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The Road to Hell Is Paved with Good Intentions.

Assignment # 2.
S.M Ammad Hussain.

Question # 1: What biases enter Rehmans and Carloss decision making processes?
Answer: A common saying The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions means that there
is no value in simply planning to do good if you don't actually do it. After reading the whole case
I wondered that How people from different cultures and backgrounds do not take diversity into
consideration. They evaluate and measure each other by their own scale and perceptions, which
often leads to serious misunderstanding and conflicts. Rehmans know a lot about Carloss pluses
and minuses, however the negative point about Carlos is his Racial Consciousness & His
Sensitive relation with American Employees. Besides knowing that Rehman still made a
mistake building his interview from his own perspective. Rehman gave some historical and
personal suggestion that were not meant to be offensive. However, from Carloss point of view,
the suggestion was totally inappropriate. Though the interview, Rehman emphasized several
times the importance and leading positions of European staff in the company. In the effort to
teach Carlos to better corporate with this leadership, Rehman even offered a historical
background of white American from 200-300 years as their materialistic culture and their
spiritual values. Due to cultural difference Carlos become offensive and left the job by saying
that You Insulted me and all the Latinos by clamming that our knowledge of modern living is
only 50-60 years old while white Americans goes back 200-300 years. How can you talk about
this even you have been there only 10-15 years? I feel ashamed and betrayed.

Question # 2: What Role does culture play in the interaction between two men?

Answer: Culture typically consists of such social phenomena as beliefs, ideas, language, and
customs. These factors combine to provide members of each society with a set of shared values
and beliefs that define how we envision ourselves and our societal groups. Culture significantly
influences the way in which we communicate with each other. Keeping the case in mind we can
easily identify the problem caused due to cultural differences. When we interact with persons
from different cultures, national stereotypes may affect our approach. We often think we know
what to expect when we deal with individuals from Eastern and Western European nations, from
Asian countries, from Central and South American states, and from African nations. Some of
these beliefs may be positive in nature, while others may be negative. Even when foreigners do
not conform to anticipated stereotypes, we often ignore their individual traits and continue to let
our stereotyped beliefs affect our expectations. So culture plays a very vital role in understanding
human nature and behavior of the particular area. As in the case the culture of Latins and
Americans has been discussed, taking the scenario of Rehman and Carlos we can easily see that

The Road to Hell Is Paved with Good Intentions.

Rehman is following a European culture where as Carlos is following Latins Culture. Both
attitude, work style, and thinking approach differ from each other. In Corporate world Cultural
Diversity is very important especially in Multi-National Organization, because if they do not
know the geographical cultural limit of different countries they cannot survive in the competitive
world, thats because culture plays a very important role in interaction between two men.

Question # 3: What should Muhammad Rehman do now?

Answer: The problem between Rehman and Carlos created due to cultural barrier. Keeping the
abilities of Carlos in the mind one cannot deny his past work and experience. Rehman have
different options such as inviting him back and apologize, find someone else to replace his place,
pursue Carlos through his close friend. Although there are some of the barriers and drawbacks
which Rehman may face such as Carlos Rudeness towards Rehman, Carlos not interestingly
work for the organization, Carlos might not easily adjust in the culture of the organization. But
losing such an experience person must be a mistake by an Organization.

S.M Ammad Hussain

01-120141-026, 2016