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Screw Compressors

Capacities from: 424 to 1024 cfm
Pressures from: 80 to 217 psig

DSD Series
Built for a lifetime.
Kaesers DSD compressors are engineered to be the cornerstone of any demanding industrial
application. Not only do these compressors deliver more compressed air with sustainable energy
savings, their rugged design combines ease of use with exceptional reliability and simple maintenance.

Innovation you can trust


With a cutting edge research and development team committed

From the ground up, these compressors have been designed

to building industry-leading products, Kaeser continues to

with the user in mind. Fewer wearing parts and using premium

deliver better solutions to meet our customers compressed air

quality materials ensure reduced maintenance requirements,

needs. Kaesers expertise and world-wide reputation for supe-

longer service intervals, and extended service life. A smart

rior reliability and efficiency offer great performance and peace

component layout with generously sized maintenance doors

of mind.

simplifies service and lower your operating costs.

Kaeser reliability

Kaeser efficiency

Kaesers screw compressors meet our rigorous built for a life-

In our systems design approach, Kaeser chooses the

time standard. Designed and built with Kaesers generations

components that work together in the most energy efficient way

of compressed air experience, you can rest assured that these

possible. Each and every component from inlet filter to dis-

compressors will continue to deliver the air you need with the

charge flange has been carefully selected with performance

exceptional reliability you expect from a Kaeser compressor.

in mind. In fact, the DSD series is up to 15% more efficient

than the competition. With Kaesers superior system controls,
we guarantee an effective system with lower operating costs.

Potential energy cost savings

through heat recovery
Compressed air system investment
Maintenance costs
Energy costs
Potential energy cost savings

Energy cost savings through

system optimization

DSD Series Features

Sigma Profile airend

True 1:1 direct drive

Our single-stage, flooded rotary screw

In our design, the motor is directly

Premium efficiency drive


airend delivers pressures up to 217 psig

connected to the airend with a one-to-

Kaeser uses only premium efficiency

and features our power saving Sigma

one coupling, providing maximum

Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)

Profile design. Our airends are precision

transmission efficiency. This true direct

motors with class F insulation for extra

machined and optimized in size and pro-

drive eliminates complex gear drive

protection from heat and contaminants.

file to match the airend speeds with their

components, along with heat and power

Remote grease fittings make main-

best specific performance. Unlike the

losses. It is also maintenance free,

tenance a breeze. Each of the three

competition, Kaeser Compressors makes

increasing reliability and uptime.

motor windings is actively monitored

many different airends so that we can

through its own PT100 temperature sen-

apply them at their optimal speed and

sor. Standard voltages are 460 or 575


V (3-phase, 60 Hz). Other voltages are


Reduced voltage starting

Magnetic Wye-Delta reduced voltage
starting is standard. This energy saving
feature ensures low starting current and
smooth acceleration.

One-to-One Direct Drive

Airend RPM = Motor RPM

Intelligent control and


Inlet filter


We protect our compressors with a two-

Just as the air filter is easy to change

stage, 1 micron air intake filter. This

from the front of the unit, all other main-

To protect your investment and ensure

extends airend life and fluid change

tenance components are easy to access.

the most efficient operation possible,

intervals. The filter may be cleaned

This streamlines maintenance and ser-

we control these compressors with our

several times before replacement and

vice work, thereby reducing operating

Sigma Control 2. This intelligent con-

is easily serviced.

costs and increasing reliability.

troller comes standard with multiple pre-

Lockable panels provide easy

programmed control profiles so you can

access to all maintenance items.

select the one that best fits your applica-

Electrical components are housed in

tion. Sigma Control 2 monitors more than

a spacious ventilated control cabinet.

20 critical operating parameters, shuts

Wiring is neatly arranged and terminals

the unit down to prevent damage, and

are clearly identified.

signals if immediate service is required.

It also tracks preventive maintenance
intervals and provides notice when
PMs are due. An RFID sensor provides
secure access and simplifies managing
maintenance intervals. A SD card slot
with included SD card enables fast, easy
software updates, storing key operational
parameters, and offers long-term data
storage for analyzing energy consump-

Fluid separation system

tion and compressor operation. Sigma

Our 3-stage separation system ensures

Control 2 has superior communications

very low fluid carry-over (1-3 ppm), and

capabilities. An Ethernet port and built-

extended filter service life. Our no-leak

in web-server enable remote viewing.

design features rigid steel piping, flex-

ModBus, Profinet, Profibus, Devicenet,

ible connections, and vibration isolators.

and other industrial communications

Each pressure vessel is ASME coded

interfaces are also available as plug in

(CRN in Canada) and includes wet side/

options for seamless integration into

dry side fittings to check differential pres-

plant control/monitoring systems.

sure, an easy to read fluid level indicator,

and our unique quick fluid drain system.

See our Sigma Control 2 brochure for more


Split cooling design

Two separate cooling air inlet zones
for the coolers and drive motor ensure
optimum cooling. Drawing ambient air
directly across the coolers and motor
through separate zones eliminates preheating and results in longer lubricant
life and a cooler running motor. This also

results in much lower approach temperatures, improving moisture separation and

air quality.
To increase reliability and reduce
maintenance costs, the coolers are conveniently located on the outside of the
unit, where dust and dirt build-up are
easily seen and can be removed without
dismantling the cooler. Powerful radial
fans pull air through the coolers and creates a vacuum within the cabinet that
effectively cools
the motor even
under severe
operating conditions. Top exhaust
allows for easy
heat recovery and
reduces the system footprint.

Extremely low sound and

All DSD models come standard with
Kaesers superior cabinet that features
complete metal enclosures with sound
proofing liners and heavy-duty vibration
isolation. Using one-to-one direct drive
and our unique cooing airflow design
with radial fans greatly reduces internal
noise and vibration.
As a result, the DSD series run
much quieter than other compressors of
similar size.

Heat recovery ready

The next level of energy savings
The rise in energy prices is an unwel-

Compressing air converts the

come reality in todays manufacturing

electrical energy you pay for into heat.

incorporated into water-cooled rotary

Heat recovery can also be

and business environment. While the

Our compressors are available with a

screw compressor applications. The

rate of price increases for natural gas,

heat recovery option to easily recover

recovered heat can be used to warm

heating oil, and other sources may vary

up to 76% of this energy. You can har-

process water, service water, and other

from year to year, the upward trajectory

ness additional heat recovery by ducting


is clear. Energy cost reduction strategies

exhaust air. In all, 96% of input energy is

are vital to staying competitive.

recovered as heat.

When you consider that a 250 hp

compressor running full time at 7 cents/
kW uses over $187,500 per year in

Air-cooled, fluidinjected screw compressors with internal

heat exchangers and
controls to tap into the
thermal energy of the
cooling fluid. The additional ducting removes
the hot air that was
not rejected by the
hot water recovery

energy, the potential savings and

benefits are significant.
The DSD series can come ready
to be connected to an external heat
exchanger or with internal stainless steel
plate type heat exchangers.
For additional information on heat recovery,
see our whitepaper Turning Air Compressors
into an Energy Source.

Integrated Dryer Option

Premium compressed air quality

Energy-saving control
The integrated refrigerated dryer in
DSD T units provides high efficiency
performance thanks to its energy-saving
control. The dryer is active only when
compressed air actually needs to be
dried: This approach achieves the
required compressed air quality with
maximum efficiency.

Efficient cooling
A powerful fan and a separate enclosure

Centrifugal separator with


Stainless steel plate heat


ensure high thermal reserve for the inte-

Before flowing into the refrigerated dryer,

The dryers stainless steel plate heat

grated refrigeration dryer. This allows

the compressed air from the compres-

exchanger is corrosion and contamina-

the required compressed air quality to be

sor passes through Kaesers newly

tion-resistant. The stainless moisture

reliably maintained at all times even at

developed centrifugal separator which

separator reliably removes the accumu-

high ambient temperatures.

efficiently removes accumulating conden-

lating condensate from the air, even with

sate. This reduces the load on the dryer

fluctuating airflow.

and reduces energy consumption.


Technical Specifications
DSD 125
DSD 125T
DSD 150
DSD 150T
DSD 175
DSD 175T

DSD 200

DSD 250


(cfm) (1)





(lb.) (2)


92 x 68 x 80
1303/8 x 68 x 817/8




92 x 68 x 80
1303/8 x 68 x 817/8



92 x 68 x 80
1303/8 x 68 x 817/8




(dB(A)) (3)

Compressed Air
System Design
Kaesers team of engineers are
always at your service to help
design or optimize your compressed
air system.
Using our Air Demand Analysis
(ADA) and Kaeser Energy Saving
System (KESS) we can evaluate
your existing installation and demonstrate how proposed changes will


102 x 777/8 x 80



improve your system performance.

Kaeser can also produce twodimensional and three-dimensional


102 x 777/8 x 80



drawings of the proposed system.

This is a huge benefit in project

(1) Performance rated in accordance with CAGI/ISO 1217 test code. (2) Weights may vary slightly depending on airend
model. (3) Per ISO 2151 using ISO 9614-2.
NOTE: Other pressures available from 80 to 217 psig

planning. It helps visualize new

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

building along with existing equip-

equipment and how it will fit into the

ment, piping, walls, vents, etc. This
facilitates installation planning.

CAGI Certified Performance

Our compressors energy efficiency has
been tested and confirmed by an independent laboratory as part of the Compressed
Air and Gas Institutes Rotary Screw
Compressor Performance Verification
Program. CAGI data sheets for our screw
compressor units can be found at

From complex installations, to

challenging environments, to limited
space, Kaeser can design a system
to meet your specific requirements
for performance and reliability.

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