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Why Bioidenticals Require Dosing Thinking Ahead of the Curve for Men’s Bioidentical

Hormone Restoration Therapy (BHRT)

T.S. Wiley on
why hormones
are dose
dependant, and Why must aging men, men with low testosterone, or men with
why the rhythm prostate cancer simply have to accept the loss of libido, energy,
in the biomimetic, cyclical risk-taking, sleep and muscle mass to fight depression and the
bioidentical hormones in the Wiley inevitability of man breasts and snoring that comes with
Protocol works best. Click the video. changes in the hormone balance? Why should hormone
supplementation be statically dosed? Challenging decades of
medical thinking, T.S. Wiley thinks replicating the youthful
Latest News hormone regime to restore lust and love, sleep, muscle mass,
and bone health, and to counter depression along with the other
effects of low testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone
Low Levels of Vitamin D in (DHEA) is more than important, it’s achievable.
Patients with Autoimmune Disease
May Be Result, Not Cause, of the
Once more Wiley goes where no regimen for restoring men’s
ScienceDaily (Apr. 16, 2009) — hormones has gone before... to rhythmic, youthful physiologic
Deficiency in vitamin D has been dosing of testosterone and DHEA for men. Who says men have
widely regarded as contributing to a cycle or that they would benefit from a rhythm? Wiley does.
autoimmune disease, but a review
appearing in Autoimmunity Reviews
explains low levels of vitamin D in
patients with autoimmune disease In men four hormones significantly decrease with age:
may be a result rather than a cause of
testosterone, estradiol, (DHEA)/ DHEA sulfate (DHEA-S), and
disease, and supplementing with growth hormone (GH). A longitudinal study showed that mean
vitamin D may actually exacerbate total testosterone levels decreased by 30 percent between the
autoimmune disease. More ages of 25 and 75 and mean free-testosterone levels decreased
by as much as 50 percent. This decline in testosterone is
CNN (March 16, 2009) — secondary to a decrease in the number of testicular Leydig
Employers in Denmark have started cells, a decrease in testicular perfusion, and changes in the
paying compensation to women who hypothalamic-pituitary axis. Serum estradiol also decreases in
have developed breast cancer after aging men, likely due to a decrease in available testosterone to
working night shifts. Studies have be aromatized to estradiol. Serum levels of the adrenal
shown nurses working night shifts androgens, DHEA and DHEA-S, decline most dramatically as
have an increased risk of developing men age; however, the clinical significance of this change is
breast cancer. Thirty-eight eight unclear. Lastly, the GH/insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1)
women have so far received
payments via their employers' axis also declines with age.
insurance companies, the Danish
National Board of Industrial Injuries
told CNN. To qualify for
compensation, women must have Age-related decreases in hormone levels lead to a number of
developed breast cancer after having negative impacts on men’s lives. Read entire article ...
worked at least one night shift a week
for 20 -30 years. More
Wiley Protocol for Men with DHEA and Testosterone

Videos & Podcasts

The Two Days Back on Earth Seminar experience has taught us
most doctors prescribe anti-aging medicines, vitamin
supplements, herbs, and statically dosed hormones
Dr. Burton Goldberg, author of more (testosterone, thyroid, etc.) that interactively interrupt the
than eighteen youthful rhythms recreated by the Wiley Protocol®, causing
books on unnecessary side effects by de-railing receptor anticipation.
attended the
To address this issue, in the spring of 2008 Wiley Systems
April "Two Days Back on Earth"
released the Wiley Protocol branded rhythms, five (5) original,
Environmental Endocrinology
biomimetic creams that replicate ancillary hormone rhythms. A
Seminar in Glendale, California, and
male hormone therapy program to help optimize men’s health
says he is "astounded….and that
was included, called the Wiley Protocol for Men™. The DHEA
laymen and doctors must open their
and men’s testosterone hormone creams are pictured below.
eyes and learn about an option that is
Let your patients know that using the syringes has become even
better – the Wiley Protocol."
easier now that black caps are being used.

Click the video

to watch Dr.
Fleisher talk
about the standardization of
bioidentical hormones.


DHEA applicators have blue plungers with a black-printed

If doctors attend one of the barrel, and men’s testosterone applicators have burgundy
conferences where we exhibit, plungers with a black-printed barrel. In addition we have added
coupons for a 10 to 15% discount adjustments for the WP for Men. In keeping with Wiley’s
on the cost of the Two Days Back on concept of seasonality you can prescribe the spring, summer or
Earth seminar are available. 2009 fall dosing schedules which are 25, 50, and 75 percent for more
conferences include: testosterone with DHEA +1, + 2 and + 3, respectively for men.

Women’s testosterone adjustments are also available in +1, +2

or +3 doses. Bags with labels reflecting this are available and
A4M Sept 11 -12 San Jose Ca @ the WP Testosterone for women have orange plungers with
booth 229. black printed barrels.

A5M Oct 3-4 Melbourne Australia The Wiley Protocol (WP 60+) bio-identical hormone
- TS Wiley will be a speaker. replacement is also available through our registered pharmacies,
for a limited three month period. This is for women who have
never been on any HRT, are over 60 and may not have had any
ECAAM Oct 15-17 Mainz- children. Call your local registered pharmacy for information if
Frankfurt Germany where TS you think this may be right for your patients.
Wiley will be a speaker & @ booth
Radio Interview with Dr. Patricia Ryan

NCPA Oct. 18-20 New Orleans @

booth 636.
Dr. Patricia Ryan explains how the Wiley Protocol has helped
one of her patients dramatically improve osteoporosis.
A4M Dec. 10-12 Las Vegas Nevada
@ booth 430.

The Bones

Seminars & Clinical Guidelines

Osteoporotic fractures in men are a serious health problem. In
Spend two days in intensive most studies, men have a higher mortality rate after a hip
training -- Two Days Back on fracture than women, with 1-year mortality rates ranging from
Earth, November 14-15 or January 12 to 35 percent. An Australian study reported significant
30-31 in Glendale, CA. morbidity, with 50 percent of patients requiring institutionalized
care following hospitalization and only 30 percent of patients
Doctors spend two days with T. S. getting back to baseline functional status after one year.
Wiley and specialists becoming Osteoporotic fractures are a heavy burden to the health care
familiar with Environmental system, accounting for $13.8 billion in health care expenditures
Endocrinology and biomimetic in the U.S. during 1995.
hormone restoration therapy of
estrogen, progesterone, testosterone,
DHEA, HGH, melatonin, and thyroid, Testimonials
with iodine and Vitamin D addressed,
including oncology statistics. It
benefits your practice and the women
"The weekend spent learning about the Wiley Protocol was a
and men we serve, and will also
huge eye opener for me. The ideas put forth about replacing
ultimately help our study to keep
postmenopausal hormones for women using creams which
biomimetics available in the United
match the cyclical production of hormones in the younger
female makes sense… We as physicians need to acknowledge
what we have been taught about hormones in our university
education is not the complete picture, but a dynamic body of
2010 Prices Are Going Up knowledge. We should consider that hormones may not be
looming scary molecules that are a danger to us, but rather
The seminar cost is $1,850.00 fundamental substances which are incredibly entrenched in
including materials such as the the functions of the entire body." Dr. Bridgett Simon
updated Clinical Practice Guidelines
Manual. The price of the seminar will
go up to $2,250 in 2010 - but book by The Wiley Protocol BLOG
Nov. 15 for the January conference,
and you'll get the 2009 price. The Refer your patients to the Wiley Protocol blog, which posts
Medical Educator Consortium information about the Protocol and recent research in lay terms.
designates this educational activity They will appreciate the added support. Check it out yourself
for a maximum of 17 hours AMA from time to time for current issues. There is a keyword search
PRA Category 1 Credit(s).™ function for immediate access to relevant information. Patient
education tools have been added to our website, including radio
interviews with doctors, pharmacists, and women on the
protocol, as well as You-Tube video interviews.

Did you know you can stay connected with us on the web using
many different services? Add us to your network and join the
conversations! We are here to listen to, interact with, and
engage our colleagues. The Wiley Protocol Blog

Dr Paul Branch - NY at Two Days What’s Happening

Back on Earth in July.
Our new website for doctors and pharmacists, currently under
Two Days Back on Earth Seminar
construction, will be fully operational by fall. It’s a commerce
Special for 2009
site so our registered pharmacies will be able to purchase their
packaging online. The physicians will have access to deeper
knowledge and understanding about the cutting edge research
If you refer a colleague to one of the and TS Wiley’s abstracts.
Two Days Back on Earth™ Seminars
in Glendale , California , then we’ll
give you 50 percent off of your
You will be able to tell your colleagues about the Two Days
registration. The person you refer
Back on Earth Seminars and they can register online.
would be required to purchase their
conference at the full conference
If there isn’t a pharmacy in your state
registered to produce the authentic Clinical Practice Guidelines
Wiley Protocol and you help us
register one, we will give you a free
pass to attend the seminar in Glendale
, California . (Materials not This 350 page clinical practice guidelines manual provided at
included) More the seminar is available for $650.00 when purchased separately.
Updates are automatically sent to current manual owners at no
Click ad for 2010 Schedule additional cost. We are now expanding into Volume II with
cutting edge adrenal/HPA axis information that relates to the
Wiley Protocols.
To purchase, contact or call 805.

T.S. Wiley Lectures in St. Louis, Missouri and Santa Fe

New Mexico

St. Louis, Missouri

The free lecture featuring T.S. Wiley will

be from 6 - 9 PM on Wednesday August
19, 2009 at the Sheraton Westport Chalet
Hotel, 191 Westport Plaza, St. Louis,
Missouri 63146. Partially underwritten by
Bellevue Pharmacy, St. Louis.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

The free lecture featuring T.S. Wiley will be from 1 - 3 PM on

Sunday, August 23, 2009 at Ghost Ranch - Santa Fe, 401 Old
Taos Highway, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501. Call
323.650.2838 for reservation. Only 75 seats.

Our mission in this newsletter is to inform health care professionals about biomimetic hormone
replacement therapy, otherwise known as bio-identical hormones and to promote healthy aging
and optimal patient management.

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