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Semester 2, 2015/2016

Tutorial Session 2

Week 7, starting Monday 29 January 2016 (Earth Lab AS2 #02-03 or #02-04)


Dr Karen LAI (
Mr Dennis STOLZ (
Ms Stephanie YANG (

Part I: Globalisation, Cultures & Society
Before coming to class, read the following:
 Collins, F. (2008) 'Of kimchi and coffee: globalisation, transnationalism and familiarity in
culinary consumption’, Social & Cultural Geography, Vol. 9, No. 2, pp. 151-169.
[In IVLE Files > Tutorials]
Based on Lectures 4 & 5 and the above reading, reflect on the following questions:
1) How did Korean students in Auckland (re)create ‘sense of place’ and belonging in the
following sites/practices? List specific elements, practices and/or commodities.
a) Korean restaurants
b) Home cooking
c) Starbucks
2) While the three sites in Question 1 exemplify ways in which Korean students are able to
‘localise’ certain places and practices in order to feel ‘at home’, in what ways are these
sites/practices also ‘global’ in nature?
a) Korean restaurants
b) Home cooking
c) Starbucks
3) The journal article by Collins (2008) highlights students as a key migrant group. In lecture,
we also covered transnational business elites and low skilled contract workers. What other
transnational migrant groups exist in Singapore beyond these three categories? What about
in other global cities?
4) Some concerns and challenges associated with the migrants include the formation of
migrant ‘enclaves’ – distinctive spaces that develop which cater to the lifestyles and needs
of migrant workers, often associated with specific nationalities/migrant groups.
In Singapore, what are some benefits and problems associated with:
a) Transnational business migrants and expat enclaves?
b) Low skilled contract workers and weekend migrant enclaves?


After the tutorial. We will go through the following: 1) 2) 3) 4) Writing format Data collection & fieldwork Proper citation & references Plagiarism The remaining time in the tutorial is for you to discuss your projects and clarify any questions with your tutor. You should have started some preliminary discussion with your group regarding project topic and focus. GE1101E/GEK1001 2 . The rest of the tutorial will give more specific guidance in writing up your project.Semester 2. you can also seek further guidance from your tutors via email (please keep those questions short) or arrange for in-person consultation (for longer queries). 2015/2016 Part II: Preparing for your group project Download the following from IVLE Files > Tutorials:     GE1101E/GEK1001 Group Project Guide Group Project Assessment Form Sample Project 1 and 2 Peer Evaluation Form [From IVLE Files > Peer Evaluation Forms] Please sit together in your project groups for this part of the tutorial.