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R.A Kartini
Each April 21 peolple in indonesia celebrate the kartini day. It is delightful day for
the lady on the grounds that we praise the conception of incredible woman R.A.
Kartini. Everybody knows who Kartini is. She is our national champion and an
extraordinary woman with the brilliant thought.
Kartini was conceived in 1879 April 21 in Mayong Jepara. Her dad was Rama
Sosroningrat a Wedana (associate of head of rule) in Mayong. Her mom, Ma
Ngasirah was a young lady from Teluk Awur town in Jepara as the little girl of a
respectable family, she felt fortunate in light of the fact that she got more than the
standard individuals got. She improved instruction than other youngsters. In
november 12 1903 she wedded adipati djoyodiningrat, the head of rembang rule. As
per Javanese custom Kartini needed to tail her spouse. At that point she moved to
In September 13 1904 she gave a conception to her child. His name was Singgih.
Anyway, subsequent to conceiving a child, her condition was deteriorating and she
at long last passed away on september 17 1904 on her 25 years of age.
Presently Kartini has gone. Anyway, her soul and dream will dependably be in our
heart. These days Indonesian ladies advancement is affected by kartinis soul
expressed on accumulation of letter habis gelap terbitlah terang or from the
nightfall to the first light.

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R.A. Kartini
Di Indonesia, setiap tanggal 21 April diperingati sebagai Hari Kartini. Ini adalah hari
yang sangat penting apalagi untuk seorang wanita. Tanggal 21 di ambil dari
kelahiran sesosok wanita hebat R.A. Kartini. Siapapun tahu siapa itu Ibu Kartini. Dia
adalah pahlawan nasional kita dan seorang wanita hebat dengan ide-ide yang
Kartini lahir pada tahun 1879 pad tanggal 21 April di Mayong Jepara. Ayahnya
adalah Rama Sosroningrat yang merupakan seorang Wedana atau asisten Bupati di
Mayong. Ibunya, M a Ngasirah adalah seorang wanita dari sebuah desa Teluk Awur
di Jepara yang tidak lain adalah putri dari keluarga bangsawan,Karena itu dia
merasa sangat beruntung karena dia memperoleh kesempatan yang lebih dari pada
orang biasa. Dia memperoleh pendidikan yang lebih baik daripada anak-anak lain di
desa itu. Pada tanggal 12 November 1903 ia menikah dengan kepala Kabupaten

Rembang, adipati djoyodiningrat. Menurut tradisi orang Jawa, RA Kartini harus

mengikuti suaminya. Kemudian ia pun pindah ke Kota Rembang.
Pada 13 September 1904 ia melahirkan anak pertamanya bernama Singgih. Tapi
setelah melahirkan seorang putra, kondisinya menjadi semakin memburuk dan dia
akhirnya meninggal dunia pada tanggal 17 September 1904 saat berusia 25 tahun.
Sekarang Kartini telah tiada. Tapi semangat serta mimpi mimpinya nya akan selalu
berada di hati kita semua. Saat ini kemajuan perempuan Indonesia sangat
dipengaruhi oleh semangat RA Kartini yang dinjatakan dalam sebuah kumpulan
surat Habis Gelap terbitlah Terang yang ditulis olehnya.

In Indonesia, every April 21 is celebrated as the Day of Kartini. This is a very
important day especially for a woman. On 21 taken from the birth of a great female
figure R.A. Kartini. Anyone know who it was Ibu Kartini. He is our national hero and a
great woman with brilliant ideas.
Kartini was born in 1879 pad April 21 in Mayong Jepara. His father was Sosroningrat
Rama who was an assistant district officer or the Regent in Mayong. His mother, a
Ngasirah M is a woman from a village in Jepara Awur Bay which is none other than
the daughter of a noble family, therefore she felt very lucky because he got a better
chance than in ordinary people. He gained a better education than other children in
the village. On 12 November 1903 he was married to the head of Rembang, duke
djoyodiningrat. According to the Javanese, RA Kartini had to follow her husband.
Then he moved to the city of Rembang.
On 13 September 1904 she gave birth to her first child named Singgih. But after
giving birth to a son, her condition became worse and she eventually died on 17
September 1904 at the age of 25 years.
Kartini's gone now. But his spirit and dream dreams will always be in our hearts all.
Indonesia is currently the advancement of women is strongly influenced by the spirit
of RA Kartini dinjatakan in a collection of letters "come a Light After Dark" written by