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Project Associate

Project Management Foundation Program for Engineers and Project Associates


To learn end-to-end Project-Life-cycle - initiating, planning, execution, monitoring, control,

To learn basic project Management tools to effectively support Project Manager in Project Planning and

and closing.
implementation activities.

To develop basic PM behavioural competencies required to effectively work as a project team member and support project

Participant Profile
Engineer / Diploma holders with 3 to 10 years of Project experience in Product Development, Component
Development, Design and Vendor Development , Launch Engineer, manufacturing , maintenance etc

Certification criteria

Attend Classroom Training & pass exam

Demonstrate an effective application of structured Project methodology,in sub-processes with tools & techniques
to their current project activities , within a period of 3 months.


Introductory Session
Need for Project Excellence at AFS
Project management standards & methodology
Project Management Competencies

Project Initiation
Create the project charter
Identify stakeholders
Exercise: Charter and Stakeholders Register
PM Behaviour Competencies Assessment Round 1
Project Planning
Collect requirement and define scope
Creating Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Exercise: Scope definition and WBS creation
PM Behaviour Competencies Assessment Round 2
Project Planning
Estimate resource requirement and task duration
Identify critical path and develop schedule (Microsoft Project)
Exercise: Network diagram and critical path creation (Microsoft Project)
PM Behaviour Competencies Assessment Round 3

Estimating the cost and project budgeting (Microsoft Project)

Planning project quality management activities
Identify team members role and responsibilities
Develop communication plan
Identify risk & their responses
Exercise : Cost estimation, communication and quality plan
Develop procurement plan
Identify risk & their responses
Exercise : Procurement and risk response plan

Project Execution
Execute the project and run the operation
Conflict management
Exercise: Responsibility Assignment Matrix
Project Monitoring & Control
Performing change management and re-planning
Exercise: Performance Reporting (Microsoft Project)
Project Close Out
Document formal acceptance & closure
Exercise: Project closure and lessons learned

Finalize Project Charter
Feedback and Close

Training Methodology
1.Classroom sessions, exercises with role play, live case studies , MS project practice and examination
2. Post program application of tools at workplace in live project supported by HOD and MIQ / Faculty