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My awakening to wonder humanities began with my first entry into

university. I was majoring Indonesian Literature in undergraduate degree. It

was an honor for me to study about language, literature, culture and
humanity itself at the same time. These subjects are amazing because they
are like the main of human life. When I studied about it, living in a country
like Indonesia with many human cultural diversities and rich of natural
resources had opened my eyes and mind yet a heartbreaking. Human
cultural diversity in Indonesia spread out from Sabang to Merauke, and each
area still has uneducated people. So, they dont know how to adapt in
developing country in this global era. While I was studying in university, I
joined some projects and was a volunteer in education charities and in my
lecturer research. In addition to these experiences, they had enabled me to
develop my skills in leadership, team building, perseverance and humanity.
These all are qualities that will help me to be successful in my chosen field of
Cultural Studies.
I have chosen Cultural Studies for my master degree because I know that
development needs cultural approximation. It will help me much because
each area has its own characters, identity and future goals. Moreover,
unsuccessful developments are mostly caused by incompatibility between
development goals and characters of culture. So, it has created culture shock
and culture lag in everywhere. Cultural Studies are the key to transform the
lack of development. I did a research about universities in United Kingdom
which are famous for their great humanities and high culture. Since then, I
have big interest in taking my master degree in United Kingdom.
From that research, I found that University of Edinburgh was the most
impressive University with Cultural Studies programme. University of
Edinburgh is consistently ranked as one of the top 50 universities in the
world. I also found out uniqueness there, it is located in the School of
Architecture and has focus on the contemporary city, design cultures, urban
culture and semiotic landscapes. The programme takes an innovative
interdisciplinary approach to the study of contemporary culture focusing on
the relationship between the city and visuality. Besides, Indonesia as a
developing country needs these all to maximize its development. Indonesia
still has to improve the development of each potential area.
With my academic background and my big interest in Cultural Studies, I want
to make change. I will bring cultural approximation in empowering
development. In additional to realize it, I need more human to fulfill this
future goal. The problem is people nowadays have no interest in their own
cultures. So, as Nelson Mandela has said Education is the most powerful
weapon which you can use to change the world., I will work with academic
multidisciplinary planning. With my experiences in education charities as a
volunteer teacher and my dream to be an educator, I want to make Cultural
Studies as a strategic field of subject in my country. With these plans in

mind, I know that taking the programme of Cultural Studies at University of

Edinburgh can help me much to bring these plans into reality in the future.