years for nice closure to this long journey. coming next. I recently got
last scene of the series and How did you Sun and Jin to be reunited. Do What's going to married, so it will be interesting
more. feel when the producers told you you expect to meet some angry happen to Ji Yeon in the regular to find out what I'll be doing
Watch full episodes of Lost in that your characters were going fan reaction? universe since both her parents after Lost.
our Online Video Guide to die? Kim: I think that's where the just died? Will Sun and I'll admit that I Kim: As soon as I got on the writers wanted the fans to be: Kim: In the normal universe, Jin get a happy ending after all?
did shed a few tears after your phone with Damon Lindelof, he To be very angry at Locke. It's Sun's mother is taking care of Kim: We'll see. I believe in
death in Tuesday's episode. The said "This phone call is not one just the way the story needs to her. That's how we left the story, happy endings, but this is Lost,
Sun and Jin reunion was so of those phone calls." He told end. Then again, I think the fans so I guess Sun's parents will so you never know. [ Laughs]
short-lived! me how it was going to happen will realize that it's not the end take over the custody. Again, What did you think of Sun and
Yunjin Kim: It was a brilliant and I actually thought it was a of Sun and Jin's storyline, we because there's another lifeline, Jin's submarine death?
way to end Sun and Jin's life on beautiful ending to both of the still have flash sideways. Our and Sun is actually pregnant Five Filters featured article:
the island. Because of the way characters. It will only propel story doesn't just end with the with Ji Yeon at this point, we The Art of Looking Prime
the story is going, especially the other survivors to go after death in the submarine. It will will have a closure in that Ministerial - The 2010 UK
once we get to Episode 15, 16 Locke [ Terry O'Quinn], and continue until the end. storyline. General Election. Available
and 17, it's moving at a pretty have a very good reason to go We still get What can you tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
fast pace. Let's say if Jin dies after Locke as aggressively as more Sun and Jin? tell us about the Losties going Text RSS, Term Extraction.
66 TV/ E-reader News Edition
'NCIS' - 'Obsession' Recap continued from page 64

Eleven. Sam was right that the

Allison Waldman (TV Squad) being temporarily assigned to game isn't so much about prizes
Submitted at 5/5/2010 5:05:00 AM NCIS for some Mexican drug or confetti. It's about changing
task force. Any connection to lives and finding a better way to
Filed under: Recaps(S07E21) Allison invariably links back to be. And it's about happiness,
This was a particularly Colonel Bell and his private and he may be right about that,
melancholy episode of'NCIS,' military company, which was too. He may be happy in a way
moody and emotional. It was being investigated by both that many of us can't even
reminiscent of a Hitchcock film Jeffrey and Dana Hutton. There fathom right now.
at times, even with the allusions was also Senor Alejandra [Share in all their journeys with
to espionage, the Cold War and Rivera, an admirer of Abby's. clips and full episodes of 'The
things being hidden plain sight. Alejandro's invitation for Abby Biggest Loser' on SlashControl.]
But there were also definitive to go to Mexico for a Permalink| Email this| Linking
story points dropped in that will symposium switched on Blogs| Comments
play out in the weeks to come as McGee's jealousy.
the season finale arrives. For Other points of interest
more on those points, as well as -- Tony was obsessed with
Tim's reference to Abby's tats, Dana, but it looked like Brenda
follow after the jump.
Tony in a way that he would
Bittner, the barrista, was just as
hidden money wasn't hidden at obsessed with him after a one-
Story threads involving the continued from page 63
disappearance of Dana Hutton, a understand. She compared his all. Charlie had put the money nighter.
expensive, that's why. And how
ZNN reporter, soon after her obsession to the 1944 movie into rare books, and that was -- Palmer earned his pay by
else does one treat all those split
brother -- a Navy lieutenant -- 'Laura.' She was right, only like 'Charade' where Cary Grant finding the poison pellet in the
sides and busted guts? If you're
died mysteriously, were all Dana was his Laura, the elusive and Audrey Hepburn discovered corpse. Ducky was impressed,
a fan of Alien, Predator or The
connected in a weird way to beauty, and Tony was Dana that the money everyone was too. Ducky's explanation about
Matrix, you'll love this week's
NCIS. Tony's fascination with Andrews' character, the police after had been converted into the umbrella murder was very
episode, "Modern Warfare," in
Dana was beyond obvious. He detective. rare stamps. No sooner did Dana cool.
which a campus-wide paintball
was a big fan, and the way Tony There was another movie share what she had discovered -- Gibbs' advice to Tony: "Don't
game allows Greendale's finest
was touching the furniture on reference that Tony recognized than she revealed that she was ever settle, DiNozzo."
to trot out more action-movie
the set of her TV show was with the revelation that the dying the same way her brother -- Tony's threat to McGee to get
clichés that you can shake a
almost like Monk analyzing a bookstore owner, Charlie died. Dana's nnumber: "Give me the sexually tense wound-dressing
crime scene. For a while, it Bascom, was a KGB contact The KGB killing method, the number or I'll Gibb-slap you."
scene at.
seemed like a put on, but it who ran a slush fund for ricin-filled metal ball bearing, -- Gibbs' response to Allison
So is Jesse really going to work
wasn't. Tony really had a thing Russian spies. It was the Kevin was lethal and ingenious. When about why he doesn't lock his
with Walt on Breaking Bad, or
for Dana. Costner movie, 'No Way Out,' in Dana showed them that she'd front door. "If I did that I'd have
is he setting him up? — Wayne
Perhaps because they're more which Costner's character turned been hit, there was no saving no social life."
ADAM: I'll admit I also
connected than they've let on, out to be a Russian spy planted h e r . T o n y ' s s a d n e s s w a s -- Fun fact of the night: 1985
wondered if Jesse had ulterior
but Ziva realized Tony was in the Pentagon. palpable and Gibbs understood was the year of the spy.
(and angry) motives when he
breaking Gibbs rule about not Tony finally made contact with it too well. Permalink| Email this| Linking accepted Walt's $1.5 million
getting personally involved. Dana and got her to trust him Meanwhile, those other story Blogs| Comments
offer. But, Aaron Paul assures
When she found him at Dana's enough to tell NCIS what Yuri points that were dropped in for
us that isn't the case. "It comes
apartment, she reached out to had been up to and where the the future included Allison Hart
from a very genuine place," Paul
MEGA page 67
E-reader News Edition TV/ Health/ 67
continued from page 66

says. "I think the entire time Betty," Fringe's musical focus on the new Star Trek
Girl Next Door: Ericka
Jesse's in the hospital, he was
able to just vent and tell Walt
episode, was a nice palate-
cleanser after Peter's
movie? " — deathvalleyjason,
on NBC ordering J.J. Abrams' Cruz
what was on his mind. Walt and acrimonious discovery that new spy drama, Undercovers ( part of the 2009 Most Beautiful
Jesse have gone through the Walter kidnapped him from an Crave scoop on your favorite Submitted at 5/5/2010 3:00:00 AM Latina Pageant. Check out her
darkest rabbit hole possible and alternate universe. Not only do TV shows? E-mail Mickey and hot gallery and see why she's
climbed out of it, but they're cast members Anna Torv, Jasika A d a m a t Strong willed and independent, also a Girl Next
together. They definitely have Nicole and Lance Reddick sport or Ericka's incredible eyes and Door.
this strange bond, and I think it's some serious pipes, but Walter's drop us a line at killer body can hypnotize any Click for Ericka's Photo Gallery
very genuine." allegorical fairy tale about man. For more hot photos galleries,
Is Royal Pains coming back this broken hearts was particularly (Additional reporting by Natalie by Stephen Bailey | Photos by check out
summer? — Lorraine poignant in the wake of Peter's Abrams and Robyn Ross) Paul Miller/ [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and
MICKEY: Yep. Keeping with disappearance. Get more scoop in our Mega Print Article Email to Friend more]
the "eternal summer" concept, Adam's Mini Rant: I understand Buzz video: One of the most recognized Five Filters featured article:
Season 2 starts on June 3 pretty that ladies like to look at him, Five Filters featured article: models in Costa Rica, Ericka The Art of Looking Prime
much where we left off. Hank but I'm not sure I can stand a The Art of Looking Prime says she is strong willed and Ministerial - The 2010 UK
and Evan are still dealing with whole season of Gilles Marini Ministerial - The 2010 UK independent. Her bedroom eyes General Election. Available
the sobering reality that their and his flat line readings on General Election. Available a n d i n c r e d i b l e b o d y c a n tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
deadbeat dad (guest star Henry Brothers & Sisters. Do we really tools: PDF Newspaper, Full hypnotize any man. Text RSS, Term Extraction.
Winkler) has bankrupted them. need an extra series regular on Text RSS, Term Extraction. It's easy to see why she was
As a result, their Hamptons this show?
summer will be less swinging, Reader Quote of the
and they'll both have to find Week:"Sounds like Chuck in 10
other ways to pay the bills. years! So how about just
Mickey's Mega Rave:"Brown renewing Chuck and letting J.J.

Coming to 'In Treatment': Debra Winger!

Bob Sassone (TV Squad) Winger is one of those actresses based on the Israeli series
Submitted at 5/5/2010 4:45:00 AM who used to be everywhere, and 'BeTupil' that ran for two
then, she, well, wasn't. She had seasons. Emmy winner Dianne
Filed under: TV News She big hits in the '80s with movies Wiest, who played Paul's
made a big guest appearance like 'An Officer and a therapist, is leaving the show
on'Law & Order' earlier this Gentleman' and 'Terms of after two seasons, and Dane
year, and now, Oscar-nominated Endearment' -- and was even the DeHaan will join the cast as a
actress Debra Winger has signed voice of E.T.! -- but then she teen patient. The new
on as a regular cast member on stayed away from Hollywood showrunners are Dan Futterman
HBO's 'In Treatment.' She'll for awhile. When she returned, and Anya Epstein. ABC Extends
play one of Dr. Paul Weston's she was more selective about the Permalink| Email this| Linking
(Gabriel Byrne) patients when roles she chose. Getting Married.' Blogs| Comments 'Lost' Series
the show returns for its highly Recently, Winger played Anne This is just one of the changes
anticipated third season later
this year.
Hathaway's mother in the 2008 coming to the show, which is Finale
Filed under: (Again)
TV 68
ABC page News You
Oscar-nominated film 'Rachel Kim Potts
think (TV
you're Squad)
having a hard time
dealing with the upcoming
68 TV/ Social Media/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 67

series finale of'Lost'(particularly That caps off a weekend of crew had constructed all new
Will It Shred: iPad
after last night's heartbreaking
episode)? So is ABC, so much
'Lost,' which begins on May 22
with a re-airing of the original
sets for the finale, which they
warn will answer some Becomes a Skateboard
so that the network has again two-hour pilot (with questions, but also spark a
extended what is already a two-
night event.
informational 'pop-ups'
throughout the airing) and
whole batch of new ones.
Meanwhile, there's still no word
According to the Hollywood continues into Sunday night from Lindelof or Cuse on the Stan Schroeder (Mashable!)
Reporter, the May 23 series with a two-hour 'Lost' New York Times report from Submitted at 5/5/2010 4:46:45 AM

ender will now run 30 minutes retrospective (7PM) called Monday about an Italian video below (hint: no, it
longer, from 9PM ET to 'Lost: The Final Journey,' which Website that posted what it Only yesterday we expressed doesn’t). The stunt was part of
11:30PM. After a break for leads into the actual finale. claims are pages of the script our hope that the iPad’s an episode of Fuel TV’s show
affiliates to air local news, the Cuse and Lindelof confirmed from the series ender. torments would end with “Built To Shred,” featuring host
'Lost' celebration picks back up via Twitter this week that they Don't worry, no spoilers from microwaving. How much abuse Jeff King and pro skater Chad
at 12:05AM with the previously finished production and post- us, but if you want to peruse the can one gadget take? Obviously, Knight.
scheduled 'Jimmy Kimmel Live: production on the much- pages yourself, you can find a lot. If this trend continues, [via Recombu]
Aloha to Lost' special that will anticipated finale on Monday. them here. Apple will see a tidy profit from For more web video coverage,
feature series showrunners "We're done. Amen," they Permalink| Email this| Linking customers who bought the iPad follow Mashable Web Video on
Carlton Cuse and Damon Tweeted about the episode that's Blogs| Comments merely to destroy it. Twitter or become a fan on
Lindelof (who've said they will called, of course, 'The End.' This time, the iPad has been Facebook
not answer questions about the The producers had recently turned into a skateboard. Does it Tags: apple, ipad, skateboard,
finale ... we'll see) and several revealed to the Hollywood work? Well, you’ll have to video
'Lost' cast members. Reporter that the production check it out for yourself in the

ABC Extends Lost Series Finale by 30 Minutes

( Breaking producers Carlton Cuse and
News) Damon Lindelof both tweeted
Submitted at 5/4/2010 11:04:00 PM that they had completed editing
the final episode.
Lost Are you excited for Lost's extra
Lost's goodbye has expanded -long series finale?
yet again, this time by 30 Five Filters featured article:
minutes, according to The The Art of Looking Prime
Hollywood Reporter. Ministerial - The 2010 UK
The drama's series finale will General Election. Available
now run two-and-a-half hours. Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aloha to immediately before the series tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
The episode, scheduled to air Lost, at 12:05 a.m. finale, at 7/6c, and ABC's Text RSS, Term Extraction.
Sunday, May 23 at 9/8c, will Lost producers finish finale: planned rebroadcast of the 2004
push the local news back a half- "We're done. Amen." pilot on Saturday, May 22.
hour, followed by the previously This adds to the two-hour News of the extra time comes
announced post-finale special, retrospective scheduled to air one day after Lost executive
E-reader News Edition TV/ Products/ 69

The Early Show Hires Steering a car by sight--car tracks

Idol Semifinalist Ayla eye movements
Consumer Reports Shopping
Brown as Contributor Blog (Consumer Reports)
Chrysler when this Caravan was
There are two operating modes.
texting; it will either stop or
change modes and drive on its
( Breaking Submitted at 5/5/2010 4:29:59 AM

News) The “free ride” mode steers the Seriously though, some sorts of
Steering a car by sight--car vehicle based on eye movement. limited autonomous driving
Submitted at 5/4/2010 10:29:00 PM tracks eye movements The longer you look in one systems are on our roads today.
One lesson learned in high- direction, the more the van You still have to make gross
Ayla Brown performance driving schools, or steers that way. As their video steering inputs, but our 2011
The Early Show has hired even when you take lessons in notes, this mode is complicated Infiniti M37, with its
former American Idol sports like whitewater kayaking by the fact that people do (and Technology package, can use its
semifinalist Ayla Brown as a or downhill skiing, is to look should) scan when they drive; if active cruise-control system to
contributor, The Associated where you want to go. You y o u s c a n a n d l o o k f o r slow down and accelerate with
Press reports. don’t look at the tree or rock approaching hazards, the car traffic, its Lane Departure
The 21-year-old is the daughter you don’t want to hit. That’s could steer in that direction. The Prevention system to nudge you
of Massachusetts Republican because your car (or kayak, or system works better when back into your lane if you begin
Sen. Scott Brown and a skis) tends to go in the direction you’re following a car with a to wander across the divider
communications student at of your sight. fixed gaze on that target, line, and its Blind Spot
Boston College. She made it to The Spirit of Berlin, a modified although it seems that would Intervention system to help keep
the top 16 during Idol's fifth 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan, affect situational awareness. you from accidentally merging
season. takes this concept to a whole In the second “routing” mode, into an unseen car. Volvo will
Brown will produce pieces brother of Michelle Obama the different level: it uses the
the van uses artificial launch a system that’s designed
focused on the youth audience. program. driver’s eye movement to intelligence to drive itself, to prevent you from hitting a
"You can't create the next Katie Her mother, Gail Huff, is a actually steer the vehicle.
relying on the driver only to pedestrian in their new S60, and
Couric; you just have to find reporter for Boston's ABC B u i l d i n g o n e y e - t r a c k i n g
make decisions at intersections Subaru will be launching a
talent that you think can develop affiliate. software (like that commonly or forks in the road. This is done similar system for the Japanese
into something," executive Five Filters featured article: used for driver distraction
by looking in the desired market. The future is now, as
producer David Friedman said. The Art of Looking Prime studies) and lessons learned in
direction for three seconds. You such systems represent the next
Watch Ayla Brown interview Ministerial - The 2010 UK developing autonomous vehicles
get the feeling that having the frontier in vehicle safety.—
the first lady's brother General Election. Available for DARPA and soccer-playing driver “free riding” in the Spirit Tom Mutchler Subscribe now!
Brown performed on The Early tools: PDF Newspaper, Full robots, Freie Universtität Berlin
of Berlin dumbs it down. S u b s c r i b e t o
Show last week and recently Text RSS, Term Extraction. and SensoMotoric Instruments
The system will automatically for expert
interviewed Craig Robinson, the d e v e l o p e d t h e E y e D r i v e r stop the car if the driver closes Ratings, buying advice and
software that controls the his eyes or looks away from the reliability on hundreds of
minivan. (It seems wrong that road for several seconds. That products. Update your feed
the Spirit of Berlin isn’t actually might make the Spirit of Berlin preferences
a German-branded car, but at the ultimate overkill answer to
least Daimler still owned p r e v e n t i n g d r i v i n g w h i l e
70 Products/ E-reader News Edition

Daily electronics deals Q&A: Restless legs

Paul Eng (Consumer Reports)
Submitted at 5/5/2010 6:07:01 AM
G550 2.2GHz NoteBook for
• 6th Ave: Sharp AQUOS 60"
The Consumerist receive
anything in exchange for
featuring these deals; the posts
syndrome somewhere
Daily electronics deals 1080p LCD HDTV $1781
Today's electronics deals, • Dell: Iomega Prestige 500GB
are intended to be purely
informational. These deals are other than the legs?
courtesy of The Consumerist: USB Portable Drive $70 often fleeting, with prices forgot to take the drug, talk to
• Walmart: Casio 10.1MP changing or products becoming (Consumer Reports) your doctor about stopping the
Digital Camera Pink w/ 2G SD Entertainment unavailable as the day Submitted at 5/5/2010 6:36:11 AM Mirapex (pramipexole). It can
Card + Camera Case for $59 w/ • Musician's Friend: Up to 95% progresses. cause nausea, drowsiness, and
Free Shipping off Accessories These posts are not an Q&A: Restless legs syndrome dizziness, and some evidence
• B u y . c o m : L a C r o s s e • Game Stop: Fallout 3 PS3 or endorsement of the featured somewhere other than the legs? suggests that Mirapex and
T e c h n o l o g y W i r e l e s s Xbox 360 Game + $10 Game products or the Web sites that Can a person have restless legs r e l a t e d d r u g s c a n t r i g g e r
Thermometer for $16.99 w/ Free Credit for $15.99 + $2.99 sell them—though some of the syndrome somewhere other than c o m p u l s i v e g a m b l i n g a n d
Shipping Shipping sites may be included, and the legs? My doctor said it was hypersexuality. If your back
• Newegg: Samsung 2TB • Walmart: Nintendo Wii recommended, in our Ratings of the cause of some sensitivity symptoms return, ask your
Internal SATA Hard Drive for Console w/ Nintendo Wii Sports retailers for computers and other and agitation I had in my upper doctor about other possible
$ 1 1 9 . 9 9 [ w / C o u p o n + Bonus Game for $179 + $6.97 major electronics(both available body (especially the back) and c a u s e s , i n c l u d i n g m u s c l e
E M C Y S Y R 7 9 ] w / F r e e Shipping to subscribers). Price shouldn't prescribed Mirapex. But I often spasms, a spinal problem, or a
Shipping • Borders: 33% Off List Price be your only criterion. Be wary forget to take it, and my skin condition.
• Newegg: Samsung DualView o f O n e I t e m [ w / C o u p o n of lower-priced deals that seem symptoms haven't returned. — Take a look at what you should
TL210 12MP Point-and-shoot BRX7601L] + 40% Off List too good to be true, and check R.W., Charleston, IL know before taking Mirapex,
$169 + free shipping Price of CD Printable Coupon return policies for restocking It's highly unlikely that you and watch our AdWatch video
• Lenovo: IdeaPad S10-3t • Wii console + fees and other gotchas. have restless legs syndrome. on Requip for restless legs
( C o s m i c W o n d e r ) T a b l e t Wii Sports + FREE Bonus For general buying advice for RLS is a chronic condition that syndrome. Subscribe now!
Netbook $399 + free shipping Game (13 choices) $179 + free many of the products on sale almost always begins in the S u b s c r i b e t o
• NewEgg: ONKYO TX-SR608 ship to store or $7 to home above, check out our free lower limbs. It's characterized for expert
7.2-Channel Receiver + iPod • 2 Games + Buying Guides. Subscribe now! by an uncomfortable sensation Ratings, buying advice and
Dock $494 + free shipping Bonus Accessory Kit $30 + S u b s c r i b e t o in the legs, typically while reliability on hundreds of
• 6th Ave: Acer eMachines $0.97 shipping for expert sitting or lying down, and is products. Update your feed
Netbook $269 Shipped • NewEgg: 12-Month LIVE Ratings, buying advice and relieved by movement. Because preferences
• Dell: Vizio 47-inch 240sps Subscription Card $34.99 + free reliability on hundreds of your symptoms don't sound like
1 0 8 0 p L C D H D T V $ 9 0 0 shipping products. Update your feed RLS and didn't return when you
Shipped preferences
• Newegg: 15.6-inch Lenovo Neither Consumer Reports nor
E-reader News Edition Products/ Sports/ 71

Safety bed rails for toddlers and Losing Harwell Is

young children Losing Family Member
Artemis Dibenedetto stuck. Leave at least 9 inches Steve Phillips (FanHouse
(Consumer Reports) between the bed rail and the Main)
Submitted at 5/5/2010 1:59:59 AM footboard and headboard of the Submitted at 5/4/2010 8:00:00 PM
Safety bed rails for toddlers and Don’t use the wall as a bed rail. Filed under: Tigers, Sports
young children Putting a bed against the wall is Business and Media, Executive
When your child begins to not an acceptable substitute for a Take I was so very lucky as a
climb out of the crib or reaches bed rail. Your child could get kid. The luckiest, in fact. During
a height of 35 inches, it’s time trapped between the wall and the summer, I fell asleep every
to leave the crib behind. Some the mattress. Look for bed rails night with the voice of a family
children will try to escape from waterbeds.) Look for a that can be securely attached on member in my ear. He was
the crib earlier than others, so be certification sticker from the each side of your child’s bed. grandfatherly. He told the most
sure to make the switch if you Juvenile Products Related: amazing stories. Sometimes
see this behavior, even if your Manufacturers Association • Toddler, twin, and bunk beds• they were comedies. Sometimes characters remained the same
child is still less than 35 inches (JPMA) on the rail or the Infant and toddler products must dramas. The stories didn't for years. What amazed me was
tall. packaging. (See What does the have registration cards• always have happy endings. the fact that the characters were
If you don’t have a toddler bed, JPMA certification seal really Consumer Reports guide to His delivery was so rhythmic. always doing the same thing yet
consider using an adult-size bed mean?) Bed rails should be used childproofing and safety He had a cadence to each of his the story was always different.
and install bed rails to keep you when your child is about 2 until tales. He spoke like he knew My family member had an
child from falling out of bed. age 5. exactly what to say. He was amazing ability to recall facts.
Use bed rails only with adult Follow the manufacturer’s friendly. He was humble. He He was able to tie each story to
mattresses and box springs. instructions when installing bed Subscribe now! was safe and convincing. other stories, creating a sense of
Never install portable bed rails rails. If they leave a gap or S u b s c r i b e t o The stories were always so real history and tradition. He made
on a crib or toddler bed because loosen during the night, your for expert even though the characters the characters come to life. They
the mattress is too small to child could get trapped, so use Ratings, buying advice and seemed bigger than life. The were real. They were familiar. I
support them. And don’t use the rails strictly according to the reliability on hundreds of names changed from time to felt like I knew them.
them on bunk beds, waterbeds, instructions and check them products. Update your feed time but many of the main
youth beds, inflatable each night before use. Be sure preferences
mattresses, or a bed without a they fit tightly with no gaps
box spring. (Young children between the mattress and the
should never sleep on rail, so that your child can’t get
72 Sports/ E-reader News Edition

Hall of Fame Detroit Tigers broadcaster Ernie Harwell dies at

92 news services listening to the Tigers an almost on Tuesday night. During the among the game's most famous was the only trade that ever
( spiritual happening. As he dealt seventh-inning stretch, the play-by-play voices. Vin Scully involved an announcer."
Submitted at 5/5/2010 9:13:33 AM with cancer,'s Liz Twins announced Harwell had on Ernie Harwell • "He was with the Dodgers in
Merrill watched as Harwell's died, and fans honored him with Hall of Fame announcer Vin '48 and '49, then I sat in his
DETROIT -- From the sandy own spirituality provided peace a standing ovation. Scully (right) began chair. I didn't follow or succeed
shores of Lake Michigan to the as his friends and fans said their "All of Major League Baseball broadcasting Brooklyn Dodgers him, I just sat in his chair. He
rugged streets in Flint, they goodbyes. Story is in mourning tonight upon games in 1950, the season after was so gracious and kind.
listened to Ernie Harwell tell the "We'll miss you, Ernie Harwell. learning of the loss of a giant of Ernie Harwell left. He shared Probably the best word is that he
Detroit Tigers' tales for more You'll forever be the voice of our game," commissioner Bud some his memories of the was a gentleman, and it came
than 40 years. summer," Michigan Gov. Selig said. "This son of Georgia legendary broadcaster with across. He just cared for people.
Beloved by generations of Jennifer Granholm tweeted. was the voice of the Detroit's Tony He loved baseball. He was such
baseball fans who grew up A Hall of Fame announcer who Tigers and one of the game's Jackson. a nice guy, so you can
enraptured by his rich voice, was acquired by the Brooklyn iconic announcers to fans across • "Ernie Harwell, I don't know if understand why the people of
Southern cadence and quirky Dodgers for a catcher in 1948, America, always representing any of you know it, set a record Detroit just loved him."
phrases on the radio, Harwell Harwell revealed in September the best of our national pastime before he ever came to the • "I can't remember the year, but
died Tuesday after a months- that he'd been diagnosed with to his generations of listeners. major leagues. In 1948, the there was a game where the
long battle with cancer. He was inoperable cancer of the bile "Without question, Ernie was Brooklyn Dodgers were in Dodgers turned a triple play
92. duct. He took the news with one of the finest and most Pittsburgh. It was an off-day, against Atlanta in Atlanta. I had
The longtime Tigers characteristic poise, saying he distinguished gentlemen I have and Red Barber was playing never seen the Dodgers turn a
broadcaster died about 7:30 p.m. planned to continue working on ever met," Selig said. golf at the Pittsburgh Field triple play. Ernie Harwell was
in his apartment at Fox Run a book and other projects. Shortly after Harwell Club. He was at a place on the sitting on the other side of a
Village and Retirement Center "Whatever happens, I'm ready to announced that he was ill, the golf course that was close to the glass partition from me, and he
in the Detroit suburb of Novi, face it," Harwell told The Tigers honored him during a clubhouse, and he felt very had called the other Dodgers
said his attorney and longtime Associated Press on Sept. 4, game against the Kansas City nauseous. He was wearing a triple play in 1949. So l leaned
friend, S. Gary Spicer. 2009. "I have a great faith in Royals, showing a video tribute coconut straw hat. He took it off back and asked him about it. I'm
His wife of 68 years, Lulu, and God and Jesus." and giving him a chance to and ran to the clubhouse and thinking this is great, both of us
his two sons and two daughters Harwell's body will lie in address the crowd at Comerica upchucked, only blood. He had right there together. But he just
were at his side, Spicer said. repose at Comerica Park on Park. a bleeding ulcer, so they flew said in that perfect Southern
More from Thursday beginning at 7 a.m. "In my almost 92 years on this him to New York immediately. way, he said, 'Vinny, I don't
Some men lament the loss of and "until the last person who earth, the good lord has blessed Branch Rickey was running the rightly remember.' And that put
their baseball cards. Not me. wishes to pay their respects" has me with a great journey," Brooklyn Dodgers at the time. in perspective, to show that it
No, what I wish I'd saved is that done so, Spicer said. Harwell said at a microphone Arthur Mann was running the was one moment, now let's get
microcassette with Ernie "It might be an all-night vigil," behind home plate. "The blessed Atlanta Crackers. Branch called on with it."
Harwell's golden voice all over he said. part of that journey is that it's Arthur, because they knew each He announced Detroit games on
it. But it's gone. Eleven years There will be no public going to end here in the great other very well, and he said, 'I radio from 1960 to 1991, again
ago, I was young. I thought he memorial service, and the state of Michigan." need your announcer.' And in 1993 and from 1999 to 2002.
would live forever, writes family will hold a private Harwell spent 42 of his 55 Arthur said, 'Well, I need a He broadcast games on over-the's Rob Neyer. Blog funeral service at a location years in broadcasting with the catcher.' So Clint Dapper was -air and cable television from
For generations, famed Spicer declined to disclose. Tigers, joining Mel Allen, Jack sent to Atlanta, and Ernie
broadcaster Ernie Harwell made The Tigers were in Minnesota Buck, Harry Caray and others Harwell came to Brooklyn. It HALL page 74
E-reader News Edition Sports/ 73

Lakers stand tall, take 2-0 series lead over Jazz

Associated Press -40 rebounding advantage and fighting, keep attacking and stay there," Williams said. "Their went 1 for 7 on 3-pointers in
( 13 blocked shots, the Lakers aggressive." length bothered us tonight. Game 2, dropping to 7 for 42 in
Submitted at 5/5/2010 2:10:30 AM maintained a medium-sized lead For the third straight We've just got to hit some shots. the postseason.
throughout the second half of a postseason, the Lakers have a 2- We'll do better." "I don't know," Artest said when
LOS ANGELES -- Carlos disjointed, foul-choked game 0 series lead over the Jazz after The Lakers blew a fourth- asked to explain himself. "I feel
Boozer drove the lane, and his that lasted over 2 1/2 hours. consecutive wins at Staples quarter lead in Game 1 but great. I don't really know. I just
shot was disdainfully blocked " T h e y p l a y e d e x t r e m e l y , Center, where Utah has lost 16 rallied to win on a fantastic have to keep playing
by Lamar Odom. The Utah extremely well," Bryant said of straight games -- including eight finish by Bryant, who scored 11 basketball."
forward grabbed the ball to try his big men. "Pau and Andrew, in the playoffs. points in the final four minutes. The Lakers took a 58-46
another -- and Pau Gasol took a their work on the boards tonight Paul Millsap had 26 points and Things never got that interesting halftime lead with just eight
turn swatting it. was sensational. Lamar coming 11 rebounds, with the in Game 2 despite the Lakers' 20 points from Bryant, and Bynum
Big On Boards off the bench with 15 rebounds undersized power forward single turnovers: Los Angeles' big men didn't appear limited by his
The Lakers outrebounded the was just incredible. We really -handedly keeping the Jazz in ruled, with even Ron Artest injured right knee, getting 11
Jazz 58-40 and outscored them did a great job, and aside from the game at times. C.J. Miles contributing 16 points despite points and 13 rebounds in just
in the paint 64-50 as they took a scoring, the big fellas, obviously added 20 points for Utah, which another awful 3-point shooting 16 minutes. Millsap kept the
2-0 series lead. The Lakers are rebounding and controlling the will get three days off to plot performance. Jazz in it with 16 points off the
40-1 all-time when leading a paint." another way to counter the "We got some great play tonight bench.
best-of-7 series 2-0. Most The Lakers didn't mind Lakers' obvious advantages from our big guys," Lakers Game notes
Rebounds in Playoff Game skipping showtime for a steady down low. coach Phil Jackson said. "All of Bryant got a technical foul in
Lakers in Last 20 Seasons win that put them halfway to But without injured big men them played pretty well." the first half, while Boozer and
Although Boozer is not a small their third straight trip to the Mehmet Okur and Andrei The Jazz actually got within Gasol got offsetting T's with
man, the Los Angeles Lakers Western Conference finals. Los Kirilenko, the Jazz acknowledge four points in the final minutes, 2:28 to play. ... The Jazz elected
are taller, thicker, just plain Angeles is 40-1 in franchise they probably don't have the big but Bryant finally injected a to keep Kirilenko out of uniform
bigger -- and that could be an history after winning the first bodies necessary to contend little excitement with a shot for another game with a strained
insurmountable problem for the two games of a seven-game with the Lakers' height and clock-beating jumper, an left calf, which has prevented
Utah Jazz in this second-round series. sophisticated inside play. emphatic swat on Utah's next him from playing a full game
playoff series. McMenamin: No Excuses "Their rebounding tonight was drive to the hoop, and a dunk in since March 12. Kirilenko has
Kobe Bryant scored 30 points, The Lakers are beaten and just something we could not a 45-second span of the final said he's almost certain to return
Gasol added 22 points and 15 bruised, but don't seem to be handle," Utah coach Jerry Sloan minutes. for Game 3. ... Before the game,
r e b o u n d s , a n d t h e L a k e r s slowed by their injuries, writes said. "I don't like to use the Los Angeles appeared Jackson said there's a 90 percent
methodically pounded the ball E S P N L A . c o m ' s D a v e word 'disheartening.' I thought determined to use its advantages chance he'll coach the Lakers
down low in a 111-103 victory M c M e n a m i n . S t o r y our guys played extremely hard from the start of Game 2, first next season if he decides to
over the Jazz on Tuesday night, • Markazi: Jazz act like Lakers' to try and stay in the ballgame." weathering Utah's impressive coach again. He'll turn 65 in
taking a 2-0 series lead. kid brother Deron Williams managed 15 shooting start before continually September, and the Lakers'
Andrew Bynum had 17 points • Check out the Lakers blog points on 4-for-16 shooting and pounding the ball down low for apparent reluctance to pay him a
a n d 1 4 r e b o u n d s f o r t h e Game 3 is Saturday night in nine assists for the Jazz, who 38 first-half points in the paint. record $12 million again next
defending NBA champions, Salt Lake City. never were close to being blown The Jazz quickly lost their season has put his future in
who ruthlessly exploited their " W e ' r e n o t g o i n g t o b e out -- but who just didn't have outside stroke, and the Lakers' question. ... Staples Center fans
twin 7-foot starters' height frustrated," said Boozer, who the size or the game plan to keep starting frontcourt combined for included Chris Bosh and David
advantage, along with the 6-foot had 20 points and 12 rebounds. up with Los Angeles' patient 36 points in the first half -- Beckham; actors Christoph
-10 Odom's presence off the " W e ' r e n o t g o i n g t o g e t inside game. including 12 from Artest, Waltz, Will Ferrell and Michael
bench. demoralized. We're not going to "We'd try to get in the lane, and despite his stubborn insistence LAKERS page 77
With 64 points in the paint, a 58 back down. We're going to keep there were two or three guys on shooting from outside. He
74 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 72

1960-64 and 1994-98. that was Ernie." catcher, Rickey sent catcher moments and making its ESPN Radio during the fourth
When he signed off following Harwell's passing came one Cliff Dapper to Atlanta and struggles more bearable. inning of the 2005 All-Star
his final game in 2002, Harwell season after the death of another Harwell joined the Dodgers. Even casual fans could tick off Game in Detroit. He also
was as eloquent as ever. cherished baseball announcer, Harwell said his most Harwell catch phrases: presented the ceremonial first
"It's time to say goodbye, but I the Philadelphia Phillies' Harry memorable game was the 1951 "Looooooong gone!" for a home ball to Tigers greats Al Kaline
think goodbyes are sad and I'd Kalas. playoff between the Dodgers run; "He stood there like the and Willie Horton before Game
much rather say hello. Hello to a "What a voice," said longtime and New York Giants for the house by the side of the road 1 of the 2006 World Series
new adventure. I'm not leaving, Tigers shortstop Alan Trammell, NL pennant, which Bobby and watched that one go by" for when Detroit hosted the St.
folks. I'll still be with you, living the World Series MVP the last Thomson won with a walk-off a batter taking a called third Louis Cardinals.
my life in Michigan -- my home time the Tigers won it all in home run, but few if any people strike; and "Two for the price of "Ernie Harwell, it goes without
state -- surrounded by family 1984. "He did it with class, he remember his recount of the one!" for a double play. saying, was one of the greatest
and friends," he said. did it with dignity. We shed a "Shot Heard 'Round The World" Foul balls into the stands were in the history of our profession,"
"And rather than goodbye, tear tonight, that's for sure." at the Polo Grounds that day. "Caught by a man from Hall of Fame broadcaster Marty
please allow me to say thank The Tigers and their flagship Russ Hodges' exclamation on [whatever town in the area that Brennaman said in a statement.
you. Thank you for letting me radio station, WJR, allowed radio of "The Giants win the came to his mind]." "More important than that,
be part of your family. Thank Harwell's contract to expire after pennant!" became one of the "I started that after I got to however, he was one of the
you for taking me with you to the 1991 season in what became most famous moments in sports Detroit in 1961 or '62, and it just finest people I've ever known. I
that cottage up north, to the a public relations nightmare. broadcasting history. Harwell, happened by accident," Harwell was privileged to call Ernie my
beach, the picnic, your work Then-Tigers president Bo meanwhile, was calling the first explained. "I said, 'A guy from friend. I will miss him greatly."
place and your backyard. Thank Schembechler, the former major sporting event televised Grosse Pointe caught that foul Harwell was born Jan. 25,
you for sneaking your transistor Michigan football coach, took coast-to-coast in the United ball,' then the next ones were 1918, in Washington, Ga., with
under the pillow as you grew up the blame. WJR general States. His work that day has caught by a guy from Saginaw a speech defect that left him
loving the Tigers. Now, I might manager Jim Long later took been largely forgotten. or a lady from Lansing." tongue-tied. Through therapy
have been a small part of your responsibility for the unpopular "I just said 'It's gone!' and then The Baseball Hall of Fame and forcing himself to
life. But you've been a very move. the pictures took over," he honored Harwell in 1981 with participate in debates and
large part of mine. And it's my When Mike Ilitch bought the recalled. the Ford C. Frick Award, given classroom discussions, he had
privilege and honor to share franchise from Tom Monaghan, By his own count, Harwell annually to a broadcaster for overcome the handicap by the
with you the greatest game of he put Harwell back in the booth called more than 8,300 major major contributions to baseball. time he graduated from Emory
all," he said. in 1993. Harwell chose to retire league games, starting with the A life-size statue of Harwell University.
Hall of Fame announcer Vin after the 2002 season. Dodgers and continuing with the stands at the entrance to Harwell's survivors also include
Scully began broadcasting "Ernie Harwell was the most Giants and Baltimore Orioles Comerica Park and its press box seven grandchildren and seven
Dodgers games in 1950, the popular sports figure in the state before joining the Tigers. He is called "The Ernie Harwell great-grandchildren.
season after Harwell left. of Michigan," said Ilitch, who missed two games outside of the Media Center." Information from The
"Probably the best word, he was also owns the Detroit Red '92 season: one for his brother's "I think we all know where he's Associated Press was used in
gentle. And it came across. He Wings. funeral in 1968, the other when heading," Trammell said. "What this report.
just cared for people and he Harwell's big break came in he was inducted into the a gentleman, what a great Five Filters featured article:
loved baseball," Scully said. unorthodox fashion. National Sportscasters and person. It's a sad day for The Art of Looking Prime
"You can understand how the Dodgers radio broadcaster Red Sportswriters Association Hall baseball." Ministerial - The 2010 UK
people in Detroit just loved him. Barber fell ill in 1948, and of Fame in 1989. Harwell took pride in making General Election. Available
I followed him into Brooklyn, general manager Branch Rickey His easygoing manner and love rare visits to the ballpark and for tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
and then I followed him into the needed a replacement. After of baseball endeared him to not doing much play-by-play Text RSS, Term Extraction.
Hall. He was such a lovely man. learning that the minor league generations of Tigers fans, work as a retiree. But he did
However that word is defined, Atlanta Crackers needed a enhancing the club's finest make a guest appearance for HALL page 77
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Magic not rusty in 43-point victory over Hawks

Associated Press Charlotte. when Howard snatched a layup outhustled and outmuscled at Woodson said of the latest
( Maybe all Howard needed was attempt by Smith in the air, every step. The little more than defeat. "I wish I knew what
Submitted at 5/4/2010 11:14:40 PM some time to cool off. pulling down the ball with one 48-hour turnaround didn't keep happened."
"I still played about the same hand. He threw the ball upcourt them sharp, and they looked Howard and Co. weren't taking
ORLANDO, Fla. -- Stan Van amount of minutes," Howard to Jason Williams, who lobbed a more like the team trying to get any chances this time.
Gundy turned to his assistant said, chuckling, because he pass from just past midcourt for back in rhythm. If the NBA's two-time
coaches on the Orlando Magic wasn't needed much in the an alley-oop dunk to Mickael And they could do nothing to defensive player of the year can
bench, unsure what to do with fourth. "The first round is over Pietrus that was part of 17 stop Howard. avoid foul trouble, it could be
star Dwight Howard finally with." straight Magic points in the "I didn't allow anything to throw another quick second-round stint
avoiding foul trouble and his Josh Smith scored 14 points second quarter. me off my game," Howard said, for Atlanta. The Hawks were
team on his way to a blowout and Zaza Pachulia had 12 points The arena was roaring so loud adding that he made it a point swept by Cleveland in the
victory. for a Hawks team that had little that, even after Hawks coach not to engage officials about conference semifinals last year,
"Should I give Dwight a rest?" playoff poise. Game 2 in the Mike Woodson called timeout calls. "And I think that's what I and they'll need to find a way to
Van Gundy asked. "They said, best-of-seven series is Thursday and was on the floor pleading have to do the rest of the series, slow down Howard to have any
'No. Just let it ride." night in Orlando, and Atlanta with officials for a goaltend, just not let things take me off chance this time.
Sheridan: Annihilation At will have to find some way to many players couldn't hear the my game, just stay free and Van Gundy was already
Amway rally from such a paralyzing whistle and continued. clear." thinking about how his team
You are rightfully excused if defeat. Finally, somebody had to tell The Magic came out and hit the could put the win behind them.
you did a little channel surfing Another Dominating the Magic to stop. Hawks where it hurt -- literally. "I told them that [Wednesday] I
during Tuesday's 114-71 P e r f o r m a n c e "I think the challenge is not to Howard grabbed a defensive will have for them virtually
mauling of the Hawks by the The 43-point win was the get carried away with the score," rebound and swung his elbow to every time in NBA playoff
Magic that turned in Orlando's Magic's second-largest margin Van Gundy said. "It was one of shake off Smith, hitting history that a team had a
favor during a 17-0 second- of victory in a playoff game all- those nights where everything Atlanta's forward in the face. blowout win, came back and
quarter run and turned into a time and tied for the second- just snowballed." Howard was whistled for a foul, lost the next game," Van Gundy
joke the rest of the way, writes largest margin of victory in Timeouts might have been and Smith iced down his cheek said. "You've got to forget what
Chris Sheridan. Story NBA history in Game 1 of a Atlanta's only reprieve. on the bench during a break. happened."
What a ride it was. best-of-7 series. It was the 2010 NBA Playoffs The Hawks didn't know what Game notes
Howard had 21 points and 12 Hawks' second-worst loss in The 2010 NBA playoffs have hit them. NBA commissioner David
rebounds in one of the most their postseason history (worst begun. Keep track of your "They made a run," Pachulia Stern announced earlier in the
crushing playoff wins in Magic is 58-point loss to the Lakers in favorite team here: said, "and they never looked day that Orlando's new arena
history, a 114-71 victory over 1956). Largest Margin of Playoff index back." would host the 2012 All-Star
the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday Victory in Game 1 The Hawks were held to 10 That inside-outside game with Game. ... The fewest points an
night in Game 1 of their Eastern NBA Postseason History points in the second quarter, and Howard in the paint was the opponent has ever scored
Conference semifinal. "It's embarrassing," Hawks just 11 points in the third. biggest reason Atlanta has against Orlando in a playoff
Howard added five blocks and point guard Mike Bibby said. Howard and most of the Magic struggled against its Southeast game was 68. ... Actor Chris
avoided the fouls and frustration "They embarrassed us." starters weren't even needed in Division rival for several Tucker was among those in
that overwhelmed him in the Only a 47-point win in the first the fourth, and Atlanta players seasons. The Magic had taken attendance.
first round, helping the Magic round against Boston in 1995 covered their heads with towels six straight regular-season Five Filters featured article:
go ahead by as many as 46 was a larger margin of victory in on the bench in the final games in the series until the The Art of Looking Prime
points. Vince Carter finished a playoff game for Orlando. minutes. Hawks won on a buzzer-beating Ministerial - The 2010 UK
with 20 points as Orlando This was just one big Magic Fresh off a Game 7 victory dunk by Smith in their last General Election. Available
showed no signs of rust after an highlight reel. against undermanned meeting. MAGIC page 77
eight-day layoff since sweeping Nothing riled up fans more than Milwaukee, the Hawks were "It was an ugly game for us,"
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Violent details emerge in death of Virginia lacrosse player

Yeardley Love
Associated Press expected to graduate this month. "That's what we're trying to get computer. He also told them games this season.
( Huguely was not present at a to precisely, through our where they could find it; Longo And it was shaping up as a
Submitted at 5/5/2010 6:52:49 AM court hearing Tuesday, but interviews with friends, family said investigators have retrieved special year, with both players
appeared via videoconference and teammates -- to see to what it and are "in the process of heading toward graduation
CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- from Albemarle-Charlottesville extent there's truth to that," trying to see what evidentiary while playing for teams viewed
On a day when gruesome details Regional Jail wearing a gray- Longo said. value may exist." as contenders to win the national
emerged about how a women's striped uniform. His lawyer, Longo said there were no past An autopsy on Love was championship.
lacrosse player at Virginia Francis Lawrence, said later that police reports of issues between concluded in Richmond, and Instead, though, on Tuesday,
wound up dead in a pool of her Love's death was "an accident the two. Longo said investigators passed there were signs of mourning. A
own blood and a player on the with a tragic outcome." Police in Lexington, Va., about along to him "pieces" of moment of silence for Love was
men's team was charged with Lawrence said Huguely also 70 miles from Charlottesville, information, but he would not observed before Virginia's home
killing her, the teams decided to planned to withdraw from the said that in November 2008, release details until he has the baseball game. And members of
play on in tribute. university. Huguely was shocked with a official report from the medical Love's high school lacrosse
Virginia athletic director Craig An affidavit for a search stun gun by an officer there after examiner. He could not say team -- Notre Dame Preparatory
Littlepage said in a statement warrant said two people found resisting arrest for public when the report was expected. of Towson, Md. -- wrote her
late Tuesday that the men's and Love, of Cockeysville, Md., intoxication. He pleaded guilty Medical student Cliff Cutchins, uniform number, No. 1, on their
women's teams "will represent face down in her bedroom with to two charges last year, was who lives in the apartment calves; put black tape on their
the University of Virginia as a pool of blood on her pillow, a placed on six months of building beside Huguely's, said sticks; and wore orange ribbons
they always have" if selected for large bruise on her face and one probation and given a 60-day he didn't know the suspect, but in their hair for their 17-9
the NCAA tournament, as eye swollen shut. She was sentence, which was suspended. had met Love and knew many victory Tuesday at St. Stephen's
expected, and play to honor the pronounced dead at the scene The arresting officer, R.L. of her friends. and St. Agnes School in
memory of Yeardley Love. after attempts to revive her. Moss, said in a statement Even with the details released Alexandria, Va.
The announcement came at the According to the document, Tuesday that she felt it Tuesday about Love's death, Meanwhile, on Virginia's
end of a dark two days for Huguely -- listed in the lacrosse necessary to use the stun gun Cutchins, of Virginia Beach, campus, two gates at the
Virginia lacrosse. media guide as 6-foot-2 and 209 because Huguely became Va., said it is hard to believe lacrosse practice field were
Describing a scene of violent pounds -- told police he was abusive and his size was no that her relationship with chained while players worked
rage, court documents revealed "involved in an altercation with match for her. Huguely could have been out.
that George Huguely, a senior Yeardley Love and that during She said in the statement that abusive. Copyright 2010 by The
on the men's team, told police the course of the altercation he Huguely was "yelling "No matter what kind of Associated Press
he kicked in Love's bedroom shook Love and her head obscenities and making threats." relationship they had, there were Five Filters featured article:
door, shook her, and that her repeatedly hit the wall." According to the affidavit no indications that it could have The Art of Looking Prime
head repeatedly hit the wall. Huguely told police the two had released in Charlottesville on gotten this bad," he said. Ministerial - The 2010 UK
Love was found bloodied and been in a relationship "and that Tuesday, Huguely waived his "There's no way this community General Election. Available
dead by friends early Monday. the relationship had ended," right to have an attorney present would have let that happen." tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
The 22-year-old suspect, of according to the affidavit. while he gave his chilling Huguely, a midfielder, wasn't a Text RSS, Term Extraction.
Chevy Chase, Md., has been Charlottesville Police Chief Tim account of what happened at starter but played in all 15
arrested and charged with first- Longo said investigators are Love's apartment. Huguely told games this season, with four
degree murder in the death of looking into whether Huguely police he communicated with goals and three assists. Love
Love, also 22. Both were had threatened Love in the past. Love by e-mail and left with her played defense and started three
E-reader News Edition Sports/ 77
In Crazy Sports World, Taser Fine by Me continued from page 73

Rosenbaum; director Adam

Jay Mariotti (FanHouse Main)
McKay; and Flea and Anthony
Submitted at 5/4/2010 6:59:00 PM Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili
Filed under: MLB Five Filters featured article:
When a suspected terrorist tries The Art of Looking Prime
to set off a car bomb in Times Ministerial - The 2010 UK
Square, evacuating much of General Election. Available
midtown Manhattan in a scene tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
out of a fright movie, then it Text RSS, Term Extraction.
seems any sicko act is possible
in any public area. It's the end of
the world as we know it in 2010,
and other than one old rock star,
nobody feels fine. Which is why
I have no problem with a cop MAGIC
using a Taser gun to subdue a continued from page 75
goof who runs onto a field at a tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
ballpark, even if the dude Text RSS, Term Extraction.
resembles a teenaged Ray
Romano in his red T-shirt, khaki
shorts and black baseball cap.
He may look harmless. He may
terrorist act in America will be customers to protect, what is a then dove onto the turf, where
not be drunk or stoned. He may
even call his proud father from
in a stadium or an arena, making police force to do when he was apprehended and taken HALL
the stun-gun quelling of 17-year someone ignores frequent away. This was a different continued from page 74
the seats and ask his permission
-old Steve Consalvi a landmark warnings over the public- approach to the usual
to attempt the stunt, surely
event in sports security. Much address system and scoreboard - procedures in stadiums, where
thrilling a Penn State
as we'd like to think the games - "Anyone trespassing on the unruly fans either are chased
administration that accepted him
of our lives still can be escapes field will be ejected and down and tagged with vicious
in its next freshman class. But
from reality, it isn't hard to prosecuted" -- and invades the body shots or waited out until
really, who knows if he has a
envision a major tragedy in the playing surface anyway? In they run out of juice and drop.
knife or a gun as he's spinning
near future. We're still waiting Philly, hotbed of lunatic sports The problem with those
around the outfield and waving
for leagues to mandate that fans, they aren't taking chances methods is that fans never learn.
a white towel in Philadelphia's
sophisticated X-ray machines be anymore. When Consalvi tried Maybe they will now that the
Citizens Bank Park?
installed at all entrances, and to sprint away from a police Taser shooting of Consalvi has
In an increasingly creepy
until they do, it will be fairly officer and security personnel, been shown non-stop the last 24
world, it would be foolish to cut
easy to sneak a weapon through the cop drew his Taser and fired hours on television. But don't
slack for any warped behavior at
the gates. several shots before hitting him. hold your breath.
a sports event. Security experts
So with athletes and paying Consalvi stiffened on impact,
fear that the next cataclysmic
78 Sports/ Social Media/ E-reader News Edition

Hawks Make Howard,

Magic Look Super
David Whitley (FanHouse
Submitted at 5/4/2010 7:43:00 PM
Android Tablet
Filed under: Hawks, Magic, Prototype Running Flash
NBA Playoffs ORLANDO, Fla.
-- After pouting, fouling and Spotted in the Wild
sitting his way through the first Stan Schroeder (Mashable!)
round of the playoffs, everybody Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:29:52 AM
was wondering what was wrong
with Dwight Howard.
Nothing the Atlanta Hawks and Red Wings, Down 3-0, Now that Adobe and Apple
have officially parted ways— at
Nick Nolte can't cure. least when it comes to Flash on
The NBA's self-proclaimed
Superman is back. If only he
Sticking Together Apple’s mobile devices —
Adobe is strengthening its
could play the Hawks every Christopher Botta (FanHouse the guys that brought them here. partnership with Google’s
game from here on out, the with Orlando's pending Main) In Motown, it's the same old Android, whose next version
Magic would romp to the world championship parade, a word Submitted at 5/4/2010 8:28:00 PM song -- and who can blame (2.2) will support Flash.
championship. from the league's reigning them? It’s therefore no surprise that
Based on Tuesday night's 114- curmudgeon. Filed under: Sharks, Red Look at the box score from Adobe’s stand at the Web 2.0
71 cataclysm, they might do it "You gotta let it go. It's one Wings, NHL Playoffs Detroit's stunning 4-3 loss to Expo in San Francisco is
anyway. They are the stealth game," Stan Van Gundy said. DETROIT -- The Detroit Red San Jose in Game 3 on Tuesday showcasing Android-based
team nobody has noticed. "In the playoffs, margin means Wings culture does not call for a at Joe Louis Arena. It looks like phones, but an unexpected guest
Maybe Howard needs to wrap absolutely nothing. It does not hot-shot prospect to save them it could have been published in has appeared, as well — an
his elbow, wince a lot and start matter. It should not lead to a when they drop the first three 2009 or 2008 or, for that matter, Android-based, multi-touch
shooting free throws with his false sense of security." games of a playoff series. A before the NHL lockout. tablet prototype.
left hand. False sense? How about a true slumping veteran is not benched Goal, Tomas Holmstrom. Goal, Blog Zedomax has a hands-on
But before we get carried away sense? by a head coach calling attention Dan Cleary. Goal, Henrik review (embedded below), and
to himself, saying the team Zetterberg. while technical details about the
needed "shock therapy." A The only difference is, the Red device are scarce, it appears to
journeyman does not come out Wings lost. be running Flash and Air
of the press box to become the Sharks lead series, 3-0 flawlessly.
next game's No. 1 star. Sharks 4, Red Wings 3 (OT): For more technology coverage,
Whenever this run may end, the Recap| Box Score| Series Page follow Mashable Tech on
Red Wings are going to go with Twitter or become a fan on
Tags: adobe, air, android, Flash,
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Hands-on: Kane & Lynch 2 'Fragile

Alliance' multiplayer
Randy Nelson (Joystiq) your own. For the first match or
Submitted at 5/5/2010 9:00:00 AM two I played, everyone worked
together. After that, people
Whether or not it's Inspired by Here's the setup: Players start started getting greedy.
real-life heists -- that's according out on the same team -- the Gallery: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog
to its developer, IO Interactive - crooks -- and steal loot at the D a y s - - F r a g i l e A l l i a n c e
- the Fragile Alliance beginning of a round. Those m u l t i p l a y e r
multiplayer mode in Kane & who can make it past A.I. Continue reading Hands-on:
Lynch 2: Dog Days definitely controlled cops in one piece Kane & Lynch 2 'Fragile
feels inspired. I recently played (and get inside the getaway Alliance' multiplayer
a few rounds of its increasingly vehicle before it leaves) share a Hands-on: Kane & Lynch 2
difficult, single-player Arcade cut of the cash everyone's 'Fragile Alliance' multiplayer
game type (shown in the above grabbed. But these aren't the originally appeared on Joystiq
video) before working together most honest men you're playing on Wed, 05 May 2010 09:00:00
with (and against) fellow as, so it's possible to turn traitor EST. Please see our terms for
journos online and came away on your own gang -- even take use of feeds.
Nelson Over Bibby Big pretty impressed. In fact, it
seemed more fun and polished
other players as human shields - Permalink| Email this|
- and attempt to avoid death at C o m m e n t s
than what Joystiq's played so far
Factor in Rout of the game's single-player
their (and the cops') hands, in
hopes of taking all the spoils for
Tim Povtak (FanHouse Main) going to take very long.
Submitted at 5/4/2010 7:42:00 PM Atlanta's Mike Bibby had
buried his head under a towel,
Filed under: Hawks, Magic, peeking out only once in awhile
NBA Playoffs ORLANDO, Fla. to view the wreckage. On the
-- There was no better example other side, Orlando's Jameer
of what a mismatch Game 1 was Nelson was waving his towel
-- and probably the whole wildly, up on his feet every few
Orlando/Atlanta series will be -- seconds.
than the difference between the "I just wanted to attack, and
starting point guards. keep attacking,'' Nelson said
By late in the third quarter, both after the Magic buried the
were on their respective Hawks, 114-71, in a game that
sideline, but all similarities was even more lopsided than the
started and ended right there. score. "We're in this for the long
It's why this best-of-seven, haul, so you have to keep
second-round matchup isn't attacking.''
80 Gaming/ E-reader News Edition

Red Dead Redemption

getting free co-op
DLC this June
Andrew Yoon (Joystiq)
Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:36:00 AM

Post-release downloadable
content is a certainty for nearly
every major game this
generation. However, it's not
often you see DLC as significant
as this being promised for free.
Rockstar Games has announced
GameCrazy internal document confirms a new expansion pack, coming
this June to Xbox Live and
PlayStation Network, for the yet
liquidation of remaining stores -to-be-released Red Dead
Ben Gilbert (Joystiq) directors to liquidate the entire store closing sale ends." p r o c e d u r e s a n d c o m p a n y The "Outlaws to the End" Co-
Submitted at 5/5/2010 9:30:00 AM assets of the organization," the It would appear that discount policies will persist through the Op Mission Pack will feature six
document reads. levels and liquidation plans have closings. multiplayer missions and be
click to enlarge The piece also notes that the yet to be finalized at the We wish the best of luck to the compatible with 2-4 players.
Movie Gallery Inc., owner of store closing sale will "likely company. "We are also in the a p p r o x i m a t e l y 1 9 , 0 0 0 The free download will also add
the GameCrazy, Hollywood continue for up to 60 days" and process of evaluating liquidation employees affected by the Trophies and Achievements for
Video, and Movie Gallery that employees who stick it out vendors who will oversee the closure. players to unlock. (For details
franchises, is officially closing to the end will receive "store store closure and sale process in GameCrazy internal document on some of the missions, click
its remaining 2,415 outlets associate incentive plans" as a conjunction with our company c o n f i r m s l i q u i d a t i o n o f past the break.)
across the US. An internal reward. Additionally, it assures ... the consultants will advise us remaining stores originally In addition to the free co-op
memorandum obtained by said employees that "The on appropriate discount levels, appeared on Joystiq on Wed, 05 mode, Rockstar Games plans on
Joystiq confirms reports that the company expects to continue to advertising, in-store signing and M a y 2 0 1 0 0 9 : 3 0 : 0 0 E S T . o f f e r i n g t w o a d d i t i o n a l
company will be closing its pay associates and provide in-store merchandising in order Please see our terms for use of downloadable content updates
doors and liquidating its current benefits and insurance to facilitate a smooth process." feeds. "over the summer." It's unlikely
remaining stock over the programs during your active And though it's not explicitly P e r m a l i n k | E m a i l t h i s | that these offerings will be free,
coming weeks. "A decision has employment until you are spelled out, the piece states that C o m m e n t s however, as the press release
been reached by the board of released from the store or the "most" normal operating carefully notes "pricing" will be
RED page 81
E-reader News Edition Gaming/ Health/ 81
continued from page 80

announced in the future.

Continue reading Red Dead
Redemption getting free co-op
DLC this June
Red Dead Redemption getting
free co-op DLC this June
originally appeared on Joystiq
on Wed, 05 May 2010 08:36:00
EST. Please see our terms for
use of feeds.
MySims Sky Heroes Read| Permalink| Email this|
flying to DS, Wii, Xbox Medal of Honor
360, and PS3 this fall rebooting on Oct. 12, Five Most
JC Fletcher (Joystiq) character's fame will increase, as
will the customization options
Submitted at 5/5/2010 10:03:00 AM

We were almost right about the

for your plane.
The PS3 and Xbox 360
trademarked MySims
SkyHeroes: we guessed it would
versions will feature both split-
screen online multiplayer, in
Ludwig Kietzmann (Joystiq)
Submitted at 5/5/2010 8:17:00 AM
Medal of Honor is being
developed by DICE, the studio Gym Injuries
be headed to DS and Wii, but both cooperative and behind Battlefield: Bad (
EA has surprised us by competitive game modes, for up EA's Medal of Honor franchise Company 2. Check back later
Submitted at 5/5/2010 3:00:00 AM
announcing the game for PS3 to ten players. All four versions reboot will launch in North today to catch another glimpse
and Xbox 360 as well!. You'll will be released this fall. America on October 12th and in of the game in a new trailer An expert reveals what you
be able to see your unbelievably MySims Sky Heroes flying to Europe on October 15th, the entitled, "Leave a Message." ( need to do to stay off the DL
adorable characters in high DS, Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3 p u b l i s h e r h a s a n n o u n c e d . Duty just hates talking to a by Amy Levin-Epstein
definition. this fall originally appeared on Developed by EA Los Angeles, machine.) Print Article Email to Friend
SkyHeroes is, of all things, a Joystiq on Wed, 05 May 2010 the single-player campaign Medal of Honor rebooting on Whatever your fitness goals,
cutesy air combat game, in 10:03:00 EST. Please see our thrusts a band of fictional O c t . 1 2 , 2 0 1 0 o r i g i n a l l y getting injured surely isn't one
which My ... your ... your terms for use of feeds. soldiers into Afghanistan (quite appeared on Joystiq on Wed, 05 of them. But according to a
MySim takes flight against the Read| Permalink| Email this| a realistic upgrade from the M a y 2 0 1 0 0 8 : 1 7 : 0 0 E S T . study from the University of
(apparently) evil Morcubus and Comments usual Desertikistan), where Please see our terms for use of Arkansas, there has been a 35
his army. As you fight, your they'll co-operate with the Tier 1 feeds. percent increase in gym injuries
Operator as they tear the enemy Read| Permalink| Email this| in recent years.
a new one. Comments Personal trainer Justin Price,
The multiplayer component of M.A., who owns The
BioMechanics, a corrective
exercise and functional fitness
facility in San Diego, says there
FIVE page 82
82 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 81

are two main reasons for below, which Price says he sees the stress," says Price, who says pelvis under you. Straighten shoulders, your neck follows
workout-related injuries. The most often. that leg extensions, curls, and your arms in front of you, and your upper back, but then your
first is poor posture during the FOOT AND ANKLE presses don't help resolve the try to raise arms up to your ears, eyes need to look at the screen,
day, which eventually weakens Cause: When trying to explain problem because they don't without letting a gap form so you arch your neck and you
your entire musculoskeletal foot and ankle injuries, Price strengthen the muscles of the behind your lower back," says get pain," says Price. As if work
structure. To combat this, make starts at the top of the body. feet and hips. Price. And whenever you can, wasn't a pain in the neck
sure your computer screen is "People spend their days in front Prevention:"A better exercise exercise standing up—really, enough, you get to the gym and
positioned in a way that you're of their computer with rounded would be lunges. With a lunge you've sat enough at the office, that poor posture follows you all
not straining or hunching to see shoulders. When your shoulders your hip and ankle are bending right? "Standing helps you the way to the bench press,
it. are rounded and you stand up, together, stabilizing and engage bigger muscles in your where the real trouble starts,
The other mistake is trying to your weight falls to the front of strengthening the knee," says body," says Price. when you're lying on the bench
do too much too fast, in both your foot," says Price. Take that Price. To get even more benefit, SHOULDER but your back isn't flush with the
reps and weight. "The problem misplaced center of gravity and do lunges both forwards and Cause: If you haven't been pad. "A lack of mobility and
that got you into the gym didn't put it into running shoes, which backwards, then side to side convinced to hang up your extension in your upper back
happen overnight, so you can't naturally tip you forward with a (also known as "step and mouse and pick up a hard hat, will put stress on your lower
undo it overnight," says Price, heel higher than the toe, and squats"). this just might do it. That carpal back and neck," says Price.
who co-authored the book The your feet and ankles start to bear LOWER BACK tunnel you're complaining about Prevention: Clearly, when
Idiots' Guide to Functional the brunt of any impact. Cause: Three strikes and your 9-5 could contribute to a gym doing the bench press, make
Training. In other words, those Prevention:"You should look day job is officially in the dog injury after-hours. "Your arms sure your lower back and neck
50 pounds can't be erased in one for a running shoe that isn't too house in terms of your physical have to internally rotate when are supported properly. Then,
mega-marathon treadmill high in the heel, or try a walking health. "If someone is rounded you type, which puts pressure avoid putting additional stress
session. And popping blood shoe, cross trainer or tennis throughout the day in their on the shoulders," says Price. on your neck with exercises that
vessels by overweighting the shoe," suggests Price. By upper back, and then they go to "Then you go to the gym and do cause you to raise your arms
bench press isn't going to take helping spread the impact to the the gym and do an overhead chest press, shoulder press, over your head, especially if
you from Christian Bale in The whole foot, you'll prevent shoulder lift standing, their pushups, all also with your arms you've just put in a 12-hour day.
Machinist to Christian Bale in problems like plantar fasciitis, upper back cannot extend rotated in," he notes. The Finally, strengthen your mid and
Batman in one hard-core achilles tendonitis, anterior properly. They straighten and outcome? Supraspinatus upper back—and improve your
workout. compartment syndrome (a arch upward from their lower tendonitis, an overuse injury of posture—by doing reverse
To get started, find a certified compression in the front of the back, which has a nervous the rotator cuff. shrugs. "Sit at the lat pull down.
personal trainer (Price ankle), lateral compression breakdown [anything from Prevention: You need to Grab the bar in front of you and
recommends one with the PTA syndrome (a compression at the soreness to more permanent externally rotate your arms to do straight arm pull downs. Pull
Global, NSCA or NASM side of the ankle) and bunions. injury] because it's getting all balance your shoulders, and a down just the shoulder
certifications) to make sure KNEE the stress," says Price. great way to do that is by blades—not the arms—and go
you're using the right technique Cause: That damn desk job Prevention: Remember to rowing with cables. "Grab the just slightly in front of you for
and try to think of yourself as again, unfortunately. "We don't stretch and strengthen your cables in front of you and pull three to four inches," says Price.
your own trainer by not making use our hip muscles during the upper back to compensate for all the arms back, rotating your You'll feel it in your lower
your goals too personal. "Think day. Then we decide to go that hunching you do at the palms away from you and traps—which, once strong, will
of working on your body as a kickbox or do bootcamp," says office. Price suggests super- behind you," says Price. help you maintain your
third party. If you remove your Price. The result is injury to the . setting in straight-armed wall NECK posture—and health—whether
ego from the situation you can . . knee? "If our feet aren't squats in with the rest of your Cause: The other four areas you're at the office or at the
be realistic about your goals," stable, due to improper lifting regimen. "Sit against a being out of whack lead to a gym. Related articles:
says Price. You'll be able to footwear, and our hip muscles wall. Flatten your lower back misalignment in your neck, says
prevent injuries like the ones aren't strong, the knee gets all into the wall, by tilting your Price. "If you sit with rounded FIVE page 84
E-reader News Edition Health/ 83

Supplement Guide: Folic Acid

( homocysteine levels can Endocrinology looked at four micrograms per day, as too ones. First, a study of 643 men
Submitted at 5/5/2010 5:00:00 AM increase and impact groups of women (from much folic acid may result in a at University of North Carolina
cardiovascular disease. Studies different geographic locations) vitamin B-12 deficiency, which at Chapel Hill School of
Are you getting enough of this have supported the use of folic and found those with a BMI of could cause permanent nerve Medicine found that high doses
B vitamin? acid supplements for lowering 30 and above had low levels of damage if not treated. of folic acid supplements failed
by Lisa Freedman homocysteine levels, however folic acid. In lines with the benefits of to prevent colon cancer. Then
Print Article Email to Friend this does not fully prove that • Helps treat depression Folic folic acid, folate deficiencies are another analysis of the same
Where it comes from: Folic folic acid supplements will acid deficiency has been found associated with increased risks study's finding suggests a link
acid (and folate) is a water- decrease the risk of among people with depression of heart disease, depression and between folic acid supplements
soluble vitamin B. Folate occurs cardiovascular disease. and has been linked as a anemia (deficiency impacts red an increased risk for prostate
naturally in food and folic acid • Prevents Alzheimer's disease possible cause for poor response blood cell production). cancer. In the study, the men
is the synthetic form of folate. A 2005 study at the University to antidepressant treatment. So, Deficiencies have been who took high doses of the
Food sources include dark leafy of California at Irvine found that of course, folate supplements observed in alcoholics. In 1997, vitamin saw a 163 percent risk
greens, cereals, pasta, beans, adequate amounts of folic acid have been used for enhancing a review of chronic alcoholics increase in prostate cancer
mushrooms, organ meat, orange may help ward off Alzheimer's treatment response to found low folate levels in more compared to men who did not
juice, tomato juice and more. disease. The study looked at 579 antidepressants. More research than 50 percent of those take folic acid supplements.
Folic acid is frequently used in men and women (ages 60 and is needed and folic acid is not a surveyed. Why? Alcohol Some researchers conclude that
combination with other B up) and found those who replacement for conventional interferes with the absorption of folate is unlikely to be beneficial
vitamins in vitamin B complex regularly consumed the antidepressant therapy. folate and increases the amount in regard to certain
formulations. recommended daily allowance of folate the kidney gets rid of. cancers—and may actually be
What it'll do for you: Folic acid (RDA) of 400 micrograms Suggested intake: The upper Also, many alcoholics have poor harmful. More research is
helps the body break down, use (mcg) of folic acid through daily limit recommendation for diets and don't meet the needed. Related articles:
and create new proteins. It helps foods and supplements cut their adult men is 1 milligram. recommended intake of folate. Supplement Guide: Glutamine
form red blood cells and create risk of developing Alzheimer's "Ideally, that would be reached Associated risks/scrutiny: Supplement Guide: Coenzyme
new DNA. "It plays a key role by more than 50 percent. Other through food," says Lippert. Folate intake from food is not Q10
with pregnant woman by studies support these findings Foods that are known to be high associated with any health risk. Supplement Guide: Selenium
preventing birth and neural tube and suggest that folic acid plays in folate are: dark, leafy greens "It's a water-soluble vitamin and [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and
defects," says Marissa Lippert, a key role in preventing the (spinach and kale), asparagus, any significant excess will more]
RD and author of The Cheater's general memory loss that tends fortified whole grains (pasta, naturally be eliminated through Five Filters featured article:
Diet, who adds that Folic acid to come with old age. cereal and whole grain breads), the body via urine," says The Art of Looking Prime
also benefits men. Here, the • Helps prevent type-2 diabetes beans and legumes (peanuts, Lippert. Ingesting too much Ministerial - The 2010 UK
main benefits: Folic acid may increase the lentils, chickpeas, black beans folic acid via supplements can General Election. Available
• Prevents against heart disease breakdown of triglycerides—the and kidney beans) and chicken result in stomach problems, tools: PDF Newspaper, Full
Folate pairs up with vitamin chemical form in which fat liver—a 3.5-ounce serving of sleep problems, skin reactions Text RSS, Term Extraction.
B12 as a coenzyme to aid the exists in the blood—and chicken liver provides 193 and seizures.
metabolism of certain amino therefore may have a role in the percent of the daily value of While folic acid was, at one
acids—homocysteine and prevention of obesity and type-2 folate. If you decide to opt for time, considered protective
methonine. Without enough diabetes. A 2008 study by the supplements, doses of folic acid against cancers, it's now said it
folic acid in the body, European Journal of should not exceed 1,000 may actually promote certain
84 Health/ Religion/ E-reader News Edition

Fittest Actresses in Hollywood

( has the luxury of good genes No one lives up to the "No Friends star attributes her sexy
Submitted at 5/5/2010 2:00:00 AM and a 21-year-old's metabolism, Pain, No Gain" mantra quite like figure to cardio workouts, yoga,
but the Gossip Girl star has also Cameron Diaz. The blonde and healthy eating.
Five female stars who know made good lifestyle choices. Her bombshell discovered her love Jessica Biel
their way around a gym personal trainer has said that she for working out during the three Age: 28
by Devin Pratt has never been one to diet but -month martial arts training she Whether it was the famous bra
Print Article Email to Friend she does watch what she eats by received prior to the filming of scene in I Now Pronounce You
Being a celebrity has its eliminating bad carbs. Charlie's Angels. While Chuck and Larry or the now
a d v a n t a g e s — m a m m o t h Halle Berry Cameron puts in more than legendary cover shoot for GQ
paychecks, access to the hottest Age: 43 enough time in the gym, she magazine, Jessica Biel has
events, vacationing in the most The oldest star on our list, Halle also manages to keep her shown us why she is the fittest
exotic places—but it does come Berry has only gotten better workouts fun by opting for female in Hollywood. Biel
with a price, especially for with age. The iconic actress put outdoor activities, such as utilizes several methods of
women. The pressure to stay fit, an emphasis on fitness after the surfing, snow-boarding, and training during her workouts,
y o u n g , a n d b e a u t i f u l i s birth of her child, including hour hiking. including warm-up stretches, a
enormous. Here, we reveal five -long workouts five times per Jennifer Aniston half-mile jog, sprints, Oprah struggles
leading ladies who define what week. Berry's trainer developed Age: 41 Plyometrics, and light weight
it means to be in shape and a routine that's comprised of Even though America's training. The striking beauty is with our
h e a l t h y , n o t t o m e n t i o n three cardio segments, two sweetheart hasn't had much luck also a strong believer in eating
incredibly sexy. circuit segments and one core in the love department, the only "clean foods" — that ‘spiritual’ age?
Blake Lively segment. According to People ageless beauty continues to means absolutely no processed tmatt (GetReligion)
Age: 22 magazine reports, the Academy capture the hearts of men grub.
Submitted at 5/4/2010 10:30:01 AM
The Hollywood lifestyle doesn't Award winner's diet consists of everywhere. So just how fit is Five Filters featured article:
always lend itself to clean "lots of vegetables, lean proteins Jennifer Aniston? Consider that The Art of Looking Prime If there is any person in
living, especially for stars in and complex carbohydrates, as she garnered national attention Ministerial - The 2010 UK American life who symbolizes
their early 20s. That's why we well as drinking a large quantity when she posed in nothing but a General Election. Available the whole“spiritual” vs.
give Blake Lively all the credit of water." tie for the January 2009 cover of tools: PDF Newspaper, Full “religious” storyline, that person
for maintaining a healthy and Cameron Diaz GQ magazine — one month shy Text RSS, Term Extraction. would, for me, have to be Oprah
toned physique. Granted, she Age: 37 of her 40th birthday. The former Winfrey.
FIVE OPRAH About a decade ago, in an
continued from page 82 continued from page 84 i n t e r v i e w w i t h
25 Ways to Get Stronger Now Ministerial - The 2010 UK If only I had thought of the Hunter in the lede. The story is, I
Injured? Make Sure to Get the General Election. Available word “ Truthiness”! packed with irony and sarcasm summed up this whole “feelings
Right Doc tools: PDF Newspaper, Full Anyway, the Washington Post and all kinds of Style section and experience trump doctrine
Check-Ups Every Guy Needs Text RSS, Term Extraction. Style section ran a story the stuff. and history” trend with the term
[on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and other day reviewing the Oprah I am here to suggest that the “OprahAmerica.” Please note
more] interview with Rielle Hunter, Style gods seem to have missed that I also included George W.
Five Filters featured article: the “other woman” in the John a major irony in this Oprah Bush and his nods to
The Art of Looking Prime Edwards story. This story was interview. Pay close attention to “ C o m p a s s i o n a t e
about as snarky as mainstream this pivotal slice of the whole: Conservativism” in this trend.
journalism gets, starting with the
“Queen of Denial” reference to OPRAH page 85 OPRAH page 84
E-reader News Edition Social Media/ 85
continued from page 84

After Rielle had explained to as she waggled her pink sandal articulate the exceptions to the
Cupidtino: A Dating
Oprah about a gajillion times
that she was a person who was
on her big toe. Oprah, to her
credit, did not roll her eyes and
Is the problem here that what Site for Apple Fanboys
deeply committed to the truth throw up her hands. Hunter did was tasteless and
and being authentic, Oprah was
finally driven to ask: “So you
Though he was “gracious”
when he found out she was
embarrassing? What, precisely,
did “Miss Spirituality in
and Fangirls
are a person who is on a pregnant, he became “very Alignment With the Truth” do Stan Schroeder (Mashable!)
spiritual path. You’ve angry when she was that was wrong, according to the Submitted at 5/5/2010 3:42:20 AM

mentioned truth here several photographed by the National commandments of

times. What part of you could Enquirer, while hiding out at OprahAmerica? She was There’s a new online resource
make that okay, then, to be with Edwards aide Andrew Young’s following her own feelings, for singles coming to the
this married man with North Carolina home, Rielle living out the experiences as Internet: Cupidtino, a dating site
children?” told Oprah. She said Young then they came to her. She was for fans of Apple products.
“Because he was available,” brought up the idea to claim he following her own path, right? The site is currently in (closed)
Rielle said simply. was the baby’s father. She was being “spiritual,” as beta, but it has an active Twitter
And how does God fit into this “Why did you, Miss Spirituality opposed to being tied down by account which is (mostly) trying
Cupidtino is projected to launch
“spiritual” road map to truth, in Alignment With the Truth … the ancient rules of “religion.” to convince people that the
in June 2010, and it’ll be
authenticity, integrity, happiness go along with it?” Oprah asked That’s a good thing. Correct? project is for real.
(surprise) available exclusively
and a better America? A few — a great line. What a great story, whether this “Diehard Mac & Apple fans
on Apple desktops, with some
lines later we read: Rielle capitulated, she said, was the story the Style gods often have a lot in common -–
location-based social apps for
In July 2007, Edwards and his because she did not want her planned to publish or not. In a personalities, creative
the iPhone and iPad in the
wife renewed their wedding baby girl to grow up blaming way, this story “gets religion” in professions, a similar sense of
works. We’ll believe it when we
vows, even though he knew he herself for having kept Daddy this day and age or, I should say, style and aesthetics, taste, and of
see it.
had a bun in someone else’s from being president of the it “gets” what some people course a love for technology,”
For more Apple coverage,
oven, by Rielle’s account. They United States. consider to be “spirituality.” the site says. “We believe these
follow Mashable Apple on
had never used birth control, she So, Oprah and the Style gods Five Filters featured article: are enough reasons for two
Twitter or become a fan on
explained. are saying that what Hunter did The Art of Looking Prime people to meet and fall in love,
Rielle acknowledged that she was absolutely wrong? By what Ministerial - The 2010 UK and so we created the first Mac-
Tags: apple, Cupidtino, dating
thought it was a bad thing for standard? Might her behavior, General Election. Available inspired dating site to help you
Edwards to stand before God and that of the candidate tools: PDF Newspaper, Full find other Machearts around
and retake vows he knew to be a himself, even be called a “sin”? Text RSS, Term Extraction.
lie, but she didn’t think less of Is it always a sin to have sex
Edwards for having done that with a person who is married to
because “I understood where he someone else? Where, precisely,
was in his process,” Rielle said, does it say that? Who gets to
86 Religion/ E-reader News Edition

Generic Bible-quoting cop slain

Bobby (GetReligion) Fallen officer was fun-loving, “I don’t think you’ll find to his family and faith can be for a reporter to track
Submitted at 5/4/2010 1:33:44 PM devout anyone who has anything bad to There’s that F-word one more down such specific information
In that story, an officer friend say about him,” added Bennett, time. Again, Bennett is quoted, in the immediate aftermath of a
“A gentle giant.” reflected on Huff: who said his colleagues are this time telling the reporter: shooting like this. Police
“A man of God.” Detroit Officer John Bennett devastated. “He could quote verses from officers, in particular, are not
The accolades are pouring in said he worked with Huff at an The print version of the story the Bible like he was a pastor, always overly forthcoming with
for Brian Huff, a veteran Detroit alternative education school, in today’s Free Press contained and it was clear that God and personal details about
police officer killed in the line where Huff was moonlighting to basically the same details. family were important to him.” themselves or their colleagues. I
of duty Monday. From the make ends meet. Meanwhile, The Detroit News But neither the News nor the get that.
earliest news reports, Huff’s “He was a man of God,” ran a Page 1 sidebar on Huff Free Press makes the great leap However, if the faith angle is
strong faith came into play. Bennett said. “He was just a fun with this headline and subhead: from generic quotes to meatier important enough to include in
This was the headline on the -loving, big guy.” ‘A wonderful man we can’t details about the religious the headline and the top of the
initial online report by the Huff was as quick to quote replace’ background of this officer, story, basic questions need to be
Detroit Free Press identifying Scripture as he was to crack a Friends, colleagues say fallen nicknamed “Huff Daddy.”
the officer: joke, Bennett said. Detroit policeman was devoted Now, I know how difficult it GENERIC page 87
E-reader News Edition Social Media/ 87
continued from page 86

answered: Was the officer a And hey, if they really want to

iPad Gets Custom Install in the
regular churchgoer? If so, where
did he maintain his
spook the religion ghosts, they
might even explore the specific Kitchen Cabinet [VIDEO]
membership? What does the books, chapters and verses that Barb Dybwad (Mashable!) turn Daly’s kitchen cabinet into
pastor have to say about him? he quoted. Submitted at 5/4/2010 10:31:36 PM a modern day bottomless recipe
How are his fellow church Five Filters featured article: book. Daly plans to use the
members dealing with the The Art of Looking Prime The iPad is really starting to get Apple Remote App[iTunes link]
tragedy? Ministerial - The 2010 UK around — not only is it in the to tap into the home’s main
Undoubtedly, the Detroit papers General Election. Available car, but now it’s also embedded music library once Apple
will write more about Huff in tools: PDF Newspaper, Full in a kitchen cabinet. Alan Daly updates it to support landscape
coming days. I hope they take Text RSS, Term Extraction. custom mounted the “magical” mode.
advantage of the opportunity to Apple device inside his kitchen Check out the video of the
explain in more detail what cabinet. audio output duties, and apps installation below and let us
makes a burly cop quote The headphone jack funnels like the Epicurious Recipes &
IPAD page 87
Scripture on the job. sound into a MIDI system for Shopping List App[iTunes link]
Five Cities Get Free Civic Apps Through Code continued from page 87

know what you think. Are you

for America be interested in an iPad kitchen
centerpiece? Where will we see
Jolie O'Dell (Mashable!) promote transparency, using as citizens, as well. Apple’s tablet pop up next?
Submitted at 5/4/2010 9:35:51 PM participation and efficiency. For We like Code for America a lot; [via Engadget& TUAW]
example, apps could include an it ties into some of our core For more technology coverage,
Five American cities have been online network to connect beliefs about social media for follow Mashable Tech on
selected for a random act of neighborhood groups with social good and free and open Twitter or become a fan on
k i n d n e s s f r o m s o f t w a r e emergency first responders or a source software. If you’re a Facebook
developers. Boston, Boulder, permitting system to simplify developer, we encourage you to Tags: apple, Apple Remote
Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., administration of small business apply for the Fellows program App, ipad, kitchen
and Seattle will all receive free licensing and fees. and tell us about your ideas and
web and/or mobile apps to help This year, one of the months. Once each app is experiences.
administer government and applications that will be built is finished in January 2011, it What kinds of apps would you
serve citizens, thanks to a an Open311-type project. The becomes free to use and share want Code for America to build
program called Code for product to be built for for any other city. for your town?
America. Philadelphia will allow citizens Some of the communities Code For more technology coverage,
Back in February, Code for to monitor and give feedback on for America is helping, such as follow Mashable Tech on
America asked cities around the city hall proposals. Boulder and Seattle, have Twitter or become a fan on
U.S. to submit their requests for Now that the selected cities vibrant existing tech Facebook
applications — apps they have been chosen, Code for communities; we wonder Tags: code for america,
wanted or needed to solve civic America will screen and select a whether developers will be developers, social good
problems and engage citizens, group of Fellows to build the selected from those towns to
specifically, apps that will apps over the course of 10 help create apps they’ll end up