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Varmam Therapy
S Ramesh Babu
Trainer and Healer

What is Varmam
Science of life in life
Originated 5000 years before in Lamerian (alies Kumari
Sri Agathiyar and Sri Bohar endorsed this technique.
Before all this present medical system, Only the tool used
for therapy are fingers.
Can cause death, saves life, cause diseases and cure
diseases. Supports spiritual practice.

What is Vaasi

Life in life
Path of this life in our body (Charam)
Disturbance of life in its path create disease
Varmam points are almost exist on path of
this or where it resides for a given time.

What we can do with this


Varmam can be majorly used to cure diseases

Varmam can also be used for self defense
Varmam can be used for Massage
Varmam can be used for Yoga Therapy
Varmam can be used for Meditation
Varmam can be used for Kaya Kalpa
Varmam can be used for attaining high sole.

Varmam Points

Always or Majorly varmam is 108 points mentioned by many books.

12 points in this are called Padu Varmam ( Major Varmam)
Remaining 96 Varmam points are called Thodu Varmam (Touch Varmam or Minor
Grouping Varmam Points
Varmam on head and Neck 25
Varmam on Neck to Navel 45
Varmam on Navel to Anus 9
Varmam on Hand 14
Varmam on Leg - 15
Measurements for Manipulation of Varmam Points are Mathirai (Pressure level)
Distance between this Varmam Points are measured in Finger Breath, Thread
Measurement, Paddy length, Angulam, Muzham Errai, Jaan, Ottai and many more.
Manipulation or Stimulation of Varmam Points are Press, Circular Rotation or like arc.

Seeds Used in Varmam


Seasame Seed
Black Gram
Abrus Precatorius
Cotton Seed
Adenanthera pavonina
Tamarind Seed

Way to stimulate Varmam


Hand Fingers

Knowing more about Varmam

Locating each Varmam point
Manipulating style and time of each
Varmam point
With in what stipulated time the patient
should be treated for each diseases.
When he should not be treated
What will get cure for each Varmam Point

Varmam for each Diseases

Migraine Headache

Thilartha Varmam
Utchi Varmam
Poikai Varmam
Chevi-Kuthi Varmam
Natchathira Varmam
Pinvetti Varmam

Varmam for each Diseases

Loss of Memory

Thilartha Varmam
Cheerum-Kolli Varmam
Bala Varmam
Poigai Varmam
Pidari Varmam

Varmam for each Diseases

Kakkattai Varmam
Pakka Kaluthu Nadukku Varmam
Agathuvara Varmam

Alavadi Varmam
Mun Nakku Thalli Varmam

Varmam for each Diseases

Lower Abdominal Pain

Moothira Varmam
Keel-Thodai Maiya Agatharai Varmam
Mulankal Muttu Moli Poruthu Varmam
Cheerum Kolli Varmam
Ottu Varmam
Utchi Varmam
Chevi Kuthi Varmam
Urakka Varmam
Kall Nerukku Varmam(Big Toe)

Varma Kalpa Rejuvenation Centre
Varmam Therapy and Massage
S Ramesh Babu
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