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NURS 360 Professional Development Plan Template & Guidelines

Purpose: The purpose of the PDP is to assist you in conceptualizing the development of your professional nursing career in a succinct and
organized manner.
Goal Statement: To develop skills, experience, and knowledge as an expert professional nurse in the Medical Surgical health care setting
and specialties and complete my education by obtaining my Baccalaureate in Nursing Degree.


Clinical Practice

Objective(s): Describe what you

want to accomplish in your first
two years in practice.

Obtain employment as an RN in a

Plans/Strategies: Describe the

actions that you will take to
achieve your objective.

I will continue working at

Medical Surgical or Telemetry


Kuakini Hospital as a Medical

Surgical Float Aide while
developing my skills in a hospital
setting, develop my interviewing
skills, and apply to prospective
I will network with nursing
organizations and expand my
knowledge with local nursing
associations that promote and
develop nursing practice.
I will also continue to practice
nursing skills and develop clinical

Strengths: Describe the strong

points about yourself that make
you such a great nurse.

I am compassionate,

Skills/competencies: Describe
the skills and competencies you
bring to the role.

Able to work well under pressure,

Areas targeted for growth: From

your own self assessment,
describe what areas in yourself
that you would like to

knowledgeable, efficient, and self

reflective in my practice so that I
may learn from my mistakes and
grow off them.

have good time management

skills, and have excellent patient

Understand the roles and
responsibilities of a charge nurse

Continue to strive as a Medical

Surgical Float Aide and show my
team members and team leaders
my ability to work well with
others, complete my job
responsibilities, and contribute to a
positive and efficient working
environment while learning the
role of a Charge Nurse and their

I am approachable, accept
constructive criticism, flexible,
empathetic, am able to motivate
others, and have a good sense of

I am very organized, am able to

delegate fairly, and promote a
positive work environment.

I feel as a leader there is always

An area that I would like to
improve upon is being too
thorough with my tasks.
Sometimes I want my skills and

room for improvement in the way

one practices and addresses issues
whether it be with staff, patients, or
policies, how they promote and

Professional Development
Become a licensed Registered Nurse
and apply to University of Phoenix
and obtain my Baccalaureate of

Continue to finish my associates in

nursing, maximize my understanding
in the nursing profession through
studying and clinical practice, and
prepare myself mentally and
physically for obtaining my bachelors.

I am motivated to always expand my

learning and knowledge, have good
time management skills, consistent in
studying, and am goal oriented.

I am a good student that always come

prepared for class, homework, and
exams, I expand my knowledge
outside of the classroom setting, and
stay current on evidenced based

The ceiling doesnt exist with

professional development and
education/knowledge. I will continue
to improve upon my knowledge base
across various topics of interest